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Certified in Ayurveda and Functional Medicine, Nurse Practitioner Gillian Ehrlich, DNP, ARNP, IFMCP interviews guests about how our world impacts our neurology including medicine, lab tests, food, lifestyle, mental health, research, culture, politics, and environment. Presented by Partyfish Media 🎉🐟

Episode Date
#73 John Moos, MD discusses his transition from trauma surgeon to psychedelic healer including research and current status of psychedelics for healing in the US
Dec 01, 2022
#72 Jennifer Bahr, ND: All about Homeopathy and its use for children with PANS/PANDAS
Nov 16, 2022
#71: Arnold Eiser, MD: Intersections of Neuroscience & Public Health
Aug 13, 2022
#70 Dr Tarun Singhal, MD on microglial activation as a common root of neuroinflammatoy conditions but also brain fog, fatigue and mood changes
Jul 11, 2022
#69: ABORTION: SPECIAL EPISODE: Anuj Khattar, MD on the day Roe v Wade is overturned: Women's Realities of Reproductive Health in America
Jul 01, 2022
Coming Soon: Oops, All Franchises!
Jun 24, 2022
#68: Acharya Shunya: Roar Like a Goddess
Jun 22, 2022
#67 Emily Gutierrez, DNP, CPNP, PMHS: Neuroinflammation in Kids including Autism, OCD, ADHD, PANDAS/PANS
Jun 08, 2022
Coming June 16th: Save The D8 - Epoch
Jun 06, 2022
#66 Karyn Schwartz, community herbalist: Finding our relationship to plants
May 26, 2022
Now on Partyfish Media: Beyond The Ball!
May 16, 2022
#65: Dr Howard Weiner, MD, Understanding the Neuroinflammatory diseases: MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS & Glioblastoma
May 15, 2022
#64 Aly Cohen, MD: All you need to know about WATER! Sources, Regulations, Contaminants and Chooseing Filters for your Drinking Water
Apr 20, 2022
#63: Anup Mulakaluri, ND: Heart & Spirit of Ayurvedic Neurology
Apr 13, 2022
#62 Micki Maes: All about brain imaging; understanding x-ray, CT, MRI, PET scans especially for neurodegenerative conditions
Mar 30, 2022
#61 Virtaj Singh, MD: Physiatry Treatments for the Hypermobile Body
Mar 16, 2022
#60 Tami Hafzalla: Yoga & Ayurveda through Bhakti, a devotional life
Mar 02, 2022
#59 Alessandro Bitto, PhD: Biological Aging, Cellular Senescence, Mitochondria & the Gut
Feb 16, 2022
#58 Prisca Nwizubo, PMHNP: Non-Medication Mental Health with TMS: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Feb 02, 2022
#57 Hiba Jameel: Iraqi nutritionist & artist on food, family, culture, food policy, blue zone eating, and the power of priorities and choices
Jan 19, 2022
REPOST: #42 Acharya Shunya: Finding the Sovereign Self
Jan 19, 2022
#56 Alissa Zingman, MD, Everything to know about EDS: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & Hypermobility Syndromes
Dec 14, 2021
#55 Katja Kovacic, MD pediatric gastroenterologist: Neurogastroenterology the gut brain connection of IBS, cyclic vomiting, gastroparesis and chronic abdominal pain as seen through the autonomic nervo
Nov 25, 2021
#54 Alan Cash: Using Oxaloacetate (Benagene) to support failing mitochondrial energy pathways & scavenge glutamate
Nov 10, 2021
#53 Kyla Pearce, PhD, MPH, E-RYT 200: LoveYourBrain *free* programs offering Yoga for Traumatic Brain Injury
Oct 27, 2021
#52: Shae Datta, MD: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), gut-brain connection and supplements for healing
Oct 14, 2021
#51 Nzinga Harrison, MD: The ‘correct way’ to understand and support those suffering with substance use disorders
Oct 01, 2021
#50 Sri Ganeshan, MD and physician scientist: Into the weeds on folate and mitochondrial metabolism with FRAT and MitoSwab testing
Sep 16, 2021
REPOST: #5 Dr Stephen Bezruchka, MD, MPH: It's social & political factors that make populations healthy, not just healthcare!
Sep 01, 2021
REPOST: #4 Sufi Imam Jamal Rahman: How poetry & the Koran can heal our neurology
Aug 18, 2021
#49 Manish Butte, MD PhD: All about immunology, especially T cells
Aug 05, 2021
#48 Dan Olesnicky, MD on Neuropathy and regenerative options for addressing peripheral nerve pain syndromes
Jul 07, 2021
#47: Ilene Ruhoy, MD discusses the her work as the Medical Director of the new EDS Center at Mt Sinai in South Nassau, New York
Jun 23, 2021
#46 Sharad Kohli, MD: Healthcare work is political work
Jun 09, 2021
#45: Bela Chheda, MD on Lyme & Co-Infections Testing & Treatment
May 29, 2021
#44: Nancy Nomellini: On Yoga. "When consciousness began, Yoga began"
May 12, 2021
Coming Soon: Gays Making!
May 10, 2021
#43: Matia Jones, Medical and Ecological Anthropologist: health & illness across space & time
Apr 30, 2021
#41 Richard Boles, MD: Genetics, especially underlying functional disease
Mar 17, 2021
#40 Anne Maitland, MD: Mast cells, connective tissue & the nervous system
Mar 03, 2021
Coming Soon: The Villainous Podcast!
Feb 24, 2021
#39 Arinola Dada, MD: Understanding Autoimmunity
Feb 17, 2021
#38 Jodi Boone discusses the heart of Ayurvedic bodywork
Feb 03, 2021
#37 Risa Suzuki: Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and you
Jan 20, 2021
#36 Anisha Durve: Titans of Medicine; Ayurveda & Chinese Medicine
Jan 06, 2021
Season Two Out Now: Your Daily Cathartic Scream!
Jan 01, 2021
#35 Naomi Pascoe, RN: Health Coaching for Intentional Living
Dec 16, 2020
#34 Matthew Fogarty, MA, SEP, HMIP: Orientation & re-orientation (aka Rites of Passage) to nature & self to remedy anxiety and kindle lifelong growth
Dec 02, 2020
#33 Jeannie Di Bon: Movement Therapist & hypermobility expert: awareness over mechanics for pain
Nov 18, 2020
#32: Anthony Padula, MD: rheumatology is now the new immunology: consciousness in the networks for immunity, auto-inflammation, allergy & infection
Oct 28, 2020
#31 Kael Balizer: IN THIS MOMENT! Unbind the mind through the practice of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, aka ‘tapping’
Oct 22, 2020
#30 Suzanne Bartlett-Hackenmiller, MD, discusses the power of nature as medicine including the research, resources and activity focus to remind you to go outside for healing
Sep 30, 2020
#29: Jeff Granville launches his mindfulness career in desperation as his 4-year-old son needs a lumbar puncture for cancer. Now he can help you.
Sep 23, 2020
#28 Marty Ryan, LMP, discusses the anatomy, physiology and treatment of the gut from the perspective a 26-veteran of visceral manipulation (belly massage).
Sep 16, 2020
27 Aly Cohen, MD talks the MOST NEEDED information about being Non-Toxic: Living Clean in a Chemical World
Sep 11, 2020
#26 Kelly Casperson, Urology MD & sex education teacher has a message for you: You and Your Vulva are Not Broken!
Sep 09, 2020
#25 Sarah Kruse: Ayurveda fundamentals: a fun & simple explanation of the 5000 year old original personalized genomic medical system
Sep 02, 2020
#24 Keesha Ewers, ARNP, PhD: The Tantric Teaching of COVID: sex, connection & intimacy in a time of upheaval, fear & uncertainty
Aug 14, 2020
#23: Dr Ilene Ruhoy, MD, PhD All about mitochondria; what they are, how they work, how we can test them & what can we do for them & why it all matters
Aug 07, 2020
#22 Carley Squires, ND: All about the regenerative medicine solutions for musculoskeletal joint pain: innovations to prevent and treat pain (acute, chronic & arthritis) and preserve function
Jul 29, 2020
#21: Dawn Ipsen, Pharmacist: the modern science of Compounding Pharmacies and how they can personalize your pharmaceutical medication for YOUl
Jul 18, 2020
#20: Ryan Smith tells about the TruAge test which gives a biological age scoring based on the most comprehensive array of epigentic methylation markers available to date
Jul 08, 2020
19 Chef Arran Stark: Turning on to food & reimagining hospital food: 8+ years of local, organic, seasonal hospital food in Port Townsend, Washington
Jul 02, 2020
#18 Linda Bluestein, M.D.: Hypermobility, Ehler-Danlos Syndromes and chronic pain: classification, diagnosis, pain sensitization, and treatment options with a focus on uncommon pharmacy options
Jun 24, 2020
#17 Riana Giusti, Certified Nutritionist: Developing healthy relationships with food with anti-inflammatory eating plus details about ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, blood sugar and CHOCOLATE!
Jun 17, 2020
#16: Fleur Larsen: For White Women Working on Showing Up for Racial Equity- Understanding How We've Been Set Up and How to Make the Invisible Visible to Heal our Collective Neurology
Jun 08, 2020
In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter
Jun 03, 2020
#15 David Feinberg, designer, engineer & CEO of Pure Juicer talks (juicy!) details about technology of juice, juicers, fruits, veggies and BEES!
May 28, 2020
14 Stefan Weitz, co-founder of Jetson Health, discusses his personal experience of having MS & how attention to his GUT changed his life making him into the citizen scientist he is today.
May 15, 2020
#13: Dr Daniel Krashin talks headache treatments with 'electroceuticals', pain, addiction and our mission in life.
May 03, 2020
Dr Stephen Bezruchka, MD, MPH, discusses health from a deeply historical social and political lens during the Coronavirus pandemic to answer the question, ‘where do we go from here?’
Apr 19, 2020
11: Matia Indigo Jones: Feeling anxious about Coronavirus? Strategies for anchoring the mind and body in the natural order, senses, gratitude, gardening & wildcrafting of spring weeds
Mar 19, 2020
#10: COVID-19: Current Understanding & Recommendations with Patient Advocate Janee Pennington-Watson & PHN Host Gillian Ehrlich, DNP, ARNP, IFMCP
Mar 19, 2020
#9: Ryan Smith discusses Peptides, a whole new category of 'biosimilar' proteins addressing health for athletes to Alzheimer's.
Mar 01, 2020
#8: RN Jane Esselstyn illuminates the Plant-Based Whole Food Diet: Get it in your kitchen, on your fork & in your mouth!
Feb 15, 2020
#7 Peter Wasowski on Vasper: principles, research and history of Vasper technology for optimizing physical performance and hormone balance in elite athletes, the medically-compromised and with elders
Feb 02, 2020
#6 The Cell Danger Response: A Living Room Lecture from the Center for Healing Neurology
Jan 16, 2020
#3 Dr Keesha Ewers: What's in your head goes to your bed: forgiveness and the female libido
Jan 02, 2020
#2 Dr Gillian Ehrlich, DNP, ARNP: Primordial tools for healing: Nature, Connection, Ayurveda & Functional Medicine
Jan 02, 2020
#1 Ilene Ruhoy, MD, PhD: What is neurology & what's most important in caring for your nervous system (rhythm & food!)
Jan 02, 2020
Coming Soon: Podcast for Healing Neurology
Dec 19, 2019