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Your new favorite mother-daughter duo talking about things (that aren’t things) together and with special guests. Join Courtney Carver and Bailey Carver talking about simplicity, wellness, happiness and secrets to living a life you love. Plus, we'll be interviewing amazing humans about how to live a meaningful life.

Episode Date
12. Starting an Internet Based Business

Today’s episode is all about creating and running an internet based business. Bailey talks about her experience growing and helping clients with social media. Courtney shares the (almost 10 year) evolution of and how her business has grown and shifted, often in directions she didn’t anticipate. 


They discuss: 


The highs and lows of working for yourself.


Getting comfortable with uncertainty.


Creating an exit strategy from a job you hate.


The best time to get started on your own biz and how to do it.

Jan 20, 2020
11. Interview with Procrastination Coach Dr.Christine Li

We’ve all struggled with procrastination and today’s guest knows all about it from her experience and from her clients. Procrastination Coach, Dr. Christine Li talks with us about procrastination misconceptions, the connection between procrastination and anxiety and perfectionism and shares a great technique to help. 


With over 20 years experience as a clinical psychologist, Procrastination Coach Dr. Christine Li will help you learn how to live your fullest, most rewarding life without the need for anxiety or stress.  Dr. Li uses a wide-range of techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, Emotion Freedom Technique, and mindfulness training, to show her clients how to understand, heal, and master the deeper issues underlying their procrastination.  She sees the pure potential in each of us and guides her clients to activate their energy and productivity from within.


Learn more about how to connect with Procrastination Coach, Dr. Christine Li and find the other show notes on

Jan 13, 2020
10. Productivity Hacks

Your ultimate guide to getting things done in a way that best serves your health and your heart. Bailey and Courtney discuss what works best for them in terms of scheduling, planning and to-do lists. You’ll find out their top picks on productivity books, how to be more productive by focusing on what matters most to you and the power of creating a list for low energy days. 




Paper vs. Digital. 


What their weeks actually look like day to day.


The importance of taking breaks. 


Find detailed show notes at

Jan 06, 2020
9. Boundaries

In today’s episode Courtney and Bailey take a deep dive into boundaries (one of their favorite topics). They talk about why boundaries sometimes get a bad rap and how to change a negative mindset around boundaries to a positive one. From boundaries in relationships, health, creativity and work to how to express your boundaries, they’ve got you covered. You’ll even find out what boundaries this mom and daughter duo set with each other. Listen in for more. 


Find detailed show notes at

Dec 30, 2019
8. Listener Q&A

In today’s episode, Courtney and Bailey answer your questions about everything. They answer questions like: 

How big is your apartment?

I’m having to rest with chronic illness which helps but it makes me depressed at times. Hints?

What to do when you feel overwhelmed?

How do you maintain simplicity with social media and avoid ads?

Do you have any minimal healthy breakfast ideas when short on time? 

How do you know you are really living the life you want?

Dec 23, 2019
7. Moving into a new year

2020 is almost here and Courtney from Be More With Less and Bailey from Beautiful Detour are here to help you move into the new year with grace and intention! They talk about why they don’t believe in a “New Year New You” attitude, how to make the most of the start of the new year, goal setting (or not setting) and of course, resolutions. Listen today to make the most of the new year.

Dec 16, 2019
6. Less Stress

In today’s episode we are sharing how to live a less stressful life. We all know how bad stress is for our health and relationships which is why we want to take a deep dive into some of the ways we combat stress during extra stressful times. We also share some hacks to help avoid creating a stressful life in the first place. We cover taking things off your plate, saying no, setting boundaries, and of course ... living a life with less. Join us and listen in on how you can start living a life with less stress.

Dec 09, 2019
5. Books. Books. Books.

In this episode, we are sharing our love for books and reading with you. Tune in for our favorite books, both fiction and nonfiction, and tips to help you make time to read.

Dec 05, 2019
4. We Love New York

This episode is about one of our favorite places. We are sharing all things NYC. We share our our favorite restaurants, spots to visit, and even some tips to consider if it's your first time visiting NYC.

Dec 05, 2019
3. Jen Pastiloff On Being Human

We have an exciting interview with Jen Pastiloff, author of On Being Human and champion of all humans. Jenn shares her self-love journey and more about her career as an author and yoga teacher. Learn more about her "not yoga" workshops too.

Dec 05, 2019
2. Create a Morning Routine

This episode is about good mornings. We share our morning routines, answer your questions about creating a morning routine, and give you 7 tips to make the most of your morning routine. If you are a night owl and avoid mornings or if you simply want to add more intention to your day, this episode will help motivate and inspire you.

Dec 05, 2019
1. How to Simplify Your Life

This episode is about simplifying your life. If you are on a simplicity journey or want to live a life filled with more love than clutter, tune in. We talk about removing clutter in your home, on your calendar and other clutter-free strategies to live a happier, healthier life.

Dec 05, 2019
0. Soul & Wit Trailer

Your new favorite mother-daughter duo talking about things (that aren’t things) together and with special guests. Join Courtney Carver and Bailey Carver talking about simplicity, wellness, happiness and secrets to living a life you love.

Nov 29, 2019