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Welcome to LuAnna: The Podcast. Hosted by pals Luisa Zissman & Anna Williamson, join the girls for their no holes barred rants, chats & bants on the topical stories of the week. Laugh along with their latest antics and join in with sharing your stories and opinions - there is no such thing as TMI on this podcast!

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Episode Date
TOTALLY EXTRA: Braces, A Finger in a Bucket & Pissy Presents
Jul 11, 2024
'This is wrong on so many levels'
Jul 08, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: MILs, a Commiseratory Sausage, & Jacky P Prep
Jul 04, 2024
'I think I'm allergic to Champagne'
Jul 01, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Old Drivers, Glitter Bombs & a Bellagio BJ
Jun 27, 2024
'He has 1277 pieces of poo!'
Jun 24, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Runners, A Cock Bush & Secret Sauce
Jun 20, 2024
'Barbaric no?'
Jun 17, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Major Lab Maj, Left Shoes & Have we found the Durley Dumpee
Jun 13, 2024
'and you looked like sunshine!'
Jun 10, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Macaroni Cheese, Sports Gel & Wedding Ring Willy
Jun 06, 2024
"A little sexy sniff."
Jun 03, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Imo Rant, Cat Suit & A Cheese Grater
May 30, 2024
'I love his farm, I hate his local council!'
May 27, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Pizza Thief, Ribena & Howling
May 23, 2024
'That is absolutely off the scale of nuttiness'
May 20, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Vag Powder, Garden DJs & A Special Toast Topping
May 16, 2024
'I’m not just a bitch you know, I’ve got autism!'
May 13, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Zoos, Umbrella Bags & The Worst Confession We've Ever Had
May 09, 2024
'It is NOT a podcast show'
May 06, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Toilet Sniffer, Mini mics & Beans
May 02, 2024
“I’ve never held a turd”
Apr 29, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Cat's Tail, Honking Jobbie & an Epilator Accident
Apr 25, 2024
'Who the hell made that law?!'
Apr 22, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Baghdad, Estonian & A Shoehorn
Apr 18, 2024
"This is girl power at its finest"
Apr 15, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: The Hospital Hoffwoffer, Abreves & A Dead Horse
Apr 11, 2024
'I’m so grateful that I bred'
Apr 08, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Welsh Rudeness, Stingrays & Resurrecting Rabbits
Apr 04, 2024
"God, Science is INCREDIBLE"
Apr 01, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Mosquito Nets, Dead Budgies & A Cougar
Mar 28, 2024
"It's hard, you can't really have it all!"
Mar 25, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Tingle Lube, A Threading Nightmare & LuAnna The Retreat?
Mar 21, 2024
'I'm not having zucchini tonight for tea!'
Mar 18, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Meet the Twins, Water Bottle Coffee & The Wrong Cat
Mar 14, 2024
'But really what happened to you?'
Mar 11, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Porcelain Parps & The Hairy Fanny & The MIL
Mar 07, 2024
Mar 04, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Tangle, Cancelling Kitchens & Fear of the Giant Norks
Feb 29, 2024
'It's gone too far!'
Feb 26, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Ear Lobe Juice, A Canadian Lover & The Big Ship
Feb 22, 2024
'Why be up in arms about it?!'
Feb 19, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Wee Flannels, Weetabix & The Fat Controller
Feb 15, 2024
'Is The Superbowl Basketball?!'
Feb 12, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Mambo No Fart, Mooning the Bishop & A Car W*nk Nightmare
Feb 08, 2024
'It looks like she's giving birth to a baby's head!'
Feb 05, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Paperclips, Car Locks & Cat Sh*ts
Feb 01, 2024
'I've been done for speeding!'
Jan 29, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: All Saints, a Sofa Stroker & Am I a Bitch?
Jan 25, 2024
'I got farted on by my Thai masseuse'
Jan 22, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Brunches, Egg and Bacon Plasters & Caught on Camera
Jan 18, 2024
'I nearly had to finger a cat's bumhole!'
Jan 15, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: Dirty Mugs, Duck Fat & a Mini Beard
Jan 11, 2024
'This reminds me of American Pie!'
Jan 08, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Look Back and a Look Forward
Jan 04, 2024
'It's been a banger!'
Jan 01, 2024
TOTALLY EXTRA: The Gooch, Getting the Ick from your own Kid & Catholic Sex Ed
Dec 28, 2023
Dec 25, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Burning Vag, Mismatched Socks & a Sex Suitcase
Dec 21, 2023
'Condoms are annoying!'
Dec 18, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: THAT Elf, Airport Rants & Nudist Hols
Dec 14, 2023
'I thought you were supposed to be doing the solo!'
Dec 11, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Updates, Gas Leak or Fart & Politicians' Willies
Dec 07, 2023
'You HAVE to watch it!'
Dec 05, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Psycho Sally, & Tech Dinos & Boundaries
Nov 30, 2023
'I'm not being funny I'm tired and I'm 36!'
Nov 27, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Waxing Queefs, Clothes Graffiti & Garlic Cleanses
Nov 23, 2023
'You can eat Farage!'
Nov 20, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Pigeon Juice, A Garlic Press & Bottys
Nov 16, 2023
Nov 13, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Spelling Cake, Stone Henge & Spooning Dad
Nov 09, 2023
'Mine are going to be right out on their ear!'
Nov 06, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Ketchup Sachets, Trolleys & All That Jazz
Nov 02, 2023
'I'm not going to watch some Glory Hole porn!'
Oct 30, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Panettone, an Ashy Ring & Tapered Items
Oct 26, 2023
'This has got worms written all over it!'
Oct 23, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Water Park Disaster, Batman & a Stinky 69
Oct 19, 2023
'I’ll give you £100 if you put that in your mouth'
Oct 16, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Public Bins, Sexts from Dad & Phone Fun Friends
Oct 12, 2023
'There's no way a 16 year old could do this on their own!'
Oct 09, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Mourning, Hair Removal Cream & Sploshing
Oct 05, 2023
'Knives scare the sh*t out of me'
Oct 02, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Sausage Party, A Mars Milk & A Bag of Cheese
Sep 28, 2023
'Hey cowgirl!'
Sep 25, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Big Bad Barry, More "Chocolate" on the Floor & Granny Porn
Sep 21, 2023
"Why are they going to a massive production company and not going to the police?"
Sep 18, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Tooth in the Bed, Octopussy & A Rude Return
Sep 14, 2023
'She's been impaled on a ladder!'
Sep 11, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Foursome Catch Up, a Kilo of Pine Nuts & A Non-Chocolate Delight
Sep 07, 2023
'Whatever happened to settling these things privately?'
Sep 04, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Wrapmaster, Pantomime Ideas & Fingering on the Back Seat
Aug 31, 2023
'Is that Justice?!'
Aug 28, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Birthing a Feather, Chilli Crotch & When the Mummy Club Goes Wrong
Aug 24, 2023
'That really is fatal attraction!'
Aug 21, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Funeral Points, Curtain Tassles & A Double Wallop
Aug 17, 2023
'I don't want to think about his penis!'
Aug 14, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Rush Hour Pod Friends, Advice for a 30th & Foursomes
Aug 10, 2023
'Jaffing into a Cappucino?'
Aug 07, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Tampon Baby Heads, Headphone W*nkers, & Secret Sex Buddies
Aug 03, 2023
'20 years?! His life has been obliterated!'
Jul 31, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Toe-ing your Bestie, Butt Plug in the Park & an IOU
Jul 27, 2023
'I am going to meet the Pope!'
Jul 24, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Beetroot Poop, Gag Warnings & a Final Bang
Jul 20, 2023
'It's made this huge splash without any actual concrete fact'
Jul 17, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Gillets, A Walk with a Blind Man & a Pissy Salad
Jul 13, 2023
'It's very very sketchy and we don't know who it is'
Jul 10, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Pregnancy, Sleeping with Your Lecturer & Sneaky Ring Searching
Jul 06, 2023
'You might get splinters in the nunn!'
Jul 03, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Glittery Car, a Lightbulb in the Bum and Incest?!?!?!
Jun 29, 2023
'Why would a 29 year old want to be shagging a 83 year old?!'
Jun 26, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Topless in Aldi, Hot Dog Ice Cubes & More Rapids Injuries
Jun 22, 2023
'She's murdered her child'
Jun 19, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Blaming Farts on Patients, "Yoghurt" on your Coat & Neighbours hearing your Sex Chat
Jun 15, 2023
'My God that's awful! The poor woman!'
Jun 12, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Big Ball-erina, Elephant Sanctuaries & Feeding the Neighbour Dog Food
Jun 08, 2023
'His life is f***ed'
Jun 05, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Cheating in Aldi, Revenge Backfires & Getting Off to Kylie
Jun 01, 2023
'Eww that's proper ick'!'
May 29, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Pissy Baths, Arse Rescue & Old Biddies love LuAnna
May 25, 2023
'It all feels just a bit weird!'
May 22, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: An 80s Rock Eurovision Song, Temporary Traffic Light & 100 Tampons
May 18, 2023
'Noshing off his feet!'
May 15, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Toenail Toothpaste, Sharing Holidays & a Tribute
May 11, 2023
'As if you’re going to take me to lunch with King Charles!'
May 08, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Dick in a Tupperware, Hangers & Pissing in a Watering Can
May 04, 2023
'Someone's really clutching at straws here'
May 01, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Jungle Vagina & a Pen in the Bottom
Apr 27, 2023
'It’s not a bloody Hen night'
Apr 24, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Choccy Boxes, a Spitty Polly and Hamster on Toast
Apr 20, 2023
'That really surprises me!'
Apr 17, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Dentists, a Spanish Public Wee & a Rotty Botty
Apr 13, 2023
'That's what vagina says...'
Apr 10, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Wheelie Bins, The Phantom Loo Smearer & an Awkward Bundle
Apr 06, 2023
'Let's give up work immediately and go on the rob'
Apr 03, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Showering With Your 3 Year Old, Spaff on the Foot & Wiping Your Partner's Bum
Mar 30, 2023
'Her own personal taramasalata!'
Mar 27, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: 2 Girls 1 Cup, Adjectives & Gender Reveals
Mar 23, 2023
"What’s the difference between a man's nipple and a woman's nipple?"
Mar 20, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Crusty Thong at the Car Wash, A Guide to Aldi & Shagging the PE Teacher
Mar 16, 2023
'I'm fed up with being silenced!'
Mar 13, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Psychic Kids, Vagina Appreciation & a Tampon in a Shampoo Bottle
Mar 09, 2023
'Imagine being his mum! You’d be so disappointed wouldn’t you'
Mar 06, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Sleep Apps, Guffy Pillows & Elephant Penis
Mar 02, 2023
'Don't let her back in!'
Feb 27, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Grandad's Balls, Letterbox Flowers & Instagram Balloons
Feb 23, 2023
'If she is…I mean could you believe it?!'
Feb 20, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Petty Gaslighting, Belly Shaking & a Lime in the Sauna
Feb 16, 2023
'If they're over 25 apparently he does dump them'
Feb 13, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Nits, a Textured Vag & a Pubey gift
Feb 09, 2023
'It's the not's the worst. It really is.'
Feb 06, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Bathwater, more Shark Vags & Dental Flossing a Pile
Feb 02, 2023
'They're just so blood thirsty!'
Jan 30, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: False Advertisement, A Cutting Vag & A Sexy Airport Drop Off
Jan 26, 2023
'How are we going to teach children how to conduct relationships for christ's sake?!'
Jan 23, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Pickle Fork, An Apprentice Insight & Accidental Splits Sex
Jan 19, 2023
'I think he just needs to shush'
Jan 16, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Wakey Wines, Knocking Off & a Shoddy Wax
Jan 12, 2023
'That should be in a museum not up an arse!'
Jan 09, 2023
TOTALLY EXTRA: Having a Baby to Save a Relationship, Plane Fibs & A Can of Tuna
Jan 05, 2023
'I would like us to write LuAnna: The Musical!'
Jan 02, 2023
Dec 29, 2022
'Our best LuAnna bits'
Dec 26, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Suffocation by Saggy Balls, Nightmare Neighbours & a Poly Confession
Dec 22, 2022
'I love them now. I’m a fan.'
Dec 19, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Elf on the Shelf, Snotty Teabags & a Naughty Nurse
Dec 15, 2022
'I was the White Hole!'
Dec 12, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: The P Word, an Online Panty Seller & a Partridge in a Pear Tree
Dec 08, 2022
'I don’t think they should be allowed to strike when they’re in this profession!'
Dec 05, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Pride, A&E and a Thank You
Dec 01, 2022
'There’s edgy and then there’s downright wrong!'
Nov 28, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Aliens in the Nativity, Poo in the Bed & the PSB Uniform
Nov 24, 2022
'He's an attention seeker!'
Nov 21, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Chatters, Tampons in Food Tech & Talking out your Bum
Nov 17, 2022
'The best night of our lives.'
Nov 14, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Parenting Your Husband, Electric Scooters & Fake Proposals
Nov 10, 2022
'Best signing ever.'
Nov 07, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Cum Rags, a Dad Update & A Cancer Wig
Nov 03, 2022
'Quit your f***ing whining ok?!'
Oct 31, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Drug King Teacher, Isaac Newton & A Big Old Weep
Oct 27, 2022
'The whole world now knows what he is, and that is a rude bastard!'
Oct 24, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Long lost Siblings, Botty love & Killing Puppies
Oct 20, 2022
'5, 4, 3, 2, 1, RELEASE'
Oct 17, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Oliver Cromwell, Toasters & LGBTQ?
Oct 13, 2022
'We really got hot and steamy in Percy's Passage'
Oct 10, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: In Laws, Lesbian Crushes & School Antics
Oct 06, 2022
'Oh no. Not gooch.'
Oct 03, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Heartbreak, Shit on a Loo Seat & a Vag Crust Tissue
Sep 29, 2022
'That’s just barbaric!'
Sep 26, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Legs vs Eyes, a Throuple & Shagging your Bestie's Uncle
Sep 22, 2022
'He's dead?!'
Sep 20, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Pearl Necklaces, Spanking & Condom Balloons
Sep 15, 2022
'I have not got bloody herpes!'
Sep 12, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Pranks Gone Wrong, Baby Showers & Scamming Scammers
Sep 08, 2022
'Martin Lewis cried!'
Sep 05, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Ear Wax Curry, Massages & Vasectomies
Sep 01, 2022
'She’s taken so much stick!'
Aug 29, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Donkeys, Tea Lovers & Shitting in the Thames
Aug 25, 2022
'I feel like raising boys is such a huge responsibility'
Aug 22, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Mama Shagger, A Heartwarming Message & Period Stains
Aug 18, 2022
'She’s had a really rough time!'
Aug 15, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Range Rover Drivers, a Mosquito Attack & Being Paid by Your Ex
Aug 11, 2022
'I think it’s a bit F***ing out of order! She invented it!'
Aug 08, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Not Ketchup Fingers, Anna's 8 Year Old Crush & an Annual Exes Reunion
Aug 04, 2022
'She should never have taken it to court!'
Aug 01, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Mama Hilda, Backslang & Shagging in a Ford Fiesta
Jul 28, 2022
'Drugs are bad. Fact.'
Jul 25, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Minge Gel, Popping Piles & Vomming due to Oral Sex
Jul 21, 2022
'It's so inspiring!'
Jul 18, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Clown Sex, Mum's Fanny & Karens on Facebook
Jul 14, 2022
'It's weird! It's not normal!'
Jul 11, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Halitosis Soup, A Cougar MIL & Anna in a PJ
Jul 07, 2022
'I couldn’t think of anything f***ing worse than living in that f***ed up backwards country'
Jul 04, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Supermarkets, Fingers in Bum'oles & Semi-Psycho Pollys
Jun 30, 2022
'We cannot argue with science!'
Jun 27, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Tour Antics, Sunglasses & a Minty Fresh Blowie
Jun 23, 2022
'It's so f***ing wrong and it has to stop'
Jun 20, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Passing Out at Tour, Theatre Shows & Orgasms in the Hot Tub
Jun 16, 2022
'This is such an incredible incredible breakthrough'
Jun 13, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Gym Etiquette, Chewing Gum & Reusing Coffins?
Jun 09, 2022
"I don’t think anyone has won"
Jun 06, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Baby Names, False Accusations & Taking your Blind Brother to the Gym
Jun 02, 2022
'It's illegal to own more than 6 dildos in Texas but you can carry a gun with no training'
May 30, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Bump Grope, A Creepy Crawly & A Fake Twin
May 26, 2022
'I don’t believe that there’s no other gay footballers currently playing football!'
May 23, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Sunburn, the Sweet Smell of Murdered Grass & Paper Straws
May 19, 2022
'Don't bring Peter Andre into your WAG bitch fight!'
May 16, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Break Up, a Joke Challenge & a Prosthetic Leg
May 12, 2022
'You’ve got to have a great sense of humour if you’ve got a cock on your arm'
May 09, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Yoga Queefs, A LuAnna I Love You & Peeing on your Sister
May 05, 2022
'You should be able to go on a run whenever you want'
May 02, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Fancy Dress on Tour, Soiled Pants in a PE Bag & Bangin' your Ex's Dad
Apr 28, 2022
"Only the ugly people care about it!'
Apr 25, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Am in the Morning, More 69ing & a Sh*t in the Sink
Apr 21, 2022
'I do see why people are really really angry'
Apr 18, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Spare Ticket, Nunn Taps and Bathroom Taps
Apr 14, 2022
"We're running the risk of shutting down anybody that has an opinion!"
Apr 11, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Wedding Dilemma, Ombre Nipples & A Pissy Suitcase
Apr 07, 2022
'I don’t think that the NHS are very good'
Apr 04, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Mask Poo Bags, Crunching on a Crustacean & Betty Crocker
Mar 31, 2022
'In life some people do deserve a slap around the face'
Mar 28, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Farting up your Husband's Schnoz, a Potato Petty Polly & the Door/Wheel Debate
Mar 24, 2022
'Spread the sphincter!'
Mar 21, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Penis Mugs, Toe Paintings & Spaffing off to Tezza May
Mar 17, 2022
'Everybody wants to do something!"
Mar 14, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Clair Voyant, Covid on Insta & Five Star Confessions
Mar 10, 2022
'There are now people selling courses online on 'How to be a Tinder Swindler!''
Mar 07, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Rude Tax, Changing Room Nightmares & Shagging your Bestie's Boyfriend
Mar 03, 2022
'What is wrong with him?!'
Feb 28, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Maria Sharapova Sex, Salami & Sending Nudes to your Clients
Feb 24, 2022
'I’d quite like to never meet Prince Andrew and get £12million too please, thank you'
Feb 21, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Smeggy Nails, Shagging in Other People's Houses & Stripper Heels
Feb 17, 2022
'Wonder if their prison cells have insulation?'
Feb 14, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Vans up your Arse, Posting Nudes on Insta & Unsolicited Pics
Feb 10, 2022
'I hope that she has absolutely ruined him'
Feb 07, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Anna Under Fire, Dead Man's Socks & Bon Appetit Dave
Feb 03, 2022
'We always knew he was a party animal!'
Jan 31, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Coffin Dodgers' Speed Watch, The Fisting Sister & Threesome Tales
Jan 27, 2022
'If it was Covid just cancel your first two weeks then love!'
Jan 24, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Spiderman in the Farm Shop, a Bee in the Bathroom and Guffing on Lobsters
Jan 20, 2022
'These people are knobs'
Jan 17, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Check Outs, a Poo Amongst the Crisp Packets & An Iso Shagfest
Jan 13, 2022
‘I don’t think it warrants the level of abuse she’s getting’
Jan 10, 2022
TOTALLY EXTRA: Rants with no Passion, Telling Strangers they're Gorge, and a Pooey Pack of Mentos
Jan 06, 2022
‘You sharted in the Covid queue?’
Jan 03, 2022
Dec 30, 2021
'Some of the hundreds of best bits from Luanna 2021'
Dec 27, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Rip off Merchants, Getting Saucy with Santa and a Nativity Fireplace
Dec 23, 2021
‘Do you think everyone’s going to eat mum then?’
Dec 20, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Toilet Plungers, a Death at the Nativity & Commenting on your Partner's Weight
Dec 16, 2021
'Who's Felicia?'
Dec 13, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Dog Breath Toothbrush, Reach Dickheads & Baby Louanna
Dec 09, 2021
'It’s just potluck where you’re born!'
Dec 06, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Kisses on Texts, Giving the Delivery Man a Bloody Fright & a Nativity Wind
Dec 02, 2021
'I have a lot of respect for her if she can stand up and do her job whilst holding her baby!'
Nov 29, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Pate Gift Sets, Dog Food Pies & A Toddler's Naughty Speech
Nov 25, 2021
'It’s like Taken No.5!'
Nov 22, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Straying Dad, Walking in on your Parents & a Birthday Spatula
Nov 18, 2021
'The meaning of the name Ghislaine is hostage'
Nov 15, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Anonymous Voicenotes, Burying the Wrong Cat & a Secret Vasectomy
Nov 11, 2021
'If I were in charge I’d have to annihilate him'
Nov 08, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Splitting the Bill, Colonic Irrigation & a Heel in the Butter
Nov 04, 2021
'I don’t know how Twitter haven’t removed that!'
Nov 01, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Meat for your Birthday, LuAnna Costumes & a Folded in Half Willy
Oct 28, 2021
'This is going to ruin his life'
Oct 25, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Shit Gifts, Passwords & Choccy Wrappers
Oct 21, 2021
'I got detention from farting at school!'
Oct 18, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Country Lanes, Nuns in Baths and The Curse of the Broken Cock(s)
Oct 14, 2021
'I don’t think you can fix it!'
Oct 11, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Petrol Queues, Anal Vibrators & Lift Wankers
Oct 07, 2021
'We would all have done what she did'
Oct 04, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Naughty Whale, The Mothers' Load and a Husband in the Dark
Sep 30, 2021
'What is the purpose of life?'
Sep 27, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Taking Parcels for Neighbours, a Sad Dating Story & a Nun Joke
Sep 23, 2021
'It’s a little bit suspicious…'
Sep 20, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Pooing on Planes, a Dead Pigeon & a Ruined Engagement
Sep 16, 2021
'It's no wonder people are choosing not to have children'
Sep 13, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Naming Cars, Boy's Clothes & a Solution for Angela's Mum
Sep 09, 2021
'You’ve just got to live and enjoy everyday'
Sep 06, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Anna the "Liiiiife Coaaaach", Baby Angela and Luanna Tour Friends
Sep 02, 2021
'It’s so potluck where you’re born!'
Aug 30, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Potty Training, A Nip Rip and Blaming the Baby
Aug 26, 2021
'She will not be a puppet any more!'
Aug 23, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Floating in Chunder, Period Cup Hats and Anna's Zumba Video
Aug 19, 2021
'People have lost their lives…for f***ing what?!
Aug 16, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Holiday Drama, Changing Rooms and a Candle Mishap
Aug 12, 2021
'I don’t think she has good sex!'
Aug 09, 2021
Introducing Boob Share with CoppaFeel!
Aug 07, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Sphincter Issue, Don't Aks and Naughty Fantasies
Aug 05, 2021
'I'd like to be married to Boris'
Aug 02, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Chomping on a G-String, Not Going Back and a Family Affair
Jul 29, 2021
'Who would want to be flinging your legs around with a tiny bikini on?'
Jul 26, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Exploding Piles, Sexual Liberation and a Sitting Liar
Jul 22, 2021
'You’re not an England fan and we don’t f***ing want you'
Jul 19, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Song about Flaps, Check your Neck and Other People's Kids
Jul 15, 2021
'Well I think that is flipping brilliant'
Jul 12, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Man Flu, Tapir Schlongs and Sexy Cousins
Jul 08, 2021
'Please don’t talk to me about your children'
Jul 05, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Cut Grass, Pissy Malibu Revenge and A Bullet up the Bum'ole
Jul 01, 2021
'It’s a bloody scandal the poor girl'
Jun 28, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Asparagus up the Pooper, Walking on the Left and a Cheeky Forbidden Snog
Jun 24, 2021
'This isn’t fair now and I’m pissed off'
Jun 21, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Hamster Balls, G7 goes to Cornwall and a lack of Greggs Dummies
Jun 17, 2021
'He makes Bear Grylls look like Boris!'
Jun 14, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Smoked out Washing, a Pooper loving Granny and Shagging Dad and Lad
Jun 10, 2021
'I don’t blame her for bloody suing him!'
Jun 07, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Wet Flannels, Mummy's Beard and Ads on Catch Up!?
Jun 03, 2021
'My best mate Carrie's got married!'
May 31, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Showing the MIL Porn, a Tit Flash and Luanna for Mayor
May 27, 2021
'If you get a campaign with Aldi, I will go topless on OnlyFans'
May 24, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Dirty Protest, A Baby Dilemma and Sending Nudes to the Work Whatsapp Group
May 20, 2021
'Your wanking workforce!'
May 17, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Four Saws, Charger Thieves and Tractors
May 13, 2021
'I'd be furious if that was me'
May 10, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Timekeeping, a Canadian Sucker and Sharing a Boyfriend
May 06, 2021
'A Royal wank!'
May 03, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Danger Bidets, Tracy's Dog in the Wild and Lost Tampons
Apr 29, 2021
'The poor man was absolutely defenceless!'
Apr 26, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Wedding Accounts, Drunk Teenagers and Tattle Life
Apr 22, 2021
'I’ll take their Cuthbert over Colin any day of the week!
Apr 19, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Wet Couches, a Jammy Knob and an Unimpressed Rabbi
Apr 15, 2021
'Have you ever stuffed a human?'
Apr 12, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Nurse's revenge, an Unfortunate Funeral Song and a Smeggy Surprise
Apr 08, 2021
'I’ll be a little bit upset if his balls aren’t there'
Apr 05, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Neighbours' Parking, Half Birthdays and a Moroccan Tampon Nightmare
Apr 01, 2021
'Michael Jackson wasn’t bald!'
Mar 29, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Cheeky Snap, a Tresemme Bottle up the Pooper and If You Know You Know
Mar 25, 2021
'You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors!'
Mar 22, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Aunty Mary, Rigor Mortis in Airport Security & a Song for Luanna
Mar 18, 2021
'I did put in an Ofcom complaint about him, I was one of the 41,000'
Mar 15, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: 'Journeys', a Vag Tear and Period Fingers
Mar 11, 2021
'It’s gunna be one of the most watched interviews of all time and they didn’t get paid?!'
Mar 08, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Knicker Sniffers, Laying a Creme Egg and an Answer
Mar 04, 2021
'Why do people need to know if we’re married or single?!'
Mar 01, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Being Under-qualified, A Long Nipple Hair and a Very Big Question
Feb 25, 2021
'Just go and get a new chin, everything will be fine'
Feb 22, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Special Guest, Smelly Balls and Fruit Salads up your Hooha
Feb 18, 2021
'Don't be a knob, be kind'
Feb 15, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: The KTSHHH Trick, A Backdoor Farter & The BEST Petty Polly
Feb 11, 2021
'He achieved so much in his hundred years!'
Feb 08, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Would You Rather, Baby Trevor, and Drying your Hands on a Ballbag
Feb 04, 2021
'It is debatable, why does an influencer have to come to Dubai?'
Feb 01, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Pube eating Pooch, Anna's Spirit Mum and Revenge x3
Jan 28, 2021
'He has been a sore sore loser'
Jan 25, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: False Accusations, Limescale and a converted Man Fan
Jan 21, 2021
'Joe Wicks you are our hero'
Jan 18, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Eye Spy Gone Wrong, Dishwasher Stackers and Fanny Dripping
Jan 14, 2021
'He loves Twitter more than he loves that Melania'
Jan 11, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: The Name 'Catheter', Nectar Point Revenge and a Night-time cupping
Jan 07, 2021
'Everyone's a miserable bastard on Twitter'
Jan 04, 2021
TOTALLY EXTRA: Best of 2020
Dec 31, 2020
'Random bits and snippets and odds and ends'
Dec 28, 2020
Dec 24, 2020
'I don’t know anyone that wants to be knobbed by the Grinch'
Dec 21, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Elf on the Shelf, A Non-PG Cake and the Middle Name of the Century
Dec 17, 2020
“You don’t want a boring bastard to come round and keep you company!”
Dec 14, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Mum Bummer, Bin Men and Skidders at a Sleepover
Dec 10, 2020
'He doesn't need a wedding, he needs therapy!'
Dec 07, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Clit Bang, Petty but Genius Revenge and Karma Strikes
Dec 03, 2020
'Brb on my way to the Vatican!'
Nov 30, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Baby Dorris, Caught on Camera and Meeting the Israeli Parents
Nov 26, 2020
'Aldi’s ad is literally a family of carrots!'
Nov 23, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: A First Sexual Experience, a SUPER Annoyed Listener and Flannel Confusion
Nov 19, 2020
‘Congratulations to Russ, Robbie and their UFO trips’
Nov 16, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Weeing in a Sandwich Bag, an Amazon Warning and Fancying your Boyfriend's Dad
Nov 12, 2020
‘Mummy, this smells like your nunny!’
Nov 09, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Being called Liz, Leonard the Baby and Lu's Miss Derby Photos
Nov 05, 2020
'My GOD I would have boned him!
Nov 02, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Using Lube instead of Jam, The Triple S Cyclist Tactic and Wearing your Wife's Heels
Oct 29, 2020
'‘Why would you vote against that?'
Oct 26, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Percy Long Prong, Merging in Turn and Mixing Mayo with Foundation
Oct 22, 2020
‘Ghost baby = good vag’
Oct 19, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: A Warning for LuMANfanians, an Aussie Poo Story and Men wearing Tights
Oct 15, 2020
'She hung around for 44 years? Mate I’d be off!'
Oct 12, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Dressing as the Staff, Baby Cradlers and a Turd on the Telly
Oct 08, 2020
'If it is a master plan it’s an absolute corker'
Oct 05, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Dressing Gowns, Men handing in Sick Notes and Pissing in Changing Rooms
Oct 01, 2020
Sep 28, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Five Pound Teeth, Giving Parking Tickets to Wrong'ns and Licking Tuna
Sep 24, 2020
'Tom Hardy, sorry mate, you're dead to me'
Sep 21, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Lube Hair at a Wake, Riding Bare Back and a Wax Gone Wrong
Sep 17, 2020
“He’s 80 for goodness sake, give him a house!”
Sep 14, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Aldi Bibbers, Skid Hacks and the Origin of F***
Sep 10, 2020
'That makes me a massive criminal potentially!'
Sep 07, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: The Sweary Lady, a Cleanup Solution and Cycling Karma
Sep 03, 2020
'I burnt my bean!'
Aug 31, 2020
Luanna with Friends: Mark and Roxie i.e Ladbaby and LadbabyMum!
Aug 28, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Friends throwing their Phones in the Sea, Raining Cats and Dogs and Scrambled Eggs
Aug 27, 2020
‘Tiger King is back!’
Aug 24, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Mounting the Eiffel Tower, Sticking Two Fingers Up and Overstaying your Welcome
Aug 20, 2020
‘Just give them the bloody grades!’
Aug 17, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Meat Technicians, Making People Gag and Melton Mowbray's Famous Saying
Aug 13, 2020
'His dick fell off!'
Aug 10, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Listening Without your Partner, The Twitching Dead and Sugar Free Gummibears
Aug 06, 2020
‘I can’t believe he’s stupid enough to say that!’
Aug 03, 2020
Luanna with Friends: Tom Read Wilson!
Jul 31, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Liverpool given a Bad Rep, 'Rona Shaming and Thrush Cream as Toothpaste
Jul 30, 2020
‘This is bloody interesting and it does reek of something very suspicious’
Jul 27, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Banana Slicers, an AGL LDR and Luisa's Sandpapered Fingertips
Jul 23, 2020
'Britney we are behind you!'
Jul 20, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Fire starters, Getting IDed and Killing your Sister's Cat
Jul 16, 2020
'She needs to go to Nando's dressed like that!'
Jul 13, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Private Instagrams, Cat callers and Revealing too much to Student Doctors
Jul 09, 2020
'I would paint the front door of No. 10 pink!'
Jul 06, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Duck eating Swans, Lu in Miss Derby and a Toothpaste Debate
Jul 02, 2020
'I've been a WAG!'
Jun 29, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Mud Diving, Filming whilst Driving and FishyTea
Jun 25, 2020
'There's a line and she's crossed it multiple times'
Jun 22, 2020
Luanna with Friends: Russell Kane!
Jun 19, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Sergeant Beef, Hypnobirthing and Orgasms on the Loo
Jun 18, 2020
'I just don't know whether I believe this!'
Jun 15, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Dog Poo in the Park, Questionable Shoes and LuAnna Saving Families
Jun 11, 2020
‘I would dance with a woman, why do I have to be gay to do that?’
Jun 08, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Anna's Feet, Luisa's Birthday, and a New Meaning to Forking
Jun 04, 2020
'And I thought Elon Musk was a fragrance!'
Jun 01, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: The Fridge/Cupboard Debate, Moaning about Bins, and Sending Barry to the CEO
May 28, 2020
'If you don't want to follow the rules, don't bloody do the job!'
May 25, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: LuAnna changing Lives, Listening to Porn at 7AM and Drinking Wee
May 21, 2020
'You have to be an idiot to think it's a fake virus!'
May 18, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: The Clap, Squatting in a Bush and an Awkward Christmas Party
May 14, 2020
'What is Gandhi?'
May 11, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Delivery Charges, and Unwanted Necklaces and What Have We Started?!
May 07, 2020
'It's not that illogical that I didn’t know that Margaret thatcher was dead!'
May 04, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Sweaty Ball Bags, 4x4 Buggies and Alien Babies
Apr 30, 2020
'I just want to say that I hate people'
Apr 27, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Dirty Delivery Men, Neighbours and a Mysterious White Powder
Apr 23, 2020
'I'm giving up on people this week!'
Apr 20, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Topless Men, Pristine Back Passages and Crunchy Toenails
Apr 19, 2020
'I think it but I manage to keep it in....most of the time'
Apr 13, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Toddlers, Traffic and When Taking Advice from the Pod Goes Wrong
Apr 09, 2020
'I mean have you seen him? He looks dead!'
Apr 06, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Airpods, Sex Dreams about Dad and a Questionable Doctor
Apr 02, 2020
'Please tell me you know who Barry is?!'
Mar 30, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Corona Update, Litterers, Nappy Admin and an Incident with a Foot Exfoliator
Mar 26, 2020
'It's really awful to be publicly called something you're not!'
Mar 23, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Self Check Outs, Easy Peelers and Meeting the In-laws buying the Morning After Pill
Mar 19, 2020
'You're not even joking, this is what she said?!'
Mar 16, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: World Book Day, Frying Goldfish and Luisa on Canadian Radio?
Mar 12, 2020
'I've got twelve bathrooms here!'
Mar 09, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: The Vag Lady, Airplane Steak and Ale Pies and a Nutcracking Confession
Mar 05, 2020
'We just lay there and think of England 'cause we’re gorgeous!'
Mar 02, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Fireman Poles, a Poo Hack and Being the Master of the Printer...Obviously!
Feb 27, 2020
'Do we pay for Victoria and David Beckham? No we don't! So why are we still paying for Megs and Harry?!'
Feb 24, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: School Mums, Paying at Pump and Farting in Strangers' Cars
Feb 20, 2020
'I applaud the government for finally having a back bone!'
Feb 17, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Leaky Nunns, an almost Criminal Confession, Poosticks and a Hamster Murderer
Feb 13, 2020
'If you question your sexuality and if you're not sure, don't marry someone!'
Feb 10, 2020
TOTALLY EXTRA: Meatless Meatballs, a Mother-in-law in a Wedding Dress and a Surprise at Security
Feb 06, 2020
'Do you think our listeners would spend fifty quid on a candle that smelt like our bum holes?'
Feb 03, 2020
LuAnna: The Podcast - Coming Soon!
Jan 22, 2020