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Your new favorite mother-daughter duo talking about things (that aren’t things) together and with special guests. Join Courtney Carver and Bailey Carver talking about simplicity, wellness, happiness and secrets to living a life you love. Plus, we'll be interviewing amazing humans about how to live a meaningful life.

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Press the Restart Button: Permission to start over whenever you want.

We all want to push the restart button on 2020 and thankfully we don’t have to wait. You can restart anytime. Today’s episode covers …


The best time to restart.

Helpful ways to kickstart a restart.

Letting go of the guilt of letting go.

Waffles, lots of waffles.

The importance of inspiration and boundaries.

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Aug 03, 2020
38. Getting Nostalgic: Our Childhood Favorites

The Soul & Wit mother daughter duo take a walk down memory lane and share some of their favorite childhood memories. You’ll hear about … 


  • Bailey’s birthday food extravaganza
  • Courtney’s CB radio handle
  • Bailey’s stand up comedian dreams
  • Things they hated as kids but love as adults
  • Courtney’s first concert
  • What Bailey, her cousin and her dog have in common
  • Why encouraging kids to eat seafood may be a mistake
  • Courtney’s first job (at 5 years old)
  • Bailey’s office supply obsession
  • The risque TV show Courtney was not allowed to watch
  • The thing they both hated as children but love as adults

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Jul 27, 2020
37. The Slow Down Show

Courtney and Bailey talk about the importance of slowing down with practical ways to boycott busyness. They discuss …


  • Why it’s important to slow down
  • How busyness is harmful
  • Cold showers
  • Wim Hof and Harry Styles
  • Slow mornings
  • Slow spaces
  • Slow activities

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Jul 20, 2020
36. The Cancel Culture Conversation

People, projects and companies are being canceled at the speed of light, or the speed of social media. In this episode Bailey and Courtney talk about what cancel culture is and if it’s effective in making positive change. They explore the following questions:


  • What is cancel culture?
  • Is cancel culture helping or hurting
  • Is it a form of activism?
  • How does social media contribute?
  • Is there a better way to encourage change?

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Jul 13, 2020
35. Simplify Life: Tiny Decluttering Projects

We are spending more time than ever at home. Whether you are feeling cooped up in quarantine or just finding ways to enjoy being home more often, these tiny decluttering projects will help. In this episode, Courtney & Bailey share:

  • Why it’s a good time to focus on tiny projects
  • How moving shines a light on clutter
  • A knick knack debate
  • What to do with diplomas
  • What Bailey found in the cupboard under her sink
  • What Bailey has too much of in her freezer
  • Stress buying during quarantine

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Jul 06, 2020
34. A Conversation with Katie Tallo, Author of Dark August

Courtney and Bailey chat with Katie Tallo, Author of Dark August, a novel (thriller, mystery) that is hard to put down. 


They talk about:


  • How Courtney and Katie met ten years ago.
  • What Dark August is about.
  • Katie’s writing process and authors who inspired her to write a book.
  • Recommendations for people who want to write and publish fiction and how she found a literary agent.
  • Katie’s favorite books to recommend.

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Jun 29, 2020
33. Sustainable Swaps: tiny steps for more eco-friendly, non-toxic living.

There are tiny steps you can take to replace plastic bags, toxic household cleaners and other items that will clean up the air you breathe, save you money over time and help you take better care of your health and the health of the planet. Courtney and Bailey talk about the swaps they’ve made for … 


Ziploc bags

Cleaning supplies

Reusable makeup pads

Rose gold straws


And …

The phrase Courtney asks Bailey never to use on the podcast again.

The best time to make the swap.

A sustainable swap fail.

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Jun 22, 2020
32. Taking a Stand Because Black Lives Matter: Conversation and Resources

Bailey and Courtney talk about the difference between not being racist and being anti-racist. They also share resources to help you learn more, do better and have conversations with your friends and family about how to end systemic racism.

Jun 15, 2020
32. Taking a Stand Because Black Lives Matter: Conversation and Resources

Bailey and Courtney talk about the difference between not being racist and being anti-racist. They also share resources to help you learn more, do better and have conversations with your friends and family about how to end systemic racism.

Jun 15, 2020
31. 10 Things We Didn’t Do Before Quarantine

Things happen in quarantine that wouldn’t have happened without it. Courtney and Bailey talk about the different things they are doing, that they didn’t expect and probably never would have done without being quarantined. See how many of the ten on their list are happening in your life. 

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Jun 01, 2020
30. Why We Don’t Know What Day It Is Anymore

Not only is it a weird time overall, but it’s a weird time to be thinking about time. March was three years long and April was only two minutes. What is going on? In today’s episode Bailey and Courtney talk about …


The real reason time feels so weird right now

The infinite present

How to make weekends different from weekdays

The meditation series Bailey is using to deal with change

Why trying to escape being present will make this time more challenging

What might help you have a better grasp on time

What Courtney is spending money on to feel more grounded

What Bailey always has in her house now “just in case” she needs it

How journaling helps with the highs and lows

Finding Joy

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May 25, 2020
29. Beginners Series: Crystals with Magdalena of My Metaphysical Maven

Today’s beginner series is about Crystals with Magdalena of My Metaphysical Maven. If you want to learn more about how to use crystals, and more importantly how to trust yourself, tune in. Today’s episode covers … 


Magdalena’s connection to crystals.


Which crystals she uses in her own life. 


Noticing when to say yes and when to say no.


Knowing what crystals you need.


The crystal for spiritual awakening.


The best stone for guilt and regret. 


Grounding practices.


Crystals during a full moon.

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May 18, 2020
28. Online Business Resources (The Tools We Use for Blogs, Podcasts, Social Media and More)

Today’s episode is about the tools and resources it takes to run an online business. Courtney and Bailey share exactly what they use in their businesses to manage email, social media, podcasting and more. 

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May 11, 2020
27. Beginners Series: Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) 101

Today’s beginner series is about Tapping with Jessica Ortner, co-founder of The Tapping Solution. Jessica is a stress-reduction expert and one of the leading voices teaching EFT Tapping, a revolutionary self-soothing technique that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Tapping has been proven to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), making Tapping a powerful and easy tool to manage the stress of our daily lives. 


In 2018, along with her brothers Nick and Alex, she launched The Tapping Solution App to make this stress relieving technique accessible to anyone. Today’s episode covers … 


Why Jessica started tapping (and why she was skeptical)


What Tapping is


How often you should Tap


Courtney’s Tapping experience 


The power of the placebo effect


How to measure the effect of Tapping


The average decrease in anxiety in nine minutes


The difference between clinical EFT Tapping and Tapping Meditations


How a Yale Hospital nurse used Tapping after she (and her whole family) tested positive for Coronavirus


Science vs. Woo


How Tapping helps Veterans


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May 04, 2020
26. ALL of the Favorites

Instead of sharing our weekly favorites with you today, we are sharing all of the favorites. Learn about our favorite …






TV Shows


And more


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Apr 27, 2020
25. Beginner’s Series: CBD 101

In this episode, Courtney & Bailey interview Gabe Kennedy, Co-founder of Plant People. This is the first in a new “beginner’s series” introducing you something you might be curious about. Today’s topic is CBD and Gabe is the expert. He’s a trained chef and Plant People was an evolution in his embrace of alternative medicine (from a household of healers, his parents are acupuncturists and herbalists). Plant People is a philosophy. Alongside its high quality and innovative products, the company exists to empower people in making alternative and altogether more positive choices when it comes to healing the body and mind.


In this Beginner’s episode on CBD, you’ll learn: 


What CBD really is.


The different forms of CBD.


How CBD can be used for different things like pain, sleep, and anxiety.


The responsibilities of companies to consider more than just the product they are creating and how consumers can connect with brands that are doing right by people and the environment.


Legalities around CBD


Courtney’s experience with CBD


The shelf life of CBD and herbal extracts. 


The positives and negatives of the rapidly growing CBD industry.


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Apr 20, 2020
24. Q & A With Courtney and Bailey

Every few months, Courtney and Bailey answer your questions about anything. In today’s episode they answer questions about everything from relationships and running a small business to how they are dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. 


They talk about: 


Why Courtney and her husband are social distancing (from each other).

Feeling all the feelings.

Why working from home right now isn’t really working from home.

How to deal with a break-up.

The podcasts they listen to.

Whether they are as non-judgemental as they sound. 


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Apr 13, 2020
23. Clean Beauty

If you’ve been thinking about overhauling your skincare and makeup products from traditional to clean (non-toxic) versions, this episode is for you. Courtney and Bailey have slowly been moving from their favorite skincare products and makeup to healthier alternatives. 


They talk about: 


Why it’s important to make the switch to clean beauty

The app that helps you figure out what’s clean and what’s not

The struggle to find good deodorant

The smell Bailey cannot tolerate

Products they are using now (even though Courtney usually doesn’t share brand names)

Clean beauty brands they follow on Instagram

The healthiest way to wear makeup


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Apr 06, 2020
22. Dealing with Excessive Alone Time and Uncertain Times

In the midst of Covid-19, we are all adjusting to things like uncertainty and more alone time. Courtney and Bailey talk about how they are navigating these uncharted waters, what they’ve experienced (including a surprise earthquake) and what’s helping them stay calm. 


They cover:


- What Courtney learned from panicking during the earthquake.


- What they are both reading and NOT reading to not freak out.


- The social media outlet Courtney cut completely for now.


- How Bailey is still making things fun. 


- Why it’s important to change the conversation. 


- What “happy mail” is.


- How to give back, even if you can’t give money right now.

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Mar 30, 2020
21. Books We Love and The Ones We Want To Read Next

Bailey and Courtney are reading more than ever. In today’s episode, they share what they’ve read over the last few months. 


They share:


Fiction and non-fiction books

Books that made us laugh, cry and the one we thought was absolutely bonkers

The best way to support your favorite authors

The definition of brain candy

Where Bailey keeps her little library

The one book Bailey tells Courtney to “put ahead of all other books and read now”

Note: This was recorded in February before we knew what was coming in March. Like most of you, we aren’t traveling for awhile.

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Mar 23, 2020
20. When You Are Bored (things to do besides surf the internet and watch Netflix)

Being bored is a good thing but if you constantly squash your boredom with scrolling the internet and watching Netflix might be squashing the benefits too. Check out these better ways to be bored. 


Courtney and Bailey talk about: 


When Bailey knows she’s really bored

Why it’s good to be bored

The benefits of unplugging when bored

Trigger thumb (what?)

The weird thing Bailey does when she’s bored

How Elizabeth Gilbert gave a book idea to Ann Patchett with a kiss

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Mar 16, 2020
19. How To Change Your Shopping Habits

If you buy things you don’t need, spend money you don’t have or are simply curious about how changing your shopping habits may add value to your life, don’t miss this conversation. 


Courtney and Bailey discuss … 


3 Scary Shopping Statistics

A 30-day experiment to help you know what your shopping habits are

How much Courtney spent at Starbucks in one month

An update on Bailey’s no disposable cup resolution

The credit card trap that makes you shop more

The real reason we overshop

Bailey’s no-shopping zone

Questions to ask before you make your next purchase

The one thing that Bailey wants and will never buy

One little thing you can do to removing shopping temptation

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Mar 09, 2020
18. On Being Overwhelmed

If you feel overwhelmed right now or in certain situations or even all the time, you are not alone. This episode on being overwhelmed and how to help yourself when you feel like you are drowning in a sea of busyness and stress. 


In this episode we talk about:


The difference between situational overwhelm and chronic overwhelm


What to do when you are feeling overwhelmed


What being overwhelmed is trying to tell you

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Mar 02, 2020
17. Real Self Care with Randi Kay

Today we are chatting with Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator, Randi Kay from 


Randi Kay has been helping people heal through bodywork, yoga, and self-care coaching for over a decade. Her mission is to help people simplify the healing journey by amplifying their own inner wisdom and teaching seasonal self-care practices. Along with her practice based out of Fargo, ND, Randi offers self-care tools online, such as her Seasonal Healing programs, instructional online courses, and The Simple Self Care Podcast at


We talk about:


What self care really is

How to deal with the guilt of self care

How to enjoy the cold, dark months

Dealing with depression

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Feb 24, 2020
16. Diet Culture: What it is and how to break free

If you’ve ever been on a diet or all the diets, or worried about your weight, or derived your worth from your weight, you’ve already experienced diet culture. In this episode, Courtney and Bailey talk about …


What diet culture actually is 

How Courtney’s constant dieting affected Bailey growing up

The difference in their relationships with food

Disordered eating

What the word flattering really means

Ways we can fight diet culture

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Feb 17, 2020
15. How to Pack and Remove Stress Before You Travel

This episode is all about how to pack, organizing your stuff (sort of), and how to reduce stress so you can actually enjoy your trip. If packing for a trip stresses you out or you love to travel but hate to pack , tune in and get tips from Courtney and Bailey. 

Courtney and Bailey talk about …


What they never do when they travel

Why Courtney doesn’t camp anymore

The real reason we all tend to overpack

Why “just in case” is a terrible reason to pack something

The packing cubes we use

Packing tips to remove stress

The one question to ask when you are stressed about packing


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Feb 10, 2020
14. Project 333: The Minimalist Fashion Challenge That Proves Less Really Is So Much More

This episode is all about minimalist fashion challenge Project 333. Courtney’s new book Project 333 will be available on March 3rd. 


Courtney and Bailey talk about … 


How Project 333 always takes over the conversation.

Courtney’s boring closet.

How shopping is stressful

The Project 333 Challenge Rules

A breakdown of how many of each item on Courtney’s list

What people are most worried about when it comes to doing the challenge.


Listen in to hear all things Project 333: the book, the tour and the challenge that is changing closets and lives around the world. Try the challenge and learn how less really is so much more. 


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Feb 03, 2020
13. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is home to Soul & Wit’s mother daughter duo’s hometown. After living in this beautiful, mountain-west city for fifteen years, Courtney and Bailey share their favorite things to do, where to get good coffee and where to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course … dessert! 


By listening to this podcast, you’ll also learn what words Courtney has been mispronouncing for years and the one thing Bailey only does for really good friends.

Jan 27, 2020
12. Starting an Internet Based Business

Today’s episode is all about creating and running an internet based business. Bailey talks about her experience growing and helping clients with social media. Courtney shares the (almost 10 year) evolution of and how her business has grown and shifted, often in directions she didn’t anticipate. 


They discuss: 


The highs and lows of working for yourself.


Getting comfortable with uncertainty.


Creating an exit strategy from a job you hate.


The best time to get started on your own biz and how to do it.

Jan 20, 2020
11. Interview with Procrastination Coach Dr.Christine Li

We’ve all struggled with procrastination and today’s guest knows all about it from her experience and from her clients. Procrastination Coach, Dr. Christine Li talks with us about procrastination misconceptions, the connection between procrastination and anxiety and perfectionism and shares a great technique to help. 


With over 20 years experience as a clinical psychologist, Procrastination Coach Dr. Christine Li will help you learn how to live your fullest, most rewarding life without the need for anxiety or stress.  Dr. Li uses a wide-range of techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, Emotion Freedom Technique, and mindfulness training, to show her clients how to understand, heal, and master the deeper issues underlying their procrastination.  She sees the pure potential in each of us and guides her clients to activate their energy and productivity from within.


Learn more about how to connect with Procrastination Coach, Dr. Christine Li and find the other show notes on

Jan 13, 2020
10. Productivity Hacks

Your ultimate guide to getting things done in a way that best serves your health and your heart. Bailey and Courtney discuss what works best for them in terms of scheduling, planning and to-do lists. You’ll find out their top picks on productivity books, how to be more productive by focusing on what matters most to you and the power of creating a list for low energy days. 




Paper vs. Digital. 


What their weeks actually look like day to day.


The importance of taking breaks. 


Find detailed show notes at

Jan 06, 2020
9. Boundaries

In today’s episode Courtney and Bailey take a deep dive into boundaries (one of their favorite topics). They talk about why boundaries sometimes get a bad rap and how to change a negative mindset around boundaries to a positive one. From boundaries in relationships, health, creativity and work to how to express your boundaries, they’ve got you covered. You’ll even find out what boundaries this mom and daughter duo set with each other. Listen in for more. 


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Dec 30, 2019
8. Listener Q&A

In today’s episode, Courtney and Bailey answer your questions about everything. They answer questions like: 

How big is your apartment?

I’m having to rest with chronic illness which helps but it makes me depressed at times. Hints?

What to do when you feel overwhelmed?

How do you maintain simplicity with social media and avoid ads?

Do you have any minimal healthy breakfast ideas when short on time? 

How do you know you are really living the life you want?

Dec 23, 2019
7. Moving into a new year

2020 is almost here and Courtney from Be More With Less and Bailey from Beautiful Detour are here to help you move into the new year with grace and intention! They talk about why they don’t believe in a “New Year New You” attitude, how to make the most of the start of the new year, goal setting (or not setting) and of course, resolutions. Listen today to make the most of the new year.

Dec 16, 2019
6. Less Stress

In today’s episode we are sharing how to live a less stressful life. We all know how bad stress is for our health and relationships which is why we want to take a deep dive into some of the ways we combat stress during extra stressful times. We also share some hacks to help avoid creating a stressful life in the first place. We cover taking things off your plate, saying no, setting boundaries, and of course ... living a life with less. Join us and listen in on how you can start living a life with less stress.

Dec 09, 2019
5. Books. Books. Books.

In this episode, we are sharing our love for books and reading with you. Tune in for our favorite books, both fiction and nonfiction, and tips to help you make time to read.

Dec 05, 2019
4. We Love New York

This episode is about one of our favorite places. We are sharing all things NYC. We share our our favorite restaurants, spots to visit, and even some tips to consider if it's your first time visiting NYC.

Dec 05, 2019
3. Jen Pastiloff On Being Human

We have an exciting interview with Jen Pastiloff, author of On Being Human and champion of all humans. Jenn shares her self-love journey and more about her career as an author and yoga teacher. Learn more about her "not yoga" workshops too.

Dec 05, 2019
2. Create a Morning Routine

This episode is about good mornings. We share our morning routines, answer your questions about creating a morning routine, and give you 7 tips to make the most of your morning routine. If you are a night owl and avoid mornings or if you simply want to add more intention to your day, this episode will help motivate and inspire you.

Dec 05, 2019
1. How to Simplify Your Life

This episode is about simplifying your life. If you are on a simplicity journey or want to live a life filled with more love than clutter, tune in. We talk about removing clutter in your home, on your calendar and other clutter-free strategies to live a happier, healthier life.

Dec 05, 2019
0. Soul & Wit Trailer

Your new favorite mother-daughter duo talking about things (that aren’t things) together and with special guests. Join Courtney Carver and Bailey Carver talking about simplicity, wellness, happiness and secrets to living a life you love.

Nov 29, 2019