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With hosts best-selling author Amy Parker and author and co-creator of VeggieTales Mike Nawrocki.

If you have a child in your life that you want to pass along biblical values to, this podcast is for you. Hosted by best-selling author Amy Parker and author and co-creator of VeggieTales Mike Nawrocki, The Bible for Kids podcast seeks to provide a discovery platform for the best resources for teaching biblical values to kids.   Guests include authors, teachers, musicians, film makers and more.  The Bible for Kids podcast is produced by Dan Lynch for Brentwood Studios.

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Erin Weidemann: Truth Becomes Her
Amy and Mike catch up with Erin Weidemann who authored the Bible Belles series and oversees Truth Becomes Her.  If you've got little girls in your family this podcast is for you! Erin Weidemann is the founder of Truth Becomes Her, a brand that equips moms and women with resources to help them step into their unique leadership roles. A sought-after homeschool consultant, certified teacher, coach, and nationally-recognized speaker, Erin’s personal mission is to shift the conversation around feminine values from being beauty-driven, to a focus on inherent worth. An on-air personality for Air1 Radio, Erin delivers “59 Seconds of Hope” daily as well as hosts the Heroes For Her Podcast where she interviews positive female role models who are living out their passions in-line with their personal values.  She is the author of eight books, including the best-selling Bible Belles series, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.  Erin is a five-time cancer survivor, and lives and homeschools in San Diego, CA with her husband, Brent, and their daughter, Rooney. 
Jun 01, 2020
Amy Kavelaris: Prayers and Blessings for You
Amy and Mike interview artist and author Amy Kavelaris about her new book Good Night My Darling Dear, Prayers and Blessings for You. Amy Kavs (Kavelaris) Art can be found in Target, Anthropologie, Better Homes & Gardens, among others & is hanging in homes & sold on products around the globe. She has been captivated by the study of light and the way little ones interact with nature since she was old enough to hold a pencil. This fascination with every day beauty, is apparent in her breadth of paintings, blooming in a dreamlike-whimsy. Amy grew up in nature & on the lakes, the source of much of her inspiration for her work. She graduated with a degree in Media Studies: Radio, TV, & Film from the University of Wisconsin-Madison & studied Fine Art in Florence, Italy. She lives in the Midwest, renovating their 100 year old home & cottage, with her therapist husband and their 3 small girls. About GoodNight, My Darling Dear Hold your little one close as you celebrate your love for one another. This exquisitely illustrated book honors the wonder of childhood, dreams of who your little one will someday become, and marvels at all that God has in store. Amy Kavelaris's signature flower-crown art and poetic writing invite you and your child to enjoy peaceful moments before bed with delightful parent-and-child animal pairs.
May 18, 2020
Dandi Mackall - Wow & A Child's First Bible Series
This week Amy and Mike talk to author Dandi Mackall who has authored over 500 books for kids.  Specifically about her books WOW and A Child's First Bible Series. The gospel is often called “the Good News,” and that’s because it’s the best news ever! Wow! tells the Good News using four words: Wow! Uh-Oh. Yes! and Ahh. Bright, joyful illustrations and fun-to-read rhymes walk kids through God’s whole story―and show kids that God’s story is really their story. Incorporating words that kids use every day, the gospel will take on a more personal meaning as kids learn the good news of God’s love for them. With over 1 million copies sold, A Child’s First Bible has taught countless children to love God’s Word. Now the series continues with Psalms for Little Hearts, God Takes Care of Me, and God is Always with Me. 
May 11, 2020
Jana Magruder - Engaging Kids in a Lifetime of Faith
This week on the Podcast, Amy and Mike talk to Jana Magruder - Director of Lifeway Kids about teaching kids about the Bible and her book Nothing Less: Engaging Kids in a Lifetime of Faith. The 10 Greatest Influencers of Spiritual Health for Your Kids We love our kids. We want to be good parents. We want our kids to know God and grow in their relationship with Him. But trends show that our culture is increasingly secular with fewer younger generations staying in church. In fact, even the church-going faithful attend less often. Families are busy and fill their lives pursuing what is practical in their eyes and to make them happy. In today’s culture, what can parents do to help their kids know God and continue to stay in a growing, thriving relationship with Him? LifeWay Research reveals the top 10 influencers of spiritual health to guide parents and churches to avoid negative influences and focus on what’s most important for your child. But where do we begin? The research helps us see that we need not look further than God’s Word. Read it. Read it consistently. Read it together. Talk about it. Apply it to your life. And don’t shy away from any of it. In the words of AW Tozer, “Nothing less than the whole Bible can make a whole Christian.” Jana Magruder is the Director of LifeWay Kids. Jana brings a wealth of experience and passion for kids ministry, education, and curriculum writing. She and her husband, Michael, along with their three children reside in Nashville, TN.
May 04, 2020
Simon Parry - Allstars Kids Club
Allstars Kids Club began as ‘Allstars Records’ back in 2009 by Simon Parry (a kids pastor and kids worship writer). Our main heart, goal and aim is to provide, produce and create the very best kids Worship, magazines and media…everWe love to see children of all ages worship God. No one is too young or small to know and  worship God, and we want to be a big part in enabling this to happen.  So, Allstars Kids Club is a UK based not-for-profit Kids Media and Worship ministry who’s aim is to highlight, provide, produce and create the best in creative Kids media that reaches children all over the world and give loads of glory to God. 
Apr 27, 2020
Laura Smith - Finding Your Identity in Christ
This week Amy and Mike interview author Laura Smith about finding your identity in Christ and how that looks to kids through teens. Laura is the author of the False Reflections trilogy for teen girls (Skinny, Hot, and Angry), 5-Minute Devotions for Girls, and the upcoming How Sweet the Sound (August 2020) Laura L. Smith has been searching her whole life for beauty. Not in the world--there's plenty of that--in the crimson of a cardinal's feather, in the sound of waves crashing along a shore, in the melody of a Beatles' ballad, or in a Chagall stained glass window. The world is filled with beauty, but for her that was another story. It took her years to discover her true beauty, to fully grasp she is made in the image of her Creator, and therefore, she is beautiful. The incredible thing are you. You were marvelously made by God to inspire awe. No matter what the world tries to tell you, no matter what you try to tell yourself. No one can rob you of the incredible true identity God instilled in you. Smith tells stories (through books, blogs, and speaking) in hopes of helping you discover what took her so long to see: your beautiful true reflection in Christ. Smith lives in the college town of Oxford, Ohio with her husband and four kids.
Apr 20, 2020
Tricia Goyer - Everyone's a HomeSchool Teacher - What Now?
This week Amy and Mike talk with Tricia Goyer on what to do with your kids now that EVERYONE is a homeschool teacher! Tricia Goyer writes out of her passion for God and her love for family and others. The author of more than 70 books, she writes both historical fiction and nonfiction related to family and parenting. A homeschooling mom of ten, including seven by adoption, Tricia is also a grandmother of four and wife to John. With a busy life she understands the importance of making every word count.  
Apr 13, 2020
Dylan Kraayenbrink - Keys for Kids Radio
This week Amy and Mike interview Dylan Kraayenbrink with Keys to the Kids radio - a long standing online radio network for kids. In a small closet studio in the back of Cornerstone University's radio station WCSG, His Kids Radio (then known as the Children's Sonshine Network) went on the air on October 23, 1989. It was the beginning of many years of 24-hour radio broadcast ministry to kids and families. In October 2014 Keys for Kids Ministries took ownership of His Kids Radio, which became Keys for Kids Radio on its 25th birthday! Even with all the changes in ministries and technology, one thing is still the same: our passion for reaching kids with the Gospel of Jesus through engaging stories and songs all day, every day on a radio station just for kids. Dylan Kraayenbrink is the program director and one of the hosts of Keys for Kids Radio.  People can listen to Keys for Kids Radio at
Apr 06, 2020
Jeff & Abbey Land - The Way to the Savior, A Family Easter Devotional

This weeks episode features authors Jeff and Abbey Land talking about their new book: A Family Easter Devotional.

Amid the hustle and bustle of springtime chores and storefront bunnies, focusing your children on the true meaning of Easter can be a challenge. But this forty-day devotional brings the family together and shows them the way to the Savior instead.

As a follow-up to the successful Christmas title “The Way to the Manger,” Jeff and Abbey Land now guide families as they explore and celebrate eight aspects of Lent, the season leading up to Easter : Forgiveness, Hope, Trust, Thanksgiving, Love, Commitment, Obedience, and Jesus’ Last Days.

Filled with discussion questions, easy family activities, and prayers, this collection of devotions can become a family keepsake, bringing your family together to celebrate the Easter season and the way to the Savior year after year.

Mar 30, 2020
Jill Roman Lord - The Quiet Crazy Easter Day

Amy and Mike interview author Jill Roman Lord about her new Easter book!

You might think of the first Easter as a quiet, peaceful morning. But with all creation celebrating the risen Lord of Lords, it may not have been so quiet! The Quiet Crazy Easter Day imagines the crazy celebration that might have occurred when Jesus arose . . . a festive day filled with chirps and croaks, shouts and coos and loop-de-doos. Join the rejoicing as we follow along with the Easter story and learn how we too can shout and sing and spread the news that Jesus is alive.

Jill Roman Lord is an author, a freelance writer, and nurse anesthetist. She enjoys running with her golden Retriever, Poppie, in Charlotte, NC, golfing with her hubby and son, sipping coffee, shopping with her girls when they're around, traveling, and hanging on the back porch with family and friends.

Mar 23, 2020
Boy Meets Squirrels - Mike Nawrocki

This week Amy interviews Mike about the latest books in his Dead Sea Squirrels series; Treemendous Trouble and Whirley Squirrelies.

Mike Nawrocki, co-creator of VeggieTales, is back! In the first installment of this hilarious new chapter-book series, ten-year-old Michael and his friend Justin sneak into the Dead Sea caves near the archaeological dig where Michael’s dad is working. Michael finds two 2,000-year-old squirrels petrified in sea salt. Hijinks ensue as Michael tries to bring them back to the U. S., hidden in his backpack. What Michael thinks are just cool souvenirs may turn out to be something much more! The Dead Sea Squirrels series is humorous, fun, and filled with character-building lessons.

Book 1: Squirreled Away

Book 2: Boy Meets Squirrels

Book 3: Nutty Study Buddies

Book 4: Squirrel Napped

Book 5: Treemendous Trouble

Book 6: Whirley Squirrelies


Mar 16, 2020
Randall Goodgame and Modern Kid
This week's episode features Slugs & Bugs' Randall Goodgame discussing his brand new album (currently in SlugStarter mode!) Modern Kid. Modern Kid is the first Silly Song Slugs & Bugs record in almost a decade.  It will be loved by all Slugs & Bugs fans, but also is designed to be an introduction to the ministry.  One that's easy for people to give to their friends to introduce them to Slugs & Bugs music. From Randall Goodgame: When I recorded Slugs & Bugs Under Where? nine years ago, my "modern kids" were still little bits, teaching me how to be a dad. They taught me to take children seriously, and take myself much less seriously, and I’m a better man for all the lessons.  We also entered the age of smart phones together. What a minefield! Modern Kid glances at our screen-filled world, then pushes back against the isolating and anxiety-inducing impact of technology with songs about balloons and ping pong and pants. For parents, I hope these songs help us sing out loud, dance like crazy people, and remember to be kids right along with the little sticky miracles that call us mom and dad. For the kids, I hope this music brings you light and laughter, and freedom to be the masters of wonder that you are. I’m excited to introduce the uninitiated to Doug the Slug, Sparky the Lightning Bug and Ms Carla (from our Slugs & Bugs TV Show) and the super-cute (and endangered!) Pangolin. And among other things, I hope this record makes bed-making and dog-walking more fun for everybody. Enjoy! Visit and check out Modern Kid!
Mar 11, 2020
The Wingfeather Saga with guest Andrew Peterson

Amy and Mike spend time with singer, song-writer, author Andrew Peterson discussing his middle-reader series The Wingfeather Saga which is relaunching March 10th in hard cover editions.

Now in hardcover for the first time, featuring all-new illustrations! Once, in a cottage above the cliffs on the Dark Sea of Darkness, there lived three children and their trusty dog, Nugget.

Janner Igiby, his brother, Tink, and their disabled sister, Leeli, are gifted children as all children are, loved well by a noble mother and ex-pirate grandfather. But they will need all their gifts and all that they love to survive the evil pursuit of the venomous Fangs of Dang, who have crossed the dark sea to rule the land with malice. The Igibys hold the secret to the lost legend and jewels of good King Wingfeather of the Shining Isle of Anniera.

Full of characters rich in heart, smarts, and courage, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness is a tale children of all ages will cherish, families can read aloud, and readers' groups are sure to enjoy discussing for its many layers of meaning. Extra features include new interior illustrations from Joe Sutphin, funny footnotes, a map of the fantastical world, inventive appendices, and fanciful line art in the tradition of the original Frank L. Baum Wizard of Oz storybooks.

Mar 02, 2020
The Big Book of Bible Questions with Amy Parker and Doug Powell

This week is an exciting one - host Amy Parker and apologist Doug Powell have a new children's book launching on March 3rd from Tyndale Publishing called The Big Book of Bible Questions.  They'll discuss the new book and how important these questions are for kids to engaging in a true understanding of the Bible from an early age.

The Big Book of Bible Questions addresses kids’ toughest Bible questions with theologically sound answers in a way that is relatable and engaging. It’s filled with fun facts, debunking of common misconceptions, and explanations of biblical and theological concepts. With eye-catching illustrations and real-life photos, this book will not only answer a kid’s Bible questions big and small, but it will also encourage spiritual conversations and a lifelong love of learning about the glory and wonder of faith, the Bible, and God.

Feb 24, 2020
Scott James - Where is Wisdom

This week Amy and Mike interview Scott James about his new book launching in March from B&H Kids, Where is Wisdom which delves into the life of Job.

Where can we find wisdom? Down in the deep caverns? At the bottom of the ocean floor? This visual tour through the poetry of Job 28 parallels Scripture and leads readers on a treasure hunt through the wonders of God’s creation.
Among all the dazzling treasures this world has to offer, we learn of an even greater treasure—wisdom—and of the mighty God who alone can lead us to it. Beautifully illustrated, Where Is Wisdom? is a unique celebration of the words and imagery of Job, one that guides young readers high and low to marvel ultimately at the true end of wisdom, Jesus Christ.

Scott James serves as an Elder at The Church at Brook Hills. He and his wife, Jaime, have 4 children and live in Birmingham, AL, where he works as a pediatric physician. He is the author of 2 family worship books (The Expected One: Anticipating All of Jesus in the Advent; Mission Accomplished: A Two-Week Family Easter Devotional), as well as illustrated children's books, including The Littlest Watchman (The Good Book Company, 2017) and Where Is Wisdom? (B&H, coming March 2020).

Feb 17, 2020
Tricia Goyer - Prayers that Changed History

New this week - Amy and Mike continue their discussion with best-selling author Tricia Goyer.  This time, they did deeply into her book Prayers that Changed History.

One prayer can change everything, says bestselling author Tricia Goyer in Prayers That Changed History.

Martin Luther. Sojourner Truth. Helen Keller. St. Patrick. We read their stories, and of other people like them, in history books and hear about the amazing things they did to change the world. But one part of the story is often left out: Each one of them wouldn’t have accomplished what they did without prayer.

In Prayers That Changed History, the stories of twenty-five notable people are presented along with how prayer changed their lives and changed history. Following each historical example is a biblical story that ties to that person’s life and actions, as well as ways you can use the power of prayer in your life as well. Because God isn’t done changing the world yet, and he would love to use you to make history.

Feb 10, 2020
Sally Clarkson - Only You Can Be You

Tune into this weeks episode to learn about Sally Clarkson's latest book, Only You Can Be You: What Makes You Different Makes You Great.

Sally Clarkson is the beloved author of multiple bestselling books, including Own Your LifeThe Lifegiving Home with her daughter Sarah, Desperate with Sarah Mae, and Different with her son Nathan. As a mother of four, she has inspired thousands of women through Whole Heart Ministries ( and Mom Heart conferences ( Sally also encourages many through her blogs, podcasts, and websites. You can find her at

Feb 03, 2020
Miss PattyCake - An Interview with Jean Thomason

On this podcast, Mike and Amy interview Jean Thomason or perhaps more widely known in church circles and with children, Miss PattyCake.

Jean Thomason has more than 35 years of experience as a musical performer, worship leader, author and conference speaker to women, parents, grandparents, teachers and children’s ministers. AND, she is the living embodiment of the
joyful children’s musical character, “Miss PattyCake.” Through this brightly costumed character, Jean plants biblical truths into little lives, while helping equip parents to lay a spiritual foundation. Her recently published book is, “Sharing God’s BIG
LOVE with Little Lives.” She and her husband have 2 grown children, and live in Franklin, TN.

Jan 27, 2020
Night Night Bible Stories and Devotions

A re-post from the early days of the Podcast last fall - we have so many more listeners today, we will be posting some of the early episodes as Bonus Episodes in the coming months.  Enjoy learning about Night Night Bible Stories and Night Night Devotions from co-host Amy Parker - perfect for that time right before bed.

Jan 23, 2020
It's Yancy Not Nancy!

Join hosts Mike and Amy as they interview Yancy!  Yancy is a worship leader, producer and songwriter for kids that travels the globe doing family concerts and training worship leaders. She has a heart for the Church and a burning passion to help this generation become the worshippers God created them to be. Through her music that makes Jesus loud, she produces many worship resources for kids including the series: “Kidmin Worship” (preteen/elementary) and “Little Praise Party” (young children). Most recently she created a game-changing curriculum to help you teach kids the heart of worship called “Heartbeat”. Her life is made even more complete with her husband, Cory and sons, Sparrow and Rhythm, where they live in Nashville, TN.  Follow her on social media at @YancyNotNancy

Jan 21, 2020
Scarlet Hiltibidal: He Numbered the Pores on My Face

Amy and Mike interview Scarlet Hiltibidal about her book for tweens/teens: He Numbered the Pores on My Face.

When Scarlet Hiltibidal was a teenager, plastic butterfly clips were all the rage. She couldn’t understand why they didn’t look the same in her “frizzy, bulbous hair” as they did on the blonde whose mom was a professional hair stylist. Back then, she would have sanctioned the destruction of scores of actual butterflies just to own the label "pretty butterfly clips girl." And so it goes for many girls like Scarlet who strive for self-worth yet struggle to find it. 

He Numbered the Pores on My Face is for teens who long for beauty, love, and rest. Any labels you long for today might as well be “looks good in butterfly clips” if you are not rooted in who Jesus says you are, because any self­-centered identity is going to leave you in the same place: unfulfilled and unhappy. Girls will relate to Scarlet’s stories as she discusses hottie lists, eating disorders, and haphazard beauty in a way that is both humorous and thought provoking. Through it all, she describes how she found peace by learning to see life not through a mirror but through a Savior who shapes who we were, who we are, and who we will be. 

Jan 13, 2020
Tricia Goyer and The Grumble Free Year!

What a way to start off 2020 - Amy and Mike interview author Tricia Goyer about her book "The Grumble Free Year."   Sound impossible?  Check out this first of 2020 podcast to learn more and find some tips you can put into play with your family.

Jan 06, 2020
Randall Goodgame and The Slugs & Bugs Show

One you may have missed from way back when we launched our podcast - listen in to this interview with Slugs & Bugs creator Randall Goodgame and learn about his music ministry for families and the all new Slugs and Bugs Show!

Dec 11, 2019
Michael W Smith - Nuturing Steps

We're excited to have singer songwriter Michael W Smith in the studio this week talking about his kids brand Nuturing Steps.  In addition to a lullaby cd, Michael has just released the third book in the series, Merry Christmas Nighty Night.

Dec 02, 2019
The Giving Manger - A New Christmas Tradition

In this episode Amy and Mike interview Allison Hottinger and her sister Lisa Kalberer, creators of The Giving Manger, a new family Christmas tradition focused on giving and the true meaning of Christmas.  You can learn more about them at

Nov 25, 2019
Art Rainer and The Secret Slide Money Club

This week - Amy and Mike interview Art Rainer, Vice President at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He writes widely about issues related to finance, wealth, and generosity.

The Secret Slide Money Club is a unique early-reader fiction series that uses humor and adventure to teach children the foundational principles of financial health—Give, Save, Live. This first trio of books is quick-paced, offering tons of silliness and action while showing young readers about God's way to be wise with money. 

Nov 19, 2019
Mike Thomas and The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

On this episode, hosts Amy and Mike catch up with rising author Mike Thomas who writes the fiction series The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

Mike Thomas grew up in Florida playing sports and riding his bike to the library and an arcade named the Cosmic Cowboy. He graduated from Liberty University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Bible Studies. When his son Peter was nine years old, Mike went searching for books that would teach Peter about the Bible in a fun, imaginative way. Finding none, he decided to write his own series. 


Nov 11, 2019
Scarlet Hiltibidal - Afraid of All The Things

Amy and Mike interview author Scarlet Hiltibidal about her book Afraid of All Things and growing up in the Saturday Night Live green room.  Scarlet's mom Victoria Jackson is a popular SNL alumni.  Scarlet Hiltibidal is a very professional wife and mother to her family in Middle Tennessee. She loves sign language with her daughters, nachos by herself, writing for her friends, and dreaming of being a famous chef while spilling the cheese dust from the macaroni box on the kitchen counter and using it anyway. She treasures the freedom of resting in the work of Jesus and hopes to help others rest as well.

Nov 04, 2019
Mike Nawrocki and the Dead Sea Squirrels

Intrigued?   In this episode Amy interviews co-host Mike Nawrocki about his new book series the Dead Sea Squirrels.  As co-creator of VeggieTales, co-founder of Big Idea Entertainment, and the voice of the beloved Larry the Cucumber, Mike Nawrocki has been dedicated to helping parents pass on biblical values to their kids through storytelling for over two decades. Mike currently serves as Assistant Professor of Film and Animation at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennesee, and makes his home in nearby Franklin with his wife, Lisa, and their two children.

Oct 28, 2019
Catching up with award winning author Mary Manz Simon

On this episode, Amy and Mike catch up with award-winning and best-selling author Mary Manz Simon.  Mary holds a doctorate degree in Early Childhood Education and has written titles selling more than three million copies available in ten languages.   This fall Mary has two new releases from Beaming Books, A Countdown to Christmas and The Family Time Bible.


Oct 21, 2019
Jennifer Lyell - The Promises of God Storybook Bible

Continuing in the discussion of Bible Stories and how they impact kids, this weeks guest, Lifeway publisher, Jennifer Lyell discusses how teaching Sunday school and her interaction with one special child led her to write the new  The Promises of God Bible Storybook.

A conversational, whimsical, biblically faithful retelling of more than fifty key Bible stories, The Promises of God Storybook Bible lets your child hear favorite stories with new ears, repeatedly assuring them that each word is proof of God’s unstoppable love and unbreakable promises to His people.

Oct 14, 2019
Meet the creator of BibleForce Wayne McCay

Join hosts Mike and Amy as they talk with Australian publisher Wayne McCay creator of the comic style Bible Storybook, BibleForce and the new BibleForce Devotional.  

Oct 08, 2019
Night Night Bible Stories with Amy Parker

On this episode of The Bible for Kids Podcast, Mike interviews Amy about writing Bible Story books for kids and talks about her latest books, Night Night Bible Stories and Night Night Devotions.

Sep 30, 2019
Meet Randall Goodgame - creator of Slugs and Bugs!

In this episode, hosts Amy and Mike interview Randall Goodgame, founder of the popular kids music brand Slugs and Bugs. Slugs & Bugs creates music and stories full of faith and silliness for the whole family to delight in and sing for years to come.  Randall will also fill our listeners in on the brand new Slugs and Bugs TV series starting this fall.

Sep 23, 2019
Phil Vischer - Part 2

Mike and Amy's interview with VeggieTales co-creator Phil Vischer continues in this episode where they discuss The Mr Phil Show, his new Bible Storybook and the relaunch of VeggieTales and an upcoming Christmas episode.

Sep 16, 2019
Phil Vischer (aka Bob the Tomato) - Part 1

Hosts best-selling author Amy Parker and author and co-creator of VeggieTales Mike Nawrocki interview Phil Vischer. Phil Vischer is the co-creator of the children's video series VeggieTales and creator of the follow-up series What's in the Bible? Since the release of the first VeggieTales episode in 1993, more than 65 million units have been sold. Vischer and his wife, Lisa, live in the Chicago area with their 3 children.  Phil recently released his first Bible storybook, the Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids, available now wherever books are sold.

Sep 09, 2019
Meet co-host and author - co-creator of VeggieTales Mike Nawrocki

Amy Parker interviews The Bible for Kids co-host Mike Nawrocki. As co-creator of VeggieTales, co-founder of Big Idea Entertainment, and the voice of the beloved Larry the Cucumber, Mike Nawrocki has been dedicated to helping parents pass on biblical values to their kids through storytelling for over two decades. Mike currently serves as Assistant Professor of Film and Animation at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennesee, and makes his home in nearby Franklin with his wife, Lisa, and their two children. The Dead Sea Squirrels is Mike's first children's book series.

Aug 27, 2019
Meet co-host and best-selling author, Amy Parker

In this prequel to The Bible for Kids podcast, co-host Mike Nawrocki introduces you to best-selling author, Amy Parker. Amy Parker has written more than sixty books, selling more than 2 million copies, for children, teens, and adults, including the best-selling A Night Night Prayer, Thank You, God, for Mommy, and Thank You, God, for Daddy. She has collaborated with authors ranging from New York Times bestsellers to her very own son. But Amy's greatest reward is being a wife to Daniel and a mom to their amazing sons, Michael and Ethan.

Aug 27, 2019