The Legend of JJArtworks

By JJArtworks, LLC

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Category: Entrepreneurship

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Our podcast is geared toward other artists and creative entrepreneurs who are also building their own small business empires. This is the story behind how we're building our own art and entertainment company called JJArtworks, LLC. Each week we share stories and lessons we've learned from the past, as well as our weekly strategies on how we're pushing our company into the future. Our goal is to inspire and uplift others through an honest and mindful tone, as well as become a trusted resource for others that are consciously creating life on their own terms. To learn more about our growing company, please visit our official website at To support our podcast, please visit us on Patreon at

Episode Date
E79: Putting Goals on Pause to Take Care of Your Needs
Jun 02, 2024
E78: The Different Ways We Grieve
Apr 26, 2024
E77: The Art of Listening To Yourself
Apr 05, 2024
E76: The Art of Playing Catch Up
Mar 29, 2024
E75: Spring Studio Updates & 43 Trips Around The Sun
Mar 21, 2024
E74: Introducing My Guest Richie from Sunset Studios Boston
Mar 05, 2024
E73: How To Focus as a Multi-passionate Artist
Feb 27, 2024
E72: Navigating The Multi-passionate Dilemma As An Artist
Feb 19, 2024
E71: The Musician's Struggle Is Real
Feb 06, 2024
E70: Get A FREE Acrylic Paint Set On Our Website!
Feb 01, 2024
E69: Introducing Our New Line of Heavy Body Acrylic Paints
Jan 30, 2024
E68: How To Deal With Bad Customer Service
Jan 17, 2024
E67: How To Break Down Your Big Goals Into Bite Sized Chunks
Jan 10, 2024
E66: How To Practice The Art of Showing Up
Jan 03, 2024
E65: Celebrate The Progress You Made in 2023
Dec 28, 2023
E64: The Art of Listening To Your Body & Perseverance
Dec 20, 2023
E63: How To Build Momentum in 2024
Dec 13, 2023
E62: Studio Updates and The Real Reason Why People Don't Get Back To You
Sep 14, 2023
E61: Rib Injury and Relocating Headquarters
Aug 09, 2022
E60: Sacrificing One Priority For Another Priority
Jul 16, 2022
E59: How To Maintain Healthy Habits While Traveling
Jul 12, 2022
E58: Improving Healthy Habits & Gaining New Perspectives
Jul 02, 2022
E57: Why Falling In Love With Progress Eliminates Anxiety
Jun 24, 2022
E56: Why You Should Listen To Your Body
Jun 17, 2022
E55: Don’t Let A Tiny Mistake Overshadow A Successful Moment
Jun 10, 2022
E54: The Difficulties Of Having A Business Vs. Artist Brain
Jun 03, 2022
E53: Why I Started Taking Taekwondo at 41 Years Old
May 27, 2022
E52: What To Do When Clients Ghost You
May 20, 2022
E51: How To Recenter Yourself Before A New Journey
May 13, 2022
E50: The Importance of Discipline As An Entrepreneur
May 06, 2022
E49: Discerning The Difference Between Laziness & Relaxation
Apr 29, 2022
E48: How To Overcome Feeling Behind Schedule With Work Tasks
Apr 22, 2022
E47: How To Identify Fraudulent Customers & When To Say No
Apr 15, 2022
E46: Don’t Forget To Have Fun As An Entrepreneur
Apr 08, 2022
E45: How To Deal With Anxiety When Embarking On New Projects
Apr 01, 2022
E44: Announcing The Release of Our First Music Single
Mar 25, 2022
E43: The Importance of Taking Mini Vacations
Mar 18, 2022
E42: How To Deal With Depression As An Entrepreneur
Mar 11, 2022
E41: How To Create A Hyper Focused Block Of Time
Feb 25, 2022
E40: Listening To Your Own Intuition As An Entrepreneur
Feb 18, 2022
E39: How To Train Your Staff Without Burning Yourself Out
Feb 11, 2022
E38: The Importance Of Decluttering Your Work Environment
Feb 04, 2022
E37: The Proper Way To Celebrate Victories In Business
Jan 28, 2022
E36: How To Handle Disappointment As An Entrepreneur
Jan 21, 2022
E35: The Necessary Skills of Pivoting & Adapting
Jan 14, 2022
E34: The Power of Developing Healthier Habits
Jan 08, 2022
E33: Remember To Count Your Blessings For 2021
Dec 31, 2021
E32: The Power Of Delegation
Dec 20, 2021
E31: The Power of Daily Walks
Dec 11, 2021
E30: Navigating The Holiday Season Rush
Dec 04, 2021
E29: How Rediscovering Singing Is Reenergizing The Business
Nov 21, 2021
E28: Join Us At Our Acrylic Painting Workshop
Nov 04, 2021
E27: FREE Events At The Anchor Boston Every Tuesday Night
Oct 23, 2021
E26: Teaching Events in a New Vaccinated World
Jul 31, 2021
E25: Leveling Up Sales
Apr 11, 2021
E24: Happy Easter Everyone!
Apr 04, 2021
E23: How The Vaccine Is Affecting Our Company & Weekly Routines
Mar 28, 2021
E22: Company Updates And Life Revelations At 40 Years Old
Mar 21, 2021
E21: Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other
Sep 19, 2020
E20: How My New Morning Routine Fuels The Work Day
Sep 11, 2020
E19: We’re Hiring An Office Manager!
Sep 04, 2020
E18: Having Difficulty Relaxing As An Entrepreneur
Aug 28, 2020
E17: My Experience Taking A Covid-19 Test
Aug 21, 2020
E16: Life Updates, Reconnecting, And Future Plans For The Podcast
Aug 12, 2020
E15: Using Mini Habits To Be More Productive
Apr 21, 2020
E14: Night Owl Circadian Rhythm
Apr 14, 2020
E13: The Art of Practicing Feng Shui During Quarantining
Apr 07, 2020
E12: Announcing The Launch of JJArtworks Virtual Paint Parties
Mar 31, 2020
E11: My New Heroes During The Apocalypse and The Remote Working Trend
Mar 24, 2020
E10: How The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Is Affecting Our Event Business and Making Progress On Other Creative Projects
Mar 15, 2020
E9: Film, Martial Arts, & Trying To Organize Creativity
Mar 09, 2020
E8: Finding Balance Between A Business And Artist Brain
Mar 02, 2020
E7: Hustling and Grinding With A Conscious Mind
Feb 24, 2020
E6: Honoring the Art of Progress While Moving Towards Your Goals
Feb 17, 2020
E5: How To Move Forward Despite Obstacles and Feeling Overwhelmed
Feb 10, 2020
E4: Looking At Negative Situations As Opportunities
Feb 03, 2020
E3: Always Take Your Art Supplies With You
Jan 27, 2020
E2: Honoring The Small Gigs and Bringing Your A-Game
Jan 19, 2020
E1: Welcome To "The Legend of JJArtworks" Podcast
Jan 12, 2020