Science of Reading: The Podcast

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Science of Reading: The Podcast will deliver the latest insights from researchers and practitioners in early reading. Via a conversational approach, each episode explores a timely topic related to the science of reading.

Episode Date
ML/EL E4: Practical strategies for multilingual learning, with Diane August, Ph.D.
Jun 12, 2024
ML/EL E3: Diagnosing dyslexia in multilingual learners, with Francisco Usero-González
May 29, 2024
ML/EL E2: Nurturing multilingualism, with Jim Cummins, Ph.D.
May 15, 2024
ML/EL E1: Language is always an asset, with Kajal Patel Below
Apr 30, 2024
Sneak peek: A miniseries on multilingual and English learners
Apr 17, 2024
Spring Rewind '24: Biliteracy and assessment, with Lillian Durán, Ph.D.
Apr 10, 2024
Spring Rewind '24: Deconstructing the Rope: Background knowledge, with Susan B. Neuman
Mar 27, 2024
S8 E12: Language and literacy, with Catherine Snow
Mar 13, 2024
S8 E11: Cognitive load theory: Four items at a time, with Greg Ashman
Feb 28, 2024
S8 E10: Comprehension is an outcome, with Sharon Vaughn
Feb 14, 2024
S8 E9: Knowledge building can’t wait, with HyeJin Hwang
Jan 31, 2024
S8 E8: The plea to preserve deep reading, with Maryanne Wolf, Ed.D.
Jan 17, 2024
S8 E7: Vocabulary is unconstrained, with Tanya S. Wright
Jan 03, 2024
S8 E6: Like teacher, like student: Showing up as your full self, with Dr. Jasmine Rogers
Dec 20, 2023
S8 E5: No perfect set of words: Building vocabulary, with Margaret McKeown
Dec 06, 2023
S8 E4: Brace for impact: Unifying classrooms through mission-based learning, with John Hattie
Nov 22, 2023
S8 E3: Knowledge and vocabulary: Two sides of the same coin, with Gina Cervetti
Nov 08, 2023
S8 E2: The joy of reading aloud with Molly Ness
Oct 25, 2023
S8 E1: Knowledge and comprehension: Never one without the other with Reid Smith and Pamela Snow
Oct 11, 2023
Back to School '23, Interlude Episode 3: Growing up with dyslexia with Kareem Weaver, Margaret Malaika Weaver, and Elijah Valencia
Oct 04, 2023
Back to School '23, Interlude episode 2 (Part 2): Embracing the complexity of learning to read with Dr. Reid Lyon
Sep 27, 2023
Back to School '23, Interlude episode 2 (Part 1): Embracing the complexity of learning to read with Dr. Reid Lyon
Sep 20, 2023
Back to School '23, Interlude Episode 1: Keeping up with educational research on teaching reading with Dr. Neena Saha
Sep 06, 2023
S7 E10: From football to phonics with Malcolm Mitchell
Aug 23, 2023
S7 E9: Dyslexia: Where we started; where we're going with Dr. Sally Shaywitz
Aug 09, 2023
S7 E8: Writing your way to better reading with Steve Graham
Jul 26, 2023
S7 E7: Debunking the "gift" of dyslexia with Tim Odegard
Jul 12, 2023
Special episode—Disciplinary literacy: Connecting reading and math in children's literature with Allison Hintz and Antony Smith
Jul 05, 2023
S7 E6: What teachers can learn from incarcerated youth with Hilderbrand Pelzer III
Jun 28, 2023
Special episode: Integrating Science and Literacy Strategies with Susan Gomez Zwiep
Jun 21, 2023
S7 E5: Science of Reading professional development with Danielle Thompson
Jun 14, 2023
S7 E4: Scaffolding is built to be temporary with Zaretta Hammond
May 31, 2023
Special episode: The Right to Read: Live from Plain Talk with Kareem Weaver
May 17, 2023
S7 E03: When not to differentiate: A guide to small-group instruction with Jamey Peavler
May 03, 2023
The Science of Reading in the Montessori classroom with Susan Zoll, Natasha Feinberg, and Laura Saylor
Apr 19, 2023
S7 E01: Navigating the noise with Claude Goldenberg
Apr 05, 2023
Amplify's literacy, math, and science podcasts—new season trailer
Mar 27, 2023
Special: The science of learning, the humility of teaching
Mar 22, 2023
Special: Why the Science of Reading isn't just about reading with Natalie Wexler
Mar 08, 2023
S6 E13: From education outsider to literacy expert with Todd Collins
Feb 22, 2023
S6 E12: Celebrating many meanings: Language comprehension and bidialectal students with Jasmine Rogers
Feb 08, 2023
S6 E11: What I should have learned in college with Donna Hejtmanek
Jan 25, 2023
S6 E10: The big win is just the beginning with Dr. Jennifer Throndsen
Jan 11, 2023
S6 E9: Lessons from a talking dog: TV's "Reading Buddies" on making learning fun
Dec 28, 2022
S6 E8: Love at the center of literacy with Dr. Nyshawana Francis-Thompson
Dec 14, 2022
S6 E7: The how and why behind high-quality instructional materials with Rebecca Kockler
Nov 30, 2022
S6 E6: Literacy is Law: Leading Legislative Change with with State Senator Mimi Stewart
Nov 16, 2022
S6 E5: Leading with the head and the heart: Enacting lasting literacy change with Mitchell Brookins
Nov 02, 2022
S6 E4: From the community, for the community: Grassroots organizing with Naomi Peña & Akeela Azcuy
Oct 19, 2022
S6 E3: Focused implementation: Doing less to do more with Dr. Doug Reeves
Oct 05, 2022
S6 E2: NAEP: What you've always wanted to know with Chester Finn, Jr.
Sep 21, 2022
S6 E1: The other side of Scarborough’s Rope with Margaret Goldberg
Sep 07, 2022
Summer ‘22 Rewind: Empowering English language learners: Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan
Aug 24, 2022
Summer '22 Rewind: Myths and misconceptions about universal screening: Nancy Nelson
Aug 10, 2022
Summer '22 Rewind: Research, comprehension, and content-rich literacy instruction: Sonia Cabell
Jul 27, 2022
Summer '22 Rewind: The symbiotic relationship between literacy and science with Jacquey Barber
Jul 13, 2022
S5-E10: Training the next generation of Science of Reading educators with Dr. Amy Murdoch
Jun 29, 2022
S5-E9: Making every day a "wins day" with Grammy-winning educator Mickey Smith Jr.
Jun 15, 2022
S5-E8: Linguistic structure: English vs. Spanish: Dr. Desirée Pallais-Downing
Jun 01, 2022
S5-E7: Unlocking change through literacy legislation: Dr. Kymyona Burk
May 18, 2022
S5-E6: Why skepticism is essential to the Science of Reading, with Dr. Claude Goldenberg
May 04, 2022
S5-E5: Implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support with Dr. Brittney Bills
Apr 20, 2022
S5-E4: What bilingualism can teach us with Dr. Doris Baker
Apr 06, 2022
S5-E3: The right assessment and the right data with Dr. Jan Hasbrouck
Mar 23, 2022
S5-E2: Biliteracy and assessment with Dr. Lillian Durán
Mar 09, 2022
S5-E1: The right to read: Lacey Robinson
Feb 23, 2022
S4-E16: Celebrating changemakers: Science of Reading Star Award winners
Feb 09, 2022
S4-E15: How to motivate middle schoolers: Kamilah Simpson
Jan 26, 2022
S4-E14: What it takes to be a literacy education changemaker: Kareem Weaver
Jan 12, 2022
S4-E13: Revisiting a conversation with Dr. Nancy Nelson
Dec 29, 2021
S4-E12: A conversation on growing up with dyslexia with 10th grader Hadyn Fleming
Dec 15, 2021
S4-E11 Building resilience through routine, relationships, and regulation in the classroom: Ricky Robertson
Dec 01, 2021
S4-E10: What we’ve learned and the guests we’re grateful for
Nov 17, 2021
S4-E9: Dyslexia and developmental trajectories: Dr. Nadine Gaab
Nov 03, 2021
S4-08: Empowering multilingual learners: Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan
Oct 20, 2021
S4-07: Linguistic Variety and Dialects: Difference, not error: Julie Washington
Oct 06, 2021
S4-06: Educator voices: Personal journeys through the Science of Reading
Sep 22, 2021
S4-05: Reading as Liberation: Sue Pimentel
Sep 08, 2021
S4-04: Learning to Read Digitally vs. in Print: Dr. Lauren Trakhman & Dr. Patricia Alexander
Aug 25, 2021
S4-03: Learning disabilities and their emotional impact: Dr. Sheila Clonan
Aug 11, 2021
S4-02: Ensuring literacy success for all: Dr. Tracy Weeden
Jul 28, 2021
S4-01: Applying the Science of Reading at any grade level: Laura Cusack
Jul 14, 2021
S3-13. Deconstructing the Rope: A look back at Season 3
Jun 30, 2021
S3-12. Fostering accessible instruction for all: DeJunne’ Clark Jackson
Jun 16, 2021
S3-11. Continuously improving literacy instruction: Alana Mangham
Jun 02, 2021
S3-10. Deconstructing the Rope: Language structures with Kate Cain
May 19, 2021
S3-09. Deconstructing the Rope: Vocabulary with Nancy Hennessy
May 05, 2021
S3-08. Deconstructing the Rope: Language comprehension with Sonia Cabell
Apr 21, 2021
S3-07. A Defining Movement: The Reading League on the Science of Reading, with Maria Murray
Apr 07, 2021
S3-06. Deconstructing the Rope: Background knowledge with Susan Neuman
Mar 24, 2021
S3-05. Deconstructing the Rope: Sight recognition with Dr. Bruce McCandliss
Mar 10, 2021
S3-04. Plain Talk: Making the Shift to the Science of Reading in Your District
Feb 24, 2021
S3-03. Deconstructing the Rope: Decoding with Louisa Moats
Feb 10, 2021
S3-02. Deconstructing the Rope: Word recognition with Alice Wiggins
Jan 27, 2021
S3-01. Deconstructing the Rope: An Introduction with Dr. Jane Oakhill
Jan 13, 2021
S2-09. Unveiling insights from assessment data: Danielle Damico
Dec 30, 2020
S2-08. Behind the scenes of the National Reading Panel: Tim Shanahan
Dec 16, 2020
S2-07. Research, comprehension, and content-rich literacy instruction: Sonia Cabell
Dec 02, 2020
S2-06. Fostering growth and instructional change: Kelly Moran
Nov 18, 2020
S2-05: The Right to Read Project on nurturing automatic readers: Margaret Goldberg and Alanna Mednick
Nov 04, 2020
S2-04. Telling the fuller story: Afrika Afeni Mills
Oct 21, 2020
S2-03. The Reading League and the science of reading: Maria Murray and Pamela Snow
Oct 07, 2020
S2-02. Reflecting on past literacy experiences: Tamara Morris & Justin Pita
Sep 23, 2020
S2-01. Confronting the data: Dr. LaTonya Goffney
Sep 09, 2020
S1-28. A look back at Season One
Aug 26, 2020
S1-27. Fostering relationships between parents and educators: Dr. Catherine Barnes
Aug 12, 2020
S1-26. The basic science in reading instruction: Daniel Willingham
Jul 29, 2020
S1-25. Aligning digital learning and the science of reading: Doug Lemov
Jul 15, 2020
S1-24. The silent crisis: Shawn Joseph
Jul 01, 2020
S1-23. Improving dual language instruction: Elizabeth Jiménez Salinas
Jun 17, 2020
S1-22. Success using the science of reading: Mary Clayman
Jun 03, 2020
S1-21. The symbiotic relationship between literacy and science: Jacquey Barber
May 20, 2020
S1-20. Evidence based solutions and tackling unfinished learning: David and Meredith Liben
May 06, 2020
S1-19. The simple view of reading: Laurence Holt
Apr 22, 2020
S1-18. Using innovation to inform teaching: Larry Berger
Apr 10, 2020
S1-17. Etymology of the English language: Freddy Hiebert
Apr 07, 2020
S1-16. Leading a district adoption: Jared Myracle
Apr 01, 2020
S1-15. A principal on the shift to the science of reading: Ernesto Ortiz
Mar 25, 2020
S1-14. Maximizing our educational reach via technology: David Steiner
Mar 25, 2020
S1-13. Science of Reading Special Episode: Remote Learning
Mar 18, 2020
S1-12. Neuroscience and early literacy: Dr. Bruce McCandliss
Mar 18, 2020
S1-11. The science of reading in middle school: Jasmine Lane
Mar 04, 2020
S1-10. Myths and misconceptions about universal screening: Nancy Nelson
Feb 19, 2020
S1-09. The cognitive science behind how students learn to read: Carolyn Strom
Feb 05, 2020
S1-08. Evidence-based literacy practice in the classroom: Tim Shanahan
Jan 22, 2020
S1-07. The missing link in reading comprehension: Anne Lucas
Jan 08, 2020
S1-06. The facts and myths of dyslexia: Emily Lutrick
Dec 24, 2019
S1-05. Connecting confidence in school and literacy development: Lois Letchford
Dec 11, 2019
S1-04. The importance of fluency instruction: Tim Rasinski
Nov 26, 2019
S1-03. Reporting on education and the science of reading: Emily Hanford
Nov 13, 2019
S1-02. Background knowledge and education reform: Robert Pondiscio
Oct 30, 2019
S1-01. The Knowledge Gap: Natalie Wexler
Oct 16, 2019
S1-00. About Science of Reading: The Podcast
Oct 14, 2019