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By Sue Bryce Education

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Join in as Nikki Closser, a mentor in the Sue Bryce Education community, interviews photographers who manage successful portrait photography businesses from around the globe using the business model Sue Bryce teaches. Subscribe to hear stories that will fast track your success and transform you as a photographer and business owner.

Episode Date
Money Mindset in an Economic Downturn with Sue Bryce

In our Sue Bryce Education Facebook Members Group, we’ve been having great conversations about what’s happening in the world right now and how it’s affecting not only our businesses but our mindset. In today’s show, host Nikki Closser is joined by Sue Bryce - an international award-winning portrait photographer based out of L.A.  Listen as Sue shares how to lift yourself up out of worry and problem-focused mindset, so you can start focusing on a solution mindset. If you’ve been looking for advice on how to move forward and grow, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Apr 06, 2020
BONUS: Staying Busy While Staying Home

As we enter another week of self-quarantine, it’s important to keep busy and handle your business while at home. We asked Sue Bryce Education members to call in and share their stories and the response was overwhelming! So many of you wanted to share your message with our community that we’ve decided to make this a bonus episode on the podcast. If you’re struggling with finding motivation during these uncertain times, this is a can’t miss episode!

Apr 02, 2020
Corporate MBA to Full-Time Photographer with Karianne Munstedt

“I had the comfy corporate job, making over 6 figures with all the great benefits and now I’m coming to my husband saying - I want to give that all up and take the biggest risk of my life.” In this week’s episode, host Nikki Closser is joined by Karianne Munstedt, a successful portrait photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Listen as Karianne shares how she went from being an Assistant Dean at a University to taking the biggest risk of her life and starting a portrait business. After spending 17 years in a career that didn’t fulfill her passion, Karianne started digging deep in photography and absorbing everything she could to further her portfolio. In 2015 Karianne discovered Sue Bryce and her whole world changed. After joining Sue Bryce Education, Karianne was able to not only leave her corporate job but was able to afford to let her husband stay at home with their newborn son. If you’re on the fence about making a life-changing career decision, this is a can’t miss episode!

Mar 30, 2020
Bonus: My First $1,000 Sale! pt 2

Do you remember your first $1,000 sale? We often hear from photographers that raising their prices can be scary. And what we have found is that once photographers get their first great portrait sale, it can be a boost of confidence and gives them the proof they needed that they can do this! We asked Sue Bryce Education members to call in and share stories of their first $1,000 sale and the response was overwhelming! So many of you wanted to share your message with our community that we’ve decided to make this a bonus series on the podcast. Listen, learn and be inspired by today’s special bonus episode! 

Mar 26, 2020
Corporate Drag to Creative Success Using Dream Shoots with Alice Prenat

Photography isn’t always viewed as a profession but merely a hobby and this simply isn’t true! If you’d like to hear how one photographer changed that stigma in her life, then do we have the episode for you! In this week’s episode, host Nikki Closser sits down with Alice Prenat, an award-winning international photographer operating out of New York City and Paris. Listen as Alice shares how she went from working a passionless job in the medical field to becoming a highly sought after photographer in Paris. In 2015, Alice started teaching herself photography from online resources like YouTube. It wasn’t until she attended Imaging in Atlanta, where she met Sue, that she got the courage to return home and leave her daytime job. Since then, Alice has gone on to build a business that allows her to operate a studio in one of the busiest cities in the world - New York City. Through Sue Bryce Education, Alice has realized that Sue gives you the ability to be successful in your business but it’s up to you to do the work. If you’d like to leave a job that isn’t fulfilling your passion - you won’t want to miss this episode!

Mar 23, 2020
COVID-19 and our Photo Businesses with Sue Bryce

As small business owners, being prepared for changes in the economy is challenging. When a crisis hits we are flooded with information which in return can lead to fear. By breaking down this information into small, actionable steps you can better understand how to get through these challenging times and come out stronger. Focus on safety, survival, and income and what decisions you should be making in your business.

Mar 19, 2020
Thriving Senior Photographer Makes the Decision to Go Part-Time - with Mackenzie Fugett

Are you struggling to find the perfect balance between family and career? If so, you aren’t alone and do we have the best episode for you! This week, host Nikki Closser sits down with Mackenzie Fugett, a highly sought after senior portrait photographer from a small Midwest town. Mackenzie started her career as a teacher before becoming an accomplished senior portrait photographer. After 4 years of solely photographing seniors, Mackenzie’s business was skyrocketing and had an average portrait sale of over $2,000 but she wasn’t able to spend the time she wanted to with her family. With Sue Bryce Education, Mackenzie was able to realize there are no right answers in life and it isn’t a straight line to success, that we need to do what makes us happy. With this advice in mind, Mackenzie was able to make the changes she needed to in her business to find a better balance and has since gone back to teaching and loving it now more than ever! If you want to break the stigma that you have to have it all or nothing, then you can’t miss this life-changing episode!

Mar 16, 2020
Hobbyist to Profitable Photographer, Conquering Fears to Find Success with Leon McDonald

Have you always dreamed of owning a photography business but didn't know how to get started? If so, today’s an episode you won’t want to miss! This week, host Nikki Closser, is joined by Leon McDonald, a hobbyist turned professional portrait photographer out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting out photography shooting nature on the weekends, Leon shares how he went from building his portfolio in his living room and shooting weddings for free to photographing clients 3 days a week in his downtown portrait studio. After discovering Sue Bryce Education, Leon learned how to harness his fears in building a successful portrait business and now has an average portrait sale of $1,200. If you find yourself fearful in building your business and want to push past that to transform yourself, this is a can’t miss episode!

Mar 09, 2020
Bonus: My First $1,000 Sale!

Today is a special episode! We often hear from people that raising their prices can be so scary and what we find is that once photographers can get that first really great portrait sale, it is such a boost of confidence and really gives you the proof you need that you can do this.  So, we did a call for entries into our “First $1000 sale hotline” asking for SBE members to call in and leave a message sharing their experience with their first $1000 sale. We set the bar for $1000 because really, that is the industry standard now for portrait pricing.  Listen, learn, and be inspired! 

Mar 05, 2020
Burned Out Wedding Photographer to a 6 Figure Portrait Business with Ashleigh Taylor

“I went from being one of the best wedding photographers in my area, making great money, building my business but I wanted to take my dreams to the next level.” This week, host Nikki Closser is joined by Ashleigh Taylor, an acclaimed and award-winning photographer from Santa Barbara, California. Starting out her photography career in weddings, Ashleigh seemed to have it all - a thriving business, making great money, building a respected reputation but was slowly becoming overworked and missing out on family time. It wasn’t until meeting Sue Bryce in 2012 that Ashleigh realized she wasn’t fulfilling her passion and saw a future in photographing portraits full-time. Since joining Sue Bryce Education, Ashleigh has made the switch from full-time wedding photographer to solely photographing portraits, building meaningful connections with women in her community, and opening up her studio monthly for networking events to empower women. If you’d like to morph your business to fulfill your passion, then this is the episode for you!

Mar 02, 2020
Boudoir and the Sue Bryce Business Model? with Arnica Spring Rae

Does having a successful boudoir business sound impossible to you? If so, you’ll want to hear how this next guest went from running a thriving boudoir business in not one city but two! In this week’s episode, host Nikki Closser sits down with Arnica Spring Rae, a successful portrait and commercial photographer based out of both Bozeman, Montana & Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Starting her journey at a small photography school in California, Arnica didn’t own, let alone pick up a camera for several years after graduating. Starting out by helping take portraits at a ranch, Arnica’s business rapidly started to grow into more. Feeling burnt out and with limited time to shoot outdoors, Arnica discovered Sue Bryce and started to want more for her business. With the Sue Bryce business model, Arnica was able to master the fundamentals of business, operate duel-city studios, and build meaningful relationships in her area to grow her business. If you’re looking for creative ways to kick-start your business, this is a life-changing episode!

Feb 24, 2020
Starting Over at 60. Using Age as Your Superpower with Kitti McMeel

Starting over your career can be scary at any age, especially after the age of 60. But we’re here to share with you how to take your age from a limitation to your superpower! In this week’s episode, host Nikki Closser sits down with Kitti McMeel, a successful portrait photographer from Westlake Village, California. After starting her career out as a lucrative engineering psychologist, Kitti had to take a step back from business to become a caregiver to her husband after a health emergency. Seven years later, Kitti was ready to rejoin the workforce but realized how much technology had changed. Feeling lost in her career path, she found Sue Bryce. Since finding Sue Bryce Education, Kitti has blossomed her business while still keeping a perfect work/life balance. If you’re ready for the rest of your life to be your best life, this is a must-hear episode!

Feb 17, 2020
Over $1,800 average sale using creative networking in Tampa with Kristina Houser

Are you looking to provide financial freedom for your family but not sure how to achieve it? Then do we have the episode for you! This week, host Nikki Closser talks with Kristina Houser, a wedding and portrait photographer based out of the Tampa Bay area. Starting out her career as a graphic designer,

Kristina was struggling to provide stability and financial freedom to her family. Soon after discovering Sue Bryce, Kristina stopped letting fear get in the way of making big moves and started using her creativity to elevate the success of her business. Through networking and community building, Kristina was able to go from charging $25 a session to becoming the family breadwinner making over $1,800 per session. Since joining Sue Bryce Education, Kristina has continued to grow her business and now manages a full-time photography studio with an attached full-service beauty salon. If you’re wanting photography to become your career, don’t miss out on this game-changing episode! 

Feb 07, 2020
€2500 Average Sale! In a Small Belgium Town with Wendy De Craemer

Have you ever felt that your photography business couldn’t be successful because of your demographic? If you have, you aren’t alone! In today’s show, host Nikki Closser talks with Wendy De Cramer, an incredibly successful portrait photographer living in a small Belgium farm town. Starting out part-time, Wendy shares how she went from photographing clients in a makeshift attic studio to managing not only her warehouse studio but an in-studio beauty salon. After discovering Sue Bryce in 2012, Wendy quit her full-time teaching job and worked on mastering her craft to increase her business skill-set and pave the way for a long-lasting business plan. Since joining Sue Bryce Education, Wendy has used the business model to elevate her average sales from €5 a portrait to over €2,500 a session and has built long-lasting relationships with her clients. If you’ve been struggling with transforming your mindset, this is a can’t miss episode!

Feb 05, 2020
From full-time teacher to making over $200,000 doing what she loves with Saray Taylor-Roman

Have you found yourself stuck in a job that didn’t fuel your passion but not sure how to change careers? In this week’s episode, host Nikki Closser sits down with Saray Taylor-Roman, an award-winning portrait photographer from Knoxville, Tennessee. Listen as Saray shares how she went from working countless hours as a high school Spanish teacher to making over $200,000 in sales in less than 3 years in business. After spending 2 years building her portfolio, while still working full-time, Saray discovered Sue Bryce in 2013 and everything in her life changed. Soon after implementing the business model from Sue Bryce Education, Saray went on to make her first portrait sale of over $5,000 and officially opened her doors for business soon after. Since then Saray has continued to master her business by finding a better balance in her work schedule, has been able to have her husband quit his full-time job to come work for her, and paid down over $100,000 in debt from traveling. This is a can’t miss episode if you’ve been needing to make a change in your life.

Feb 03, 2020