Subject to Change with Jordan McCabe

By Overtime

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If you're an Overtime fan, you probably know Jordan pretty well. We've been covering him since high school, and he was legit the guest in the FIRST EVER OVERTIME CHALLENGE! Now, Jordan's a sophomore hooper at West Virginia University. He's about to go off this year on the court!

Episode Date
Isaiah Todd: Jalen Green, G League and being compared to KD

Jordan McCabe got his guy ISAIAH TODD on the podcast to talk going to the G-League, playing with Jalen Green and more! Isaiah talked about why he opted for the G-League instead of Michigan, who he's excited to play against in the league (hint: basically EVERYONE), and way more! Check out this podcast and let us know what you think in the comments. All love from OT!

Aug 07, 2020
Robert Bobroczky: Being 7'8", College Decision, Addison Rae & More!

BIG TIME guest this week on the Jordan McCabe podcast!! Our guy ROB BOB came through to chop it up!!

He just committed to Rochester University in Michigan and he's HYPED to get to campus. My guy is about to take over at the next level.

Jordan had to ask him the million dollar question... "WHAT IS YOUR TRUE HEIGHT?" I don't wanna spoil the fun so you'll have to watch and find out what he said

For real tho, Rob is one of the best dudes you'll meet and we're so hyped he jumped on with Jordan. Appreciate you Rob and good luck at Rochester!!

Jul 31, 2020
Andre Drummond: Walking On In College, DJ'ing, Getting Traded & Making Tracks With Riff Raff!

We got one of the BEST bigs in the league on the pod this week!! Jordan brought on our guy Andre Drummond to talk all things life & hoops!!

Andre talks about his journey to the NBA, which started with him WALKING ON to UCONN! He might be the only walk-on one & done of all time!!

He also talks about the difficulties of moving on from Detroit and starting a new chapter in Cleveland. My guy is actually hyped about his opportunity and Cleveland and getting to grow with some of the young talent they have like Darius Garland & Colin Sexton. Drummond thinks DG is gonna be "disgusting" once he figures out the NBA!

Lastly, he talks about his off court life and becoming a DJ!! This dude really does EVERYTHING and we appreciate him coming on and sharing some dope stories

Jul 25, 2020
Tyler Herro: Rookie Year, Bubble Life, MGK & Jimmy Butler!

Yoo we got a BIG TIME guest for this episode of the Jordan McCabe pod. Tyler Herro jumped on this week and gave us the rundown on his journey to NBA stardom!

Tyler opens up about being teammates with Jimmy Butler, which was interesting because we always hear about the "mean" side of Jimmy. He's got mad love and respect for his guy.

He obviously had to talk about his off court DRIP and how that relates to him as a player on the court. He even had to change into something light for the podcast!!

Tyler & Jordan are homies so they didn't hold back on telling EPIC stories about each other. I wonder if Tyler still hasn't been hitting the weight room

We got another fire episode coming next week, so stay tuned!!

Jul 18, 2020
Tacko Fall: 5 Year Plan, Jayson Tatum & 7'6" LIFESTYLE!

Wow I never thought we'd get TACKO FALL on the Jordan McCabe podcast, but here we are. Tacko hopped on to talk about everything that's been going on in his life. That's really my guy forreal though.

Kicked it off by catching up on things and then they really got into it. Tacko was talking about how great of a coach Brad Stevens is. That's my kinda coach. The 7'6" legend also opened up on Jayson Tatum. He got into just how incredible he is and how great of a teammate he is. It's always cool to hear stories on Tatum since he can be kind've quiet.

Tacko also gave Jordan his 5 year plan and just told him how much he loves basketball. We know he's gonna do amazing things as he keeps going with the Celtics and beyond. Tacko's always had a passion to help people from where he's from, and I know he's going to really help the world!

Bless Tacko.

Jul 10, 2020
Jaxson Hayes: Blocking Zion Williamson & How He Got Recruited!

Jordan got his guy Jaxson Hayes on the podcast this week, and he told some CRAZY stories! The New Orleans Pelicans rookie spoke about playing football in high school, his insane growth spurt, and how he got 12 offers after a SINGLE GAME! Jaxson also spoke about his rookie duties, when he realized he had a future in basketball, and more! Check out this podcast, you're gonna mess with it!

Jun 26, 2020
Jahvon Quinerly: Jellyfam vs BBB, Transferring To Alabama & How Jellyfam started!

Jahvon Quinerly: Jellyfam vs BBB, Transferring To Alabama & How Jellyfam started!

Jun 19, 2020
Shareef O’Neal: Best Moments With Kobe, Crazy LeBron Stories & More!

Jordan McCabe is bringing on studs to his podcast. Today it's SHAREEF O'NEAL. The legendary hooper and icon who is on his way to LSU to hoop! Shareef had some amazing stories to tell Jordan today.

Being Shaq's son, Shareef has obviously been in a lot of cool places. It's dope to see how nice and humble he still is. We got Shareef giving us all his secrets though on this one. We got to hear about the insane times he had HANGING WITH LEBRON. Yes. He has hooped and hung out with THE KING.

Shareef also gave us some incredible stories about Kobe Bryant. Kobe was an uncle to Reef and they had some amazing times together. Kobe always checked in on him when Shareef was going through his medical issues. You could tell how much that meant to Reef.

Jordan had his own incredible Kobe story too. This podcast was legendary. Lowkey, might be my fav one. Hope y'all enjoy it!

Jun 12, 2020
7. Anfernee Simons: Damian Lillard Stories, Playing at IMG & Scoring 37 In The League

Anfernee Simons of the Portland Trail Blazers hopped on the JORDAN MCCABE PODCAST! They chopped it up about what it was like scoring 37 points in an NBA, playing at IMG Academy and a ton more!

Anfernee shared some awesome stories about his teammate, Damian Lillard. I know y'all already knew this, but Dame is a WORKER!!!

May 29, 2020
6. Mac McClung: Crazy Stories, Making No Money In HS And Preparing For The Draft

The Jordan McCabe podcast is BACK! For the first episode of Season 2, Jordan got his guy Mac McClung to join him on the pod! Mac led Georgetown in scoring last season and just announced that he'll be transferring. Where y'all think he's gonna go?

On this episode, Jordan and Mac discussed living up to the hype, getting tattoos, selling out arenas, becoming famous, and more! Listen to this ep for the TRUTH about what it's like to be a college athlete.

Who should we get on the pod next? Let us know in the comments.

May 19, 2020
5. Guest Julian Newman Opens Up About All The Haters And Going Overseas!?

It's episode 5 of the Jordan McCabe Podcast and we got our guy JULIAN NEWMAN. Jordan starts the show talking about Trae Young and some other ish revolving around the NBA. My guy got knowledge on all hoops. Then he brings out the homie Julian. Julian was really chopping it up with Jordan. These guys have pretty similar childhoods so it was cool to see them share their stories. Julian opened up on what it's like to have his own show and about his dad starting a NEW SCHOOL. He also talked about what his plans are next year. Is Julian going overseas!?

Nov 15, 2019
4. Guest Nate Robinson Talks The Big 3, Rookie Of The Year, and The NEW King of LA!!

Episode 4 of the Jordan McCabe podcast!!! Jordan has some big announcements for the future of the podcast!! Today he's got THE LEGEND Nate Robinson on the show. Robinson most recently competed in the Big 3 League, but will always be known for his GREATNESS in the NBA. He shares some of his craziest stories on the podcast!! Jordan also touches on some of the HOTTEST points in the NBA!! Who will win Rookie of the Year!? Is there a NEW King of LA!? Next week we got ANOTHER SPECIAL GUEST to join Jordan!!

Nov 08, 2019
3. Guest Sierato Talk Kicks, Shaq, Spiderman and More!

Episode 3 of the Jordan McCabe podcast!!! Jordan running the show and finally wore a different shirt!! Today he's got my guy Sierato on the show. Sierato is a sneaker artist for the stars. He's made shoes for Zion Williamson, Shaq, the new SPIDERMAN and many many more!! They talk about how Sierato got started and all the best stories from his top customers. Jordan opens up in the end when random fans ask him questions and you really get to know about him and why he chose WVU! This episode's dope! Next week we got NATE ROBINSON joining the pod.

Nov 05, 2019
2. Guest Mikey Williams Talk About The SECRET TO BOUNCE and MORE!

In Episode 2 of the Jordan McCabe podcast we had to get our Mikey Williams! Mikey is a 15 year old freshman from Cali who's been making waves on the basketball scene for years now. Dude has over a million followers on Instagram. Yes, A MILLION. AND HE'S 15!! Mikey goes to San Ysidro High School in San Diego and runs with the Compton Magic. He's gonna be a major problem in high school for the next few years, and has his sights set on the NBA draft. Jordan talked with Mikey about having a million followers, the first time he went viral, knowing LeBron, and way more.

Who else do you guys want to see on the show? Let us know in the comments!

Oct 25, 2019
1. Guest Overtime Tom Talks Zion, Lamelo, and More!

In Episode 1, Jordan brings on the man, the myth, the legend, Overtime Tom. Tom runs the Overtime Instagram account and is one of the first people to work at Overtime. If you follow OT, you basically follow Tom.Jordan and Tom talk about LaMelo, Zion, Overtime, and tons more. Hit that play button and listen to the freshest new podcast out! The guests are only getting crazier from me (trust me, we got em lined up)

Oct 18, 2019