By Danielle LaPorte

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Category: Self-Improvement

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A one woman show about self-realization from Danielle LaPorte, a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and creator of The Desire Map. How do you create a spirituality that’s more rock n’ roll than oppressive, turn your anxiety into power, and live more deeply but lighten up? Danielle keeps it practical while riffing on the divine—from compassion and self-help fatigue, to sex, joy, and serving the world. She is, as Eve Ensler describes, “a force field of energy, wonder, humor, and love”, and her authenticity will have you feeling a little less crazy, full of possibility, and clearly part of the solution.

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Heart-centered manifesting: plans that also serve the collective.

It’s too late in the day, and too hot, crowded, and a little too painful on the planet, to be focused solely on personal attainment. Manifestation is a technology, and like all technologies, I pray that we use it to generate more loving realities for ourselves and for each other.

You can still reach for the dream job, the healthy bod’, and the love of your life. You get to want what you want. Always. I’m saying: want all of those things, AND incorporate other people’s wellness in your vision. Pray that when you receive those things, it will make you more generous, more joyous, more healthy… more able to contribute to the collective happiness of everybody around you.

This episode is a roundup of the potential mis-steps of popular manifestation techniques, and an invitation for something deeper and unifying.


Sep 22, 2019
Arguing with your inner critic? There’s a much better way.

The first thing to do with that inner critic voice is to have compassion for it. (This is counterintuitive because we live in a performance-based culture that thrives on judgement.) Approach with love—then instead of creating further separation from your heart, you’re building a bridge.

Anytime you bring compassion to a situation you will see it more clearly. Compassion is the light of Love. It’s the true power source. Speak of it often.

Here’s some direction: daniellelaporte.com/withlove

Sep 19, 2019
Shadow work: bringing it into the light.

Our Shadow Self is not an evil-twin personality that we have to master. It’s our neglected inner child—our deep sensitivity. Our greatest opportunity for building strength comes from the work of healing our woundedness. I know this because I lived it: learning to love my most wounded self was my ultimate restoration.

Encouragement for your journey: daniellelaporte.com/withlove

Sep 15, 2019
Making new friends as an adult: Tenderness and expansion.

Making new friends in your 30s, 40s, and onwards — it’s never, EVER too late. Your longing for sisterhood is both primal and divine. Friendship is the medicine. It's the elixir that we need right now, more than ever. Your desire is so HEALTHY. Friendships are my primary religion so here’s what I suggest… daniellelaporte.com/withlove

Sep 12, 2019
What's your relationship to mornings?

We can all understand the importance of starting our day in an intentional way. But before we jump into new habits, we need to look into our psyche and examine what’s really up when we wake up. Each of us has a pre-existing relationship with “mornings”. And it matters.

Menus of morning habits are easy to come by (harder to practice). But habits are only bandaids unless we get beneath the surface of our behavior and relating. That’s what most productivity methods fail to ask. What were mornings like for you growing up? What does your ideal morning *feel* like? Welcome to Morning Therapy (but, like, not therapy) with Danielle!

I struggled with mornings for a long time. There was a kind of resistance to starting the day, even when there was the presence of joy. I decided to take a deeper, psychological look—and it shifted everything for me. With a little help from my psychotherapist, essentially I created my own therapeutic approach to mornings. 

Morning mindfulness is how you activate your superpowers. Your steadiness and strength. And your connection to the sacred—everything we need on the graceful and the challenging days.

So, how do we power up our pre-day? First, we go deeper.



Sep 08, 2019
Are we each other's reflection? Yes. And No.

Are you attracting jerks because you’re a jerk? Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes the jerk is there to show you how you do NOT want to feel or be treated—because contrast is one of our most powerful teachers. The flipside: what they may be here to illuminate is how you DO want to feel and who you truly are.

I am a 100% yes to the theory that we attract certain people into our lives to teach us certain things. And—everyone is not your complete reflection. Here’s what I mean… daniellelaporte.com/withlove

Sep 05, 2019
Loving yourself (and others) anyway you can

Love is one of the most wrung out, misused, and challenging concepts in philosophy, and (more specifically) in self-help teachings. And if “love” is a confusing concept… then “self-love” is utterly mystifying

This episode is a long strand of pragmatic and esoteric pearls for self compassion. It’s a reminder that deepening our self-love expands our ability to love others. Real love is mystical and very palpable. It's holy and it's human. It's poetic… and it gets the job done.

How do we love ourselves—and each other? Let me count the ways… daniellelaporte.com/withlove

Sep 01, 2019
One-night Stands

The Q: “What’s your opinion on one-night stands when it’s ultimately not aligned with what you want in your forever partner? I know women who wait years of sexual deprivation because they’re holding out for The One.”

Where do I stand on one-night stands? Are they soul satisfying… or just a distraction in your pants? In this episode, I open up about holding out and putting out.

Let’s get... intimate: daniellelaporte.com/withlove

Aug 29, 2019
Spirituality for grown-ups

For those of us who believe in the intelligence of love, roll call! This is for the deep-feelers. There are a thousand reasons to be highly concerned for the world, but by the end of this conversation I hope you feel less like a spiritual worrier and more like a spiritual warrior. I’m talking about fierce gentleness, self agency, and how we make choices from our resiliency. Courage, my love.

Listen in: daniellelaporte.com/withlove

Aug 25, 2019
Trailer: With Love, Danielle
I'm here to help you turn your anxiety into power—to live more deeply, but lighten up. This is a conversation about self realization, self respect, and self agency… and then how we extend that dignity and that kindness to each other. The first episode launches on August 25, 2019! Compassion, self-help fatigue, sex, joy, spirituality, and serving the world—practically. Tune in Sunday for a sermon and for Thursday’s Q&A—send your Qs to me at daniellelaporte.com/withlove. Anything goes.
Aug 14, 2019