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 Nov 25, 2019


Proudly brought to you by the fine folks at the Astonishing Legends Podcast- Not just another show but a place you can go: The Midnight Library. You alone, can climb the stairs of the strange, old Victorian mansion and be somewhat welcomed by your Hosts, Miranda Merrick & Mr. Darling. Curl up in a window seat or beside the grand fireplace and hear a tale of times long ago. Be transported to forgotten lands, learn about ancient customs and mysterious happenings… all in the company of your unusual hosts in their unique setting. Just stay in the cordoned off areas and you should be fine…

Episode Date
8: A Reckoning of Runes
In your final visit to The Midnight Library of the season, since we now count so many among you as our friends… we thought we might impart to you some rare and useful, magical knowledge. We’re going to tell you all about the powerful Runic alphabet. What you do with it after that is up to you… but we’ll know, so just keep that in mind...friend. Visit our website for this episode: (
Nov 24, 2019
7: Wizard of the North - Michael Scot
We have something for you tonight that we at The Midnight Library believe you’ve been wanting, perhaps without even being aware you were missing it. We believe life, in general, would be immeasurably better if we all knew a Wizard.  Listen while we make real for you the life and times of The Wizard of the North, Michael Scot. Visit our website for this episode: (
Nov 17, 2019
6: The Poison Garden of Alnwick Castle
Welcome to The Midnight Library’s Garden Chat, only we have way more interesting things to discuss besides your Aunt Fanny’s tomatoes.  In fact, if you’re bored with Aunt Fanny or anyone else… we may have a solution for you...Tonight’s reading is all about the Poison Garden of Alnwick Castle. Some of the world’s most deadly plants await your attention, some may even be in your own backyard. Visit our website for this episode: (
Nov 10, 2019
5: Dog-Headed Men
Dogs have a special place in our tiny hearts here at The Midnight Library. We’re fond of them as a species and we feel a bond with their... ancestry. It took a little digging on our part, but we’re so pleased to share with you the little-known history of The Dog-Headed Men.  So come, sit, and stay as we have for you a dog show like no other.  Good boy! Visit our website for this episode: (
Nov 02, 2019
4: Mysterious Mummy Cats
The majority of people share their homes with a cat at some time in their lives, but some people may share their home with a cat and not even know it. Tonight in The Midnight Library we tell you the tale of some powerful pussycats and how they came to be so popular and yet remain a mystery. Listen closely and you’ll understand more than you can imagine… Visit our website for this episode: (
Oct 27, 2019
3: Curse Poppets
Feeling a little uneasy?  Good.  We’re sure we can make you feel better with a dolly and a story.  Your Midnight Library host, Miranda Merrick, cannot wait to tell you all about Curse Poppets this fine evening.  Magically powerful little dolls that just might be strong enough to spin the world your way… or our way, which, let’s face it, is probably more likely. Visit our website for this episode: (
Oct 20, 2019
2: Gargoyles
Welcome back, Dear Guests, to The Midnight Library where to lull you into a sense of trust, we thought you might like to meet some Gargoyles. How did these ancient stone creatures come to be perched above our heads and follow us into modern times? Hear the illustrious story of their fiery birth, surprising talents, and ambivalent nature. (If you’re new to The Midnight Library, we suggest you keep your wits about you) Visit our website for this episode: (
Oct 12, 2019
1: The Paris Catacombs
The Astonishing Legends podcast is proud to invite you to The Midnight Library, -Not just a show, but a place you can go-. For your listening pleasure, tonight’s reading will be about The Paris Catacombs.  Once you’re inside, your Hosts, Miranda Merrick & Mr. Darling will do everything in their power to make you believe that you’re safe, so you can relax and hear the fascinating story of how 6 million skeletons made their way beneath the streets of Paris. (The Midnight Library cannot be held responsible for those who choose to visit of their own free will) Visit our website for this episode:
Oct 05, 2019
Introduction to The Midnight Library
Welcome to The Midnight Library
Sep 15, 2019