How To Be Awesome At Everything Podcast

By Lindsay Dickhout

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Host, Lindsay Dickhout, brings a wide variety of interesting topics to the table… from throwing parties, to living an awesome life, to being healthy & having fun ...if it’s awesome, we’re talking about it! What started as a folder of life lessons to share with her kids one day, has now become a podcast! Learn from the experiences (and mistakes!) of this busy entrepreneur & mom. She’s sharing all the life hacks & tips she is learning on her journey to be AWESOME AT EVERYTHING!

Episode Date
How To Be Awesome At Not Being a Helicopter Parent

In this episode, Lindsay talks about helicopter parenting and how she learned not to be one anymore! Talking about allowing your kids to have small failures to learn, letting them make their own decisions and not solving all of their problems for them. Lindsay is honest about the learning process she’s gone through with this and mistakes she’s made in the past. She’s sharing specific tactics that you can implement today to give your kids more freedoms and allow them to be their own little people. Whether you’re a full blown helicopter parent, or maybe just a little… you’re sure to find some gems of parenting information in this episode! 

Nov 13, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Finding An Extra 30 Minutes Everyday To Accomplish Your Goals

Welcome back to the How To Be Awesome At Everything Podcast! 

Todays Topic: How to be awesome at finding an extra 30 minutes everyday to accomplish your goals

You know how you have certain goals or tasks that you never quite get to because you just don’t have enough time?  

Whatever it is… big or small… if you don’t have time for it now, there’s isn’t a great chance that you will anytime soon- unless you make a change in your routine.  

Today we are talking about life hacks that you can do to save yourself 30 minutes every day and replace those 30 minutes with things you feel like you are missing.

I’m going to break down 3 strategies…. That you need to learn in order to do this. 

And they are…. automate, eliminate and delegate.  It really comes down to stop spending time on dumb stuff… and really take a look at how you’re spending your time everyday.

We’re going to talk about what you should really fill those 30 minutes with… and what are things you can eliminate… without changing anything. Today we are talking about becoming more efficient in the daily micro of everything you do to make big strides in the macro… in the big picture of life. Let’s become more efficient and happier together… as we approach the end of this decade. Let’s go!

Nov 07, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Having Good Reactions
Today we are talking about having good reactions.  Reactions to questions people ask you, or gifts people give you, or shade people throw your way, judgment, unexpected events… whatever it is… I’ve really learned that if you program your mind… you can make sure you have a good reaction every time.   So today we are talking about How To Be Awesome… at having good reactions!
Let’s go!! 
Oct 25, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Doing All Of Your Holiday Shopping During Black Friday Week!

Today we're talking about taking the crazy out of the holiday season. Planning your gifting so that you do 99% of your purchasing during Black Friday week. 

Today I’m sharing the life hacks I’ve learned to plan ahead in my holiday gift giving… Make lists and get it all done early and at the very best prices of the season.

This is one of those life hacks that I’m like oh my gosh how have I not learned and implemented this sooner- so I’m so excited to share it with you.

How many times have you talked to people in the month of December and they’re totally frazzled and they’re like… Oh my gosh I haven’t even started or oh my gosh I’m so stressed I’m only halfway through or they’re going to the crowded mall every weekend and their stress and fighting with their spouse and taking all the fun out of holidays.

Today we’re going through all the steps that you need to take NOW to plan your holiday gift giving and how to do it from the comfort of your own home a month ahead of time. Then when you’re shopping in December it’s just a pick up those little extras or to be social… It’s not this stressing experience that we’re all used to.

Today we’re talking about how to be awesome at doing all of your holiday shopping during Black Friday week.

Links to awesome things referenced in this episode: 

Custom phone cases from or

The new square Polaroids-

If you want something pricey there's nothing better than the DYSON blow dryer.. and at Nordstrom right now they have a special set that includes a cool stand for it! 

I'm OBSESSED with Simplehuman bathroom mirrors… they come in all sizes from travel to massive… I love the rose gold in between one… it has a sensor light on it so it turns on when you walk up and it’s basically the best thing in my bathroom.

I always love the MAC make-up sets  - I think they are just a great deal and always have a variety of fun colors that are easy to gift- and for the right person - a cool make-up gift is the best!

I absolutely love giving personalized gifts when possible… And Black Friday is such a good time to do this… Maybe it's a backpack or a purse with an embroidered name from Pottery Barn Kids… Or a custom cosmetic bag with your friends name on it from Stony Cloverfield… Or a super cute custom necklace with your friends name on it or maybe even their kids names from Bauble Bar…

Oct 21, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Being The Happiest Person In The Room
On how to be awesome at everything today we are talking about how to be the happiest person in the room. 
Lindsay thinks there are TWO parts to being the happiest person in the room.

  1. Not worrying about what anybody else in that room thinks of you. 
  2. Not putting yourself in rooms you don't want to be in.

Today we’re talking about judgment and the talk that can go on in your mind about being judged or judging others.
We’re also talking about how to say no… to things you don’t really want to do… and not feeling badly about it. 
Being happy is the ultimate goal right… and being the happiest person in the room is definitely AWESOME!
So that’s what we’re tackling today!  How to be awesome at being the happiest person in the room!
Links to awesome things referenced in this episode: 


Oct 21, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Everything The Podcast
In episode one, Lindsay explains the concept of "How To Be Awesome At Everything" and how it all got started.
She takes a very honest approach to the idea of actually being awesome and everything and breaks down what we're going to get out of this podcast.
Links to awesome things referenced in this episode: 
Lindsay’s Company Million Dollar Tan: 
The Million Dollar Tan Podcast:
Oct 21, 2019