The Punk Rock MBA

By Finn Mckenty

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Category: Music Interviews

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Finn McKenty interviews people who are making a living doing something they love: from musicians to filmmakers, designers, visual artists, engineers, athletes, business owners, writers - anybody who has turned their passion into their career. The goal is always to pull out and of the big ideas that will help you quit your day job-- or if you're already doing what you love, help you level up your game, grow your business and make your life even more awesome. If you are a creator or entrepreneur of any kind (or would like to be either of those things), then this show is for you!

Episode Date
Introducing the Punk Rock MBA Podcast
<p>Are you ready for the Punk Rock MBA Podcast? Finn McKenty is here to tell you what to expect out of the show. Spoiler: it's not going to be a music podcast.</p> <p>Listen and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.</p> <p>Follow The Punk Rock MBA on <a href= "">Twitter</a>, <a href= "">Facebook</a>, and <a href="">YouTube</a>.</p> <p>Follow Finn McKenty on <a href= "">Instagram</a>.</p>
Dec 19, 2019
Adam Elmakias (Photographer)
Adam Elmakias has been a premier photographer in the music scene for years. He’s toured with artists such as A Day To Remember, Diplo, All Time Low, and many others. In this episode, we dive into what it takes for him to go on tour these days, how important it is to believe in what you’re doing, how to stay relevant, and much more. Check out Adam’s website ( Follow The Punk Rock MBA on Twitter (, Facebook (, and YouTube ( Follow Finn McKenty on Instagram ( Produced and edited by Deanna Chapman (
Jan 20, 2020
Josh Manuel (Issues)
You might know Josh Manuel from Issues, but did you know about his time in Nashville or his passion project? If not, this is the episode for you. We dive into how being multifaceted will benefit you, being real with others, and discuss whether or not being in a big city is necessary. There’s a ton to learn in this episode, so hit that play button. Find Josh on Twitter (, YouTube (, and Instagram ( Follow The Punk Rock MBA on Twitter (, Facebook (, and YouTube ( Follow Finn McKenty on Instagram ( Produced and edited by Deanna Chapman (
Jan 13, 2020
Johnny Franck (Bilmuri, ex-Attack Attack)
<p>Johnny Franck of Bilmuri (and formerly Attack Attack) joins the podcast to discuss how to make a living as a musician, what he was able to learn from rappers, and what you should do instead of worrying about what gear you have. We dive deep into treating music as a business and you won’t want to miss it.</p> <p>Follow Johnny Franck on <a href= "">Twitter</a> and find Bilmuri on <a href= "">Spotify</a>.</p> <p>Follow The Punk Rock MBA on <a href= "">Twitter</a>, <a href= "">Facebook</a>, and <a href= "">YouTube</a>.</p> <p>Follow Finn McKenty on <a href= "">Instagram</a>.</p> <p>Produced and edited by <a href= "">Deanna Chapman</a>.</p> <p>*** Subscribe on <a href= ""> Apple Podcasts</a>, <a href= "">Spotify</a>, <a href= "">Stitcher</a> and <a href= ""> Google Podcasts</a></p> <p>*** Subscribe on other platforms at <a href= ""></a></p>
Jan 06, 2020