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Shattering Preconceived notions: My goal is for you to leave with at least one thing that you can implement to reach your goals more quickly.

Episode Date
Episode 154: Kevin "KD" Dorsey on the CXO Circle interviewed by Davidson Hang

KD helps Saas Sales Leaders get from 0 to 100 Million in revenue. He's helped build 2 Unicorns and has trained thousands of Sales Reps. 

Awards and Recognition

- Salesforce - Top Sales Influencer to Follow
- InsideSales top 10 Sales Leader
- Pavillon Lecturer of the Year
- Salesforce Top 16 Sales Influencers to Follow
- Ambition Top 100 Sales Coaches
- SalesLoft Rev Star
- TOPO Sales Development Exec of the Year
- LinkedIn Top Sales Voices
- LinkedIn Sales Star
- The Modern Sale Top 100 Global Sales Leaders
- Crunchbase Top Sales Leaders You Should Know

If you want to connect with KD here is his LinkedIn Profile.

As I've grown as a leader I have a better understanding of what truly drives behavior, motivation, and long term success. If we can make better people, the sales will follow. 

I love scaling sales teams. I have built teams from 0-150+ reps, revenues from 0-100M+ ARR (and counting). I believe in processes and systems, paired with skill development, as the code to success. 

I also love to share what I have learned, and what I am learning with others. I consult all sorts of different companies and people as they look to improve their results. I mentor and consult early, mid, and late-stage SaaS companies all across the world. Sharing my playbooks and processes for scaling sales teams successfully.

I have spoken at the top conferences across the country, mentor/coach start up's across the country, and love sharing as I go. 

If there is a book on sales, psychology or influence I have probably read it. I am a voracious learner and am constantly pushing myself and my team to reach new heights of achievement. Because of my own internal desire to learn and grow, that also gets translated out to my team with non-stop growth, coaching and training.

Jun 13, 2022
Episode 153: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Daisy Chung(Director of Sales at Orum)

Join us for Episode 153 of The Davidson Hang Podcast- a podcast about sales, Self Improvement, Business, and how we can make more money and become more successful offering tips and advice on how to achieve your goals. 

I have with me Daisy Chung who is currently a Director of Sales at Orum. Orum is a software tool built for Sales that delivers instant live customer conversations to your target market. They are a series A tech start-up based in the bay area. Daisy made her way through Namely starting off as a Sales Development Representative and then was promoted to a Manager of Sales Development and then became an Account Executive and relocated to LA to start the office. She left Namely to become an Enterprise Account Executive being Employee #7 and became the Sales Rep of the year closing over 3.3 million in Annual Recurring Revenue. 

These were my top ten takeaways from our conversation
1. Always have an empowering context- attitude makes a huge difference in an industry where rejection is something that you deal with pretty often working on deals throughout your career.
2. There is a huge upside to being in tech sales if you are willing to put in the work and you have a learning mindset.
3. Don't be a follower. Because of the decisions, she's made- she is able to live a life that includes a lot of freedom with a huge financial upside. 
4. Don't be afraid to take a risk. Of course, many of her friends took more conventional paths and she decided to choose a career that was different than everyone else and because of that, she's able to have a ton of early success. 
5. Be Coachable and be open to setbacks. There were times when she did not receive the promotion and in hindsight, it worked out because she wasn't quite ready. 
6. If you are curious about software sales reach out to find a mentor. 
7. Breaking down goals into mathematical outputs will help you achieve your desired outcome more consistently. It all starts with a vision and then work your way backward to achieve your goals. 
8.  Evaluate the product, the accelerators, and what the upside is vs the base salary when considering a role in sales. 
9.  In software sales, you can really work hard and achieve your goals and make 400-500k a year and then take a year off if you really wanted to and that's what is possible if you commit to this craft. 
10. The Analogies between sales and life. Attitude determines altitude. 

Check out her YouTube for more tips on the benefits of Tech Sales.

If you want to connect with her on LinkedIn, click below.

May 02, 2022
Episode 152: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/AJ Alonzo(Director of Marketing at demandDrive)

AJ Alonzo is the Director of Marketing at demandDrive. He's responsible for marketing communication efforts growing their social media presence and is a co-host of The UNSUBSCRIBE Podcast.  It's a podcast designed to help Sales Development Reps better prospect, manage their teams, and prepare them for the world of Sales Development.

During this episode, we discussed tenacity, grit, resilience, and how the industry of sales development has developed since we started a while back.

These were my top ten takeaways from our conversation.
1. Why they started their own podcast
2. The advantages of seeing it through vs always leaving for the next best thing.
3. How the SDR mentality can help you in many aspects of life.
4. Work smarter not harder.
5. The evolution of sales and how consumers can research everything before speaking with your company.
6. How successful organizations really understand taking care of their SDRs.
7. How prospecting and building those strong SDR skills can help you excel as a top AE.
8. How personalization has changed because of all of the information we have out there on the internet.
9. How the pandemic has changed prospecting.
10. Authenticity gets you meetings. 

If you want to connect with AJ, you can connect with him below.

May 02, 2022
Episode 151: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Thai-Anh Hoang (CEO and Founder of EmBeca)

Thai-Anh Hoang is the founder of clean family skincare brand EmBeba and a mom of two. Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Thai-Anh led an international team for a Fortune 500 company, implementing data analytics software and services for CPG companies. She helped established brands optimize their data for strategic decision-making. She is also the co-founder of Orphans’ Future Alliance, a Southeast Asia non-profit organization dedicated to lifting orphans out of poverty through scholarship and activity-based mentoring.

Named "40 Under 40" by Boston Business Journal 2021.

Made from Natural Ingredients

We believe it matters what you put on your skin and so we use limited, high-quality ingredients and produce in small batches.
Meet some of the powerful, natural ingredients we love most!

Feb 26, 2022
Episode 150: The Davidson Podcast w/Austin Walker on Living Life On Your Own Terms

Join us on Episode 150 of The Davidson Hang Podcast.

What I appreciate most about Austin is his positivity and the impact he has in the world living it intentionally. 

We discussed finding Your Passion, Your Why, and the struggles of Being a People Pleaser. Being okay with Conflict.

These were the top ten takeaways from this conversation with Austin
1. Not being afraid to put yourself first and see what magical things happen from that exploration
2. Believing in yourself
3. Being a good person always pays off.
4. Having a personal development and growth mindset you can always learn more. 
5. Being a super-connector.
6.  Vector Marketing/Cutco Knives 
7. Being able to appreciate our experience and how our decisions make life that much more delicious.
8. What we are working on with Mark Hunter
9. Recovering people-pleaser tendencies and how to go over that.
10. Networking and being able to new ideas. 

If you want to connect with Austin. Here is his website and LinkedIn.

Taken from his profile. 

"You know that feeling when everything is in alignment in a particular moment and you're overcome with this sense of peace, presence, and purpose? Can you recall the energy that is generated from this state of flow? That feeling of electricity embodies who I choose to be in the world and what I intend to create in it.

I believe there is nothing more powerful than a person who has identified who they are, their purpose in life, and is maniacally working to manifest that gift in the world. I am passionate about the continual evolution, transformation, and partnership required on the journey towards the most authentically expressed version of self. When that is achieved, anything becomes possible. 

I am a life coach. I partner with people to get closer to who they are at their highest self and create what they truly desire in their lives. I welcome and invite opportunities for relationships and creating new possibilities together."

Jan 30, 2022
Episode 148: Howie Zuo on Emotional Intelligence, breaking through cultural and societal expectations

Taking from his website.

My story is a lot like many of your stories; I am a child of immigrant parents who moved from China to the United States with dreams of a better future for themselves and their children. My childhood had an emphasis on studying hard, getting into a good university, a good job, and so on. 

Between choosing between a doctor, accountant, lawyer, or engineer, I ended up studying Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech (Go Yellowjackets!). It wasn’t something I was passionate about but it was supposed to guarantee success. I assumed my parents knew what was best for me and I was following all of the steps they said I needed to become financially secure and happy.

I knew the gig was up when I graduated from college. There was no sudden epiphany when I received my diploma. In fact, things got harder. Graduating into the Great Recession, employers weren’t interested in a new graduate with little experience. My then-girlfriend left me, with a hole in my heart and self-esteem damaged. Where was this so-called happiness I was promised?

I moved to California from New Jersey to start fresh. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it, to build myself up and the life I wanted. Although things got better (a good job making decent money, a nice place to live, and a loving partner), I still felt like something was missing…

The conclusion that I came to was that I was living my life by every other terms except mine. Certainly, I was comfortable but not fulfilled. I wanted to be in the driver’s seat of my life. I kept depending on external factors to make me happy, but realized I can only be happy if I internalize being happy.

Seeing friends and others in the community struggle with the same issues, I decided to start Thriving Turtle. As a Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Trainer, I want to be the resource that I wish I had when I was younger. To be clear, I don’t resent the fact that I learned so late, but I can see how much better me and my community can be if we learned sooner rather than later. 

Thank you for reading my story. I would love to connect with others who want to support others in their personal happiness and emotional intelligence journey and open to collabs / networking / etc. 

Owner of Thriving Turtle (
Providing emotional intelligence guidance to those who want to go from doing "ok" to doing "awesome"

We discussed context around what it means to be Asian American to break through societal expectations. We celebrate our growth and how much joy emotional intelligence work has brought to our lives.

Jan 25, 2022
Episode 149: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Marie Charlot on Leadership, Respect, Love, Abundance, and Joy

Whether Marie Charlot is working with people in the United States, Canada, or Asia, she finds that we share basic human values and are committed to the same things: love, acceptance, respect, and abundance. Her love and passion for people – of any age and cultural background – will not allow what is comfortable to supersede what is essential for their success. Marie is a catalyst who drives measurable transformation by providing others with new tools to be effective, and thus maximize their potential. She now brings her enthusiasm for brain-based experiential learning to contribute to all of us including families, parents, companies in other words extraordinary people. “We are leaving their fingerprints of LOVE for generations to come, for a better world for all of us”.

Marie offers twenty-five years of experience in leading, training, and coaching individuals and groups on topics that profoundly impact all aspects of their lives. Marie has worked with over 50,000 people providing personal and group coaching in areas that allow for personal growth, such as parenthood, family, relationships, communities, conscious leadership, communications, and professional effectiveness. She led seminars for families on Radio Verité to audiences in North America, Europe, and Haiti. A community that started with 20,000 and grew to over 300,000 people. After 9/11, Marie worked with several major companies that lost hundreds of their employees at the World Trade Center, offering coaching and guidance through the healing process of the employees who survived. Marie developed sales training, executive coaching, and leadership programs in the business sector to improve performance at all levels for small, medium to Fortune 500 Companies. She has worked with Youth at Risk organizations, providing coaching to underprivileged youth.

Fluent in French and Creole, Marie graduated from CUNY/ Brooklyn College with B.A. in Economics & Psychology followed by graduate courses. In addition to her academic education, she was trained in transformational education at companies such as Lifespring and Landmark Worldwide.

If you would like to connect with Marie, here is her website.

Jan 20, 2022
Episode 147: Episode147 of The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Joe Fraser (Founder of NCFit Iron Strong Athletics)

Join us on Episode 147 of The Davidson Hang Podcast on owning your own CrossFit Gym.

Entrepreneurship Top 10 Tips
1.     Write a business plan (Turn your idea into actionable steps)
  -         Figure out what it would take to actually open your business
  -         Estimate Startup costs, expenses and estimate how much business you need to profit.
2.     Start small & build from there
  -         You don’t need a massive facility or all the expensive equipment right away.
3.     Know your strength and weaknesses
  -         If you can’t figure it out yourself, hire someone who specializes in that. Example – accounting
4.     Work towards improving every day –
  -         Personally – Take care of your own health and well being
  -         In business – Complacency is the enemy of success   
5.     Be passionate & genuine
  -         Customers, Investors, Business Partners will know right away if you really believe in your service or product.
  -         Be an expert in your service/product or always be working on becoming an expert.
6.     Fake it till you make it – ALL new business owners are learning and figuring it out as they go. Mistakes will happen, all that matters is how you adapt and correct your mistakes.
7.     Never be too good to take out the trash
  -         Always be willing to do any jobs at your business
8.     Be a leader – Take responsibility for all things in your business. Leaders don’t blame staff, customers, other external factors.
9.     Your service/product – Charge what your worth. Undercutting the competition is a race to the bottom.
10. Becoming an entrepreneur is incredible.
  -         If it was easy, everyone would do it.  Plenty of people told me it was a bad idea.  If you can make your passion into a business it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. - Going into work and putting in hours isn’t a chore when your investing in yourself and building a brand you believe in. 
NCFit Iron Strong Athletics 

located 832 Ridgewood Ave, Bldg 3B North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Jan 11, 2022
Episode 146: Episode 146 w/Ian Koniak (Formally #1 Salesforce Enterprise AE) Founder of Ian Koniak Sales Coaching

Wow-what an incredible Episode!

Ian Koniak is the #1 LinkedIn Sales by Sales Success Media and was the former #1 Enterprise Account Executive at Salesforce.  

He is the founder of Ian Koniak Sales Coaching. 
Ian and I met at the Sales Success Summit in Austin, TX last year. Shout out to @Scott Ingram for connecting us together!

What I appreciate about Ian is his vulnerability and how all of us can see ourselves in his sharing. 

These are some of his impressive accomplishments.

These were my top ten takeaways from Ian Koniak

1. Schedule into your calendar Self Care
2. The 3 biggest drivers of Happiness is Connection, having a close network of friends and family, being a contribution to the world, and growth. 
3. Being in alignment with your values and beliefs and what actions you are taking to reach those goals
4. Working on closing the Integrity Gap
5. How to get into fFow state consistently every day
6. Caring about your client by conducting solid discovery and making it about them not you
7. Work-life Integration not balance
8. Bringing your full self to work being the same person on the weekdays as the weekdays
9. Being Relatedable
10. Overcoming addiction 

Taken from his profile. 

As a Strategic Account Director

○ 2021 - I managed several of Salesforce's largest Enterprise accounts, setting strategy and quarterbacking sales efforts for a 20M ARR territory across our entire portfolio. Retired from tech sales in September 2021 to run my coaching business full time. 

2020 - 110% of ACV Quota, 2.1M ACV. I was the only AE selected to lead training for Salesforce National Enterprise Kickoff ("Starting the Year Strong"), Salesforce West Enterprise Kickoff ("Stories that Sell"), and National Webinar ("Impactful Executive Conversations"). Keynote speaker at D2D Con and Abundant Sales Conferences. Appeared on 12 leading Sales & Business podcasts in 2020. Achievers Club Winner.

2019 - 181% of multi-year quota, 102% of ACV quota, 1.9M ACV. Guest speaker at Salesforce Enterprise Kickoff, Salesforce West Kickoff, and ran training for 2 Salesforce national webinars. Appeared on 6 leading sales and business podcasts. Achievers Club winner

2018 - 410% of multi-year quota, 231% of ACV quota, 4.2M ACV. Top 5 national performer for Enterprise-Select division, Peak Performers Club winner 

2017 - 479% of multi-year quota, 367% of ACV quota, 5.7M in total ACV. Chairman's Club winner and "AE of the Year" for Enterprise Select. Finished #1 globally for Enterprise-Select division. 

2016 - 108% of multi-year quota, 166% of Marketing Cloud quota, 95% of ACV quota, 1.3M ACV

2014 - 106% of multi-year quota while growing "new logo" territory AOV by 300%, 1.3M ACV

2013 - 249% of multi-year quota, 107% of ACV quota including 1.1 million in new logos. Rookie of the Year.

Subscribe to his YouTube Channel

If you would like to connect with him on LinkedIn

Jan 06, 2022
Episode 145: Episode 145 of The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Scott Shute

Scott is a keynote speaker, author, executive coach, and teacher. 

"Have you ever wondered "How can I be a good person and also do well at work?" I specialize in combining the practicalities of leading in the modern business world with the wisdom of ancient traditions to help individuals and companies be leaders in conscious business. 

This results in businesses thriving financially while providing their customer's long-term value and leaving employees feeling inspired and whole. When done consciously, work can be a part of the collective healing that needs to take place in the world.

After twenty-five years of customer-oriented leadership and executive roles, and three years leading Mindfulness and Compassion programs at LinkedIn, I'm now helping other leaders and companies transform, becoming more compassionate and effective. I work with leaders who want to both do good in the world, while helping their organizations and employees thrive. It’s a role in which I get to utilize my entire skill set, experience, and passions.

I’ve been studying and practicing mindfulness and related wisdom teachings since I was thirteen years old, and teaching since I was in college. In this work we get to explore the possibility of human potential, helping employees become the very best version of themselves. With mindfulness, we’re building employees’ capabilities around resilience, self-awareness and growth mindset. With Compassion, we’re working to expand employees’ capability and capacity for service. Ultimately, the intention is to build these practices and consciousness into the very fabric of a company – how we develop products, how we sell, how we service – in a way that serves our employees as well as our customers. My operations lens helps me focus on scaling the work we do."

Podcast link

If you would like to connect with Scott, you can connect with him on LinkedIn

More info at

Jan 05, 2022
Episode 144: Episode 144 of The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Dr.Anna Di (Founder of Unity Chiropractic Wellness)

Dr. Anna Di, DC, CES has over 473 reviews on Zocdoc and is one of the highest-rated doctors on the platform.

If you would like to connect with her on Instagram, here is the url.

Dr. Anna Di is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. She is certified as a personal trainer and as a corrective exercise specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She maintains a very active lifestyle which is reflected with gold medals as a bodybuilding competitor with the National Physique Committee, the most recognized amateur bodybuilding organization in America. She has spent thousands of hours assisting physical therapists in rehabilitation therapies/exercise before she became a full-time chiropractor. She is skilled in expert-tailoring the building, maintaining, and repairing of the human body, as she has done to hundreds of satisfied personal training, physical therapy, and chiropractic patients.

Check out this episode if you are ever want to start your own business or even if you are a practicing chiropractor. She's one of the kindest human beings I know. Thank you so much for your contributions to so many non-profits and especially for supporting the Orphans Futures Alliance, if you are interested in contributing please do so below.

Dec 31, 2021
Episode 143: Episode 143 w/ Michael Pirson on The Davidson Hang Podcast on Love, and Being Team 1 Team Leader at Landmark Worldwide for Team New York

Join us on another episode about healing, love, restoring integrity, and leadership.

Michael Pirson is the Area Chair and is a Professor at Gabelli School of Business at Fordham and he is the president of the International Humanistic Management Association. If you want to connect with him on LinkedIn, here is his profile.

These were my top ten lessons from my conversation with Michael Pirson. 

1. Achievement and being authentic vs intentionally choosing powerfully what we want to focus on.
2. What we have gotten out of Landmark's Team Leadership and Management Program so far. 
3. Accountability, Transformation, and being our word
4. Cleaning things up and taking 100% responsibility and the power that brings.
5. Empowering your children and parenthood
6. Common Humanity
7. What we got out of Landmark's Communication Power to Create and Access To Power
8. Vulnerability Is Power
9. Relationships and Love/Affinity
10. Gratitude

Check out this episode if you are having family/relationship breakdowns. 

What a wholesome episode just in time for the new year, check this out if you are looking to make any new year resolution with some inspiration from such a powerful leader!

Dec 31, 2021
Episode 142: Episode 142: w/ Leya Ogihara on The Davidson Hang Podcast on Success, Achievement, and Relationships

Join us on a very deep conversation about relationship breakdowns, love, acknowledgment, and Landmark's Team, Management, and Leadership Program. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to us or sign up below.

Leya was my coach last quarter when I was accountable for Team New York's Communication Power to Create. We fulfilled and exceed our promises to transform many lives. 

We started off giving stuff up from the already/always paradigm for communication and then put in place from the new paradigm for communication and created a possibility. 

Check out this episode if you are having any relationship breakdowns and you are a high achiever. 

These are the top ten takeaways from my conversation with Leya. 

1. Being a clearing and causing leadership
2. Listening to people from nothing instead of judgments, interpretations, and assessments.
3. Giving stuff up when we are triggered so that we can be fully present
4. Being conscious of our winning formula and not letting it take over our lives 
5. The battle between being independent and finding our authentic needs. 
6. Leaving a lasting Legacy
7. When we are injured by words and the meaning we choose to make out of it. 
8.  She helped me see how the Communication Power to Create helped me receive unconditional love from my mom, sisters, and my wife. 
9. Being 100% responsible for who we are being with any breakdowns
10. The good of having grown up with many of the Asian contexts and how that's allowed us to live such powerful lives. 

Leya is one of my favorite human beings in the world because she's truly the definition of generosity and is the consummate Landmark coach. 

Here is some more information about Team.

To fulfill large accomplishments, you need prowess in the distinctions of management, leadership, and teams, as well as systems and tools for creating and executing plans of action. The Team, Management, and Leadership Program is a year-long advanced online training program that includes mastering the distinctions of Landmark’s communication courses, as well as the distinctions of management and leadership in accomplishing projects and producing remarkable results through teams. In the Team, Management, and Leadership Program you are being a leader, causing teams to fulfill on any sized project – with velocity.

Some of what people report as benefits include:

You stop functioning as separate or alone and you start living in communication with a team that’s committed to your commitments. A team that listens you powerfully and holds you to account and stands for your success.
You spend a year of your life making a noteworthy contribution to causing the transformation of communication on the planet.
Participating with program participants from all over the world who are out to accomplish things similar to you, you will come to know yourself in expanded ways and dramatically expand your making a difference.

Dec 29, 2021
Episode 141: Episode 141 of The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Steve Cha Founder of Empower The Barrios

Check out Episode 141 with Steve ChaBirdie Cha

Steve and I go way back and discuss Emotional Intelligence Training why we got into and the impact it's had in our lives. We talk about the benefits of doing something like a Landmark Forum or The Choice Center. 

He's been able to contribute to thousands of underserved neighborhoods and moved to Medellin, Colombia. If you would like to contribute and donate click here.

Taken from their website.

Because of the pandemic,

The vulnerable got very close to extreme poverty. Through food packages we; Provide financial relief to pay rent, debts, medicines.

Support a bond of trust between local partners and their beneficiaries.

201,333 Meals

Steve Cha is the Founder and has created a team to give back to the communities. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help reach out to him and let him know you found out from this podcast episode.

Dec 22, 2021
Episode 140: Episode 140 of the Davidson Hang Podcast w/Brandon Fluharty (VP of Strategic Accounts at LivePerson)

Want to make 7 figures in being a professional salesperson?

We discussed the new trends around bringing your whole self to work and having an integrated life where you get to bring who you are and be able to have entrepreneurial side business while still being a top performer at your company. 

Brandon Fluharty is the Founder of Be Focused. Live Great.

He's closed some of the largest deals I have ever heard of it and is at the pinnacle of success of being a Saas Sales professional.

Subscribe to his content if you are curious to learn more.

Check out this episode if you are want to work fewer hours and ultimately still be a top performer. Such a treat to share his wisdom and knowledge with you all. 

Follow him on Linkedin.

Nov 23, 2021
Episode 139: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Dr.John Jaquish

Join us for Episode 139 of The Davidson Hang Podcast. Dr. John Jaquish is a phD, a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author with over 1.1 Million Followers on Instagram.

He is a partner w/Tony Robbins and is the inventor of #Osteostrong featured on Forbes, GQ, and the LA. Times. He's the Inventor of the X3 System.

Check out his book called Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time.



He's the principal at Jaquish Biomedical and is a member of the Board of Directors at the American Bone Health and went to Stanford University of Medicine. 


Sep 15, 2021
Episode 138: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Jeff Zacharski (Sea Level Men's Retreat in Costa Rica)

A Men's Retreat Like No Other
Join us in Costa Rica for a 5 day/4 night retreat custom-designed for men looking to create ultimate fulfillment and authentic self-expression.
Make a bigger impact
Deepen relationships with your family and social circles
Expand your capacity for brotherhood and leadership
Let’s Rise Above Sea-Level Together!

Fully disconnect from a life that demands your attention so you can restore and rejuvenate your mind, heart, body, and spirit.

  Identify and remove limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors so you can accelerate progress on your goals and be more fulfilled along the way.

  Develop a game-changing five-year vision & the road map to jumpstart it.
  Join a community of leaders, creators, and brothers that will inspire, support, and make your vision a reality.

  Create a deeper and more intimate connections with those who matter, and become a better partner, husband, father, friend.
  Discover the tools to add fire back into your days so you wake up refreshed and go to bed fulfilled.

...All while immersed in a Costa Rican Paradise

Sep 15, 2021
Episode 138: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Josh Tan on Groundedness, Spirituality, Exploring High Consciousness

Check out Episode 140 with the one and only Josh Tan!

Josh is the Founder and President of Josh Tan Alchemist Consulting LLC. 

I support specialized engineered manufacturing businesses between $2 - $50M in yearly revenue and with 10 - 100 employees.

My specialties include manufacturing and machining, medium volume production, engineered products, and metallurgical products. I serve the aerospace, automotive, and ceramic industries.

He is also the Co-Founder of Shift/Co which is a Business Growth Community for conscious entrepreneurs who want to BOTH elevate business success and make the world better.

He's been an Engineering & Operations Manager, a Process Owner, Ceramic Engineering, and graduated from Rutgers University in Material Science and Engineering. 

We discussed plant medicines, some of the most transformative experiences we've ever gone through, and what we have gotten out of Landmark's Team Leadership and Management Program so far.

Sep 15, 2021
Episode 137: The Davidson Hang Podcast W/Ken Abelson (Parenting Relationship Life Coach)

Ken Abelson is Generating Generations. He is creating a new paradigm where parents take 100% responsibility for who they are being. It's a powerful conversation on parenting, relationships, and how we show up in the world. 

Thank you Ken for creating a movement inspiring thousands of parents to be coming from a positive way of being for their kids. Many of us come with our preconceived notions either trying to control the situation or don't allow space for kids to be their own.

If you would like to reach out to Ken here is his email address.

Ken Abelson -

Aug 25, 2021
Episode 136: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Tony Nguyen(Founder of American Younger Leader Exchange)

Join us on Episode 136 of my podcast where we discuss getting outside our comfort zone through immersing ourselves into different environments to expand our horizons. 

Tony Nguyen is the Founder and Executive Director of AYLX - the American Young Leader Exchange. Their Mission is to empower American high schoolers to become transformational leaders through a semester-long, one-for-one, domestic student exchange and scholarship program. At AYLX- they challenge sophomores and juniors to explore new cultural landscapes and grow into transformational leaders who can relate to diverse American experiences. Best of all, ALYX is free and it pays for the communication workshops and the coaching. If you know of any rising leaders who are Sophomores and Juniors in high school reach out to Tony.

Tony Nguyen graduated from West Point and received his MBA from Columbia University and is overall a very impressive leader. 

Check out this episode if you want to push yourself to be the best version of yourself and if you like to experience and grow as a human being.


if you want to subscribe to the podcast do so below.

Aug 18, 2021
Episode 135: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Pan Tang -Travels, Meditation, Discovery, and being ENFP

Welcome back to the podcast where you can find us discussing interesting topics about self-discovery, coaching, our latest book project about being an ENFP(MBTI) The Campaigner. 

We discussed her experience with Vipassana which is a 10-day silent retreat that we just completed recently.

Check out this episode if you are into self-discovery, curiosity, travel being a teacher, experiencing the beauty of everything. What discuss what spirituality means to us, clarity on what really matters, the universal language of liquor! lol,  food, time together, and energies of people. 

Pan Tang coaches high achievers who have lost motivation, and want to feel more joy in the present moment. 

We also discussed topics around equanimity, what you resist persists, parental/family expectations, social expectations, and having an abundant mindset. 

Pan Tang is a passionate breakthrough coach and she is an advocate of Authentic Living. She graduated from Iowa State University for her Bachelors and then Columbia University with a Masters in Actuarial Science. She is a PCC, with a Strengths Profile Accredited Practioner, and a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment Step I and II Certified Practioner. 

We are excited to share with you our joint book project on How to Live a Fully Self Expressed Life and how to have more fun and adventure in our Lives coming out this year! 

You can connect with her on LinkedIn below.

Aug 16, 2021
Episode 126: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Rob Sandoval from Sandoval Design Studios

Rob Sandoval is an Interior Designer, Real Estate Agent, and is an Architect. 

We discussed many topics about design, the LBGTQ community, starting your own business, and the impact of being uncomfortable

Aug 06, 2021
Episode 131: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Cat Sandoval- Becoming a Reporter and going after your dreams

Cat Sandoval is a Culture Reporter at Newsy based in Chicago. She primarily focuses on race, diversity, and inclusion stories. 

We discussed Landmark's Team Management and Leadership Program and topics on diversity and inclusion.

"Stop hiding. We need you to represent us." 

I keep these words with me at all times. I am a reporter, video journalist, and entrepreneur. I began my career behind the camera, in charge of production logistics. This time, I'm on camera -- hiding no longer.

In this ever-changing video industry, from politics to entertainment, whether it’s shooting on a 4K camera or a DSLR, storytelling is important. My goal is to diversify the newsroom through the stories and people we interview.

I've worked with large and boutique production companies for 15 years, including 11 years in journalism. Some of my clients include Daily News, Mashable, NBC, EBRU TV, ABS CBN News, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and Snippies. Because I've freelanced for so long, I understand what it means to be entrepreneurial, to be hungry for adventure, and to always be curious.

Specialties: On-air talent, shooter (Canon C100, 70D, 5D, Panasonic HMC 150 & SONY EX1), editor (fcpX, fcp7, premiere), logistics queen, producer, production consultant, and karaoke singing master.

I pitch story ideas, produce, report, and at times edit videos for the culture team.
My primary focus is on race, diversity, and inclusion stories.

Aug 06, 2021
Episode 134: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Paul P on Finding Yourself, Always Learning, Understanding Yourself, and Being True To Who You Are

Check out this episode if you want to live a more fulfilled life.

Paul's experience so much in life from his parents dying at a young age to being hit by a car and almost dying...

I really enjoyed this podcast episode. We discussed
1. Managing up and managing down
2. Being a perpetual learner.
3. Gratitude
4. The difference between false positivity and being present.
5. Every moment every day is a gift
6. The Person that should love you the most is yourself.
7. How to stop being a people pleaser
8. Being selective around who you listen to.
9. Building credible work on someone else's dime.
10. Money isn't the answer to happiness.

Aug 04, 2021
Episode 133: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Romeo Leon on how to find a mentor and how to be a good mentee and Mentor

Romeo Leon is a VP of Customer Success at MadKudu- which is a Marketing platform creating frictionless B2B Customer Journeys. He was the VP of Customer Success at Figure Eight, a Senior Director of Customer Success at WebdDAM- a Shutterstock Company, a Director of Consulting Services at GoodData, and has held numerous leadership roles at Consulting/Tech companies. He graduated from Berkeley with a degree in Political Economy and regularly gives back to the community.

We discussed how to find a mentor and how to be a good mentor. 

We talked about how he is a product of having really good mentors. 
-Having mentors make you honest.
-You don't know what you don't know
-Your relationship to feedback and how important it is to be vulnerable
-Know what you are asking for when speaking with mentors

This conversation is great for people with a growth mindset and people who are looking to be the best at something. 

If you would like to connect with him, do so at the link below.

Aug 04, 2021
Episode 128: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Kim Heismann with the Bail Project

Kim shares with us her experience with the Bail Project.

The use of bail bonds is a widely accepted but dangerous practice in the United States. Watch the video to see my story. I haven't been able to sleep at night knowing people are treated like this every day, especially our black and brown brothers and sisters.

To limit this practice, we are raising money for The Bail Project . Every dollar will help bring this unnecessary and traumatic experience for pre-trial detainees, still innocent until proven guilty, closer to an end - both immediately and, later, permanently.

More information about The Bail Project: The Bail Project is a national nonprofit organization that provides free bail assistance to thousands of low-income Americans every year, reuniting families and restoring the presumption of innocence.

We believe that paying bail for someone in need is an act of resistance against a system that criminalizes race and poverty. It is an act of solidarity with local communities and movements for lowering rates of incarceration.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

Aug 04, 2021
Episode 132: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Evan Pham on Expression, Love, Community, Exploration, and Being You

Check out Episode 132 of The Davidson Hang podcast w/Evan Pham on Expression, Love, Community, Exploration, and Being You.

We talked about being righteous and holding people to a higher moral high ground. We learned picking your battles, humility, and what we have gotten from greek life both of us being extremely involved with Greek Life. We discussed The impact of The Power of Now, having less stuff, and being kinder to ourselves. 

We discussed plant medicines, honesty, integrity, and being better community members. This was one of the most open conversations I've ever had. Thanks for creating the space, Evan!

Evan is a Client Services Professional. Digital Marketing Specialist. Scrappy, yet Systems-Driven Entrepreneur. Activist.

He is currently a Senior Account Manager at Reddit and works with top brands helping them achieve growth by connecting them with the massive Reddit communities. He was the West Coast Governor at Lambda Phi Epsilon and is certified in Bing Ads, Google Adwords, and Hubspot.

Aug 02, 2021
Episode 133: Dwight Lawson Interviewing me on The Revenue Collective/Pavilion on Finding Your Dream Career/Job

Shout out to Dwight Lawson and the Pavilion/ Revenue Collective team for providing the space for me to talk about CoachHub - The digital coaching platform and finding your dream career/job!

At CoachHub I have the pleasure of talking to HR executives and business leaders of the largest global companies on a daily basis. Helping to transform their organizations by scaling behavior change and capability development through democratizing access to world-class coaching through CoachHub's digital platform, including 2.500+ Coaches, from 60+ countries covering 50+ languages. is the market leader in digital leadership coaching. With our online platform and mobile app, we provide companies of all sizes with the ability to scale coaching globally throughout the organization, to finally make it available to the middle/lower management and high potentials as well. Connecting your talents to the best coaches in the world effortlessly, whilst providing data on learning progress and ROI. Bringing up to 8X the return on investment of other people development measures. CoachHub reduced costs and time spent on organizing coaching to a minimum.

Working with the likes of Amazon, Fujitsu, Schneider Electric, and many more, we strive to end the idea that coaching is only a tool for the Bill Gates' of this world. CoachHub - makes coaching simple. Our rating is at 4,83/5 and our NPS is higher than the one from Apple.

Coachhub is the “mobile coaching cloud” and enables personalized coaching for employees of all career levels. A pool of top coaches from all around the globe and the applications available for access from web and smartphone allow live coaching sessions via video conferencing. This way we prepare managers for better leadership, teams for better group performances, and employees for personal and professional growth. Our vision is a personal coach for every employee, who accompanies him or her as a guide and measurably advances their accomplishments.

Jul 30, 2021
Episode 129: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Desiree' Tulsidai Kinney(The Business Matchmaker)

Desiree' is the CEO and Founder of The Business Matchmaker (, serves in Wealth Management at a Fortune 500, and is an Award-Winning Empowerment Speaker, Career Coach, and Media/TV Personality. As seen on CBS2 News, NY1 News, News 12, Fox Business, InvestmentNews, ZeeTV, and TVAsia, she has also spoken at the likes of Fortune 500 Firms across the financial industry and is currently in Wealth Management in New York City. 

She spearheaded the Pearls of Wisdom Women's Financial Empowerment series on Wall Street. Desiree' is a Published Author with her own column in Financial Planning Association magazine. She made the cover story of Investment News magazine and was featured in VoyageLA magazine, FEMI Magazine, and ENSPIRE Magazine.

If you would like to connect with her, please follow this link.

We met each other through Rutgers Business School and have been actively involved with Streetwise Partners mentors.

We discussed topics around mentorship, bringing your best positive self, and building your personal and professional brand. She believes it's not just who you know, it's who knows you. Desiree' is one of the most inspiring people I know who is always giving back to the community. Thank you for all that you do for the world!

Jul 29, 2021
Episode 130: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Joon Kim (Meditation and Transforming Traditional Asian Values)

Join us in an insightful conversation about getting more in tune with your heart, intuition, and creative passions. 

Joon Kim helps Asian Professionals grow successful careers and businesses and helps people manage their stress and burnout. He's graduated from Boston College- Wallace E. Carroll's Graduate School of Management and went into GE's Executive Leadership Program. 

He then became the FP&A Head of Market Intelligence as a Vice President at Point72 Asset Management. He's the CEO and Founder of Happy Successful Asians and is a mindset and performance coach.

We discussed Joe Dispenza, box breathing, out-of-body experiences, and how to appreciate true love in a connected way. Check out this episode if you are into building relationships, living a much more fulfilled life, and how to deal with stress and societal expectations. 

Some important links are below to what we spoke about.

His LinkedIn:

Taken from his website
"I'm a coach and podcaster on a mission to help ambitious Asians overcome fear and limitations to grow businesses and create generational wealth without overwhelm and burnout to chart their path towards happiness and success. 

I worked in Finance chasing my career goals only to go through multiple burnouts, depression, and anxiety attacks - struggling mentally and emotionally and questioning where I had gone wrong.

But that pain took me on a journey to seek answers, and as I came across solutions, I wondered, "WHY hadn't school taught us these ideas and principles on happiness and success?". I felt that school failed to teach us the lessons that we REALLY needed to become happy and successful. 

The BIG DREAM is to TRANSFORM EDUCATION to make it more relevant, but I’m starting off with my coaching business by helping ONE person at a time.

And if this doesn’t happen during my lifetime, I’m working to inspire the next generation to make a dent in their own ways."

Link to other episodes of The Davidson Hang Podcast
Redefining Masculinity discussed during the beginning of the episode:

Jul 28, 2021
Episode 126: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Ralph Sandoval(Transforming Water. Enriching Lives

Ralph is a Director at Evoqua Water Technologies. He's been promoted numerous times and we discussed many different topics around leadership, professional and personal development, and impacting lives. 

Thanks for leading the way and for showing us what commitment to your career and making a difference looks like. You are the definition of integrity, impact, finding your calling, and I enjoyed learning from you. 

If you want to connect with him, please do so below.

Ralph graduated from Penn State with a BS in Chemical Engineering. 
He started off as a project engineer, then became a project manager, and now is a director responsible for the application, engineering, project management, project engineering, tech service, field service, and order entry and works with many municipalities in delivering safe water.

Jul 17, 2021
Episode 127: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Michelle Ngo on Leadership, Delegation, and Solving Issues

Michelle Ngo is the Vice President of Client Services and Operations at Verizon Media. I was so happy to participate on a Stop Asian Hate panel with Michelle as we shared how we can move forward together as a society. 

Here is a link to the recording if are you interested in learning more about our conversation.

Michelle has spent the majority of her career in leadership positions in the online advertising industry, focused on Sales, Account Management, and Operations. She currently leads the NAR Media Operations and Client Services teams for Verizon Media, an organization that is focused on managing advertiser relationships, driving performance, success, and revenue through exceptional client service, optimizations, renewals, cross-sells, and upsells. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated the ability to lead teams of all sizes, adjust quickly to the demands of the business, and effectively lead through change.

She's volunteered as an Advisory Board Member at Rutgers University. She started as an account manager at Yahoo and was promoted 10 times in her career to a Manager, Director, Senior Director, and now as a VP.

You will enjoy our conversation about career decisions, solving problems, and ultimately making an impact in your organization. 

If you would like to connect with Michelle you can send her a note on LinkedIn below.

Jul 14, 2021
Episode 125: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Joseph Bologna on Redefining Masculinity

Meet Joseph Bologna who currently lives in Connecticut. He has traveled the world. He is a photographer, writer, grandfather, father, and is a great human being in general. I'm grateful that we crossed paves. 

Here is a link to purchase the book we put together.

Here is a link to The View from Within: Spiritual Pathways to Happiness (Unshakable Happiness Series)

“Man up!”

“Be a man!”

“Are you man enough?”

Well… can you? Are you?

Are you sure of who you are as a man? Maybe you’ve given it a lot of thought and struggled. Maybe it never occurred to you to explore this topic! Either way, it is now time to think deeply of who we are and who we want to be in the world. And that includes expressions of our gender identity.

The concept of what makes a man, what really defines his masculinity, has been the topic of much debate, exploration, and controversy in recent years.

In this compilation of insightful essays, our group of thought leaders and men reflect on what shaped their own masculinity.

Dream with them of a future where masculinity is no longer a topic around the battle of self, but instead embraces a vision of healthy strength and balance, and a strong sense of who you can be as a modern man in a constantly changing and challenging world.

We explore topics such as:

Defining the word masculinity - both its negative and positive uses
Moving beyond toxic masculinity
The role of ethnicity and racism
Expressions of faith
Relating to the same and to opposite genders

Jul 08, 2021
Episode 122: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/James Kawainui (Hawaiian Healer)

Join us in a conversation about masculinity, healing, peace, and trusting our intuition.

Taken from his website.

As far back as my early 20’s, I had an unconscious desire to help people through healing. For reasons I didn’t understand at the time, I was able to look at someone and know where their pain was and how to help it go away. One evening 15 years ago, I was literally “tapped in the back of my head” and a voice said, loud and clear, “It’s time to go home!” That was the moment that changed my life forever. I had been living on the “mainland” for over 20 years. I was married with two grown children. I was an executive in a multi-million dollar corporation where I’d been working for over 17 years. I had what many people would consider a successful and good life. Nevertheless, I walked into my boss’ office the very next day and quit my job. I sold everything and moved back to Hawaii. I lived in a shack on the beach for three years. I went to sleep with sound of the waves and the song of the whales. I emptied myself. Eventually, my wife and I divorced. Everything I thought I knew crumbled away. That was the beginning of my “new” life.

I began to practice deep listening. Listening to my inner knowingness. Listening that told me when to go over and talk to someone. When to sit and be quiet. When to move. By listening, I surrendered to the call to leave Hawaii and go to New Zealand. It was there I found my teacher and the healing practices of the Maori elders. Through these teachings and the deepening of my listening, I began to hear the voices of my Kupuna (my ancestors). They told me they had been waiting to talk to me for a long time. I surrendered to the process and found that the more I listened, the more they talked to me and the more I learned to trust and follow their guidance.

In my work, my Kupuna tell me what a person is feeling and how the energy is running through their bodies. They show me what kind of “story” they are holding on to and the patterns that hold that story in place. They point to the places on someone’s body that are in pain or where the energy is blocked and they show me exactly how to help release it.

I feel blessed by the gift of the love and guidance of my Kupuna. In every aspect of my life, they show me how to love everyone and everything. They are the reason I am here. They are the reason I have dedicated my life to helping people.

Jul 02, 2021
Episode 123: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Dr. Barbara E. Milton Jr. (Heeding the Caregiver Call)

We had a deep conversation about Heeding the Caregiver Call: The Story of Barbara Ella Milton, Sr. and Alzheimer's Disease

In the fall of 2015, Barbara Sr. called her only child to ask for her help. Unbeknownst to her family, Barbara Sr. was already in the grips of Alzheimer’s. This book tells the story of Barbara Jr.’s journey as her mother’s caregiver and shares insights into the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual impacts of caregiving while fighting her own cancer. It also provides practical information to others who assume caregiving roles for their loved ones. Follow this mother and daughter’s journey through resentments and regrets, forgiveness and faith, laughter and love. Barbara Jr. promised her mother on her deathbed that she would tell her story. Here it is.

Dr. Barbara E. Milton, Jr. is a disabled, retired clinical social worker who for 40 years worked on behalf of at-risk children and families. She is living with bladder cancer and other chronic illnesses one day at a time. She continues to have a voice through her YouTube channel and other social media platforms. She uses her breath and her life in the service of her health, her healing, and putting love and hope into the world. She believes love can conquer hate. She believes in equality and justice for all matters. She lives in New Jersey with her wife, Kay, where she is busy writing several books about her life, her beloved mother, her social work career, and her research examining the content of the Slave Narratives. Together, they enjoy a rich life filled with family and friends.

You can purchase the book below for a good cause.

Jul 01, 2021
Episode 121: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Sarry Ibrahim - Bank On Yourself

Sarry Ibrahim created a concept called "Bank On Yourself" and the Infinite Banking Concept.

Check out his Thinking Like A Bank podcast.

Our podcast, Thinking Like a Bank™ talks about the core principles and strategies that banks use. We show you how you can apply these practices even if you’re not in the banking industry. Let’s face it, banks are really good at securing money as well as growing money. This is why we learned these strategies and why we want to share them with you. Tune in every week for a new episode with a special guest.
The core principles of Thinking Like a Bank™ include:
– Investing in real estate
– Saving on taxes/lowering your tax liability
– Having safe and predictable wealth
– Starting or running a business

Jun 30, 2021
Episode 120: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Maxine Watson (Founder of Pure Energy Holistic Wellness)

Join us for a connected conversation with Maxine Watson. We met through Next Level Trainings- An Emotional Intelligence and healing/self-discovery program. We went through Discovery and Breakthrough together.

These were my top 21 takeaways from our conversation. 
1.Actively receiving is giving.
2. Give, receive, take, and allow
3. Holding on wounds. 
4. My father didn't leave me- he left the situation.
5. Dad went back to Ireland to Heal.
7. How many of us let our 12-year-old brains affect us even when we are 38. 
8. Be careful of our self-fulfilling prophecies. 
9. Herohood and Victimhood. 
10. I love how Maxine was clear that she is Love.
11. Our most painful encounters have been with ourselves.
12. Mistakes are a beautiful thing.
13. Your parents aren't perfect.
14. Offer forgiveness and compassion.
15. Pendulum swings. 
16. We often spend faster, want more and more. Presence is what makes us happy.
17. Happiness with less- she is building Tiny Homes made out of recycled materials.
18. Our currency is freedom and time.
19. Think of the opportunity cost of being stuck in a job that we don't like
20. We tend to overcomplicate things.
21. Think, Act, Be

Here is one more for good luck.
22. Harvest the good out of the bad situations.

Maxine Watson has such positive energy and she is such a compassionate, kind, human being healing everyone she comes across. Reach if you have any feedback and if you would like to connect with her.

Jun 29, 2021
Episode 119: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Gavin Masumiya, CPC, ELI-MP (Founder of FlowFam)
Gavin helps progressive startups create a highly connected, inclusive & motivated team.
Gavin is a very intentional leader and I'm glad we crossed paves.

Check out his Instagram.

This is achieved through group coaching, communication exercises, and the timeless power of music.


"My name is Seibo Shen and I am the founder of Vapexhale, Hanu Labs, and BRNR Lab. I recently completed Gavin’s Find Your EDGE program and it has been a game-changer for me. The first week, we did the energetic release and I realized how little I allowed myself to vocalize certain emotions like frustration and anger. I realized that I held a lot of that tension in my shoulders, neck, and traps, and now that I have been doing those energetic releases, those areas are much more relaxed. Gavin is very skilled in creating safe spaces for you to explore all the different dimensions of yourself. Many times, you will go to areas that you didn’t know you had and that is the beauty with working with him. My life was already great before I did this, I have an awesome job, my wife is my soulmate, my kids are little angels, and I have a great tribe around me. Working with Gavin enhanced all of those things and after going through his program, I highly recommend it for anyone at any stage of your life. I truly believe, every day you wait to sign up for this course, is another day you delay finding the true purpose and meaning of your life."

Seibo Shen, Serial Entrepreneur featured in Forbes and Business Insider

"As a psychologist, I've been trained to observe human behavior and social interactions. Gavin presents with the epitome of a masterful conversationalist. He understands the art of communication and has a delicate but assertive approach to his craft. Gavin was able to help me frame my thought process in a way that would keep me accountable for meeting my goals. Through our sessions, he was very supportive and always knew how to acknowledge my efforts and perspective in a positive manner. His style made me feel comfortable opening up and be vulnerable with my issues. His coaching mirrors some of my own personal techniques with aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Solution Focus Therapy. I was very happy that I went through this process because it helped me discover ways of coaching myself. I would definitely recommend Gavin to anyone that would like to restructure their lifestyle and become a better version of themselves."

- Bryan Lam, School Psychologist

For business inquiries, email him:
Jun 28, 2021
Episode 118: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Sergio Torres and Frank Fallon on Masculinity
Join us on episode 118 of the Davidson Hang Podcast with Sergio Torres and Frank Fallon. I've met them through Landmark Worldwide. We share gratitude for each other and discuss the breakthroughs and triumphs we've generated throughout our time there.

We show that men can be able to talk about the deep things beyond the superficial matters.

Sergio and Frank started the Unmanly Manly Podcast.

Frank shares openly about his father being upset that he dropped out of college and not being able to communicate directly but he expressed his frustration through his wife.

Sergio shares about always being busy doing and how most men talk about sports because its safe to talk about sports. It doesn't require any real vulnerability. We discuss mental wellness and depression.

Sergio has recently graduated from NYU's Silver School of Social Work and has designed lesson plans and facilitated sessions on remote work, mindfulness, work/life balance.

He was a community health educator at Empire BlueCross BlueShield HealthPlus.

Frank is an artist, podcaster, and an amazing human being.

We got to share gratitude for each other.

if you would like to connect with both of them below. I've included their links.
Jun 09, 2021
Episode 117: Episode 117: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Crista Salvatore (Executive Coach)
Crista Salvatore is a seasoned leadership coach known for her expertise in helping executives, high-potentials, and professionals tap into their authentic style. Her clients produce exceptional result by leveraging their strengths and increasing their capacity to take action. For 10+ years, she has worked in talent and organizational development. Her experience has fostered proven results for her clients where she delivered practical learning solutions focused on leadership and team performance.

Crista takes an intuitive approach to coaching. Her strong insights and instinct foster self-awareness in individuals and teams. Clients receive a holistic view of themselves and leverage that understanding to improve their presence and performance. Crista’s coaching engagements enhance clients focus on their inner game: increasing their own confidence and maximizing their ability to make a meaningful impact in their organization. She coaches leaders on their self-management, emotional intelligence, presentation, and leadership/management skills.

Crista is certified on a variety of assessment tools: Voices 360, Hogan Assessments Systems, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and PDI Talentview of Leadership. She utilizes 360 degree feedback and other assessment data to identify both strengths and development priorities for the client. Through this process, she assists leaders in creating and implementing an action plan to further develop their skills to inspire a higher level of performance.

Crista graduated cum laude with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and a Business Studies minor at Providence College. She completed an Executive Education Program in Change and Consultation: Principles and Practices of Organization Development at Columbia University in 2011. She also completed a Professional Coaching Program from Coach New York at Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business in 2014.

Thank you Rajiv for connecting. Check out this episode if you are into becoming the best version yourself and if you have trouble setting boundaries. I enjoyed our conversation about giving your space to grow and owning your strengths.

If you would like to connect with her. Click here.
Or send her an email at

Jun 02, 2021
Episode 116: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Santa Victorio and Jackie Shao on Living a Fully Self Expressed ENFP life
Join us on a hilarious conversation with Santa Victorio and Jackie Shao. For those of you who do not know what MBTI- ENFP is. I've included the following description.

The ENFP personality type is one of the 16 different types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). People with this type of personality are often described as enthusiastic, charismatic, and creative. People with this personality type are very charming, energetic, and independent.

Some famous ENFPs are: Robin Williams, Dr. Seuss, Sandra Bullock, and Mark Twain.

If you would like to connect with Jackie and Santa, I've included their profile below.

Jackie is a life coach for creative entrepreneurs and her mission is to help people fully express themselves so that they can be the creative, innovative, brilliant people in all aspects of their lives.

She's a member of the Centre for Social Innovation NYC and her background includes being an Art Director for the Manhattan Marketing Ensemble and has done a lot of freelance graphic design and has interned for the Whitney Museum.

Santa Victorio is an Account Executive at the TemPositions Group of Companies. She's been a Program Leader for the City of Sacramento and was the president of Toastmasters. She's been the receipt of the Stephen Brophy Scholarship award and all 3 of us we graduated from Accomplishment Coaching- one of the world's finest Coaching Training Programs.

Davidson Hang is currently a Senior Transformation Consultant at CoachHub and has written books on Redefining Masculinity and The Great Pause- the blessings of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Apr 28, 2021
Episode 115: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Dr.Sheryl Hemmer(Next Level Trainings)
I'm so glad you were my coach during Next Level Trainings.

Next Level emotional intelligence leadership trainings draw on theories from psychology, neurolinguistics, neuroscience, sociology, and organizational development to support participants in unlocking their full potential. These are not boring classes, they are sophisticated, intensive, experiential workshops. The experience of them is fascinating, powerful, provocative and undeniably valuable. They are for people who are ready to create extraordinary results in their lives.

Thank you for your friendship and your consistency. Sheryl has such positive energy and she is such a giver. She's an amazing leader and everyone needs a Sheryl in their lives. I love your commitment to growth, discovery, and always being curious about the world of transformation.

Check out this episode. It will bring a smile to your face.

Apr 23, 2021
Episode 114: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Christopher Paige(A conversation about Race)
Join us for a conversation about race with Christopher Paige. We have a conversation that is much needed about compassion and supporting each other. Chris is an entrepreneur, director of prime endeavor and works at the NYC department of education.

I appreciate our friendship and he is also a contributor to our book that released on paperback this month called Redefining Masculinity. We explore the complex topics about being biracial, the relationships between Asians and Blacks, and many other topics that society doesn't often talk about.

Check this out to grow and be comfortable with having the conversation that not many are willing to have. What I took away from this conversation is compassion, truly putting yourself into someone's shoes and coming together and being willing to be curious about another person's experience.



Apr 16, 2021
Episode 113: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Ryan Johnson(LinkedIn Sales Solutions Account Executive)
Ryan is currently an Account Executive in LinkedIn Sales Solutions. For those of you who are not familiar, that is the Sales Navigator tool in the LinkedIn Suite of products.

Ryan Johnson discusses his mindset, his work ethic, humility, and tips on how to be successful as a Sales and Relationship Building Professional.

These are some of his accomplishments.
FY20: 130%
FY21 Q1: 131%
FY21 Q2: 214%

#1 in segment every quarter in role

He was an associate in the Business Leadership Program at LinkedIn. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from California Polytechnic State University and has won DECA International Career Development Conference awards and was a lot of the DECA International Association of Marketing Students.

Spotify for part 1 Episode 8
Mar 24, 2021
Episode 112: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Irvin Hsu(Zendesk Account Executive)
Irvin is an Account Executive at Zendesk, helping businesses provide a world-class customer experience. He's had a ton of success in his roles, even making Presidents Club.

2020 (President's Club Winner) - 125%
Q2 - 123%
Q3 - 115%
Q4 - 91%

SDR: 2019
Q1 ~ 130-250%
Q2 ~ 117-127%
Q3 ~ 105-198%
Q4 ~ 125-174%

Q1 ~ 105-136%

I'm struck by his humility and how data-driven his process is in sales.

The main takeaways from our conversation are how to have fun during our role and be adaptive to clients needs.
1. How important the discovery is
2. Humility
3. Work Ethic is a choice
4. What you can take away from Taiwanese culture
5. Creating a gameplan for success as an Account Executive
6. How to deal with burn out by being intentional about the ROI of your activities
7. Learning from everyone else
8. Taking a break from work
9. Planning
10. Mentality related takeaway- Being Positive reading mindset related books
Mar 16, 2021
Episode 111: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Liam Mercier (Gong Enterprise SDR)
I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Liam Mercier, who discussed what questions not to ask someone who is adopted.

We discussed topics about Why Sales? What Flockjay is and a meaningful career in sales.

Thanks for blessing the world with your beautiful gifts. This is a great episode for anyone thinking about pursuing a career in Tech Sales. The pros, the cons, and everything in between. If you want to connect with Liam - please do so below.

To join the Society of Asians in Sales and Customer Success. Join below.



LinkedIn group:
Mar 12, 2021
Episode 110: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Ryan Hall (Redefining Masculinity- part3)
I'm excited to have Ryan Hall back on the podcast his chapter in Redefining Masculinity.

Here is a link to the book we just published:

We appreciate your vulnerability and authenticity in discussing some of the darkest moments in your life with the world.

Ryan D. Hall is an author, podcaster, and life coach for Kings. As a coach, he's committed to supporting men to get into their hearts and Be Kings- the heart-centered leaders of the world.

As a storyteller and podcaster, he's committed to sharing stories of power, redemption, resilience, and heart.

These were some of the passages that really stood out to me.

"But that's not my truth.

My truth is that I AM the sensitive writer with a heart of hold. My truth is that I carry the quiet magnetism and charisma of my grandfathers. My truth is that I am a natural performer like my dad.

The measure of who I am as a man is what I see in the mirror every day. I don't have to change what I am to be my masculine best.

All I have to do is show up and Be Ryan.

I'll never have a rabid stadium with 100 thousand people chanting my name and cheering for me on national TV.

But I'm just as much of a man as any Heisman Winner."

Mar 09, 2021
Episode 109: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Alex Rado (LinkedIn Learning Account Executive)
Alex Rado is one of my teammates at LinkedIn Learning. He's such a positive and fun guy to be around. If you want to listen to a light and fun conversation with a guy who knows how to brighten up the place take a listen.

"Alex Rado continues to impress me. Alex’s sales ambition is through-the-roof and his growth mindset is inspirational. Beginning at OU (where he committed to learning the art and science of sales), Alex takes every opportunity to grow into an exceptional sales professional. Alex is organized and tenacious and goes into each week with a list of goals that he shares with his mapped AEs to ensure that we’re working towards the same endgame. He eagerly seeks out feedback and creates a game plan to implement that feedback. Best of all, the guy is a pleasure to work with! LinkedIn’s Global Sales Org is lucky to have Alex on the team." -Grace McGill

"Alex is simply an individual that makes those around him more successful both personally and professionally. He sets a terrific example through servant leadership that is contagious among those alongside him. It is no surprise that the Ohio University College of Business selected Alex to meet with prospective Ohio University students and their families' to provide valuable insight about his experiences at the university. This role allows Alex to leverage his enthusiasm, ability to inspire, and unparalleled communication abilities. It has been a pleasure being a peer of Alex's at Ohio University and any individual will be lucky to work alongside him in the future." -Liam Moore

Thank you for your leadership and I appreciate how you make coming to work a true joy. I appreciate your friendship my dude!

If you want to connect with him, please do so below.
Feb 26, 2021
Episode 108: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Kevin Wilhelm Redefining Masculinity
Kevin is one of the co-authors in our latest book called Redefining Masculinity: Visions for a New Way of Being.

We explore topics such as:
•Defining the word masculinity - both its negative and positive uses
•Moving beyond toxic masculinity
•The role of ethnicity and racism
•Expressions of faith
•Relating to the same and to opposite genders

Kevin is the President and CEO of Middlesex United Way. He's passionate to advance Middlesex United Way by cultivating leadership and partnerships, bringing resources together, and investing in the community, Middlesex United Way acts as a catalyst to achieve a measurable, positive impact in education, income, health, and housing.


Kevin's Linkedin:

Book link:

We are grateful to have reached Amazon Top Seller ranks in these categories
Gender & Sexuality in Religious Studies
Men's Health
Feb 24, 2021
Episode 107: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Nicki M Meditation
Nicki M is my meditation coach. I appreciate the space and the coaching that you provide me to help me step into my full self.

She's also a lecturer at California State University in Sacramento.

She has a Masters of Arts in Education, Behavorial Sciences, and Gender Equity Studies. We met through Tony Robbin's Unleash the Power from Within and I think you will enjoy this conversation about being the best version of yourself.

Why meditation and how it's helped both of us get through depression, anxiety, and negative self-talk.

Connect with her below:


Feb 23, 2021
Episode 106: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Khamila Alebiosu on Mentoring and Owning Your Destiny
Khamila is one of my favorite Relationship Managers at LinkedIn in the Talent Solutions division.

She's Courage, Heart, Passion, and overall an inspiring human being. She seeks to re-build, re-define, re-invent, and re-imagine social concepts such as community, education, and constructs like race, gender, and sexuality by means of entrepreneurship, digital media, and business platforms. She sees the power of technology, to break molds and bridge gaps, raise awareness, and she intends on being a change-maker in the industry.

I absolutely love our interaction you always leave the room feeling happier and more excited about everything in life. She also mentors and coaches people on a regular basis to shift their mindsets to ultimately live more fulfilled lives.

Thank you, Khamila for the light that you bring to the world. Check out this conversation if you want to be inspired and want to challenge yourself in all areas of life.

Connect with her on Linkedin and Instagram.
Feb 14, 2021
Episode 105: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Dee DiFatta- Your Daily Dose of PositiviDee
Dee DiFatta is a Perspective & PositiviDee Coach and Founder of A Dose of PositiviDee. After 49 years of life, 27 years living with Multiple Sclerosis, and 17 years working full-time in the insurance industry, Dee has become a catalyst for healing and positive change. Through private & group coaching, educational programs, published books, and speaking engagements, she helps people redefine their circumstances so they can break through their barriers and achieve boundless potential. She teaches the fundamental strategies necessary for people to free themselves from their limiting beliefs of the past and gain the confidence and courage to get realigned with their purpose so they can redesign their path forward.

As of today- her book is on Amazon Best Sellers #1 in Health & Spirituality, #1 Inner Child, #2 in Personal Transformation & Spirituality

Connect with her on LinkedIn at

Subscribe to her wonderful YouTube Channel Below!

What does it take to foster a grateful heart, to find a sense of peace, and to seek balance in the chaos?

In the midst of all the challenges and trials life can throw at you, it can be hard to slow down and take that vital beat - the one that lets you exhale, to reflect, to refocus.

Enter the PositiviDee method. In this lovely day-by-day book, author Dee DiFatta makes it easy. Simple thoughts and ways of framing your outlook are offered in daily bite-sized chunks. Just open to the day’s page and read…pause…reflect… and breathe. Then move on with your day, empowered to respond to whatever life throws at you.

This daily dose of PositiviDee gives you just enough. Just enough to give you that vital moment of reflection. Just enough to shape your day. Just enough that, with the smallest of steps, you will find you can make huge changes throughout a year.

Your Daily Dose of PositiviDee" is a compilation of inspirational quotes written during a time of self-discovery, AHA moments, and profound awakening. The author's intention is to support, encourage, and inspire readers on their journeys of self-discovery, spiritual enlightenment, and healing.
Feb 13, 2021
Episode 104: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Andre Whiteleather- The Art of Positive Living
Check out this episode if you want to be surrounded by more positive people in your life.

Andre is an Account Executive with LinkedIn Learning. He's had a ton of success in his sales career.

FY 2021 (July 2020-Present):
• #1 SMB Account Executive in NAMER for the month of July
• Exceeded Q1 quota in the month of July alone
• 200%+ attainment in Q1 (July 1-August 21), 430% attainment Q2 (October 5-December 31)

FY 2020 (July 2019-June 2020):
• #6 SMB Account Executive in NAMER
• #1 SMB Account Executive in NAMER WEST
• Most self-sourced deals in NAMER SMB
• Q3 Collaboration Award in NAMER AE
• NAMER Peer Nominated MVP Nominee
• 112% annual attainment; Q4: 138%

FY 2019 (March 2019-June 2019):
• 148% annual attainment

Many would say that he's one the happiest guys we know and he is always looking to serve his clients and be a resource for the team. I'm grateful to have your leadership on the team and I'm excited for you to continue smashing all of your career goals!

Top ten takeaways from this conversation
1. Have an appreciation and gratitude practice.
2. See the good in even the failures and obstacles.
3. Go outside your comfort zone and life is about achieving your goals and pushing yourself to grow everyday.
4. Life is much better as a team and in partnership.
5. There's so much good in the world if we are present in these moments.
6. Building your Professional Brand.
7. Keeping a healthy outlook in life.
8. What you put out there comes back to you tenfold.
9. How to have fun in Sales.
10. Trusting the process.
Feb 11, 2021
Episode 103: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Colin Yang (Commercial Account Executive at Box)
Join us for Episode 103 of the Davidson Hang Podcast- a podcast about becoming the best versions of ourselves through continuous growth and learning from the best of the best.

Colin Yang has achieved a lot in his time as an Account Executive. Here are some of his recent accomplishments.

FY21 Q2 - 222% Quota Attainment
FY21 Q3 - 161% Quota Attainment
FY21 Q4 - 220% Quota Attainment
FY21 - 199% Yearly Attainment

We discussed how adversity helped him be resilient as he is- What it's like growing up as an Asian male in our society. We challenge the traditional ways of looking at things and discuss the lucrative career opportunities in tech sales.

My top ten takeaways from this conversation are
1. Don't be afraid to go after your dreams and put yourself out there.
2. Learning from your past makes you a better person
3. The learning mindset that helps one become successful in life and in business.
4. Networking is equally as important as the results
5. The Benefits of location and living in Silicon Valley.
6. Creating community and how to build confidence.
7. The importance of mentorship.
8. Being intentional and thinking long term.
9. How successful people think about life.
10. Mental frameworks when overcoming adversity.



Feb 10, 2021
Episode 102: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Dukwon Lee(Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn)
Dukwon Lee is a Presidents Club Winner and an Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn.

He's achieved some pretty significant consistent results as a reliable professional. He's been a Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Epik Networks and was a Business Development Representative at Salesforce.

My top ten takeaways from our conversation are
1. How to leverage consistency by game planning and figuring out a repeatable process to ensure success.
2. How similar sales is to golf and most professional sports.
3. Cultivating a Growth Mindset
4. Reasons why there aren't many Asians in Professional Sales/ Tech Sales.
5. How to achieve 16 quarters of hitting your number.
6. Forecasting accurately
7. Unconcious bias and challenging your own internal identity and assumptions
8. Being thoughtful as a practice.
9. Going outside your comfort zone.
10. Being a professional.
Feb 05, 2021
Episode 101:The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Jane Liu
Jane is a Senior Talent Insight Consultant at LinkedIn.

We connected and discussed many topics around traveling the world. You want to be inspired and one of your goals is to travel more in life- tune in to this episode. You won't regret it!

Travel Blog and website:
FB Page:
Jan 12, 2021
Episode 99: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Lily Youn (Director of Sales - the Art of Management)
Lily is a Director of Sales at TeleVet located in Austin, TX. She now leads a new business sales team on a mission to restore work-play balance for veterinarians providing peace of mind for their clients.

Prior to TeleVet, she was a Director of Sales Development at Cision.

She worked her way up from being a Sales Development Representative to being a Senior SDR, Team Lead, then promoted to Manager of SDRs and then Manager II for SDRs at TrendKite which ended up being acquired by Cision.

She graduated from the University of Texas and has studied abroad in Japan.

These are some of her testimonials as a manager.

"Lily is one of the most hard-working, dedicated, and helpful leaders I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. She quickly rose through the ranks from SDR Manager to Director of Sales Development in just a few short months after she hired me on as an SDR at TrendKite (now Cision). In that time, I quickly learned how to have thoughtful conversations, manage my pipeline, and simply become a better sales rep. Her ability to drive results and lead by example is why I recommend Lily for any leadership role in any industry."

Lily is a fantastic leader. On the SDR team, we were always looking for Lily's feedback knowing that she was a master of her craft and also one of the most successful reps in the history of TrendKite. I’m grateful for my time to work underneath Lily and know she will continue to build great sales teams wherever she goes.

Check out this episode if you are curious about stepping into a managerial role and the skills and philosophy that has helped her promote many of her SDRs.

If you want to connect with Lily, please do so below.

Spotify link:


Nov 28, 2020
Episode 98: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Nick Tan(Agency Profits)
Nick is the Founder of Digital Contractor and founded the Agency Profits company.

Check out his Facebook group and you can join his community there.

Nick Tan has spent millions in advertising, Launched over 170 start-ups.
Successfully helped his clients hit 5 & 6 figures

Taken from his website:

So, what’s my secret?
I call it the New Age Agency Method™

I’ve never understood starting an agency the traditional way, hiring a bunch of employees, work with every type of business & have an expensive office.

Worst of all, only yielding 5-10% profit, with thousands spent in start-up costs.

My method focuses on ONE service, ONE niche & ONE solution.
The result?

Almost 100% margins, no employees & totally scalable!

Want to know the best part?

Completely location independent, I’ve been able to live all over the world while running my agency.

I have specifically designed this to help you start your own online business from scratch with ZERO business or technical experience.
What we do and teach, WORKS. It’s that simple.

Here is a bit more about Nick Tan.

I grew up in Malaysia for the first few years of my life and then moved to Canada.

So my family basically gave up everything in order to give me a better life.

Never had much growing up, so my whole life was aimed at having a high-paying job to secure my future.

For a long time, I really believed that this was my only path.

I realized I never wanted to be a lawyer.

So, I quit my 9-5 at a tech company and ditched law school.

I started my own digital advertising agency and have grown it to a point where I was able to travel to 15+ countries in the last 3 years while earning multiple 6 figures.

In those 4 years, I had a lot of downs but a lot of ups as well.

I didn’t have clients for months.

On certain days I really questioned my decision.

I had no choice but to make my business work.

It was either I prove everyone wrong and become successful….or prove everyone right and go back to a 9-5.

With my back against the wall, I was lucky and blessed to be able to prove everyone wrong.

Throughout the last couple years while I was living in Asia (couldn’t stay due to rona...)

I met a lot of people who wanted to replicate what I was doing.

So I started working with people to launch their own agencies.

After working with over 150 people over the last 2 years to launch their agencies, I’ve boiled it down to a simple system I call the “New Age Agency”.
Nov 25, 2020
Episode 97: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Prem Itharat (Pi Capital Management)
Prem is my financial concierge and I appreciate all of your help with everything!

Pi Capital Management offers Portfolio Management, Financial Advisory Services, and Financial Planning services. Our niche is the often underserved Young Professional who often can gain the most out of tax-efficient and early planning. Financial Coaching and Education are a key differentiation and we sit down and get to know individuals and families so that we can advise as best as possible. We aim to get you to financial independence through a conversational approach. We stay in contact frequently to ensure that if there are any changes to client's needs or the market environment we can adjust dynamically on a month to month basis. Please contact us to find out how we can help you meet your long term financial goals. ​ We work with clients across the entire wealth spectrum - whether you're just starting your first job or are retired or approaching retirement.

If you want to connect with him below.

Check out his website.
Nov 17, 2020
Episode 89: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Lea Chen (Social Media and Digital Marketing at IBM)
Check out Episode 89 of the Davidson Hang Podcast.

You would enjoy this episode if you want to be a high achiever and you are want to make a difference in the world and be able to find mentors and executive sponsorship.

Lea is a Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Strategist at IBM. She's a social media marketing lead at Crushing The Myth and the founder of a clothing line called AA Batteries. She has experience interning at NBC Universal and has worked for many fashion brands in her in NYC.

Join us in a conversation about diversity and breaking through the glass ceiling, and how Asian Americans can come together to support each other break through stereotypes.

If you would like to connect with her, please do so below.

Thank you, Lea, for helping us reframe social media and empower it to lift us up and discover new perspectives and to find community.
Nov 09, 2020
Episode 96: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Aditya Guthey (Career Performance Coach)
Join us on episode 96- Aditya and I discuss relationships, having better relationships through taking responsibility, and practicing communication.

Aditya is a speaker and a Career Performance Coach. The thing I appreciate the most about Aditya is his sense of humor. He knows how to light up a room and carry a presence.

You'll love this conversation if you have ever thought about moving to another country and if you are afraid of doing things that scare you.

This episode will motivate you to go out and try something different.

Check out his Youtube channel:

Here is his coaching website on transforming Engineers into Rockstars.

If you want to connect with him on LinkedIn click here.


Nov 08, 2020
Episode 95: The Davidson Hang Podcast (Brandon Ngai interviews Davidson Hang)
In this episode, we switch it up and Brandon- one of my closest friends interviews me.

These are the questions my friends and family have asked me about vulnerability, gratitude, self-development, community, relationships, and work ethic.

I would like to share gratitude for Aditya, Brandon, Edwin, Christina, Jeff, Juan David, Juan Camilo, Mike, Spencer, and Will.

I cried when watching the gratitude video that you have all made for me.

What was your initial motive to start your podcast and start interviewing people?

You’ve completed almost 100 interviews on your podcast so far. Edwin is curious – out of all of the interviews you’ve done, whether it’s lesson’s learned from others or lessons learned from simply interacting with so many people….what are some of your biggest takeaways?

Your sister, Christina, said that your vulnerability has changed a lot over time. Aditya mentioned that it’s one of the qualities he admires most about you, especially since you’re a man AND Asian, both of which don’t usually show much vulnerability. How has your sense of vulnerability evolved over time?

One thing that I find incredible about you, is the fact that I know you have hundreds, if not thousands of really good friends and meaningful relationships. Yet somehow, even though I know that… you have this ability to make each and every person you interact with like they’re the only person in the world. I’m just amazed, like how are you always SO Present in every single one of your interactions?

Someone recently told me, a healthy relationship isn’t a destination, it’s constant work. What were some of your biggest hardships with Sammy and how’d you work through them?

How would you define, being a good partner, or a good husband?

Now that you’re married, what are you currently working on to take your relationship to the next level?

Understanding your relationship with your father. Edwin and I were talking and he had a great question. What does being a good father mean to you?

What is it about Sammy that makes you want to fight through all of the hardships with her?

Work Ethic:
Will say’s that one of the things he admires the most about you is your work ethic. He said he feels overwhelmed when he has like 20 things on his to-do list, meanwhile, you probably have 50 at any time. Between writing a book, sending out handwritten notes, coaching, doing your podcast, being a top performer at LinkedIn, and being a loving husband… how do you manage it all?

In sales, it’s super common to move from job to job… how do you know when it’s time to move on?

Jenny told me you’ve always been a hustler – that you worked job after job since before the age of 16. Can you tell me about where your work ethic came from and some of these odd jobs when you were younger?

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve taken away from all of your jobs?

You’ve done a TON of self-development, whether it’s Landmark, reading books, therapy, meditation, etc… Even with all of the self-development you’ve done… what areas of yourself, or your life, are you currently focused on growing and developing?

How would you define masculinity and how has it changed throughout his life?

Have you had any big turning points in your life? If so, can you expand one them?

I want to talk about the community for a bit and what it means to you. Can you tell me about the Asian Alliance Program you’ve created at LinkedIn?

Can you share some of your thoughts on Asians in Sales?

Your sense of gratitude is amazing. How does gratitude play into your day to day life?

How do you practice gratitude on a daily basis?

What are you most grateful for today?

What’s next? Anything

Nov 08, 2020
Episode 94: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Evan Kelsay (How to Win Mega Deals)
Check out this episode if you want to learn how to sell larger deals. Evan is a Senior Director of Global Accounts at Seismic Software.

Evan and I met through the Sales Success Community. He was a Global Account Executive at LinkedIn.

Check out this episode if you want to sell larger deals and be able to get other stakeholders involved.

Thank you Scott for the Sales Success Stories podcast for the inspiration to help me release so much awesome content from listening to your initial interview with Evan.

These are some of Evan's raving reviews and I can certainly relate to why people love him.

"Evan is the most quintessential example of a "Relationship Manager" that I've ever had the privilege to partner with over the past 10 years of my career.

In healthcare, relationships are the core of our mission and vision - our entire model of care is based on the importance and vitality of the relationship between the care-giver and the patient. The way that Evan approaches our relationship is no different. His ability to quickly build relationships, understand/assess our challenges, needs, goals and then suggest recommendations that are right for Mount Sinai have been paramount to the successes and wins we've celebrated together.

Evan and the entire team at LinkedIn continue to bring forward solutions that not only help us connect with the right talent at the right time, but also more global solutions that will be critical in our quest to revolutionize patient care here in NYC and beyond.

Thank You Evan - while I proudly consider you a partner in this journey we are on together, it's my privilege to also call you a friend. Keep up the great work!"

"I have had the pleasure working with Evan for the past four years. I have seen him rise up the ranks at, developing into one of the premiere sales representatives in the company.

Evan has the innate ability to take complex ideas and translate them to clients in a manner that is thoughtful and applicable.

He is a star on the rise and has the opportunity to be true leader at any company that is fortunate enough to have him."
Nov 05, 2020
Episode 93: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Dean Karrel and Ben Nussbaum on Mentality and Mindset
Check out this episode if you are struggling with keeping your sanity during these times.

If you are someone who is always giving to others and haven't made time for yourself.

This episode about being in Professional Sales. Emotional Intelligence, the good, the bad, and the ugly of being in tech sales.

Many of us think of it as a glamorous job getting paid the big bucks. We discussed why sales is a career that is so rewarding but lessons we've learned from our experience so far and how not to equate your value as a human being based just purely on results. It's an episode about knowing your worth and being of service in the world.

It's a conversation about mental health and why taking care of your mindset is huge because of everything that is going on in the world- we explore this deeply and I'm grateful for both of your contributions.

If you would like to connect with Dean and Ben, please do so below.

Dean is a Career Development Coach and is a Sales Trainer with his own company called The Skyridge Group and Ben is a Mid-Market Relationship Manager with LinkedIn Learning.

Subscribe to my channel if you found the content to be valuable and useful.


Nov 02, 2020
Episode 92: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Chris Blatnik (Relationship Manager at LinkedIn Learning Solutions)
Chris is one of my dear friends at LinkedIn.

He's certainly an interesting fellow, having worked in international development projects in 12 different countries across (including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kosovo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, El Salvador, the Philippines, and India).

Chris won the Rookie of the Year award voted by his North American peers in LinkedIn Learning Solutions. He was the 2nd ranked performing Relationship Manager in 2020 in his segment and has hit four consecutive quarters with over his quota attainment.

These are some of his recommendations.

"I had the honor to supervise Chris during his time as a Project Coordinator in the DAI Home Office. Throughout our time working together, he displayed an excellent work ethic and a strong eagerness for Project Management experience and knowledge. We worked closely together on an agricultural Millennium Challenge Corporation funded project in Ghana, and Chris was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure every assignment was completed in an efficient and timely manner. He showed tremendous ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously and deliver on extremely time-sensitive deadlines. He was also always willing to help out the team in any way necessary throughout his time as a Project Coordinator, and this made him a great asset to the Economic Growth sector. I would greatly enjoy working with him again and would recommend him for any future opportunities."

Julie: "Chris' professionalism and company knowledge make him a great person to work with. He has a strong sense of urgency while maintaining a realistic, big picture perspective. Chris has a great sense of humor that makes working with him fun and easy."

If you would like to connect with him below, feel free to send him an invite and let him know your takeaways from this conversation.

Check out this episode for tips on how to make Presidents club on consistency, going above and beyond for his clients, and having a service mentality.

Oct 27, 2020
Episode 91: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/John Kenny (The Relationship Guy)
Join us one of the most important topics in our lives.

John Kenny is a Relationship Expert and he helps Single High Achievers Struggling to Find a Great Relationship.

Relationship Coaching with a difference...

He is the Founder of Interpersonal Relationship Coaching (IRC), Speaker, Author and is Documentary Maker.

Taken from his profile.

"You know that relationships can be difficult and distracting, stopping you from focusing on yourself, your business and interfering with your ability to function.

Have you felt manipulated into doing what previous partners wanted all of the time, was it all about them?

Perhaps you couldn't be yourself because they expected you to act a certain way and didn't accept you when you were trying to be you.

Were they constantly on the phone, needing to know where you were, what you were doing, who you were with?

All of these things just got overwhelming at times, you didn't know which way to turn or what you were supposed to be doing, or who you were supposed to be?

Now you have given up on finding someone due to those difficulties you have experienced in the past and want to know how to avoid these relationships in the future?

Have you been focusing on your business/career and now want to balance out your life with a quality relationship?

Or you have other reasons why you haven't found something easy, fulfilling and committed?

You have achieved in life and now I can help you to find the relationship you want moving forwards.

'I started working with John very recently as I realised during lockdown that it would have been great to have someone to spend some quality time with, not out of desperation or that I felt lonely, I just knew something was missing and I had neglected that side of my life.

John has helped me realise why I had chosen to take this path. I now know I was avoiding relationships because of the disastrous outcomes in my past.

I didn't realise I was so complex!
I am now looking forward to meeting someone knowing I will never need to go through that again'. JS

As an ex-international athlete I understand commitment and dedication, but also how to self-sabotage!

I offer a unique service because of my own life and client experiences, as well as my professional qualifications.

If I had a coach to help me understand myself and improve what I was doing then I would have achieved what I was capable of and avoided years of pain in very difficult relationships."

Call me on 07709 350019, message me here on LinkedIn, or email

If you would like to reach out to him, please do so below.

Oct 26, 2020
Episode 90: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Aaron Fung
Join us in a thought-provoking conversation about challenging our beliefs to grow and become the best version of ourselves possible.

Aaron is an HR Value Advisor with SAP SuccessFactors. His strength Finder's results are Woo, Communication, Strategic, Arranger, and Empathy.

He is the founder of CoachingAF and was the Global Culture Lead with the LinkedIn Asian Alliance.

I enjoyed our conversation about travel, coaching, finding mentors, and building community.

Aaron was trained under the Co-Active Coach Training Program and is currently the VP of Corporate Development in the Midwest Chapter with Ascend Leadership.

If you want to connect with him, please do so below.
Oct 23, 2020
Episode 60: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Leo Familia on Breaking through Barriers (Universal Expressions- former Collegiate Basketball Player)
Leonel Familia, Founder is the CEO of Universal Expressions ®

NASMTM National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
NCSF TM National Council of Strength & Fitness Certified Personal Trainer
TRXTM Suspension Training Certified Coach

We had a conversation about breaking through barriers, what it was like being a collegiate basketball player, and how to leverage other's expertise to help you reach your goals.

Check out his website for more information.
Oct 16, 2020
Episode 88: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/David Wodnicki(Winner of the Drive the Growth Agenda Award)
Excited to introduce to you all, David Wodnicki.

He is humor, fun, partnership, joy, and has a genuinely authentic way of being that makes you want to be around him.

He is a little bit about David.

"I have embraced the same principle from the first company I have worked for: Relationships matter, and if you take care of your employees and your customers, great things will come.

My passion for building relationships has brought me to my current role as one of the first Microsoft LinkedIn overlay positions. As a Microsoft Relationship Account Strategist, I help educate financial service organizations on how to leverage our powerful new digital selling software to strategically engage with the right person, the best path in, and the right thing to say in order to drive new business and revenue.

Having access to the most powerful professional network in the world enables Microsoft and LinkedIn to radically change the way our customers sell."

David is currently a Microsoft Relationship Account Strategist in the Financial Services sector. He was an Enterprise Relationship Manager and an Enterprise Account Executive with LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

Prior to LinkedIn, he was an Enterprise Sales Manager with Avalara. He's been a director of sales and Business Development with Jacoby & Meyers, National Account Manager w/ DHL.

Here is what people say about David.

Michael: "David is one of the most hard-working and persistent sales representatives that I have had the pleasure of working closely with. His dedication to creating and maintaining business relationships has resulted in him being one of, if not the top outside sales rep within our company. David's commitment to a high-level of performance has helped our department establish several of our most valuable accounts."

Michael N.:"David is one of the most talented sales professionals that I have ever worked with. He is a true consultant to his clients, and his sales numbers always show it. He understands it is all about the customer; David gives his customers top notched service, and is also an invaluable resource. His customers look to him for questions about our products and services and business questions outside the realm of our business. To me that show that David brings ultimate value to the equation. With that said, his customers are honored to work with him, and his teammates look up to him, and I would most definitely recommend him for anyone lucky enough to scoop him up!"

If you want to reach out to him, please do so below.
Oct 16, 2020
Episode 85: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Ivana Pham (Asana, LinkedIn, and Facebook)
One of the best things about working for LinkedIn is meeting one of my favorite people in the world- Ivana Pham. We discussed a bit about imposter syndrome, being our best selves, and having a growth mindset.

It's funny how we both shared that some of our weaknesses became our biggest strengths. I'm so happy that you found a company that appreciates you so much.

I'm super excited about your journey.
Some of Ivana's extraordinary accomplishments are listed below. • Sourced $438K in revenue for Q4 of FY20, and tied in first place in terms of attainment (123% of quota) • Sourced $110K in revenue for Q3 of FY20 and hit 130% of quota • Successfully attained 100% of quota each quarter at the Santa Clara She was an SMB Account Manager Intern at Facebook President of Changing Communities, VP of Speech and Chair for Thematic Interpretation for Speech and Debate.

She is such a pleasure to be around and excludes positive energy in all of her commitments and projects.

Check out this episode of two friends having a good time and distilling the essence of a growth mindset.

Oct 09, 2020
Episode 84: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Alyssa Gerontides (Top LinkedIn Learning Account Executive)
Check out a conversation with our Top Account Executive in the LinkedIn Learning SMB segment Alyssa Gerontides

She's hit over 450% of her Q1 number, which is such a fantastic feat. She's kind, compassionate, and is extremely passionate about helping her business partners succeed. We tap into why she is passionate about helping people out and how she can excel in her role.

Additionally, these are some of the accomplishments and awards she has been recognized for: Collaboration, Culture, Leadership, Leverage, Relationships, & Giving Back.

Check out this episode if you want to be inspired and learn tips on how to become a better human being in general.

Thank you, Alyssa, for all of your contributions to LinkedIn and beyond. Your leadership is inspiring to us all.

Oct 08, 2020
Episode 83: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Linda Lin (Customer Success Leader)
Linda is brilliant. She's helped companies grow from $50-750M+ in pre and post IPO stages.

She's led Corporate and Mid Market Account Management at Zendesk and was the first Customer Success hire at slack and had led Customer Success Strategic Programs and has helped scale Customer Success to over 250+ employees.

Her superpower is being able to help companies build world-class Customer Success Programs, methodologies, and teams.

You will enjoy this episode about coaching, success, and tips on how to thrive no matter what role you are in.

You can connect with her below and be sure to mention that you listened to this podcast episode.
Oct 02, 2020
Episode 82: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Brian Mauro (Large Enterprise Account Executive)
Brian Mauro is one of the highest revenue-generating Account Executive at LinkedIn Learning. I'm excited to share his wisdom with you all.

Sep 29, 2020
Episode 71: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Rebecca Okamoto on Handling Objections through Focus
Rebecca shows us how to get promoted and get internal buy-in. This episode is for any individual contributors who would want to pursue a management path. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world. She is an advocate for Asian leaders to step up and, through practicing clear and concise communication, being able to rise through corporate politics.

(v): to unlock hidden, untapped, and unrealized potential.
In her own words.
"My mentor taught me the importance of goals and high expectations. From there I learned to strive for excellence and to have the courage to try. I learned that people want to be led and led well and will rise to the occasion to do the impossible. I learned to be a leader.

I became the first Asian American woman in P&G's Supply Chain function to be promoted to the top 1% of management. I was the first woman manager of Japanese descent to lead a supply chain organization in P&G Japan. I had an amazing corporate career because once upon a time, someone saw the extraordinary in me, something I didn't see in myself, and unlocked my potential.

Now I'm on a mission to unlock potential.


I launched to help you exceed, and achieve your "I CAN" moments. I’m looking forward to connecting with you. Together, let's evoke extraordinary!

Sep 26, 2020
Episode 80: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Amy Hrehovcik
Amy is a wonderful human being. She has 8+ years of B2B enterprise selling experience and 6+ years of Sales Enablement experience creating cultures of continuous skill development, scaling programs, and driving quantifiable results.

In her own words:
"I have a bias for empowerment, kindness, giving, open access to information, and data-driven action. I have a knack for measuring the very hard to measure and aspire to inspire those around me.

I love the mission of Sales Enablement and believe the time spent to be a force multiplier for revenue-generating efforts. I feel thankful every day for the opportunity to grow killer go-to-market teams and the enterprise SaaS technology companies and clients they support.

And how I see my leadership style, said by Clayton M. Christensen much better than I could:

"Instead of telling him what to think, I taught him how to think -- and then he reached what I felt was the correct decision on his own."

I'm grateful for our friendship and our conversations are always so thought-provoking. We discussed many topics about burn out in sales and diversity within sales leadership.

If you want to connect with her, please do so below.
Sep 25, 2020
Episode 79: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Hayden Humphrey
Oh man! I think you enjoy this convo with Hayden Humphrey.

This one is for all of the recovering people pleasers out there.

We had a conversation about being able to say No, disrupting the scripts in our lives based on societal norms, and doing what other people want us to do.

Here is a blurb from Hayden.

"I spent years "doing the right thing." I got all the accolades, got the great job at the great company, lived in a great city... but everything felt off.

I was frustrated, anxious, and felt like I was wasting my time and potential at a job that looked good on paper, but that I didn't really enjoy all that much. I decided I would rather TRY to leave and do my own thing (and possibly fail), than spend anymore time feeling stuck, stressed, and straight up bored. So In 2017, I jumped...

Now I help people like me make the jump into a life by their own design. One where they:

- Get to do whatever they want with their days.
- Feel fulfilled, empowered, and like their making a difference in the world.
- Create the wealth they want the way they want it.
- Have a hell of a lot more fun, and totally eliminate burnout and overwhelm.

My clients in transform their lives completely - creating an external reality that is a direct reflection of who they are at the core."
Sep 19, 2020
Episode 78: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Rebecca Okamoto (Founder and principal of Evoke Pro)
Rebecca Okamoto is the founder and editor of, a virtual mentor for career insights and leadership development. She believes that in every person there is hidden and unrealized potential waiting to be tapped.

Rebecca is a former P&G supply chain executive who led organizations across North America, Latin America, and Asia. She spanned multiple industries like Beauty, Snacks, and Paper, and participated in the leadership teams from small acquisitions to billion-dollar brands. She also developed corporate programs for retaining talent and reversing attrition.

Today Rebecca is the Principal of REO Consulting and specializes in developing supply chain solutions that drive top and bottom-line results. In addition to writing and editing for, Rebecca is a speaker and popular mentor, and a member of the Northern California chapter of the Network for Executive Women.

She's a mentor and an amazing leader and I'm so grateful to have her in my life. Enjoy! Reach out to her if you have any questions.
Sep 17, 2020
Episode 76: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Brittany Luna (Healer, Intuitive Coach, and Therapist)
I'm excited to bring to you Episode 76 of the Davidson Hang podcast w/ Brittany Luna.

Brittany is an intuitive coach, healer, medium, and therapist. She opens up about how she struggled with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and low self-esteem. Meeting her today, you cannot ignore her positive energy and her ability to manifest anything in her life. Brittany also has her own YouTube Channel called Get Your Shift Together.
Be sure to check her out on Social. You'll learn something new.

Check out her website.

You'll enjoy this episode if you are afraid of putting yourself out there. If you want to create your YouTube channel and you haven't because you are afraid of looking bad, then you'll definitely learn something from our conversation about being your most authentic self and take action despite your fears.


Subscribe on Spotify:

Sep 02, 2020
Episode 75: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Jay Singh
Jay is an associate on the Business Development and Product Partnerships team at LinkedIn.

We connected through Shantel Buford, and he has his own blog and newsletter about self-care, mindfulness, and is an extremely compassionate person.

We really connected when we first spoke, and I'm glad we crossed paves. He is also participating in the Redefining Masculinity Book Program I'm running with a bunch of other people.

I enjoyed our conversation about creating spaces where men can speak openly about their feelings and insecurities.

Reach out to him below if you would like to connect to chat with more about anything at all.
Sep 02, 2020
Episode 74: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Julie Tran(Founder of Leading AF)
Julie was dropping so many knowledge bombs that I had to have her back on the podcast. We had a deep conversation about being addicted to self-development success and our journeys/ how far we've come.

Check this out if you are someone who is crushing it on paper but feels like there is still something missing...
Aug 31, 2020
Episode 73: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Eric Grant Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn Linkedin on Cultivating a Growth Mindset
Eric Grant is a Senior Customer Success Manager with LinkedIn Learning. He exemplifies a growth mindset. I enjoyed learning about his world travels and how he approaches his childlike wonder and curiosity. I'm fortunate enough to be his friend and his support means the world to me.

Everyone needs an Eric Grant in their life to help you pursue your passions and dreams.

Thanks for sharing your stories about living in South Korea, Mexico City, traveling all over Asia, Chicago, SF, LA, New Orleans, and NYC.

Check out this episode if you are afraid of doing something, but you know that there is more to life than what you currently have right now.

Connect with him on LinkedIn below.

Please share with me your takeaways in the comments below.

Aug 28, 2020
Episode 72: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Julie Tran(Founder of Leading AF)
Julie is one of my dearest friends. I remember her helping me out during my most dire times. Her random act of kindness shifted the way I started to see the world. She helped me with another breakthrough of being able to ask for support.

This is why she is so passionate about her leadership coaching practice.

Why am I doing this? Look around - how many Asians do we see represented in senior leadership positions, starting businesses, or just going for their dreams? When you do, it's the exception and not the norm. I'm CONVINCED this is largely due to generations of cultural conditioning which has ingrained limiting beliefs in our subconscious, creating a thick bamboo ceiling on our potential. These same hallmark qualities that we love and hold dear (like working hard and being humble) have given us MASSIVE success, AND let's be honest - it also LIMITS us.

Check this out if you are looking for inspiration and good vibes all around.

Julie is one of my dearest friends. I remember her helping me out during my most dire times. Her random act of kindness shifted the way I started to see the world. She helped me with another breakthrough of being able to ask for support.

If you would like to connect with us, do so below.

These my top ten takeaways from our conversation during episode 72 of the Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Julie Tran

For context, Julie and I first met through the Chinese Business Advisors networking group that Mindi and Monica put together. I met them when I was work at Alphaserve Technologies.

I remember going through some tough times; I was going through depression and felt lost. I remember feeling like my life was not working, and I put together a GoFundMe. Her kindness touched my heart and opened me to being able to ask for help. She also inspired me to get deeply involved with Landmark- a life coaching and personal empowerment program where I volunteered and met her through that community again years later.

Her being and leadership were evident when she kindly paid for another person's transformation, whom she just met that day. Keep in mind, these programs are not exactly cheap, but so worth it as some of my most significant shifts have occurred during Landmark seminars and programs.

1. Laws of Attraction- she helped get me into positive thinking and manifesting your dreams.

2. Never give up on your dreams- she was not able to have kids and it really caused her to be sad and down in life but she pursued being a foster parent and it has really transformed her in a big way.

3. Lose yourself in service of others- Julie and I sit on the associate board of the Orphans Future Alliance and being able to know that you are impacting so many less fortunate than you are puts you in a good state of mind because at the end of the day you know you make a big difference in the world.

3. Practice being raw, authentic, and vulnerable. Of course, it's easy to criticize and judge others. Anytime I see myself being hard on others, I know that its a reflection of myself, and when I say anything about others, it's also how I feel about myself. That's why every interaction with Julie is filled with praise and positivity because at the end of the day, we support each other, and leadership is sometimes a lonely journey, especially if you are disrupting something as big as a movement as breaking the Bamboo ceiling.

4. Invest in yourself- She's committed to so many coaching and personal empowerment programs. It shows as she is growing and evolving every day, every month, every year.

5. Build a community- She's created a Facebook group and has fostered a community. When you empower others' success, there is no better feeling in life, knowing that you've helped sourced so many people to reach for their dreams and step outside their comfort zone.

6. Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo- She doesn't always have the most comfortable conversations with herself and others, but is it worth it to tell the world how painful it was to not be able to have kids? Yes, because there are so many people in the world that struggle with the shame of not being able to have kids. She's open to sharing the beautiful experience of being a foster parent. No, it's not easy, but it's so rewarding.

7. Take time to yourself to unwind and have fun- I remember her doing a silly dancing challenge and laughing/smiling when I saw her doing that. Life is hard enough- take some time to relax and have a good time. Don't forget that we are fortunate to be alive right now. Despite the circumstances, it's always a blessing to be alive and healthy to read this.

8. Enroll others in a mission bigger than yourself- All of the work we've for the Orphans Future alliance, she's helping others, and I know she's helped other members join the associate board and in sharing her passions- others being interested in this journey as well. Never did I think that I would help out Orphans in Southeast Asia in my life but here we are doing things that I would never even think about.

10. Put family first- Despite all of the fantastic things she's up to, she always puts family first, and it sets an excellent example for the kids that no matter what, my love for you comes first.

Subscribe if you enjoyed this inspiring episode.



Thank you, Julie! I want to acknowledge you for our friendship, your love for yourself, and everyone in the world, and your spiritual connection to the universe is inspiring. :)
Aug 28, 2020
Episode 70: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Lesley Chen-Young (Founder of Common Wealth Coaching)
Lesley is the Founder at Common Wealth Coaching, She believes that you do not have to be a 'money person' to live a full and happy life, fueled by the best principles, systems, and habits when it comes to money. She coaches individuals, speaks to groups, and produces a weekly podcast to help young professionals develop confidence and establish lifelong financial stability and success.

Check out her Linkedin if you want to connect with her to stay in touch.

She's also a partner at ThinkTank- a collaborative community dedicated to learning and disseminating resources to enable collective economic, professional, and personal development for Black people in the US.

Check this out if you are interested in empowering money to help you live your most fulfilling life.
Aug 27, 2020
Episode 69: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Liam Moore (Common Wealth Coaching and the Seeds Podcast)
Thank you, Alex Rado, for connecting us. Liam is a brilliant and thoughtful leader. We work together at LinkedIn in different offices. Liam is a subject matter expert coach for Common Wealth Coaching. I enjoyed our conversation about the many types of wealth and how you define it is unique to every individual. Being able to discuss it openly and early on helps you clarify your goals to reach them more quickly.

Check out this episode if you are curious about how you can reach financial freedom earlier.

Check out their podcast if you are interested in learning more about trading money for happiness.
Aug 20, 2020
Episode 68: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Michael Eck SuperHero Life Coach, Cancer Survivor
Michael is a SuperHero Life Coach. His story is so inspiring. Check this out if you want to take control of your life and want to learn how to own and take responsibility despite being dealt a bad hand and he was dealt a very bad hand.

Michael is a cancer survivor with addiction recovery experience, and a martial arts and fitness instructor, I work with people battling physical and other illness who seek lifestyle transformation, as well as guiding clients to achieve life-changing relationship, career, and other goals.

We graduated from Accomplishment Coaching together, an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited program (ACTP), widely regarded as an excellent coaching program.

He's also writing a memoir about thriving through the process of surviving cancer, with an emphasis on the healing powers of positive thought, intention, connection, and action, the elements of personal SuperHeroism employed in his life coaching work.

He's also written magazine articles and spoken in a variety of professional settings on topics such as Personal Empowerment, Stress Management, Time Management, Customer Service Excellence, and Wellness, and authored The ABCs of SuperHeroism.

Prior company founding or co-founding and management experience includes: SuperHero Martial Arts Academy; Chatham Printing Company, Inc., Eck Mailing Services; Fast Forward Video; Eck Brothers Superhero Renovators, and Mad Dawg's Rock n' Roll Saloon.

You are in for a real treat!

If you want to check out the video, here is the YouTube Link.
Aug 07, 2020
Episode 67: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Stefan Karadzic -Founder of After Ego
Stefan's purpose in life is to help people live productive and stress-free lives.

By blending the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation with scientific curiosity, he is on a mission to make calmer and compassionate humans.

After Ego is a holistic wellbeing passion project of mine. Stefan is bringing together modern science and ancient wisdom to create a holistic approach to optimizing mind, body, and spirit.

Read more about it at
Aug 06, 2020
Episode 66: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Elizabeth Hall, CPC, ELI-MP, ACC
Elizabeth is a Certified Intuitive Eating and Body Image Life Coach.

We discussed life coaching and our relationship to food. We discussed many topics around living our best lives and being able to practice intuitively, trusting ourselves, and being in tune with being in touch with ourselves.

If you want to connect with Elizabeth, please do so below.
Jul 27, 2020
Episode 65: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Kristi Sullivan (Wellness/health advocate, yoga instructor, human design/communications practitioner, holistic/nonprofit business consultant, marketing advisor, resource connector)
Kristi is a Wellness/health advocate, yoga instructor, human design/communications practitioner, holistic/nonprofit business consultant, marketing advisor, resource connector in
West Hartford, Connecticut

We connected through our book releasing soon called the Great Pause.

We discussed the value of self-care and being in touch with your higher purpose.

We discussed communication and human design and the different types of energies and how we function together in the world to reach our goals.

There are interesting opportunities that challenge us in our most uncomfortable times are often the ones where we can grow the most from those moments.

If you would like to connect with her, please do so below.
Jul 19, 2020
Episode 64: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Dr. Davia Shepherd Master Connector, Speaker, Author, Retreat Leader, Optimal Life Coach
Join in a conversation about starting a movement, combining being a scientist with the more spiritual aspects of being a mother, healer, and connector.

We discussed prioritizing family, setting boundaries and Human Design.

If you find yourself in the cycle of working too hard and not having the time to have it all listen to this conversation.

We are excited to release our book The Great Pause coming soon.

Thank you Liz for connecting us through this book. It will change so many lives.
Jul 18, 2020
Episode 63: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Ryan Hall (Writer, author of Soul-R Powered podcast)
Join us in a conversation about transformation, practicing being raw and vulnerable- how to step into your creative greatness!

Ryan and I met through a coaching program we did together called Accomplishment Coaching.

Check out this book if you are ever thinking about writing a book or starting your own podcast.
Jul 03, 2020
Episode 62: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Mark Hunter (Being comfortable with discomfort)
Mark Hunter, MCC is the published author of The Brink-How Great Leadership is Invented- he taught me that leadership is a choice/decision.

We discussed how leaders can lean into discomfort in order to have impact and change occur at their organization.

Mark and I met during a program called Accomplishment Coaching and he was our Senior Program Leader in

Accomplishment Coaching is a leading national Coach Training Program that is one of only 52 in the world that are accredited by the International Coach Federation.
Jun 30, 2020
Episode 61: The Davidson Hang Podcast/ Thamina Stoll(Allyship and Growth)
Thamina is a Senior Strategic Advisor for LinkedIn Learning Solutions | Proud Duke Alumna | Feminist | Sports Aficionada | Bold Visionary

I enjoyed our conversation growing up in Germany, graduated from a US college and then moving to Dublin.

Thamina is a very talented fellow LinkedIn Learning rep and I'm excite to share with you our insightful conversation.

If you would like to connect with her, please do so below.

Jun 30, 2020
Episode 59: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Leah Smart
Leah is one of LinkedIn's Learning and Development Partners.

We discussed spirituality and how we can use these interesting times to reinvent ourselves.

Check this out if you are interested in integrated conscious to how it serves you to be more successful in your goals to live a much more fulfilling life.

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, and I know you will too.

This is a great episode if you are into self discovery and leveling up in life and finding your Ikigai.
Jun 24, 2020
Episode 58: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Anu Jain, Isha Sharma, and Vishu Patel
I'm pumped to bring you- 3 rock star Relationship Managers at LinkedIn.

We talk about empowering yourself, finding mentorship, and how to improve your executive presence. Thank you for sharing your nuggets of wisdom for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in Professional Sales.

They all hit their annual quota despite selling in the world of COVID. That's really inspiring.

There were many takeaways from this conversation.

1. Don't be afraid to challenge your clients to see a different perspective to help solve their problems.
2. How do you show up in the room?
3. Breaking the status quo
4. Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions
5. Never Apologize for taking space
6. Practicing fearlessness
7. Be intentional and take action for finding mentors
8. Combine your hard skills with soft skills
9. Taking Intelligent Risks
10. Having a strong agenda to start the meeting

Anu Jain is a Relationship Manager in LinkedIn Sales Solution.

These are some of her achievements at LinkedIn.
- 2020 President's Club Award Winner - Top 5% Global Performers in Sales & Revenue Growth at Linkedin
- 2019 President’s Super Club Award Winner - Top 5% Global Performer in Revenue Growth at Linkedin.
- Closed over $1.3M in annual recurring revenue
- 121% of quota attainment in FY20
- 156% of quota attainment in FY19

If you would like to connect with Anu, please do so below.

Isha is an Enterprise Relationship Manager in LinkedIn Talent Solutions

These are some of Isha's accomplishments.
I have the privilege of enabling my ~50 Strategic Enterprise clients to leverage LinkedIn insights and its 690M+ members to solve their pressing business goals.
• Club Winner (Top Sales Performer) in a Global Pandemic
• 2019 & 2020 – Highlighted as a top performer in North America segment
• Received Leverage Award for packaging and presenting a playbook on how to collaborate across LinkedIn business lines, resulting in ~$1M of business for individual team

if you would like to connect with her, please do so below.

Vishu is Strategic Relationship Manager at LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Vishu is a presidents club winner and is consistently one of the top Relationship Managers at LinkedIn.

if you would like to connect with her, please do so below.


Jun 24, 2020
Episode 57: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Austin Henline (Virality on LinkedIn)
Global Sales Intern @ LinkedIn ▪️ TEDx Speaker ▪️ Experienced Recruiter ▪️ I Teach College Students How to Leverage LinkedIn to Kickstart Their Careers

Austin cracked the code on how to write posts that become viral on LinkedIn

If you want to connect with him, do so below.
Jun 23, 2020
Episode 56: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Asian Sales Leaders at LinkedIn
Join us for a panel discussion about diversity in the workforce, knowing when to transition into management, and will be going over tips and advice for others who may want to plan for a career in Sales Management.

We discuss the pros and cons of a career in sales management, what we can do to inspire Asians to choose a similar path, and how we can be more intentional about breaking through the glass ceiling.

• Richard Hurh who leads Sales Development in LLS
• Rahul Mehta who leads the LMS Enterprise Sales team
• Vikram Nair who leads the SMB and Mid Market team in Toronto
• Sam Patel who leads new business sales for LTS Non-Profit
• Anjulika Saini who leads the LSS Mid-Market team in the East
Jun 19, 2020
Episode 55: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Elma Clarke (Understanding different perspectives)
A deep conversation about being able to learn from different perspectives.

If you would like to connect with Elma, click below.

She's such a great conversationalist and has helped me think about how I can expand my worldviews.

Thank you for speaking about a different kind of conversation that many of us are afraid to have.
Jun 19, 2020
Episode 54: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Christopher Paige (a Conversation about Race)
Chris and I met at Yelp. He reached out when I posted an article about my unconscious bias. Click here for the article.

We had a candid conversation on what its like being multi racial Chris is Native American, some European descent, Carribean, and a bunch of other things. We talk about belonging, diversity, and inclusion. Let us know what you think about this conversation. We hope it opens your eyes to the type of unconscious bias we have whether we admit it or not.

If you want to connect with him click below.

Jun 13, 2020
Episode 53: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Melissa Scherman on Work Life Balance and Prioritization
Melissa is an Enterprise Account Executive at LinkedIn Learning Solutions. She was also a Senior Account Executive at Demandbase. She worked at Responsys in Business Development which ended up getting acquired by Oracle as a Senior Applications Sales Executive. She also worked in finance at Goldman Sachs as a Client Relationship Manager in National Key Accounts.

She went to Fordham for her MBA in Marketing and Finance and went to the University of Florida for her Bachelors in Finance and graduated Cum Laude.

Not only is Melissa a rockstar Linkedin Professional she is an incredible mentor and leader. She's humble and more importantly such a good person.

Join us in a conversation about finding your why and finding a vision whose mission you believe in and you become successful because you in bones you know you are making a difference.

"Melissa encompasses a blend of intelligence, hard work, and natural leadership. Not only is Melissa a major asset to any sales team as an individual contributor, having exceeded quota time and time again, but she brings tremendous value as a leader and mentor. Melissa was a major source of support and guidance when I joined Responsys. She is directly responsible for helping me get promoted—as she assisted me in preparing for my internal presentation and interview. Now as an Account Executive, Melissa has continued to serve as my mentor, lending her experience and insight to help me navigate sales opportunities. She has been a true assist to my development and will be a major addition to any team she joins in the future."

If you would like to connect with her. Here is her Linkedin Profile.


Jun 12, 2020
Episode 52: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Peter McLean
I'm excited to share with you a topic of men's work and redefining masculinity. This is a topic that is dear to my heart. Let me know what your takeaways are from this conversation about what it means to be a man in society.
Jun 09, 2020