Things That Make You Go... Mmm

By Karen O‘Connor

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Midlife makes us stop and take stock of life, where we’re at, what we want and what’s important to us. Things that we’ve ignored or never considered before suddenly need look at. In depth. Join me, Karen O’Connor, and my guests each week as we chat about the things that are important to us: health, families, finances, our purpose in life, the community around us and the (state of!) world in general. We cover a bus load of topics that need to be discussed, from what men need to know about menopause to how to plan your own funeral, from style and looking good to how to lose the menopause fat. If you’ve asked the question or thought about something to do with life after 50, you’ll hopefully find a podcast about it here. And if you don’t, message me because it’ll probably be a great topic to cover! Subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss a single thought provoking episode:

Episode Date
Finding Your Purpose, The Future of Work And The Importance of Social Interaction | Gaj Ravichandra
If we want to find our purpose we need to have an understanding of what we are good at and what we enjoy doing. The intersection between these two ideas is where we can find our purpose or "purposes". Because there is not just one purpose that we are here to fulfil, there may be many and they may change over time.  In today's episode with Gaj Ravichandra, he explains how he helps billionaires, entrepreneurs and other individual's find their purpose.  Gaj shares his thoughts on the 3 day work week, working for multiple bosses and how social interaction can improve our life in many ways.   Find out more here:
Jan 24, 2023
How to overcome sadness and the benefits of negative behaviours With Psychologist Romy Kunitz
Healing does not mean remembering to work through it all, because sometimes this is not the best action to take - it can even traumatise us further. If we want to get to place where we have adjusted to a more healthy lifestyle, we must listen to what we need.  We should focus on is exercises to ground ourselves in the present moment, and recognise when we tend to things that are not good for us or self-destructive. what's important is to be able to do grounding exercises to ground ourselves in the, in the present moment and you know, to recognize when we tend to do things that are maybe self-destructive, not good for. When we acknowledge and we recognise our behaviours, it gives us a lot of answers moving forward.  Join myself and psychologist Romy Kunitz in this episode, part two of last week's episode "Relationship difficulties, adjustment disorder and repetition compulsion".        Find out more here:
Jan 17, 2023
Relationship difficulties, adjustment disorder and repetition compulsion With Psychologist Romy Kunitz
Do you consistently repeat bad behaviours or traumatic events? Are you struggling to get over a breakup, a passing of a loved one, or big changes happening in your life? Romy Kunitz is a highly experienced psychologist who specialises mainly in adults and couple therapy. In this episode she brings her expertise on how to navigate change and stop repeating negative patterns. Actually, a lot of the time when people are going through trauma, they don't realise they're going through trauma. For example, COVID was a trauma for most people. It has been a massive adjustment for everybody, and with that uncertainty, lack of control and change has caused people to go through adjustment disorder.  As human beings, we cannot avoid trauma, loss or change, so join myself and Romy in this episode to discuss how best to navigate tough times, overcome repetition compulsion and how to adapt.        Find out more here:
Jan 10, 2023
Chronic stress, mental illness and disconnection - Why we need to process all of our negative emotions With Psychologist Dr Marny Lishman
Many of us grew up with people telling us not to be angry or not to be "ridiculous" - this idea that we can show some emotion, but we have to suppress others. Main:   Dr Marny Lishman is a psychologist who joins me this episode to talk about adaptability, wellbeing and change. After the last couple of years, many of us have become more stressed, unhappy, and ultimately mentally unwell. And unfortunately, we have been grown up without being taught to properly process negative emotions, leaving us overwhelmed, and triggered at any moment. Join us in this episode to talk about mental health and how you can best navigate your emotions.        Find out more here:
Jan 03, 2023
When is it okay for a widow to smile, laugh or to love again? With Marie Alessi

When a woman loses her husband, there are these unspoken expectations held by society. And so when she moves on, when others see her enjoying herself, smiling, laughing, they judge her (whether consciously or subconsciously).  Moreover, we have this idea that if you love someone, you can never love again to the same standard, but this is simply not true. After losing her husband, Marie Alessi has dedicated her life to helping other people move through grief. Join us again, as we discuss moving on, expectations and redefining our image of a widow. 


Find out more here:

Dec 27, 2022
What Do You Say To Someone Who’s Grieving? With Psychologist Deirdre Brandner

Talking about grief is getting easier, but there's still taboo surrounding the subject. When you grieve, you do it in private, and when someone else is in grieving there is an awkwardness. It's almost as though, this awkwardness and taboo coincides. So when someone is grieving, we don't know what to say, so we try to avoid them - they then become isolated, alone, and the whole situation a lot, lot worse... Join myself and psychologist Deirdre Brandner as shares insight into how to navigate the world of grief, and how to support someone who is going through a devastating time. Listen now!


Find out more here:

Dec 20, 2022
Why you Need To Plan Your Own Funeral With Lindee Garrett
In this episode I am joined by Lindee Garrett, a funeral celebrant, who has insight into how different people celebrate the lives of their lost loved ones, and the different ways of doing so. One thing we speak about is organising your own funeral - yes you heard that right - according to Lindee, we all should be organising our own funerals. Want to find out why? Listen now!   Find out more here:
Dec 13, 2022
Can You Be Happy When You’re Grieving For Someone? With Marie Alessi
When someone close to us passes away, it's very difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Is it possible to find happiness during or even after, the grieving process? Western societies generally believe that if you truly love someone, you can never heal from that loss. However, Marie Alessi has a different take on the whole thing. After losing her husband when they were in their early 40's, Marie chose to grieve in a different way. She now shares her experiences with others, teaches them how to live after loss in a healthy way and shows how it's possible to experience happiness even after losing someone. Join Marie Alessi and I in this deeply personal conversation about loss, healing and happiness. Find out more here:
Dec 06, 2022
The difficult side of Christmas: loneliness, grief and loss
We are always taught that grieving is something that takes place behind closed doors. We are not taught how to support others in grief, or how to support ourselves. So in the time of joy, happiness and festivities, sadness and loss is the last thing anyone is talking about is this. It was the last thing I was going to talk about, until a guest I had on recently suggested it. So today, let's talk about how to deal with the pain and loneliness of grief in a time of merriness and love - the darker side of Christmas.    Find out more here:  
Nov 29, 2022
Why Is There An Epidemic Of Loneliness Among Teenagers? How Do You Deal With This As A Parent?
Dealing with teenagers can be a difficult and daunting task particularly when they're struggling with issues that we, as parents, may not be able to comprehend. Psychologist Angela Karanja is an expert in the behaviours of teenagers and educates parents and teachers on how to deal with both the teenagers concerns and their actions in a way that doesn't fracture the adult/child relationship. Join Angela and I in this fascinating discussion about teenagers, and find out how she's helping vulnerable children. Listen now to learn more! Find out more here:
Nov 22, 2022
This is how to change your life with Karly Nimmo
There are so many barriers that stop us from trying something new: the fear of what other people will think or the idea that after a certain age there is no point (just to name a couple). And a big one is a feeling of guilt...I should be at my job working right now or I should be at home doing something productive.  Join myself and Karly Nimmo in conversation as she tells us about her experiences of trying something new and the power in investing a bit of time just for your own personal fun. This is something we can all benefit from! Listen now! Find out more here:
Nov 15, 2022
The Psychology Of Acting and the Dangerous Side Effects of Getting into Character with co-host Ryan O’Connor
Did you know that in Germany, I think it's about an hour after they've gone off stage they can't be held accountable for any actions that they take to wards a crime. They'll still be charged, but they won't be criminally culpable - they'll be considered to be insane. The nature of getting into character has its effects on our psychological state, and especially when you are getting into the character of a murderer or in Ryan's case, a wife beater.  Join us for a fascinating deep dive into the world of theatre and the interesting ways our body handles the changes an actor/actress makes when getting into character.        Find out more here:
Nov 08, 2022
How To Lose The Menopause Weight With Donna Aston
As we age, although our muscles and bones start to decline which in theory should make us much lighter in weight, many people gain a significant amount of weight in midlife and put on more fat. In this episode I am joined by Donna Aston, a nutritionist and performance coach, who shares her thoughts, opinions and advice on how to manage the midlife weight gain*. Listen to learn more! Find out more here:  *The opinions expressed in this episode may not represent those of this podcast nor do they constitute advice of any kind.
Nov 01, 2022
How to Successfully be in an Open Relationship With Deborah McGinnis
The divorce rate is at around 50% and increasing - could open relationships be the solution to this problem? Today's episode, we are joined by Deborah McGinnis who shares her insight and perspective on the topic. Deborah is moving towards becoming a relationship counsellor with a strong focus on open relationships. She has spoken to many people involved in them and those wanting to start, and has so much invaluable knowledge on how open relationships work and how they can be successful. Listen now to find out more about this fascinating and taboo topic!       Find out more here:
Oct 25, 2022
How I Found Love on a Dating App in my 40s
 Entering the dating scene as an older women is daunting - especially when you are doing it within the online world. Kylie Mitchell, someone who has not only used these apps, but succeeded in finding love on them, shares her experiences, as well as, things that helped her.        Find out more here:
Oct 18, 2022
Harrowing True Stories of Children Who’ve Been Trafficked For Sex
The sex trafficking industry is larger than the global cocaine market. If you put together the yearly revenue of McDonald’s, Netflix, Wall Disney, and Best Buy, you get about the same value* Most of us can't imagine it. Our kids have dreams, they want to be movie stars or baseball heroes, doctors or astronauts. Imagine if your child found themselves caught by strangers and forced to have sex with other strangers with no way of ever escaping. You can help right now by listening to this episode and donating to the charity, Destiny Rescue, who go into those bars and brothels and rescue the children trapped there. Since 2011, they've rescued 10,361 individuals, taken them to safe places, given them medical care, counselling,  trained or educated the ones who wanted it, and set them up in careers or businesses.     Find out more here:     Donate to Destiny Rescue here:  *    
Oct 11, 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Menopause... for Men with Dr Ron Eaker, Gynaecologist

We treat menopause as if there's something wrong and when men think that something's wrong, they want to fix it. The problem is, they don't know what it is that needs fixing when menopause hits because, on the whole, neither do the women.

In this episode, we discuss how menopause affects the men in our lives and the impact that it can have on our significant relationships. Dr Ron Eaker is an obstetrician and gynaecologist who has specialised in menopause for the last thirty-three years, and today, he shares his wisdom and knowledge in this topic. Listen now and get the men in your life to listen, too! 

Find out more here:

Oct 04, 2022
Are you ’normal’?
We have been seeing more emphasis in society on what is considered to be acceptable, aka 'normal'. But what is 'normal' and why does the idea of 'normal' hold so much power over us?    Find out more here:
Sep 27, 2022
The Shocking Primary Cause Of Death For Women Aged 50+ with Dr Ron Eaker.

There are many physiological changes that happen during menopause, one of which is how much oestrogen your body produces, which you may already know, but are you aware of the impact that has on other parts of your physiology?

Join me and Dr Ron Eaker, an ob/gyn with decades of knowledge and expertise on menopause to find out more.

More information here:

Sep 20, 2022
WHY WE NEED TO LISTEN MORE! With Elizabeth Gould
Tune in to listen to this brand new episode where Elizabeth Gould and I discuss our culture and the power in listening. This fun and fascinating conversation offers a perspective on the importance of letting people to be heard. Find out more here:
Sep 13, 2022
Why We Need A Role Model with Elizabeth Gould, author
Are there any archetypes (aka role models) that are relevant to women today? This is an interesting thought when we consider that Kim Kardashian is currently a very big archetype. Join me in conversation with author Elizabeth Gould, why it's important to have role models and why midlife women need to step up as role models for future generations. Find out more here:
Sep 06, 2022
How To Tell Someone’s IQ From Their Social Media Posts with Ryan O’Connor

There are studies that show the correlation between the number of times you post on social media and your IQ. The more posts the lower the IQ...

Find out more here:

Aug 30, 2022
Why We Need To Learn To Apologise with AJ Grossman, Divorce Lawyer
Join divorce lawyer AJ Grossman and I in this part two to last week's episode. This time we are talking all things apologies, feeling acknowledge and taking responsibility for our actions. Listen now! Find out more here:
Aug 23, 2022
Why insisting on being right causes problems in relationships with AJ Grossman
Today's guest, AJ Grossman, is a divorce lawyer and an expert in conflict and dispute resolution. In this episode he shares with us how many people focus on being right and proving that they're right - at the expense of moving forward. Tune in now! Find out more here:
Aug 16, 2022
On voting, Trump and the terrifying future of the United States with Kerri Wilson
Today’s guest, Kerri Wilson, is a US citizen who is horrified and saddened at the way her country is going. Tune in to this controversial and potentially polarising conversation with someone who lives in the heart of the chaos. Find out more here:
Aug 09, 2022
Why are men angry all the time? And since when was pink a masculine colour? with co-host Ryan O’Connor

Join Ryan O'Connor and I in this light-hearted and thought-provoking conversation about gender roles, assumptions and stereotypes.

Aug 02, 2022
What is the difference between gender and sex? with co-host Ryan O’Connor
Today's guest and co-host, Ryan O'Connor, shares his own opinions, perspectives and knowledge on gender and sex. Join us in this interesting, light-hearted conversation about an important topic. Find out more here:
Jul 26, 2022
The Times, They Are A-Changin’...
Welcome to this final episode of the menopause marriage and motherhood podcast. I'm kind of not sorry for dropping that in on you, but don't worry. The podcast isn't stopping. I'm just doing a bit of a rebrand and having a bit of a change and a shake-up. Find out more here:
Jul 21, 2022
What was the role of women in the ancient world? With Jamie O’Connor

We all know of Julius Ceasar and Socrates, but who are the female figures in ancient history? There is distinct lack of prominent female figures in ancient history. Jamie O'Connor and I explore ancient history as we attempt to find important female figures. Join us in this fascinating and captivating episode. Find out more here:

Jul 19, 2022
Why We Need To Reduce The Stigma Around Menopause with Melissa MacGowan

Menopause is often seen as something that a woman should keep to her self, her own private secret. More recently, it has been talked about openly but there it still largely considered a taboo topic and women continue to suffer in silence.

Connect with us here:

Jul 12, 2022
The psychology behind politics with co-host Ryan O’Connor
This is quite a confronting subject for many - due to its controversial nature it's one of those topics that isn't talked about. However, I've never been one to shy away from sharing my opinion, and this podcast is no exception to that. Join myself and Ryan O'Connor in this fascinating discussion about Australian politics and the inner workings of our nation's parties. In this (hopefully!) highly engaging episode, we share our personal opinions and perspectives.   Find out more here:
Jul 05, 2022
(Part two) How to be in a healthy, happy relationship! with Dr Thomas Jordan
On this episode I am joined by clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Thomas Jordan who shares his fascinating insight into relationships and love. We discuss how to overcome unhealthy habits, toxic patterns and ultimately, psychological barriers that are inhibiting you from achieving your dream love life.   Find out more here:
Jun 28, 2022
How To be In A Healthy, Loving Relationship, with Dr Thomas Jordan
Join clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Thomas Jordan and I as we discuss the root cause of toxic, unhealthy relationships. Dr. Jordan explains how we can overcome negative patterns and beliefs around relationships. Listen to this insightful and fascinating podcast to learn about how you can achieve your dream love life.  Find out more here:
Jun 21, 2022
Why budgeting doesn’t work; get your finances under control WITHOUT doing a budget! with Sherri Dumbrell
Money expert, Sherri Dumbrell, firmly believes that trying to create your financial future from a budget is quite possibly the worst thing you can do. Come and find out how to stop living from pay cheque to pay cheque and get on top of your finances without the whole lot of pain that goes with budgeting. Find out more here:
Jun 14, 2022
The Embarrassing Problem No One Wants To Talk About with Kate Hooper and Allison Bryant
Weak pelvic floor muscles can cause so many problems but overly strong and tense pelvic floor muscles can cause just as many problems. There are rows and rows of laxatives available at the supermarket yet a large proportion of constipation problems are caused (or started) by muscular problems not digestive issues. And it's relatively easy to resolve those problems if you know how. Find out more here:
Jun 07, 2022
The BEST way to look after your skin and hair during menopause with Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan
For many years now, I've thought of dermatologists as doctors who give you creams for skin conditions. Apparently, that's not true. Join me and Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan of ODE Dermatology to find out what we can actually do to help our skin (and hair and nails!) as it ages without resorting to surgery, creams or prolonged treatments at the salon. Find out more here:
May 31, 2022
Why does it seem like there’s a motherhood elite that makes some mothers put others down?
"Mother's Day is for real mothers. You're not a real mother because you didn't actually give birth to your child, you lost it before it was born." What constitutes a "real" mother? And why, in this age of supposed equality, careers and life choices, do women (and men!) have to justify their decision not to have children?   Join us as we consider three questions in this episode: how (and why) some mothers put a lot of effort into gaslighting other mothers, why we might want to bring children into the world (or not), and do mothers forgive - and defend - their children no matter what they do.   Find out more here:  
May 23, 2022
Why Period Pains Are NOT Normal with Alexis Wolfe, CEO Endometriosis Australia
Most women are used to the fact that once a month they - or someone they know - is incapacitated for a few days because of the "discomfort", it's "normal", "all part of being a woman", "just the way things are. Unfortunately, it's not. We shouldn't be allowing ourselves, our daughters and friends to struggle with monthly pain because the pain is very likely to be a symptom of something much more serious than "monthly problems" Find out more here:
May 17, 2022
Why You Need To Give Up Alcohol with Jo-Anne Bowyer

When Jo-Anne Bowyer and Lauren Lakin took stock of their lives, they realised that they were way too dependant on alcohol to "relax" and "wind down" and made the decision to stop drinking alcohol. But they quickly realised that there was nothing drinkable to replace their beloved cocktails, so they set about creating their own, the fabulously irreverent Smug AF Cocktails.

Find out more here:

May 10, 2022
How to give up alcohol and still have a social life with Rachael Layton
If you've thought you need to cut down the alcohol or even give up altogether for a while, you need to listen to this. Alcohol coach, Rachael Layton, explains why it's a good idea to cut down and how to do it  in the face of no agreement. Find out more here:  
May 03, 2022
The FASTEST Way To A Superfit Pelvic Floor with Angela James

Think strengthening your pelvic floor is just about incontinence and prolapses? Did you know that a weak pelvic floor can have a seriously negative impact on your ability to have and enjoy sex? In both men and women.

Find out more here:

Apr 26, 2022
How To Stop Blaming Yourself For Everything

There's a tiny gap between allowing people to fully express themselves and not making it mean anything and feeling like you're being a door mat. Find out how to stop taking responsibility for other people's stuff.

Find out more here:


Apr 19, 2022
How to deal with stress and trauma

It seems that so many people and teachings tell us that if our lives were perfect, we'd be happy all the time and that is what we should aim for. How would life be different if we stopped making 'negative' feelings such as anger or sadness wrong and instead accepted them as a necessary part of our existence? Join us for this deep dive into stress, trauma and how positivity is toxic.

Find out more here:

Apr 05, 2022
How women are written out of history with Rahaleh Nassri
If a man is forthright and takes charge of a situation, he's called a leader. If a woman does the same thing, she's called bossy at best or something like "a b*ll breaker" at worst. In this episode, I find out about some of these Violent Femmes, these women "who were brave, bold, and ingenious, yet are mostly remembered for their brutality or villainy, if at all." Find out more here:
Mar 29, 2022
Why ”Core” Exercises Don’t Exercise Your Core with Angela James

What we call "core" classes are generally about getting a flat stomach or ripped abs, they're not actually exercising our true core muscles, partly because we don't know how to recognise or connect to them. Physiotherapist Angela James, explains the implications of this. Find out more here:

Mar 22, 2022
How The Medical Profession Downplays Women’s Diseases with Gabrielle Jackson

'Women are in pain, all through their bodies; they're in pain with their periods, and while having sex… And many are so, so tired … But women's pain is all too often dismissed, their illnesses misdiagnosed or ignored.'

Guardian journalist, Gabrielle Jackson, talks to us about her research into, and personal experience of, Endometriosis.

Find out more here:

Mar 15, 2022
Painful Periods Are NOT Normal with Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson had painful periods as soon as she began menstruating and it only got worse over the years. Join us as she shares her story, the problems she had with the medical system, being ignored as well as getting a diagnosis, plus surgeries gone wrong, and how having endometriosis impacts her life. 1 in 10 women suffers with Endometriosis yet it takes on average more than 6 years to be diagnosed and costs every woman with the disease approximately $30,000 a year* in lost wages and medical fees Find out more here: * Endometriosis Australia -
Mar 08, 2022
How To Solve The Unmentionably Leaky Problem with Herschel Peddicord III

More than 60 million women in the US alone suffer from bladder leakage problems... and they're just the ones who admit to having a problem... We talk about the latest research and a new solution to this huge problem. Find out more here: 

Mar 01, 2022
How To Win Every Argument with Ryan O’Connor

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to get their own way all the time and win every argument? Find out why and also how easy it is to do when you know how.

Find out more here:

Feb 22, 2022
The dark side of positivity with Louise Pieri

The difference between supporting someone and gaslighting them. Louise Pieri explains the dark side of "Everything always works out for the best" and the toxic positivity that can go with always looking on the bright side of things. Find out more and read Lousie's article here:

Feb 15, 2022
The Secrets of a Successful Separation with Nicole Jevtovic
Nikki Jevtovic has two absolute pearls of wisdom regarding separation and divorce to share in this podcast: 1. MEDIATE! TALK! DON'T COMMUNICATE THROUGH LAWYERS' LETTERS, and 2. Get legal advice BEFORE you start to go down ANY legal path, divorce or otherwise. Find out why. Connect with us here:  
Feb 08, 2022
How to write a book... Easily! with Gail Tagarro

If someone asked us to put in writing the most profound moments of our life or a story we want to share with our grandchildren, most of us would look at the blank piece of paper or blank screen and never manage to write a thing. Find out how to move beyond that.

Find out more here:

Feb 01, 2022
Why We Need A Peri Menopause Hub with Emily Barclay
Why is it that we don't know what to expect when we reach Peri-Menopause? There are whole sections of the library about what to expect when you're expecting and we understand puberty in great detail, so why not menopause? Find out more here:
Jan 25, 2022
What Morals & Values Should You Instil In Your Children And Why?

How do we, as parents, instil in our kids the things that are the most important to us? And what about the things that we don't necessarily mean to pass on as values or ways of being, but do? Now those are the ones we get to feel really guilty about, right? Find out more here:

Jan 20, 2022
The Hidden Blessings of Menopause with Brenda Rogers
Most of the focus on midlife and menopause is negative: the mood swings, the brain fog, the admittedly awful symptoms, but there's a huge, and often hidden, blessing in changes taking place.   Find out more here:
Jan 18, 2022
Why Losing Weight Is All In The Mind
How many times have you shovelled popcorn into your mouths when you're watching a scary movie? Recognising the reasons for doing something is the first step to having control over it. Find out how you can do that when it comes to eating & weight loss. Find out more here:
Dec 28, 2021
The horrific conditions for members of the gay community in refugee camps
When members of the Sydney LGBTQI community started an online group, they were excited to find that a group of refugees in an African camp had joined. Then they realised the extent of the violence and suppression these people are subjected to; some were so malnourished they didn't have the strength to lip sync through a full song. Find out more here:  
Dec 21, 2021
How to keep your identity when you‘re a full time parent
How do you retain your identity when by default, you need to step in to be your children's voice of reason, their educator, their conscience and in doing so, you can easily forget who you are and what you want. Find out more here: 
Dec 16, 2021
What Every Woman Can Do To Secure Her Future Right Now
Women aged 50+ are the fastest growing category of homeless people. Listen to episode 77 to find out all about that - But there are a few easy things that we, as midlife women,  can do to kickstart the second half of our lives and secure ourselves financially. Find out more here:
Dec 14, 2021
The Science of Finding the Perfect Colours That Bring Out the Beauty In You!

Colour plays a unique role in our mood, thoughts and other's perception of us. Finding the right colour palette not only boosts your lifestyle but brings out a better you! Need some help finding your best style and colours? Click here to find out:

Dec 07, 2021
How Sex Trafficking Operates and What You Can Do About It

Sex trafficking has become easier to conduct and more accessible than ever before. How is it being tackled today and what can you do to help end the problem? Click here to find out:

Nov 30, 2021
How the brain works (and how little we know about it)

Why is it that even when our brains experience a massive trauma, they can relearn how to do everything they did before. However, at the same time, massive trauma to the brain can also lead to a change in personality. Find out more and connect with us:

Nov 25, 2021
The BEST Way To Organise Your Life

Ever felt overwhelmed and snowed under with the amount of things that need doing?  Or that you’re juggling too many balls in the air and they’re all starting to fall down around you? Find out how to get your life organised. Click here to connect with us:

Nov 23, 2021
Sex After 50

Susan Jarvis has made it her mission to inspire women, no matter their age, to have a fabulous sex life and to provide them with access to high quality products to help them reignite their love life. **WARNING EXPLICIT** Find out more here:

Nov 16, 2021
How to survive menopause in the workplace

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of menopause when you’re at work, how do you create open communication about what’s going on, what those around you can expect and how do you survive menopause in the workplace? Dyna Vink tells us how. Find out more here:

Nov 09, 2021
Why The Rights Of The Individual Don‘t Apply To You

When people say, "This is my God-given right" or "This is my right as the individual", they're using that as a get out of jail free card to do whatever they want, which means the consequences of their actions shouldn't affect them.

Find out more here:

Nov 04, 2021
How to help little people through big moments with Hannah Davison

When we have kids, nobody gives us a manual telling us how to do things, it’s all a big make-it-up-as-you-go-along guessing game. So, when the big events in a little person’s life come along, things like a new baby in the family, starting school or someone dying, how do we talk to them about it? How do we teach them to identify and communicate how they’re feeling?

Find out more here:

Nov 02, 2021
Why you need to be your child’s parent not their friend

As parents, we all want our children to be happy and we’ll do whatever we can to keep them happy and to avoid giving them any pain. But we could be doing them more harm than good when we do that. Dr Stephen Spencer explains why. Find out more here:

Oct 26, 2021
Pain and Prejudice: A Call to Arms for Women and Their Bodies

‘Women are in pain, all through their bodies; they're in pain with their periods, and while having sex… And many are so, so tired … But women's pain is all too often dismissed, their illnesses misdiagnosed or ignored.‘

Find out more here:

Oct 19, 2021
Why Old Wives Tales might lead to a better understanding of medicine

Why does modern medicine dismiss ‘old fashioned’ herbal remedies as not efficacious? Are ‘old wives tales’ all nonsense? Find out why there is actually little difference between modern medicine and the traditional herbal remedies. Find out more:

Oct 12, 2021
Why Logic Never Wins An Argument With A Fanatic with Ryan O‘Connor

We’ve all been talked over, ignored, sidestepped or ridiculed when we’ve tried to point out the flaws in the logic of a person who’s wrapped up in and inflamed by conspiracy theories. This is why. Connect with us here:

Oct 07, 2021
How to recognise a cult by the words they use

Laura Conti discusses the similarities between fundamentalist religious sects and the QAnon conspiracy theorists. Find out more here:

Oct 05, 2021
How to raise strong and confident daughters

Raising confident, strong women is never an easy job, but it can be particularly difficult when girls are being constantly bombarded by the idea of female 'perfection'. Here’s how to do it. Find out more here:

Sep 28, 2021
The Pioneering Change Room That Transforms More Than Just Your Style

The change room that refurbishes your entire life, from your wardrobe to your purpose to your business and career with Scarlett Vespa. Find out more here: 

Sep 21, 2021
When being tolerant becomes intolerable

“The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant.”*

Join Ryan O’Connor and I for this discussion:


Sep 16, 2021
What to do when you’re overweight, depressed and unmotivated with Lisa Curry

What’s it like when someone who’s been to the Olympics three times goes through midlife and menopause? How do they handle it? Is it different to what ‘normal’ women experience? Find out more here: 

Sep 14, 2021
How to have an amazing sex life at any age

Ups and downs in our desire for and enjoyment of sex are all part of a woman’s life, it seems, and sexual problems are little understood – or openly discussed – by either gender. Jacquie Olliver specialises in helping both women and men overcome those problems.

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Sep 07, 2021
How to feel great about the way you look with Susie Taaffe

Body shame is real for many women no matter what our age. Find out what one woman is doing to help change that.

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Aug 31, 2021
How to get rid of your menopause symptoms

What if all the menopause symptoms that most Western women experience are common, but they're not normal? What if there's a way to get rid of them?

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Aug 24, 2021
How to survive your midlife crisis with Dr Karen Phillip

Why is it that as we hit midlife, all those little things that we’ve put up with for years suddenly become intolerable? Why is it that people in their late 50’s and early 60’s are the fastest growing age group for divorce?

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Aug 17, 2021
So you think you know how to breathe?

What if all those colds, blocked noses, sore throats, have had a negative impact on our ability to breathe properly. Eva Knorles explains to us how we can notice how we breathe and how to change it.

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Aug 10, 2021
How to be stylish regardless of your age

Why is it that we can have a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, yet still feel like we have absolutely nothing to wear? Imogen Lamport tells us how we can move beyond this and transform our wardrobe. Connect with Imogen here:

Aug 03, 2021
How to inspire everyone you meet

Find out how you can inspire everyone you meet and leave each person in a better place. Find out more here:

Jul 27, 2021
The best way to support teens through emotional trauma

Despite the fact that young people today have life easier and better than ever before, there is a growing incidence of youth depression, anxiety & suicide. This is how you can support them. Find out more here:

Jul 20, 2021
How To Manage Your Hormones, Health, and Happiness During Menopause

Why is it, when we reach menopause, all of a sudden the food we’ve eaten for the previous forty-odd years makes us feel bloated? Nutritionist Liz Ward explains why that happens and what we can do about it. Find out more here:

Jul 13, 2021
How to go to bed feeling like you've done the very best that you can with Terri Vincent

One of the worst things about midlife is lying in bed at night overwhelmed by that feeling of guilt and shame. Find out how to go to sleep feeling like you've done your very best and be a role model to your grown up children. Find out more here:

Jul 06, 2021
How to do everything in Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail

Danielle Hawkins is a country vet, who also runs a cattle & sheep farm with her husband, all while bringing up two kids and finding the time to write not one but five best selling novels. Listen now to find out how and connect with Danielle here:

Jun 29, 2021
Why It’s So Difficult To Leave An Abusive Relationship

We're often left wondering why people don't just leave what's clearly a toxic relationship. After 20 years of working in that field, Dr Erica Bowen sheds a bit of light on things. Find out more here:

Jun 22, 2021
Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationships with Dr Erica Bowen (Part 1)

With the increase in domestic violence thanks to the lockdown, I thought I'd ask an expert about how women (and some men) got into abusive relationships and why they stay in them. Find out more here: and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE

Jun 15, 2021
What happens when your child gets a head injury

Brain injuries are hidden. You can see a broken arm or a bruise, but the damage that can be caused when you hit your head is life changing. Find out more here:

Jun 08, 2021
Why Midlife Women Are The Forgotten Generation with Dr Wendy Sweet

In part 2 of this super rare interview, Dr Wendy Sweet opens up about how midlife women are the FORGOTTEN GENERATION. Dr Sweet has dedicated her life to figuring out what goes on during menopause, why we gain weight, why we need to change the food we eat and the way we exercise and why we can have so much difficulty sleeping. In this rare interview, she shares all her knowledge. Connect with Dr Sweet here:

Jun 01, 2021
How to Avoid Weight Gain and Sleeplessness during Menopause

According to Dr Wendy Sweet, midlife women are the FORGOTTEN GENERATION. She's dedicated her life to figuring out what goes on during menopause, why we gain weight, why we need to change the food we eat and the way we exercise and why we can have so much difficulty sleeping. In part one of this rare interview, she shares her knowledge. Connect with Dr Sweet here:

May 25, 2021
Why You Need To Be A Parent Not A Friend

There seems to be a trend towards being a friend to your kids. Find out why that's a really bad idea. Connect with us here:

May 19, 2021
How to overcome the guilt and grief of midlife

By the time we reach our fifties, life can seem like it's filled with regrets and sadness. Find out why and what you can do about it. Find out more here:

May 12, 2021
How to support your family when you're going through menopause

Menopause can be a huge series of unknowns. Here we talk about how you can prepare yourself and your family for what might happen over the next few years. Find out more here:

May 04, 2021
How to be financially secure after divorce with Gayle McKew

One of the biggest growth categories for homelessness is women over 45. You might not notice them, but we all know someone who house sits permanently or couch surfs. And most of those women are divorced or separated.

Find out how you can avoid becoming one of those statistics:

Apr 27, 2021
How To Get Everything You Want In Life (with very little effort!)

Feng Shui isn't for everyone but the results that people can get when they make a few small changes can be huge.

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Apr 20, 2021
How To Dress With Effortless French Style

Ever wondered how French women always look so effortlessly elegant and stylish? Meet Marie-Anne LeCoeur who's taught thousands of women to do exactly that. Find out more:

Apr 13, 2021
What happens when you think anything is possible

Ordinary people do the most extraordinary things. It's often more inspiring to hear a 'normal' person's story. This one is no exception.

Apr 06, 2021
Do You Know What Happens When It’s Period, The End? with Linda Condrillo

MENOPAUSE. Does that conjure up a feeling of dread? Impending doom? Linda Condrillo spent 11 years researching and publishing a book about what happens as we go through this phase.

Find out more here:

Mar 30, 2021