Limited Level-Ups

By Alex and Abram

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 Jan 8, 2020


Limited Level-Ups is a Magic: The Gathering podcast that aims to get you better at limited magic. Tune in each week as Alex (Chord_O_Calls) and Abram deliver a deep dive level-up on a specific topic related to drafting and sealed

Episode Date
Limited Level-Ups Episode 25: What's the Over Under on Ikoria?

Now that we've reached the tail end of the format and card evaluations have settled, we take this week's episode to talk about some of the most over/underrated cards in Ikoria. We also touch on why sometimes even the best of drafters disagree about card evaluations and what that means for you. 

May 28, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 24: Inside the Mind of MTGO Trophy Leader BeersSC

The week, LLU has it's first ever guest! MTGO Trophy leader BeersSC was kind enough to sit down with us to share how he approaches Limited, Ikoria draft, and even walks us through the full 45 of a draft.

Draft Deck:

May 19, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 23: Whose Beatdown Is It Anyway?

This week we touch on and extrapolate on the classic "whose the beat down" discussion diving into what how to keep a lead, claw yourself from the jaws of defeat, and how these to apply these concepts to the decks in Ikoria.

Who's the Beatdown Flores article:

May 11, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 22: Ikoria Check-In and How to Find Your Lane When There is No Lane

This week we check in on Ikoria to give a big picture update to our take to the format, discuss the format's macro/micro synergies, and talk about  navigating a draft when there's no clear lane.

Apr 28, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 21: Ikoria State of the Format Address

This week we celebrate our early success in Ikoria by talking about our takes on the format, drafting the best decks, and why this set is different from most sets.

Apr 20, 2020
Limited Level-Ups Episode 20: Ikoria Previews and Expanding your Magic Vocabulary

This week we talk through some of the more interesting cards for IKO limited as well as touch on the importance of having a wide Magic vocabulary.

Apr 10, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 19: Lessons Learned From Theros Beyond Death

This week we look back at THB and talk about some lessons the format taught us, taught the community at large, and talk about applying those lessons to future formats.

Apr 01, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 18: Improve Your Play, Strategy vs.Tactics

This week we explore ways you can improve your in-game play by looking at the game though the lens of strategy vs. tactics   

PV: The Core Resources:

Arena Decklist Podcast:

Mar 24, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 17: A Guide to Aggro Decks and Beating Down

This week we go deep on how to draft and play aggro decks, how to sideboard as the aggro deck and how to combat an aggro deck on the other side of the table.

Mar 15, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 16: THB Under/Overrated Cards and How to Keep Winning Late into a Format

This week we discuss ways that we keep our win-rate up deep into a format, especially when the rest of the field has become proficient at playing the format.

We also touch on some under/overrated cards from THB


Mar 07, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 15: Perfectly Playing Paper Magic and THB Sealed Check-in

This week we talk about how to gain an edge when playing paper Magic and some key differences to be aware of if you are a primarily digital player. We also touch on Abrams sealed prep for GP Reno.

Patreon Link:

Mar 01, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 14: THB State of the Format Address

This week we shift gears a bit. In lieu of a level-up this week, we check in on the current format to give a rundown of places we've been finding success in the draft format, particularly some of the draft paths less traveled.

Alex's Draftsim article:

Our Patreon Page:

Feb 21, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 13: How to Win More Game 2's and 3's

This week, we tackle how to approach post-board games of limited, not just in how to sideboard effectively, but how to conceptualize and change your approach to games 2 and 3.

We  go over how we think this approach has led to us finding success in Theros Beyond Death and some different ways you can sideboard in the format.

Feb 13, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 12: When to Draft the Easy, Medium, and Hard way

On this jam packed episode, Alex and Abram talk about the pros and cons of different draft strategies, and times when you can use those strategies. They also dig through a listener submitted sealed pool to talk about the decks they'd build using the pool.

Listener sealed pool and builds:

Drafting the Hard Way, Ben Stark

Drafting the Medium way, ONDŘEJ STRÁSKÝ

Drafting with Preferenes, Ryan Saxe

Mistermetonome and Amaz, Drafting the Amaz way

Feb 06, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 11: Sealed Mythbusters

With sealed hot on the brain after GP NJ, Alex and Abram dive into some myths about sealed and tips about how to up your sealed game.

Jan 30, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 10: Evaluating Cards in Context with TBD

With every card in Theros previewed, Alex and Abram take a deep dive on evaluating cards in context, and talk about some of the cards they think may be overlooked in the first week of the format.

Jan 13, 2020
Limited Level-Ups 9: How to Prepare for a New Limited Format

With Theros Beyond Death fast approaching, we dive into how to prepare yourself for a new limited format + look at some THB cards

Jan 06, 2020
Limited Level-Ups Episode 8: Card Evaluation Traps

As we ramp up to the release of Theros Beyond Death, Alex and Abram go over some card evaluation traps to avoid during spoiler season.

Dec 30, 2019
Limited Level-Ups Episode 7 Holiday Time: Vintage Cube 101

This week Alex and Abram talk their most winning decks in this year's iteration of Vintage Cube, breaking down some archetypes they've been doing well with and a power ranking of the best cards in the cube.

Dec 23, 2019
Limited Level-Ups Episode 6: The In-Game Improvement Series - Making Less Mistakes

This week, Alex and Abram start the first episode of the multi-episode "In-Game Improvement Series.: They take a deep dive on identifying your own gameplay mistakes and tips on how to avoid making them.

Dec 16, 2019
Limited Level-Ups Episode 5: Avoiding the Heuristics Trap

This week, Alex and Abram dive into the dangers of relying too heavily on heuristics, how to avoid auto-pilot, and explore times when you should be breaking heuristics.

Dec 09, 2019
Limited Level-Ups Episode 4: Signaling Misconceptions and the Anatomy of a Pack

In this weeks episode, Alex and Abram do a deep dive on signaling, breaking down fallacies, misconceptions, and how signaling applies to the ins and outs of a 15 card pack of Magic during the draft.

Nov 29, 2019
Limited Level-Ups Episode 3: Exploring and Expanding on Quadrant Theory

This week Alex and Abram talk about re-evaluating Quadrant Theory for the year 2019 and explore how to get better at card evaluation 

Nov 22, 2019
Limited Level-Ups Episode 2: How to Draft a Deck, Not a Pile of Good Cards

Episode 2 of Limited Level-Ups is here! Alex and Abram breakdown how to build a consistent and synergistic limited deck and dispel some myths along the way.

LLU Twitter: @limitedlevelups

LLU Email:

Nov 14, 2019
Limited Level-ups Episode 1: Re-evaluating Removal

Limited Level-ups is a Magic: The Gathering podcast aimed at providing an in-depth look at strategy to help level-up your game.

In this inaugural episode, Alex and Abram tackle a level up on removal spells by deconstructing why removal spells are high picks in the draft and exploring situations where an early removal spell may not be the correct pick.

Nov 06, 2019