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Vanessa Ann Miller
 Nov 20, 2019
So excited for this podcast! I now can listen to your teachings as I drive. Thank you for all of the valuable content that you put out.


The Jasmine Star Show is a conversational business podcast that explores what it really means to turn your passion into profits. Law school dropout turned world-renowned photographer and expert business strategist, host Jasmine Star delivers her best business advice every week with a mixture of inspiration, wittiness, and a kick in the pants. On The Jasmine Star Show, you can expect raw business coaching sessions, honest conversations with industry peers, and most importantly: tactical tips and a step-by-step plan to empower entrepreneurs to build a brand, market it on social media, and create a life they love.

Episode Date
Standing Out In A Saturated Market Over The Holidays | Social Curator Coaching Session

Are you ready to get your business to stand out? You have an amazing business that only YOU can uniquely bring into this world. So let’s get others to see that, Buttercup! 

In a recent coaching season, I invited business owners in Social Curator to ask me questions about how to best position their business in a competitive market. 

In this episode, we dive into three main areas: 

  • How to stand out in a saturated market 
  • What to do when your calendar isn't quite as full as you would like it with a steady flow of customers
  • How to be strategic on social media  

>>Friend, you are unique enough to stick out in a saturated market <<

So let’s work on finding your confidence, building your message & setting your plan. We will be cheersing to your success in no time... it all starts by clicking play!

Don’t forget to also check out the Show Notes to learn about each of the business owners I had the privilege of working with here: 

Dec 10, 2019
The Way Small Actions Lead To A Big Impact

It’s Giving Tuesday ya’ll! One of my FAVORITE times of the year! *cue the confetti because it’s going to be a party up in hurr* If you’re not familiar with it, Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving that promotes a day of charitable giving. 

JD and I are involved with a few charities and one of those is Austin Angels. Austin Angels is an organization that walks alongside children in the foster care system and their families. 

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak to each of the national chapters of the Angel organization about using social media to connect caring and amazing donors to children who need help within the foster care system. I’m EXCITED to share the Q&A that I had with them and hope you feel inspired listening to it. 

Are you ready for a business meets lifestyle conversation? I’m talking all things social tips, business tricks and a personal glimpse into my life as an entrepreneur. I even get into how JD & I decided on adoption! 

If you take one thing away from this episode I hope it’s this: 

>>Don’t be afraid to bring people in on your journey.<< 

I love sharing my story with YOU boo! But I know the hesitation going into it *trust me this introvert gets it* It might be painstaking for you to get in front of the camera or let strangers in personally through a caption. But we all have a story to share! And you never know who yours is going to reach or what you can invite them in on!  

So friends, I hope you enjoy the journey I share in this podcast. If you would like to share this episode, read the show notes here:

Dec 03, 2019
The Thanksgiving Gratitude Practice No One Is Talking About

Ya’ll know that Norman Rockwell painting of the classy family around the Thanksgiving table? The one where the mom is holding a perfectly golden turkey and the dad is dressed in a suit beaming with pride. 

Growing up I went into every Thanksgiving with that picture in mind and let’s just say my family is known to have frozen turkey and clothing is optional. We are not your all American family. 

While our dinners never looked like what I imagined, I've learned to find gratitude in the mess of it all because that's the trick. 

>>The key to finding happiness is gratitude.<<

There’s always something to be thankful for. Boo, I hope you make time to find beauty in everything.

So let’s simply take a moment to realize just how blessed we are today. If you want to hear more about my crazy family Thanksgivings and learn to find happiness through gratitude then take a listen! 

If you'd like to read the show notes for this episode, you can do so here: Happy Thanksgiving to you, friend!

Nov 28, 2019
How To Take Amazing Instagram Photos For Your Business | Interview on the Boss Babe Podcast

Have you ever wondered how to take better photos for Instagram? *I see you nodding your head, boo!*  

You’ve written an engaging caption but now it’s time to focus on taking a gripping photo that makes someone stop scrolling on their feed. 

You might be thinking: “I’m too afraid to start posting on Instagram because my life is far from Instagram-worthy.

Let me tell ya Buttercup, there’s no secret or code to starting, and even the most successful people’s lives are anything BUT Instagrammable . Even the best photographers are still figuring it out as they go!

I mean heck, I jumped into the photography business not even owning a camera! I could tell you ALLLLLLL the stories of people who tore me to shreds about what I was doing wrong. But I stuck a flag in the ground and claimed this is who I am. *I want to see you do the same.* 

If you’re ready to find your confidence and take a boss picture that not only looks good to you but to your audience, grab your camera and click play. 

I’m flexing my photography muscles and giving you my top tips for taking Instagram photos:

  • Good Lighting 
  • The Rule of Thirds 
  • Coloring & Style 
  • Lifestyle
  • Authenticity 

Read the show notes here:

With your busy schedule, you know the importance of posting on Social Media but boo boo, who has the TIME?! This is why I would like to invite you to download 5 FREE lifestyle stock photos here: 

Nov 26, 2019
How To Follow Your Dreams Without The Fear of Regret

Why is it that you so believe the message SHOOT FOR THE STARS and YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO when you’re a kid but as an adult you hide in the corner belittling your ability. *Boo boo, lock me up because I’m guilty as charged.* 

Let’s throw that negative mindset out like those stanky old sneakers sitting in your closet.

I don’t want to catch you quietly dreaming but not taking action because of fear, doubt, or any of the arsenal of excuses you have lined up waiting to shoot at me. *I ain’t going to hear them!* 

That wild dream is longing to get out! So Buttercup, step out into your purpose. You have a special gift that only YOU can provide to this world.

You aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, heck you’re not even guaranteed the next minute. That fact alone is enough to make me get out of bed each morning with some big gangster hoop earrings and take action. 

>>Do it scared because if you don’t, you’re robbing the universe of the thing that  you’ve been put here to do.<<

So let’s go back to being those kids on the school playground who dreamed big and believed they could do anything they put their mind to! 

One day you'll look back and see how far you've come…. Remembering this right here was the moment that changed everything. So if you want to step into who you were made to be and continue to be inspired grab those headphones and listen to this episode. 

Check out the show notes for this episode here:

Nov 21, 2019
Coaching Session | Pivoting Your Business As Your Passion Changes

We all know that change is inevitable. I mean, 15 years ago I was on track to become a lawyer! Could you imagine where all of us would be NOW? You’d be listening to someone else’s podcast…. Or maybe still mine but it would be a whooooole different ball game. 

In today’s podcast, we’re talking about PIVOTING your business with your passions.

Maybe you are in the midst of that change now or maybe it is on the horizon *whether or not you can see it yet!*. Pivoting can look both big (like,you’re completely changing your career to something else entirely) or small (like staying within your industry but changing what service you are focusing on).

So what are you going to do when that change comes?

Here’s the thing, boo boo: I want you to EMBRACE the change! I never want you reaching a wall and thinking, Is this it?

I don’t want you feeling stuck like that gum on the bottom of your shoe! I want to dare you to dream, to dream big for your business and for yourself.

So listen if you’re ready to transition yourself and learn: 

  • How to find what only YOU were made to do
  • How to shift your messaging and communicate change to your followers
  • How to provide a clear transformation for your community 
  • How to become an authority to your audience
  • How to incite FOMO (the fear of missing out) online

>> What you do should fire you up and give you life! << 

So take it one step at a time… and be unafraid to DREAM BIG!

Read the show notes and learn about each guest here:

To join Social Curator and be coached by yours truly, check It out here: 

Nov 19, 2019
Turn Procrastination Into Your Purpose

Where my procrastination friends at? You raising your hand or did you already hop off this podcast platform and start looking up dog videos? *you know that’s my kryptonite* 

You are not alone. Every single one of us procrastinate to some capacity. But here’s the thing... 

>>Procrastination is the highest form of selfishness.<<

Yeah I said it, and I’m not backing down boo boo! Every minute you waste is robbing others from your greatest purpose. It’s robbing your friends, your partner, your children, your community.  It’s robbing the people you are intended to serve.

And if you’re thinking “I don’t procrastinate, I’m just a perfectionist waiting for the right moment”.  I want to hit you in the face with this quote:

>>“Perfection is just procrastination in disguise”<<

Perfect doesn’t exist Buttercup. You’re just wasting valuable time. All the time you wait trying to make something perfect is you not putting yourself or your product into this world. You will not know how to make your product or service better until you take it out to market. So stop robbing others of what you could be serving them with! 

If you’re ready to take your messy self and quit making excuses and quit getting side tracked scrolling through instagram or reading the latest celebrity gossip in US Weekly... *yes I’m guilty of this too* … then listen to this podcast and read the show notes here;

Nov 14, 2019
How To Build An Unforgettable Brand | Connecting Things Keynote

Do you want to know the secret to making your brand UNFORGETTABLE in the eyes of your dream customer?  Oh baby boo you better take out that pen and paper because you’re getting allllll the juicy details today.

A brand is not defined by a business, but by the consumer's perception of the business.

>>It is what somebody says about your business when you walk out of the room.<< 

When you make your audience feel happy, empowered, and educated they feel fulfilled. They turn into your RAVING FANS!

So how do you do that? 

Well Buttercup it all starts by pressing play!

I’m giving you ALLLLL my top tips for creating a brand that turns your customers into raving fans.

I’ll dive into: 

  • Creating content that reflects your personality 
  • Building personal connections on and offline
  • Using the best hashtags to attract your ideal customer to your brand
  • Balancing your personal life with your business

So who’s with me!? Get my FREE Branding Resource Bundle >>HERE<< and check out the show notes for this episode >>HERE!<<

Nov 12, 2019
3 Tactical Tips For Turning Followers Into Customers This Holiday Season

It’s tempting to think your business will be lost in a sea of social media posts this holiday season.

People are being sold to at every turn and they’re going to have to decide where to swipe their credit card. So how do you get your business to stand out amongst the rest of the juicy offers? 

If selling around the holidays feels like trying to make conversation at the dinner table with your awkward uncle… then boo, this episode is for you! 

>>The best way to combat the holiday stress is to have a plan for selling on social.<<

Click play to hear my 3 tips for turning followers into customers during the holidays.

So if you’re with me, let’s pop this holiday promotion season wide open like a bottle of eggnog!

Read the show notes for this episode >>HERE!<<

Nov 07, 2019
Fake It Til You Make It? Building A Business Despite Your Doubts | Interview On The Go-Getters Podcast

Have YOU ever felt like an imposter? Like I’m going to fake it until I make it and hope

no one notices?  

Everyone struggles with imposter syndrome, the feeling that we aren’t good enough,  in some way or another. *I’m right there with ya!* Symptoms of imposter syndrome include asking yourself: Who am I to do this when there are other people more qualified, richer, better looking, funnier, whittier and more popular?

If you’re guilty of this, I want to shake that mindset up like a can of soda pop, boo! 

Instead of saying “Who am I?” I challenge you to ask yourself WHO AM I NOT?

In this episode you will learn how to: 

  • Combat fear with action 
  • Speak with a level of authority when you feel as timid as a mouse 
  • Find *and thrive in* your place of power 
  • Thank the haters *that’s right!*
  • Do it scared because choosing fear is the ticket to growth 

So if you want to overcome the imposter syndrome, choose to be scared and grow your business instead of spinning on the hamster wheel of despair, then give this episode a listen and turn the volume up full blast! And if you want a little extra magic, I’ve provided a mindset shifting exercise for you to do >>HERE<< and feel free to read the show notes >>HERE!<<

Because YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! And I don’t mind shouting that from the mountain tops.

Nov 05, 2019
Creating A Productivity Map To ACTUALLY Achieve Your Goals

Raise your hand if you feel surrounded by hustlers who have their junk together? 

You know the ones, they’ve already planned and executed their perfect work day … for next week... while you’re over here still trying to finish making your first cup of coffee?

The struggle is real, friend. 

It's tempting to think that some people can just do more with the time they're given.  *But boo, that could not be further from the truth.* We all have the same ability to succeed and the same amount of hours each day!

What if I told you I could help you map out your next three months in less than 30 minutes?

I want to give you the foundation you need to turn your dreams into reality by creating a plan to get you there! 

In this podcast, I’m going to help you: 

  • Stop getting distracted & stop making excuses that get in the way of you accomplishing your goals
  • Move past the feeling of overwhelm by focusing on a smaller list you can tangibly handle 
  • Build a timeline for your projects & stick to it every quarter
  • Learn the importance of pausing and breathing to keep yourself grounded

It's not about your ability to succeed. It’s about whether you are disciplined enough to create a plan.

If this was helpful for you, please subscribe and review and pass this episode along to someone who might need it. I can’t wait for us to pursue our goals together!

Check out the show notes for this episode >>HERE!<<

Oct 29, 2019
Decide To Succeed | The Business Choice You Need To Make

Life is full of choices. Little and small, personal and business, negative and positive. 

You can choose to feel misunderstood. You can choose to hide. You can choose to throw in the towel on your dreams.


You can choose to believe your work will pay off. You can choose that your efforts are not in vain. You can choose that you are right where you are meant to be. You can choose to invite others into your story.  

The biggest choice though, is to decide to succeed.

Friends, there is nothing more that I want than to see you succeed! So what’s it going to be? Are you ready to join me in this episode and embrace your SUCCESS!?  

You can find me on social media @Jasminestar, or we can remain audio buddies! Feel free to subscribe to this podcast so you don't miss a single episode.

To view the show notes with relevant links, check them out >>HERE!<<

Oct 24, 2019
Social Media Mastery | Interview On The Ed Mylett Show

There’s this beast that we all face on a daily basis... It’s one that’s always changing and leaves you confused and wanting to curl up crying on your bathroom floor. That beast... SOCIAL MEDIA.  

If you’re ready to get inside my head [*warning* that’s a scary place, trust me] and find out everything I know about social media then you’re in the right place! I spill it ALL in this interview with my sweet friend, Ed Mylett. 

In this episode, I’m going to teach you how to:

  • Use consistency to build a reputation with your followers and [*bonus*] track what type of posts hit better with your audience so you can double down on them
  • Create content that gets into your ideal client’s psyche because any time a consumer looks at a piece of content that feels like it's tailor made for them, they will follow, they will spend more, they will wait more, and they will support more. 
  • Navigate conversations online to show value to your followers and build your tribe  
  • Post the same content across multiple platforms so you come across authentic and foster conversations 
  • Find what hashtags your consumers are inclined to look for so you can build your following  
  • Choose a bio and bio photo to truly capture your identity  
  • Invest in yourself, own that you are enough, and step into your purpose so you can better invest in others 

Boo, I want you to know that your social media is a reflection of you. YOU decide what your style is, what photos you use, what copy you write, who you’re doing this for, and how you engage.

You are in the driver’s seat so let’s take control and make it something you are proud of!

If you'd like to learn more about Ed Mylett, read the show notes for this episode >>HERE!<<

If you enjoyed this episode, can you do me a teeeeeny tiny favor and head on over to your podcast platform to subscribe and leave a review? Your reviews help this show get discovered by more amazing business owners just like you. I'm obsessed with the community of hustlers we are building and I can't grow it without you! xo

Oct 22, 2019
Coaching Session | Entering The Speaking World, Branding No-No’s + Mindset Shifts In Business

I often believe that we teach the thing we must learn and what people see is like a broken person trying to help other broken people. So here I am still learning myself and wanting to take you guys along in this wonderful journey! 

Let’s dive into another coaching session with three hustlin’ gangsters like yourselves.

If you’ve ever had questions on speaking, branding or mindset shifts, this is the podcast for you! I can’t wait to hear what you take away! 

Boo, if you would like monthly business coaching with me, the best way for you to do that is to join Social Curator, my monthly membership site for business owners. It gives you the tools to build your brand on social media, including lifestyle photos, customizable caption templates in a monthly action plan, and the best part, not gonna lie, is the community that keeps everybody accountable. If you are a business owner, you have to get inside this community full of hustlers and dreamers. To learn more about the membership and the coaching within, check it out >>HERE!<<.

If you'd like to read more about our guests, connect with them In the show notes >>HERE!<<

Oct 15, 2019
How To Handle Haters As An Entrepreneur

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dealt with the haters out there. My arm is high in the air with you, friend! 

In this episode, join me as I tell you a story about when I literally handed my haters an excuse to trash me like an empty bag of Doritos.

Boo, you are destined for something great, beautiful and strong as long as you stand in your purpose and don't let anybody get in the way of that.

If you'd like to view the show notes with all of the links mentioned in this episode, you can read them >>HERE!<<

If you've ever dealt with a hater, I would love to hear how you turned it into a positive, so please leave a comment on Instagram or Facebook and we will talk it out. 

To learn about the mindset shifts I have made over the last 12 years in business, you can download them for free >>HERE!<<

Oct 08, 2019
The Art of Asking For What You Want with Lewis Howes

Here’s something that might shock you: I’m a TOTAL introvert and my comfort zone is my arch nemesis. Can you relate? 

Baby boo, if it doesn’t come natural for you to own who you are and it’s hard for you to ask for what you want, this episode is for YOU!

Talking to Lewis Howes got me thinking about the different ways I need to step into owning my life and asking for what I want, even though that is so uncomfortable for me to even THINK about doing. 

In this episode you’re going to learn: 

  • How to define your level of greatness
  • How to STOP play the comparison game
  • How to network well
  • How to allude a magnetic energy -  that makes people want to buy into you

We are on this journey together! Join me on Instagram and Facebook and let’s chat about some of your takeaways.

To read the show notes, check them out >>HERE!<< And if you aren’t already, show Lewis some love by following him on Instagram or checking out his podcast, The School of Greatness!

Oct 08, 2019
The Secret To Growing On Instagram | Pays To Be Brave Keynote

What if I were to tell you the secret to Instagram is to stop growing? Hold up, put that car in reverse and back it up.  

Did I lose you already? Or are you still with me? 

You better still be with me, because boo this is going to radically change your world. 

Let’s get on the same page here. We think growing our Instagram will solve our monetization struggles. It only makes sense right? More followers equals more money? But my question to you is: 

>>Are you converting your followers to customers?<<

Because if you don't know how to create customers on Instagram, getting more followers ISN'T the answer... They are just going to sit there like that pile of laundry from over the weekend you still haven’t gotten to. *Who am I kidding, I don't do the laundry!*

Hit play to hear the rest of this secret Instagram sauce! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Jasmine Star Show. I don’t want you to miss a single episode of all the business-y goodness I have to share with you!

To read the show notes for this episode, click >>HERE!<<

Oct 08, 2019
The Story of Jasmine + JD featuring Amy Porterfield

One of my favorite questions I often receive is, "What is it like to work with your husband?" Ya’ll know that he is the true conductor to this party train! I would go off the tracks without him.  

I am #blessed with a partner who believes wholeheartedly in me both in our personal and business lives! We dream with each other, push each other, support each other and there’s no one else I’d rather do it with.    

So when we decided to dedicate an Episode to our relationship you know I had to bring out the big guns to interview us and who better to do that than THE Amy Porterfield!  

I hope you are ready for some straight up vulnerability because you guys are going to hear it all. 

  • How we met & what dating was like 
  • What roles we play in both our personal and work lives 
  • How we set boundaries

If you enjoyed listening to the first three episodes of the Jasmine star show, I'd love to invite you to leave a review on iTunes. As a thank you for leaving a review, I've opened up access to an exclusive Social Curator masterclass with James Wedmore, "How to Raise Your Prices without Losing Customers." Click >>HERE<< once you've left a review to gain access to the class!

To connect with Amy, find her on Instagram or her website. And if you'd like to read the show notes, do so >>HERE!<<

Oct 08, 2019
Why Podcasting Was The LAST Thing I Wanted To Add To My Business

I can’t tell you how many times I second guessed starting a podcast. Have YOU ever had an idea that just sent fear straight down your spine?

In my first ever podcast episode, *wow I still can’t believe I’m saying that!* my mentor James Wedmore challenges me to exchange fear for fun.

I've learned how to give myself permission to have fun as I take on new challenges and learn a new skill. Are you ready to do the same?

Let’s begin to pursue our passions and our purpose together! The future is a blank canvas. I’m willing to start painting, but the real question is:

Will you pick up your paintbrush and paint with me? 

I look forward to getting to know you better, so please subscribe, rate and review! I promise to read each and every one. If you'd like to read the show notes, you can do so >>HERE!<

Oct 08, 2019
Coaching Session | How To Price Your Services, Increase Membership Retention + Add A New Revenue Stream

Friend, what are your burning business questions? I know you’ve got ‘em!

  • Are you trying to figure out how to price your services?
  • Is your product just not hitting right? 
  • Do you have a retention plan for your current customers? 
  • Do you have a product that’s not performing as well as you’d hoped, and you aren’t sure if you should scrap it and start over - or tweak it to make it more irresistible?

In our second episode, join the party as we dive into questions from three business owners just like YOU! 

We cover everything from pricing, to membership, and the scarcity mindset we may feel when removing a revenue source from our business that is no longer  serving us.

The biggest lesson I want you to take away from this coaching session is to remember that it takes just as much energy to have a negative mindset as it does to live in abundance.

We are on this journey together, boo! If you're struggling with shifting your mindset, I would love to invite you to download my free mindset makeover workbook >>HERE!<<

To read about our three business owners and connect with Connor, Jasmine, and Tom, check out the show notes >>HERE!<<

Oct 08, 2019