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By Michele Hartwig

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All trail talk, all the time! From 1 mile to 100 plus mile runs! We talk about it all. Ladies host this show. Our goal is to introduce people, help us all connect with one another, and inspire each other to run and have fun! Host- Michele Hartwig- Race Director at Kettle Moraine 100, Hennepin 100 and many Midwest Trail races Co-host- Krystal the Pistol

Episode Date
Galena Sky Race from Coaches View

This week brings you another discussion between coaches Loretta & Reese about Galena Sky Race! Get a taste of what you’ll encounter during this looped course & how you can prepare for the event! The coaches talk about training, fueling, course specifics, & even some entertaining stories from Coach Reese’s experience at the race.

May 26, 2023
Sarah Krebs Upcoming Thru-Run on the Ice Age Trail

What does it take to run for a cause, prepare for a journey, & attempt the 1,200 mile Ice Age Trail? This week, coaches Loretta & Reese have an in-depth conversation with Sarah Krebs before she embarks on her IAT thru-run attempt. They discuss the critical components of Sarah’s goal that include “why”, “how”, & “how long”. There’s value in Sarah’s story for everyone to hear - you won’t want to miss it!

May 20, 2023
Earth Day Race Recap- Loving Memory of Jim Briscoe
This episode is in loving memory of James "Jim" Briscoe. August 15, 1959 - April 28, 2023
Our running family is very important to us. The OMR team gathered together after Earth Day Trail Races to recap the event. It meant a lot to us to be able to have Jim Briscoe on our show. We recorded the Wednesday after Earth Day. Jim eloquently talks about his love for the running community and shares wise words from his heart. We were all heartbroken when Jim left us here on Earth a couple days after the show.
His wife Vivian is grateful we have his recorded words. She has listened to the show and wants it to be released. The show includes Michele Hartwig, Jeff Lenard, Jeff Goodmanson, Jim Briscoe, Nicki Wright, Sid Wegener, and Natalie Brunson sharing race stories. On the Ornery Mule Racing YouTube version of this show we play photos of Jim with all his friends and family. Our prayers go out to his spouse Vivian and all of Jim's family. Our 2024 Earth Day Trail Race will be dedicated to Jim. We are going to include one of his favorite sayings on the race shirt, and design the shirt in some of his favorite colors. We are doing this with the help of his wife Vivian who will be running the race.
May 17, 2023
Get the Scoop on Kettle Moraine 100 & tips for racing ultras!

Kettle Moraine 100, it's that time again! Get the inside edge about the course and what it takes to have a strong finish with OMR coaches Loretta & Reese.

Not running Kettle? No worries, you'll find something to take away for your next race.

May 12, 2023
How to hill train to make you a stronger athlete

On today's episode coaches Loretta & Reese express the importance of hill training for race preparation. After a short intro, Coach Reese reflects about his mindset while managing a busy schedule, the pair explore how hills can be programmed to increase your chance of success. Whether your race is flat or hilly, you'll want to hear what they thing about hills can make you a stronger athlete.

Apr 28, 2023
Recovery tips post training run & race recovery. Coaches' view on how to best aid your recovery

In this episode Coach Reese and Coach Loretta cover the pillars of helping to aid in post run recovery. They share knowledge in how to recover in different type of racing scenarios. Take a listen and learn tips to aid your recovery so you can come back stronger and ready for your next race or workout. Stay tuned to the very end of the episode as we answer a listener question. trailrun.coach

Apr 21, 2023
How do you use cross training to compliment your running?

In this episode of Coffee with Coaches, Coach Loretta and Coach Reese share about how cross training can be incorporated into your running training plan. The coaches share how they worked with a couple of athletes to utilize cross training and helped reach their goals.

Apr 14, 2023
How to practice your aid station strategy

Today's podcast brings us a conversation about aid stations & how they can help & hinder your race. Coaches Loretta & Reese expand the topics of how to practice your aid station strategy, how to prepare yourself before getting to an aid station mid-race, & how to use the volunteers effectively for a faster finish!

Apr 07, 2023
Packs, belts or bottles-which are you going to use in your next event?

OMR Coaches Loretta & Reese talk pros and cons of each gearing method & give some entertaining stories alongside!

Bonus: The coaches answer a listener question at the end -let's keep them coming!

P.S. You're going to want to listen to the end of the episode for a discount code on Ultraspire gear available on the OMR website as well.



Mar 31, 2023
Get the Inside Scoop for OMR's Earth Day Trail Race!

Coach Reese recently ran the course and Coach Loretta is here to help understand the demands of the race as well as how listeners at home can train in the weeks before April 22nd.

Even if you aren't planning on running the race, they share some expert advice on how to analyze YOUR next race to properly prepare for your goals.

Bonus! They also do a listener Q & A to cap off the episode. If you have a question, DM either coach for a chance to be answered on the next episode.


Mar 24, 2023
Fatigue-Is it good or bad? When, if at all do we expect to feel it and how do we plan for it?

This week's episode brings us a discussion on navigating training fatigue. Join OMR coaches Loretta and Reese as they discuss two components to fatigue and how they impact our training and racing. As a bonus they also answer a listener question at the end. As always, we love hearing feedback and are taking more questions to discuss on future episodes. Grab your beverage of choice and enjoy!

Mar 17, 2023
Split Styles - How to choose a strategy for your race

What's the best split to run your best race? Do we want to be negative splitting all of the time? This episode, Reese and Loretta explore ways to strategize for workouts and races. They both provide insight as to how OMR coaches help athletes perform their best at races while choosing a split structure given the myriad of variables that occur in an ultramarathon.

Mar 10, 2023
How Do You Define Your Training & Racing Goals

In this episode, Coaches Loretta and Reese break down what it means to define these two types of objectives and how to approach goal setting for your next race, next season and your future athletic career. It's time to get specific with what we want out of our running so we can have a target to shoot for while we're putting in the effort. Grab a coffee and a pickaxe: There's a lot of gold in this one.

Mar 03, 2023
Tempo Runs - How are they different from lactate threshold runs?
Feb 24, 2023
Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation- the reason behind why we run

Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation is a concept we all unintentionally experience-but what is it and how does it shape your 'why"? Here we detail what both types of motivation are, how to find them within yourself, & how to practice applying them to enhance your training, racing, & enjoyment. Get listening, get motivated, & go forth with your best YOU!

Feb 19, 2023
Mindset for the "pain cave" in workouts, life and maintaining focus & presence during runs and life.

Join Coach Loretta and Coach Reese in a chat about how we approach speed workouts and how it applies to race day and life.

Feb 18, 2023
Frozen Gnome Race Recap Part 2 - Nicki & Sid

Learn about the Frozen Gnome 50k/10k with the Race Director Michele Hartwig, and Course Directors/Course Designers. Conversation is all the FUN things we are excited about for 2022 and 2023! We hope you enjoy!

Feb 17, 2023
Frozen Gnome '23 Race Recap - "The Jeffs"

Learn about the Frozen Gnome 50k/10k with the Race Director Michele Hartwig, and Course Directors/Course Designers Jeffrey Lenard and Jeff Goodmanson. Well known as the infamous "Jeff's" for the extremely fun & challenging race courses they design.

In this episode we touch on Midwest States 100 (the Jeff's finished together), Hennepin Hundred finish line with the MUDD running club, and Soul Crusher 5 & 10 mile.

Conversation is all the FUN things we are excited about for 2022 and 2023! We hope you enjoy!

Feb 08, 2023
Behind the Coaching Scene - OMR Trail Run Coaching - Coach Reese and Coach Loretta

Join us for a behind the scenes coaching conversation in today's minisode with Coach Reese and Coach Loretta. They talk running with all sorts of random thoughts. Gain suggestions for your running! trailrun.coach

Feb 08, 2023
2022 Year in Recap

Michele, Nicki & Sid cheer in 2023 with the "behind the scenes" inside scoop on all that is going on at Ornery Mule Racing! We love hearing from you. Please like, subscribe and leave a comment! In this show we share a photos from the races and talk about:

-OMR run club group runs Link to run club, you will need to be approved to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/27653... -

OMR Invasion races

-Our races

-Midwest States 100

-Kettle Moraine 100

-Hennepin Hundred

-Frozen Gnome 50k/10k

-Galena Sky 4 and 8 hour trail race

-Earth Day 50k/15 mile/5 mile

-Soul Crusher 5 & 10 miler Link to website with all our races and special events https://www.ornerymuleracing.com/

Jan 05, 2023
Midwest States 100 Race Recap

In this episode of the Dirt Trail Running Podcast Midwest States 100 Race Director Michele, Course Director Sid and Ultra Mom Nicki talk about what was going on behind the scenes leading up to the race. The race is held in Chequamegon National Forest in upper Wisconsin. The majority of the course is on Wisconsin's iconic Ice Age Trail.

Sep 14, 2022
Reese Slobodianuk Kettle Moraine 100 Male 1st overall

Reese Slobodianuk ran his first 100 mile race at Kettle Moraine 100. He was specific in his training while having fun.  This combo proved to be a winner where he finished as 1st overall male in his debut race. Reese is getting trained up for Wasatch 100 next. Great show about training, race day strategy and more!

Aug 20, 2022
Western States 100 finisher- Jeff Lenard

It took Jeff Lenard 9 years for his ticket to be pulled to get into the Western States 100. Our show included his pacer James Solomon and his wife Jean Lenard. They talk about managing the course. What it was like to crew and pace this race. Great information for Midwest runners preparing for Western States 100! Plus Jeff and crew are just so darn likeable!

Jul 11, 2022
Michelle Magagna - Kettle Moraine 100

Michelle Magagna smashes a 25 year old course record and takes the overall win at Kettle Moraine 100. In this show we get to know Michelle better-from winning a Golden ticket to Western States at Bandera 100k, then finishing Western States as the 11th overall female to her race day overall win story at Kettle Moraine 100. Fun show about this Midwest trail running rising star!

Jun 30, 2022
Kettle Moraine 100 Race Recap- 2022

2022 Kettle Moraine 100 race recap! Amazing performances with a Michelle Magagna taking the overall win & breaking a 25 year old course record! Michele, Sid & Nicki give a Friday night call to race entrants and volunteers to hear a variety of race day stories.

Tune into the next show for a deep dive with Michelle Magagna on what brought her running history, Kettle 100 race day highlights and more fun stuff!

Jun 22, 2022
Ornery Mule Racing History

Krystal the Pistol interviews Michele Hartwig about how she got into Race Directing and the history of Ornery Mule Racing. 

Apr 26, 2022
Michele & Ryan Show - Feb 7

Michele & Ryan talk about fitness, trail & ultra running, Race Directing, trail running community, inclusion, & anything else we find fun. We bring on some of the folks they meet along the way. We want every person to feel safe to get involved & make life long friends.

Feb 09, 2022
Michele & Ryan Show - Jan 31

We discuss how Ryan got to know Michele and the Ornery Mule Racing Community, Ryan's weight loss journey, coaching, and Midwest States 100.

Michele & Ryan talk about fitness, trail & ultra running, Race Directing, trail running community, inclusion, & anything else we find fun. We bring on some of the folks they meet along the way. We want every person to feel safe to get involved & make life long friends.

Feb 03, 2022
Paige Taylor - The Dirt

Paige Taylor is the only person in the history of the Hennepin Hundred that has signed up for the 50 mile race, then just kept running with no crew, drop bags or plan and finished her first ever 100 mile race. She shares about her battles that have got her to many ultra finish lines. Personal female story that is very special.

Dec 15, 2021
The Dirt on Phil Young

Phil Young toed the line at Tunnel Hill 100 with some of the fastest ultra runners in the world that included Zach Bitter, Taggart VanEtten, and Jacob Moss. The world may not have realized on race morning Phil's full potential competing alongside these men, but here in the Midwest, we knew he would be a force.

On this episode of "The Dirt" Phil tells an amazing story about the ups & downs of his first 100 mile race. It is an honest story of his thoughts throughout the race. It includes when he realized he was passing Zach Bitter and going into the lead.  All of us here in the OMR Trail running Community are incredibly proud of Phil and so happy for his well deserved win.

Nov 17, 2021
The Dirt on Conor Holt

Conor Holt is a talented runner, and # 1 crew man for Camille Herron. Together they run a successful coaching business and travel around the world running races. We get to know the inside Dirt. Enjoy!

Nov 03, 2021
Grace Crowe & Jen Heller- The Dirt

Hennepin Hundred race perspective from Sauk Valley Yeti Trail & Ultrarunners Grace Crowe and Jen Heller.  Jen shares an interesting method of pacing that worked great. Grace Crowe talks about her running store in Dixon Illinois as well as captaining Aid station 10/12 where she has become famous for the blow up lounge chair. Lot's of laughs with these ladies! Enjoy!

Oct 20, 2021
The Hennepin hundred

Tune in to hear the behind the scenes "dirt" on the Hennepin Hundred. The Dirt Crew: Michele, Krystal, Ryan, Sid, Michele Schueler, and Nicki talk about everything from their personal race performance at Hennepin, to funny stories on the trail, & behind the scenes challenges that happened on race day and how we handled them. Race weekend was a blast with 2 new course records set. We also share some BIG news for the 2022 race! 

Oct 13, 2021
Emily Ford - The Dirt

Emily Ford chats with us about her winter trek on the 1,200 mile Ice Age Trail. Emily made history by being the first women to make this challenging journey in the winter months, through cold weather and deep snow. She also is the first black person to ever through hike the entire Ice Age trail. She did it with her dog Diggins. We had a great time getting to know Emily, her daily life & some sweet stories about Diggins and the folks she met on her journey.

Sep 22, 2021
The Dirt on Dustin Canestorp

Dustin Canestorp retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years of service in 2014. He has struggled with PTSD & shares how running helps him. It is very clear that Dustin cares deeply about people & loves the United States. It was an honor to have this American hero on our show.


Sep 06, 2021
Edna Jackeline Vazquez- The Dirt

Mexican American competitor Edna Jackeline Vazquez Núñez discovered a love for athletics in her hometown of Monterrey in Nuevo León México. In her teens, she developed a love for ultramarathons thanks to her aunt Maria Elena.

Behind her determination and philosophy for survival and prosperity there is a story to be told. She is a stellar example of the Latino community. She’s been swimming, doing gymnastics and performing ballet since the age of 3. While in middle school, a group of military personnel made a visit to her school and offered some advice she never forgot: pursue your goals with discipline and the mindset of never giving up.

We enjoyed hearing about some of Edna's stories of adventure! 

Aug 26, 2021
The Dirt on Jason Hardrath

Jason is spending the summer peak bagging Washington Bulgers 100 peaks. Teaching is Jason's day job, and he scheduled doing all 100 peaks during his summer vacation. Jason shares with us thrilling stories about some of his big adventures leading up to him attempting Washington Bulgers 100 peaks! 

Jul 31, 2021
The Dirt on Karl Meltzer

Karl Meltzer lined up for the 25 year anniversary race of the Kettle Moraine 100.  The race had record heat & humidity that took many out of the race. We chat with Karl about what he learned at the race, and heard some fun ultra stories. Great conversation. We really enjoyed Karl and his wisdom & passion for the sport. 

Jul 19, 2021
Kettle Moraine 100 Race Recap
Kettle recap show! We have a variety of people that experienced race day as runners or volunteers sharing about their experience at the Kettle Moraine 100- 25 year anniversary race.
Sam Stimac- 100 mile finisher, 2nd overall female and 4th overall finisher
Ryan Chukuske- Sub 24-100 mile finisher
Krystal the Pistol- 100k finisher
Carrie Wagner- super volunteer
Sid Wegener- Course set up & Aid station captain
Steph Dannenberg- course set up and crew
Unseasonable warm weather with temps reaching 90+ degrees & high humidity were the top challenge. Race Old timers chatted that the last time they saw this kind of heat was in 2011. 

The high heat effected the finish rate, especially in the 100/100k distances.

100 mile race: 299 starters, 67 of those finished the full 100

100k race: 73 started this distance, and of those runners- 36 finished.

Jul 10, 2021
The Dirt on Sarah Moore

The inside Dirt on Sarah Moore at Big's Backyard ultra & Desert Solstice race. We dive into conversation on the trail, race strategy and discuss if she may have offended Courtney Dauwalter & Laz at Big's Backyard Ultra with her joke telling. She shares the joke, so you can decide for yourself. Sarah is a great athlete and so much fun to get to know. We are cheering for her continued successes!

Jul 08, 2021
Katie O'Connor

Last year, Katie O'Connor was registered for the 2020 Kettle Moraine 100 when COVID-19 hit and shut down all races. She did not let that stop her. She went on to attempt a solo 100 mile race. Hear all about it!

May 31, 2021
Ornery Mule Dirt News Show

Team Ornery Mule gets together to discuss Earth Day Trail Races. The was OMR's first "in person" event since COVID-19.  Super fun show with runners & crew that discuss the happenings of the day!

May 31, 2021
The Dirt on Pam Reed

Pam Reed is the first women to ever overall win the Badwater Ultramarathon, then went on to repeat that the very next year. Pam's ultramarathon resume spans over 20 years with many podium finishes, world records and a wide variety of racing styles. We get to know Pam with incredible conversation on training and her history in the sport. We talk about her Cocodona 250 race coming up, and finishing over one hundred 100-mile races. We did not want the interview to end. This is one incredible lady that we were honored to get to spend some time with. 

May 20, 2021
The Dirt on Charles Steele

Charles Steele is a professor at Hillsdale College, located in Michigan. Charles has a passion for recruiting students to run ultras and find adventure in life. He has ran and finished the Le Grizz 50 miler in Montana for many years. The Le Grizz is Montana's oldest 50 miler and one of the nation's oldest 50 milers, starting off in 1982. We have fun learning about the race with Charles and why this race holds a special place in the world.

May 08, 2021
The Dirt on Kari Gibbons

Kari goes on the adventure of a lifetime. The Iditarod 350 mile winter foot race. The Iditarod is a 900+ mile route through Alaska. Kari heads to the frigid Alaskan trail to take on this monumental challenge, and is an amazing story teller on all she experienced. Kari Gibbons finishes as the ITI 2021 women’s foot champion in 9 days and 9 hours. Listen and be inspired!

May 04, 2021
The Dirt on Mike Ehredt

Mike Ehredt ran cross country on the same trails that the Hennepin Hundred race starts in Sterling, Illinois. His love of running has gave him the opportunity to run iconic races like Hardrock 100,  Dragon Back Race in Wales (described as the World's toughest Mountain race) and was on the show Human Race. We talk about all the cool adventures that Mike has experienced and were left inspired to try his creative race!

Apr 27, 2021
The Dirt on Emma and Max McCormick

Emma & Max are brother and sister that love adventure. They set their sites on running across Idaho. We learn how they managed the solo run. Plus fun stories about their Mountaineering, camping &  sailing adventures!

Apr 23, 2021
The Dirt on Ashley Runnalls

We interview the talented and super speedy trail runner Ashley Runnalls- Ashley often podiums races she runs, chases and sets FKT's and loves to run vert on her home trails in the Canadian mountains. Ashley is also a runner with Autism.  Ashley want to bring education about Autism to our sport. This will help our community know how to best support a runner with Autism feel more comfortable getting involved.

Ryan Steiner guest host with us for Autism Awareness month. Ryan Steiner describes himself as an "Autistic Runner". We learn  why that is his preference. We had a ton of fun getting to know them both!

Apr 20, 2021
The Dirt on Stephen Strauss

Stephen Strauss finished 2019 Kettle Moraine 100 earning him the coveted "Last Ass on the Trail" award. He pushed those final miles to cross that finish line! We learned about Stephen's life, training tips and had a great time getting to know this amazing runner.

Apr 07, 2021
The Dirt on Jon Cox

Have you ever run an unsupported 100-mile race? Well, Jon Cox did. When COVID-19 changed his plans to run Hennepin 100 he decided he would run it solo. We get the Dirt on how that went and how things can change so quickly in long endurance events. Jon is also RD of the awesome Murder Mile race, and we learn about his trailbuilding skill and race planning.

Mar 31, 2021
The Dirt on Chris Nikic & Coach Dan Grieb

Chris Nikic is the first athlete with Down Syndrome to complete an Ironman.  Chris shares about the hard work & motivation it took to get to this finish line. Chris & his coach- Dan Grieb clearly have a special bond. Our favorite part about having them on the show was seeing the true respect and love they have for one another.  Chris shares his dreams for the future and reveals what's next in sports for Chris.

Suggestion- this show is also available on our Ornery Mule Racing YouTube channel. Seeing how sweetly these two interacts is worth a watch.

Mar 13, 2021
The Dirt on Kevin Sas

Kevin Sas shares the "Dirt" on his Moab 240 finish.  Kevin takes us through his race day experience. We learn about the course and find out how how he kept himself moving through the low points. Thank you Kevin for sharing your experience!

Mar 13, 2021
The Dirt on Nathan Martin

Nathan Martin’s 2:11:05 At The Marathon Project Is The Fastest Marathon By A Black Man Born In The United States. The ladies of the Dirt sit down with Nathan to hear his race day story that lead to him earning an American Record. 

Feb 28, 2021
The Dirt on Ryan Litwiller

When Ryan Litwiller was diagnosed last year with Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, he knew he needed to make a change in his life. He started running and turned to a plant based diet. Ryan started by running 5ks and continued challenging himself to do more.  In 18 months from his first run he finished his first 100 mile race.  Ryan is humble, loves his family, and is passionate about his healthy journey. It is a great story that will inspire you.

Feb 08, 2021
The Dirt on Craig Hunt

Craig, an accomplished runner and coach, is currently a physio trainer and lead running coach at The Physio Shop in Flagstaff, AZ. In 2019, Craig got a top ten finish at the 2019 World Championships for the 50k and was 5th at Grandma’s Marathon, where he ran his personal best of 2:15:29. Craig was 6th place at Hoka One One Project Carbon X2 100k with a time of 6:55:42. In this episode we hear a bit of Craigs story at these events. There is a super fun story about why his Olympic Trials Team photo is him running down a trail with a box on his head. 

Feb 03, 2021
The Dirt on Mike Andersen

Mike Andersen has been a competitive running since middle school. He was a collegiate athlete who went on to win the Detroit Marathon. He has won a 50 mile race, and finished 7th at Mohican 100. He believes in training and coaching athletes with heart rate training and flexibility. Mike is one of our OMR Trail and Ultra Run Coaches.

Jan 31, 2021
The Dirt on Rebecca and Sara

Run Lab Ambassadors Rebecca Mayer & Sara Johnson are stand out runners in the Brighton, Michigan area. They are known for caring for the community and bringing people together to train with joy. They love to laugh & adventure. You can not help but enjoy yourself when hanging with them. This is a funny show to take on your run. We discuss everything from training to drinking beer....then a little more drinking beer... and a little more drinking beer..... 

Jan 31, 2021
The Dirt on Loretta Tobolske-Horn

Coach Loretta Tobolske-Horn finished Desert Solstice 100 with a top 25 fastest 100 for women in 2020. This is the 2nd year in a row she has made that list! At the age of 49 she is not showing any signs of slowing down. In this episode we learn about Loretta's training leading into the race, and how race day went. This is an amazing story and must listen to show!

Jan 26, 2021
The Dirt on Ryan Steiner
Ryan is autistic and wants to help other autistic people to find the happiness, health & community he has found in running. In this podcast, Ryan talks about his weight loss, being autistic, his family, and how running has positively changed his life for the better.
Ryan is so happy and positive. We feel his passion for running & caring for people. We are excited to see him continue to share his love, inspire others, and welcome more people into the sport of ultrarunning.
This is a "must listen" show. 
Ryan words after he started running, changing habits, and getting to a healthy weight, "Today I hit a weight I haven’t been down to in my entire adult life. I will be 40 in January. I have battled with my weight all my life as well as being autistic, which sometimes makes life much more complicated. Food has always been a comfort to me. Then, I discovered running. It started out as an obsession with ultramarathons because I like to dream big. I LOVE running. I love it so much that my relationship with food has changed because I now love running more. I don’t eat cookies because it would impact my next run. I am now a plant-based athlete in my mind and I live that life every day. I do know I have a long way to go to reach my goals but I am a million miles away from that guy home alone on the couch weighing in at over 700 pounds."
Jan 17, 2021
The Dirt on Coach Robyn LaLonde

Michele and Krystal talk to Coach Robyn, the Head of EDGE Athlete Lounge. Robyn LaLonde is a USAT Level-1 Coach, Certified Level II Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist and Head Coach for Nike+ Run Club. After completing her first Ironman she knew that she wanted to help athletes listen to that little voice inside of their head, however crazy the goal. Since then she has helped athletes of all levels find their fastest and farthest miles, from 5Ks to marathons, ultramarathon, and Ironmans. As an avid triathlete and runner, she’s a multiple-time USAT Nationals, Boston Marathon and Western States Qualifier.

Jan 15, 2021
The Dirt on Yassine Diboun

Yassine Diboun has such an interesting story coming into trail and ultrarunning. His passion for the community is contagious! We loved learning his story as well as all the cool things he has going on in Oregon! Enjoy!

Jan 03, 2021
The Dirt on Nicole Bitter

Celebrating females is important to the Dirt Trail running team. Nicole is someone we can all relate to and be inspired by. We loved catching up with Nicole after her Javelina Jundred overall female win. We got the details of race day strategy, race conditions, running with joy and that finish line feeling! Enjoy the show!


Dec 17, 2020
The Dirt on Lindsay Phenix

Lindsay is an ultrarunner to watch out for! We had so much fun chatting with Lindsay about her Jalapeño Hundred overall female win! We learned about her time on the show "The Wheel", her modeling career and running in Hollywood. We love Lindsay and we know you will too!

Dec 10, 2020
The Dirt on Bruce Steinberg

Bruce is the managing editor of the Midwest Classic Magazine "Silent Sports". Bruce is a published book author & retired criminal defense attorney that also has extensive knowledge of a wide variety of outdoor sports.  We were fascinated hearing about his love of the outdoors and all he has experienced over the years.

Link to Silent Sports Magazine: https://silentsportsmagazine.com/

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch shows live! Free to subscribe

Dec 04, 2020
The Dirt on Buzz Burrell

The ladies of the Dirt Trail Running Podcast had a blast getting to know Buzz Burrell. FKT's are the big goal for many runners in 2020.  We get to learn more about one of the founders of this great organization. Buzz is an interesting man living life to the fullest!

Dec 04, 2020
The Dirt on Heather Pola

Right on! We had a blast Heather Pola. She is a cool nature gal, that loves Oregon, trails, cooking, Race Directing and being an awesome person. Her passion & excitement for everything she does will leave you inspired. Hear about her awesome race, Mountain lion encounter and her fun job at Ultrarunning Magazine. Plus- MUCH more! This is a FUN show! 

Nov 28, 2020
Taggart VanEtten

Taggart talks about his incredibly fast debut 100 mile race. He finished in a time of 12:19:57 which makes this the second fastest 100 mile time in the USA. Interesting conversation that covers everything from his daily life, training to how the race day played out for him. We LOVE his OMR Stubborn Five answers! 

Nov 20, 2020
Cory Reese

Cory Reese is an ultra runner and author of "Nowhere Near First" and co-author of "Into the Furnace." In this episode Cory shares about his prep and experience at Yeti 100. He also shares advice on blister prevention. Hear Cory's Top 10 hardest list for races in his experience and about his 100 finishes and DNFs. Also, get a sneak peek of his next book. "Writing a book is like running an ultra." 

Nov 12, 2020
AFTER SHOW w/ Courtney Dauwalter

Patreon Exclusive: After the cameras are done rolling during our live show the conversation continues and we keep recording. We normally share this on our Patron page only. With such an inspiring guest as Courtney Dauwalter we felt the need to share this with everyone.  Our "Dirt" team was  truly honored to get to chat with Courtney.

Nov 07, 2020
The Dirt on Courtney Dauwalter

We get "The Dirt" on Courtney right after her USA win of the Big Backyard Ultra. It was super fun to get to hang with her. Krystal and I were major #FanGirling. We LOVE Courtney and this is a great show!

Nov 07, 2020
"After Show" Jeremy Humphrey (Patron Exclusive)
Jeremy drops a bombshell during the after show. I don't think Krystal and I properly freaked out over the story he told. I am pretty sure we just sat there with our mouths gaping open thinking "holy cow"!
***let's just say. Jeremy is a super hero!
***this is normally Patron exclusive but we felt we needed to share this with everyone!
Nov 06, 2020
The Dirt on Ed Mayhew & Cheri Powell

This is an adorable show that shows how this small town has fallen in love with the run community. The Hennepin Hundred race finishes at the Fire station in Colona, Illinois. The small town of Colona is proud to welcome runners into their community and host an amazing finish line. We chat with Ed & Cheri who are the heart of Colona. Everyone looks forward to getting a "Selfie" with Ed, and a hug from Cheri at the finish line! 

Nov 02, 2020
The Dirt on Madeline Rivera

Madeline and Will Rivera own Running Soles Run Specialty store in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Michele & Krystal met them when Madeline finished Hennepin Hundred with the help of many friends from her community. We felt the love around them as soon as they crossed the finish line as a team. It was an honor to get to hear Madeline's running story. From non runner to Run Specialty store owner to 100 mile finisher. She lives in a great community that supports one another!

Oct 27, 2020
The Dirt on Tara Flesch

Tara is a multi-time finisher of the Mines of Spain 100 in Iowa. This year she did it with a whopping 4 hour PR. Tune in to hear how she accomplished this. She talks about her love for the running community and her new position as a Race Director at her hometown trails! Tara will leave you inspired!

Oct 27, 2020
The Dirt on Jeremy Humphrey

Ornery Mule Racing owner, Michele Hartwig and co-host, Krystal the Pistol get the low down on Jeremy Humphrey, ultra runner who has a heroic save this summer in the wilderness of Idaho. Jeremy is a mountaineer, rock climber, bow hunter and race director. Jeremy Humphrey shares, “I am a runner. I share my running with my wife, through coaching and as an RD. I want to provide a life altering experience. I think we’ve gotten there (IMTUF100).” 

Oct 24, 2020
The Dirt on Erika Kuhnle

Erika is a Temptation 200k Ultras overall female winner. We get the dirt on how she has grown as an athlete over the years. Erika is a devoted steward to the trails, mountain biker, Triathlete and Ultrarunner. We had a blast getting the DIRT on Erika!

Oct 20, 2020
The Dirt on the Cougar Guy

Kyle Burgess "Cougar Guy" went out for a run on a trail near his home in Utah. He happened upon a Momma cougar and her babies. We get the Dirt on what was  going through Kyle's mind. Plus how his life has changed in the last few days since this happened!

Check out our Patreon page for some behind the scenes with him this week.

Oct 17, 2020
The Dirt on Callie Vinson

Callie Vinson is Crew Chief  for Shan Riggs run across the USA. Most runners have dreamed about running across the USA, and seeing the small towns on foot. We get "The Dirt" from Callie about life on the road. She is managing her full time job in marketing, plus caring for Shan's needs daily.  Amazing energy from this super crew chief!

***Callie & Shan stuck around after the show and we got some extra footage on our Patron page

Oct 09, 2020
The Dirt on Alyson Kirk

In this episode, we get the opportunity to know the amazing human that is Alyson Kirk.  Alyson has climbed every 14er in Colorado and as part of the Kirk Project, her husband and herself plan to climb every mountain in the continuous USA with a peak of 10,000 feet or more and they are well on their way.  But before she started tackling peaks, she had her own personal mountain that she had to climb, one filled with addiction and self-loathing.  Tune in as Michele and Krystal the Pistol get to discover who Alyson Kirk really is.

Oct 08, 2020
The Dirt on Shan Riggs
Have you ever dreamed about running across the United States? Shan Riggs is currently doing it. Tune in to hear Michele and Krystal get "the dirt" on Shan's progress.
Sep 30, 2020
The Dirt on Josh Sanders

Josh Sanders is a master of adventure! He lives in Michigan, yet holds the world record for the most Colorado 14ers summited in one day! We had lot's of laugh's hearing about Josh's many adventures!



Sep 26, 2020
The Dirt on Jason Koop

Michele and Krystal the Pistol get a special front row seat to the one and only Coach Jason Koop. They get the lowdown on Koop’s thoughts on the state of Ultra Running and his ideas on trail and ultra runners getting through the pandemic. Plus his Stubborn Five responses were some of the most heartfelt and honest we have heard since introducing that segment. You don’t want to miss it!!

Sep 14, 2020
The Dirt on Grace Hawkins

In this episode, Grace shows us that life may have hand you some rough times, but those difficult obstacles can be turned into gifts out on the trail. Through abusive relationships and substance addiction, Grace shares how she found her way back on the trail and is ready to tackle anything. Including The Colorado Trail FKT which she is attempting in the later part of August 2020. She also explains that mountain lions aren’t exactly the best pets.

Sep 07, 2020
The Dirt on Utah Brawl crew
In August of 2019, Austin Patten was hit by a car while riding his bike and training for his next Ironman event, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.  Inspired by Austin, three ultra runners decided to set out on a 300 mile route to raise money to help Austin achieve his goal.  Ben Light, Mike McKnight and Dax Hock took on The Bear 100 and the Wasatch 100 and the 100 mile connector between the two infamous routes on July 20, 2020.  Michele and Krystal get to talk to all 4 of them and the adventures and struggles they had along the way. It’s a moving story and journey!! Buckle in! And bonus points if you can hear Ben eating ice cream. 
Aug 25, 2020
The Dirt - Adam Kimble

In this episode, Michele and Krystal the Pistol sit down with the new FKT holder for the Tahoe Rim Trail: Adam Kimble.  He shares his ups and downs on his way to conquering the 170 mile loop around Tahoe Lake.  Plus, the ladies get to hear how he continues spreading that Midwest Hospitality out in life and on the trails. Adam reveals his favorite ice cream too!!

Aug 10, 2020
The Dirt Podcast - Zach Bitter

Michele & Krystal get the Dirt on Zach Bitter!  

We talk with Zach Bitter about his time in Wisconsin, coaching and his recent world record(s)!

Such a great time! 

Aug 10, 2020
The Dirt with Coree Woltering, Annie Weiss, and Jason Dorgan

We get the Dirt on the three FKT holders on the iconic Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin. Close to 1,200 miles of trail that traverses across Wisconsin.

We sit down with North Face athlete Coree Woltering who just set a new record. Annie Weiss, the current women's FKT holder and Jason Dorgan the previous male FKT holder.

Jul 07, 2020
The Dirt on Coach Loretta Tobolske-Horn

She calls herself the Ultra Crazy Runner, but we think Loretta Tobolske-Horn is ultra great. Coach Loretta is a "stud" athlete and is making her mark on the Midwest racing scene. In this Dirt episode, she shares some great race stories, and her upcoming quests. We also showcase the many great things she has done for the Michigan and Midwest running community as a coach and leader of the Ornery Mule Racing Book Club. Stay tuned throughout to hear the fun story of Coach Loretta meeting her running idol. This is an ultra crazy good Dirt podcast. We love Coach Loretta Tobolske-Horn and know you will too.

Jun 09, 2020
Catra Corbett Visits OMR Book Club

Boom! What a Zoom with Catra Corbett jumping into this week's Ornery Mule Racing Book Club discussion about her book, Reborn on the Run. We were all crushing on the Dirt Diva as she shared deep advice on overcoming addiction, eating healthy, and managing long runs. Of course, the lively Catra had us laughing often and loving her dog TruMan. We also lucked into hearing about and seeing her newest and favorite tattoo. Catra teaches us how to "be brave and keep going." You will love this discussion with one of ultrarunning's icons and an inspiration to many. 

Jun 05, 2020
Coach Ann Scholl Training Tips During Social Distancing

Coach Ann Scholl comes to Ornery Mule Racing's zoom studio with timely advice on training during social distancing. Coach Ann provides good counsel for managing cancelled events, selecting virtual races, and training for virtuals. Coach Ann makes a convincing case to keep training and utilizing coaching during the era of cancelled events. Coach Ann also walks us through the process of selecting a coach and building the athlete-coach relationship. Coach Ann is a favorite of many in upstate Wisconsin. We like her too and are sure you will enjoy her insights. 

https://www.ornerymuleracing.com/ Music: https://youtu.be/ruqwOc34xvA Ultramarathon Parody of The Proclaimers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" Written by Regan Stoops Song arranged & produced by Matt Wilkinson Guitar & Vocals: Regan Stoops Backup vocals: Matt Wilkinson, Jolie Wilkinson, Katie Stoops
May 26, 2020
Ultrarunning Legends: Kevin Setnes & Kris Clark-Setnes

What an honor it was to interview two trailblazers and legends of ultrarunning. In our third episode commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Kettle Moraine 100, we welcomed to our Dirt studio the historic race's original founders, Kevin and Kris (Clark) Setnes. Before founding the Kettle 100, these two were already making headlines in the ultrarunning world. Kris was cracking top ten overall finishes in a male-dominated sport and Kevin was on his way to an American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame career. Kevin and Kris share rich stories of racing ultras all over the country, founding the Kettle Moraine 100, and lobbying the USATF for ultrarunning recognition and funding through the Mountain, Ultra, and Trail (MUT) Sport Council. The Setneses are sensational people and ultra runners. We are so proud to know them and super excited to share this episode with you.

May 23, 2020
Coach Ryan Heywood Advice on Daily Workout to Improve Running

We learn along with the accomplished Coach Ryan Heywood this week about how alternative workouts can improve our running performance. Coach Ryan shares a number of creative workouts of the day (WODs) he uses in his own training and coaching athletes. Coach Ryan also zooms in with a great motivation philosophy and discussion built around "honoring the workout." Tune in to glean some great running, fitness, and philosophy advice from Coach Ryan.

May 19, 2020
Jason Dorgan & Timo Yanacheck with Tales Beyond Kettle (2 of 2)

The laughs and love continue in our second of two visits with Jason Dorgan and Timo Yanacheck, the two former directors of the historic Kettle Moraine 100. In this episode, we get the Dirt on how the legendary RD's met and their extensive racing careers. Jason shares some hilarious stories from running the Great Canadian Death Race, Angeles Crest 100, and the Grand Slam of Trail Running. We (politely) squeeze out of modest Timo his stories from running the Boston Marathon, Western States 100, and Leadville 100. These two may have retired from RDing the Kettle Moraine 100, but they never stop inspiring us. Listen in to hear about their ongoing advocacy efforts and Timo's talents outside running. 

May 12, 2020
Timo Yanacheck & Jason Dorgan: Former Kettle Moraine 100 RDs

Timo Yanacheck and Jason Dorgan had us laughing, inspired, and crying in two very special episodes of the Dirt. In commemoration of the 25-year anniversary of the Kettle Moraine 100, we were so honored to visit with the two long-time and former Kettle Moraine 100 race directors. In this episode, Timo and Jason fill us in on the rich history of the historic Kettle Moraine 100. Race directing has really evolved over the years and these two best friends tackled it all in grand fashion. Jason also shares the dirt on his running of the entire Ice Age Trail in the Fastest Known Time (FKT) in 2007.  Timo adds in some fun details on his organizing of the MadCity Ultras and supporting his wife's, Ann Heaslett’s, legendary running career.

May 09, 2020
Jenn Collins & the local Trail Sisters

Like rays of sunshine, Jenn Collins is bright, warm, and uplifting. Jenn shines as a lawyer, mom, caretaker of relatives, artist, wildlife volunteer, and, most recently, organizer of the Trail Sisters Waukasha group. In just about a year, the Waukasha Trail Sisters has grown to over 400 members. The "sisters-without-misters" group has become a safe community for women to trail run, talk, and support those being introduced to the sport. Jenn shares the tale of this trail group forming and how it's changing women's lives. You will also enjoy hearing about Jenn's passion for the Wildlife in Need Center and the volunteer work she does helping care for injured wildlife.

May 01, 2020
Coach Steph Dannenberg on FKTs & Solo Long Runs

Unexpectedly and because of the social distancing requirements, 2020 is quickly becoming the age of the FKT and self-supported long runs. Ornery Mule Racing Coach Steph Dannenberg zooms in with her Fastest Known Time (FKT) knowhow and advice on non-race long runs. With near meticulous planning, Coach Steph nailed an unsupported FKT of Wisconsin's Military Ridge State Trail last year. Listen in and learn how you can plan and complete FKT's and individual long runs. Enjoy the lively discussion and troubleshooting about battle summertime bugs. We also spend a little time hearing about the fun Coach Steph has leading the Trial Sisters group in the Madison area. 

Apr 29, 2020
Dean Karnazes and OMR Book Club

Legendary ultra athlete and author Dean Karnazes dropped in on the Ornery Mule Racing Book Club and fielded questions from Coach Loretta and our athletes, who read Karno's classic Ultramarathon Man. This super athlete is super gracious, engaging, and funny. In this book talk, Dean shares advice on managing family and training, the current social distancing, and consuming big calories during big runs. Listen in to find out who Dean's idol is and why he thinks ultrarunning's popularity continues to grow. We even managed to corner Karno into a commitment. Find out what it is! 

Music credit: Its Gonna Be (100 Miles) Parody, Regan Stoops

Apr 24, 2020
Luke Kloberdanz and the Ice Age Trail

Trail runners and hikers love Wisconsin's iconic Ice Age Trail (IAT). Luke Kloberdanz, along with the Ice Age Trail Alliance (IATA) team, develop, maintain, and protect this grand trail. In this Dirt episode, Luke shares his love for the IAT and fills us with fascinating details about the trail's past history, present projects, and future vision. Luke has some fun stories and great hiking intel from his through hike of the entire 1200 mile IAT. Tune in and you will hear Luke's passion for the environment and the importance of the IATA. The Ornery Mule Racing team is proud, through its three Ice Age Trail races, to have donated thousands of dollars to IATA and so thankful for Luke and all the IATA members for their noble work. 

Apr 22, 2020
The Dirt on Annie Weiss & Brian Frain (2 of 2)

In a second interview with coaches Annie Weiss and Brian Frain, we get the funny, dirty details behind Annie's 7th place female finish at Badwater 135. Between the chuckles, find out what Annie said was her biggest mistake going into Badwater. Laugh along with Brian's sleep-deprived crewing stories. You will love hearing about Annie's powerfully emotional Badwater finish. Near the end of the podcast, we get some serious nutrition advice from Annie, a professional dietitian, and her future running plans. This is the second of two interviews with Annie and Brian.

Apr 16, 2020
The Dirt on Annie Weiss and Brian Frain (1 of 2)

Annie Weiss and Brian Frain are one of Wisconsin's most recognizable running couples. They have running adventures from around the country and the world. In this episode, this fun couple share the dirt on Brian's writing of the book about Annie's FKT of Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail. They also excite us about the trail racing scene in Europe with tales from Annie's running of the UTMB CCC. Hang on to the very end to find out about Brian's ambitious and noble 20 in 2020 goal. This the first of two episodes with Annie and Brian.

Apr 14, 2020