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By Lindsay Dickhout

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Host, Lindsay Dickhout, brings a wide variety of interesting topics to the table… from throwing parties, to living an awesome life, to being healthy & having fun ...if it’s awesome, we’re talking about it! What started as a folder of life lessons to share with her kids one day, has now become a podcast! Learn from the experiences (and mistakes!) of this busy entrepreneur & mom. She’s sharing all the life hacks & tips she is learning on her journey to be AWESOME AT EVERYTHING!

Episode Date
How To Be Awesome At Raising Kind Kids

In this episode Lindsay shares all the ways she's incorporated kind acts into her kids lives to create a routine of it, so it’s part of their world and their everyday thinking.  And in a way that’s genuine and not forced.  


She believes that kindness is one of the most important things that we can teach our kids.  So today, we are going to talk about real ways we can exercise kindness all the time so it becomes second nature for our kids.  


Some key thoughts:

How to raise kids who have empathy and not just think about themselves.


We have to be intentional about raising kind kids. 


ASK yourself - when you go to bed- if my kid modeled my behavior or repeated my words.. would I be happy with that?


Consider teaching your kids to look at the color of people's eyes who are talking to you.  Smile often.  Be grateful to your teachers and show your appreciation.  Volunteer and spend time doing non-profit work.  Make handmade cards.  And so many other ideas of how to incorporate kindness into your kids everyday lives.


Kindness is contagious.  And it’s so important for all of our kids to grow up being kind.  This episode helps us all focus on kindness and being intentional about how it plays out in our lives and our kids lives.  We can’t think of much that’s more awesome than that. 

Jun 01, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Getting Your Hair Wet And Taking Your Cover-up Off!

This podcast is about letting loose and having fun this summer, not always be in getting things done mode, or self conscious about how you look in a bathing suit or how you will look after you get off of the waterslide.

It’s about letting go of those things… so you go on vacation or out by a pool this summer… and you’re not constantly grabbing for your cover up… or you don’t actually swim with your kids.

Special guest… Lindsay’s 8 year-old daughter Presley!  They take about how cool it is when Mom joins in on the fun and about the lake trip they just got back from.  Talking about body image and raising kids with positive body image.

They are talking about pool parties and family vacations and how to let go of the issues in your head and have fun.  Take your cover-up off and get your hair wet!

Lindsay talks about how at 38 years old... she’s just now figured this out!  

Here’s the question…. Will you miss out on some of the most fun parts of summer because of these issues?
Are you not even going to a friends pool party because you don't want to be in a bathing suit?

Now this podcast is not doing to solve every body issue we’ve worked up to our whole lives.. but we really hope it opens your eyes to what you’re missing.  And what you could regret later.

Lindsay says:
"I’m 38 years old and I’ve JUST NOW figured this out.  Now I’ve had times when I’ve been better at it, and worse at it… but I’m telling you, at this point in my life, I’ve finally reached a point to where my body is what it is that day.  Even if im hormonal and bloated- I can't change it in that moment.


But I can decide what I’m going to do and how I’m going to make the most out of the day."

May 29, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Photo Book Organization

This project might feel SO BIG that you just don’t ever start on it.


In this episode, Lindsay is going to give you a step-by-step plan for organizing your photos and getting them scanned digitally! 


Start with scanning old photos and collecting up VHS tapes and DVDs… anything that you have loose that you want digital, round it up!! 


Lindsay shares the company she uses for scanning photos, Smooth Photo Scanning.  Here is the representative that Lindsay works with directly! 


Brandon Harris 

Smooth Photo Scanning



Lindsay researched this for awhile because it’s sort of a big deal to send in every childhood photo you have to someone.  She loves that they have been doing business for so long and they take such a person approach to your project.  They send you a drive and a link with all of your photos. 


This is really the only way to be sure that your photos are safe - and something like water damage or a file can’t destroy them.  Make sure you have a back-up of a back-up.  


Send them all in and make sure you do it all at one time!  Saves you time and money!


Then, Lindsay goes through all the ways that she organizes her photos on her phone and laptop.  SO many great hacks and tips here.  Make sure to listen all the way to the end!  


We hope this episode inspired you to do a deep dive into your loose photos and your digital photos and get them all scanned and organized up!  It’s painful at first, but totally worth it! 


Ping Lindsay on IG at @LindsaysCloud and let her know what you want to hear more of on this topic! 


Thanks for listening!  Have fun photo organizing! 

May 25, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Having Awesome Days

When you lay your head down on your pillow at night… how often are you saying to yourself, “now that was an awesome day!”


If it’s not at least half of the days… we have some work to do! 


Today, Lindsay is asking you to get out a piece of paper and do a brain dumb.  Write down everything that comes to mind when you think of your most awesome day.  


Lindsay thinks that one reason why we don’t have more awesome days is because we have never outlined for ourselves… what is an awesome day to us?  


Not like a singular day- like your wedding day.  Not a DAY but a life and a lifestyle. 


What does it look like and what does it FEEL like?  We have to know what we want our life to look and feel like! 


Instead of starting with what you have to DO, think about how you want to FEEL. 


Lindsay talks about her research in trying to figure out… what do most people actually want in their day? 


For a lot of people it’s to… 


*create something 

*or contribute something 

*or have an experience with someone - your kids or friends 

*or people say they just want to connect 

that feeling of connection and that relationship with someone makes them feel ALIVE for that day. 


Maybe it’s spending a day with your favorite person- eating and drinking and talking….or  hiking

or painting some big piece of art with your kids.


WRITE DOWN what this is for YOU!!

And if you can’t do your ideal things everyday, let's figure out how you can do mini things to mockup that similar day


Could you create this day more often than you are now?  First, we have to figure out what this day is.


And if you’re thinking, I can’t do that…I challenge you- are you putting up your own road blocks that don’t necessary exist? 


Lindsay talks about how you can totally design your days!

The majority of your days should be about what YOU want to be like in your ideal day?


Brain dump #2!

What is your character like?

Are you open minded and excited and enthursiastsic? 



This is WHO I would be on my ideal day!

Here is how I treat people...

Here is how I feel...


Are you grumpy?  Are you jealous of other people on social media? Are you walking around being negative and feeling like poor me? Would you be weak and fearful on your most awesome day?  Are you supporting other people?


WRITE IT DOWN- here is who i will BE on my ideal day!  Here is the energy I give off!


We can have SO MANY MORE awesome days!!  We show up who we want to be!


When you start your day, you have to own your morning!!

You have to be proactive about your day. 

What do I want to learn today?

You have to have an aim to have an awesome day. 


Don’t wake up and check your email and social and let that sort of guide your day.  Be intentionally with it. 


Lindsay talks about how she goes to bed knowing what she wants to accomplish the next day.


Even if you are dealing with struggle and hardship… you are dealing with it in your best way.


On a continual basis, you are you are proud of who you were when the day is done. 


You are the person you want to be- you are proud of how you dealt with that struggle.


You are living the way you want to be on your most awesome day and even if you’re not at Disneyland … you’re still in the mindset to have an awesome day. 


Suddenly you’ll wake up one day and you’ll think… that was an amazing week, an amazing week, an amazing month. 

May 22, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Losing Quarantine Weight

In this episode, Lindsay talks about How To Be Awesome At Losing Quarantine Weight.


We have a lot on our plates right now and a lot of stress at times. We worry about staying healthy, and finances, homeschooling our kids and how to do our best to keep our risk of getting sick as low as possible. So the first step here is to give yourself a little grace, and realize that you’re under a lot of pressure right now and the last thing you need is stress about a few extra pounds.


If you aren’t feeling like yourself and it’s making you bummed or even depressed… or having negative body talk go on in your head… then let’s talk about how to change it! 
Lindsay shares her best tips for losing the weight you’ve gained in quarantine. For no other reason than to help you feel your best. So you come out of this feeling excited to charge back into the world, not wanting to crawl back into your hole. We’re having a little quarantine weight loss session here friends, let’s go! 


Here are some topics Lindsay covers: 

❤️Create routines that work

❤️Intermittent Fasting 

❤️Limit your booze, sugar and carbs

❤️Find other ways to satisfy your cravings 

❤️But still eat a TON of food! Whole Foods!


❤️Move and sweat 

❤️Eat BIG meals instead of grazing - make sure you leave satisfied 

❤️Be kind to yourself

❤️No fad diets - consistency is what works!! 

May 18, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Forgiveness

We have all had shitty things happen to us in life. Some of us have been lucky and haven’t had that many experiences that have hurt or devastated us. Others of us haven’t been so lucky and have had some messed up stuff happen - maybe so much that forgiveness seems completely impossible.


But we have to forgive- because here’s the thing- you’re the only one that is losing out by holding on to it. By not forgiving you’re actually allowing it to still affect you. And we only have so much mental bandwidth. All those negative thoughts are taking up space. Space that could be filled with thoughts that made you feel great and fulfilled and alive and excited.  


Lindsay talks about how she thinks that forgiveness is a skill that needs to be exercised- just like physical exercise with our bodies.


It’s not easy and for most of us, it doesn’t come natural, so we have to work on it. 


If you’re holding on to something that you could be forgiving someone for, big or small, this episode can really open your eyes to the power that you hold in the situation.  


Lindsay talks about what to do if YOU are the one that you need to forgive!  And all the ways you can forgive someone, but not forget what happened, and still not have it weigh you down.  


This episode is all about getting rid of resentment and unstick yourself from the moment in which the terrible thing happened.  


Lindsay gives some practical ways to actually take action and start the process of forgiveness.  

Forgiveness is essential for your own happiness and mental clarity. It’s truly a mental superpower✨… and this episode talks about how to get there ❤️

May 15, 2020
BONUS EPISODE: Mother's Day/ Anniversary Weekend Wrap-Up

BONUS! Hear the details from Lindsay’s Anniversary and Mother’s Day weekend celebration in this bonus episode!  Lindsay talks about what she’s learned over the years so that when it comes to celebrating YOU, it’s fulfilling and not a let down. What to plan, what to communicate ahead of time and the frame of mind you should go into it with. It’s a fun bonus one!

May 12, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Being Decisive

Today, we are talking all about making decisions and being decisive.  

Lindsay talks in a practical way about how to gather all the facts, make a decision, and move on. We all make so many decisions each day, this is such a great skill to master.  

Sometimes it’s about courage.  And not avoiding hard decisions.  Because you’re never going to feel like it!  We need to stop hesitating and just make a decision.  

Realize a decision is a decision and if it’s not the right one, you’ll make a new decision. Don't put so much pressure and so much power on each decision.  There really aren’t that many HUGE decisions we make in life. 

Lindsay talks about how you can only really see things clearly once they pan out.  Once things happen, you know how what was the better our worse decision. But a lot of times you don't have this info… so you have to make the best decision with the best information that you have.  From there, keep making more decisions to get to where you want to go. 

Dont beat yourself up over the not so great decisions - it just doesn’t move you forward. Don't go backwards.

Lindsay talks about how being decisive can help you be so much more confident.   And how training yourself to get uncomfortable can totally help in this process too! 

The goal of this podcast is to help you make decisions quickly and commit to them.  It’s a superpower and the sooner you master it, the better your life will be. 

Your life comes down to your decisions, and if you change your decisions and the way you make decisions, you can change anything.

May 11, 2020
How To Have An Awesome Mother’s Day At Home

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!   And to everybody celebrating!

This podcast is alllll about what to do on Mother’s Day at home.  

Mother’s Day looks different this year… but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as special.
In this episode, Lindsay is going to give you LOTS of ideas of things to do this Mother’s Day and talk your mindset going into it.

Holidays like Mother’s Day can be tricky- it’s a lot of pressure and if you’re anything like her, it’s easy to end up in tears sometimes.  Maybe you didn’t plan anything and were expecting a lot, or you planned too much and everyone wasn’t into it.  Or you had this big idea in your mind and it just didn’t pan out that way.

Today, Lindsay is going to talk about the mindset she thinks we should all have this year going into Mother’s Day and lots of ideas of things to do so it’s memorable and makes you feel loved and appreciated and celebrated.  Because we know, there’s no time we deserve it more than now!

May 08, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Dealing With Negative People


In this episode, we’re having a positive talk about How To Be Awesome At Dealing With Negative People. 

Lindsay breaks down what she does in situations where someone is negative and complaining or toxic and judgmental and how she doesn’t let them get her going. 

Here are a few other key points from this episode: 

✨You can’t control what they do… but you can control how it affects you.

✨And how I get wrapped up in it- and before you know it I’m not doing all the positive stuff I want to be doing… because I’m replaying the Fed up thing she did.

✨It’s all about self-awareness and not caring what other people think. Live your life for you and nobody else.  

✨Everybody cares to some level of what other people think of them, but here’s the thing… you don’t let it stop you.  You don’t let it take over your mind or your day.  I have so much self confidence and positive talk in my head… they just can’t penetrate it. 

✨When I’m not happy I switch up what I’m listening to and who I’m talking to.  Spend your time with happy people.

✨Social media negativity - here's the thing - it doesn’t mean anything.  They see 1% of your life and thats what they are commenting on 

✨If someone is taking the time to consume your content then leave a negative comment - I feel compassion for them. 

✨You find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for negativity you find it. If you’re looking for positivity you find it.

✨The most important decision you make is the state of mind that you live 

✨To be happy- watch your mind all day long.  Smile more. Get more sunshine. Get out in nature. 

✨Life is an energy game.  Get away from negative energy.  Talk to negative people 3 times a month instead of 3 times a day. 

✨Any second you spend thinking about what someone else has is a second you take away from creating something for yourself

✨True self-confidence means of valuing my own opinion about myself more than anybody else

✨Stop blaming, accept fault 

There is something SO powerful about not giving energy to the negativity and the toxic people. 

Even when you can’t erase someone from your life.. you can limit your interaction with them and limit how much they do or say affects you.  You’re actually in total control.  

Control your headspace- control what you spend time thinking about.. and you’ve won.  Doesn't matter how negative or awful the person is… if you don’t let them affect you - you’ve won. 

We can’t always put ourselves in the perfect situations all the time, but we can prep our minds so when toxic energy comes our way, we are so happy and confident and awesome, it simply doesn't affect us. 

May 04, 2020
The Most Awesome Vacations To Take With Your Kids

Vacations with KIDS! 

It’s not always easy to pick a vacation spot that is fun for your kids and somewhere that you will love too!

In this episode, Lindsay is sharing lots of her best hacks for traveling with kids and her favorite places to go on vaca!

Here are some of her fav tips: 

✈️ Do your research and go at the right time of year 

✈️  Have your kids watch YouTube videos 

✈️  Consider flight times

✈️ Pack an airplane cooler bag 

✈️ Look into kids clubs ahead of time 

✈️ Make best friends with concierge of place you are going 

✈️  Pack right- don’t overpack 

✈️ Send a box ahead of time 

✈️  Plan the days fully but be totally open to change 

✈️  Make sure to book dinner reservations for each night 

✈️ Find the balance of place that your kids will love and you will too!

Here are some of the travel destinations Lindsay talks about:

🌴  Atlantis in Bahamas 

🌴  Disney Cruise to Atlantis out of FL 

🌴  Legoland California 

🌴 Grand Wailea in Maui

🌴 Disney Resort AULANI on OAHU

🌴 Cabo- Las Ventanas 

🌴 Punta Cana - Hard Rock Hotel & Eden Roc hotel 

🌴 Vegas!  Encore Hotel 

🌴 Polar Express / Grand Canyon in Williams Arizona 

🌴 SNOW vacations - Whistler Four Seasons, Aspen Hotel Jerome 

🌴 Camping / motorhome trips - Camp James in CA  

🌴 Orange County resort - Pelican Hill Resort (staycation for us)

🌴 Palm Springs hotel for kids - Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort (Or stay at the Ritz Carlton and take the kids TO the water park there) 

🌴 Del Mar California - Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

🌴 NYC - Plaza Hotel & Eloise shop 

So many of the best memories we make with our kids are on vacations!  The goal of this podcast is to share some places we love, that we think your family will too! 

May 01, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Batch Working For Efficiency

This episode is all about batch working!  Lindsay shares how she uses this hack to DOUBLE her productivity. 

Batch working is the process of dividing up your work into similar topics so you can do them in all at once, rather than jumping from task to task.

Lindsay explains how batch working saves her so much time and makes her feel so accomplished because she actually gets ahead on things and doesn't always feel behind with a never-ending to do list. 

She's sharing all the ways she uses batch working in her personal life and in her business life to get things done more efficiently and feel more organized.  

We are going to look at all the things you have to do, and make a plan to do them more efficiently.  There is this energy you have when you know what you are about to do that day- it's just a different energy than when you show up and let you email dictate your day.  

Over time, Lindsay has figured out how to batch work to get through her list more efficiently and simply, get more done. 

It’s about organizing the things in your life that you are doing and doing and doing over and over again. 

Lindsay explains how she felt so much more mentally free because she’s not always trying to keep up with the day and keep head above water.  Batch work the bulky stuff so you can focus on the little stuff.  

Do this by writing out your whole list, then bundle things together that can be batch worked!  

When you have a CLEAR plan - it's so much easier to show up and get the job done.

Another helpful tip- listen back to the podcast on automate, eliminate and delegate.  This combined with batch working will really take your productivity to the next level! 

It’s all about focusing on doing one thing at a time and doing it well.

And it also it helps your confidence.  And helps you believe that what you are doing is going to WORK.  

With the efficiency comes clarity and you feel like you DESERVE YOUR FREE TIME. 

Lindsay hopes this episode helps you get through your to do list and live in a state of mental clarity and fulfillment because you’ve gotten SO MUCH DONE!  

And that’s AWESOME 😎 

Apr 27, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Planning A Future Party From Home

In this episode, Lindsay talks about how much of the work that goes into party planning is done from home, on your computer, and why this is the perfect time to plan for future parties!

Lindsay goes through all her party prep steps… and all the things you can do NOW to plan for future parties.

Here are the steps that Lindsay talks about in this episode!

🎉 Pick a theme

🎉 Pick a location

🎉 Pick a day and time

🎉 Gather up all your inspiration images

🎉 Make a guest list

🎉 Make a plan for invitations

🎉 Figure out what kids are going to eat and what adults are going to eat

🎉 Figure out what everyone is going to do

🎉 Design the dessert table

🎉 Design a background for a photo moment if you want one

🎉 What other vendors you will need for decorations

🎉 What other vendors you will need for food - cakes, treats, special treat vendor - snow cones, cookie sandwiches, etc.

🎉 What everyone is going to wear

🎉 Make your list of things you need to order ahead of time

🎉 It’s all in the details!!  Think about custom details and what you can order from Etsy and other sites.


We hope this episode inspires you to make all your lists and set-up your plans so when the world opens again.. you shoot out all your emails and you’re ready to turn it into action!  The hard part is in the planning so you can do all that now, while you’re at home.  And have FUN doing it!  

Apr 24, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Doing What You SHOULD DO

You know how there are certain things that you know you SHOULD do?  Not because anyone else thinks you should- because it’s something that you really want to do and you know you SHOULD because you’re great at and it would make you feel happy & fulfilled.  But, you just don’t.  Well, this is that pep talk to get you to do it.  We go deep into the mind and talk about changing your habits, exposing yourself to new things, getting out of your past, stop living your life in stress mode, eliminating negative emotions and cultivating positive energy.  This is the perfect time to do that thing you’ve always told yourself you SHOULD do. 

Here are some key points that Lindsay covers: 

❤️ Getting out of our past and being open to create new routines

❤️ Focusing on not what anyone is telling us to do… but what we feel like we WANT to do.  

❤️ You tell yourself you don’t have time? Listen to my episode on automate eliminate and delegate 

❤️ Save time so you don’t have this excuse anymore 

❤️ Change your routine If you do the same things and see the same people, you have the same thoughts 

❤️ Stop recalling your past

❤️ Stop living in stress mode and anticipating the worst case

❤️ The moment you decide to make a different choice, it's going to feel uncomfortable.

❤️ If we have a thought - we think that's the truth and that's not always the case 

❤️ If we think 60-70k thoughts in a day and most are the same thoughts as the day before, your life isn’t going to change much

❤️ Start the process of becoming more aware of how you feel and how you think

❤️ We learn the most about ourselves when we are in the uncomfortable self

❤️ We have to break our old habits before we can work on new thoughts - unmemorize emotions that are stored in the body

❤️ We will say to ourselves that we want to get over our anxiety about something… but then we don’t.

❤️ We have to get rid of all the negativity - like anger, jealously, aggression, hostility, hatred, fear, anxiety, pain, suffering, guilt and envy. 

❤️ What are you not doing because you are trapped about what someone else thinks? 

❤️ Fast forward where you are - look at yourself in 10, 20, 30 years time Do you like what you see?If the answer is no, then you need to find a new path and do what you SHOULD do. 

❤️ Open yourself up to new role models - and it can be virtually - watch videos, listen to podcasts, listen to audiobooks… change the story in your mind. 

❤️ Your morning routine is so important… start the day with a clear mind.

This episode will help you figure out what you SHOULD DO and HOW you are going to do it.  

Apr 20, 2020
How To Be Awesome at Celebrating a Birthday During Quarantine

Shift the way you think about having a birthday at home during COVID 19.  In this episode, Lindsay shares lots of ideas of how to have the best birthday celebration at home, that doesn’t feel like you are compromising anything!  We have to work with what we have, and what we can do, and focus on what would be the most fun for the person you are celebrating. 

Here are some of the ideas Lindsay talks about: 

🎉 Do something totally wild- that they would LOVE

🎉 Have a party at home - who cares if it’s just a few of you! 

🎉 Order banners on Etsy or make your own 

🎉 Have an actual party at home 

🎉 Do a yard sign 

🎉 Do a drive by parade 

🎉 Do a video mash-up with Bday wishes from family & friends 

🎉 Have a tasting party (think Oreos or champagne - or both😂)

🎉 Birthday scavenger hunt (for any age)

🎉 Watch a movie outside - in the hot tub or in a tent 

🎉 Balloons!! Order some for drop off or do your own! 

🎉 Print pictures & frame them or make cards/poster with them

And like 100 more 😂🎂🎉


Here are links to things mentioned!! 

Ballon company I used 


Charity - 949-422-9935 

Yard sign company I used 


Cheryl -

The small Polaroid glitter frames I love 



Sprinkles cupcakes delivery 

Pressed Juicery delivery 

Great Dane Bakery if you are local 

Print photos on Shutterfly


COMING SOON!  How To Be Awesome At Celebrating Everything Course 


Last thought at the end of it! 


Overall BUILD the day around what really makes the birthday person happy.  Not what YOU think is fun or you think they SHOULD like… do things they actually LOVE and it will be a great day!

Apr 17, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Keeping Your Immune System Strong

We are all talking about how we can keep ourselves and our families as healthy as possible so I wanted to do an episode today about immunity!

Lindsay talks about the supplements she thinks are essential… including a few that Dr. Lekkos (her functional medicine doctor) told her about.. that she is SO excited about! 

She gets into all the things  we know but a little more of… like sleeping more and eating a little bit healthier than we normally would… working out a little bit more than we normally would… drinking more water… taking more time for mindfulness and reducing stress. 

A lot of times when we think about keeping our immune system strong we just think about vitamins and supplements… but it’s a combination of all these things and they are all equally important.

Lindsay’s Favorite Supplements: 


Life Extensions Two A Day multivitamin capsule 




Now listen… we can all take ALL the right vitamins everyday .. but if the rest of the stuff is in line… it’s not going to work!  

So here are the other things we need to focus on: 

😴Sleep more

😋Eat healthier 

💪Work out more 

💁‍♀️Drink more water 

🧘Take more time for mindfulness 

😌Reduce stress 

We hope this episode inspires you to really take a look at ALL parts of your health and what you are doing and eating and thinking about and how it all matters to your overall health and immunity.  

Thank you for listening and cheers friends, to your health! 

Apr 13, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Making Easter Extra Special

Today we are talking about how to be awesome at making Easter special for your kids!   This is an episode that you are going to want to listen to without your kids in the room because we are going to talk about some Easter magic! 

Easter is such a fun holiday and there are so many ways we can make it extra special and extra magical for our kids.  Lindsay is sharing all the things she will be doing this year and things she’s done in past years that were a big win. 

Everything from starting the day with a little something special in their bedroom… to leaving a little bunny trail… to creative ideas for your egg hunt itself… and possibly a scavenger hunt- if you’re up for it!  I’m talking about getting creative and putting together baskets that your kids will love and making things awesome but also easy, so it’s actually FUN for you too!  

Here are a few things you might want to get or pull out to prep: 

Cheap pool with ball pit balls 
Peeps bunnies for chubby bunny game 
Board games for your kids 
Letters if you want to personalize your kids baskets 
Cute PJs or outfits for the day 
Filling the baskets - things your kids like… like gifts you would get them normally 
Clear cell phone and ribbon to make your own baskets 
I love wood crates for baskets to change it up if you want to get creative 
Easter basket filler 
My favorite bubble machine 
Lots of eggs to fill 
Candy and toys to fill the eggs

First tip:  put everyone to bed early the night before so everyone is in a good mood in the morning and you can get to work before 11pm… and take your time and have fun with it. 

Lindsay talks all about creating magical bunny prints, doing a great egg hunt, putting together special baskets and having family games prepped in case you need them for the rest of the day. 

It’s everything you need to prepare for Easter in a way that will seem very EXTRA but won’t kill you doing it!  

HAPPY EASTER friends!  Hope you enjoy!! 

Apr 10, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Purging Your Closet

It feels so great to be organized and have less!!
It’s like coming home to a breath of fresh air after a long day. 

Today we are talking about cleaning out and organizing and purging your closet! 

Lindsay’s researched all the methods and strategies and she's summarizing for you what she thinks are the most practical tips for getting rid of what you don’t need, keeping things that mean something to you or bring you JOY- as organizing guru Marie Kondo says.

We’re going to talk about turning your closet into your own little oasis where only things you love live.

Lindsay breaks it down into 3 steps- get rid of stuff that doesn't make you happy, find a good place for what’s left… and stop buying things you don’t need!

There is no better time for a good closet organize than NOW… so we’re going to talk about how to do it!


Two books to check out!

🌴Life changing art of tidying up 

🌴Tidy the F Up The American Art of organizing 


To do it the right way, you have to be tired of the way it is now.
You have to be so tired of it that you really commit to getting organized and staying organized.

I’ve tried so many ways and failed!  I hired a professional organizer and paid a ton! …but I still wasn’t organized!

You have to commit to DO THE WORK… and that’s the step I was missing.

And doing the work means… really taking each item and taking the time to think about whether you need it and where is the best place for it to live. 

Here are the steps we are going to follow:Get rid of stuff that doesn't make you happy Find a place for what's left…and… (the hard one) Stop buying things you don’t need 



You didn’t accumulate all this stuff in a day.. it's going to take more than a day to fix it. 

Pull out everything that's the same and put it in a pile 

Like sweaters- most of us have way too many sweaters. 

Pull them allll out in a pile … and go through them- just keep the ones you like most!!

Ask yourself.. would you buy this NOW?

Don’t have so much stuff that you can’t get to any of it - purge until it’s all easy to get to! 

Order matching hangers!  These slim ones are my FAVORITE!




Oh and don’t save things!  This whole process will make you WEAR More things… don’t save them!

Think of that is keeping them in a dark closet while you go out in the world… let them out!

Please know … it will get worse before it gets better!

Lindsay goes through how to decide what to toss, what to sell and what to donate.  

We hope you take all of this and do the best closet purge and organize than you’ve ever done! 

Cheers… to your awesome closet! 

Apr 06, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Being Strong Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

Listen to why Lindsay decided to run 50 miles in 10 days.

It has nothing to do with fitness or weight. 

It’s about mental strength and conditioning…

It’s about making a physical change in order to make a mental change.

It’s about wanting to be tough and have thick skin and be ready when life throws curveballs your way. 

Lindsay talks about pushing through discomfort- get to the point where your mind is saying STOP- and that's actually where you start. 

Because can’t be extraordinary by staying in what’s comfortable.

All of this will make us stronger and ready to face the tough situation we are all in right now.  

Lindsay talks about challenging yourself everyday so you don't get rusty. 

Accept what you suck at and use that as your drive, not your excuse.  (She explains honestly how she used to make excuses for things rather than pushing through it.)

Lindsay talks about setting goals and making sure you push through to the end so YOU know that you will when you tell yourself you will do something.  

This is a big topic and she wants to be clear that she is still so compassionate and empathetic and loving - just trying to do it with thicker skin.   So she can be tough when you get a hard call that someone you love is sick… or you are going through something hard.  It’s all about bring strong so you can handle more and how we can make conscious decisions to get there.  

And that’s why she thinks we should all be working everyday on our mental conditioning.  Not accepting what’s average or what we’ve always done, but to challenge ourselves and PUSH through the pain… and control that most important conversation we have - the one in our own heads about ourselves. 

You wake up with it, you walk around with it… you go to bed with it.  And you act on it.  Good or bad.  That’s what this whole thing is about.  

Let’s deal with the Corona virus or whatever else you’re facing right now with strength and mental toughness…. Because it will make us better and we will come out of it stronger and more awesome!

Apr 03, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Eating Less Sugar

This is a BIG ONE!  Eating LESS sugar!  


🍎We are talking about added sugar- not the sugar in Whole Foods - Lindsay is all for natural sugars found in fruits and veggies. 

This is about processed foods and how we have to know how to read labels and what ingredients to look for. 


🍫Lindsay talks about when to SPLURGE and have the real sugar!  She decides by asking herself… is this a MOMENT? 


A birthday party for someone special, a date night treat… a cool moment with your kids.. whatever it is for you.  That’s when you should splurge. 


🍚Lindsay get’s into all the places that sugar is found.  

SUGAR is not just in cupakes!!

It’s in lots of foods that turns into sugar in your body… like white starches.  So you may not feel like you’re eating a ton of sugar becasuse you aren't eating cake and ice cream but we have to be aware that it comes in other forms too.  There is a ton of sugar in so many foods you might not realize like Chinese to-go food or juices, etc.  


It’s in so many things… and so often we are addicted to it!  


We have to realize that because its not straight sugar doesn't mean that its not turning into sugar in your body.  White breads and pastas are at the top of the list for this!  


👩🏼‍🔬Lindsay gets into how to read the labels on processed foods!

She tries to limit processed foods… but when you do… look at the ingredient list!

Sugar has SO many different names- the most common names are sugar and syrup. 

High fructose corn syrup… also “OSE” like glucose, dextrose.

Avoid foods that have lots of sugars


Of course, the best way to do this is to eat as many natural foods as possible.  Nobody has added sugar to it.

If you eat mostly Whole Foods, you will naturally have a low in sugar diet. 



☕️Lindsay isn’t going to ask you to cut out ALL forms of sugar… and do it cold turkey.

While she knows this works for so many people, she doesn’t think its realistic for most people.

We want to eat out and live and experience and try different foods.


So this is how she’s figured out how to make ONE drastic change.


Stop drinking your calories and your sugar.  (Unless of course its a glass of ice cold Champagne after a long week then thats totally allowed and recommended) 

Often times people are drinking so much sugar and not realizing it and this is the ONE thing she's going to tell you to cut out pretty much complexly and do it cold turkey.  Sodas, super sweetened juices and sugary coffee drinks. 


Now the replacements… I would drink black coffee with a splash of coconut milk or almond milk.

And sparkling water!  It takes time to get used to but its a good trade off.


At restaurants - get ice tea or iced coffee unsweetened.


Just try not to drink all your calories in the form of sugar!! The sugar can add up so much 


🍯Here’s are the healthier options Lindsay uses to cook with at home!! 

Now, none of these are perfect and people could debate them… but IF we are not going to go totally extreme and just reduce and use much healthier options!

These are the ones Lindsay thinks we could use!
maple syrup 




(Organic for all) 


Or backup option is coconut sugar. 


Organic Honey


Organic Maple Syrup 


Organic Agave


Organic Vanilla Extract 



Cacao Nibs


Simple Mills Bread


Hemp Hearts



You choose depending on your preferences and own personal dietary limitations or preferences!



🥗Another thing to think about is how much and what we are eating for meals. We need nice big filling meals with lots of proteins and fats… so we are FULL!  And you’ll be less likely to grab for the sugar craving items. 


Eat lots of the good fats like avocados and nuts. Your blood sugar levels will be stable and you are more full for longer. Unlike a big bowl of cereal and milk in the am… you crash fast!


Rather than thinking about what you need to TAKE OUT- think about what you can ADD in first!!
It's so much more FUN!

Lindsay is all about eating… a LOT and enjoying food and not walking around the world HUNGRY!



🍎Another obvious one - remove temptation!


If its out of sight its out of mind!  Try to only have good healthy options… or put your splurge treats nice and high so little fingers can’t reach them and you have to get a step stool to reach so it makes it a little bit harder to do. Gives yourself a little hurdle to make it reserved for special occasions. 



🍓Here are a few of my fav low sugar snacks:


-I always have precut fruit in the fridge


-I LOVE frozen grapes- they have a new texture once frozen! 


-I love doing frozen bananas and strawberries and drizzle with dark choice and toss in freezer… it really only needs an hour- and I think it's better than totally frozen 


-There are lots of recipes online for apple nachos that are FUN- apples and pb and lots of toppings.


🍎🍎Here are some of Lindsay’s go-to packaged snacks that everyone loves! 


Cauliflower Puffs


Vegan Chocolate Bars


Bean Chips


Pecan Butter


Chocolate Cake Mix 


🎂The other thing we need to think about with sugar is … there’s an addiction associated with it.  Sometimes it’s more genetic - we have more of a sweet tooth OR it can be learned from your parents or your environment.


Studies have shown that sugar is one of the most addictive substances - so lots of times food manufacturers use lots of sugar because we like it and we crave it and we want to eat more! 


Tests in rats have shown that sugar foods are as addicting to hard core drugs. 





🍰This is a big topic and one that we will certainly talk a LOT more about.  But we hope this episode really helps you THINK about how much sugar you're eating and the easy swaps that you can make to be eating much healthier food. 

TELL us what specific parts of this you want to learn more about!


And let’s keep talking about it!  Until next time friends, cheers to your health! 

Mar 30, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Being Happy For Other People
Here’s the thing… Somehow most of are programed to look at others peoples lives and compare them to our own.  Imagine how freeing it is if you could look at someone else’s feed or hear about a big win one of your friends had in life and be genuinely happy for them.  And
not do it in a judgmental way or in a jealous way or comparing in anyway at all.
It’s the best feeling to be in such a good place was where you’re at… even if you’re not where you want to be… if you have't accomplished your goals or life hasn’t completely falling into place the way you want it too… just knowing that it’s a journey and there are ebs and flows and at the end of the day you’re confident and you love yourself unconditionally so you have the space and capacity to genuinely be happy for somebody else.
Do you know what the best part is! People are happier for you when good things happen to you… because they remember how good you made them feel when something happened to them!

So let’s all take a minute to be mindful about it and get to a place where we’re genuinely happy for everyone around us… even if we don’t know them… even if they do things differently than we do… we’re going be happy for them because it puts out good energy into the world and that always comes back to you!

Thank you for listening and being so open-minded.  Now let’s go out and find someone to cheer for!! 

Mar 30, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Working Out From Home

💪🏼 Lindsay tries to convince you why working out at home is the BEST!  Because it saves you time and money… and it’s easier to make it happen each day!  

💪🏼 Here are the programs Lindsay LOVES!

OBE Fitness 

Tracy Anderson fitness 

Beach Body Fitness 

💪🏼Here are links to Lindsay’s favorite pieces of equipment:

Peleton treadmill 

Amazon leg weights 

Black weights - I use 3lb, 5lb., 8lb., 10lb., 12lb., 15lb. and 20lb. hand weights! 

💪🏼Don’t get distracted!
The hardest part about not being in a class is you can get distracted!!
What to do when you don’t feel like it?
But listen your best each day is going to be different. 
Do it... change it up somehow… do something that does sound good… play something that sounds fun - maybe it's a show you like or something else that will help the time go by.  Or get outside and do it!  

Lindsay makes it happen just about everyday … because she schedules it in… and it’s easier to get in a quick session if you are short on time. 

She works out for health and to sweat and to feel good and to live a long time.

So as we know, there just aren’t any shortcuts to that.  You have to show up and put in the work… but you can make it so much FUN too by doing it in a way that is exciting to you and you’re doing things that you like.  

We hope this helps inspire you to MAKE the DECISION to work out at home… and love it and make it a way of life. So it’s not a debate in your mind each morning, the decision has already been made, you just need to execute on it.

Thank you for listening!  Now let’s wake up early tomorrow and workout from home!! 

Mar 27, 2020
How To Be Awesome at Not Drinking Poison

In this episode, Lindsay asks you to THINK about how you process things that happen to you.  And be intentional about NOT DRINKING POISIN when someone tries to hand it to you!!


It’s a game changer for your overall happiness!


She calls it poison because it is!!  


Lindsay goes through how to deal with this ourselves, and how to teach our kids how to do this too!  


This whole thing ALL goes back to what are you letting in your mind.
Together, we are putting ear plugs in when it comes to negativity or dream squashing!  Don’t let it in! 
It saves you so much waisted energy and heartache and time!
Now listen, we all have to been self actualized and not block out something if someone we love is trying to help us and its something we really need to pay attention to or work on changing or whatever… 
But if it honest fall into this category its likely a WASTE of time!! 
So that’s what we’re talking about today… first, realizing that when someone says something negative or hurtful for you… you have a choice with what you’re going to do with it.  Are you going to digest it or not… and it completely changes the outcome of the interaction. 

Thanks for listening! 

Mar 23, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Having Patience With Kids!

Lindsay summarizes today’s episode: 


My very first guest today!  My 9 year old daughter Stella!  I wanted a kids perspective when talking about this!  


We’re talking about PATIENCE!!  


How do you have patience with kids who won’t move on to the next step?
This is where I get the most frustrated… get in the car for school… come sit down for dinner… time to brush your teeth… 
This is where I have the most frustration… and how I need to tell myself to be patient 
Sometimes we all need a BRAIN BREAK! 
When my kids flip out or loose it or yell or some other response that isn’t ideal for the situation… I have them walk around the corner… out of sight… I tell them to take a brain break and come back. Don’t come back until you’re ready.. until you’re in a better state of mind. 
OR I take a brain break!! 
I take a deep breath.. or I walk away for a minute!
RATHER THAN throwing out consequences that are too harsh and I’m not going to actually execute.  And thats the key - we have to stick to what we say.  
SO … GET NEUTRAL before giving consequences!
I also get into how to be atune to where your kids are developmentally and how to be realistic.  Also… how to deal with babies when they are frustrating! 
I go through how I’ve learned to LISTEN!  I thought I was in my younger years of being a parent… but then I realized a lot of time I wasn’t.  I want to know how THEY feel… sometimes I THOUGHT I was being patient but they actually thought I wasnt.  Then when I heard their explanation of it- I could totally see your point.
I want to make make sure my kids feel like they are being heard.
I talk about giving my kids choices… and accepting who they are and not trying to control them.  
Lots of fun stuff packed in this one… and I hope this podcast helps you take a step back and remember how important it is to be patient with our kids. It’s just so important for their happiness and for your relationship… and for the overall feeling in your home.  As hard as it can be at times, I think it’s one of the most important things we need to work to master as parents.  


Cheers to having patience!  Even when they won’t get in the damn car!  


Mar 21, 2020
How To be Awesome At Being An Overnight Homeschool Parent

This podcast is probably not what you think it’s going to be.  Not as much about lists and workbooks and schooling… and more about teaching your kids things that you know… that you think they should know!  


So this is our plan… we are going to do the assignments and everything our teachers give us.  Then- we are going to learn different things together.  


Teachers are experts at how to do this- and thats what makes them so amazing!  So Lindsay thinks we shouldn’t put so much pressure on ourselves and try to be.  


Most of us aren’t trained in this stuff and she’s a big fan of doing what you’re best at and doing it 110%!  



Now if you’re listening to this later and not during Coronavirus craziness… then I still love all of this for normal life.  We think about teaching our kids… like it has to come from textbooks… but it totally doesn't! 


Here are some podcast highlights: 

❤️Don't put so much pressure on yourself or them 


❤️Realize their word is turned upside down too


❤️They aren’t in school now - so they can’t be expected to do as much learning time 


❤️Make a list of things you want to teach them!



Here is Lindsay’s list: (do one at a time- don’t overwhelm) 


🌟Order kits online

- My Time Capsule 

- Break Open Real Geodes

- Volcano Kit

- Rock Painting Kit


🌟Tie your shoes


🌟Make your bed the right way 


🌟Send an email 


🌟Create a photo book online 


🌟Edit a Youtube video


🌟Write a business plan 


🌟Make a 2 tier cake from scratch 


🌟Research online and find a place they want to travel 


🌟Write and mail a letter 


🌟Jump rope 


🌟Eye contact 


🌟Plans to help others/volunteer once we are able to


🌟Negotiate with me 


🌟Learn how to pick out ripe fruit


🌟Test them to find a bright side in a bad situation 




We hope this session really helped you take a deep breath and realize… we CAN teach our kids SO MUCH while we are home… and it DOESN'T have to come from a textbook!

Think of all the things you know and that you’re good at…

And think about each child and what they are interested in and what they would want to learn.

And you know what- maybe this whole experience will be such a great growing and learning experience for us and our kids - in ways we didn’t expect! 


Thanks for listening!  We are in this together friends!  Now let's go out and teach our kids some nontraditional things that is going to add to the awesome humans that they are! 

Mar 20, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Looking Good Each Day

People message me on Instagram pretty often and say… You have three kids and you work how do you look presentable each day??… And first thank you that’s so nice and second I think it’s one of those things that is just a priority for me. It’s on my must do list…

I must get ready each day and feel showered and clean and put together. 

Now sometimes that still means wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt… I’m not talking about getting ready so we’re wearing heels every day… I’m talking about getting ready, so you feel good and you’re ready for anything that happens that day.

I get ready once in the morning… every single day and then I’m good for the day.  If I’m going to a special event or a nice dinner at night, then I will do a touchup… but my touch up never takes me more than 15 minutes or so.


I think that for so many women… myself included… once you start having babies… there’s less time… you’re more tired… and you don’t always feel like putting on makeup and pulling yourself together like you used to. But I think it’s so important… and 99% of the importance is for yourself. Yes, it’s good to look good for your significant other or your job or whatever it is but this episode is about you it’s about looking good, so you feel confident and you’re ready for anything that day.

Also important because of your POSTURE!

Your posture affects how you see yourself, as well as how others see you. If you’re slumped down and slouching during a job interview, for example, the interviewer will likely see you as less confident, and perhaps will have a neural impulse to judge you as less capable. If you have good posture, with your shoulders back and your body aligned, you can look better in your clothes and will likely receive compliments from loved ones, which will boost your confidence and mood. You could also just love how you look in the mirror, which will make you feel lighter and more positive.

Good posture also pertains to walking. If you walk slumped down and, in a shuffle, you look bedraggled and overwrought, which can make you actually feel bedraggled and overwrought. When you walk uplifted and with confidence, your brain registers “uplifted and with confidence,” and pumps out happy hormones to match the message.

**Do the long stuff at night 

Wash hair... face masks… shave your legs… 

**Do a get ready that makes you feel good, everyday

And figure out what that routine is!

Don’t spend your morning minutes on experimentation, especially when you’ve got to get out the door by a certain time. Experiment at night when it’s calm and peaceful — and then figure out how to replicate it in the morning.

**Lay your clothes out the night before

**If you have kids, PLAN in the time - so its before they wake up… and if they wake up early… maybe you streamline it and they watch a cartoon for 12 mins instead of skipping it altogether. 

**Do the OTHER STUFF the night before

Make lunches

Respond to emails 

Get gas in your car 

**Figure out how you like to look without making it take forever - so it’s not practical

YOUTUBE is amazing!! 

Mar 17, 2020
What To Do With Your Kids At Home

Lindsay’s Show Notes!


You know I’m going to say that the way this goes is going to be all about your attitude and how you think about it and how you feel about it are totally going to transfer to your kids.  So I like to focus on what I CAN do vs. what I CAN’T do.  And it really helps you get creative and think outside the box. 



Here are links to some of Lindsay’s favorite things! 


Handwriting without tears

Mar 16, 2020
How To Be Awesome In Times Of Uncertainty

This podcast is going to be different if you are listening to it weeks or months after it’s release date… but really so much of the concepts can apply to other situations.

Uncertainly.. the unknown… the scary parts and the what-if’s and the worst case scenario thinking.

Lindsay’s tackling the Corona virus… and where we are at and how we can approach it without loosing our minds or getting depressed or so much stress from worrying that we can’t function!

She reminds you that you can control your emotions, your mood, the way you breathe, how you prepare for things, how you solve things, how you’re treating others around you, how you’re taking care of your body and putting the health and happiness of yourself and your family at the top of your priority list.

Listen in today as Lindsay shares how she is preparing her home and her pantry for self-quarantine.  Lots of talk about healthy foods and boosting your immune system… and so many other things that contribute to your overall health, which is all of our highest priorities at this point.  

Let’s take a breath, put on some calm music, and make the best decisions we can in this uncertain time.

Mar 13, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Using Music as Your Mantra

Today we’re talking about finding a song that puts you in the mood that you want to be in. 


One that pumps you up, or inspires or, or reminds you of whats important to you. 


Sometimes I listen to it once a week and other times I listen to it 5 times a day.
When you’re picking your song… think about how you want to FEEL… and what message really speaks to you .. that you want to remind yourself of often.


Here are the lyrics to my music mantra song!! 



Biscuits by Kacey Musgraves 


Taking down your neighbor won't take you any higher
I burned my own damn finger poking someone else's fire
I've never gotten taller making someone else feel small
If you ain't got nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all
Just hoe your own row and raise your own babies
Smoke your own smoke and grow your own daisies
Mend your own fences and own your own crazy
Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy
Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy
Nobody's perfect, we've all lost and we've all lied
Most of us have cheated, the rest of us have tried
The holiest of holies even slip from time to time
We've all got dirty laundry hanging on the line
So hoe your own row, yeah, and raise your own babies
Smoke your own smoke and grow your own daisies
Mend your own fences and own your own crazy
Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy
Yeah mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy
Pouring salt in my sugar won't make yours any sweeter
Pissing in my yard ain't gonna make yours any greener
And I wouldn't know about the rocks in your shoes
So I'll just do me and, honey, you can just do you (so low)
So hoe your own row, yeah raise your own babies
Smoke your own smoke and grow your own daisies
Mend your own fences and own your own crazy
Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy
Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy

Maybe you want this song to be your music mantra too!  I’m telling you… it’s a good one! 


Hoping this episode inspired you to find your music mantra.  A song that gets you in the frame of mind that you want to be in.  Maybe you listen in the morning to get going in the right way… or you listen when you’re in a funk or feeling yourself having an off day and you need a little pick me up.  Whatever it is… music is powerful and this is such a great way to remind yourself of who you want to be and how you want to feel and the energy that you want to put into the world… and it feels more fun and more natural in the process.


Cheers friends, to whatever mantra speaks to you and to minding your own biscuits and life will be gravy! 

Mar 09, 2020
Awesome Bonus Episode : PEP TALK

BONUS podcast episode today!!  This one is your PEP TALK for whenever you need it!  You know when you’re just in a funk... or having a bad day or week or month or YEAR! ...and you just need a good pep talk?? Or several of them??  Well this is it!  Whatever happened (or didn’t happen), whatever is unfair or hurtful or irritating or tough to deal with... this will really help! 

Mar 08, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Functional Medicine

Like I said this is just the start of this conversation together. I’ve always said you have to manage your own health and the health of your family and you can’t just accept what you are told and you have to be proactive about it.

But it wasn’t until the last year that I was proactive about it in THIS way. In the way where I pay attention to my body and how I feel after eating certain foods… or doing certain things.

And really looking at my stress level and diet and nutrition… and my STOOL!  OH my gosh… all the things!  

What are the root causes of disease? 

What are the things that mostly make us sick?


-Poor diet 



What are the things that humans need to be happy and healthy? 

-Right food


-Balance of hormones 







Take out the bad stuff and put in the good stuff and miracles happen! 

It’s just a new way of looking at your life and your health. I hope you got a ton out of this episode. Let me know what you thought!! I'd love to hear from you!

Mar 06, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Having Contagious Positivity

Lindsay’s introduction to the episode: 

This episode is about being so positive and optimistic… that it’s contagious to the people around you.  
You know when you’re around someone with good energy?  And it just makes you feel good?  I just think life is an energy game.  
Get away from negative energy. 
I don’t know if I’m more passionate about anything else than this.  I just think positivity and optimism are what it’s all about.  
You find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for negativity you find it. If you’re looking for positivity you find it.
The most important decision you make is the state of mind that you live in.  You create your reality. 
I was hesitant to tackle this topic for 2 reasons… I didn’t want it to sound rah rah cheesy… like YAY! BE HAPPY!… and it’s such a big topic to cover… I could talk for 9 hours about it.
But we’re just doing to do it.  We’re going to talk about having a YES mindset and a CAN DO attitude.  We’re going to talk about being positive… and so positive that it’s contagious.  Let’s go! 
Here are some of Lindsay’s key points: 

✨Positivity is a choice. And it has to be intentional. 

✨Life is an energy game- put out good energy and you will attract good energy. 

✨Having a positive perspective makes for a much happier life.

✨If you eat foods that make you feel good, all of this is easier.

✨You have to know what makes you happy…. because if you aren’t doing what makes you happy… then you’re not likely to positive as you go through your day.  

✨Our words and our thoughts are just so powerful.  

✨Life gets so much better when we stop complaining and start creating solutions 

✨Showing your children how to live is the most important thing you can do.

✨If there is negativity in your ear… you have to switch up what you are listening to.

The bottom line is this… 

The world just reflects your own feelings back at you. Reality is neutral. Reality has no judgment. You are born and you have a set of experiences.  And how you choose to interpret that is up to you. Happiness is a choice. 

And positivity is a choice.  

We really hope this episode inspires you to go out in the world… and be positive.  And do good things and put positive energy in the world.  Cause we know… it comes back right back at ya! 

It makes for such a happier existence for you and the people around you.  Cheers to being positively contagious! 

Mar 02, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Waking Up Early
In this episode, Lindsay covers… 
Why sleep is so important!
Go to bed earlier.. 
Create a routine and keep a similar one on the weekends 
Don’t hit the snooze button!
Just wake up! 
Start with a workout 
Put on music to get moving 
Establish a good morning and nighttime routine 
Take an hour to decompress before bed 
Wake up at 5am!  Before the world is awake! 
Consistency is key- your body loves it 
Most successful business people wake up early 
You’ll get a head start on the day and you’ll love it!
Thanks for listening friends!  Now go set your alarm for 5am!! 
Feb 28, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Packing For A Trip

Lindsay’s notes:

Packing can be such a pain!  I know a lot of people leave it to the last night… because you’re probably dreading it.
And trying to get stuff done before you leave… and it’s the last thing on your list… but this is my very first tip!!! 
Don't pack the night before!! You will over pack and forget stuff!!
Plan to do it a few days ahead of time so you have time to pick-up anything you're missing!
My other BEST tip!! 
Send a box ahead of time 


If you’re bringing a car seat… bring your usual one and get a cover…. OR get a compact travel one - ill link both!
Avoid overpacking!
Weigh your luggage ahead of time
Avoid underpacking!
You can buy most things you could want when you get there!
Also- get a lightweight suitcase
Check the airlines so you know what you’re working with… you may get 2 free bags with your flight so it might be better to spread out the weight rather than filling one to the tippy tippy top and risking overweight fees. 
But I’m telling you… sending a box ahead of time is GOLD! 
Vacation is supposed to be FUN and now packing can be fun too!   It should get you excited for your trip… and if you do it ahead of time, it won’t be stressful!  And you start your vacation rested and ready to have fun!  Let me know what you thought out this episode!
And cheers!  To vacation! 


Favorite travel item links: 

Travel car seat


Car seat cover (if taking your regular car seat):


Packing cubes


Personalized luggage tags


Luggage scale 

Feb 24, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Automating, Eliminating & Delegating

Today, Lindsay talks all about doing what you’re best at and what you like doing the most.  

Start with a good brain dump.   Write it all down… big and small… things you want to do today, this week, this year or things you think you do until next year… whatever it is, if it’s on your mind… get it out!  

Then… go through your list and see what falls into each category… 
Automate.  Eliminate.  Delegate.
Are you making yourself crazy trying to do everything yourself??  You have to stop! 
And here’s how! 


1.  Automate
Automation takes time and makes it into more time.
Anything you create a process for today…. saves you time tomorrow.  So you get a return on this time invested. 


2.  Eliminate 
Does it really need to be done? 


One of the hardest parts of this is… we struggle with guilt.
We want to say no but we end up saying yes. 
We go through life trying to never say no. 
You can’t go through life trying to never say no because the thing is… you are always saying no to something - anytime you say yes to one thing- you are saying no to an infinite number of other things.


But you have to think about… what items on your list don’t absolutely need to be done? 
Which items do you do because you think you “should” and not because it serves any particular purpose?  
What do you do for others out of obligation or guilt?  
Which activities do you do simply because you've always done them, even though you may not need to anymore? 
What do you do mindlessly, without intention?


3.  Delegate 
What can someone else do for you?
Because you dread it or maybe they can be more efficient with it? 


A lot of time we don’t delegate because we think… they can’t do it as well as we do.
And a lot of times that's true!
But you have to allow for imperfection!
And understand they will likely get better at it! 


First, find the right person and how them how you do it.  Then, focus on the outcome and let go of the process.  Speed over perfection, baby!! 


THEN… look at what's left on your list!  Evaluate what remains!! 
Your list shouldn’t be a million miles long anymore! 
You should be left with your essential few! 
Lindsay’s a big fan of looking at what we are doing… and what parts of it do you like and not like?   What do you dread?  Maybe you don’t have to dread it.. maybe you don’t have to do it at all!  Because for so many things…. You can delegate, automate and eliminate. 
Feb 21, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Ordering Healthy At Restaurants
Don’t avoid eating out because you think its all bad!
It’s totally possible to eat at restaurants AND be healthy!
It’s all about balance so you never feel deprived.
Choose a healthy main and have little splurges in your starter or dessert.
When you’re looking at the menu…
Look for these WORDS…
  • grilled
  • steamed
  • baked
  • roasted
  • broiled
Avoid these WORDS
  • fried
  • crispy
  • breaded
  • creamed
More tips!
❤️ Limit white starches and sugars
❤️ Skip the bread basket!
❤️Ask for double or triple veggies!
❤️Don't be afraid to ask questions! What’s in it?
❤️Order Zucchini noodles instead of pasta noodles if they have it!
❤️Find the places who are progressive in this way and offering healthy options!
❤️Careful of the calories and sugar in drinks… is it worth it??
❤️If you’re going to do a starch… do it as healthy as possible like brown rice.
❤️Look at the whole menu!! So you can see what looks good and decide on how you’re going to balance it out!!
❤️If you don’t have a sensitivity to gluten - gluten free - its not always the healthiest option
❤️Get your dressing and sauces on the side!
❤️ Don’t arrive starving!!
❤️ Bring your own alternative (purse treats😂😋)
❤️ Slow down your earring speed and drink water!
❤️ Splurge when you want- just don’t overdo it!
AND there you HAVE IT!!
Hoping these hacks help with fueling your body with the best food possible so you feel AWESOME!

Thank you for listening! Cheers friends, to going out and eating healthy!
Feb 17, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Showing Your Love On The Daily

This episode is filled with all of Lindsay‘s favorite love hacks! Here are a few of them! Enjoy!

❤️Do one thing each day for someone that you love - that you weren’t going to do

❤️Be patient even when you don’t want to be

❤️Celebrate little things

❤️Smile MORE!


❤️Give more compliments

❤️When they need it, put their needs above yours

❤️When the days seem to run into one another, do something to break out of the routine.

❤️Give them your complete attention… without SCROLLING!!

❤️Feed them!

That’s it!  So many little things to think about and work into your daily life. 

it’s so good to take time to be mindful of the love in your life and how much attention you are giving to it.  The more effort you put into it, the more joy you will get from it.   It’s all the little things over the years that become the big things and strengthen your love and your relationships.

Cheers friends… to being awesome at LOVE!

Feb 14, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Speed Over Perfection

Today’s episode is all about execution.  Getting things done, not trying to make them perfect… speed over perfection!

We’re going to talk about how to make ourselves more efficient in the way we do things and how we can be more decisive and GET THINGS DONE!

For so many people it’s so hard to put something out into the world that they don’t think is absolutely perfect… I get it!  But here’s the thing… it’s better than putting nothing out into the world!

We can’t worry about judgment… we’re just going to work in fast-mode!

This way of thinking made me so much happier because I was seeing more progress in all parts of my life.
Speed over perfection!

In order to get used to speed over perfection… we need to do a few things…

**Improve our processes… get a routine down so you aren’t making a million little decisions in a day and get decision fatigue!

**Accept that not everything you do is going to be 110%… and that’s OK!  In fact it’s amazing!

**Don’t worry about mistakes.. most are easily correctable!

**Timing in life is everything!

**Stop making things more complicated than they need to be

**You don’t have to start everything from scratch

**Stop multi-tasking (most of the time)

**Stop being afraid of judgment

**Be more decisive

Here’s the thing.  Life is moving fast… and I really believe that when you think the things you want or need to do.. and getting them done… you have to think about speed first and perfection second.  Make it happen first, you can always make it better laster.. in some way.  Execute and move on. Execute and move on.  You’ll get so much more done, you’ll feel more productive and happy and not as behind on all the things you need to do.  Because you’re focusing on one task, completing it then moving on to the next.

You’re not worrying about judgment, you’re not multi-tasking everything out, you’re not over complicating things… it’s speed over perfection and it’s awesome!

Feb 10, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Getting Uncomfortable

Lindsay’s Show Notes:

Today, I’m trying to convince you to start your morning with a FREEZING COLD shower!  That’s right, a freezing shower.

For a few reasons… first let’s start with the health benefits!

A cold shower improves your immunity and gives you better circulation, lowers your stress, promotes faster muscle recovery and it’s good for your skin and nails.

And the best part… it makes you stronger and more resilient!

This physical task develops your mental toughness… bottom line!  Adding in this simple habit every morning, just for a few minutes, completely strengthens my overall mindset.

But then… the inevitable happens… at some point, you WILL want to quit.  Throw in the towel, call it a day, whatever man I’m done with this!  I’m freezing and shivering and miserable!

But it’s soooo important that you don’t.  This is the most important part of the whole thing.  If you quit halfway, you’re telling yourself that if you’re dedicated to something.. and then it gets hard or uncomfortable.. you’ll just quit.  And that’s the opposite of the goal here!!

Whereas if you bear through it… you are telling yourself… this sucks, I knew it would… there’s no going back, I started this and I’m doing it, I’m not a quitter and I’m strong enough to power through it!

When you reach the end of your very long 2 minutes… you’ll feel so alive!  Refreshed and like you can literally do anything!  You’ve already accomplished something HARD early in the morning and you are charging into your day!

I talk a lot on this podcast on how powerful your thoughts are… and how things don’t happen to you as much as you react to them and interpret them to what they are going to mean.  In this case… I used to cringe and cuss under my breath and shake… and then I was like… I’m tougher than this… yes my body FEELS uncomfortable but I get to choose how I react.  So I changed my mind about it and I wasn’t cussing and shaking anymore.  The way you think about things is just so powerful and in this case, it changes how you look at and how you react to it during.  You toughen up and work through the pain.

I love this hack and I hope you try it out … and let me know what you thought!  Thanks for listening and cheers… to not being a person that quits when things get tough!

Feb 07, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Not Being Overwhelmed

Lindsay’s Show Notes:

So what is overwhelm?

As you go through life, your brain fills up with information… it’s just like a full brain.  You check your email, you check your texts, you talk to your kids, you have work meetings, theres a pipe leak in the house, someone is irritated with you… and before you know it … your brain is FULL and you’re overwhelmed!

SO what do you do when you’ve hit OVERWHELM?

That in the moment sense that you can’t handle it all.

There are 2 types of overwhelm that happen in my life and I think most peoples lives…

  1. That moment when there is just SO Much going on… you’re in a hurry… this is when I give myself a pep talk
  2. Then, when it’s not like I’m in a hurry to get somewhere… I do a brain dump!!

So you have to do a BRAIN DUMP so you have an empty brain so you can focus again.

So this is what I do!

I dump everything on a piece of paper- not in notes, not on computer- on paper!

Write it ALLLL down… whats bothering you is now on paper.  THEN, I go through all do all the things that can be done in under 5 minutes… send a text, write an email to solve.

THEN I highlight the 3 most important things.  The rest is going to have to wait- or some might have to be eliminated!

And I focus on getting these 3 things done.  I have a clear head so I can focus on these things and I’m not trying to do EVERYTHING so I actually accomplish NOTHING!

Then we get into how to avoid overwhelm!

I really think you have to plan ahead and start your day organized!!

Begin your day knowing how your day is going to go and have your day already set the night before.

Even doing all of this… sometimes it just happens… so what do you do when it does?

Rather than getting frazzled… I tell myself… YOU CAN HANDLE THIS!  THIS IS NOT GOING TO BREAK YOU!

I am always working to master my own mind.   YOU get to choose the energy that you FEEL and BRING into moments.  You choose to generate your emotional energy.

The more that you are the person that stands SOLID when these moments happen the stronger you become.  You start to respect yourself more and you have more confidence when tell yourself I GOT THIS and you believe yourself!!

Thanks for listening!  And cheers… to  knowing that whatever the day throws your way…You’re awesome and YOU GOT THIS!

Feb 03, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Traveling With Kids By Yourself!

In this episode, Lindsay has all the tips for traveling with your kids… all by yourself!  And why she thinks you should do it!

Here are some of the highlights:

✅ Pick good times to fly when booking your trip

✅Pack lots of airplane snacks

✅Pack things for kids to do… little toys for kids to open.. and iPads!!

✅Send a box ahead of time with bulky things like diapers and practical things like cereal!

✅Pack your carry-on with things you need of the day!

✅Make reservations ahead of time - call concierge and kids club!

✅Try to pick a place that you can travel to then STAY there!

✅Lindsay’s goal is to not even rent a car!

✅Think of it as an adventure and a trip.. its not the same as a vacation

✅Don’t get overwhelmed!

So many great mom hacks packed into this episode!  Let us know what you think by commenting on Lindsay’s Instagram post about this episode. @LindsaysCloud

Hope you try out some of these tips!  Happy traveling!

Jan 31, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Being Your Own Number One Fan!
Lindsay’s Show Notes on this episode:
Think about what a number one fan is! 
Let’s use me for example… I love Bon Jovi.  At one point in my life I would have said that I was Bon Jovi’s biggest fan.
So that means… in you’re mind, their just the best- the ultimate!
No matter what, they are awesome!
I’m not focusing on the 5 songs that Bon Jovi made that totally flopped, not for a second!
I’m focusing on You Give Love a Bad Name and Shot Through The Heart!
We focus on the good and we get EXCITED about them… we go out of our way to give energy and effort towards them. 
We speak highly of them and our overall energy is so positive and happy 
This is exactly what you have to do for yourself!  
I really think it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.
We’re talking about how to remove poison that may have been given to you in the past and how to ignore any negative talk that may be going on now. 
True self-confidence means of valuing your own opinion yourself myself more than anybody else’s opinion about you.  
And this self confidence has to be 100% based on your own thoughts - not the validation of your parents or your spouse… nobody! 
Here are some other things we cover that are so important for the process of becoming your own number one fan… 
Don't over judge yourself 
Kill negative thoughts
Think positive
Act positive 
Don’t compare yourself to other people 
You can’t let your fails kill your self confidence 
Take the time to get ready each day so you feel good about yourself 
Stand talk 
Speak clearly and directly
Be grateful
Clear off your to do list 
Be organized 
I hope today’s episode helped you get one step closer to being your own number one fan!   
So you focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses and the self talk going on in your head is all positive, you’ve killed the negative!  
Ping me on Instagram and let me know what you thought about this topic by commenting on my post about this  episode.  And if you didn’t know already, I have another podcast, called The Million Dollar Tan podcast where I talk about everything related to sunless tanning & having healthy and glowing skin that radiates.  Check it out, I think you’ll like it!  Thanks for listening… and cheers to being your own number one fan! 
Jan 27, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Not Squashing Your Kids Creativity

In this episode, Lindsay talks about how to be awesome at not squashing your kids creativity. And she’s not just talking about little kids… we’re going deep and talking about kids all the way up to college.  


We’re talking about keeping our kids creative… and realizing they are born creative.  They don’t grow into creativity … they grow out of it!  We program them and educate them out of it.

In this episode, Lindsay talks about why we should let our kids splash in mud puddles, or have their own little experiments at home… because it gives them a chance to learn something and it keeps them curious and adventurous.  As parents there are so many things we have to say no to.. things  that are dangerous or disrespectful or will destroy something.  So when it’s not going to do any of those things (but might be annoying to clean up😆) trying saying yes, instead of no.  Even if you’re tired and it’s the last thing you feel like signing up for, just try it.  If we are always saying no to everything, how can they continue to be creative and curious?  They slowly become programmed, and that’s not the goal! 


The goal is for them to grow up feeling like they had a voice and their opinion mattered and you let them get dirty and make messes (within reason) and you weren’t more worried about the cleanliness of the house then them having fun and the freedom to explore.  


Another way Lindsay changed what she was doing to embrace creativity is how she responded when they asked her a question.  Rather than giving them the answer, she asked them a question back.  So they have to think and it starts a conversation, rather than me shooting back the answer to their question.  When they ask her a question about wanting to do something or go somewhere, she takes a second before she answers… so she has a better reaction.  If they asked you, it has to be important to them at some level, so you want to give it a thought and not just say the first thing to come to mind.  Maybe try to say yes more, or at least meet them in the middle 🤗


Then, in the second half of the podcast, Lindsay gets into schooling and not holding our kids to traditional standards.  Let’s really get to know our kids as they grow up… and allow them to be creative rather than programing them.  Let’s teach our kids to get out of their comfort zone… and that they don’t have to do the same thing everyone else is doing.  They can try new things.. and not be afraid to fail or make mistakes.


We need to see our kids creative capacities and encourage them to in whatever it is that makes them the happiest.


Lindsay says the happiest people she knows are the people that get to do what they want to do most of the time.  And really what more could we want for kids?


Let us know what you thought my commenting on Lindsay’s post about this topic on her IG @LindsaysCloud 💕 Thanks for listening! 


Jan 24, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Reducing Your EMF Exposure

In this episode, Lindsay talks about EMFs (electro magnetic fields) and how you can reduce your exposure at home!  Lindsay shares her experience having an expert come out to her house to spend the day measuring the levels in each room.  She made a few simple changes that reduced their EMF exposure by over half! She’s sharing so many ideas of how you can do the same! 

Things like.. 

*Turn off WiFi routers at night or put them on a timer or unplug each night 
*Put cell phone in airplane mode - no radiation on airplane mode 
*Make sure Bluetooth devices are in airplane mode or off 
*Hard wire things that you can like Sonos speakers 


While the affects of EMF exposure is debatable, here are some possible common symptoms:

  • Brain fog or lack of concentration 
  • Tiredness and fatigue 
  • Sleep disturbances, including insomnia.
  • Headaches
  • Changes in memory 
  • Lack of concentration 

Even if you don’t feel like you have any symptoms, there’s no downside to reducing your exposure! 

Lindsay talks about dirty electricity- what it is and how it’s such an easy fix with these plugs!

Here’s the expert Lindsay had come out to her house:

Create Healthy Homes

Oram Miller


Thanks for listening!  Share what you’ve learned and add to the conversation by commenting on the post about this episode on Lindsay’s Instagram @LindsaysCloud.

Cheers to being awesome at making decisions that help us be our healthiest selves! 

Jan 21, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Potty Training Your Toddler

Lindsay’s Show Notes!

Potty training is like one of the least fun things to do as a parent in my opinion!  And this is the attitude I had at the beginning of this adventure and I feel like it made it sooo much harder!  
It became less painful.
I thought about what would motivate my son… and what would motivate any kid to want to sit on a cold potty rather than just go in their cozy diaper- like they’ve been doing for the last 2.5 years.
So, after reading and listening to everything I could find on the topic, I created my own method of praise and prize… and it totally worked! (To my surprise!). 
In this episode I break down how we used 2 motivating factors… Praise and Prize to potty train our 2 1/2 year boy in one week.  And on day one we were fully in diapers - like starting at the actual beginning! 
This episode has so many tips that helped us make potty training fun and successful.
Share your tips with this community by commenting on my post about this episode on my Instagram @LindsaysCloud
And by the way- now that we’ve talked potty together - we’re really a tight community!
Thanks for listening friends! 

Cheers to potty training! 

Jan 17, 2020
How To Be Awesome At New Years Goals!

Lindsay’s Show Notes!

Do you know that by January 15th the majority of people who have made New Years goals have given up on them? 

Most people even don’t make a resolution anymore - bc they know they don’t keep them… why even bother??

What is it that makes us want to make a resolution?  Why at the beginning of the year?

its something inside us that makes us want to make things better- and just see progress in life.

The calendar is arbitrary… so I like to make it more weekly than yearly. 

What does it really take to make it happen? 

ON a regular basis, we feel good when we feel like we have forward motion - PROGRESS!

Progress equals happiness and it makes us feel alive.

I can grow and change and improve and progress! 

Progress makes us feel alive!  

So I think of it as progress rather than CHANGE.

Things change without us even trying- change is automatic but progress is not.

You have to take control and make decisions for real progress. 

And what I’ve learned… is the best way to do this is to make actual changes in your routine.

First, you need to have a vision of what you actually want - like a real vision.

It’s not telling you what you’re going to get- it tells you what you’re not going to get.

A vision excites you!  It tells you what you’re GOING to get!  I want goals that will PULL me… not PUSH me… see the difference… so you aren’t struggling and pushing yourself away from something… you’re so driven you’re PUSHED towards it.  I just think it’s a positive way of thinking about the progress you want to see in your world. 

Your vision has to be backed with strong reasons - so you keep going when the going gets tough!  I keep a list next to me of my overall priorities and the small tasks too… so I stay focused on what I’ve decided is my vision… and I have strong enough reasons to keep working towards the goals … so I have the daily reminders to help me stay focused and not waste time when I have a spare hour or so.. and I know my deep reasons so I don’t quit. 

I think that reviewing it everyday is key.  I’m not one to have a vision board with “life goals”… I’m more like a have a to do list in my front seat of my car type of girl.  And I put notes on there as I think of them… like if I realize oh my gosh I’ve been neglecting this… or this kid really needs this from me… I put it at the top of the working weeks list so I see it every time I glance I’m reminded of it and when I have a free 30 mins… I’ll work on cursive with my daughter who’s struggling with it… rather than doing nothing/ scrolling IG for that free 30 mins. 

Reviewing my goals is huge for me… it just stays top of mind daily for me this way and practically works much better for me and I move forward on my goals faster - because I’m better centered on what I really want to see happen. 

A few years ago, I watched a Tony Robbins seminar on YouTube and It was a huge light bulb moment for me… it’s about putting things on your MUST list. 

Everyone in their life gets their MUSTS… we don't get our SHOULDS. 

When it's a MUST for you… it's like I’m going to FIND a way or MAKE a way… 

I’ve always exercised daily, I’m one of those people that just love it and it’s on my MUST list.  I feel better if I exercise so I just made a decision a long time ago… it’s on my MUST list to exercise most days. 

So when we’re thinking about how to implement our goals into our daily routine… I think we have to put it on our MUST list… that way you aren’t making the decision each day- its on your must list- you find a way to make it happen. 

And you have to look at where you have limitations set in your life- so often we get in routine or tell ourselves that something isn’t possible - sometimes we have to look at - why is that really there- and break through that- and not let these barriers we’ve set for ourselves years ago- block what we really want in our lives. 

Think about your shoulds in your life versus your musts.  

We sometimes get our SHOULDS … but we always get our MUSTS.  

Changing your life is about the change in your inner game.  If you learn what shapes you … and get rid of any hang ups that preventing you to break through to the next level.. 

And focusing on what we really want, getting them on our musts list and find a way or make a way. 

Routine is where the power is!!  Take your huge goals… and turn them into little things you do each day… and it gives you so much momentum… because you get little wins each day and little bits of progress in the direction that you want… so you feel good and you’re motivating to keep going and keep pushing. 

I’ve learned… it’s all about your routine and the things you do daily to reach your goals.

And you know what… it makes it not overwhelming anymore! You’ve broken it down into bite size pieces… so you don’t freeze before you start.  Maybe you want to improve your relationship with your spouse…. And it seems like a huge mountain to climb… but if you set little rituals you do each day… you make progress towards your goal.  Success or failure comes from all the little things.  It’s failure to say I’m sorry. Or it’s the success of communicating in a healthy way on the daily.  Success is calling and saying I love you in the middle of the day.  

How many relationships are dead today because they’ve stopped doing new things… and they’ve just gotten too much into a routine and slowly it just looses its fire and its energy… 

All the little stuff- thats where the success comes.  

I believe in showing up - and showing up with energy and a focus on what it is that I want to make forward motion on! 

I’m not competing with anyone else - I’m competing with what I’m capable of! 

I want to discover what I’m capable of - and push through of whatever is holding me back… and be the best that I can.  

I want to see you get what you want this year.  Even if your life is great, we want to keep making it better - that's what makes us happy - who we become. 

So think… what area of your life do you want to improve? 

What is your vision?  What do you want it to be?
What are the things you are going to add to your daily and weekly routine to make progress towards that goal? 

Wake yourself up- today and EVERY Monday!  You don’t need to start on January 1st!  Don’t put too much on your place… you just need to get momentum… 

There are 2 pains in life… the pain of disciple or the pain of regret. 

It’s painful now as you push through the uncomfortable moments.. or it’s painful later as you regret not doing it.  To me it’s all about being proud of myself and not having regrets. 

What do I want?  What routine will I setup to get me there? 

Thank you for listening!  I hope this episode helps you look at New Years resolutions in a different way and make them more like weekly goals than New Years resolutions.  And to make progress in life in a practical way so it’s not overwhelming and actually attainable… with daily rituals and routines to get you there. 

Happy New Year friends… today and EVERY MONDAY!! 

Jan 13, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Doing Las Vegas With Kids!

Lindsay loves Las Vegas!! WITH KIDS!

In today’s episode… you get a complete guide to Vegas with kids!
How to get there… what to pack.. where to stay… where to eat… what shows to see… and what attractions to visit!
Places mentioned:
Top of the world at the top of the Stratosphere
In fashion show mall is the sugar factory…
Giordano pizza
Blue man group
Mystere Cirque show is all ages and so good!
Beatles love show
Marvel Museum in Treasure Island
Indoor sky diving
New York New York arcade and coaster
Last Vegas Observation Wheel
At the Mirage Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat
Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay
Oh then at Circus Circus there is a full on kids area upstairs
Almost every trip we hit up the Wax museum
Go to the venetian - book the gondola ride ahead of time - Outside more magical inside more practical
And also inside the same building is the minus 50 ice bar!
Wax Museum at the Grand Canal Shops
There are passes you can buy online that include several of these stops.
Some of them book online too for better pricing.
I hope this inspires your next awesome Vegas trip… with kids! Vegas, baby!
Jan 10, 2020
How To Be Awesome At Starting Your Own Nonprofit

In this episode, Lindsay goes through the 10 steps she thinks you should take if you want to start your own non-profit.

1. Volunteer at places that interest you 

2. See what the void is 

3. Make a plan and run it by people 

4. Form a legal 501(c)3 non-profit 

5. Get the word out!  Start social media accounts & an email list

6. Create own website 

7. Figure out ways to raise money & how to get people to volunteer 

8. Start making an impact! (Start grass roots style)

9. Keep it small or grow it big 

10. Keep your eye on the overall mission!


Here are a few links to help with the logistics to form your own nonprofit!


*After you determine your name, secure the URL for it on


*After you draft and file the articles of incorporation (templates can be found online)  File here!


*To apply for federal tax exemption with the IRS


*To apply for your states tax exemption with your states Franchise Tax Board (FTB)

Dec 23, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Not Gaining Weight During The Holiday Season

Today's topic! How to be awesome at not gaining weight during the holiday season. 

I used to think it was in inevitable… it’s the holidays… you gain weight. But not anymore… I implement a few simple and practical strategies to where I don’t gain weight during the holidays or if I do, it's not much.

And the best part is… I still totally indulge… But not every day. In this episode we are going to talk about how to make a plan to eat and enjoy and celebrate… But also get back to healthy when you’re not celebrating.

How to carve out time for workouts and plan ahead… and how to squeeze them in when you miss the work out as planned.

... and do all this in a non-stressing way! Make a mental decision… and form a general plan of how you’re going to attack it and then there's less individual decisions on the daily but more of just following the plan that you’ve already set up. 

Join me today as we talk about eating and exercise and how to stay healthy during the holidays… without compromising any of the fun.

Dec 16, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Not Caring What People Think
Todayepisode is a game changer for your mental health and happiness. 
It’s about not caring what other people think of you.
The judgment of others (or fear of judgment) stops so many of us from doing things that we want to do. 
In this episode, Lindsay shares her journey to get to the point where shecompletely freed herself of worrying what other people think of her.  Shes still completely considerate & conscious & aware… but she don’t make decisions based on what other people will think of it.
If someone makes a hurtful comment on an Instagram post like .. you’re fat or you're ugly or you look old… it stings for a second but then you have to think… this doesn't have to do with me - this is about their own stuff.  That person tried to send me POISON… and I get to choose if I take that poison or not.  IF I’m going to shake it off or if I’m going to think about it all day long.  
Your day can’t be ruined by something someone says to you because their opinion of you is not as important as your own option about yourself.  And you’re not letting that negativity sink in and morph into your own thoughts about yourself.  
The freedom that comes with not caring what people think is incredible. 
You only have one life- and it's much better to live it for yourself than for somebody else. 
Thanks for listening!  Head over to Lindsay’s Instagram @LindsaysCloud and comment on the post about this episode! 
Cheers friends, to not caring what other people think! 
Dec 06, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope as you are listening to this you are spending time with people you love and taking an extra moment to be grateful.

Today… We are talking about being thankful and the little daily routine I do with my kids that has them focus on what they are thankful for every day... not just on Thanksgiving.

We’re also going to take it a step further.

We are talking about positivity… and happiness and the choices you make and how you choose to interpret the things that happened to you.

Happiness is a choice. And taking a moment each day to be thankful is a huge part of this.

Join me today as we pause for a second to think about all that we have to be thankful for and happy about.

Let’s go!

Nov 28, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Losing!
Today we’re talking about losing… And how to shift your mindset so you don’t think of it as winning and losing but winning and learning. 
Lindsay shares a few of her own losses, how she dealt with them then and how she would deal with them differently now. 
Nov 21, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Doing Disneyland!
This episode is all about Disneyland Hacks! All the things you need to know to have the BEST DISNEYLAND DAY EVER!
Lindsay covers things like… how to avoid waiting in long lines, what to wear, when to go, where to park… all of it!  
Share our Disneyland hacks by commenting on Lindsay’s post about this episode on Instagram @LindsaysCloud.  We love sharing everything awesome! 
Nov 20, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Not Being a Helicopter Parent!

In this episode, Lindsay talks about helicopter parenting and how she learned not to be one anymore! Talking about allowing your kids to have small failures to learn, letting them make their own decisions and not solving all of their problems for them. Lindsay is honest about the learning process she’s gone through with this and mistakes she’s made in the past. She’s sharing specific tactics that you can implement today to give your kids more freedoms and allow them to be their own little people. Whether you’re a full blown helicopter parent, or maybe just a little… you’re sure to find some gems of parenting information in this episode! 

Nov 13, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Finding An Extra 30 Minutes Everyday To Accomplish Your Goals!

Welcome back to the How To Be Awesome At Everything Podcast! 

Todays Topic: How to be awesome at finding an extra 30 minutes everyday to accomplish your goals

You know how you have certain goals or tasks that you never quite get to because you just don’t have enough time?  

Whatever it is… big or small… if you don’t have time for it now, there’s isn’t a great chance that you will anytime soon- unless you make a change in your routine.  

Today we are talking about life hacks that you can do to save yourself 30 minutes every day and replace those 30 minutes with things you feel like you are missing.

I’m going to break down 3 strategies…. That you need to learn in order to do this. 

And they are…. automate, eliminate and delegate.  It really comes down to stop spending time on dumb stuff… and really take a look at how you’re spending your time everyday.

We’re going to talk about what you should really fill those 30 minutes with… and what are things you can eliminate… without changing anything. Today we are talking about becoming more efficient in the daily micro of everything you do to make big strides in the macro… in the big picture of life. Let’s become more efficient and happier together… as we approach the end of this decade. Let’s go!

Nov 07, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Having Good Reactions!
Today we are talking about having good reactions.  Reactions to questions people ask you, or gifts people give you, or shade people throw your way, judgment, unexpected events… whatever it is… I’ve really learned that if you program your mind… you can make sure you have a good reaction every time.   So today we are talking about How To Be Awesome… at having good reactions!
Let’s go!! 
Oct 25, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Doing All Of Your Holiday Shopping During Black Friday Week!

Today we're talking about taking the crazy out of the holiday season. Planning your gifting so that you do 99% of your purchasing during Black Friday week.

Today I’m sharing the life hacks I’ve learned to plan ahead in my holiday gift giving… Make lists and get it all done early and at the very best prices of the season.

This is one of those life hacks that I’m like oh my gosh how have I not learned and implemented this sooner- so I’m so excited to share it with you.
How many times have you talked to people in the month of December and they’re totally frazzled and they’re like… Oh my gosh I haven’t even started or oh my gosh I’m so stressed I’m only halfway through or they’re going to the crowded mall every weekend and their stress and fighting with their spouse and taking all the fun out of holidays.

Today we’re going through all the steps that you need to take NOW to plan your holiday gift giving and how to do it from the comfort of your own home a month ahead of time. Then when you’re shopping in December it’s just a pick up those little extras or to be social… It’s not this stressing experience that we’re all used to.

Today we’re talking about how to be awesome at doing all of your holiday shopping during Black Friday week.

Links to awesome things referenced in this episode: 

Custom phone cases 

The new square Polaroids

If you want something pricey there's nothing better than the DYSON blow dryer.. and at Nordstrom right now they have a special set that includes a cool stand for it!

I'm OBSESSED with Simplehuman bathroom mirrors… they come in all sizes from travel to massive… I love the rose gold in between one… it has a sensor light on it so it turns on when you walk up and it’s basically the best thing in my bathroom.

I always love the MAC make-up sets  - I think they are just a great deal and always have a variety of fun colors that are easy to gift- and for the right person - a cool make-up gift is the best! 

I absolutely love giving personalized gifts when possible… And Black Friday is such a good time to do this… Maybe it's a backpack or a purse with an embroidered name from Pottery Barn Kids… Or a custom cosmetic bag with your friends name on it from Stony Cloverfield… Or a super cute custom necklace with your friends name on it or maybe even their kids names from Bauble Bar

Oct 22, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Being The Happiest Person In The Room

On how to be awesome at everything today we are talking about how to be the happiest person in the room. 
Lindsay thinks there are TWO parts to being the happiest person in the room 

1. Not worrying about what anybody else in that room thinks of you. 
2. Not putting yourself in rooms you don't want to be in.
Today we’re talking about judgment and the talk that can go on in your mind about being judged or judging others.
We’re also talking about how to say no… to things you don’t really want to do… and not feeling badly about it. 
Being happy is the ultimate goal right… and being the happiest person in the room is definitely AWESOME!

So that’s what we’re tackling today!  How to be awesome at being the happiest person in the room!   
Links to awesome things referenced in this episode: 
Audible book 'The Subltle Art To Not Giving A F*ck'


Oct 22, 2019
Welcome To The How To Be Awesome At Everything Podcast!
In episode one, Lindsay explains the concept of “How To Be Awesome At Everything” and how it all got started.  
She takes a very honest approach to the idea of actually being awesome at everything and breaks down what we’re going to get out of this podcast.  
Links to awesome things referenced in this episode: 
Oct 22, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Doing All Of Your Holiday Shopping During Black Friday Week!

Today we're talking about taking the crazy out of the holiday season. Planning your gifting so that you do 99% of your purchasing during Black Friday week. 

Today I’m sharing the life hacks I’ve learned to plan ahead in my holiday gift giving… Make lists and get it all done early and at the very best prices of the season.

This is one of those life hacks that I’m like oh my gosh how have I not learned and implemented this sooner- so I’m so excited to share it with you.

How many times have you talked to people in the month of December and they’re totally frazzled and they’re like… Oh my gosh I haven’t even started or oh my gosh I’m so stressed I’m only halfway through or they’re going to the crowded mall every weekend and their stress and fighting with their spouse and taking all the fun out of holidays.

Today we’re going through all the steps that you need to take NOW to plan your holiday gift giving and how to do it from the comfort of your own home a month ahead of time. Then when you’re shopping in December it’s just a pick up those little extras or to be social… It’s not this stressing experience that we’re all used to.

Today we’re talking about how to be awesome at doing all of your holiday shopping during Black Friday week.

Links to awesome things referenced in this episode: 

Custom phone cases from or

The new square Polaroids-

If you want something pricey there's nothing better than the DYSON blow dryer.. and at Nordstrom right now they have a special set that includes a cool stand for it! 

I'm OBSESSED with Simplehuman bathroom mirrors… they come in all sizes from travel to massive… I love the rose gold in between one… it has a sensor light on it so it turns on when you walk up and it’s basically the best thing in my bathroom.

I always love the MAC make-up sets  - I think they are just a great deal and always have a variety of fun colors that are easy to gift- and for the right person - a cool make-up gift is the best!

I absolutely love giving personalized gifts when possible… And Black Friday is such a good time to do this… Maybe it's a backpack or a purse with an embroidered name from Pottery Barn Kids… Or a custom cosmetic bag with your friends name on it from Stony Cloverfield… Or a super cute custom necklace with your friends name on it or maybe even their kids names from Bauble Bar…

Oct 21, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Being The Happiest Person In The Room!
On how to be awesome at everything today we are talking about how to be the happiest person in the room. 
Lindsay thinks there are TWO parts to being the happiest person in the room.

  1. Not worrying about what anybody else in that room thinks of you. 
  2. Not putting yourself in rooms you don't want to be in.

Today we’re talking about judgment and the talk that can go on in your mind about being judged or judging others.
We’re also talking about how to say no… to things you don’t really want to do… and not feeling badly about it. 
Being happy is the ultimate goal right… and being the happiest person in the room is definitely AWESOME!
So that’s what we’re tackling today!  How to be awesome at being the happiest person in the room!
Links to awesome things referenced in this episode: 


Oct 21, 2019
How To Be Awesome At Everything The Podcast!
In episode one, Lindsay explains the concept of "How To Be Awesome At Everything" and how it all got started.
She takes a very honest approach to the idea of actually being awesome and everything and breaks down what we're going to get out of this podcast.
Links to awesome things referenced in this episode: 
Lindsay’s Company Million Dollar Tan: 
The Million Dollar Tan Podcast:
Oct 21, 2019