Andrea Savage: A Grown-Up Woman #buttholes

By Andrea Savage

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Category: Comedy Interviews

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Carl LL
 Oct 15, 2019
I would seal it up, and not eat fiber, just to listen to more!

 Oct 15, 2019
Andrea Savage is hilarious! I found out about her show "I'm Sorry" while listening to the Joe Rogan Experience when Joe had Everlast on as guest. Everlast was raving about "I'm sorry" so I checked it out. "I'm sorry" is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time. it has balls!! and is super relatable! and her podcast is equally as awesome! I'm glad I listen to Joe Rogan or I would have never found out about Andrea Savage. #buttholes

 Oct 12, 2019
I needed this podcast deep down in my soul. I was incredibly disappointed when I realized that there are only 2 episodes out so far, but also stoked that I can brag later on that I've been listening since the beginning. Can't wait for more!

 Oct 8, 2019
It's 100% Andrea


Hello, I am Andrea Savage (I’m Sorry, VEEP, Stepbrothers) and I have always dreaded the idea of being a “grown up.” I’ll be honest, it just sounded so f—king lame. But now I find myself a relatively together lady who is technically a grown person; I pay bills, I use an alarm clock, I’ve kept another human alive for a decade, but I also still like to giggle about anuses and tell dirty jokes. I like to say “I’m nuanced.” And I know I am not alone. So let’s take back the night! This is the comedy podcast that every week is going to introduce another weird, hilarious, unique “grown up” celebrity guest to prove that even though you are technically an “adult”, you don’t have to be a total loser. Subscribe now and join the #buttholerevolution.

Episode Date
Jon Hamm

Actor Jon Hamm (Mad Men, The Town, Million Dollar Arm) mortifies Andrea when he reads aloud an excerpt from her high school journal, which details the night she lost her virginity. Andrea reveals her first impressions meeting Hamm years ago, and Hamm answers a question regarding a specifically placed tattoo. Andrea and Hamm also talk about their thoughts swimming nude. Plus, Andrea and Tony Thaxton further their budding friendship in a segment called "Andrea and Tony Get To Know Each Other." 

Oct 14, 2019
Chris Hardwick

Comedian, podcaster, actor, author and TV host Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead, Id10t, @midnight) gets questioned by Andrea over his Hearst Castle weekend guest list. Chris makes a decision about wearing a stranger's underwear and Andrea won’t let him forget that they used to have intercourse. In a surprising turn of events, Andrea surprises Chris with a visit from her mom and Jon Hamm shows up 3 hours early for his podcast recording.

Oct 07, 2019
Mila Kunis

Actress and producer Mila Kunis (Bad Moms, That 70's Show, Black Swan) sits down with Andrea and they discuss how Mila became part of a storyline for Andrea's show, I'm Sorry. Andrea tries to figure out where her earplug went during the night and Mila selects a new woman for Ashton to be with in case of her sudden death. Andrea also discusses her "controversial" views on incest.

Oct 07, 2019
Andrea Savage: A Grown-Up Woman #buttholes is coming October 7!
Sep 17, 2019