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 Jul 25, 2020
I like the topics covered and the short format. The phony themed commercials are entertaining. The personas of the fictitious hosts are distracting and entirely unnecessary - I may unsubscribe due to these two characters.

 Nov 25, 2019


Proudly brought to you by the fine folks at the Astonishing Legends Podcast- Not just another show but a place you can go: The Midnight Library. You alone, can climb the stairs of the strange, old Victorian mansion and be somewhat welcomed by your Hosts, Miranda Merrick & Mr. Darling. Curl up in a window seat or beside the grand fireplace and hear a tale of times long ago. Be transported to forgotten lands, learn about ancient customs and mysterious happenings… all in the company of your unusual hosts in their unique setting. Just stay in the cordoned off areas and you should be fine…

Episode Date
13: Human Leatherbound Books
It goes without saying that although The Midnight Library is full of rare books, we may or may not be in possession of those bound with human skin. We ARE, however, excited to tell you all about these skin-laden tomes. How they were made, where you can find them, who they were. We’ve got you covered! Visit our website for this episode: (
Jun 28, 2020
12: Stirling Castle and The Green Lady
Tonight we take flight to a far off enchanted place, full of historic lore and ghosts!  Join us as we fly overhead and wander the halls of the mysterious Stirling Castle, where the famed Green Lady will no doubt make an appearance. Over 900 years old and said to host 1,000 ghosts, this is just the change of scenery we’re all in need of! Visit our website for this episode:
Jun 21, 2020
11: The Tichborne Dole
Gather ‘round and take your seat!  Tonight we tell you the tale of a 900-year-old curse that remains active to this day!  We, at the library, are ready to reveal the proof of it’s punishing powers for all to hear!  Our story begins when Lady Mabella Tichborne made up her mind that her will would be carried out long after her death.  Her wild words created a curse that caused generations of the family to carry out her deathbed wish.  A wish they obey to the letter, even now. Visit our website for this episode:
Jun 14, 2020
10: Behold the Kobolds!
Magic is afoot, Dear Guests! It’s the BEST kind of magic, too! What do I mean by best? Well, who wouldn’t like their housework magically done each night, help with their farm, and even their children looked after by durable little fairy folk? But do beware, as we learn in a vivid way that these helpful beings have an unpredictable side. Join us in The Midnight Library tonight as we behold the Kobolds! Visit our website for this episode: (
Jun 07, 2020
9: Witch Bottles
Are you looking for something simple to shift your luck?  Perhaps something that will protect you from unseen forces and the harmful wishes of others?  Something inexpensive?  If you’re willing to part with your bodily castoffs and a few household items, you may already be in luck!  Tonight in The Midnight Library we peer inside Witch Bottles, and what we find will amaze you! Visit our website for this episode:
May 31, 2020
8: Here Black Shuck!
Step right this way, everyone! Especially you animal lovers and in particular, you dog lovers in the crowd. Our good boy Black Shuck is the topic of our attention tonight. Find out how this legendary dog has left his mark on humanity in more ways than one, and in hundreds of locations. Make way as we call, “Here Black Shuck!” Visit our website for this episode:
May 24, 2020
7: Meet the Green Man
It’s probably best that you didn’t find your way in the dark to The Midnight Library’s grotto to meet our Emerald Jim. In fact, please don’t worry at all, as we’re just as pleased to introduce you to several other Green Men for your bountiful delight. He’s come from long ago and many ages past to take root in the hearts of us all. Tonight, we Meet the Green Man. Visit our website for this episode:
May 17, 2020
6: Memento Mori
Ahhh it’s so easy to remember to live, but in times long ago, people were compelled to remember their impending doom.  Charming. Let’s dig in to this grim fascination, to find out just why they wanted a constant reminder of their life’s termination! Join us as Ms. Merrick kindly dishes out the dirt on Memento Mori. Visit our website for this episode: ( /season-3-episode-06-memento-mori (
May 10, 2020
5: 13 - Unlucky for Some
You can tell us, are you triskaidekaphobic?  Tonight at The Midnight Library, we’ll either reaffirm your deepest fears of the number 13- or help you ditch your worries altogether.  It could go either way, really.  The only thing we truly advise, is for you not to count our crows... Visit our website for this episode: ( /season-2-episode-05-13-unlucky-for-some (
May 03, 2020
4: Beautiful Banshees
Picture this: You have parked at the end of the paved road out of the Village, and trudged up the plank-laden path that leads to the darkened woods.  You’ve followed the line of Hemlocks to the surrounding fields that edge the gardens of The Midnight Library, alone. In a moment of near-silence, you ask yourself what IS that far off sound of weeping you’ve heard all along… Visit our website for this episode: ( /season-2-episode-04-beautiful-banshees (
Apr 26, 2020
3: Glorified Hands
You may already know that The Midnight Library is famous for always having magic at hand-- but you may not know that for centuries it was believed magic could be in anyone’s hand… once they were dead. Tonight, we will tell you how to shake hands with fate and put the power in your hands, that is- IF you have the stomach for it. The dark tale of The Hand of Glory awaits your attention...and perhaps a deal you can’t pass up. What are you waiting for? Let’s shake on it. Visit our website for this episode: (
Apr 19, 2020
2: Death Masks
Believe it or not dear guests, we love a good costume party here in The Midnight Library! How else are you going to get to dance with that cutie that won't normally give you a second look? But there's one mask with the sole purpose of showing you who you really are; your DEATH MASK. We have an impressive list, from the dearly beheaded to the starved artist to tell you about, plus one mask that you, yourself, may have shared a kiss with... Visit our website for this episode: (
Apr 12, 2020
Special Announcement - Midnight Library Offerings
Midnight offerings!! Make that Midnight Library offerings. Listen closely, and you shall hear of mysterious things, for you to hold dear. There are emblems, and bookmarks, and membership cards; there's spooky old music with the warmest regards. The Midnight Library is proud to announce the opening of our Patreon page, where everyone gets a perk (or several!) And, the offer of our magical theme music is now available as your very own eerie ringtone! (The Midnight Library is not responsible for any bewitching effect the music will cause...uh...may cause)
Apr 07, 2020
1: In Reach of a Rowan
Welcome back, Dear Guests! - Goddess Tree, Witch Tree, Bearer of a Gift Tree; Tonight we gather to learn what ancient magical powers can be found in a Rowan tree. Infused with myths, imbued with luck, and sacred to this day, the Rowan tree may be just the thing to bring joy to your garden, or it may even save your life! Visit our website for this episode: (
Apr 05, 2020
10: Great News for Season 2 in The Midnight Library
Your favorite spooky librarian returns with sunny news about Season 2 in The Midnight Library. Ms. Miranda Merrick, along with her faithful companion Mr. Darling, tell of the exciting plans for more readings to be held in the upcoming season, as well as a renovated reading room to hold more lovely guests. Join them to hear the most deliciously dreary tales in their unique atmosphere, where almost all of you will make it back safely!
Feb 23, 2020
9: The Return of Christmas Spirits
St. Louis star radio host, Dave Glover visits The Midnight Library ALL ALONE!  But of course, YOU are invited too! Buckle in as your mysterious host, Miranda Merrick prepares Dave for The Return of Christmas Spirits. He’ll...most
Dec 23, 2019
8: A Reckoning of Runes
In your final visit to The Midnight Library of the season, since we now count so many among you as our friends… we thought we might impart to you some rare and useful, magical knowledge. We’re going to tell you all about the powerful Runic alphabet. What you do with it after that is up to you… but we’ll know, so just keep that in mind...friend. Visit our website for this episode: (
Nov 24, 2019
7: Wizard of the North - Michael Scot
We have something for you tonight that we at The Midnight Library believe you’ve been wanting, perhaps without even being aware you were missing it. We believe life, in general, would be immeasurably better if we all knew a Wizard.  Listen while we make real for you the life and times of The Wizard of the North, Michael Scot. Visit our website for this episode: (
Nov 17, 2019
6: The Poison Garden of Alnwick Castle
Welcome to The Midnight Library’s Garden Chat, only we have way more interesting things to discuss besides your Aunt Fanny’s tomatoes.  In fact, if you’re bored with Aunt Fanny or anyone else… we may have a solution for you...Tonight’s reading is all about the Poison Garden of Alnwick Castle. Some of the world’s most deadly plants await your attention, some may even be in your own backyard. Visit our website for this episode: (
Nov 10, 2019
5: Dog-Headed Men
Dogs have a special place in our tiny hearts here at The Midnight Library. We’re fond of them as a species and we feel a bond with their... ancestry. It took a little digging on our part, but we’re so pleased to share with you the little-known history of The Dog-Headed Men.  So come, sit, and stay as we have for you a dog show like no other.  Good boy! Visit our website for this episode: (
Nov 02, 2019
4: Mysterious Mummy Cats
The majority of people share their homes with a cat at some time in their lives, but some people may share their home with a cat and not even know it. Tonight in The Midnight Library we tell you the tale of some powerful pussycats and how they came to be so popular and yet remain a mystery. Listen closely and you’ll understand more than you can imagine… Visit our website for this episode: (
Oct 27, 2019
3: Curse Poppets
Feeling a little uneasy?  Good.  We’re sure we can make you feel better with a dolly and a story.  Your Midnight Library host, Miranda Merrick, cannot wait to tell you all about Curse Poppets this fine evening.  Magically powerful little dolls that just might be strong enough to spin the world your way… or our way, which, let’s face it, is probably more likely. Visit our website for this episode: (
Oct 20, 2019
2: Gargoyles
Welcome back, Dear Guests, to The Midnight Library where to lull you into a sense of trust, we thought you might like to meet some Gargoyles. How did these ancient stone creatures come to be perched above our heads and follow us into modern times? Hear the illustrious story of their fiery birth, surprising talents, and ambivalent nature. (If you’re new to The Midnight Library, we suggest you keep your wits about you) Visit our website for this episode: (
Oct 12, 2019
1: The Paris Catacombs
The Astonishing Legends podcast is proud to invite you to The Midnight Library, -Not just a show, but a place you can go-. For your listening pleasure, tonight’s reading will be about The Paris Catacombs.  Once you’re inside, your Hosts, Miranda Merrick & Mr. Darling will do everything in their power to make you believe that you’re safe, so you can relax and hear the fascinating story of how 6 million skeletons made their way beneath the streets of Paris. (The Midnight Library cannot be held responsible for those who choose to visit of their own free will) Visit our website for this episode:
Oct 05, 2019
Introduction to The Midnight Library
Welcome to The Midnight Library
Sep 15, 2019