Climate Changers

By Ryan Flahive

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Climate Changers features interviews with remarkable entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, educators and other leaders who are taking initiative as we face a growing climate crisis. Climate Changers is for people who are tired of feeling helpless and want to hear real stories from thoughtful and effective leaders who are on the front lines of building the products and coalitions that will create change The future is worth fighting for, so join me in this weekly celebration of the heroes who are working to create a new and sustainable resource and energy economy.

Episode Date
Compostable Underwear with Stacy Grace
Stacy Grace is the pioneering woman behind KENT, the first plastic-free underwear, so natural it’s compostable. Stacy has made it her mission to remove plastics in underwear, and create cleaner clothes for consumers and the planet in an industry plagued with synthetic materials. Made with GOTs certified cotton, KENT’s separates are just as soft and durable as the cotton underwear and shirts in your drawer, but just better for you. The elastic is made with plants, making them so natural they can be composted (and are LA Compost verified).
Jan 20, 2023
EV Universe with Mike Dull
Michael Dull is the founder and President of and host of the Plug in for More podcast. An auto enthusiast from a young age, Michael has since grown into a serial entrepreneur in various industries. He started his career as a pharmacist, spending time with multiple companies developing, testing, and implementing mobile applications and websites for chain pharmacies. His whole life Michael has been focused on vehicles of all kinds, specifically buying and selling of sports cars and luxury vehicles. His passion for electric vehicles started in 2008 after seeing the original Tesla roadster and its performance compared to its internal combustion counterparts. Following his passion, today, Michael owns 4 electric vehicles including an original 2010 Tesla Roadster 2.5 sport, one of 500 built. Combining Michael’s passion for electric vehicles and entrepreneurial experience has led him to create EV Universe- a marketplace to help educate potential buyers about EV’s.
Dec 14, 2022
Bioplastics with Lauren Gropper
Lauren Gropper is tackling the problem of single-use plastic waste by replacing petroleum based plastics with plastic made from plants. Repurpose's products range from disposable plates and cups to garbage bags and straws -- all of which are made entirely from plants using upcycled materials such as eucalyptus, sugarcane pulp, and wood. They are totally non-toxic and fully degradable. Lauren aims to make Repurpose the go-to for disposable tableware in general, taking down brands like Solo and Hefty which are responsible for huge amounts of plastic pollution.
Dec 02, 2022
Accelerating Home Electrification with DR Richardson
DR Richardson is Co-Founder of Elephant Energy, where they believe that climate change is the elephant in the room. Their mission is to dramatically accelerate the clean energy transition and are working to make an 🐘-sized hole in carbon emissions through the single largest lever: our homes' energy consumption.
Nov 16, 2022
Recreating Industries for Sustainability with Helen Lin
Helen Lin has worked across four continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, N. America) merging and investing in companies, leading the digital transformation of multinational banking operations, and designing products to serve base of the pyramid customers (FINCA Impact Finance).
Oct 21, 2022
Sweet in Tooth and Claw with Kristin Ohlson
Kristin Ohlson's writing has appeared in NYT, Orion, Discover, Gourmet, Oprah, and many other publications. Her magazine work has been anthologized in Best American Science Writing and Best American Science Writing. Los Angeles Times called The Soil Will Save Us “a hopeful book and a necessary one...a fast-paced and entertaining shot across the bow of mainstream thinking about land use.” Sweet in Tooth and Claw is a deeply hopeful book for the climate crisis, showing real solutions from a wide-ranging set of case studies and interviews. For example, one chapter looks at how changed ranching practices in northeast Nevada are transforming desert into wetlands, showing it's possible to rehydrate the west. In another, Ohlson writes about a community trying to reclaim a river in the Bronx, which was diverted to the sewer. Residents there are working to restore it and the natural environment. Dozens of other examples throughout the book show how changing our thought patterns on nature will also help us become more generous and nurturing with each other.
Oct 08, 2022
The Big Fix with Justin Gillis

About The Book

An engaging, accessible citizen’s guide to the seven urgent changes that will really make a difference for our climateand how we can hold our governments accountable for putting these plans into action.

Dozens of kids in Montgomery County, Maryland, agitated until their school board committed to electric school buses. Mothers in Colorado turned up in front of an obscure state panel to fight for clean air. If you think the only thing you can do to combat climate change is to install a smart thermostat or cook plant-based burgers, you’re thinking too small. 

That’s where The Big Fix comes in, offering everyday citizens a guide to the seven essential changes our communities must enact to bring our greenhouse gas emissions down to zeroand sharing stories of people who are making those changes reality.

Energy policy advisor Hal Harvey and longtime New York Times reporter Justin Gillis hone in on the seven areas where ambitious but eminently practical changes will have the greatest effect: electricity production, transportation, buildings, industry, urbanization, use of land, and investment in promising new green technologies. In a lively, jargon-free style, the pair illuminate how our political economy really works, revealing who decides everything from what kind of power plants to build to how efficient cars must be before they’re allowed on the road to how much insulation a new house requires—and how we can insert ourselves into all these decisions to ensure that the most climate-conscious choices are being made.

At once pragmatic and inspiring, The Big Fix is an indispensable action plan for citizens looking to drive our country’s greenhouse gas emissions down to zeroand save our climate.

Sep 28, 2022
Science for a Green New Deal with Eric Davidson

Eric Davidson is an ecologist, soil scientist, and biogeochemist whose research career has focused on how human changes to the land affect carbon and nitrogen in the soil, water, and air. He is working as a science advisor to the Bureau of Environmental Quality at the U.S. Department of State, where he is helping scope out the USG position on a new international agreement on plastic waste.

In his new book, Science for a Green New Deal, Davidson explains for a broad audience how to employ exciting technologies, from carbon sequestration to renewable energy, and how scientists, farmers, CEOs, renewable energy advocates, teachers, and investors must work in tandem to tackle humanity’s greatest challenge.

Each chapter ends with science-backed recommendations to meet the stated goals of the Green New Deal. Davidson’s integrated approach to climate solutions explains:

  • why neither environmental quality, economic prosperity, nor social justice can be dealt with independently
  • how the cost of deep decarbonization of the energy sector is more affordable than you think
  • how regenerative agriculture can help us meet the challenges of feeding 10-12 billion people later this century, while minimizing environmental impact
  • how the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change share many features, including their global scope, disproportionately high impacts on the poor and people of color, and a proliferation of misinformation that has led to denial by many despite strong scientific evidence

Davidson covers all of this with clarity that makes his book readily approachable to the non-scientist. He weaves in engaging stories, often using his own life experience—from his childhood in Montana, to his days as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, to conducting research on deforestation in Brazil, to undergoing open-heart surgery.

Sep 13, 2022
Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act with Andrew Reagan
Andrew Reagan is the Executive Director of Clean Energy for America, a 501c(4) organization that leverages their unique industry-spanning network to amplify the voice of the clean energy workforce to advocate for just, equitable and rapid decarbonization. CE4A is historic. The clean energy industry has never before been unified in a grassroots effort like this. To lay the groundwork for a stronger clean energy workforce voice in public policy, they engage in: #1 Policy Advocacy & Accountability Supporting clean energy and equitable transition goals while holding Members of Congress accountable for their votes. #2 Public Education Hosting events—both in person and virtual—to educate the public, connect the industry, and elevate the voice of the clean energy sector. #3 Electoral Engagement Through their connected political action committee (CE4A PAC), they mobilize the clean energy workforce to support pro-clean energy federal candidates. Additionally, candidates at all levels can sign our Clean Energy Candidate Pledge and be spotlighted to their network.
Sep 01, 2022
Creating Carbon Markets with Lucy Hargreaves
Lucy Hargreaves has had an amazing career, and every moment of it has been devoted to issues of sustainability, climate, and the environment. She’s traveled the world while working on sustainable development initiatives for UNESCO in Bangkok and OECD in Paris. She’s shaped progressive climate policy from within the Trudeau Administration, led sustainability programs at a non-profit foundation, and helped find private-sector solutions at an innovative climate-tech startup, Patch.
Aug 20, 2022
Green Jobs with Shannon Jahn
Shannon Jahn is the Green Workforce Lead at City and County of Denver, Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency. In this interview Shannon talks about growing a green economy and a climate resilient future while creating a vibrant workforce with well-paying job opportunities for everybody in the community.
Jul 20, 2022
Climate Update with Chip Fletcher
Jun 16, 2022
High Plains Biochar with Rowdy Yeatts

Learn more about High Plains Biochar:

Apr 12, 2022
Beetcoin with Woody Tasch

Learn more about Beetcoin and buy the book:

Jan 26, 2022
Rise Up with Edwin Namakanga

Learn more about Fridays for Future:

Learn more about Rise Up:


Dec 11, 2021
Wine and Climate with Josep Maria Ribas Portella

Learn more about IWCA:

Read their annual report HERE


Dec 02, 2021
Climate and National Security with Thomas Hochman
Thomas Hochman (@thomashochman) is a Fellow at Citizens’ Climate Lobby. His work has been featured in The National Interest, The Washington Examiner, and a number of other outlets.
Nov 09, 2021
Climate Activism Design with David Johnson

Here is the new book out of Stanford's D School that Dave mentioned:

Here is Dave's website:


Oct 27, 2021
Zero Foodprint with Anthony Myint

To learn more, visit Zero Foodprint

To learn more about Restore Colorado, visit:

See Chef Daniel Asher's video endorsement of Restore Colorado. 


Aug 21, 2021
Four Fifths a Grizzly with Douglas Chadwick
Aug 04, 2021
Google's Sustainability Moonshot with Michael Terrell
Michael Terrell is Director of Energy at Google and in this interview he shares how Google is using it's unique capabilities and scale to drive the transformation of the global energy system. Google already offsets it's energy use but is now engaging in a moonshot project to draw clean carbon-free energy from the grid 24/7 every day of the year.
Jul 16, 2021
Reforestation and Climate Accounting with Mike Smith and John Cleland

Learn More about Renewwest:

Learn More about Aclymate:

Jun 10, 2021
Changing the Dairy Paradigm with Adrian Boda

Learn more about Origin Milk:

May 20, 2021
Falling in Love with Tap Water Again with Rich 'Raz' Razgaitis

Learn more about Flowater:


May 12, 2021
Carbon Ranching with Bob Howard

Learn more about Desert Mountain:


May 04, 2021
Regenerative Organic Certification with Elizabeth Whitlow

What is Regenerative Organic:

Learn more about the ROC certification:


Apr 30, 2021
The Emerging Regenerative Customer with Emily Olson

Learn more about ReGenFriends:

Learn more about Sustana:

Apr 21, 2021
Climate Change is the Longest Wave with Kim McCoy

Waves and Beaches has been trusted by generations of oceanographers, scientists, sailors, surfers and anyone with an appreciation for the sea. Now fully revised and updated by McCoy for the climate change era, the new editionis full of science on global warming and rising sea levels, providing clear explanations and detailed resources for the constant battle to preserve the shore.

Mar 25, 2021
Empowering Carbon Farmers with Steele Lorenz

Learn more about Gradable Carbon:



Mar 09, 2021
Carbon Dividends with Rick Knight

Learn more about Citizens' Climate Lobby:


Feb 25, 2021
Crave-Worthy Food with a Lower Carbon Footprint with Judy Panayos

Learn more about Sodexo's commitment to responsible sourcing :



Feb 12, 2021
Kiss the Ground with Finian Makepeace
Finian Makepeace is the co-founder of Kiss the Ground and a renowned presenter, media creator, and thought leader in the field of regenerative agriculture and soil health. His dedication to Kiss the Ground’s mission of “inspiring participation in global regeneration, starting with soil”, has motivated him to develop training programs, workshops, and talks designed to empower people around the world to become confident advocates for this growing movement.
Jan 27, 2021
Dirt Under Your Fingernails with Rich Bradbury
Jan 17, 2021
Clean Energy for Biden with Cameron Bard

Learn more about Clean Energy for Biden:


Jan 08, 2021
Eat the Change with Seth Goldman

Learn more about PLNT Burger:

Learn more about Eat the Change:


Dec 11, 2020
Food and Climate with Eve Turow-Paul

Buy a copy of Eve's new book, Hungry:

Learn more about the Food for Climate League:

Dec 03, 2020
Jane Goodall

In this episode, Jane is interviewed by students at Whittier Elementary School in Boulder Colorado.  Jane talks about her early work with Chimpanzees and introduces them to Roots & Shoots a global movement of youth who are empowered to use their voice and actions to make compassionate decisions, influencing and leading change in their communities.  The students at Whittier have selected to research the Red Panda and are going to focus on how to protect this endangered animal and it's habitat.

Find out more about Roots and Shoots:


Nov 25, 2020
Conservative Environmentalism with Nate Hochman
Nov 17, 2020
Racism is Killing the Planet with Hop Hopkins
Oct 23, 2020
In This Together with Trammell Crow and Bill Shireman

Buy In This Together from Amazon HERE

Oct 14, 2020
Racial Justice, Climate Justice and Equity with Teron McGrew
Oct 09, 2020
Regenerative Ocean Farming with Bren Smith

Listen to Bren's Ted Talk


Oct 02, 2020
Bringing Clean Energy to the Dirtiest Parts of the Grid with Laura Zapata

Find out more about Clearloop:


Sep 11, 2020
Livestock is the Solution to Climate Change with Allan Savory
Sep 02, 2020
Farming Carbon with Trey Hill of Harborview Farms
Trey Hill is CEO of Harborview Farms, a grain operation producing corn, wheat, and soybeans with a focus on sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. Harborview Farms is working to bring some game-changing new ideas, including carbon sequestration, to farming. How? By approaching farming as a creative endeavor, exploring new techniques, and connecting dots in new ways that others aren’t willing to try.
Aug 20, 2020
Translating Shared Experience into Action with Miranda Massie of the Climate Museum

Calls to Action

Learn more about the Climate Museum:

Get your Climate Ambassador Card:

Explore Climate Art for Congress:



Aug 07, 2020
Restoring Reef Ecosystems with Scott Sensenbrenner

Learn more about MOTE Marine Laboratory & Aquarium:

Learn more about Enzymedica:

There’s a Facebook Live tour of the facility in this video:

Jul 29, 2020
Climate Change is a National Security Issue with Rod Schoonover

Learn more about the Ecological Futures Group:

Jul 16, 2020
Creating a Marketplace to Remove Carbon from the Atmosphere with Paul Gambill

Learn more about Nori:

Jul 01, 2020
How to Tell Your #KeepParis Story and Why it Matters
This election provides climate voters with a binary decision: either we stay in the Paris Agreement or we leave. The election is November 3rd and regardless of who wins, Donald Trump will still be president on November 4th and that is the day that we are scheduled to leave. The question becomes whether we have a new president in January who renews our commitment and rejoins once inaugurated. In this discussion, Paul Bodnar gives listeners the tools to talk about the Paris Agreement and make it a key component of our voter mobilization efforts. Paul is joined by POW athlete and winter olympian Maddie Phaneuf.
Jun 26, 2020
Building Wind Energy at Scale with Michael Rucker
Michael Rucker is the founder and CEO of Scout Clean Energy, a renewable energy development company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. After helping craft some of the earliest global climate change agreements, Michael decided that he could have the greatest impact in the private sector. People thought he was crazy when he began working on wind power, but time has proven him to be prescient, as wind is now the most cost-effective source of power on the grid. The Scout team brings over 60 years of renewable wind and solar energy experience, specializing in leasing, permitting, interconnection, power marketing, finance, and construction.
Jun 12, 2020
Climate Change is a Marketing Problem with Seth Godin

Call to Action

Visit the Akimbo Workshops:

Jun 04, 2020
Healing the Land One Bite at a Time with Joel Salatin

Sign up for Joel's Blog!

May 28, 2020
Growing a Revolution with Dave Montgomery

Find out more about Growing a Revolution (published by W.W. Norton):


May 20, 2020
Taking on Entrenched Fossil Fuel Interests with Bill McKibben

Calls to Action

Learn more about

Read Bill's books:

May 12, 2020
Birds as the Treasure and Measure of Better Beef with Russ Conser

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Learn more about Blue Nest Beef:


May 05, 2020
Step into Grizzly Country with Doug Peacock
After two tours as a Special Forces medic in the Central Highlands of Vietnam (for which he received the Soldier’s Medal, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry and the Bronze Star), Peacock was repatriated to the Rocky Mountains, the wild deserts and tundras of North America. It was there he met the late author Edward Abbey, who used Peacock to mold his iconic character, George Washington Hayduke. After the war, Doug crawled back into mountains and found solitude in wilderness to be exactly what he needed to confront the demons of Vietnam. In Grizzly Years, Doug credits grizzly bears with restoring his soul. He has been the most consistent advocate for grizzly bears for the last 40 years, traveling between Yellowstone and Glacier national parks to film them and document their struggles to survive. For the last three decades, he has lectured and written widely about wilderness: from bears to buffalo, from the Sierra Madres of the Sonoran desert to the fjords of British Columbia, from the tigers of Siberia to the blue sheep of Nepal.
Apr 29, 2020
Saving Salmon to Save the Planet with Mark Kurlansky
One of nature's most remarkable and inspiring animals with a long history of both commercial and sports fishing all over the Northern Atlantic and Pacific, salmon are threatened by everything from deforestation, to climate change and dams. If the salmon can survive than there is hope for the planet. In what he says is the most important piece of environmental writing in his long and award-winning career, Mark Kurlansky, best-selling author of Salt and Cod, The Big Oyster, 1968, and Milk, among many others, employs his signature multi-century storytelling and compelling attention to detail to chronicle the harrowing yet awe-inspiring life cycle of salmon. Kurlansky’s research shows that all over the world these fish, uniquely connected to both marine and terrestrial ecology as well as fresh and salt water, are a natural barometer for the health of the planet. He documents that for centuries man’s greatest assaults on nature, from overfishing to dams, from hatcheries to fish farms, from industrial pollution to the ravages of climate change, are evidenced in the sensitive life cycle of salmon. Kurlansky’s insightful conclusion is that the only way to save salmon is to save the planet and, at the same time, the only way to save the planet is to save the mighty, heroic salmon.
Apr 22, 2020
Implementing Large Scale Renewable Energy Projects with Jeff Bedard

Jeff Bedard provides renewable energy consulting services from a business and technical standpoint. He offers a broad range of technical, market, and advisory services and has worked across the globe on projects ranging from electrifying sustainable resorts in Mexico, to bringing renewable energy to the largest resort on Maui, to planning, designing, and implementing renewable energy projects across entire corporate real estate portfolios.


Apr 14, 2020
Carbon Sequestration with Peter Schlosser

Peter Schlosser is the vice president and vice provost of the Global Futures Laboratory at Arizona State University. He is the University Professor of Global Futures and holds joint appointments in the School of Sustainability, the School of Earth and Space Exploration in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. The laboratory has been launched to harness the innovative capacity of academia and develop options for sound management of the planet.  Professor Schlosser is one of the world’s leading earth scientists, with expertise in the Earth’s hydrosphere and how humans affect the planet’s natural state. 

His research interests include studies of water movement and its variability in natural systems (oceans, lakes, rivers, groundwater) using natural and anthropogenic trace substances and isotopes as ’dyes’ or as ‘radioactive clocks.’ He also studies ocean/atmosphere gas exchange; reconstruction of continental paleotemperature records using groundwater as archive; anthropogenic impact on natural systems and sustainable development as academic discipline. His research adds to the basic understanding of ocean circulation and the ocean's role in climate. The same principles are used to investigate groundwater flow in shallow and deep aquifers, providing results that are relevant for environmental risk and impact studies. He has published more than 180 articles in leading journals.

Apr 09, 2020
Integrating Solar Into the Built Environment with Chris Klinga
Over the last decade Chris was instrumental in developing the LSX and GSX Module and Racking System for Lumos Solar, disruptive solar technologies that have changed the way home and business owners perceive solar energy. His innovations in solar product development have married elements of traditional solar with BIPV to create truly unique solar solutions that add architectural benefits to any solar installation. Today he is focused on product development across several industries and strives to help companies develop their products through his consulting business SolMotiv Design. Chris is also deeply involved with integrating the solar and building industries through his work with the Architectural Solar Association (ASA).
Mar 31, 2020
Mastering a Positive Mindset in Challenging Times with Catherine Sanderson

Catherine Sanderson is the Manwell Family Professor of Life Sciences (Psychology) at Amherst College.  Her research has received grant funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health and she has published over 25 journal articles and book chapters in addition to four college textbooks, middle school and high school health textbooks, and trade books on parenting as well as how mindset influences happiness, health, and even how long we live (The Positive Shift). In 2012, she was named one of the country's top 300 professors by the Princeton Review. 

Professor Sanderson speaks regularly for public and corporate audiences on topics such as the science of happiness, the power of emotional intelligence, the mind-body connection, and the psychology of good and evil. These talks have been featured in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, CNN, and CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley. She also writes a blog for Psychology Today - Norms Matter - that examines the power of social influence on virtually all aspects of our lives.

Mar 24, 2020
Empowering Rural Africa with Solar Microgrids
Richard Mori is the Co-Founder and CEO of Xpower, a company that is focused on energy and internet access in the developing world. Xpower is also the parent company to MeshPower, which brings clean electricity to rural villages in Rwanda, using solar microgrids that power homes and empower economic development.
Mar 18, 2020
Building a Transformative Solar Energy Revolution with Sachu Constantine

Call to Action:

Learn more about Vote Solar:

Learn more about their mission:


Mar 10, 2020
Creating Innovation Ecosystems for Cleantech with Beth Zonis

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Apply to the Cleantech Open 2020 accelerator:


Mar 03, 2020
Climate and Faith Community Outreach with Kelsey Grant

Calls to Action

Read Kelsey's recent editorial in the Daily Camera:

Learn more about the Citizen's Climate Lobby:



Feb 25, 2020
The 100% Solution with Solomon Goldstein-Rose

Learn more about Solomon's book and events:

Follow Solomon on Twitter: @SolomonG_R


Feb 11, 2020
Climate Fiction (Cli Fi) with Joey Eschrich

Calls to Action

Learn more about the Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative at Arizona State University. 

Learn more about the Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest 2020:

To read Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction, Volume II, which collects the grand prize winner and finalists from the 2018 contest, visit


Feb 04, 2020
Finding Common Ground Through Conservative Outreach with Dan Palken

Calls To Action

Find your local chapter of the Citizens' Climate Lobby:

Learn more about the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act:


Jan 28, 2020
Empowering Young Women's Voices for Climate with Beth Osnes

Calls to Action

Learn more about Inside the Greenhouse:

Learn more about the musical Shine:


Jan 21, 2020
21st Century Climate Communication with Max Boykoff

Calls to Action

Learn more about Max's newest book, published by Cambridge University Press: Creative (Climate) Communications

Max is a Project Leader for Inside the Greenhouse, a multidisciplinary team that uses creative framing and storytelling of issues surrounding climate change through video, theatre, dance, and writing to connect a wider audience to the deep and pressing need to address climate change.

Jan 14, 2020
Climate Change Resolutions for 2020 with Beth Hartman

Calls to Action

Watch Beth's TEDx talk on climate crisis courage:

Learn more about Project Drawdown:

Learn more about the Rocky Mountain Institute:


Jan 07, 2020

Call to Action:

Given it is the holidays, my only call to action is to let me know how I can make this podcast more useful to you in 2020.  Please share any ideas, insights or criticism with me at:

I hope you all enjoy the holidays.  I look forward to engaging with you again in 2020.

Dec 17, 2019
Deploying Commercial Solar Energy at Scale with Dave Riess

Calls to Action

Learn more about Wunder Capital:

Listen to an interview with Dave about how to use first principles to build an intentional career in clean energy:

Learn more about the challenges and opportunities for C&I solar projects to have an impact on curbing carbon emissions:




Dec 10, 2019
Powering Forward with Former Governor Bill Ritter

Calls to Action

Learn more about the Center for the New Energy Economy:

Learn more about Bill's work with Mesh Power to create sustainable energy resources in Africa that bypass carbon:


Dec 03, 2019
Sustainable Brewing and Backcountry Tap Rooms with Matt Cutter and Lizzy Waters

Call to Action

Thanksgiving is tomorrow so this week's call to action is more lighthearted than usual.  Given that this episode is all about beer, here are some great resources to help you use beer to make Thanksgiving more tasty and more fun.  Grab a six-pack of Upslope Craft Lager and give these a try:

Thanksgiving Recipes that Incorporate Beer:

More Beer-Infused Recipes for Thanksgiving:

Even MORE Recipes:

Beer Pairings for Thanksgiving Dinner:

More Beer Pairings:





Nov 26, 2019
The Aspen Way with Auden Schendler

Call to Action

Read more about Auden's philosophy that climate activism is a daily practice:

Learn more about POW (Protect Our Winters):

Here are Aspen Ski Resort's Guiding Principles:

Nov 19, 2019
Protect our Winters (POW) with Kerstin Ulf

Call to Action:

Learn more about POW:

Climate Activist's Roadmap:

POW's guide to discussing climate change during the holidays:

Nov 13, 2019
Regenerative Capitalism with Hunter Lovins

Call to Action

Learn more about Hunter's work with Natural Capitalism Solutions.

Learn more about Gabe Brown's innovative work to reclaim the natural productivity of his soil.

Order meat, eggs and honey from Gabe Brown's Nourished by Nature online marketplace.


Nov 05, 2019
Agrivoltaic Farming with Byron Kominek

Call to Action

If you are a resident of Colorado, become part of Jack's Solar Garden and earn Xcel electricity bill credits.

Learn more about Community Solar

Learn more about Agrivoltaics.

Oct 29, 2019
Fueling a New Transportation Economy with Mike Kuby

Mike Kuby teaches Geography at Arizona State University.  In this episode we discuss his research into transportation, energy and optimal locations for hydrogen and electric fueling stations as we build a new energy transportation infrastructure.  In a country where petroleum fueling stations are ubiquitous, where will should we place the first alternate fuel refueling stations?  Rather than just following the patterns of the existing infrastructure, Mike has used research into driver behavior to find the locations for battery and fuel cell stations that will build a network that can serve the most vehicles most effectively.

Oct 22, 2019
One World One Water with Tom Cech

Tom Cech is an award winning conservationist and Director of the One World One Water Institute at Metropolitan State University in Denver.  He is a prolific author and teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses and creates water-oriented content and curricula for K-12 and lifelong learners.  In this episode we discuss water conservation and activism as well as glacial retreat, cyclical droughts in the west, desalination and the use of new technologies to deliver clean water to refugee camps.

Call to Action

10 ways to conserve water at home

EPA guidelines to protect water resources

Help provide clean water to communities around the globe

Oct 15, 2019
All Hands on Deck with Paul Bodnar

Paul Bodnar, currently a Managing Director at Rocky Mountain Institute, discusses a variety of economic, social and environmental issues related to climate change. Paul was in New York for the United Nations Climate Action Summit and shares this experience in the context of prior international conferences he attended while at the State Department and as President Obama's Special Assistant and Senior Director for Energy and Climate Change. This includes his work as a chief architect for the Paris Agreement. We discuss the role of international institutions and central governments in achieving climate mitigation and specifically address how to make this a bipartisan issue in a divided United States.

Call to Action

Participate with the United Nations through their ACTNOW movement:

Learn more about the Rocky Mountain Institute:

Find out how financial leaders can help create a sustainable and inclusive global economy:


Oct 08, 2019
Raising the Maldives and Saving Coral with Chip Fletcher

Call to Action and Follow-Up

Here are two recent commentaries from Chip:

 What was once considered unusual weather is now becoming standard because we have disrupted the jet stream by arctic amplification:

And and in a prelude to next week's interview, where we will get an update on the recent climate action summit at the United Nations:

Oct 01, 2019
Trailer for Climate Changers

This is the official trailer for Climate Changers, a podcast that features interviews with remarkable entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, educators and other leaders who are taking initiative as we face a growing climate crisis.

As the father of 2 girls, I want to be able look them in the eye when they are older and say that I had an impact on their future by working to mitigate and help prepare for the effects of climate change.  This show is my first step. 

Climate Changers is for people like me who are tired of feeling helpless and want to hear real stories from thoughtful and effective leaders who are on the front lines of building the products and coalitions that will create change 

The future is worth fighting for, so join me in this weekly celebration of the heroes who are working to create a new and sustainable resource and energy economy.

Sep 25, 2019