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 Jun 6, 2020
The sound is not very good. The content fine, but it should be recorded better. The guest is better recoderd than the talent


Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer is a fun and informative podcast created in a 20-minute episodic format in order to deliver both knowledge and entertainment, while staying on pace with our fast-paced lifestyle. Coach Mike brings on fascinating guests, and their conversations offer fresh perspectives, unconventional wisdom and essential solutions.

Episode Date
How mentally strong are YOU?
In this episode of Always Evolving, Coach Mike welcomes mental strength trainer and author of the bestselling book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” Amy Morin and social media influencer and TikTok sensation Davante Wilson to the studio to join him and content creator Tony Directs. The four talks openly about their own struggles with mental toughness, how they hold themselves back, and Coach Mike does what he does best- asks the hard questions and provides insights so his guests and listeners can challenge themselves to live stronger and better every day. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 10, 2021
I made a new Song with Jordan McGraw and Box of Beats
Welcome to the studio for this wild and unpredictable episode of Always Evolving. Coach Mike welcomes his friend, musician, and singer of the hit song Her, Jordan McGraw and has his resident DJ, vocal arranger, and performer Box of Beats spinning throughout the show. As always Mike’s videographer and content creator, Tony Directs is in the studio keeping it real and asking the tough questions. The four share openly about music, how they got into it, whether they ever questioned their choice and the insecurities that they transcended to get where they are. Coach Mike takes Jordan and Box of Beats through his spheres of life- helping them to pay attention to what areas of their lives are working and what areas need more focus. The four talk openly about love, relationships, marriage, and their dreams for the future. Stay tuned for the hilarious improvised creation of HIM (Sword Fight) that the four create to live in the moment with Box of Beats using his skills to do what he does best. This episode has it all laughter, vulnerability, honesty, and a song that is somewhere between hilariously dirty and sweetly romantic that you have to listen to yourself to fully appreciate! Jordan McGraw's links: Box Of Beats links: FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 27, 2021
Coach Mike celebrates 19-years sober
You won’t want to miss this very personal episode of Always Evolving in which Coach Mike Bayer celebrates 19-years sober. Coach Mike shares his story of addiction and recovery in a way he has never done so before. He invites his divorced parents, Aina and Ron, who have only spoken to one another twice in 20 years, to join him in a conversation that he feels is long overdue. Coach Mike explains that he has never talked openly about his addiction with both of his parents and having a radically honest conversation is critical to understanding the full story. Coach Mike admits things to his parents that they never knew and his parents open up about what they knew about his use, the mistakes they feel they made and their honest reaction to his coming out. Mike and his parents hold nothing back and in the end, express their gratitude for one another and how much they have all learned through the pain and healing. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 12, 2021
Marc & Heidi - The Other D’Amelios
In this fascinating episode of "Always Evolving" Coach Mike talks with Heidi and Marc, the wonderful parents of two of the most famous TikTok teens on Earth, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio. They discuss the unexpected and exciting rise to stardom of their daughters and the profound changes in their lives, how they adapt to the changes and opportunities, keep their feet on the ground, keep their family together, and navigate the sometimes toxic and cruel world of social media without losing the joy of their incredible success. Listen in and get the real stories and emotions behind this pioneering family figuring out in real-time how to survive and thrive in an ever-changing online world with no rules and no boundaries.  FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 15, 2021
Just Do It Today
In this fascinating episode of “Always Evolving” Coach Mike helps his dear friend Tony Direct evolve right before our very ears, moving from uncertainty about his career prospects to engaged and in control of where he’s going. Coach Mike takes him through steps to identify exactly what he intends to do about moving things forward and make a critical life decision that will change his future. Listen in and get inspired to make real, honest decisions that will have the most impact on your life right now! What is the one thing you must do? What do you need to help you get it done? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 06, 2021
Be The Master of Your Money: Rachel Cruze Tells You How
How does your financial wellbeing influence your mental wellness? Listen in as Master of Money and Best-Selling Author Rachel Cruze joins us for another exciting episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike! Rachel and Coach Mike talk about the keys to financial security, the future of currency, what it was like for Rachel growing up as the daughter of financial expert Dave Ramsey, and even get into the spirituality of money. Rachel shares some practical tips for financial freedom and discusses what you can start doing today to achieve it. Tired of your stuff owning you? Want to learn from one the best in the business? Tune in now to find out more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 18, 2021
Roger Love: The Voice of Influence
You have less than eight seconds to get someone’s attention. Would you like to learn how to connect to people from the man who trained the biggest recording artists on planet Earth? Listen in to Coach Mike and famed vocal coach Roger Love discuss thirty years worth of techniques and insights used to develop the world’s A-list talent. Roger teaches emotion is the key to effective communication and reveals how to put feeling back into the conversation. He provides tips on how to sound happy and grateful, embrace our natural vocal melodies when we speak and how to practice optimal vocal care. Roger Love has coached actors such as Reese Witherspoon, Bradley Cooper, Joaquin Phoenix, Jeff Bridges, Colin Farrell, Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie, Rooney Mara, Zoe Saldana, Mary Steenburgen, Steve Carrell and Will Ferrell. Roger’s singing students range from The Beach Boys to John Mayer, Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, Phish and Maroon 5.  For more information and a $50 gift certificate to help you use your voice, go to: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 11, 2021
Envisioning Your Life and The Law of Attraction
In this episode of Always Evolving, Coach Mike talks with videographer and content creator Tony Directs about the often-misunderstood law of attraction. Listen in as Coach Mike takes Tony through a live exercise to help him better visualize his goals and authentically align his aspirations.  Feeling stuck and unsure of how to make a change in your life? Wondering what guiding principles you should use to set realistic yet fulfilling goals? Tune in as Coach Mike and Tony explore the insights that will help put you and your loved ones on the path to success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 04, 2021
Keep It Real
In this special episode Coach Mike sets aside time to talk with his listeners in hopes of building a deeper connection and a stronger relationship. He shares his personal thoughts and feelings about where he wants the show to go and the kinds of experiences he wants his listeners to have, and he invites all of you to email or text him with feedback. Let him know what you would love to see happen! Together, "Always Evolving With Coach Mike" can evolve into the very best podcast it can be. Mike is all ears and ready to serve! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 24, 2021
Influence and Persuasion: How information Goes Viral with Dr. Sander van der Linden
Dr. Sander van der Linden and Coach Mike dive into the phenomena of influence, persuasion, manipulation and people's resistance to new ideas. Dr. van der Linden is dedicated to understanding how and when people allow themselves to be influenced and persuaded, how they resist being influenced, and when people are most vulnerable to deception.  Some fans believe things that are untrue about the celebrities they love, even when confronted with evidence to the contrary, in part because the brain is faster at processing information with which we are familiar or agree. Energy invested into important relationships can dictate how we want to see the world or what we see as reality. For these and other reasons Dr. van der Linden's research has found people don't become more open minded when directly confronted with evidence that challenges their beliefs. He also shares research into translational impact, why things go viral, how altruism spreads, why people tag social media posts, the need for social validation and the important role reciprocity plays in the way we understand truth. For more information: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 16, 2021
Gretchen Rubin Breaks Down The Four Tendencies To Self-Awareness
Are you fascinated by human behavior? Do you wonder what makes others tick? Would you like to communicate more effectively? Gretchen Rubin, the five-time New York Times bestselling author, podcaster, and speaker joins Coach Mike to share insights into The Four Tendencies that impact social interactions.  According to Gretchen, there are two kinds of expectations—outer expectations, to meet work deadlines or answer a request from a friend, for example, and inner expectations: to keep a New Year’s resolution or perform better. By asking the question, “How do I respond to expectations?” we gain important insight into ourselves: we see our “tendency”—that is, whether we fit into the category of Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel. When we ask “How do others respond to expectations?” we can understand them better through these categories as well.   Knowing our tendency means we can make better decisions, keep our promises, suffer less stress, and engage more deeply with others. Knowing other people’s Tendencies helps us work more productively and reduce conflict.  Every best selling author has a path to success. For Gretchen Rubin ten years of hard work led to her becoming an overnight success. She finds expressing herself through writing is like practicing the piano, saying “There is a lot of work that nobody ever sees. The best musicians in the world practice the most.” Gretchen shares solid, practical tips to write well: Always use the active voice. Always try to find the most precise verb. Never use an adverb; only concrete words. Avoid abstract concepts. Read the Biography of Winston Churchhill for inspiration: his writing is very direct and grounded.   Gretchen provides tips on writing a memoir and what to do when seeking to publish your book: one’s passion is not relevant to a literary agent. They want a book they can sell. One has to explain why people will buy your book.   People wanted to know more about the Four Tendencies.   The FOUR TENDENCIES -  How you respond to inner and outer expectations determines which category one is in: Upholder: keeps deadlines, are disciplined.  Questioner: always need to know why. “I'll comply if you tell me why.” Obliger: “You can count on me.”   Rebels - resists all pressures, “I'll do it in my own way in my own time.” If you ask them they resist. “You can’t make me and neither can I.”  She figured out the The Four Tendencies by researching habits and patterns of success, asking “what makes people do it and not do it?”   Knowing the tendencies of employees helps team building. A good team has a diversity of strengths and weaknesses. If you have all the same tendencies then this can lead to analysis paralysis.  ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE OPPOSITE. Can you argue the other side? #Read2121 challenges people to read 21 minutes; Don’t Break The Change! FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 02, 2021
Shawn Stevenson: Upgrade Your Mind and Body
At twenty years old Shawn Stevenson was diagnosed with a degenerative disc and bone disease his doctors said could not be helped. He accepted his diagnosis until his grandmother convinced him he had to fight for his future. Inspired, he decided to learn everything there is to know about human health, and what he discovered about food changed his life. Today Shawn is author of the USA Today National bestselling book Eat Smarter and the international bestseller Sleep Smarter. In this vital episode of “Evolving With Coach Mike” he shares his incredible journey from helplessness to empowered self-healer. Along the way Shawn cleans up misinformation created by product marketing and identifies what nutritional deficiencies we face, what foods damage our DNA, impair cognitive performance and cause weight gain. He shares key parts of his successful effort to overcome the poisonous “nocebo effect” on his state of mind that can follow a negative diagnosis, and then clearly redefines what health is and is not.   Shawn is also creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the #1 health podcast in the U.S. with millions of listener downloads each year. A graduate of the University of Missouri–St. Louis, Shawn studied business, biology, and nutritional science and became the cofounder of the Advanced Integrative Health Alliance. Shawn has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, Muscle & Fitness, ABC News, ESPN, and many other major media outlets. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 26, 2021
Les Brown: Find Your Calling and Invest in Yourself
In this inspiring episode Coach Mike talks to motivational speaker, author and former Congressman Les Brown about how to build confidence and re-connect to oneself and others in the most powerful way possible. Les Brown is a treasure trove of experience, strength and wisdom, and an expert storyteller who will leave you re-energized, revitalized and ready to get things done! Les Brown's approach to successful living is simple: get rid of the negative and build on the positive. He'll help you find a way to learn from your past and release negative viewpoints and self-judgments, which are a waste of time and energy and have no bearing on the future you. Too many people aim low and hit the mark! Les will help you challenge your vision and target the real success you are meant to be. The key is communication- with yourself and others, and authenticity is the key to communicating. Les helps answer the questions: Who are you? What do you have to offer? How do you invest in you so others will follow suit? Find out what others need and know you are the answer!   FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 19, 2021
How to Get Unstuck During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Do you feel stuck? Is the next step confusing? The future can be hard to see for even the most accomplished people. Brooke Sheldon was a successful events planner and former chief of staff to First Lady Barbara Bush and to several heads of Fortune 500 companies, but now feels frozen, stuck and out of balance. Coach Mike digs deep into ways she can find new inspiration, build her business and add personal fulfillment to her impressive resume. In 2003 Brooke established Lilybrooke Events, a hands-on boutique planning firm. She talks passionately about her love for her work and creating memorable events. Coach Mike and Brooke also explore ways she can take her business in a new direction and provide the same exceptional services virtually. Social media:   SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 12, 2021
7 Ways To Reset Your Mindset and Metabolism with JJ Virgin
Now is the time for you to take self-care to the ultimate level. Coach Mike and JJ explain that you can’t out exercise a bad diet. They also discuss the reality that your body is a chemistry lab and help you identify trigger foods that knock your body’s chemistry out of balance. JJ then reveals the simple decision she made that had a profound impact in her life. JJ Virgin is a passionate advocate of eating and exercising smarter. She is the author of four NY Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook. Her latest book, Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience, shows caregivers everywhere how to be strong, positive leaders for their families, while exploring the inspirational lessons JJ learned as she fought for her own son’s life.  Links: Social media: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 05, 2021
One Decision Is Out Now!
Eureka O'Hara, star of  RuPaul's Drag Race: Live in Las Vegas and HBO's We're Here, takes over Always Evolving and puts Coach Mike in the hot seat to answer the tough questions! In this very special episode, we get an exclusive inside look into Coach Mike's new book One Decision: The First Step To A Better Life. Eureka and Mike travel to the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and give you a chance to meet your personal Boogeyman. Just like in Mike's book, this podcast explores finding your authentic self, how you choose to exist and express yourself and helps you see obstacles as opportunities. So sit back, listen and take in the importance of you!  One Decision: The First Step To A Better Life is available now: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 29, 2020
Why I Can't I Find A Husband or Get Ahead in Life
Have you ever wondered what to do with online dating when nothing seems to work? Debbie has been frustrated with online dating and doesn't know what to do next, considering giving up altogether. Coach Mike steps in and helps her find the right direction and see her life with fresh eyes and find new inspiration. Debbie leaves her session feeling hopeful and excited. Have you ever wondered how much a person can take? On top of being a single mom, Rochelle is recovering from a second bout of cancer and chemotherapy, she's on disability, she suffers from chronic fatigue and then COVID-19 hit creating a financial crisis on top of everything else. Coach Mike helps her find her strength and gives direction and focus to her desire to use her experiences to help others deal with life when life is overwhelming.    Hi. Listeners, the "Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer" podcast, will be on hiatus next week and we'll be returning on Dec. 29th! Wish you all a very Happy Holidays! /       FB:  IG:  Twitter: IG:  TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 15, 2020
One Decision To Pursue Your Passion
Have you ever had the feeling your passion is slipping through your fingers? In this episode of "Always Evolving" Coach Mike helps Rachel re-discover the fire and confidence that drove her to write a novel and use it to publish her incredible work. He also gives Dwain, who has been stuck in a lifeless rut for years, the tools to find what killed his motivation and re-ignite his love for acting and directing. These inspirational stories offer hope and direction and a chance to re-invigorate your life! /         FB:   IG:   Twitter: IG:   TikTok:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 08, 2020
The One Decision That Could Change It All
On this episode of Always Evolving Coach Mike Bayer uses his brilliant One Decision techniques to help three people, Sally, Greg, and Rachel, change their lives forever. Hear them guided through the process of ensuring their decisions are coming from their true selves, the goal of One Decision. Coach Mike helps them understand the trajectory is theirs, provides them with a road map, and describes ways they can get lost along the way.  You’ll hear how Sally moves on from living with her ex and revives her writing career, how Greg gets past internal blocks to activate his stalled acting career and rebuild his creative enthusiasm and how Rachel disconnects from her 24/7 social media job and reconnects with her beloved family.      FB:  IG:  Twitter: IG:  TikTok:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 01, 2020
Tom Bilyeu: Turning Potential Into Skill Set
Coach Mike talks to billionaire entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu on how he overcame mental and emotional stagnation to build an empire from scratch by training himself to love doing all the hard things in life and to enjoy the process of learning from failure. His goal is to rebuild our post-Covid-19 culture and economy on ideas and ways of living that help people overcome mental restrictions and succeed at finding happiness and self-trust. Tom Bilyeu is an innovative leader in the mindset and empowerment industry who co-founded the company Impact Theory with Lisa Bilyeu, his wife and business partner. Mike and Tom continue the discussion on beliefs, failure, money and publishing "Neon Future" comic book with Steve Aoki and psychological energy.  Hi. Listeners, "Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer" podcast, will be going on hiatus starting next week and we'll be returning on Dec. 1st! Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving!   FB:  IG:  Twitter: IG:  TikTok:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 17, 2020
Dr. Drew: Getting To The Truth of Success
In this episode Coach Mike talks to the legendary Dr. Drew about career longevity and success, how to handle professional criticism, long term relationships and the problems of practicing medicine on television without compromising for the sake of ratings.    They also discuss "The Wild West" of Life Coaching and what pitfalls and traps to look out for when seeking help from a coach. Most importantly they share information on how to handle one's mental health during this ongoing, seemingly endless pandemic.  FB:  IG:  Twitter: IG:  TikTok:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 10, 2020
Rob Bell: The Endless Evolving and Becoming, Inviting You to Something New
Coach Mike and Rob Bell, two amazing minds, talk about creating new ways to look at life to help people live in their hearts, mixing personal development with art and science and decluttering the mind of others' thoughts of who we should be. Many people quote others instead of thinking for themselves. They ask some big questions like what are we here to figure out? and why do people act the way they do? and are you capable of seeing yourself in others? What does it mean to be human? Rob also shares about his fascinating personal journey to find the nexus between quantum physics and spirituality. Rob is the author of ten books, including the New York Times Bestsellers What We Talk About When We Talk About God, The Zimzum of Love, Love Wins and What Is the Bible?. His podcast, called the RobCast, was named by iTunes Best of 2015. He’s been profiled in the New Yorker, toured with Oprah, and in 2011 Time Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 03, 2020
Mark Manson about the phenomenon of his best seller “The Subtle Art Of How To Not Give A Fuck.”
Coach Mike talks to Mark Manson about the phenomenon of his best seller “The Subtle Art Of How To Not Give A Fuck.”  You’ll be delighted to find him a grounded, sensible guy who wanted a self-help book for people who absolutely hate self-help.   He lives outside the world of the power of positive thinking and overcharging struggling people and helps ground folks in the real world where sometimes things are not pleasant and there’s no series of steps to make them better.  Mr. Manson encourages people to think outside the “be more positive, make more money” box that personifies most self-help and life coaching services and learn how to handle life on life’s terms, good and bad. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 27, 2020
Internationally Best-Selling Author Mitch Albom Brings Storytelling to the Forefront
Coach Mike Bayer goes in-depth with Mitch Albom, an internationally best-selling author, journalist, screenwriter, playwright, radio and television broadcaster, philanthropist, and musician.  They discuss the intricacies of writing, his journey to "Tuesdays With Morrie, ways to be an effective storyteller and "Finding Chika" a true story about the loss of his daughter. His books have collectively sold more than 40 million copies worldwide; have been published in 49 territories and in 47 languages around the world; and have been made into Emmy Award-winning and critically-acclaimed television movies.  This episode will provide key insights into the life of Mitch Albom and how one can approach the writing in the social media world.   Social Media: @wetuesdaypeople community:   Facebook | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 20, 2020
Dr. Ian Smith Talks About the Power of Reinvention, Pivoting and Feeding Your Soul!
Coach Mike and host of CBS’ “The Doctors,” Dr. Ian Smith talk about creating a fulfilling life by defying the rules. Dr. Ian explains, how early on, he rejected the notion of focusing on just one endeavor and instead, became the master of many. In addition to a prestigious medical career and hosting an Emmy Award-winning television show, Dr. Ian’s passion for writing has him juggling multiple careers. Inspired by John Grisham, he wrote his first fiction novel during his junior year in college and now, with more than 15 books under his belt, most of them best-selling fitness books and a goal of publishing two every year, he reveals his latest triumph: THE UNSPOKEN: An Ashe Cayne Novel, his latest work of fiction, was just optioned to be a TV series. If you’re feeling stuck in life, this inspiring conversation with two men who never stop creating, will give you tips and motivation to design a healthy and realistic plan that’s right for you.  FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Twitter: @DrIanSmith     Instagram: @DoctorIanSmith Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 13, 2020
How Singer Ally Brooke’s Faith Helped Her Own Her Truth When Facing Adversity In the Music Industry!
Coach Mike reunites with former girl bander Ally Brooke after meeting her on Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor” eight years ago. In this touching interview, they reflect back on her swift rise to fame from singer in Fifth Harmony, to solo artist, contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" and now author of her newly released self-help guide, Finding Your Harmony. Ally reveals her most personal stories from the ups and downs in the music industry to her plans on saving herself for marriage. She details years of hardship and how, with the help of family, friends and faith, she was able to navigate back to a successful career but this time owning her truth and living her best life. This heartfelt episode of self-discovery and being authentic to who you are is a powerful reminder that despite rejection, trauma or fear, with hard work and help from your community, there is always a path back to a healthy and more fulfilling life. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 06, 2020
Comedian Adam Carolla Calls BS On Being Woke In America!
In this episode of Always Evolving With Coach Mike Bayer, Mike has a fun and honest discussion with comedian, author, social commentator and podcast host Adam Carolla. They get real about why some celebrities have so much to say about politics, ways in which he believes the Coronavirus pandemic has been mishandled by those in charge, how he deals with (or just doesn’t notice) the haters, and much more. He discusses his iconic podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, how he chooses his guests and why he believes it’s important to interview ALL fascinating people whether he agrees with their views or not. He asks the important question, “What’s dangerous about talking to someone?” His courageous commentary is enlightening, refreshing and is sure to make you laugh out loud.  FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 29, 2020
Singer and Songwriter LP Opens Up About Love, Life and The Power of Believing in Yourself!
In this compelling episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer, he meets one of his favorite musical artists LP, who has gone from songwriter to rising international pop-rock star. In 2016, after writing songs for Grammy Award winning artists including; Cher, Rihanna, Céline Dion and Christina Aguilera, LP secured her own record deal and her star quickly rose. With five albums under her belt, more than 500 million views on Spotify for her number one single “Lost On You,” and sold out concerts worldwide, LP reveals to Coach Mike what inspires her to write and the reason she feels like the luckiest person alive. This open and revealing podcast will encourage you to believe in yourself, remind you of the power of communication and how individuality is truly the key to freedom. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 22, 2020
Learning The Do’s, Don’t and Nevers On Social Media With Richy Jackson!
In this very candid episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer, Coach Mike and his close pal and choreographer Richy Jackson dive into the subject of social media etiquette and how it creates unrealistic perceptions of ourselves and others. The two discuss the deeper meaning of how these platforms were designed to connect people and yet the result is often just the opposite; eliciting negative behaviors and destroying people’s self-worth. If social media has ever negatively affected you, causing feelings of insecurity or sadness, listen to today’s podcast which is chock full of reminders to ignore haters, follow your instincts and always be true to yourself. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 15, 2020
Unlock The Secret To Becoming The Best Version of Yourself With Author Gabby Bernstein!
In this episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer, Mike meets #1 New York Times best-selling author and international speaker Gabby Bernstein. She and Mike swap stories about their “party days” and addictions and the powerful ways in which recovery radically changed their lives and ultimately led them on a journey toward helping others heal and discover inner happiness. Gabby reveals she felt suicidal following her son’s birth, but shares how it became the best moment for transformational growth. That experience helped her dig deeper than ever before and seek help from others. This episode can give you the confidence to know that no matter what you’re facing, you are not alone and there is always an opportunity for growth because we are always evolving. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok:  Instagram: @gabbybernstein Twitter: @gabbybernstein Facebook: YouTube Channel: Podcast: Personal website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 08, 2020
Musician, Producer And DJ Lane 8 Talks About Creating New Music
In today’s episode, Mike gets to talk to Lane 8, a musician he’s admired for a long time. In this fun interview, Lane 8, who has been referred to as a “melodic genius” opens up about his remarkable journey, which started at just six years old when he first began creating music. While in high school, he was gifted Fruity Loops, an entry level computer program that helps mix music, and that’s when his career was born. He developed his own unique sound and before he knew it, doors started opening up for him. Coach Mike and Lane 8 talk about parallels in both of their careers; from perfecting their work, to constantly moving the goal post to be their best selves and how they discover inspiration. In August 2020, Lane 8 unveiled his newest album Cross Pollination, a compilation featuring some of dance music’s brightest stars. This feel-good episode reminds us to embrace risks and never to be afraid to try something new. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Instagram @lane8music - 107K followers Twitter @Lane8music- 33K followers Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 01, 2020
“The Office” Star Brian Baumgartner Shares Behind The Scenes Adventures From America’s Most Beloved TV Show!
This episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer features actor Brian Baumgartner. Brian played Kevin Malone, the awkward and mathematically challenged accountant, on all nine seasons of one of TV’s most iconic sitcoms, “The Office.” Brian gives us a glimpse into the crazy world of acting and the trade off’s he’s made along his path to success in a truly tough business. He even reveals why a conversation he overheard with Oscar-winning actress Allison Janney changed the course of his life. Now, Brian hosts a weekly podcast that revisits the show that put him on the map; it’s called “An Oral History of “The Office,” and it’s filled with hilarious interviews with all his fellow cast members. My fun-filled discussion with Brian will re-inspire you to follow your dreams, put in the hard work because it’s worth it, and to always believe in yourself no matter what life might serve up. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 25, 2020
Reality TV Star Kim Zolciak-Biermann Reveals Her Unexpected Secrets To Living An Authentic Life
In this episode of Always Evolving, Coach Mike and Bravo’s “Don’t Be Tardy” star Kim Zolciak-Biermann get deep. They discuss everything from her decision to leave a career in nursing to pursuing her dreams of fame and fortune, all while raising six amazing kids. Kim talks about it all: why she walked away from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” her husband’s phone call to Bravo’s Andy Cohen, and her initial anxiety about having her own TV show. As if Kim’s life wasn’t already hectic enough, she now hosts her own podcast, “House of Kim”, and recently founded a line of swimwear and skin care. Kim may seem to have it all—and to have it all figured out—but she confides that it’s her spiritual advisor that keeps her head on straight. In this candid interview, Kim inspires listeners to live life authentically, to have pride in who you are, and always, always follow your dreams. FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 18, 2020
Former Miss Kentucky Turned Influencer, Mallory Ervin, Reveals Her Secrets to Living Fully
From the outside looking in, Mallory Ervin’s life looked picture-perfect. Raised on a picturesque farm with a huge, loving family, she was crowned Miss Kentucky, then a runner up for Miss America, and went on to star on the hit series, “The Amazing Race” three times. It looked like she had it all—a life filled with travel, adventure and fun. But appearances can be deceiving. Desperate to outdo herself and constantly wanting to achieve more in life, Mallory began relying on prescription drugs to help her keep on pushing forward. It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom that she started to truly understand and embrace that a full life is not defined by achievements.   In this episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer, Mallory shares her journey of addiction and recovery. No longer defined by titles or fame, she was free to become her best self and now she’s passionate about helping others do the same. If you feel lost, are constantly seeking the approval of others or are always striving to live a life full of the “hero” photos you see on social media – listen to today’s podcast. It might just be your turn for a reinvention.  FB: IG: Twitter: IG: TikTok: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 11, 2020
Celebrated Chef Tim Hollingsworth Serves Up Hot Tips For Success!
After spending years as Chef de Cuisine at the illustrious French Laundry in Northern California, Chef Tim Hollingworth, left the famed restaurant to carve his own path and become a restauranteur. Opening Otium, one of LA’s hot spots, and C.J.Boyd’s Fried Chicken to rave reviews, in March, like everyone else in the world, he was hit hard with bad news. Due to Covid19, he was forced to shutter his restaurants and lay off almost his entire staff. Yet, with an amazing work ethic – Tim decided once again, it was time to roll up his sleeves and pivot. Chef Tim reveals to Coach Mike a transformation is in the works as he plans to take his fine-dining experience and create a take-out extravaganza.   Have you ever felt defeated or crushed with despair? If you have ever faced a huge loss, listen to today’s podcast about reinvention and resilience. Tim, who climbed to the top of his field with sheer grit and fierce determination, will inspire you to stay positive, surround yourself with successful people and never let failure define you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 04, 2020
From Addiction to Suicide: Coach Mike’s Treatment Center Director Robert Lien Addresses Mental Health Issues!
Admission Director Robert Lien of the Cast Center in West Hollywood, talks about his personal journey from his aspirations of playing hockey to, completely switching gears and, becoming the director of Coach Mike’s treatment center. Robert and Mike cut to the chase and discuss the serious crisis surrounding mental health and addiction in our country today and how, since the pandemic began, there is a tremendous uptick of people in need. In the last five months, Robert explains he receives more calls from people feeling suicidal, due to all sort of problems from loneliness to depression – stemming from job loss, isolation and anxiety. What’s most striking – many calls are from people who have never faced mental health issues before. In this honest and open episode, Robert and Mike, both sober for nearly two decades, relate to the idea of community and the need for structure to feeling safe, knowing at a specific time, you will be in “group.” If you are experiencing any sort of mental health trauma, know you are not alone. There is no shame in asking for help. Mental health is the number one priority to transforming your life. You just have a take the first step and call. They’re waiting. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 31, 2020
Meet The Master's Of Memes Reid Hailey and Todd Anderman!
Coach Mike explores the world of memes and internet videos with Doing Things Media Founder Reid Hailey and its president Todd Anderman. While Reid and his co-founder Derek Lucas created more than 20+ brands, including instagram pages; shithead steve, All Gas No Breaks and animalsdoingthings, Todd was hired to create revenue streams for them all. Between advertising, merchandise and mainstream media, they have built an empire, never straying from their core mission: “to make you laugh.” And that they do.  With nearly 60 million followers on their social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Tictok and YouTube, they have branched out and are now in business with comedian Howie Mandel, who has signed on for a second season of their show “Animals Doing Things,” on NatGeo. They also have several other TV shows in production and on July 28, their first coffee table book “DOGGOS Doing Things” was published.  If you have a desire to create a business, listen to today’s episode and learn from these internet trailblazers. They’ll tell you there’s no shame in making mistakes (they’ve made many), but it has never stopped them from the daily grind of working hard and pursing their dreams. Turn your passion into a plan now and start living your best self! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 28, 2020
Holistic Psychologist Nicole LePera on Healing Your Mind, Body & Soul!
In this episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer, meet Holistic Psychologist Nicole LePera. Nicole became a household name when her Instagram account blew up and millions of people began following her. She and Coach Mike discuss her unique brand of holistic psychology and how her departure from traditional methods resonate with so many people.  She believes anxiety and our “stuckness” in life is close to pandemic levels across the globe, with so many people suffering and seeking counseling. She discusses her own childhood being fraught with anxiety and how she was determined to find lasting solutions. In this podcast, Nicole talks about mental wellness and understanding underlying imbalances like dysregulation, childhood traumas and suppressed emotions. If ever you wanted to change old behaviors, live more empowered or break free from bad habits – listen to Dr. Nicole LePera’s wise words and tools that will help course correct your life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 24, 2020
Respect, Integrity & Dignity: Dr. Cheryl Jackson’s Secret To Providing Meals To Millions!
Meet Dr. Cheryl “Action” Jackson, one of the most inspirational CEO’s in America today, on this gripping episode of Always Evolving With Coach Mike Bayer. Dr. Jackson shares her heartfelt journey from her own painful experience with food insecurity to helping feed millions of people, through her organization Minnie’s Food Pantry, named after her mother. Cheryl recounts the last 12 years and all who inspired her along on the way including: her parents, football legend Emmet Smith and Oprah Winfrey, with whom she developed a deep friendship. Minnie’s Food Pantry mission is to treat everyone with respect, integrity and dignity without judgment. Cheryl began Minnie’s Food Pantry with just two cans of corn and now gives away nearly 180lbs of food to every family who pulls up to one of her facilities. If you are in Plano, Texas, you could be lucky enough to meet this extraordinary woman either serving meals, on a forklift or at a supermarket buying supplies. If you have ever been determined to make a difference, learn more about how Cheryl gained the courage, strength and wisdom to establish one of the most successful food pantries in the US today. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 21, 2020
Details Editor Dan Peres’ Tells All About His Deadly 60-Pills-A-Day Addiction!
Today’s episode of Always Evolving With Coach Mike Bayer is an insightful look at white-collar drug addiction and one man’s amazing road to recovery. For more than 15 years, Dan Peres held the coveted editor-in-chief position at Details, one of the hippest men’s lifestyle and fashion magazines in the world. In his new book, As Needed for Pain: A Memoir of Addiction, Dan discusses his tenure at Details, while grappling with a toxic opioid addiction, consuming seven years of his life. Dan describes his outwardly glamorous life, surrounded by celebrities, legendary fashion designers and obscene displays of wealth, while inwardly suffering from massive insecurity, with a job he didn’t think he deserved, that was only quelled by popping copious amounts of pills daily. In this podcast, Dan inspires hope and a path forward to anyone struggling with addiction. He believes his 12-step recovery program was the key to saving this life; finding happiness, being a present and sober dad and resuming his career as a dedicated journalist. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 17, 2020
New Gal, New Life: Duane “Dog” Chapman, the Bounty Hunter, Talks About Starting Over!
In this revealing episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike, Duane “Dog” Chapman opens up about it all. In this no holds barred interview—Dog talks candidly about his troubled youth and how he was able to turn his trauma into an empire. Dog explains that his first bout in jail was also his last, a meeting with Tony Robbins encouraged him to be the world’s best bounty hunter and how his life since his wife of 20 years died has changed—including quitting his nicotine habit. If ever you have felt completely hopeless and hit rock bottom, listen to today’s podcast. At 67-years old, Dog has defied the odds and turned grief into happiness and joy. Find out how this salty dog was able to learn new tricks. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 14, 2020
From Hairstylist To Entrepreneur: YouTube Sensation Brad Mondo “Reacts” To Stardom!
In this episode, Brad Mondo talks to Coach Mike about his personal evolution from hairstylist to YouTube Star. Brad discusses his journey from his humble beginnings in Massachusetts, where he worked his way up at his dad’s salon, to his brave move to New York City that led to his initial success. Always looking for ways to improve—Brad continued to developed his technique and through his unique sense of style and desire to become the biggest player in his industry he began producing his own YouTube videos. Famous for his Hairdresser Reacts videos, he now boasts millions of subscribers and has more than 800 million video views. If you ever thought stardom came easy, this podcast will demystify it all. Brad shares his uphill battles, his rejection from other influencers, and how he has spent hundreds of hours perfecting his craft. For tips about becoming your best self, enjoy today’s episode of Always Evolving. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 10, 2020
Maximizing Your Workout With Fitness Expert Eric Janicki
Fitness guru Eric Janicki might be a thirst trap on Instagram, but in this interview with Coach Mike, he reveals he is so much more than a hot guy with killer gluts. Eric discusses his journey to becoming an international fitness trainer and how he used his business acumen to build an empire. After college, Eric thought he found his dream job at one of world’s largest financial firms, Merrill Lynch, until one day he realized his life-long passion could become a career.  Eric talks with Coach Mike about everything from how he took an in-person job as a trainer and morphed it into a worldwide digital brand making him rich, to helping his clients enhance one particular body part and more. If you ever wondered if your hobby could turn a profit, listen to today’s podcast. It’s not only fun, but filled with valuable insights about turning your passion into a million-dollar business by being kind, through hard work and believing in yourself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 07, 2020
How Trayvon Martin’s Mother, Sybrina Fulton, Turned Her Pain Into Power!
In this stirring episode, Sybrina Fulton opens up to Coach Mike about the traumatic journey she has taken since George Zimmerman, a neighbor vigilante shot and killed her 17-year-old son, Trayvon Martin. From this tragedy, which sparked the inception of the Black Lives Matter movement to her courageous decision to run for Miami Dade County Commissioner on August 18, Sybrina has refused to sit back and let this destroy or define her. She discusses everything from attending George Floyd’s funeral, racial profiling and why she is actually hopeful change is coming. If you have ever faced misfortune or experienced any sort of bigotry, this podcast will give you the tools to stay calm, remind you you’re not alone and help inspire and provide faith that the world is always evolving. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 30, 2020
Ex-UFC Champion Mark Hunt Prepares For His Biggest Fight Yet!
In this episode of Always Evolving With Coach Mike Bayer, UFC champion and Best-Selling author of Born To Fight, Mark Hunt, gets real from Sydney, Australia. Mark, a UFC legend, shares stories about the inner workings of the MMA world, describing unfair pay wages, a lack of health insurance and alleged rampant cheating and scandals due to drug use. In a rare interview, Mark discusses his journey as one of the best fighters in the world and why he became an advocate for justice in the league. In this explosive interview, meet a man filled with determination, angst and fury, in order to create life changing reforms for fighters and their families. If you like today’s episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer please share with friends and download and subscribe. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 26, 2020
Financial Trailblazer Suze Orman Shares Secrets To Securing Your Financial Future!
Finance guru, NY Times Best-Selling author and currently the podcast host of the "Suze Orman Women & Money,” Suzy Orman makes clear it’s never too late to get smart with your money, build financial freedom and create long lasting investments. Suze reveals her steep climbed to the top of the finance world, when women had little place in the business world, and never let her own blunders defeat her.   In this episode, Suze discusses why she feels passionately about teaching women to own and understand their finances. She talks about her new best-selling book, “The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+: Winning Strategies to Make Your Money Last a Lifetime” and how it’s never too late to begin investing. If you’ve enjoyed today’s episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer please download and subscribe. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 23, 2020
On Being a Drag Queen: HBO's Shangela, Bob And Eureka Tell-All
In this podcast, Coach Mike welcomes the HBO’s cast of “We’re Here,” an unscripted series that has warmed the hearts of America. This show centers around beloved drag queens, Shangela, Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka roaming the country, stopping in small conservative towns and recruiting local residents to participate in one-night only drag performances. In this interview, they let down their bouffant hair and show you what they’re made of.   Perceptions of drag queens end in this episode. Shangela, Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka lift the curtain on their lives and lessons they’ve learned traveling America, including their own stereotypes about small town people. Shangela reveals, “we’ve unearthed pockets of support in the most unlikely of places.” This show is fearless and has no limits. Coach Mike and the Queens go deep as they talk about adversity and the importance of being heard. If ever you felt marginalized, like you weren’t living your authentic life, or feared judgment – today’s show is for you. And if you enjoy Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer’s podcast please download and subscribe today. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 19, 2020
Meet Bruce Vilanch: Hollywood’s Secret Weapon To One-Liners!
In this episode, Bruce Vilanch, one of Hollywood’s most revered comedy writers and recipient of numerous Awards for his brilliant work, shares stories with Coach Mike about his thirty-year love affair with the entertainment industry. Bruce describes what it’s like writing for the Oscars, Emmy Grammy and Tony Awards, and his tricks to ensuring Hollywood’s biggest stars sound funny. Bruce also gets serious talking about years of activism in the LGBTQ community and how far it has evolved over the years.   If you ever dreamed of becoming a comedy writer, Bruce believes this might be the ideal time to get your foot in the door. Bruce imparts useful tips on beginning a career in show business and the reason streaming platforms have been a catalyst for networks returning to the golden age of TV. If you enjoy Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer podcast please download and subscribe today. Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow Twitter/Instagram: @stage29podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 16, 2020
Entrepreneur Bernard Kinsey: Why White People Struggle To Understand The Black Lives Matter Movement!
Coach Mike meets civil rights veteran, philanthropist and founder of The Kinsey Collection, Bernard Kinsey, who, in 1992, was tasked with spearheading “rebuild LA” after the LA Riots, that stemmed from the brutal beating of Rodney King.  In this episode, Bernard chronicles this $2.4 billion undertaking and describes his lifelong passion studying African American history, through the lens of art and culture. This passion culminated with his family amassing one of the largest private African American art collections in the world.    Download and subscribe to Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer podcast today and immerse yourself in one of the most fascinating history lessons of our time. Without understanding black history, we fail to be part of the most essential changes in America today: creating equality and justice for all.  Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow Twitter/Instagram: @stage29podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 12, 2020
From Recovery to Life Coaching, The Bayer Brothers Reveal Their Journey to Success!
In his most personal podcast to-date, Coach Mike talks candidly with his brother, David Bayer, about the good, the bad and the ugly. In this very revealing episode, they lay bare the difficult challenges they both faced getting sober, how it radically transformed their lives and led them to becoming two of the leading life coaches in the country. In discussing their different coaching styles, they describe their lowest moments, how they used their personal pain to help heal others and praised each other for the positive impact they’ve had on one another. If you’ve ever thought you’re not good enough, felt stuck in life’s murky waters or questioned your deeper purpose– take a moment to listen to this special podcast. You’ll be inspired, excited to make changes and be ready to live your inner wizard. Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow Twitter/Instagram: @stage29podcasts Instagram: @Davidbayer33 Download my latest book MIND HACK for free (over 130,000 downloads) Join us at The Powerful Living Experience Live Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 09, 2020
Find Out How To Break Bad Habits and Build Wealth With Financial Expert Chris Hogan!
In this podcast, national best-selling author and financial expert, Chris Hogan, affirms the American dream is still alive and well – it just takes a solid plan and a little business savvy. In Chris’ 25 years advising CEOs, entertainers and ordinary people, he has discovered the key principles to building wealth and believes it all boils down to a lack of knowledge that holds most people back.  If you feel crippled by debt and don’t have an emergency fund, you might be shocked to find out how much money you actually waste! Chris wants you to dream big. So, listen up because regardless of how much money you earn, you can have savings. I invite you to download and subscribe to this podcast and in less than 20 minutes, Chris will deliver easy tips and tools and you will be on your way to changing your financial destiny.  Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Youtube: @chrishogan360 Twitter/Instagram: @stage29podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 04, 2020
Legendary Creative Director, Richy Jackson, Shares What It Takes To Become A Star!
In this podcast, meet the creative genius behind Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Usher and so many more. Richy Jackson began his career as a dancer, developed into a choreographer then pivoted, once more, into the role of a lifetime, becoming the preeminent creative director to the stars. Listen to Richy dish on what separates a star from a legend and share the number one reason why celebrities fall from grace. He reveals common mistakes artists make and teaches helpful tips and tools you can apply to everyday life ensuring you remain … Always Evolving! Whether you’re interested in a career in the entertainment industry or becoming a big name in the profession you’re already in -- I invite you to download and subscribe to this podcast. Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow Twitter/Instagram/TikTok: @richysquirrel Twitter/Instagram: @stage29podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 03, 2020
Tinashe: Authenticity And Staying True To Herself
In this episode Coach Mike sits down with Singer, Song-Writer, Dancer, Actress and Producer, Tinashe whose latest album "Songs For You" hit number one on iTunes. She's an accomplished artist who learned the most powerful lesson in her career and life about being authentic and staying true to herself. She’s been building her career since she started dancing at the age of four, appeared in her first movie at five and has been creating her own music since the age of fourteen. She has collaborated with such superstar artists like Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Nick Jonas, but the music industry machine didn’t allow her the individual creativity or control she needed to feel fulfilled as an artist. Her new motto: 100% authenticity with no apologies, allowed her the freedom to clean house, part company with her entire team including her record label and refocus on her craft to what truly inspired her. Tinashe's creativity was reignited and her art became fulfilling and brought her an even more meaningful level of success. You won’t want to miss this episode as Coach Mike and Tinashe get real, talk about dating, life choices and get silly doing celebrity impressions. Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow Twitter/Instagram: @tinashenow   Twitter/Instagram: @stage29podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 26, 2020
Kathy Ireland: Her Uphill Battle From Super Model To Super Mogul
Coach Mike Bayer sits down with Kathy Ireland, famously known for her successful career as a super model, gracing the pages of 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, including three covers. But it was what came next, after she left that industry, that ultimately defined her life. With the help of several mentors, including the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor and business tycoon Warren Buffett, she launched the Kathy Ireland Worldwide brand, that developed into a multitude of licensing businesses worth more than $2.6 billion. Kathy also became a best-selling author, public speaker and a fitness guru. In this episode, she and Coach Mike talk about the secrets of her success: “teach, Inspire, empower and make the world better,” ensuring all her business partners sign a human rights contract and making sure work and family is balanced out with a healthy dose of philanthropic endeavors. This podcast is filled with valuable life lessons, from learning the greatest lessons from rejection, surrounding yourself with compassionate people and never, ever believe your own press. Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 19, 2020
UFC Fighter Drew Dober: The Making of A Warrior!
In this podcast, Coach Mike Bayer meets UFC fighter Drew Dober. Drew shares his journey from being raised by a single mom, how Sylvester Stallone influenced his life, to navigating your own authenticity when being on one of the biggest stages; the octagon. Through practicing mindfulness and discovering inner resilience, he regained confidence, a renewed love of the sport and developed a broader life view. What do you do when faced with adversity? How do you confront shame? Drew explores the importance of living your authentic self, why it doesn’t matter what other people think and how success and failure doesn't determine your value. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 12, 2020
Entrepreneur Alli Webb’s Secrets To Building A Beauty Empire!
Coach Mike Bayer sits down with entrepreneur Alli Webb to discuss her inspiration to create what is now her multi-million-dollar empire, Drybar, her latest business, Squeeze massage, and her journey to attaining astonishing success. Over the last 15 years, Alli went from a door-to-door hair saleswoman to a New York Times Best-Selling author of The Drybar Guide to Good Hair, Cosmo’s 2013 Power List, Fortune Magazine’s “40 Under 40” list and is recognized as one of the top businesswomen in the world. But with enormous success comes big challenges. Alli grew up living in her brother’s shadow, didn’t attend college and felt aimless for years. While no one expected much of her, being labeled the “under achiever” of her family, she struggled to prove everyone wrong. Through a combination of resilience, fierce determination and unwavering hard work, the fruits of Alli’s labor paid off with 150 Drybar shops across the country. In this no holds barred interview, you’ll get a rare glimpse inside the self-sacrifice and perseverance it takes to achieve greatness. Alli Webb is a super cool human. Her story is so inspiring – wouldn’t it be cool if we could all make millions of dollars from our own worst enemy? She did– meet Alli’s frizzy hair. She’s raw, honest and not afraid to let you in. With Alli – there are no secrets. If you want to learn a little something about being an entrepreneur – I think you’ll really love today’s podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 05, 2020
Exclusive – Frank Tassone’s reaction to HBO’s new film Bad Education
We all have something in our past we aren’t proud of– something we’d like to scrub from our history. Today, I teach forgiveness, because we all deserve a second chance. In this week’s podcast, I have the unique opportunity to speak with former school superintendent Frank Tassone about HBO’s new film “Bad Education.” The film, which aired on April 25, starring Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney, depicts a dark period in Frank’s life in which he admittedly embezzled over two million dollars from the Roslyn school district on Long Island. Frank has not spoken with any other media outlet because, from prior experience, his words have been twisted, taken out of context or edited to fit someone else’s narrative. In this interview, we allow Frank the freedom, with no strings attached, to comfortably voice his reaction to the film and even, set the record straight. I invite you to my second interview with Frank. At the end of this episode, I extend a special invitation to him to appear on my global Zoom empowerment group to help him heal and offer rare advice and insights to others. I hope you enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 28, 2020
Exclusive: Frank Tassone, the true story behind HBO's "Bad Education”
Meeting Frank Tassone is like meeting a character straight out of a movie—the quintessential three acts of a Martin Scorsese drama – a blue collar kid makes good, destroys it all and then struggles to become whole again. Actually, this isn’t such a stretch. On April 25, Frank’s life becomes as public as it gets, when Emmy Award winner Hugh Jackman plays him in HBO’s “Bad Education.” The film depicts the rise and fall of a beloved man, whose distinguished career in education is lost to greed and arrogance. He is convicted and served time in jail for embezzling nearly $2 million dollars, but twenty years later, despite paying full restitution and losing his license to be an administrator, Frank doesn’t live a day without the guilt and shame of this transgression. What if your most regrettable sin became public? What if, after being released from prison, you still felt confined by unrelenting pain? What if, no matter how successful you were and despite all the good you did, your legacy boiled down to one singular moment?  I invite you to my exclusive interview with Frank Tassone, one of the most intricately complex and shockingly honest people I have ever met. At the end of this episode, I will share ideas with Frank on how to begin healing and release all his toxic feelings. While it’s rare to have a film made about your misdeeds, I hope this helps everyone who has ever experienced similar feelings. LINKS: Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow, @stage29podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 21, 2020
How to Date During A Pandemic!
The coronavirus pandemic has prompted people to practice social distancing and stay home, which has changed how singles everywhere are looking for love and couples are coping being together. Today, I talk to relationship expert, Tracy McMillan, from OWN's hit show "Family or Fiancé" to get the lowdown on dating and relationships while on a lockdown. From the benefits of "slow" dating to building the right online profile to texting do's and dont's, Tracy gives her real-life tips to tackling virtual dating and more. She also reveals the downside of dating apps and why singles are becoming more uncomfortable. // Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow, @stage29podcasts Instagram: @tracymcmillan Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 14, 2020
Vivica A. Fox: Hustling In Hollywood
I recorded this episode with the amazing Vivica A. Fox before the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic thrust almost all of America into a state of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders. Now more than ever, people need to feel inspired. You need to hear this vivacious and inspirational woman. She is a master at turning obstacles into opportunities. I sit down with my good friend and a Hollywood powerhouse. She’s an actress with over 70 films under her belt, an Author and a Businesswoman, Vivica A. Fox. Vivica reveals how her mom was concerned she was going to end up on the dark side of Hollywood! Vivica shares that Jada Pinkett Smith gave her the acting advice that changed her career. She’ll reveal which Hollywood A-List actor is rocking a lace-front wig! Vivica gets real about why she’s done dating rappers and refuses to date any kind of celebrity. Vivica has seen her career hit the highs and the lows and reveals how she reinvented herself when she was no longer the Hollywood “it” girl. This woman is one of the most generous and kind of people I have met. Her hard work and kind heart are inspiring! I hope you enjoy listening to Vivica as much as I enjoyed talking to her! Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow, @stage29podcasts Facebook Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 07, 2020
Coach Mike: In the Midst of a Pandemic, Stories of Hope and Resilience
In today’s episode, I’m reaching out to people, who without fear, share their powerful stories of adversity and devastation and what positive steps they’ve taken to forge a path forward. With social distancing and isolation thrown into the mix, it’s added another layer to everyday challenges, making life even more difficult to navigate. I am wholly inspired by all my guests, but Troy left me in tears. Troy is 30 days sober and coping with indescribable grief after losing his husband just days ago. Forced into quarantine, Troy faced a critical choice: return to alcohol and drown his sorrows or fight temptation and honor his husband by living the life they dreamed of together. How does Troy bounce back? How does he find strength in moments of weakness? What are the tools each guest uses to keep faith alive? I’m so excited to share these amazing stories that show how interconnected our lives are and how, through fortitude and faith, anything is possible. At the end of this episode, I will share some tips and a group mediation. I hope you enjoy listening. LINKS: Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow @stage29podcasts Facebook Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 31, 2020
Today, I get a real-life glimpse inside the coronavirus pandemic straight from an ER doctor and married mother of three, Dr. Dara Kass, who tested positive for COVID-19 and is quarantining herself without her kids at her New York home. She reveals her experience on the front lines and the moment she felt like she couldn't walk. She gets candid about talking to her young kids about the reality of the situation, what gets her through the day and the most important thing she’s doing and what others like her can do to recover. She reveals the heartbreaking news of how just weeks from now NYC doctors may have to decide between who lives and who dies due to shortages. She also gives answers to more practical medical questions about the virus, like when and if you should go to the hospital, where do you get tested and how do you know if you’re immune after getting it? And while she’s a Doctor, she admits that she's human like everyone else and that it’s important for all of us to support each other during these unknown and scary times. Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 24, 2020
Matt Krass: I Have Coronavirus!
It seems like every day, we’re waking up to more frightening headlines as the coronavirus, COVID-19, sweeps the globe. Why is everything shutting down? Do we really need to stay away from people? Should we worry? What is it really like to have coronavirus? Today, I’m talking with a brave coronavirus patient who stepped out of anonymity to stop the speculation and finger-pointing in his community and start educating others. He’s a 40-year-old father of three and music teacher whose proactive decision to see his doctor likely protected thousands of children. His symptoms, or lack thereof, will shock you! He shares the one reason he went to the doctor, what it was like to find out he was positive for COVID-19 and how he explained to his nine-year-old that Daddy wasn’t going to die. My hope is by the end of this podcast, you’ll have more facts and less fear! Also, I want to let you know that in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the CAST Centers is now offering telehealth services. We also take most major insurance policies. Learn more at Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow                  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 17, 2020
Inked: Nikko Hurtado, Secrets From A Celebrity Tattoo Artist!
Today I’m joined by my friend, celebrated tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado who reveals how his early life was challenged by a deep sense of loneliness and how creativity and art gave him a sense of focus and direction. Nikko shares some of the most unusual experiences he’s had with some of the most high profile clients! Find out which body part he won’t tattoo and the sexual arousal some people experience getting inked! This guy has such great stories! Nikko explains why he wouldn’t tattoo Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He opens up about how the world of body ink is steeped in drug and alcohol addiction and why some people are willing look past the bad behavior of a tattoo artist. I hope you’re as inspired by Nikko’s story as I am. Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow, @stage29podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 10, 2020
EXCLUSIVE: Lauren O’Connor: On Standing Up to Harvey Weinstein and Reclaiming Our Voice
Today, I’m introducing you to the brave, young woman who wrote a memo to HR about Harvey Weinstein, exposing his abusive behavior and the sexual assault of another employee. Her memo would become the cornerstone of a New York Times article that began Weinstein’s freefall from Hollywood royalty to convicted criminal. Why did she do it? How did she do it? Lauren O’Connor was a 26 year-old with her dream job who had nothing to gain and everything to lose when she wrote that memo. She lost her job, her privacy and hundreds of thousands of dollars. But what she gained was a healing she never expected. For the first time, she opens up about her own sexual assault and how it impacted her decision to report one of the most powerful, famous men in the world. She shares the vulnerable moment her coworker showed up in her hotel room doorway sobbing and her reaction to the verdict of Weinstein’s trial. Lauren O’Connor is real, raw, and strong. Her story will empower you; she empowers me. Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 03, 2020
Why Dr. Phil Has the Ultimate "Street Cred"
You know him as the host of America’s number-one talk show; I know him as a mentor and friend. I’m talking about Dr. Phil McGraw! In this episode, you’ll hear how he found - or should I say, created – success despite growing up in a dysfunctional family. Dr. Phil opens up about how his chaotic and abusive childhood shaped him, how he found identity on the football field, and what led him to psychology. When you hear the struggles that Dr. Phil has endured, you’ll see him in a whole new light! I did and I’ve known him for years! Dr. Phil reveals how his show got started and how one decision could have changed his family’s life forever. We also dig deep into themes of loyalty, trust, and patience and Dr. Phil dishes out wisdom and Phil-isms that will have you scrambling for a notebook and pen. You don’t want to miss this one! Phil in the Blanks: Mystery And Murder: Analysis By Dr. Phil - Twitter/Instagram: @drphilpodcast Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 25, 2020
Jessica Simpson's Secrets to Happiness
It’s my premiere podcast episode and I’m excited for all of you to hear from multi-platinum recording artist, billion-dollar business mogul and, now author, Jessica Simpson! Jessica is literally an “Open Book”, as she details the highs and lows of pop stardom, childhood sexual abuse, and the secret addictions that threatened her life. She shares why she was attracted to people who needed saving and how she realized their darkness was dimming her light. She tells me why she’ll never regret the large divorce settlement she paid Nick Lachey and why her freedom was worth the price. You’ll also hear how she’s now managing her anxiety, learning to love her body, and why sex is so much better sober! Brave, bold, and honest, this is a Jessica Simpson you haven’t heard before! Learn how she’s transforming her mistakes and pain into beautiful lessons of healing…and you can, too. My podcast is all about propelling you toward a more fulfilling, purposeful life and we’re just getting started!   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 18, 2020
Coming Soon!
Host and life coach, Mike Bayer sits down with thought leaders, trail blazers and innovators to discuss their struggles, successes, and decisions they’ve made in their businesses as well as their lives. Coach Mike believes all of us are constantly evolving, and each week there’s a different guest that brings wisdom and solutions that could help you enhance your life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 31, 2020