By CTO.ai and Mayuko Inoue

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A career in technology is full of choices. We’re here to help you make smart ones. In each episode, we meet a software developer who needs to make an if/else choice. From important technical decisions to sticky career challenges, we cover the hard and soft skills you need for a sustainable and rewarding career in tech… at any stage of your career. Hosted by Mayuko Inoue, if/else is an original podcast from CTO.ai, the makers of The Ops Platform.

Episode Date
Bootcamp vs. Computer Science Degree: With Guests Charlyne Fothergill, Cedric Stallworth & Harry R. Lewis

It’s an exciting time to be a software developer. It’s a growth industry with incredible opportunities for talented devs. But there are important decisions you need to make in order to have a sustainable career in tech. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced coder; whether you manage a small team of programmers, or an entire corporate division, the if/else podcast is here to help you make those decisions.

On this first episode of if/else, host Mayuko Inoue explores a choice faced by anyone interested in starting or rebooting a career in software development: should you opt for a short-but-intensive coding bootcamp, or sign up for a long-but-deeper computer science degree program? How should you think about the cost of the two options? Or the time commitment? Or the community?

You’ll hear from several developers about their first-hand experience of bootcamps and 4-year degree programs, and from instructors and faculty, including Harvard professor Harry R. Lewis, who taught both Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

You’ll also meet Andreea. She’s facing this decision herself, but she’s not alone. That’s because we’ve enlisted the help of two industry experts to help Andreea figure out which option will work best for her, and for anyone facing a similar choice.

Cedric Stallworth of The Georgia Tech College of Computing, and Charlyne Fothergill of Lighthouse Labs join Mayuko to debate the pros and cons of each approach, and to talk about all the things Andreea should consider before she makes her choice.

What will Andreea do? Have a listen to find out!

if/else is an original podcast by CTO.ai, makers of The Ops Platform. The Ops Platform makes it easy for development teams to create and share workflow automations without leaving the command line. Visit cto.ai/platform to join the beta.

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Oct 07, 2019
Introducing if/else

Whether you’re an aspiring software developer or a seasoned professional, student or senior manager, if/else is for you.

It’s a show about making technology decisions, like:

Kubernetes or Docker Swarm?

React or Vue JS?

And it’s also a show about making career decisions, like:

Boot Camp vs. CS degree?

Frontend, backend, or full stack?

In each episode, Mayuko Inoue brings you community voices and industry experts to debate the technical options and the soft skills you need to thrive.

if/else is an original podcast from CTO.ai, the makers of the Ops Platform, which makes it easy for development teams to create and share workflow automations without leaving the command line. The first episode drops October 7.

Sep 18, 2019