Radio Rental

By Tenderfoot TV & Cadence13

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Category: Society & Culture

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 Aug 19, 2020
Love this! Please make more ASAP :)

 Aug 12, 2020

 Jul 30, 2020
thank you for this ❤️

 Jul 22, 2020
love it so much and am glad it's back. funny, horrifying and intriguing. Host is funny and offers a calm break from the horror. love that it's rainn wilson too.

holy ****
 Jul 18, 2020
I thought listening to this podcast mid-day with my 80 pound German Shepherd right next to me would help make me feel less freaked didn't. I'm still shaking from the first episode. Proceed with caution...FOR REALS


Welcome to Radio Rental. Bizarre, true scary stories told by those who lived them.

Episode Date
Episode 14
Radio Rental Rewind Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 31, 2020
Episode 13
On today's tapes… >> The Wall A young girl has a nightmarish vision… but she’s definitely not sleeping. >> The Danger She’s got to get out of there… now. >> Dog Man Monsters followed him as a child, but now he’s an adult… and they’re still there.
Jul 23, 2020
Episode 12
On today’s tapes… >> The Aura  >> Her Name Was Alice
Jul 16, 2020
Episode 11
On today’s tapes… >> Highway Hitchhiker A woman walks into a shop, asking for a ride…  >> While You Were Sleeping A family moves into their new home, but weird things keep happening… are they really alone?
Jul 09, 2020
Episode 10
On today’s tapes… >> Security Guard A team of nighttime guards encounter a security threat... and it’s a little close for comfort.  >> I’m the Stalker? A man fits the stalker profile... but finds that he’s the one who’s harassed.
Jul 02, 2020
Episode 09
Welcome to Radio Rental, a mysterious video rental store with a VHS tape collection of TRUE scary stories, narrated by the people who experienced them. On today’s tapes… >> Camp Counselor A young girl spends her summers at camp and meets some new friends  >> Slumber Party A girl and 5 of her friends decide to sneak out for a slumber party at their boyfriend's house
Jun 25, 2020
Episode 08
Radio Rental...Returns Welcome to Radio Rental, a mysterious video rental store with a VHS tape collection of TRUE scary stories, narrated by the people who experienced them. On today’s tapes… >> Wrong Mom A young girl goes to the grocery store... but who’s pushing the cart?  >> Jump Cut He’s living life. Then... cut to: next scene.
Jun 18, 2020
Radio Rental Returns
June 18th 2020
Jun 09, 2020
A Brush with Death
From iHeartRadio and Tenderfoot TV, Monster: DC Sniper reinvestigates the beltway sniper attacks. This true crime podcast places the listener in Montgomery County, Maryland on October 2nd, 2002 when an unidentified sniper began randomly killing people going about their daily lives. Host Tony Harris traces what investigators, journalists and the public learned from the first shot until the last and ultimately asks the question: Does the person convicted of these crimes ever deserve a second chance? For more information, visit
Jan 23, 2020
Introducing Full Body Chills
Ever miss those spooky campfire stories you heard as a kid? Well gather round because this new podcast, brought to you by the host and creator of Crime Junkie, will send chills down your spine. Visit for more information.
Dec 06, 2019
Episode 07
Radio Rental Rewind
Dec 04, 2019
Episode 06
From Russia With Love >> Lady in the Kitchen >> Arguing Partners >> Dog Sitting
Nov 26, 2019
Episode 05
On today’s tapes… >> Ham and Swiss Just a ham and swiss sandwich… and time repeating itself.  >> White Truck His girlfriend was followed home… but it could have been a lot worse.
Nov 19, 2019
Episode 04
If You Don't Slow Down >> Laura of the Woods
Nov 12, 2019
Episode 03
Babysitter >> What Was She Planning?
Nov 05, 2019
Episode 02
Told a Serial Killer >> Doppelgänger
Nov 01, 2019
Episode 01
Chaos on a Flight >> 404 Not Found
Oct 31, 2019
What is Radio Rental?
First time listening? Here's what to expect
Oct 24, 2019
Radio Rental Trailer
Coming 10.31. Welcome to Radio Rental!
Oct 12, 2019