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By Ashley Wood

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Category: Spirituality

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There’s an energetic Line running within you that connects you to the same realm as your Akashic Record. From the moment you were born you’ve been receiving messages through this Line that guide you to the life you incarnated to live.

Ashley Wood, your host, and founder of A Line Within, is on a mission to modernize the Akashic Records by teaching you how to use the Line to access the infinite wisdom of your soul and align with your Highest Self. On this podcast, she provides you with channeled teachings, tools and support so you can start picking up your messages running through the Line and trust what you’re receiving.

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Episode Date
AUGUST: Lesson from the Records + Integration

“This month is about remembering yourself, remembering who you are.” 

episode 32

Happy August! The Lesson from the Records this month is so aligned to everything the Pinnacle have been sharing with me for weeks (remember who you are, remember your work, do Clear the Line with your community, it’s important for August, ground into yourself and your messages) and so while I was channeling this beautiful Lesson, it all made sense and perfectly fit. We have a theme here this month and it is to come home to ourselves. We’ve been through a lot over the past eight months but as the Pinnacle say in this Lesson, “Life is lovely, life is so lovely and so allow yourself to feel lovely.” Enjoy!

Topics Discussed


  • channeled Lesson from the Records for August from the Pinnacle

  • as a community, we are working through Clear the Line through the month of August

  • why the Reptilian visited me and teachings from the Pinnacle on why Reptilians come to us

  • why you’re encouraged to gain control of your mind and energy

  • focus on yourself and remember who you are

  • how I will be integrating the Lesson this month


Show Notes


Aug 03, 2020
Moving from Fear to Love + Astrology Update with Leslie Galbraith

“We are all moving from fear based consciousness to love based consciousness. This is the time that this is happening on Earth.” 

episode 31

This is a must listen episode! My dear friend and talented astrologer, Leslie Galbraith joins me today to discuss the astrological energy we have to work with for the remaining months of 2020. Interestingly enough, the astrology always lines up with messages from the Pinnacle and while I was editing this episode and heard her say “we will be going through a lot in October with Mars and Mercury both in retrograde” I was nodding my head because The Pinnacle told us last month that the next energetic wave comes in October. This episode prepares you, brings you into your heart space and at the end, I share exactly what the Pinnacle told me in my Records to tell you about October. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed

  • how to use astrology in your life and recognize transits when they show up (personal stories)

  • tuning into our connection with the natural world

  • messages we receive from nature and animals

  • closing out Venus Retrograde, Eclipse season & Mercury Retrograde and what this means

  • Saturn in Capricorn and what this means for you and the collective

  • what the Mars in Aries alignment means and how to use the energy of this alignment to elevate your consciousness 

  • how I am using the Mars in Aries energy for creation

  • the energetics of “high vibration” and “low vibration” and what this actually means in regards to our free will and decisions

  • information to know about the upcoming Mars Retrograde from September - November

  • how to be the scientist of your own life

  • how to live life through a neutral, compassionate life

  • we have a big change coming in December, energetically and astrologically 

  • humanity and biodiversity - celebrating ourselves in nature = the Age of Aquarius

  • how Leslie and I take care of ourselves and remain grounded during the unknown (tools and tips)

  • how to prepare for the October Energetic Wave (story from the Records - MUST LISTEN)


Show Notes

Jul 27, 2020
Why I Stopped Manifesting

“When you love yourself and commit to your path and your messages, that’s when things start to unfold for you.”

episode 30

About a year ago, I stopped manifesting and instead began focusing on myself and my messages. My life began to immediately unfold in the most beautiful ways that I could have never expected it to. Today I’m sharing, with a great understanding of how energy works, why the concept of manifestation is limiting to your abilities to understand yourself, your highest purpose and the path your soul incarnated to live.

Topics Discussed

  • the New World is already happening, it must begin within you

  • why our Facebook groups are now closed

  • the moment I stopped manifesting and why

  • receiving internally as opposed to externally

  • what happened when I began focusing on myself and my messages

  • trust your gifts, don't look to others to improve
  • when you love yourself for your path and commit to your path and your messages, that’s when things start to unfold for you 

  • the energy you feed creates your experience 

  • what your ‘Anchors’ are and how they support you

Your Question Answered

Can you speak more to your experience with extended breastfeeding and what that’s been like for you? 

Show Notes

Jul 20, 2020
Lessons from Atlantis

“Humans have always been able to communicate telephonically, we need to remember this. We know how to do this.”

episode 29

Last week I shared with you that I had my first memory of a past life in Atlantis. A few days later, I went into my Records and asked the Pinnacle to tell me more about it. In this episode, I share the recording of this reading along with the connections I made from it. The messages are beautiful and pure, providing deep wisdom, hope and a call to action for all of us.

Topcis Discussed


  • eclipse recap & what I released

  • the natural world is always communicating with us - pay attention

  • when you read the Records for a client, the messages you receive will most likely be for you as well (the mirror)

  • 5D consciousness and slipping in between time as we know it

  • a channeled recording from the Pinnacle about Atlantis from my Records

  • the connections I’ve made between the information I’ve received on Atlantis and the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari 

  • we already know how to communicate telepathically

  • a new teaching on polarity in the physical realm

  • a teaching on hierarchy and ego that the Pinnacle taught me the first time I used The Prayer of the New World

  • how to use your ego as an asset 

  • altering your reality through portals in the media/social media

Your Question Answered

Does the Line Activation only connect you to the Pleiadians or does it connect you to your personal star family? 


Show Notes


Jul 13, 2020
JULY: Lesson from the Records + Integration

“The love has to begin within yourself.” 

episode 28

Welcome, July! This may be the most beautiful Lesson from the Records I’ve ever channeled. I know I’ve said that before, but this one is so full of love, carries such a high vibration and after recording it, I was high on love for days. This Lesson has the power to shift frequencies! Be sure to listen to the Integration part of the episode as I share more teachings I received from Jesus in my most recent Marma as well as additional channeled information from the Pinnacle.

Topics Discussed

  • July Lesson from the Records channeled from the Pinnacle

  • the next energetic wave in October and how to prepare

  • the sky in July

  • my Mercury Retrograde learnings (Atlantis, Pleiadians and more)

  • this is a beautiful time to be a live (many are experiencing awakenings)

  • commit to yourself, honour yourself and serve yourself

  • the energetic reason we are pulling the vines around our house

  • your discoveries are found in the present 

  • an important message from Jesus I received in my most recent marma

  • why a rainbow was mentioned in the Lesson this month and what it means


Show Notes

Jul 06, 2020
The Energetic Waves of 2020

“We are here to understand ourselves first and foremost before we can understand each other.” 

episode 27

I recently realized that when I say “remain informed while holding energetic boundaries,” I was confusing many of you. This is very important, especially during this time, so I’m happy to expand on this today and hopefully clear it up for you. I’m also sharing information on the energetic waves of 2020, clarity I received on the evening of the last eclipse, as well as information I received in my recent marma on finding clarity, peace and compassion. This episode is a big one, take notes!

Topics Discussed

  • trust your messages even when they don’t make sense

  • the energetic waves of 2020 and what we know going forward

  • an understanding of the message from the Records by the river

  • how to prepare for the next energetic wave

  • truth is subjective (what you feed becomes your reality)

  • how to remain informed

  • I have seen my Highest Self guiding me from above

  • gaining perspective on your reactions and perceptions

  • a message I received in a marma on neutrality and your Middle Space

  • allow yourself to change, you’re meant to evolve

  • how to hold energetic boundaries

  • the Earth frequency is here to heal you and elevate you to 5D consciousness 

  • my experience on the Solstice 

Your Question Answered

Are the spiritual leaders who buy into conspiracy theories receiving messages that you are not? Why is your message different from theirs? 

Show Notes

Jun 29, 2020
Ascension Through Self-Love and Self-Trust

“Any interaction that is met with a lack of love continually perpetuates that energy.” 

episode 26

Any interaction that is met with a lack of love continually perpetuates that energy. Love yourself more, trust yourself more, so you can meet the world with love and compassion. How do you love yourself more? You heal yourself. You dig down into your wounds and triggers until you find the root and begin your healing from there. Today I’m talking about a recent healing I experienced, the lesson I learned from it and also how this contributes to your ascension. I also share about dimension travelling in dreams and how to heal in dreams.

Topics Discussed

  • eclipse season check-in

  • healing yourself heals the collective

  • what is your shadow self and how does it work?

  • ascension through self-love

  • how cutting cords work (and how you can do it yourself)

  • you are dimension traveling in your dreams, pay attention!

  • meeting with soul family members in dreams for deep healing

  • how to remember your dreams

  • a deep healing that I experienced last week

  • heal the root of your fears and shadows

  • an internal structure within all of us that must be changed is our ability to trust ourselves 

  • a message from the Pinnacle from my Akashic Records (recording)

Your Question Answered

The Pinnacle have said that we cannot cut ties with those we have soul ties with but then you taught us about cord cutting. How does this work? Can we safely cut cords? 

Show Notes

Jun 22, 2020
Fire Season: The Solstice Episode

“The Summer Solstice, the season of Fire, is activating purpose, passion and personal power.”

episode 25

We are living in a time of intense polarity. We are in between the Old World and the New World and we’re being asked to integrate activations, change, Lessons and to literally rise up as our true, compassionate selves quicker than ever before. This is all happening on time, on purpose and the energy is on your side to support you. Today I’m talking all about the upcoming Solstice, which welcomes the energetic season of Fire, and how you can use this energy to activate your purpose, passion and personal power.

Topics Discussed

  • Summer Solstice begins the energetic season of Fire

  • a powerful (and easy) energetic healing you can do for yourself

  • reminder: the importance of energetic boundaries, managing your energy and self-care

  • upcoming Mercury Retrograde & New Moon Solar Eclipse

  • do not deny yourself of your activations

  • what Fire season means for you and how you can grow throughout the next few months

  • the importance of shadow work

Your Question Answered

If we ask for guidance from the Pinnacle, we aren’t asking ourselves for guidance, are we? Should we be trying to channel our own Higher self or is that the same thing? 

Show Notes

How to Read the Records with The Pinnacle (BELIEVE or BELIEVEPLAN at checkout for 22% off)
Earth Line Activation: Summer Solstice Workshop
@alnwithin on Instagram
IGTV Replay: Spiritual Growth in Unity with Jocelyn Reid 
Purnima Chaudhari, AyuRevive Ayurveda

Jun 15, 2020
Open Your Heart, It’s Being Activated

“The change must begin with you.”

episode 24

I went in my Akashic Records on Friday, June 5th under the Full Strawberry Moon and was shown the most beautiful image. I saw dozens of outlines of humans, almost like holographs, with their chakras lighting up one by one. The Pinnacle explained that over the past week, the collective received a heart activation. In this episode I share more about what that means for me, what it can mean for you and how we are being called to act in the New Paradigm of Spirituality.

Topics Discussed

  • a teaching from the Pinnacle on the bright energy in our hearts

  • what I learned in my own Records on the night of the Full Moon, Partial Eclipse

  • what it means to take your power back

  • this is a heart activation moment

  • a statement I made in last week’s episode that I wish to correct

  • how I turned shame and fear into gratitude this past week

  • my new understanding of what the Pinnacle meant when they said “Heal the Land” on Dec 25/19 (story from ep. 2)

  • the change must begin with you, as is the micro as is the macro

  • in order to make change in your life and the world, you must take action on the messages you receive

  • a challenge I present to you

Your Question Answered:

How do we talk about inner peace and privilege? 

Show Notes

How to Read the Records with The Pinnacle (BELIEVE or BELIEVEPLAN at checkout for 22% off)
A Line Within
@alnwithin on Instagram
ep. 2: Heal the Land: Lessons on our Earth Activation
A Line Within Soul Circle on FB
A Line Within Soul Circle Cities
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Jun 08, 2020
JUNE: Lesson from the Records & Introducing the Prayer of the New World

“How can you light up in the dark? This will look different for everyone and this is a beautiful thing.” 

episode 23

On April 30, 2020 I went in my Akashic Records to ask the Pinnacle for an exercise to include in one of the chapter’s in my book. As soon as I opened the Records, they said “don’t worry about the exercise, we have a new prayer that we want to share with you. We want to give this to you, this is the reason you’re here today.”
And so along with the very beautiful and perfectly timed Lesson from the Records for June, I am honoured to introduce you to this prayer today, I have used it to channel the Lesson.  It is beautiful, grounding and spoken in words that all can relate to as they are words of connection and a voice of the New World. Celebrating unity and togetherness, wisdom and greatness. This is the Prayer of the New World.

Topics Discussed

  • channeled Lesson for the month of June

  • the many waves of the virus of fear and acknowledging the ways we need to change

  • what it means to Live in the Line

  • introducing the Prayer of the New World

  • the new frequency on our planet

  • How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle course UPDATED with the New Prayer and instruction and to celebrate, our Sale is extended until (at least) August 1st

  • a recorded testimony from a student of our course

  • the important dates in June to know (take notes!)

  • how to support your physical body through Universal Activations (and why you get headaches during high energetic times)

  • how to use your energy to purify your water if you don’t have a filtration system

  • why I’m taking break from giving Akashic Record readings in June & July

  • upcoming Solstice and entering the energetic season of FIRE (taking your power back)

  • how can you integrate the June Lesson?


Show Notes

Jun 01, 2020
The Key to This Evolution is Trust (Evolving From 3D to 5D)

“Inner peace is your most valuable asset.”

episode 22

This episode is so beautiful. I felt as though as I was speaking, the words were just flowing through my mouth as messages for you to receive from above. And of course, it's episode number 22! Trusting yourself is key to the energetic evolution we can experience right now, elevating from a 3D reality to a 5D reality and your self-trust lies on the other side of your resistance. In this episode, I share how I have found peace, how you can find peace and how the energy of the season will support you throughout it.

Topics Discussed

  • how to stretch time and make it last longer 

  • our episode transcriptions are up to date!

  • I had my Records opened for the first time by someone else

  • energy update for the moment

  • we took possession of our house, were greeted by eagles and the learnings I received from the day

  • feeling neutrality in high moments and low moments

  • take action on messages that don’t make sense

  • the key ingredient for our evolution is trust

  • evolving from 3D to 5D

  • how to begin trusting yourself

  • inner peace is your most valuable asset

  • how I surrendered to myself and why this home is such an important part of my journey

  • Venus Retrograde and the 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle

Your Question Answered

How do you juggle being a full time mom and a successful business owner and sill being balanced and enjoying your life? 

Show Notes

How to Read the Records with The Pinnacle (BELIEVE at checkout for 22% off)
A Line Within
@alnwithin on Instagram
A Line Within Soul Circle on FB
A Line Within Soul Circle Cities
Ask Ashley a Question
Clear the Line
Clear the Line: Trust Yourself
Clear the Line: Release Fear
Clear the Line: Gain Clarity
Clear the Line: Live in the Line

May 25, 2020
Reclaim Your Peace

The energy is within you, it is here to support you, all you need to do is align with it. 

episode 21

Let's continue the conversation from last week, yeah? Tis the season to reclaim your peace while also taking back your power. Today I'm breaking down what that means and what it can look like to reflect on your choices, get clear on your actions and own your decisions. Free yourself from a transactional life. 

Topics Discussed

  • the root of our Lessons is being brought straight to the surface during this time of energetic transformation

  • the root of one of my Lessons and how I’m working through it (mantra) 

  • why I haven’t seen the eagles in over three weeks

  • “I’m Taking My Mask Off” - Nov 2019 MANIFEST THIS episode

  • from your Middle Space, take your power back and own your choices

  • a message I received I in my marma that I forgot to tell you

  • thinking for yourself is the new paradigm 

  • breath deeply, drink water

  • how to find clarity during this time and always

  • freeing yourself from a transactional life

  • an exercise to bring your power and energy back to you

  • change is uncomfortable and transitions take time

  • upcoming new moon opens the eclipse energy portal

  • how to receive your messages

Your Question Answered

What does the Pinnacle say about weight and weight gain? 

Show Notes

How to Read the Records with The Pinnacle (BELIEVE at checkout for 22% off)
A Line Within
@alnwithin on Instagram
ep. 13: The Pinnacle on Lyme Disease and the Healing Energetics of COVID-19
The Line & Your Physical Health (Free Offering)
A Line Within Soul Circle on FB
A Line Within Soul Circle Cities

May 18, 2020
Your Ascension Begins Now

“All that matters is the peace you have within yourself.” 

episode 20

The restrictions have started to lift where we live and so last week I was able to get a marma treatment. Marma’s have always been transformative for me and although I received some messages for myself in this session, most were for me to share with you. Throughout the entire session, I heard a word I don’t use in my everyday vocabulary. Ascension. In this episode, I share the messages I received for the collective from Jesus and Ganesh and how they relate to this time and your ascension.

Topcis Discussed

  • I had a mama (what is a marma?)

  • messages from Jesus for the collective

  • messages from Ganesh for the collective

  • I have entered a new realm in the Akashic Records

  • the medicine needed for our ascension (physical & energetic bodies) was shared in episode 10 through Light Language (translation shared)

  • what energetic ascension and physical evolution looks like after this time (and how to receive it)

  • find your Middle Space now and exist within it always

  • how I’m currently feeling

  • a new way to show yourself compassion

  • aligning with what your Highest Self wants vs. what you think you should want 


Show Notes

How to Read the Records with The Pinnacle (BELIEVE at checkout for 22% off)
A Line Within
@alnwithin on Instagram
Purnima Chaudhari’s Website
ep. 8: Jesus & The Line
ep. 10: The Pinnacle on Coronavirus, More on Jesus & A Light Language Message
Why Do You Want What You Want IGTV
A Line Within Soul Circle on FB
A Line Within Soul Circle Cities

May 11, 2020
MAY: Lesson from the Records + Integration

Use your wings to fly, you are not meant to be the same.

episode 19

This may be one of the most beautiful, loving, light but still deeply enriching Lessons from the Records I’ve ever channeled. I feel a new energy this month. It feels light, purposeful, transformative (the theme!) and full of possibility. We can create this reality for ourselves, it’s here for the taking for absolutely everyone. I hope you receive the same love listening to this I put into creating it.

…and May the 4th be with you.


Topics Discussed

  • the channeled Lesson from the Records for May
  • where you put your energy ($$) you will receive it back

  • we are still in Earth season, energetically, the season of deep transformation and growth

  • the eclipse season energy portal opens this month on May 22 with the New Moon in Gemini

  • my astrological chart signs (a FAQ by you)

  • questions to ask yourself to deepen your transformation

  • how I’m transforming this month

  • an energetic theme I noticed in the news (after not looking at it for weeks)

  • tell yourself a new story


Show Notes

How to Read the Records with The Pinnacle (BELIEVE at checkout for 22% off)
A Line Within
@alnwithin on Instagram
Britta Plug Website & IG
Your Self-Isolation Can Be Your Self-Transformation with Leslie Galbraith
The Eye of Life from the Forest IG Photo
A Line Within Soul Circle on FB
A Line Within Soul Circle Cities

May 04, 2020
How to Press Play When the World is Paused

episode 18

“This is an overall awareness of how you’re moving through the world and how you’re allowing yourself to grow and elevate from the experience you’re currently in.”

How you perceive the world is a direct reflection of how you’re managing your energy and your connection to the guidance you’re receiving through the Line. ⁣Even though we exist in a world of polarity, we can be energetically neutral throughout every experience, still feeling everything but not being thrown off balance. It is from this place that while the world may feel like it’s on pause, you’re able to press play on creating your future.

Topics Discussed

  • we are hiring! 
  • do you need a prayer to enter your Akashic Record?
  • a story from one of the first times I remember astral traveling
  • working with the Akashic Records will strengthen your intuitive abilities and gifts
  • this is the time to create the vision for your future
  • how the energetic Threshold in you works
  • how you can work with your Threshold and manage your energy
  • what is the Middle Space and how does it support you?
  • an inspiring message from Carina Jones, Ayurvedic Health Consultant, Wellness & Healing Coach & survivor of COVID

Your Question Answered

What does the Pinnacle say about astrology and our life paths? Do we all have a predetermined life path that can be seen in a birth chart even though we can make our own choices?

Show Notes

Apr 27, 2020
Your Self-Isolation Can Be Your Self-Transformation with Leslie Galbraith

“Even though we’re in lockdown, we’re having a vision for the future.”

episode 17

I couldn’t be more excited to share this episode with you, the first guest episode on The Line, with my dear friend, soul sister and talented astrologer, Leslie Galbraith. Many of you may know Leslie from my previous podcast, MANIFEST THIS, but if you’ve never met her before, you’re in for a treat! In this episode, she and I talk about how during this time when it may feel like you have no rights, you’re actually being provided with the most beautiful opportunity to create, transform and take your power back. We also touch on subjects like the global vaccine, fear and Leslie explains how this time lines up in astrology, what’s to come and how to prepare. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed

  • we are living through a unifying event and everyone has an incredible amount of power during this time
  • sacred distancing vs. social distancing
  • what the Pinnacle have said about the global vaccine
  • as we evolve, technology evolves (this needs to happen)
  • dropping labels and seeing each other as HUMAN
  • when we take care of our bodies, our bodies take care of us
  • why the “shock” of this energy has subsided
  • Saturn is moving into Aquarius this year, and what this means for us
  • important dates for you to know
  • now is the time to create your vision for the future
  • new paradigm spirituality is self-awareness
  • why 4/4 was important in astrology and what it means going forward
  • this is the TIME to expand your personal power
  • don’t allow yourself to be consumed by the media
  • how to prepare for the upcoming Venus retrograde 

Your Question Answered

Why are we learning lessons? Where do the souls reside after they’ve learned the lessons and how are they going to be applied? 


Show Notes

Apr 20, 2020
BONUS: A Message So Important It Can't Wait

“We all know that fear and stress causes illness. This is not new information.”

episode 16

I received a link to a video in my DM’s on Instagram this week. I never click on them but for some reason this time, I felt a strong call to do so. It was a link to a video that Dr. Andrew Kaufman made, sharing his research on COVID and watching it has not only elevated my frequency and grounded me in strength more than before but it also proves everything the Pinnacle have been telling us since the beginning of 2020, in a way that you may not expect it to. This message is so important to share, it couldn’t wait until Monday. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed

  • Dr. Kaufman’s research on COVID-19 confirms everything the Pinnacle have been saying
  • fear and stress is our health crisis
  • connect back to your own frequency for your health and survival
  • truth is subjective, you create your reality
  • why this time is divinely planned
  • how to find and feel strength like you never have before
  • the divide we see collectively and how this is all part of the big picture of change
  • you were born in this moment at this time on purpose
  • how to manage your energy during this time while following COVID19 protocol

Show Notes

Apr 17, 2020
How to Survive & Thrive: Manage Your Energy

“You must become ‘me’ to step into ‘we’.” 

episode 15

Your most powerful resource is within you and it’s your energy. Although the cities are quiet and the streets are bare, the world is still loud. There are many ideas, questions, thoughts and worries present because this time is unknown. Everything is unknown. Managing your energy is your survival guide for 2020 and beyond — the calm and peace you hold and keep and the connection to yourself that you maintain will bring you strength, comfort and wellness. Before you can be ‘we,’ you must return to 'me.’

Topics Discussed

  • our brand new, updated How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle course is available - use BELIEVE to take 22% off!
  • we bought a house in the forest
  • taking ownership of your feelings, reactions, and emotions
  • our world is being driven by stress and fear and has been for a long time
  • living out of alignment with yourself is one of the biggest epidemics we’re experiencing
  • you must become ‘me’ to step into ‘we’
  • managing your energy is your survival guide for 2020 and going forward
  • over-sanitization & excessive plastic
  • the dream I had on 444 about our roles during this time
  • we have so much power over our energy (more than we realize)
  • what it means to be in the highest vibration of you
  • the polarity of COVID energy that we’re seeing in our cats
  • healing the land by healing yourself
  • is there a ‘medical agenda?’ 
  • a teaching on the Eagle
  • how do the front line workers apply the messages from The Pinnacle during this time

Your Question Answered

I’ve noticed messages channeled by spiritual leaders often contradict each other. Are the messages coming from different sources? Why are they different? 

Show Notes

Apr 13, 2020
APRIL: Lesson from the Records + Integration

“Stop looking outside and go within. That’s where you find peace and that’s where freedom begins.”
episode 14

It is not a coincidence that I recorded this podcast on April 4, 2020 (444) and that it’s the 14th episode. The moment I noticed that, my heart filled with warmth and reassurance. The Pinnacle/Pleiadians communicate with us through the number 4 with messages that we’re not alone, we own our energy, we’re okay, everything is happening as it needs to and to have faith and trust in love. They share that transformation happens in a sequence of 4 and that the natural world mirrors this to us with four seasons of change. This month feels very important with an opportunity to pivot in regards to how we manage our energy and how we navigate through this COVID-19 situation and how we can use the energy to create transformation within ourselves on a micro level to create macro change.

Topics Discussed

  • Lesson from the Records for April
  • questions to ask yourself during this time of reflection
  • triggers & the mirror
  • are you aware of where you’re putting your energy? 
  • a Light Language translation that the Pinnacle asked me to include in this episode
  • making new decisions and creating new patterns to create change
  • what it means to live a Life in the Line
  • holding onto love throughout this time
  • is currency going digital?
  • how you can integrate the Lesson this month
  • how to surrender (your question answered)
  • making peace with acceptance
  • the medicine we’re receiving from eagles lately
  • how to remain present
  • FREE OFFERING: The Line & Your Physical Health NOW AVAILABLE
  • why we’re seeing rainbows everywhere and what they means
  • a really wonderful thing that happened to our family on 444 (and how I’m integrating the Lesson) 

Show Notes

Apr 06, 2020
The Pinnacle on Lyme Disease & the Healing Energetics of COVID-19

“This can be a time of miracles” 

episode 13

I am so excited to share today’s episode with you because I finally understand the 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle. Everything in the physical realm has a polarity and today I’m sharing the healing energetics of COVID-19. The Pinnacle have shared how the energy of this pandemic can also create miracles. I hope this information brings you comfort and light during this time.

Topics Discussed

  • the unfiltered Quarantine life
  • why COVID-19 comes in waves for the next two years
  • when it clears up and when it returns for the second wave
  • power exists on the other side of panic
  • how we know the old world religion is shifting
  • those who have passed away from the virus are opening the door to a global elevated consciousness, give gratitude
  • the polarity of the COVID-19 pandemic, illness & healing
  • my new understanding of the 2012 - 2020 Completion cycle
  •  how to heal during this time
  • we are all connected right now
  • removing shame around your illness and healing journey
  • eating disorders and “clean eating” triggers
  • this is a time of great, deep healing
  • how I’m healing during this time
  • the importance of water during this time (and always)

Your Question Answered

Does addiction have a function spiritually and how to we face it in ourselves or in someone we love?

Show Notes

Mar 30, 2020
This is a Spiritual Revolution

“All we ever really need is at home, within ourselves the Line, our energy and also within the walls we choose to create as home.” 

Here we are, together at home. If you’re feeling alone, I’m with you. If you’re feel anxious, my heart is open for you. I recorded this episode with love, messages of connection and energy of hope. I hope it brings you peace.

Topics Discussed

  • we are being brought back to basic practices of intention
  • practice gratitude to find peace
  • why Baboo is inspiring me so much these days and teaching me resilience
  • receiving messages through 4 from the Pinnacle/Pleiadians
  • why this is a spiritual revolution
  • a connection I received through Justin Bieber’s song Conformation (important!)
  • all we ever need is at home
  • the Pinnacle said they’re allowing us to overcome our fear of silence
  • how I have been coping and finding peace
  • listening to yourself is the spirituality of the new paradigm 

Your Question Answered

I want to dive into healing and energy work but I have an underlying fear of the unseen and spirit realm. How do I anchor in the light and feel safe? 

Show Notes

Mar 23, 2020
Our New World is Here - How to Keep Your Energy High

“Your energy has a ripple effect. It continues to move, it expands and it grows and it touches others in ways that you had no idea was even possible.”

episode 11

The episode today is 111. Season 1, episode 11. 
What a week it has been. It took me four days to record this episode. Four times sitting down at the mic, four times writing notes and speaking, a lot of editing and a lot of thinking. On the fourth night, the Pinnacle came through with a message. While I was standing in the kitchen with Ben wondering how to round this episode out, what to say, how to put it together, the words spoke through my mouth without my awareness - connection.

I feel a responsibility to tell you something. It’s been on my mind all weekend.

In episode 10: The Pinnacle On Coronavirus, More On Jesus & A Light Language Message on The Line, I said that if I had a reason to travel to China, I’d do so. I said that I trust the Divine Light flowing through me and so I’m not afraid. And that’s true. The Pinnacle also shared that this virus is very, very real.

I recorded that episode on March 5, 2020 and now, nine days later, I can say that was a very irresponsible statement to make. Thousands of people have listened to it. Things have changed. My awareness and knowledge of this situation has shifted.

You can act responsibly without acting from fear. Please see this article for important and actionable steps for all of us to take. No fear, no fuss, just straight to the point, valuable information. We can change this.

Topics Discussed

  • our Earth Activation: Spring Equinox offering is LIVE
  • the Pinnacle (Pleiadians) shared that transformation happens in 4 stages, they communicate with us through 4 and Our Earth Activation workshops teach you how to mirror the season changes in the natural world and respect the four stages of transformation within yourself
  • our A Line Within Soul CITY Circles are live!
  • our podcasts are now transcribed, available on episode pages
  • the 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle for the collective
  • why Coronavirus is a gift
  • what the Pinnacle said about Yogi Bahajan and all leaders
  • old structures are quickly crumbling the new world is being created
  • a message I received from the Pinnacle about the capitalist model
  • the polarity of panic and LOVE we’re experiencing and how it’s creating more MD moments for many of us (multidimensional moments) 
  • how I’ve set my boundaries and how I’m taking care of myself
  • Line Activations with mantras and how this is going for me
  • Line Activations bring you home to your frequency and your connection with your Highest Self
  • how to find calm when you’re feeling fear
  • keep your energy high and maintain your calm for your children
  • a check-in with the MARCH: Lesson from the Records

Show Notes

Mar 16, 2020
The Pinnacle on Coronavirus, More on Jesus & a Light Language Message

“Energetic boundaries are your survival guide in the New Paradigm.”


episode 10

A lot has happened since we last connected here, only a week ago. On Thursday, March 5, 2020 I went in the Records and found myself in The Pleiades, the star cluster I channel from. Here, I received a Light Language activation for the very first time. I was able to translate it and from it, I received true information about the Coronavirus. I also received more information about Jesus (from Jesus) and the New World we’re living in, 2020. I recorded the reading and included the clip of the Light Language towards the end of the episode so you too can receive the energetic activation. Inhale, exhale. This is a big episode, I’m forever changed by this experience and I hope it impacts you as well.

Topics Discussed

  • I travelled to The Pleiades while I was in the Akashic Records and it was the most incredible experience I’ve had in the Records thus far
  • I channeled Light Language for the first time and translated it
  • where our Highest Self energetically lives
  • everything we see is a mirror
  • the truth about the Coronavirus, according to the Pinnacle
  • the gift Kobe Bryant gave us as he transitioned and how it has forever changed us energetically 
  • the link between technology and elevated consciousness
  • traveling in time with social media (Cristiano Ronaldo and moth medicine - you won’t hear this anywhere else)
  • how to find peace and love rather than fear
  • energetic boundaries are your survival guide in the new paradigm
  • how the Pinnacle have said to eat 
  • the Bible isn’t how we read it (Noah’s Ark & viruses)
  • the church in the New Paradigm
  • a Line Activation looks like a prayer for a reason
  • your greatest guide is your Highest Self
  • the recording of me channeling Light Language

Your Question Answered:

”Do our moles hold information about our past lives?”

Show Notes

Mar 09, 2020
MARCH: Lesson from the Records + Integration

“Create your life as a stage, you are the star.”


episode 9


I never know what’s going to come through when I sit down to channel the Lesson from the Records for the month. This was the first time that the Lesson really shook me. I lay awake for a few hours after channeling it because also, for the first time, I feel like it was speaking directly to me and some of the things I’m personally going through. The message inspires creativity, strength, courage and is perfectly fitting for the 2020 energy - we can no longer hide from ourselves. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed

  • the Lesson from the Records for MARCH
  • a Divine message we received from a hummingbird
  • Mercury Retrograde blessings this month
  • we are entering the EARTH season, energetically
  • you cannot hide from yourself in this new decade, in this new paradigm 
  • how people pleasing is connected to chronic illness 
  • a lesson from the Pinnacle on guilt
  • am I enough?
  • how I’m integrating the Lesson this month
  • multidimensional Law of Attraction
  • an activity for you to use in your Line Activations this month to integrate the Lesson
  • my truth that I’m sharing with you

Show Notes

Mar 02, 2020
Jesus and The Line

"Whatever you believe about yourself, you project onto others."


episode 8


On February 17, 2020, the first day of Mercury Retrograde, I had a Marma treatment done. Marmas are my favourite kind of energy work to receive, I believe they’re the most powerful. Each one I’ve received has been equally transformational and the one I’m sharing today was as well — Jesus came. His energy was with me through the entire session and in this episode, I’m sharing the messages he asked me to pass on to you.

Topics Discussed

  • the first time Jesus came into an Akashic Record reading
  • the time I found out Jesus is a celestial being
  • the Divine invitation I received in my dream that led me to my most recent Marma
  • how Justin Bieber and the Pleiadians are connected to this story
  • the GIFT of being different
  • the moment I received a message from Jesus in my Marma treatment
  • the “broken glass” that was weighing on my heart
  • a message received about hard alcohol
  • the reason Jesus came through in my Marma and the BIG message he asked me to share
  • what I’ve channeled on “Christ Consciousness” from the Pinnacle
  • the conclusion I channeled  to the story I shared in The “Start Here” Episode about ‘100 doors are open…’

Your Question Answered

“What is the best possible way to earn money and thrive financially in this new paradigm?” 

Show Notes

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Purnima Chaudhari


Feb 24, 2020
The Vibration of Communication

"Every single word you speak holds a vibration."


episode 7


Naturally fitting, as Mercury is Retrograde TODAY (and Mercury is the ruler of communication), this episode focuses on communication. Developed from a beautiful example that is perfectly aligned with the February Lesson from the Records, I share how we can measure where our energy is at by reflecting on the words we say and how we communicate them. I also touch on our multidimensional existence and answer a question, in depth, on the use of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication and whether it affects our connection with the Line within.

Side note: in the episode I mention that Mercury Retrograde is the 18th. I swear, when I looked it up that was the date I found. But it’s actually happening on the 17th. Communication tricks!

Topics Discussed

  • flowing with the re-arrangements during Mercury Retrograde
  • our ability to see and hear energy through our devices
  • the energy we choose to feed is the vibration that will be felt through our communication
  • drawing awareness to your energy by paying attention to the words you use and the reactions you have
  • making sense of multidimensional memories from childhood
  • the New Paradigm 2020 energy creates MD Moments for us (Multidimensional Moments) 
  • a visual to illustrate your multidimensional  existence

Your Question Answered: 

Does anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications have an effect on your ability to receive messages through the Line? 

Show Notes

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2012 - 2020: The Completion Cycle (IGTV)
The New Children (YouTube video)

Feb 17, 2020
The "Start Here" Episode

"This is all coming from you, no one is telling you how to live, this guidance is coming from you." 


episode 6

Last week I did something. After two years of work and 1M downloads, I decided to delete all of the episodes from my first podcast, MANIFEST THIS (with the exception of the last two months). Because of this and because so many of you are new here, today’s episode is all about laying the foundations. I share what the Akashic Records are, what the Line is, who the Pinnacle are, who the Pleiadians are and more. Plus I answer a lot of your questions! Even if you’ve heard me talk about this information before, I invite you to have a listen because, as always, new stuff channeled through while I was talking. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed

  • why I deleted all the MANIFEST THIS episodes (with the exception of November & December 2019 episodes)
  • why you’re not blocked (and can’t be)
  • what the Akashic Records are and how I found them
  • why working with the Pinnacle has created such a very unique practice in the Records for me to experience and share
  • how you can read the Records, too
  • how I met the Pinnacle and what they look like
  • who the Pleiadians are and how I channel from them in the Records and through the Line
  • you are a starseed and you bring your own energy to the Akashic field and create your experience
  • how the Line fits into all of this, what it is and how it’s the modernized 5G FAST access pass to the messages from the Akashic field
  • what a Line Activation is, how to do one and what it does for you
  • what Lessons are and how to work with them

Your Questions Answered: 

1. Do we need to balance and open our chakra before doing a Line Activation?
2. When is it okay to read the Records for a home?
3. How does the Line relate to sexuality?
4. Do you ever get conflicting messages from your guides?
5. While in the Records, are you able to ‘search’ for something, or do you just take what comes to you?
6. Can we use the Akashic Records to help us understand past lives?
7. Why do souls incarnate as animals? 

Show Notes

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How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle
How to do a Line Activation
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Barbara Goldsmith

Feb 10, 2020
FEBRUARY: Lesson from the Records + Integration

"This is a wake up call for our connection to our energetic body and our physical body."

episode 5

The message the Pinnacle delivered this month doesn't only apply to February but the future ahead, all time going forward. I've been receiving so many messages since the end of December 2019 about health, the current (and future) health crisis and how important it is for us to nurture our energetic/physical body connection. This message gave me chills, I'm honoured to share it with you. 

Topics Discussed

  • channeled Lesson from the Records for February
  • the Mercury Retrograde mantra you need to get into receiving mode
  • why we are entering into a major health crisis
  • the amazing ways energy is working with us in this paradigm
  • how to live in the Line with the intense 2020 energy
  • why you need to strengthen your connection and awareness of your physical and energetic bodies
  • an exercise you can do every day to build this awareness
  • a story from a reading I recently did about freeing yourself from fear
  • why people get sick
  • how I am integrating the Lesson
  • the winner of the January giveaway

Show Notes

Feb 03, 2020
Listen to Yourself First

"There's a very fine line between inspiration and straying from yourself."

episode 4

Over the past week I received so many messages, made so many connections and learned so much about my own energy and how to effectively use it not only for myself but also as a parent, it felt like the wisdom of seven weeks was packed into seven days. As always, I share what I’ve received in this episode with the intention of inspiring you to one thing: listen to yourself first.

Topics Discussed

  • how the Pinnacle brought me a book deal (I’m writing a book!)
  • how I experience astral travel & how you can do it, too
  • are we buying the house?
  • you are your only competition
  • the very fine line between external inspiration and straying from yourself
  • a message I received about astrology and our charts
  • respecting the journey of others
  • spirituality is self-awareness
  • everything is always changing and you can, too
  • digestion and the energetic body (another message from the Pinnacle on personal health)
  • Q&A: what is deja-vu?

Show Notes

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Oprah on goop
Wim Hof on Rich Roll Podcast

Jan 27, 2020
Do Not Resist Yourself

"Stop resisting. Dance with it, flow with it, move with it."

episode 3

We’re midway through the first month of the year and by this point I know many of you (myself included) have felt discomfort and surprisingly heavy energy. While I was on a walk recently, I opened the Records and received a ‘wake up call’ message on how I can ease these emotions and flow with this energy. In today’s episode I share teachings and tips on how to stop resisting yourself so you can and flow with the evolution your soul signed up to experience.

Topics Covered

  • having compassion for yourself at all times
  • the connection between personal healing and collective healing for the planet
  • a wake-up call message I received from the Pinnacle
  • why it’s important to write down all of your messages, even if they don’t make sense in that moment
  • teachings I’ve received from our daughter on how easy ‘release’ can be
  • messages from your physical body when you’re resisting change
  • January 24th and what it means for us
  • the media and pain addiction
  • how I change my energy when I’m resisting myself (tips for you to do the same)
  • how the January Lesson from the Records can support you in surrendering to change
  • the changes I’m surrendering to in my life
  • a teaching from the Pinnacle on our Lessons and how to embrace all of them equally 
  • listener Q&A at the end

Show Notes

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Indigo Children
Crystal Children
Rainbow Children

Jan 20, 2020
Heal the Land - Lessons on our Earth Activation

"Earth is our Life Force. Water is our Creator. 

episode 2

I couldn't have predicted the messages I'm now sharing if I tried to. We are only two years into this year and already I can feel how much our energy has shifted and quickly it moves. In this episode I share about a recent experience I had with multidimensional healing, further information on the 2012 - 2020 completion cycle and how the Pinnacle have said to live going forward. 

Topics Discussed

  •  is Eclipse season over?
  • a very sacred ceremony I experienced last week with the Sage spirit
  • an experience using my elevated frequency in a new way, for the first time
  • being patient and taking time allowing your gifts and abilities to unfold and develop
  • what happened after I opened the Records for the land I grew up on
  • visions and messages I’ve received from a past life I lived in Australia hundreds of years ago
  • the multidimensional healing I’m called to do
  • the importance of your connection to the Earth in receiving your messages through the Line
  • the 2012 - 2020 completion cycle
  • a message from the Pleiadians on health and Earth connection healing
  • have the Pinnacle ever said that being ‘vegan’ is the best way to live? 
  • a teaching about the whale 

    PLUS: Q&A at the end:
    “When you entered the Records for the first time, how did you know you were actually in? Did you experience self doubt?” 

Show Notes

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”I’m Taking My Mask Off” - ep. 134, MANIFEST THIS
Photo of wild Prairie Sage on @alnwithin IG
”December: Lesson from the Records + Integration” - ep. 136, MANIFEST THIS
Blue Thunderbird Woman

Jan 13, 2020
JANUARY: Lesson from the Records + Integration

episode 1

I am so thrilled to share the first episode of The Line Podcast with you - a channeled teaching from the Akashic Records, from the Pinnacle for the month of January 2020. The energy was so powerful that I had to close the Records twice (you’ll hear this in the first half of the episode.) Towards the end, I also share some messages I received from the Pinnacle about the climate crisis.

Topics Covered

+ January giveaway to win the Clear the Line program and a 30 minute Akashic Record reading with me
+ January 2, 2020 astral traveling and how I saw my current life through another dimension
+ time is not linear, the multidimensional you
+ I experienced automatic writing for the first time, unexpectedly
+ an additional message I received on January 3 about the month
+ the freedom of self-expression
+ everything you want you’ve already experienced
+ we have been reborn into this decade
+ a message from the Pinnacle on the climate crisis

Show Notes

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Leslie Galbraith on MANIFEST THIS: “ How to Prepare for the BIG 2020 Energy”
Rich Roll’s IG post (referenced)

Send Energy ($$) to Australia
Wires Wildlife Rescue (I donated here)
Salvation Army Disaster Relief
Victoria Bushfire Appeal
Red Cross Australia (I donated here)
The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (I donated here)
Rural Fire Service


Jan 06, 2020
The Line Trailer

There’s an energetic Line running within you that connects you to the same realm as your Akashic Record.

From the moment you were born you’ve been receiving messages through this Line that guide you to the life you incarnated to live.

I'm Ashley Wood, your host, and founder of A Line Within. I'm on a mission to modernize the Akashic Records by teaching you how to use the Line to access the infinite wisdom of your soul and align with your Highest Self.

On this podcast, I provide you with channeled teachings, tools and support so you can start picking up your messages running  through the Line and trust what you’re receiving.

Please subscribe to the show and tune in on January 6, 2020 for the first episode which will be a channeled Lesson from the Akashic Records for the month of January and practical ways you can integrate it into your life. 

Dec 30, 2019