What's The Juice

By Olivia Amitrano

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Category: Alternative Health

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Welcome to the juiciest conversations in wellness with Olivia Amitrano, founder of Organic Olivia. “What’s The Juice” is a podcast as multifaceted as its listeners — a fierce community on a courageous path of self improvement, learning, and healing. Here we share conversations that bridge traditional wisdom and modern science, offering a balance of tangible advice and perspective-shifting philosophies that will optimize your health and change the way you see the world. One week we’ll spill the (herbal) tea on functional medicine for hormone imbalance, while the next we’ll dive deep into psychedelic assisted therapy, codependency and learning how to say no. Olivia is a clinical herbalist, formulator, entrepreneur, and, most notably, an educator. Each episode is an opportunity to synthesize her education in herbalism, psychology, and a lifetime of health issues into actionable tips on how to not only heal but thrive. Interviews with doctors, therapists, holistic practitioners, astrologers, artists, and storytellers are brimming with raw, human moments and empowering information. Candid and ever curious, Olivia is on a mission to understand the human condition and share what she learns along the way. Above all, her goal is to connect you with the paradigms, practitioners and teachers you can rely on to help get you to the next level. Peeling back the layers isn’t always pretty, but the juice is worth the squeeze.

Episode Date
S5E17 Why The Solution To Binge Eating Might Not Be About Food | Nicki Parlitsis, RD
Jun 10, 2024
S5E16 Mouth Breathing, What Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You & The Truth About Fluoride | Dr. Staci Whitman
Jun 03, 2024
S5E15 The Man Who Sits with Death on Why Relationships Make a Life | Sah D'Simone
May 27, 2024
S5E14 A Real Conversation About Wellness Extremes, Cure-All Diets & How to Actually Find Balance | Shyla Cadogan, RD
May 20, 2024
S5E13 Why Histamine Intolerance May Be at the Root of Your Unexplained Symptoms | Michelle Shapiro, RD
May 13, 2024
S5E12 Autoimmune Disease: Trauma, Triggers and the Path to Healing | Dr. Sara Gottfried
May 06, 2024
S5E11 Feeling Lost? Ancient Rituals to Help You Find Answers Without Psychedelics | Katharine Hargreaves
Apr 29, 2024
S5E10 How to Strengthen Your Decision-Making Muscle & Rewire Your Brain to Feel More Confident & Grateful | Liz Moody
Apr 22, 2024
S5E9 You Are Not Your Job: How to Rediscover Your Worth in a Productivity-Obsessed World | Madison Utendahl
Apr 15, 2024
S5E8 How to Maximize Fertility, Why Men’s Health is Equally Important + Exact Labs and Supplements for Preconception
Apr 08, 2024
S5E7 What to Do if You Suspect You Have Mold & How to Cultivate a Healthy Home | Christine Cimabue
Apr 01, 2024
S5E6 How to Overcome Codependency, Fear of Conflict & Discover Your Wise ‘Inner Mother’ | Krista Williams
Mar 25, 2024
S5E5 The $10 Trillion Industry Keeping Us Sick & How to Become Your Own Healer | Dr. Casey Means
Mar 18, 2024
S5E4 Why Healing Our Relationships is The Key to Our Health Crisis | Zach Bush
Mar 11, 2024
S5E3 The Truth About Carbs and How to Eat for Fitness, Thyroid & Hormone Health | Lauren Papanos
Mar 04, 2024
S5E2 Returning Home to Your Body with Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom | Radhi Devlukia
Feb 26, 2024
S5E1 A Revolutionary Protocol for Chronic Digestive Issues | Dr. Alexis Cowan, PhD
Feb 19, 2024
S4E24 THE ASTROLOGICAL THEMES OF 2024 – How to reflect on 2023 and prepare for the transformative year ahead with Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter
Dec 25, 2023
S4E23: PLANTS ARE OUR GREATEST TEACHERS – Amber Magnolia Hill on how we can build deeper relationships with herbs and learn from their ancient wisdom
Dec 18, 2023
S4E22: THE MORNING PRACTICE THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE - taking out yesterday’s garbage to make space for today + how to use your breath to heal with Erika Polsinelli
Dec 11, 2023
S4E21: A NO BS APPROACH TO NUTRITION - straightforward advice about eating healthier with Vanessa Rissetto + how to work with a dietitian through insurance
Dec 04, 2023
S4E20: HOW TO LEAN INTO YOUR UNIQUE GIFTS (BASED ON YOUR DESIGN) - Jenna Zoe on finding your purpose with Human Design
Nov 27, 2023
S4E19: EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS WITHIN YOU – How to become more self aware, break free from limiting beliefs and love yourself wholeheartedly with Rebecca Leigh
Nov 20, 2023
S4E18: FROM OPIATE ADDICTION TO LIFE AFTER ROCK BOTTOM – how to overcome adversity and turn your life around with Doug Bopst
Nov 13, 2023
S4E17: DECODING YOUR DREAMS - Theresa Cheung on dreams as messages from your intuition and how to start interpreting them
Nov 06, 2023
S04E16: THE FRIENDSHIP EPISODE - how to stop 'performing,' make new friends as an adult, set boundaries and recognize trauma bonds w/ Millana Snow
Oct 30, 2023
S04E15: A HORMONE DOCTOR THAT SPEAKS TO THE SOUL - why labs are important but so is generational trauma + the science & energetics of PCOS with Dr. Sara Gottfried
Oct 23, 2023
S04E14: HOW TO MAKE CHOICES FOR YOUR FUTURE SELF - Dr. Gabrielle Lyon's pep talk on mindset shifts to bridge the gap between your current self + future goals
Oct 17, 2023
S04E13: BECOME EMOTIONALLY BULLETPROOF - how to master your emotions, rely on yourself & take control of your life with Evy Poumpouras
Oct 09, 2023
S04E12: THE SCIENCE OF FLEXIBLE DIETING - Alan Aragon on healthy fat loss, seed oil myths, metabolism & optimizing body composition
Oct 02, 2023
S04E11: ARE YOU ADDICTED TO DRAMA? - how to break free from cycles of pain, limiting beliefs and trauma with Dr. Scott Lyons
Sep 25, 2023
S04E10: TAHINI ON (LITERALLY) EVERYTHING - extravagant recipes, finding your niche while building a business, and secrets from a celebrity chef with Brooke Baevsky, aka Chef Bae
Sep 18, 2023
S04E09: THE BINGE EATING EPISODE - addressing the root causes of disordered eating through nervous system regulation with Stephanie Mara Fox
Sep 12, 2023
S4E08: GUILT FREE BOUNDARIES - the power of personal responsibility, how to build self-trust, and tips to identifying your ego with Yasmine Cheyenne
Sep 04, 2023
S4E07: THE SECRET SCIENCE OF BRAIN HEALTH - myths about Alzheimer’s, foods for cognitive health & insulin resistance with Max Lugavere
Aug 28, 2023
S4E06: BROCCOLI, RED LIGHT & HOW TO LIVE A LOW TOX LIFE - Dr. Vivian Chen on how environmental toxins influence our genes
Aug 21, 2023
S4E05: ARE YOU ADDICTED TO DOPAMINE? - how to feel human again in a world full of overstimulation + choosing pain as much as pleasure with Dr. Lembke
Aug 14, 2023
S4E5: THE CEREMONY BEFORE THE CEREMONY - Nick and Olivia share pre-wedding rituals, the good, bad, and ugly + how to make an unconventional wedding feel intentional
Aug 07, 2023
S4E04:NATURE’S ROLE IN OUR MENTAL HEALTH - how our disconnection from nature impacts the mental health epidemic + how to release shame with Jaskrit Bhalla
Jul 31, 2023
S4E03: CAN WEIGHT LOSS & BODY POSITIVITY COEXIST? - Michelle Shapiro on restrictive diets, the “right way” to lose weight, and functional nutrition for anxiety & gut health
Jul 21, 2023
S4E02: CAN YOU “HEAL” YOUR METABOLISM? - Dr. William Li’s top 5 veggies for activating ‘brown fat’ + debunking metabolism myths
Jul 17, 2023
S4E01: GRIEVING THE OLD VERSION OF YOURSELF - life changes before marriage that no one talks about + is being an empath really a good thing?
Jul 10, 2023
S3E27: ASK THE HERBALIST - solutions for chronic pain, the science behind why diet affects menstrual cramps, what jealousy is trying to teach you, and how to change your identity to reach your goals
Dec 20, 2022
S3E26: HOW TO EMBRACE OUR GRIEF TO ACCESS JOY — Dr. Neeta Bhushan on the importance of emotional resilience through life's relentless hardships
Dec 13, 2022
S3E25: NEURONS THAT FIRE TOGETHER WIRE TOGETHER — Neurophysiologist & coach Louisa Nicola on rewiring your brain to achieve peak physical & mental performance
Dec 06, 2022
S3E24: GETTING COMFORTABLE WITH DEATH — Death Doula Caroline Lee dives into the uncomfortable conversation around death and how we can ease the process for ourselves and others
Nov 29, 2022
S3E23: THE DOCTOR THAT CHANGED MY LIFE - preventing cognitive decline and insulin resistance, why muscle matters more than anything & the science behind a high-protein diet with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Nov 22, 2022
S3E22: HOW TO REVERSE YOUR (BIOLOGICAL) AGE — using “epigenetics”, food & herbs to change your genes and live longer with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald
Nov 15, 2022
S3E21: BREAKING UP WITH CAFFEINE — why I decided to experiment, my journey with withdrawal & the benefits of life without coffee
Nov 08, 2022
S3E20. YOUR BRAIN DETERMINES YOUR HORMONES (not your ovaries alone) - why nervous system regulation and our identities are key for physical health w/ Zesty Ginger
Nov 01, 2022
S3E19. THE 4 "IMMUNE TYPES" + HOW TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - Dr. Heather Moday, MD on optimizing immune function and lowering chronic inflammation
Oct 25, 2022
S3E18. ARE YOU MAL-ILLUMINATED? - using light as a tool for healing, what a lack of full-spectrum UV can do + how red light therapy can help with BioLight Founder Dr. Mike Belkowski
Oct 18, 2022
S3E17. ASK THE HERBALIST: A CONVO ABOUT VICES + HOW TO START EATING HEALTHY - tips for having a healthier relationship with substances from cannabis to caffeine & how to implement better eating habits without feeling overwhelmed
Oct 11, 2022
S3E16. SO YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT HAVING A BABY - how to “prepare the palace” and nourish your womb for a pregnancy journey + tips to support yourself as a new mom with Dr. Kara MoraMarco-Kendrick
Oct 04, 2022
S3E15. WHY BACTERIA IS THE BEST BEAUTICIAN - how to stop stripping your skin and oral microbiome + get your best skin ever with Living Libations founder Nadine Artemis
Sep 27, 2022
S3E14. WHY AUTOIMMUNITY IS ON THE RISE - root cause solutions + a refreshing take on both physical and emotional contributors with “Hashimoto’s Healer” Marc Ryan
Sep 20, 2022
S3E13. HOW TO FIND YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE - Nikki Novo on strengthening intuition, clearing your energy + identifying your true purpose (beyond what you do for work!)
Sep 06, 2022
S3E12. ASK THE HERBALIST: MY COMPLETE GUIDE TO HYPOTHYROIDISM - the 6 labs you need, herbs and medications, nutrient deficiencies, food therapy & how to advocate for yourself
Aug 30, 2022
S3E11. PARENTING OUR KIDS AND OURSELVES W/ BOUNDARIES + SELF REFLECTION - Dr. Siggie on using intuition, curiosity, and patience to approach our relationships with kids, adults, and our inner child
Aug 23, 2022
S310. STOP SAYING NO TO YOURSELF - Liz Moody on perspective shifts, lifestyle changes, and everyday habits for a happier, healthier life
Aug 16, 2022
S309. HOW SOLO TRAVELING HELPED ME REDISCOVER CONFIDENCE - 9 takeaways from my first solo trip + thoughts on independence
Aug 09, 2022
S308. IT’S NOT THE STRESS YOU FEEL, IT’S THE STRESS YOU AVOID - Kelly McGonigal, PhD on rewiring your brain live with, learn from, and even appreciate stress
Aug 02, 2022
S3E07. HOW TO GIVE YOUR BODY A “SOFTWARE UPDATE” - the art of updating your physical body on emotional breakthroughs for better lymphatic drainage, emotional release, and brain-body connection w/ Julie Tracy
Jul 26, 2022
S3E06. HOW TO FIX YOUR PERIOD - how to support your hormones, improve your period symptoms, and feel better for free with “Period Girl” Nicole Jardim
Jul 19, 2022
S3E05. BEYOND BIRTH CONTROL - tracking your menstrual cycle, reproductive empowerment + ways to take control of your fertility and health with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack
Jul 12, 2022
S304. HOW TO GET “UNSTUCK” AND MOVE YOUR LIVER QI - a Chinese Medicine breakdown with real life tips for hormones, PMS, frustration, and emotional waves
Jul 05, 2022
S3E03. BEANS, HIGH CORTISOL AND CAFFEINE - how beans can bind and lower stress hormones + breaking down the biochemistry with “Bean Queen” Karen Hurd
Jun 28, 2022
S3E02. FROM WELLNESS EXTREMES TO A HEALTHY FOUNDATION - why getting back to basics, saying no to fads and fueling our bodies is the medicine women need with Nina Passero, FDN-P
Jun 21, 2022
S3E01. YOUR BLOOD SUGAR MATTERS MORE THAN YOU THINK - the impact of glucose levels on hormones, weight, energy and more + 5 hacks with Glucose Goddess
Jun 14, 2022
[BONUS EP] MEET THE HERB: ROSE MEDICINE - why rose is the heart opening herb of the year, here to heal the collective after a period of grief + change
Feb 09, 2022
S2E21. A DOSE OF SELF-AWARENESS - the story of my 28th birthday smack in the face feat. Nick, psilocybin mushrooms and 3 weeks off work
Nov 15, 2021
S2E20. FROM MENTAL ILLNESS TO MENTAL WELLNESS - Dr. Amen talks brain scans, why SSRIs work for some and not others, grief, essential oils, THC + more!
Nov 08, 2021
S2E19. THE SUN & SHADOW SIDE OF YOUR SIGN -chatting intuitive astrology, life lessons, and her Lyme Disease + bee venom therapy journey w/ Lily Ashwell
Nov 01, 2021
S2E18. VISION IS MORE THAN 20/20 - a mind blowing convo on why your personality, worldview + more relates to your eyesight with behavioral optometrist Dr. Bessler
Oct 25, 2021
S2E17. POWERFUL LESSONS FROM A CLINICAL HERBALIST - why herbs from your heritage are potent + bringing pleasure back to healthcare with Kelsey Barrett
Oct 18, 2021
S2E16. THE ALMOST 30 COLLAB - how to thrive through major life changes + navigating your Saturn Return with Krista & Lindsey of Almost 30 Podcast
Oct 11, 2021
S2E15. LEARNING HOW TO SAY NO, EVEN AT WORK - how to set boundaries in life & work relationships + finding your purpose with Amina AlTai
Sep 30, 2021
S2E14. THE MOTHER WOUND - identifying nervous system dysregulation & healing the inner child with psychotherapist Sian Crossley
Sep 27, 2021
S2E13. THE LIVER GUT CONNECTION - Dr. Asia Muhammad on why fatty liver is exploding, leaky gut, and the root of most health concerns
Sep 20, 2021
S2E12. PCOS: WHY ARE SO MANY WOMEN SUFFERING? - a conversation about carbs, body temperature, metabolism, stress and phone addiction with Amanda Montalvo, RD, FDN-P
Sep 13, 2021
S2E11. A SESSION WITH MY THERAPIST - a raw convo about how she's helped me to rewire my habits + practices for you at home!
Sep 06, 2021
S2E10. UNDER THE BEANFLUENCE - why eating more beans can change your hormones, digestion + detox efficiency with Unique Hammond of The Bean Protocol
Aug 30, 2021
S2E9. WOMB MEDICINE FOR THE HERB ENTHUSIAST -  how to unlock the deep wisdom of your menstrual cycle with herbalist Raven Rose
Aug 23, 2021
S2E8. YOUR SKIN DOESN'T NEED THAT - the skincare queen reveals her greatest tools and secrets feat. Danna Omari of NOY Skincare
Aug 16, 2021
S2E7. DEAR BODY, YOU CAN STOP KEEPING SCORE NOW - releasing stored trauma, somatic experiencing + psychedelic assisted therapy with José Mata
Aug 09, 2021
S2E6. THE GUT + HORMONE CONNECTION EXPLAINED - Dr. Wade on leaky gut, thyroid issues, probiotics, fertility & why we should eat more carbs
Aug 02, 2021
S2E5. ESOTERIC ACUPUNCTURE - Dr. Chloe Bañales on how our emotions manifest in the physical body
Jul 26, 2021
S2E4. THE "RAIN BARREL EFFECT" - Dr. Stephen Cabral demystifies detox and shares how to avoid "overflow"
Jul 19, 2021
S2E3. FEEL IT TO HEAL IT - Millana Snow shares life changing practices to help you connect with YOU
Jul 12, 2021
S2E2. WHY HORMONE IMBALANCE IS ON THE RISE - Dr. Aviva Romm shares tangible solutions for endo and PCOS
Jul 05, 2021
S2E1. OLIVIA & NICK SPILL THE JUICE ON LOVE - answering your Qs, reflecting on 10 years + a special surprise
Jun 28, 2021
EP. #28 LET’S TALK LIBIDO - a REAL conversation + actual solutions (including herbs) with Dr. Jill Blakeway
Oct 19, 2020
EP. #27 YUP, THAT’S A SIGN - the "out there" episode: mediums, dreams, unexplainable experiences, signs, spirituality, and the meaning of 2020
Oct 12, 2020
EP. #26 THE SKIN EPISODE - cosmetic acupuncture instead of botox, hot baths for acne + upping your YIN to plump your SKIN
Oct 05, 2020
EP. #25 HOW DO WE HEAL THE HOLES IN HEALTHCARE? - medicine of the future with Dr. Berzin
Sep 28, 2020
EP. #24 POST COVID HAIR LOSS - recovering after fever, stress & immune dysregulation
Sep 14, 2020
EP. #23 WHY BEING THE “GOOD GIRL” ISN’T SERVING YOU – how to break up with perfectionism ft. Majo Molfino
Sep 07, 2020
EP. #22 HOLY SPIT - saliva’s role in cavities, the dangers of fluoride + why diet matters more than brushing
Aug 31, 2020
EP. #21 WTF IS A VAGUS NERVE? - plus how to test your gut for pathogens & overgrowths
Aug 24, 2020
EP. #20 GETTING TO THE (BREATH) WORK — Maryam Ajayi on finding her calling through energy healing + breathwork
Aug 17, 2020
EP. #19 COVID’S LINK TO ORAL HEALTH — Dr. Victoria’s research on the oral microbiome and secondary bacterial infections
Aug 10, 2020
EP. #18 MY LIFE CHANGING COVID STORY — how fighting for my parents' survival changed my life
Jul 27, 2020
EP. #17 A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO LYME DISEASE — Richard Mandelbaum’s powerful philosophy on treating chronic illness
May 25, 2020
EP. #16 HOW TO SYNC YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR PERIOD — The "infradian rhythm" that no one's talking about
May 18, 2020
EP. #15 - WHO IS SHE? MEET THE HERB - Avena Sativa: to restore frazzled nerves & replenish your adrenals
May 11, 2020
EP. #14 - WHO IS SHE? MEET THE HERB - Agrimony: for liver health, gut dysbiosis, and jaw tension
May 04, 2020
EP. #13 — WHEN SPIRIT AND SCIENCE COLLIDE — Dr. Dani's journey to healing her brain tumor
Apr 27, 2020
EP. #12 — IS "DAMPNESS" MESSING WITH YOUR DIGESTION? - Traditional Chinese Medicine's take on gut dysbiosis & liver health
Apr 20, 2020
EP. #11 – LEARN YOUR UNIQUE HUMAN DESIGN TYPE — how to understand your human design helps you show up in life
Apr 13, 2020
EP. #10 – HOW TO HEAL FAMILY TRAUMA (with horses) – unmasking generational repression & shame
Apr 06, 2020
Ep. #09 - NOT AN ANNOYING SELF-HELP EPISODE - how to actually take action and get unstuck through experimentation & play
Mar 09, 2020
EP. #08 - THE MOST NOURISHING WAY TO CONSUME HERBS - how to make infusions for thyroid health, energy & more
Feb 24, 2020
Ep. #07 - STRESS PART 2 - how to get out of fight or flight mode and improve sleep, digestion & libido
Feb 17, 2020
Ep. #06 - THE LIFE CHANGING LYMPHATIC SYSTEM EPISODE - more on brain detox, fatigue, facial puffiness, and Alzheimer's Disease
Feb 10, 2020
Ep. #05 - IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S YOUR SIGN - a 2020 astrology update w/ Danielle Paige
Feb 03, 2020
Ep. #04 - ARE YOU CODEPENDENT OR NAH? - diving deep into relationship health, boundaries, intimacy, and resentment
Jan 27, 2020
Ep. #03 - HEALING GENERATIONAL TRAUMA w/ DR. ZELINA - how she recovered from lupus and why healing is more than just physical
Jan 20, 2020
Ep. #02 - DR. G SPILLS THE GREEN TEA - cancer prevention, hormone imbalance & getting back to nature
Jan 13, 2020
Ep. #00 - The Candid Pilot - Why I’m Starting A Podcast in 2020
Jan 08, 2020
Ep. #01 - The Stress Bible & Why You're Exhausted - optimizing sleep, melatonin, brain detox, and your adrenals
Jan 08, 2020