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There’s always been a difference between KFCBarstool and Kevin Clancy, and this podcast puts that on display. With solo segments ranting about unique topics to sit down interviews with the guests that matter most, the Kevin Clancy Show is the unfiltered access to a guy who’s lived his entire professional life on the internet (Barstool Sports, KFC radio, One Minute Man) and his entire adult life in the doghouse. From conspiracy theories and controversial news to pop culture nonsense and nostalgic trips down memory lane, I’m just here killing time until the aliens arrive

Episode Date
Bitcoin and Aliens and Soder, Oh My!
Dan Soder joins (1:01:40) to talk about the moon landing, drinking problems, the pandemic, his relationship with Katie Nolan, and all of his heroes (Bill Burr, Chappelle and Louis CK) liking his friends more than him. But first, the idiots who lost their bitcoin passwords and $200 million that goes with it. The government's latest ruse to throw us off the scent of the aliens (giving us "all" of the classified documents). And the crazy women that think Armie Hammer is even hotter now that he is a cannibal (allegedly)
Jan 13, 2021
Internet Coal Miners and Ben Schwartz
The debut of The Kevin Clancy show takes us to the internet coal mines where KFC ponders cults, Coke bottles, and psychological exams. Ben Schwartz drops in to talk about Sonic, Ducktales, the art of negotiating, how hard it was to break into the industry, what he would do if he were trying to break in now, and how he would have made a lot more money if he broke through 5 years earlier. Til we get put down or get beamed up, it's the Kevin Clancy Show, every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, and probably everywhere else that you can normally get podcasts. Follow the show Twitter: @KevinClancyShow Host: @KFCBarstool on Twitter and Instagram Producer: @BrendanClancy on Twitter and Instagram Ben Schwartz is @RejectedJokes on Twitter and Instagram Follow @BarstoolSports on Instagram to see One Minute Man episodes everyday Special thanks to the @KFCradio crew: @FeitsBarstool @nickhammy5 @JoeyLangone @Macczack21 @JNics414
Jan 06, 2021
End Of An Era
The Trevor Lawrence era for Jets fans ends before it even started. Also, this is the last episode of Mailtime. KFC deals with both changes and explains what the future holds.
Dec 23, 2020
Lonely In The Middle
NYC restaurants are hit hard and some of our favorite places from the early days of Barstool NY are being forced to shutdown. The Player's Tribune did an incredible feature on God Shammgod. His crossover. His crossover made a legend of an otherwise average baller.
Dec 16, 2020
Never Be Great
JK Simmons character in Whiplash has us questioning, what does it take to be great at something? Talent is Overrated and what really made Tiger Woods different from every other golfer. Are we ready for the aliens? What about Atlantis?
Dec 09, 2020
Craig Carton
Christmas comes early for KFC as he gets some good news while recording. Craig Carton sits down to talk about his problems with gambling, his time in prison and his triumphant return to radio.
Dec 02, 2020
The Last President
Barron Trump is a time traveler, here is the proof: In 1896 a book was written titled 1900, Or The Last President. It's main character is named Baron Trump and his advisor is named Don. It starts when a political outsider from NYC (who lives on 5th Ave) wins the election and becomes president. And a man named Pence is in it too. Again, this book was written 124 years ago. Dave Chappelle is canceling himself, Thanksgiving Eve, Utopia, The Undoing, and a mysterious monolith in Utah.
Nov 25, 2020
Feed Your Raccoons
The Raccoon Whisper has made a serious impact on KFC. So has the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. How to know when you are washed. Will Facebook by Target? Will Walmart buy Twitter? Will Amazon buy everything? Why arranged marriages work and why Josh Richards is a genius.
Nov 18, 2020
Birds Aren't Real
KFC is a changed man thanks to Steve Cohen. Alex Trebek tribute. Whose death would shutdown Barstool Sports for a day? The JFK assassination and the secret drone bird conspiracy.
Nov 11, 2020
Late night reaction to the election (0:00-43:00), Elon's laws for Mars (43:00-51:00), the mysterious, windowless alleged bomb shelter buidling hiding in plain sight in the middle of Manhattan (52:00-1:11:00)
Nov 04, 2020
You're On Your Own
The Joe Rogan/Kanye West interview was a whole lot of nothing but Kanye stans will still say that he is flawless. How election polling is like the infield shift. Why Pennsylvania will pick the President.
Oct 28, 2020
5 Years Later
Kelly Keegs makes her triumphant return to MAILTIME! We talk about the original Mailtime, Plane Breakup, Jeffrey Toobin, when Kelly worked at the New Yorker, Britney Spears, OnlyFans, The Truman Show, and bowling alleys in the Bahamas
Oct 21, 2020
Getting Old Is Hard To Do
Nothing makes you field older than trying to play a new-aged video game system. KFC bought the physical game instead of downloading it, got the wrong game, was blown away that there was no cartridge, and couldn't figure out how to set up the Switch.
Oct 14, 2020
Al Dukes
How do you handle a 15 year old influencer when she is determined to destroy your career and does Jim Dolan have a kid willing to do that to him? WFAN's own Al Dukes joins us to talk about Craig Carton's gambling controversy and conviction, what the best shift is for talk radio, working with Opie and Anthony, his new found love for pitbulls, and whether or not their will be a reunion with Carton
Oct 07, 2020
Debate Battle
Issue free debate preview! We talk about the art of the debate and how it is actually like a rap battle, performance enhancing drugs, entrance music, offsetting penalties, and the fans of both sides. NO ACTUAL POLITICS OR ISSUES DISCUSSED just predictions for how the debate will go from a battle stand point.
Sep 29, 2020
Anarchy, Ellen, and Sexual Magellan
NYC is in "anarchy", Ellen attempts to apologize. Space is hotter than ever. Seth Porges from Class Action Park joins us to discuss making the film.
Sep 23, 2020
The Social Dilemma
New on Netflix, The Social Dilemma explains how apps and social platforms are secretly manipulating us all. Parking Wars 2020, inanimate object rage, and how to pronounce the word "documentary" a Subscribe to the newsletter
Sep 16, 2020
Action Park
Action Park was a Wonder of The World. A mythical place where teenagers ran free and got horribly injured and occasionally drown in a wave pool. Also, this whole summer is a mulligan, it never started and it can never truly end. The great Chugga-Chugga debate.
Sep 09, 2020
Universal Songs
KFC takes his first vacation in 5 years (3:00-52:00) Is NYC dead? (55:00-1:12:00) The most univerally beloved songs of all time (1:15:00-1:40:00)
Sep 02, 2020
High Score
Netflix takes us down memory lane with High Score, a new doc on the evolution of video games. Nintendo vs Sega, Mario vs Sonic. Have we achieved all that we can in terms of game play? Will games be revered as much as movies soon. Is Roberta Williams the greatest game creator of all time?
Aug 26, 2020
The Seven Suns of Daventry
The Fable of the 7 Suns and the King that will emerge and lead them to the promised land. Adjacent University will fix college. The Answer The Internet app should be a dating app. King's Quest is the next Game of Thrones. Nerd channel on Twitch.
Aug 19, 2020
More Good Than Bad
Behind the scenes look at One Minute Man, dealing with hate, Ben Shapiro's faithful fans, gotta listne to both sides, mask mania
Aug 12, 2020
Harbinger Zip Codes & The Loser Gene
Is it destiny to be a loser? Harbinger zip codes indicate that there are whole neighborhoods of people who lose at everything. The nerds have inherited the Earth. Why TikTok works. Ellen is done. Assholes finish first. Patreon potential.
Aug 05, 2020
Aliens, Mafia, and Outcry
Fear City is the new Netflix doc that shows how Rudy Giuliani took down the mob. Aliens are apparently here and no one seems to be taking it seriously. Greg Kelley talks with KFC and Jared about being falsely imprisoned and then exonerated. Michael Bosstick, CEO of Dear Media talks podcast business, the Joe Rogan deal, and Call Her Daddy drama
Jul 29, 2020
The Remix to Cognition
We take the cognition test that Trump and Biden took. Marco Rubio finally does something right and demands answers about aliens. Kanye being Kanye. Outcry review with Jared Carrabis
Jul 22, 2020
Sarah Turney and The Super Intelligence
Crime Dogs with special guest, Sarah Turney (55:30) but first we talk about the future of Mailtime, The Super Intelligence, Quantum Supremacy, Dark, Outcry, and why Instagram commenters hate us. Jared Carrabis joins us to recap the disappearance of Alissa Turney and then interview her sister Sarah. She explains how her father used to drug women, video tape them naked, and when he said he would confess to what he did to her sister.
Jul 15, 2020
Ghislaine Maxwell in Custody, Gone In The Dark, and the Disappearance of Alissa Turney
An all true crime edition of #MAILTIME. Will Ghislaine Maxwell meet the same fate as her partner in crime, Jeffrey Epstein? Will she conveniently succumb to Corona? Will she flip on EVERYBODY? Jared Carrabis joins us for another edition of Crime Dogs, reviewing episode 2 of I'll Be Gone In The Dark, and the disappearance of Alissa Turney and how Tik Tok is gaining it attention
Jul 08, 2020
Crime Dogs
KFC addresses the Rundown from 2016 (:00-35:00). Jared Carrabis joins for an edition of Crime Dogs to talk about I'll Be Gone In The Dark, the new HBO documentary about the Golden State Killer (37:00-1:15:00)
Jul 01, 2020
Follow The Colors
Friends of Chris D'Elia react to the situation (0:00-36:00), Joey Diaz declines to be canceled (39:00-52:00), know what you don't know (56:00-68:00), The Randonauts and Follow The Colors (70:00-96:00)
Jun 24, 2020
Winds Of Change
Complete review/reaction to the podcast by Patrick Radden Keefe "Winds Of Change" and how the CIA may have written a song for an 80's rock band. If the CIA were going to use pop culture for propaganda, how would they use Barstool? Should we build a 360-camera virtual office?
Jun 17, 2020
Treasure Hunting
Treasure hunts are so cool. Fenn's Treasure has supposedly been found. The Trails Evolutions treasure hunt that won't end until the year 2113. How to start a Barstool Virtual Treasure/Crypto Hunt. The LOST rewatch. Why did the writers strike ruin LOST? Who blew a bigger lead, Skype to Zoom or Blockbuster to Netflix?
Jun 10, 2020
KFC Verzuz Trent
Big Daddy Trent joins us to share in the love for Verzuz during quarantine. Starting with Swizz vs Timbaland. DMX declining Eminem and requesting Jay-Z. How can we do a Biggie vs 2Pac episode? All the dream match-ups we'd love to see. First though, we discuss the protests, #BlackOutTuesday, mail-in voting, and how to move forward.
Jun 03, 2020
Thoughts On The Murder of George Floyd And The Protests
As a white guy who tries to focus on humor, I wasn’t sure if I should weigh in on this. Then I thought about how that’s part of the problem. So here’s my thoughts on the murder of George Floyd, the reasonable and unreasonable response of the protestors, how the privileged people of the world need to recognize why this is their response, and how it’s borderline impossible for people like myself to even understand how they feel and where they are coming from
May 31, 2020
Fit Check (featuring Big Ev)
Fit Check with Big Ev (1:31:31) as we check in with the Double Vodka Don and his #StepxStep efforts to lose some weight. What he is doing to get healthy, dealing with the hernia, and off course wiggle-dicking. KFC is dealing with an old man hangover and wants to be a musician. People will have no problem re-adjusting to life after quarantine. Do As I Say, Not As I Do: advice from the Mailbox ( What do you get irrationally nervous about? Should you vouch for a friend to get him a job?
May 27, 2020
Graduation Day
Spotify rocks the podcast world with the Joe Rogan deal. What will this mean for shows going forward? Congrats to the Class of 2020, advice for you as you enter this new world. Dark Hits, the biological clock, putting a price tag on people, life gets messy.
May 20, 2020
Money Ball
Bringing baseball back this season doesn't make any sense unless... the players take a paycut, the TV networks pony up, or Steve Cohen saves the day. Quibi is a disaster. Canada might release the psycho from Don't F*ck With Cats, and Middleditch & Schwartz is hysterical
May 13, 2020
Biggest Misses
Michael Jordan basically threw himself at Adidas and they couldn't close the deal. Nike got it done and the Jordan brand was born. From billion dollar divorces to harrible draft moves to the worst movie role decisions, we countdown the biggest blunders throughout history
May 06, 2020
Lil Dicky Called His Shot (throwback to 2015)
In 2015 we sat down with Lil Dicky in the greenroom of Irving Plaza and he called his shot that he would one day have his own TV show. We talked using rap to get him into entertainment, Dave vs Lil Dicky, finding his soulmate, getting started in rap while working in marketing, and he even gives KFC some advice on rap battles.
May 01, 2020
Lunch & Aliens
The Pentagon has confirmed videos of "UFOs" but does that really mean aliens? If you could find out the truth about aliens,, or the Jordan gamblins suspension, which do you choose. Milk pouches and all the best lunch time snacks.
Apr 29, 2020
After Epstein
While the Jeffrey Epstein case was a huge story, it is still shrouded in mystery confusion. Tim Dillon had a reporter on his podcast reveling how deep the conspiracy really ran. @KFCBarstool and @BrendanClancy react to what they heard and also recap the weeik in 1 Minute Man: Huge Baby, Last Dance, Georgia bowling alleys, Kim Jong Un, The Queen's Bday, Jlo & ARod save the Mets, Barsool Graduation, and Babyface vs Teddy Riley
Apr 22, 2020
Black Magic & The Philadelphia Experiment
The CIA has de-classified documents indicating Soviet research into "Black Magic". Uri Geller was doing magic tricks and people thought he was psychic. We don't understand how people can see things. The teleporting battleship in The Philadelphia Experiment. What do colors smell like?
Apr 15, 2020
American Stonehenge, Bitcoin Burners, and Maybe the Meteor
Conspiracy theories: is the creator of Bitcoin a self generated Artificial Intelligence? Is COVID-19 a man made meme designed to reach the most people possible? Is 5G tech making us sick? Is the American Stonehenge predicting a coming apocalypse? Is a meteor going to hit Earth and all the celebrities are secretly leaving the planet?
Apr 08, 2020
My Pillow Madness & COVID Cuffing Season
The My Pillow Man sparks controversy on Twitter. How are hospitals like a Mets playoff game? Who is having a worse quarantine, guys or girls? Pairing up all the single people for COVID cuffing season
Apr 01, 2020
Everything we think we can accomplish during the quarantine. Don't get fat or get fat on purpose. Maybe we all will be sent back to work. FOMO vs guilt. Did the KFC Mush cause COVID? Was Kobe the center of the universe? A conversation with Makanzie about how her business has been hit hard by the pandemic. To help her out venmo: bigmakball
Mar 25, 2020
The Great Indoors
Only 5 mins of serious Corona talk (from 11:00-16:00 so skip that if you are sick of it). Vanessa Hudgens is the most tone deaf person in the world. Jared Leto comes out of the desert. Big Brother Cast doesn't know about Corona. Columbia House CD Club. The Golden Era of Blogging. WestWorld. The Greatest Indoor Inventions. Tom Brady leaves New England.
Mar 18, 2020
Urban Legends
(:00-15:00) Mailtime Monologue: Is Coronavirus the Brooklyn Nets? The Democrats? Or just the KFC Mush? (16:00) Urban Legends, doomsday prep, grandma goes insane (20:00) Tiger Mom vs Irish Mom, Legends from the DM, falling for fake news (30:00) Dog in a bag (40:00) Urban Legends: Hook Man, Flashing Lights, Lil Kim, the first blowjob, filthy wikipedia, (52:00) Marilyn Manson, Richard Gere, Ciara (60:00) Mr Rogers Avril Lavinge, Megan Fox, Kylie Jenner, Adnan, Scott Peterson, Beyonce, Paul McCartney, Inifinity Stairs, Shazam (76:00) Disney, Frozen, simming after you eat, mattress tags, Clorox bottles, lunar landing, Magic Johnson, Stevie Wonder, tortilla chips, RIP Gerry McNamara, False Crime
Mar 11, 2020
Corona & Konami
Larry David basically did his own version of The Goddam Jets in an episode of Curb. The Coronavirus is either really good marketing, or the 100-year crisis that hits in the 20s. All the other moments of mass hysteria including Beenie Babies, Net Neutrality, Bitcoin and of course, the Salem Witch Trials. RIPRP Kazuhisa Hashimoto, creator of the Konami Code and teacher of life lessons. Find your code, ladies and gentlemen.
Mar 04, 2020
What's Your Name, What's Your Excuse
Wilder and Fury have names destined for greatness. But Wilder also had one of the hall of fame sports excuses for losing. We take a look at the best excuses and the best names in sports
Feb 26, 2020
Adult BINGO & Harlan Coben
All the conversational signs that your are getting old. Small talk with strangers, conference call chatter, the "oh, ok" and getting excited about an air fryer. Harlan Coben has written 30+ novels and is the author/producer for The Stranger (on Netflix now). He joins us to talk about how to deal with critics, RL Stine, Dan Brown, what went wrong with Game of Thrones and Lost, and why people look at him like he is a zoo animal. TIMESTAMPS: (:00-4:00) signs of getting old, pot luck, social life circumstances(4:00) small talk, conference call talk(6:00) Oh, ok(7:00) Where did you go to school?(9:00) The gift and the curse, happy hour(12:00) Stealing signs (From bars), dancing at the bar(15:00) Becoming your own villain(16:00) Small talk with strangers, how have you been?(18:00) Adult BINGO(19:00) Kids(22:00) Real Estate(26:00) Kitchen(28:00) Minivans(30:00) Airfryer(32:00) Instagram ads(34:00) Diet, This Book I'm Reading, exercise bike(36:00) Intermittent Fasting/Starvation(38:00) Must Watch, podcasts you listen to(40:00) Reading, going to bed early(44:00) Living vicariously, judging young people(46:00) Get Roman (50:00-55:00) Astros(1:00:00) The Stranger, cameo(1:07:00) Horror genre, torture porn, the end of the show is different than the book(1:08:00) LOST not paying off on it's teasing, knowing the end of the story when you start writing(1:10:00) How to write suspense, adding in a twist to every story, asshole coaches(1:13:30) is Knives Out character based on you?(1:17:00) How to develop stories, asking What If? (1:19:00) why is everything British? 5 year deal with Netflix(1:21:00) Game of Thrones and where it went wrong(1:22:30) responding to critics and plot holes(1:24:00) Shonda Rimes created Grey's Anatomy for Bob Iger(1:25:00) RL Stine, why Girls would only work on HBO(1:28:00) writing blurbs for Dan Brown(1:31:00) what it's like to be a successful writer, only bad writers think they are good, how long does it take to write a book(1:34:00) Save The Cat, any formula to a successful book? Bird By Bird, writers vs bloggers(1:37:00) more gratified: book or Netflix series? first bestseller(1:40:00) working with Michael C Hall(1:42:00) finding balance, working from home, writing in Starbucks
Feb 19, 2020
Love & Luggage (with @BarstoolTrent)
Trent joins us to talk about his appearance on The Bachelor, getting his start at Barstool, and working at a corn plant. The greatest couples to never make it. 3rd Wheel Awareness Day. And the 3 types of Valentine's Day people. TIMESTAMPS: (00-4:00) Valentine's Day (5:00) Trent got the Bachelor a 13% boost in ratings and a tweet from Kristina Schulman (9:00) Guys lowkey love drama and soap opera (13:00) The Greatest Couples to Never Make It (14:00) Brad & Jen (21:00) Brangelina (22:00) J-Lo and Puffy (24:00) Bennifer (25:00) Justin & Britney (31:00) Minka & Jeter (40:00) Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga (44:00) Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise (46:00) Bieber & Selena (47:00) Vanessa Hudgens ) Zac Efron (48:00) Ashton & Mila (50:00) Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan, Chris Pratt & Ana Faris, Elvis & Priscilla (51:00) Chris Brown & Rihanna (52:00) Conscious Uncoupling (53:00) Eva Longoria & Tony Parker (54:00) Get Roman 58:00 TRENT joims the show to talk about crashing Barstool Idol, gettig started at Barstool, his new found fame as Luggage Guy/Grim Reaper, mentions from Judd Apatow, increasing the ratings for The Bachelor, and the possible return of Barstool Afterparty
Feb 12, 2020
Time Travel & Hip Hop (featuring @ItsTheReal)
Eric & Jeff Rosenthal from @ItsTheReal come through to talk about their experience creating content with some of the world's most influential rap artists. But first, we try to wrap our brains around time travel. TIMEstamps: (:00-4:00) still not rich (4:30) Penn National (8:00) drink a swimming pool and eat a supermarket (10:00) How does air work? (12:00) Shout out to plants (14:00) Time Travel is so cool (16:00) Australia got duped by a "Noah The Time Traveler"(17:00) Michael Philips, Time Travel will be revealed in 2028 (19:00) The Hawaii Missile Scare was real (24:00) Was Hitler a time traveler? (27:00) Quantum Leap (28:00) Did a time traveler stop 9/11? (30:00) Back To The Future (31:00) Circular time, the master timeline, space-time, black holes, photons, time dilation, wormholes, and the gravity of time (36:00) Choose Your Own Adventure (40:00) 2028 (41:00) the Jeff Bezos Mountain Clock is a time machine (44:00) the Chronovisor, the Big Bang, Red Shift, and maybe the Earth actually is flat (46:00) Nuclear maintenance program (48:00) The front of the timeline (54:00) Would we know if time travel is happening? (56:00) rewrite the Bible (58:00) Time is a Flat Circle (60:00) time traveling memories (1:02:00) Get Roman (1:03:00) Would you save 2Pac or Biggie? (1:10:00) IT'S THE REAL (1:14:00) Getting started and Bun B reaching out (1:20:00) from Syracuse to Kanye (1:24:00) Culture Vulturism (1:28:00) Growing up Hip Hop, new vs old rap (1:30:00) Watching Groundhog Day with The Lox (1:34:00) Podcast beef (1:36:00) Vinny's big dick (1:40:00) Andre 3000 isn't putting out any new music (1:46:00) Mase's message of Puffy (1:50:00) The problem with Kanye (1:54:00) Lil Wayne has no idea what Sunday Service is (1:56:00) Action Bronson & Ghostface (2:00:00) Mac Miller, Travis Scott, Rocafella Reunion (2:06:00) Change a moment in Hip Hop
Feb 05, 2020
An Extra Year of Kobe and What Happens When You Die
We were lucky enough to spend some time in the suburbs of Philadelphia and see Kobe play at Lower Merion. We reminisce about his brief rap career, taking Brandy to the prom, watching a freshman try to guard him, and what it was like to know about Kobe a year ahead of everyone else. We discuss the horror of what it must be like to have a child die, the tragedy of Gigi Bryant, missing out on Kobe the family man, and the world's reaction to the accident. We lighten it up a little with some talk about playing in 8-foot basketball leagues and getting robbed by crooked little league umps and then we talk about what happens when you die.
Jan 29, 2020
Wall Ball and Work Trips

Good Mike vs Bad Mike and the time KFC got caught lying to his mom. The return of 1 Minute Man. Jean-Luc Picard is back! Remember when Stephon Marbury ate a bunch of vaseline on a livestream? Racist square dancing. The best gym/recess game: Wall Ball, Matball, Foursquare, Tetherball, Steal The Bacon, Dodgeball, Spike Ball, Kan Jam, Pickleball, Badminton and more. TIMESTAMPS: (:00-2:00) UnderStudies Up &Up (2:00) Good Mike vs Bad Mike, Vince Rinse, Podcast Diary (11:00) when are we posting episodes (15:00) 1 Minute man (16:00) Picard (21:00) Tebow had sex (24:00) Zion (28:00) Jeter (34:00) Marbury (38:00) Miami (40:00) Work Trips (44:00) Get Roman (46:00-50:00) regionalization (54:00) genesis of blogs, best balls (55:00) Wall Ball (1:09:00) Matball (1:17:00) Slamball (1:20:00) Ninja Gaiden (1:22:00) Steal the bacon (1:24:00) Dodgeball/Elimination/Bombardment (1:28:00) Big Bat Bopper Baseball (1:30:00) Tetherball (1:31:00) Foursquare (1:32:00) Spike  Ball, Kan Jam, Beach games, lawn games (1:34:00) Paddleball, Pickleball, Badminton (1:36:00) Scooter games (1:38:00) PS 175 (1:46:00) Presidential Fitness Test (1:50:00) Square dancing (1:51:00) Up And Up

Jan 24, 2020
The Great American McDonalds Monopoly Scam, Big Game Boxers, and Standing Desks

McDonalds Monopoly was one of the greatest marketing devices, and also one of the greastest scams of all time. The security manager of the marketing firm charged with distributing the winning pieces was stealing them and giving them to his friends, defrauding customers out of $24 million in potential winnings. Cubucle Chronicles makes it's triumphant return: Standing desk farts and sharing a urinial. DO you have your favorite pair of boxers? What about your favorite dishware? Work Sucks. Take a break.

TIMESTAMPS:0-2:00 Slow Wine Remix

(2:00) why aren't R Kelly and Harvey Weinstein in jail yet (4:00) Last Stand Boxers, bag socks, solving laundry, uncomfortable boxers (9:00) the paradox of the thong (11:00) Palladium (15:00) Dave's big game boxer blog (17:00) everyday is big game boxer day, don't let your boxers ruin your day (18:00) favorite dishware (25:00) Get Roman (28:00) Cubicle Chronicles (39:00) The Normals (40:00) McMillions(44:00) Jacobsen's scam (48:00)Monopoly board game (50:00) Park Place, only 10 Boardwalks (52:00) Monopoly Nintendo game (53:00) Monopoly pieces, dropping the thimble (54:00) Mandela Effect (56:00) name the Railroads, playing the actual game (57:00) Dad's old car, porn and sword60:00 eating McDonalds as a kid, Batman Returns, winning crappy prizes in the Monopoly game (1:02:00) Chance or Community Chest, the rules of Jail, winning Monopoly, playing at the Jersey Shore (1:04:00) Monopoly vs Clue (1:08:00) Risk (1:10:00) McDonalds order (1:12:00) #FreeJerryJacobsen (1:16:00) Insurance ad writers, what was Burger King thinking (1:20:00) Documentary

Jan 15, 2020
It's 2010 All Over Again, Kate Beckinsale Ruins the Ecosystem, and What Happened at Dyatlov Pass?

Russians mysteriously dying in the wilderness. The best songs of 2010. The TikTok Hype House. How in the world does old school mail still exist? Kate Beckinsale is messing with the foundation of society. TIMESTAMPS: (:00-1:00) Got My Old Thing Back, (1:00) Thank you for almost helping us catch the Daddy Girls, (4:00) The best songs and bars of 2010, (16:00) Get Roman, (18:00) the TikTok Hype House, (28:00) The Mail System, (34:00) The mysterious deaths of 9 Russian hikers in the wilderness in 1959, (1:05:00) Kate Beckinsale is dating Machine Gun Kelly and it is putting all mankind is in jeopardy.

Jan 08, 2020
The Return of Mailtime and the Best Barstool Moments of the Decade

We are back! After a 3 year hiatus #MAILTIME (presented by Roman) has made it's triumphant return! @KFCBarstool and @BrendanClancy back at it, cubicle chronicles, 1 Minute Man, your emails in The Mailbox and some new segments we are cooking up too. In this episode we eventually breakdown the top Barstool moments of the decade, from 2009-2019. We also discuss old-shaming, #GasolineTwitter, strategic laziness, and whether Joe Rogan hates Barstool. TIMESTAMPS: (:00-4:00) Welcome back (4:00) How to pronounce the word "crayon" (8:00) shout out to Roman for making this happen (14:00) The Worst Day of the Year, New Year's resolutions and the frontal lobe (17:00) Cubicle Chronicles (20:00) Turning into what you hate (25:00) Holiday daycare in Halloween shops (27:00) Gasoline twitter (31:00) Could KFC decide the next election? (33:00) How to put on deodorant (38:00) When does the decade start? (40:00) The Pillars of Mailtime, strategic laziness, and old-shaming (45:00) Killing a midwesterner (50:00) Grafico Bonito and the best selling video game systems of all time (52:00) Prince Philip is a corpse (57:00) no one ever disagrees with Joe Rogan (1:04:00) does Rogan hate Barstool? (1:06:00) The Barstool decade and the launch of Barstool NY (1:14:00) expansion to Philly, Chicago and DC (1:22:00) the Blackout Tour (1:26:00) KFCR launches (1:34:00) The Combine (1:40:00) Saturdays Are For The Boys (1:44:00) Chernin (1:48:00) Rap Battle (1:54:00) Pardon My Take (1:56:00) The new KFCR (2:00:00) Comedy Central and Barstool Van Talk

Jan 02, 2020
Welcome to MAILTIME

KFC Radio presents Mailtime


Dec 26, 2019