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 Mar 16, 2020


A tech podcast hosted by Tech Tim & Tech Ted, two regular dads who just happen to be experts in the world of tech! Each week, the guys give tips and tricks for fellow tech heads (and tech dads!) and explore exciting news, rumors and even gossip from the world of tech!

Episode Date
118. The Apple First Quarter Earnings Call
Tim and Ted finally dig deep into Apple's first quarter earnings call, breaking down the financial health of everyone's favorite company. Plus, momentarily, a discussion of Ted's latest short film featuring his wife and her boyfriends and their defense tactics for their upcoming trial. Also, Week 8 of the Buy A Tesla Fundraising Drive. Support Tep Talk:
Mar 22, 2023
117. A Whole New Dad
It's Week 7 of the Tesla Fundraising Drive and Tim and Ted are nearly at their goal (after some minor reinvestments). Plus: perfecting their defense for their upcoming court case, unpacking the dad dimensions of Disney, and navigating new trends in viral media. Also, that latest news in slanderous sons. Support Tep Talk:
Mar 15, 2023
116. A Few Good Dads
Tim and Ted discuss some of the latest headlines in the world of technology while recovering from their recent deposition at the hands of Randy. Also, what do you get for the man who has everything (except a corporeal form)? Plus, Ted breaks new ground once again in the world of OnlyFans and the dads have a heartfelt talk about friendship and money management. Support Tep Talk:
Feb 22, 2023
115. The Dadosphere
Tim and Ted breakdown the recent, viral Verge article about Elon Musk's management style at Twitter. Plus, countering the toxic influence of the Manosphere; practicing their m'ladys; answering some legal Q&A's; and Week 5 of the Tesla Fundraising Drive. Support Tep Talk:
Feb 15, 2023
114. Beyond Therapy
It's Week 4 of the Tesla fundraising drive and Tim and Ted are on track to reach their goal, due to some recent successes in their artistic and professional lives. Plus, predictions for Tesla in 2023, the true meaning of Avatar 2, and how to win at therapy. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Feb 08, 2023
113. The Steve Jobs Interview
Tim and Ted host their biggest (and first) interview ever with none other than the late, great Steve Jobs. Plus: an innovation in the world of home bio-analysis and the latest updates to the Tesla Fundraising Drive. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Feb 01, 2023
112. Year of the Dad
It's 2023 and Tim and Ted are excited for their best, last year ever! They ring in the new year with their resolutions, then get into some of their predictions for the year to come. Plus, accounting for their recent absence, addressing Corey's new hit single, and Week 2 of the Tesla Fundraising Drive! Support Tep Talk:
Jan 18, 2023
Bonus: How the Pooch Stole Black Friday
Happy Holidays! Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Dec 24, 2022
111. The 110th Episode Holiday Celebration
It's the 111th episode of Tep Talk and that means it's time for the 110th episode celebration! Also, it's the Christmas episode! Tim and Ted discuss the must-have gifts for the father in your life, update listeners on their "Buy a Tesla" fundraising drive, and even answer some listener questions. Support Tep Talk:
Dec 21, 2022
Bonus: The PDF Hall of Fame
At long last, The Night of 1000 Attachments is here! Who will win and who will go home empty handed? Which digital document will reign supreme? Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Dec 14, 2022
110. He Banned Us (And It Felt Like A Kiss)
Tim and Ted's world is shaken to its core when they are suddenly, and inexplicably, suspended from Twitter. They investigate the incident, discuss the honor of being disciplined, and ultimately make a radical life choice. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Dec 07, 2022
109. Elon's Army
Elon faces his greatest attacks yet, luckily Tim and Ted and the dads of the world are on his side and ready to D for his cause. After a vignette describing an upcoming righteous battle, Tim and Ted break down the latest drama surrounding Elon's acquisition of Twitter and systematically debunk all of the slanderous complaints that have been made against him. Plus: a new cast member joins Ted's wife OnlyFans, and what to get the Dad on your Christmas list this year. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Nov 23, 2022
PDA (Public Dad Announcement)
An important announcement about the future of Tep Talk. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Nov 16, 2022
108. Election Night
It's election night in America! All eyes are on the Best Buy parking lot as Tep Tim and his opponent, Darby Sullivan, prepare for their final showdown in which each man will make his final case to voters as to why he should be mayor. Beforehand, Ted helps Tim do some rigorous debate prep and they run through the key polls and datasets they're watching on the last day of voting. Then, they provide in-depth post-debate analysis and watch the results come in from their campaign headquarters. Support Tep Talk:
Nov 08, 2022
107. The Candidate
It's one week until the mayoral election and Tep Tim HQ is abuzz with activity. Tim and Ted discuss the most pressing issues facing their campaign in the final push, including their desperate need for fundraising and their plan for a major campaign stunt at the Harvest Festival. Plus: Darby sinks to a new low and a major announcement is made regarding next week's episode. Support Tep Talk:
Nov 02, 2022
106. How To Be A Spooky Dad
It's Halloween week, and Tim and Ted have a special show that will thrill and chill you! Including: scary tep stories; how to trick or treat as a dad; movies that are too painful for dads to watch; Randy's fastforwarding of the divorce process; Darby's power play in the mayoral campaign; breaking down the barriers between science and magic; and much more! Plus, a special, tasteful seance to get in touch with an old friend. www.Boo!.com Support Tep Talk:
Oct 26, 2022
105. Ted TV
In a very special episode of Tep Talk, Tim and Ted dive deep into Ted's relationship struggles with Teesha. Plus, the Ballad of Randy Ramirez and more arguments against the radical and deranged mayoral candidate, Darby. Support Tep Tim: Support Tep Talk:
Oct 19, 2022
104. What Is Life?
This week marked the 11th anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs (and the second anniversary of the first annual Tep Talk Steve Jobs Memorial Show) but just as Tim and Ted were preparing their somber rituals, fate conspired to give them a reason to keep living. They very tastefully pay tribute to their dearly departed friend and visionary while also celebrating the best news they've had in a long time. Plus: the power of funereal clowning and the meaning of life. Support Tep Tim 4 Mayor: Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Oct 12, 2022
103. When They Go Low, We Go High
Ted had a bad case of Covid but the real pandemic is all the dirty politics happening in the local mayor's race. Tim and Ted address the slanderous comments that have been made against their campaign by their former friend and current rival, Darby, and put some spin on a recent campaign event that didn't go as planned. Plus, brainstorming a new campaign ad. Also, Ted provides answers to some pressing Covid FAQs. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Sep 28, 2022
Bonus: Minions
Tim and Ted discuss the correct readings of some of their favorite works of literature and the fatherly power of the greatest IP ever created. [NOTE: Somehow Marvin snuck into our computer and messed up the audio on one of the tracks, and so apologies for some occasional glitches. Please address all complaints to him c/o The Screen Repair Hut in the Mall.] Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Sep 07, 2022
102. Out In The Streets
Tim and Ted debrief after their recent, super successful campaign launch event and then do a lightning round of hot takes on the hottest tep news of the day. Plus: Ted demonstrates his mastery of political spin; Randy's new living situation; and a surprise candidate upends the mayoral race. VISIT: SUPPORT TEP TALK ON PATREON:
Aug 31, 2022
101. Just Like Starting Over
Tim and Ted are back and recharged after a restful summer break and ready to talk tep [sic] in Season Two! After a brief description of their personal lives, they dig into the latest news in the world of Apple. Including: how they spent their summer vacations; diagnosing the tragic state of Randy's divorce; Tom de la Tom's career breakthrough; Ted's exciting new relationship; and visiting Canada as a dad. Plus: the first campaign meeting for Tep Tim for Mayor 2022! Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Aug 24, 2022
Summer 2022 Announcement
Tech Talk is taking a summer break but will be back in the fall. Until then, stay teppy! Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Jul 06, 2022
Bonus Song: "Are You There God? It's Lil PP Shooter" (ft. Pastor Trey)
The latest hit song from Lil' PP Shooter, featuring Pastor Trey. As heard on Episode 99/100.
Jun 29, 2022
99 and 100. The End...
After 100 (rounded up) episodes, Tim and Ted have finally met their match. They look back on their wonderful lives and answer listener questions as they wait to die. Plus: Lil' PP Shooter's latest hit song, more ways to be a Special Dad, and their biggest regrets. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Jun 22, 2022
98. The WWDC at the End of Time
In a triumphant return to form, Tim and Ted watch and respond to the latest Apple WWDC event, just in time to hear about the latest news, gossip and information and just in time for Tim before he potentially dies. Including: how iOS 16 will change your life (new fonts and you live in the phone now), the latest developments in the life, death and rebirth of #SockLinguini, and exciting new frontiers in the fracturing of the psyche. Plus: more improvements for Lord of the Rings, more installments of '101 Ways to be a Special Dad," and Sarah, Stefan and Bronson hit the rails. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Jun 15, 2022
97. Of Mice and M
Tim and Ted tackle one of the most pressing, and complex, issues in the world of technology. But first: news you can use about some misleading pictures going around and Ted details his increasing cinematic fame. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Jun 08, 2022
96. Mother Knows Musk
TGIF...or should we say TGIM (Thank G I'm Mother)! Tim and Ted are back with a brand new episode celebrating one of the greatest, and least appreciated, warriors in the world of tep. Plus, Ted's OnlyFans career continues to grow (shoutout Stefan). Also, new frontiers in couples' counseling. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Jun 03, 2022
Bonus: The Great British Dad Off
Coming up next on the BBC, ten of Britain's finest fathers compete to see if they have what it takes to become Britain's next top dad. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
May 25, 2022
95. Bringing Up Daddy
For once in their lives, people (besides the authorities and divorce attorneys) are paying attention to Tim and Ted...and they like it! The dads discuss their recent experiences in the lime light, as well as what's on their tech radar. Also, a cold read of the first scene in their upcoming Steve Jobs rap musical biopic. Plus, tep: not just for dads any more! Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
May 18, 2022
94. Into The Pocketverse
It's an artsy episode of Tep Talk, as Tim and Ted discuss some groundbreaking news out of Hollywood, as well as some their own artistic ventures. Including: the untapped potential for the toy and game extended cinematic universe; Ted's adventures in indie filmmaking; more ways to be a Special Dad; and how to make peace with the hard truth about updates. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
May 04, 2022
Bonus: Goodnight, Dads
Some additional segments from Episode 93: "All The World's A Scam" Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
May 03, 2022
93. All The World's A Scam
At long last, Tim and Ted offer their definitive guide for How to Avoid (and Make Peace With) Online Scams. But first, they discuss a rare victory for dads in the War on Fathers, fill each other in on their living situations, and engage in some theatre criticism. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Apr 27, 2022
92. In Dreams
The veil is thin this week...all the better to bring you the latest news, updates, and gossip from the world of Tep! Tim and Ted get each other up to date other on their respective living situations, share some very exciting news about the podcast, and briefly explain the world of metaphysics. Plus, Ted's exciting new career opportunity and more ways to be a special dad. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Apr 20, 2022
91. April Fools
It's the greatest day of the year for dads, the day that they can finally don their jester caps and say to the world "Behold! For you have been fooled! And your humiliation is compounded by the fact that your fooling comes at the hands of him you have reduced to the eternal Fool!" Tim and Ted revel in some of their favorite April Fools jokes and japes, discuss why April Fools is so important to fathers, and address some of the more insidious forms of April Fools abuse they have suffered. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Apr 13, 2022
90. Techy at 90
Tim and Ted celebrate their podcasting milestone of 90 massively succesful episodes (thank you, Marvin) by imagining what tep might look like when they turn 90. Plus, the world of dadstrology; another installment from "How To Be A Special Dad"; some of the highlights of the latest Apple live event; a return to the English countryside; and how to pull off the perfect Ted Talk. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Apr 06, 2022
89. How to Spot Misinformation Online
In our current age of technology, information is more important than ever before. And yet, we simultaneously find ourselves awash in an unprecendented deluge of misinformation...and even disinformation. How can you tell what it is (information and dis/mis) and what can you do about it? In this week's episode, Tim and Ted tackle the thorniest, and most pressing, issue of our time: how can you spot, and battle, bad information online? Plus, further analysis of the book "101 Ways to Be a Special Dad." Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Mar 23, 2022
88. How To Be A Special Dad
In a very special episode of Tep Talk, Tim and Ted do their first ever book discussion/analysis, tackling the seminal 1993 book "101 Ways To Be A Special Dad." Plus, what to expect when you're expecting the Apple March Event and the excitement of living (and being let die) in the Metaverse.
Mar 16, 2022
Bonus: Celebrating Cables & The Matrix, Again
Tim and Ted are off this week preparing for their next show. In the meantime, here are some extra bits from Episode 87, on the power of cables and the true meaning of The Matrix 4. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Mar 09, 2022
87. Tech After Hours
Tim and Ted set aside their I's (inhibitions) and discuss some of their deepest, darkest F's (fantasies) in the world of T (tepnology). Plus, the latest from their respective living situations; dealing with difficult roommates; navigating e-vite season; and a few non-apologies to those who had the gall to criticize the flawless Two Year Anniversary Show. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Mar 02, 2022
86. Tech Talk Turns Two
IT'S TECH TALK'S SECOND ANNIVERSARY! Tim and Ted take a moment to celebrate themselves and their many, many successes through their words, their memories, and their plentiful artistic skills. Including: how far they've come; how far some of their friends have come by betraying them; and some exciting new ideas for the world of tech and entertainment. And much more! Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Feb 23, 2022
Bonus: Rats, Spells & Dadft Punk
Tim and Ted will be back next week for their TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY RED CARPET EVENT episode. Until then, here are some bonus excerpts from episodes 83-85. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Feb 16, 2022
85. Strapped and Jacked Into Web3
Tim and Ted strap on their VR headsets and jack in to the wild and wonderful world of Web3, providing the definitive explainer of the future of the internet. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Feb 09, 2022
84. A Fresh Start
After a harrowing week of uncertainty, the dads are back in town and ready to get down to business! In a focused and very non-sacrilegious episode, Tim and Ted discuss the latest news, information and gossip in the world of tech, including the ongoing fight between Neil Young and Joe Rogan and the recent retirement of a podcasting legend. Plus: an audition and some exciting new ideas for Tech Talk spinoffs and reboots. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Feb 02, 2022
83. From a Motel 8
Green is the colour of the dads this week as they process a series of betrayals, from the abandonment of their best friend to the mistreatment of their favorite candy. But they are on almost to Delaware and nothing can stop them now! Including: woke culture comes for your favorite dad-shape candy; Elon's ironic concern about babies; and a return to the world of NFTs. Plus, Tim and Ted throw back the curtain and reveal a little bit about themselves for once. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Jan 26, 2022
82. RIP To A Legend
It's a Very Special episode of Tep Talk, as Tim and Ted mourn the passing of a dearly beloved friend who was taken too early (and yet somehow not early enough) and vow to find out who killed him (probably no one). Plus, the winding path to Delaware makes an unexpectedly pleasant pit stop. Also, the 15th Anniversary of the iPhone has the dads getting in touch with their artistic sides and taking a walk down memory lane. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Jan 19, 2022
81. The Phantom Dennis
It's 2022 and Tim and Ted are coming to you live from the Garden State with a very focused show all about the latest tech news, information, and gossip. Also, looking back at 2021; introducing a new co-host; a listener question; innovative ways to get your wife back in the new year; updating a classic film soundtrack; the difficulties of training a padawan dad; and manifesting the tech releases of your dreams. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Jan 12, 2022
Bonus: The Tom Waits EP
Something happened and somehow a collection of songs about technology in the style of Tom Waits got created. Here it is. Featuring: 1. Sock Linguini 2. Let Me Be 3. Apple Man 4. What's He Loading In There? Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Dec 29, 2021
80. It's A Wonderful Tep
In their second annual holiday special, Tim and Ted present their version of a holiday classic about a dad who almost gives up Steve's greatest gift. Happy Holidays! Support Tep Talk on Patreon.
Dec 22, 2021
79. The Definitive 2021 Father’s Gift Guide
Tim and Ted are geared up for a very healthy and normal Christmas in the Prius. With the help of some friends they go through their 2021 guide to what to buy and not buy the father in your life. Including: a beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency, which magazines will ruin your father’s life, and their exclusive review of the Spotify Car Thing! Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Dec 15, 2021
78. Devil's Radio
Tim and Ted put the "gossip" in tep news, information and gossip this week, as they dive into a plethora of juicy tidbits from the worlds of Apple, Elon and their own lives. Plus: breaking down the disappointment that is the new Beatles documentary. Also: why the world isn't ready for brain-to-text technology. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Dec 08, 2021
77. The Garden of Earthly Dads
It's the most wonderful time of the year (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and Tim and Ted are here with their EXCLUSIVE tips for the hottest deals this holiday season! Plus, a new announcement from Facebook's Metalverse has the dads exploring the world of art...literally! And: 12 Steps To Rising, Grinding, and Becoming a Better Tep Dad. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Dec 01, 2021
Bonus: Randy's Best Buy Massacree
Happy Thanksgiving from Tim and Ted!
Nov 25, 2021
76. In Vino Very Tom
Tim and Ted are finally getting some deserved R&R&R -- rest, relaxation and running away. And their escape from their hometown in the wake of Grace's wedding has led them straight into the hands of an old friend with a new business venture. Plus: Ted finally talks about what happened at the aquarium; Tim and Ted offer their definitive review of the brand new Apple Cloth; and a dynamic new fundraiser is launched to help dads online. Support Tep Talk or else:
Nov 24, 2021
Bonus: Marvel-ous Movies
Tim and Ted are on the road to Delaware! After a hectic few weeks, the dads decided to take a break from their usual hyper-focus on tepnology and to have a little fun discussing one of their other great passions: movies aka cinema. They discuss the latest, greatest release by Marvel, speculate about some new Marvel heroes we may get to meet soon, and imagine how much better movies will be once they are all Marvel. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Nov 17, 2021
Bonus: Fighting, Hard Type Boyfriends
Several digressions cut from Episode 74, on Pokemon, X-Men and the difficulty of nonfiction.
Nov 10, 2021
Bonus Song: “Apple Simp” ft. Lil’ PP Shooter
As heard in Episode 75, “Grace’s Halloween Wedding,” the latest anti-dad hit from Corey and Lil’ PP Shooter.
Nov 08, 2021
75. Grace's Halloween Wedding
The jack-o-lanterns are glowing, the skeletons are dancing, and wedding bells are ringing, because it's finally time for Tim's ex-wife Grace's new wedding to Dennis (and for Tim and Ted to execute their dynamic plan to get her back using the power of ska). The dads navigate a few complications along the way, discuss Facebook's big announcement, and premiere two new songs, including the latest from Corey and Lil' PP Shooter, "Apple Simp." Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Nov 04, 2021
74. House of 1000 Dads
Betrayal! Tim and Ted suffer their worst abuse yet at the hands of the ruthless Geek Squad leader, Randy "The Dog" Ramirez. There are heroes on both sides, but mostly theirs. Evil is everywhere. Plus, Tim and Ted discuss their plans for Tim's ex-wife's upcoming Halloween wedding. Also, recapping the phenomenal Ted Lasso finale, living in the media spotlight, and surviving in a house of darkness. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Oct 27, 2021
73. How To Free Up Space On Your Phone
Tim and Ted tackle the biggest question facing fathers and tech fans today: how do I free up space on my phone? Also, how do I get my wife back? And what would it look like for fathers to save children from a life of drugs? And just what's so great about honking on the big green bong pipe anyway? Also, what's that in the mirror? Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Oct 20, 2021
72. Ten Years Gone: The Second Annual Steve Jobs Memorial Event
Tim and Ted are back in the same room again, just in time for them to make a very moving tribute to their late role model and friend, Steve Jobs. They revisit some of their fondest Steve memories, pay tribute to his genius using their artistic skills, and give a few small updates on the state of their lives. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Oct 13, 2021
71. The 70th Episode Tepiversary Event
Tim and Ted celebrate 70 masterful episodes of Tep Talk by answering YOUR questions and weighing in on some of the hots and nots of the week, including: every dad's new favorite musical style; the danger of Androids to dads; making Lord of the Rings 4 all it can be; innovating for a brighter tomorrow; reality TV for dads; and much more! Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Oct 06, 2021
Bonus: Wildberries & Crash Dads
A collection of extras from Episode 70. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Sep 29, 2021
70. It's Over
It's the last day on Earth due to the very exciting release of Apple's latest and most catastrophic phone: the iPhone 13. Tim and Ted spend their final moments breaking down all the cool new features and specs that are about to end life as we know it. Plus: Roy Orbison for dads and unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of the afterlife. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Sep 22, 2021
69. Return to the Best Buy
Tim and Ted infiltrate the Best Buy with the help of an elite team of dads. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Sep 15, 2021
68. OnlyDads
Tim and Ted tackle Elon's groundbreaking AI robot presentation featuring The Dancing Man and discuss why it was both a triumph and extremely upsetting. Also, they workshop the first chapter of their forthcoming memoir, "How I Got My Wife Back," and hit upon an exciting new idea for a dad-centric startup. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Sep 08, 2021
Bonus: Eulogies, Eating Well & Improv Essentials
A few bonus snippets that didn't make the cut in Episode 67, including: further adventures in Harrison Falls, how to avoid the Covronavirus, and a foray into the most dignified of theater arts: improv. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Sep 01, 2021
67. Since You've Been Gone
The dads are back and better than ever! (With the exception of a few small issues.) They update listeners on everything they've missed in the last 5-6 weeks, including: Ted's new/old living situation; the pandemic hits Harrison Falls; the resolution of the Juice Wars; and an ad for an exciting new product guaranteed to pump (a part of) you up. Also: the radical hope of the billionaire space race. Support Tep Talk:
Aug 25, 2021
Bonus: Daddy Potter - Chapter 11: "A Visit with Dumbledad"
Over lunch, the Daddy Potters receive an alarming message. Then, they are personally invited to the headmaster's office where they discuss some pressing magical matters and are given a mysterious eBook... Support Tep Talk:
Aug 18, 2021
Bonus: Daddy Potter - Chapter 10: "Magical File Management"
The Daddy Potters endure their first Magical File Management class with Professor Bionicle and then meet the charming, charismatic, irresistible captain of the school sporting team. Support Tep Talk:
Aug 11, 2021
Bonus: Daddy Potter - Chapter 9: "Potions Class"
Exhausted from a big day of learning they're the most important and rich fathers in the whole magical world of baby dads, Tim and Ted retire to the common room, where they meet a few new friends. Then, they have their first class with the dreaded Professor Snake. Support Tech Talk:
Aug 04, 2021
Bonus: Daddy Potter - Chapter 8: "The Sorting Google Glass"
The Daddy Potters have their pre-destined fate determined by a curious piece of old technology with a lot of attitude. Support Tech Talk:
Jul 28, 2021
Bonus: Daddy Potter - Chapter 7: "The Arrival at Hogdads"
The Daddy Potters finally arrive at Hogdads, where they meet an old friend and a couple of new ones--both above and beneath the water. And when they arrive at the Hogdads Great Hall, they get their first glimpse of the esteemed staff...and prepare to be sorted.
Jul 21, 2021
Summer 2021 Announcement
After recent slanderous comments on a certain podcast, Tim and Ted finally set the record straight. Plus: Tep Talk is taking a few weeks off of full episodes, but have no fear: Daddy Potter will carry you through these dark days. Thanks so much for listening and supporting the show! Support Tep Talk:
Jul 16, 2021
Bonus: Daddy Potter - Chapter 6: "A Visit from the Dog Squad"
The Daddy Potters have a magical train ride to Hogdads, featuring some surprising snacks and a visit from their flea-bitten enemies.
Jul 14, 2021
66. Here's the Beef
It's App Appreciation Week once again, thanks to the beef-fueled insistence of Cousin Josh, who Tim and ted are excited to welcome to the new Tep Talk HQ aka Harrison's house. The boys run through some of their favorite apps of the week, plus: the merits and dangers of a wooden iPhone; how to react when someone slanders you in screenplay form; the one internet scam that is sure to fool any father; and hopes and dreams for Tom Waits's next album. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Jul 09, 2021
Bonus: Daddy Potter - Chapter 5: "Platform 9.75"
In which The Dads Who Lived, Tim and Ted, finally board the Hogdads Express and meet their new best friends.
Jul 06, 2021
65. All Dads On Deck
It's a news-heavy show, as Tep Tim and Tep Ted tackle renewed efforts by "Congress" to take away the precious freedom of tep companies like Apple to do whatever they want to us. The dads break down the disturbing developments and provide a free template for social activism. Plus: Chapter 4 of Daddy Potter. Support Tep Talk on Patreon:
Jul 01, 2021
64. WWDC 2021: #FreeSockLinguini
It's hard to believe that it's already time for Apple's WWDC 2021, and even harder to believe all of the horrible, demonic things that are revealed in the live event. The dads watch the live event and let you know about all the exciting updates and evil plots coming from Apple this year. Featuring, hot new features in iOS 15 and the surprise "return" of an old friend. Plus, Chapter 3 of Daddy Potter, "A Visit to Diagonal Alley." Support Tep Talk on Patreon: Buy a Tep Talk Shirt:
Jun 23, 2021
63. Can You Ever Forgive Us
The dads are back and they want everyone to know that they see them and hear them and are here to hold themselves accountable via an incredibly brave and honest apology/clarification. Also: What to look forward to at WWDC 2021! Plus: Chapter 2 of Daddy Potter.
Jun 15, 2021
Bonus Song: Dad Slap (ft. Lil PP Shooter)
The official anti-father Song of the Summer, as heard in Episode 61.
Jun 07, 2021
62. At Your Service
After a harrowing few weeks on the road, the dads are safe and settled in their new Tep Talk HQ and excited to cover the tep news, information and gossip you need, including: How to use Instagram; How not to use Instagram; How to ingratiate yourself to your new overlords; How to de-escalate parking lot confrontations; and much more. Plus: Chapter 1 of Daddy Potter.
Jun 02, 2021
61. Dadslapped By Reality
After a week on the run following the so-so response to their musical, Tim and Ted are back and reporting from [REDACTED] for their 60th Episode Celebration! They take turns answering your questions and weighing in on some of the latest, greatest news in the world of tep! Including: the virtues of being a pig at heart; Elon's stunning SNL debut; the adventures of Larry Potter, scar face wizard orphan; and Corey's latest hit song, "Dad Slap." Support Tep Talk: Patreon: Website: Shirts:
May 26, 2021
60. Get My Wife Back: The Musical
Opening night is here at last! Tim and Ted run through the final dress rehearsal for Ted's landmark real life 360 production that is guaranteed to get his wife back and get Tim a new place to stay, featuring new songs, action, and special FX. Including: A quick debrief on the newly divorced Bill Gates; Emmett's latest hit song, "Death Comes for the Trash Dad"; and the surprise breakout performance of the evening.
May 12, 2021
59. Tim v. Ted
Tragedy has struck Tech Talk, as the exciting new Apple Podcasts redesign has led to their podcast vanishing from the app and it's all Ted's fault. (Editor's note: It's Tim's fault.) (Better editor's note: It is Ted's fault.) The dads settle the dispute of who is to blame the only way they know how: using facts and logic. Plus: Final preparations for the premiere of "Get My Wife Back: The Play" and the trash man.
May 05, 2021
58. Mask Off
Spring is here and you know what that means: it's time for another Apple Live Event! Once again, the Tep Talk dads provide the ONLY commentary you need, rounding up all of the exciting announcements and betrayals that Apple has unveiled. Including: The long-awaited Apple keychain; What to do when the trash man is coming; Baby Bain vs Baby Batman; Tep Ted makes a fool of himself; and Tim Cook's true identity is revealed. Website: Patreon: Shirts:
Apr 28, 2021
Bonus Trailer: My iPad Teacher
As heard in Episode 48, the official trailer for Tim and Ted's adaptation of "My Octopus Teacher."
Apr 26, 2021
57. All The Tep That's Fit To Print
There's a lot going on in the world of tep [sic], and the boys are here to discuss. Including: The return and rebirth of an old friend, a close look at Spotify's groundbreaking new invention, and the greatest disgrace to clowning since the full-sized automobile. Plus: Episode 1 of the hit new sitcom "Alexa and Me!" Website: Patreon: Shirts:
Apr 20, 2021
56. Tim and Ted Get The Shot
What's dad and tech and vaxxed all over? Tim and Ted! Your hosts are back and feeling better than ever after they got their special, limited edition vaccine shots, with the help of some new and old friends. They run over everything YOU need to know about the vaccine, including how it tastes, how to get it, and what not to ask of your driver. Plus: separating fact from fiction on the internet; Emmett's latest failed song; inside the candle network; and how to make sure you get the right nano bots in YOUR vaccine! Website: Patreon: Shirts:
Apr 14, 2021
Bonus Song: My Dad Cried At The Zoo (ft. Lil PP Shooter)
As heard in Episode 53, the brand new remix of Corey's hit song, "My Dad Cried At The Zoo" featuring Lil PP Shooter.
Apr 12, 2021
55. NFT for You and Me
Forget everything you thought you knew about NFTs, because the definitive explainer is here! The boys dive into the world of cutting-edge epic art that makes perfect sense and isn't a scam at all, but first have to do a few small updates on their lives. Including: A trip back in time to the pre-epic era of art; Tim's tech review of the Amazon Smart Home suite; Ted's trip into the cabin; Theme from Get My Wife Back; the only good advertising campaigns; the hottest new restaurant in town; and a few new friends.
Apr 06, 2021
54. Reality Check
How do you know if what you're experience is really real? If you're listening to Tech Talk! The boys discuss how to #KeepYourselfTethered. They also unveil their exciting/disappointing new merchandise and discuss some of their newest Big Ideas. Also: Tim goes Home Alone Boy and Ted finds a new family.
Mar 31, 2021
Merch Alert
An important announcement from management, regarding an exciting merchandise opportunity for YOU and your family! The Tech Talk Store: The Tech Talk Patreon:
Mar 27, 2021
53. Why Do We Fall?
The boys have so much to talk about this week it's honestly a bit of a struggle to stay on topic, but they've got an exciting event motivating them to stay focused. Including: How not to get revenge on your ex-wife's brother; Uncle Rodney's St. Patrick's Day Brawl; how to kiss a velveteen rock star; Hot and Not; a live performance of your favorite Apple Loops; and the long-awaited premiere of an infamous, hateful hit song.
Mar 24, 2021
Bonus Song: I Love Ted
As heard in Episode 51, Ted's stepson Emmett's latest anti-father hit song, ft. Tech Tim (against his will).
Mar 22, 2021
52. Ted Broke His Phone
Tim and Ted have stared into the abyss and the abyss stared back and they are here with all the tips, tricks, and gossip YOU need in case you ever stare into the abyss and it stares back (you break your phone). Featuring: How not to jump over the trash pond; What funeral homes will and won't do for your best friends; the power of Double Brew coffee; the perils of hipster coffee shops; Peter Jackson's greatest casting feat on The Lord of the Rings; The Science of shrunken son brains; Emmett's newest anti-father hit, "Trash Dad Elegy"; and how to avoid commitment and save your own life.
Mar 19, 2021
51. Tech Talk Is For Children
Tim and Ted are back from their week off and full of exciting new ideas to share with their listeners! Including: Updates on Ted's plan to regain his wife/sanity; Cousin Josh's podcast boot camp; helping the younger generation getting into Tech Talk; and Emmett's latest viral hit song.
Mar 12, 2021
Bonus Song: Clown Dad
As heard in Episode 50, Emmett's first song from music camp. A hateful, anti-dad, anti-clown travesty.
Feb 28, 2021
50. Cousin Josh Presents The 50th Episode Gala Event
Tech Talk is turning 50! To celebrate, Tim and Ted answer YOUR questions, introduce some exciting new segments, and address certain grudges and controversies, all with an assist from their new manager. Including: the latest episode of Doc Bastard; renaming the planets; ranking Apple products; Valentine's Day exploits; avoiding the subconscious; seeing without seeing; Tim's new documentary about the real heroes of rock and roll; Emmett's new hit song; clowning with dignity; new movie ideas; and the hidden powers of Colin Filth. Plus much more. Patreon:
Feb 24, 2021
49. A Taxonomy of Dads
The boys are finally going to do their unboxing videos! But first, a few updates about their lives. Including: Sarah, Stefan and Bronson home movies and how to get around a prohibitive wedding invite. Also, a new segment--"Relationship Corner"--and the boys offer their definitive list of different kinds of dads.
Feb 17, 2021
A Message From Corporate
From our hearts to your ears, a message from the people behind Tech Talk, regarding merch, outtakes, and a big thanks.
Feb 13, 2021
48. Happy Birthday, Tech Talk!
It's Tech Talk's one year anniversary! The boys reflect on 12 months of success and look to their bright future. Including: further adventures of Tom de la Tom; congratulations for Grace and Sarah; the only way to use Patreon without being embarrassed; the joys of suffering for tech; and a surprising look into Randy's private life. Plus: A high production value teaser for their new movie, "My iPad Teacher."
Feb 10, 2021
47. My iPad Teacher
The boys are safe and sound after their misadventures at the nursing home and back for a classic Tech Talk episode full of the tech news, rumors and even gossip you have been craving. Including the only legitimate explainer for the Gamestop/Stock Market debacle, and the real meaning behind films like "My Octopus Teacher" and "Heat."
Feb 03, 2021
46. Long Live the Revolution! Long Live Mamie Sullivan!
The revolution is upon us and happy are those who are able to give their lives in service to the glorious leadership of Mamie Sullivan. Also: how to reset the auto-correct library on your iPhone. Plus: Bill Shine and the Crazy Diamonds take a turn, dispatches from Big Boy Coffee, and the hot new TV show from Oleg & Tibor.
Jan 28, 2021
Bonus: Battle Bots & Princess Di
Excerpts that didn't make the cut for Episode 45 on Battle Bots, Princess Di, and the dangers of Instagram.
Jan 27, 2021
45. App Appreciation Week!
Tim and Ted pay tribute to some of the apps that have shaped their lives and pledge their undying support to the revolutionary elderly cause. Plus, how to get your royal Christmas card just right, and the debut of Bill Shine and the Crazy Diamonds' hit version of "Mother!"
Jan 21, 2021
Bonus Song: "Space Dad"
As heard in Episode 44, Tim and Ted's hit new song, which they disavow. Coming soon to Spotify and Apple Music for your listening and viewing pleasure, respectively.
Jan 16, 2021
44. Space Dads
ELON MUSK IS THE RICHEST MAN ON EARTH! Tim and Ted break down what this historic news means for humankind and dadkind. Also, how they would spend their billions; the benefits of knowing a tactical dad; getting in shape for Elon; and the debut of a brand new song that they both deny writing.
Jan 13, 2021
43. Grey Shades New Year's Techin' Eve
It's the beginning of a new year and the boys are only a little late on their big New Years Eve show, due to an unforeseen rager at the Grey Shades Retirement Home. They detail their night of unexpected debauchery and discuss their hopes, dreams, and resolutions for the new year.
Jan 06, 2021
Bonus: A Techmas Carol
In this retelling of (and improvement upon) the classic Dickens tale, Tech Ted is shown the past, present and future of his life in tech with the help of three ghosts, his best friend, and the entire Tech Talk crew.
Dec 25, 2020
42. Mary and Joseph and Gunner
Ho ho ho, it's the Tech Talk Christmas episode! This week, Tim and Ted bemoan the sorry state of Christmas for fathers, discuss the reason for the season (presents), dig in to some of this year's hottest new tech gifts, divulge their secrets for selective delusion around the holidays, and sing some classic carols that may or may not get you banned from the Best Buy. Plus: addressing the latest not-very-festive rumors regarding Eric Clapton and Van Morrison; the Two Men and the House of Shame Christmas episode; and the real nativity story that the bible doesn't want you to know.
Dec 24, 2020
Bonus: Movie Magic, Pt. 2
Tim and Ted take a break from their lives to dive back into one of their favorite topics: movie magic! They pitch some of their ideas, consider how their favorite films could be improved by embracing the spirit of youth, and tackle the scourge of subtlety in film.
Dec 16, 2020
41. Cyber Monday!
It's Cyber Monday and you know what that means: deals, deals, deals! Tim and Ted discuss how best to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the big day. Also, the latest news from Grey Shades Nursing Home; inside Apple's Big Sir operating system; and the definitive truth on the rumors going around about Eric Clapton and Van Morrison.
Dec 09, 2020
40. What Is Tech Talk?
Tim and Ted celebrate their 40th episode, and a sudden influx of listeners, with a supercharged MEGA episode that encapsulates virtually everything in their lives up until this a few new surprises.
Nov 25, 2020
Bonus: Rockabye Tech Dads
Big Lullaby better watch out because a new app created by famed musician and Elon partner, Grime, is coming for them! As the boys explore on this bonus episode, Grime's groundbreaking new 'AI Lullaby' app combines the power of technology with the power of music, plus the power of babies, to revolutionize the way we sing to our kids (we won't have to anymore), and to finally give dads a long-awaited peek into the world of being Elon's baby. Including: how to use the app; what to do if the app makes you go insane; what we can expect from future Elon Baby simulation apps; a new song that Tim and Ted didn't mean to write; and much more.
Nov 16, 2020
39. Gone Too Soon
As the seasons change, Tim and Ted pay tribute to some of the beloved features we've lost this year. Plus, Ted's real world tech solution showdown; the honorable adventures of the Seven Tech Dads; getting to know Todd; and a very spooky episode of 'Two Men and the House of Shame.'
Nov 11, 2020
Bonus: The Day You've All Been Waiting For
It's November 3, 2020 and you know what that means...Tim and Ted are finally covering the October 13 iPhone 12 event! They break down every detail of the groundbreaking announcement and deliver blow-by-blow commentary on the one thing on everyone's mind: the latest tech news, buzz and gossip.
Nov 03, 2020
38. The Tech Talk Halloween Spooktechular
Halloween is coming and Tim and Ted have all the tips and tricks you need to stay safe, and stylish, this holiday season. Featuring: Sexy tech costumes, haunted tech stories, the official release of the Tech Talk Patreon, and updates from the legitimately spooky lives of Tim and Ted. Boo!
Oct 28, 2020
37. The Battle of Helm's Dad
Tech Tim's six-wheel tour of America concludes the only way it could: a giant battle royale at Sarah's cabin featuring all of the people who are out to "k" him...and a few surprises.
Oct 23, 2020
Bonus: Episode 36 Extras
Due to circumstances outside of their control--Tech Tim missing, presumed chased by Farmer Tractorwheel--there's no full episode this week. The boys will be back next week; until then enjoy these extras from Episode 36!
Oct 15, 2020
36. The First Annual Steve Jobs Memorial Show
The church bell iPhone alarm tolled nine times this week to commemorate the anniversary of Steve Jobs' passing, and the boys are grieving the only way they know how: in public. Tim and Ted run through their annual rituals for honoring Steve's legacy, atoning for their tech sins, and paying tribute to him through their art. Plus: Ted's viral anti-Emmett, pro-clown Tik Tok response track blows up and Tim's tour of America takes him to greener pastures.
Oct 08, 2020
35. Bridge Over Troubled Fathers
iOS 14 is here and the boys are on it like f's on s. They discuss everything you need to know about the groundbreaking update, including: how to prepare your phone for death, how not to listen to podcasts, and how widgets work (or don't). Also: Tim reports in from his ongoing adventures on the road and Ted addresses Emmett's latest, shameful viral video. Plus: The top three apps YOU need to enjoy nature and not get killed by renegade dads.
Sep 30, 2020
34. The Apple September Event
Apple just had their September event and, even though no one gave them enough time to properly prepare, Tim and Ted are on it, providing blow-by-blow commentary for all the big releases and keeping an eye out for their best friend, Craig. Also, updates from Gareth, Uncle Rodney, Emmett, and Tim's six-wheel tour of America. Plus: a new Apple Watch wristband! (This is the second in Tech Talk’s series of live coverage of Apple video events. The first event was the 2020 WWDC, the coverage of which is referenced heavily in this episode and which can be found here:
Sep 18, 2020
Introducing the Tech Talk Patreon ft. Outtakes
The wait is over. Finally, you can pay money to listen to Tech Talk! This week, as we wait to hear from Tim and Ted (who have gone AWOL), we bring you a teaser for the Patreon-only Tech Talk Bonus Feed which, if you sign up, will offer you unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the world of Tech Talk, and perhaps much more! Head on over to to become a patron and support your favorite tech show (Tech Talk). Tim and Ted will be back next week.
Sep 16, 2020
33. Pigs (Two Different Ones)
Tech Tim is one week into his six-wheel tour of America but he had to make a pit stop both for personal health reasons and so that he and Ted could discuss the world-changing news about Elon Musk's new brain chip. The boys discuss all the reasons you should want your head chopped open, and have a frank discussion about their disappointments with Elon's otherwise stellar performance. Plus: Ted connects with his spiritual side and the boys discuss the mystical experience of using the Apple Music app.
Sep 11, 2020
32. Printer Firmware Roundup!
Tech dads rejoice, the annual printer firmware update roundup is here at last! But first a few updates, including: The latest in therapeutic clowning for the family; The formal release of I Wanna Meet Steve (ft. Ted); Setting the record straight on the Randy situation; A new episode recap for "Two Men and the House of Shame;" The further adventures of Tom de la Tom; and Tech Tim's big life change.
Sep 02, 2020
31. Two Trillion Dollar Daddy
It's an absolutely monumental day in tech/human history as Apple proves itself the true father of all tech. And thanks to the very same tech, Tim and Ted are able to walk the red carpet! Plus: the Apple vs Fortnite squabble explained, for dads. And: the Gareth situation reaches its inevitable conclusion in an epic showdown of chowder vs duck.
Aug 26, 2020
30. Uncle Rodney Presents The 30th Episode Spectaculare!
They (Grace, Corey, Emmett, Sarah, Dennis, Randy, etc) said it couldn't be done, but The Boys have made it to their big Three-Oh! A massive show celebrating their many successes and looking to the future, all thanks to Uncle Rodney's Roofing Business. Featuring answers to your questions (Youshi), updates on Tom de la Tom, a new song, some thoughts on the proper way to punish sons (not the death penalty), an international update on PodStor, the boys' response to The Letter, and much, much more. Brought to you by Uncle Rodney.
Aug 19, 2020
29. The Tech Dad Always Clicks Twice
The boys are back in town (except Ted is technically still in the woods) with a whole round of exciting, mostly good, updates! Plus: What if sounds could get into your brain?
Aug 12, 2020
Bonus: Trouble in Paradise
The boys discuss the importance of every single listener doing their job--especially the hosts--and weigh in on the recent marital tweeting of Elon and Grime.
Aug 07, 2020
28. S.O.B. (Save Our Billionaires)
Our democracy is under attack, as "Congress" hauls America's real life superheroes before the country to account for their made up crimes, even though they didn't do anything. The boys mount a spirited defense and imagine what a REAL hearing might look like if they were in charge. Plus: Further adventures in Lord of the Rings 4: The Wrong Ring.
Aug 05, 2020
Bonus: The Dads and the Forum
As first mentioned in Episode 25, a musical story of two dads and their adventures in the world of forum-posting. Loosely based on Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf," but better.
Jul 31, 2020
27. The Wrong Ring
The boys continue to strive towards podcasting perfection, this week with the help of professional business consultant/entertainer, Cousin Maryanne. Plus: An honest accounting of what went wrong with MyCryptoBuddy (RIP) and an adventure into the life of the mind.
Jul 30, 2020
26. We're In The Money
Thanks to an extremely generous pledge from none other than Mr. Tesla himself, Elon Musk, as well as Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, and Twitter, the boys are finally on their way to joining the upper echelons of society and becoming real life billionaires. Nothing can possibly dampen their spirits.
Jul 22, 2020
I Wanna Meet Steve (ft. Ted)
The first hit single by the Tech Talk Guys, as heard in Episode 25! Written by Tech Tim and featuring guest verse by Tech Ted Steiner. Produced by Gareth de LaFontaine™ for MyCryptoBuddy™ Productions. Featuring special performances by The Beat-Its™. Artwork by Ted Steiner. Patent pending. If you are listening to this song, please send us $7-$8.
Jul 15, 2020
25. We Wanna Meet Steve
Listener Appreciation month is over not a moment too soon, and the boys are finally able to get back to business. They discuss the various ways that listeners can do better and then "go pro" with some exciting product reviews. Plus: The worldwide premiere of their first hit single, "I Wanna Meet Steve!"
Jul 14, 2020
24. Rumble in the Best Buy
Something went down and it's very important that you get the REAL account of it here first before any liars or cheats or dogs try to fill your heads with lies.
Jul 08, 2020
Bonus: Tech at the Movies
All work and no play makes the Tech Boys very happy because they are hardcore tech experts. However, even techies have to unwind, and that's what movies are for! In this certified bonus episode, Tim and Ted discuss some of their favorite--and least favorite--movies featuring tech and imagine how many other movies could be improved by adding more tech. Plus: What's the greatest film of all time to center both tech and dads? The answer may surprise you! (In hindsight it's quite obvious.)
Jul 03, 2020
23. Attack of the Pound Puppies
The boys discuss their recent re-betrayal by a certain dog and his new little puppy henchmen. The wound stings but the boys carry on with new announcements for Listener Month and some extremely exciting news about the future of the pod! Plus, Best Buy is open again...for some.
Jul 01, 2020
Bonus: WWDC "Live" Stream Extravaganza!
A Tech Talk Exclusive! Apple held its big WWDC event this Monday, and the company announced a barrage of mind-boggling new developments, updates and releases. Luckily for you, your favorite independent tech journalists Tim and Ted watched the whole thing! In this one-of-a-kind bonus episode, the boys respond LIVE (to them) to the Apple keynote video and break down some of the most exciting and confusing developments coming your way. Along the way, they meet some new friends, grapple with some new tech, and expose a truly sinister plot.
Jun 25, 2020
22. "Happy" Fathers Day
The Tech Boys are back for a very special Fathers Day episode exposing the Big Dad Lie perpetrated by Hollywood and the media and confronting the harsh reality of dadhood in the year 2020. Luckily, there's a silver lining in the form of a new Apple TV+ show! Plus, imagining how dads could improve many classic films, an update from Ted on his POS PC, and a very exciting announcement involving a certain feud-turned-truce.
Jun 23, 2020
21. Techifying A Strange World
The June Tech Talk Listener Drive continues! This week, the boys announce some more very special (paid) giveaways and try out some new stylistic techniques borrowed from other popular podcasts that are guaranteed to delight new and old listeners alike! Plus, what's going to happen at Apple's WWDC next week? And don't you wish you could take back some/most of your life? (NOTICE: This episode was released a few days early because the boys had so much to talk about and not because another podcast that has still not returned their calls also put out its 21st episode.)
Jun 18, 2020
Bonus: Dead At The Sunset Grill
Tim goofed up again and accidentally cut some parts out of the 20th Episode Celebration. The boys respond to a few more listener questions.
Jun 18, 2020
20. 20th Episode Celebration!
Tech Talk officially turns 20 this week! The boys celebrate their hard work and countless accomplishments with their biggest episode yet, including responses to listener questions and an emotional walk down tech memory lane. Plus, Smart TVs in the age of dumb people and the unveiling of some new works of art.
Jun 15, 2020
Bonus: Hot & Not
Tech news is as diverse as tech itself, but most of it can be broken down into two categories: hot and not hot. In this bonus cut from last week's episode, the boys round up their recent top hots and nots, including big news from The Musk and Spotify.
Jun 11, 2020
19. Crypto Buddies
The world of journalism is struggling, but the future looks bright for Tech Talk as the boys embark upon a new digital partnership that might save journalism as we know it (the stuff that deserves serving, anyway, not the hateful anti-tech stuff). Plus, the latest craze in ska fusion.
Jun 05, 2020
18. #ReleaseTheWill
Tech Talk is on top of the world, not just because it's surpassing other, low-quality, traitor-made podcasts but because it officially has the ear of one of the most powerful men in tech. A modesty entreaty to help humanity reach its potential. Plus, Ted and Tim get creative!
May 29, 2020
Bonus: Mold Me, Tech
But now, O Tech, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand. Amen. Plus, which streaming platform has the best interface?
May 26, 2020
Bonus: Malcolm Gladwell On 5G
In a Tech Talk EXCLUSIVE the boys imagine how Malcolm Gladwell could expand his genius level-thinking with the help of 5G. **NOTE: Our legal team (Ted's Cousin Josh, thanks Josh) inform us that the title of this podcast could be misleading. To be legally clear: we don't mean that Mr. Gladwell is on this podcast discussing 5G. We meant Malcolm Gladwell "on" 5G the same way you would say "Tech Tim ON Mountain Dew" or "Uncle Rodney ON his virility tonic." We apologize for any confusion and any harm done to Mr. Gladwell or his estate.**
May 22, 2020
17. The Internet of Miracles or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 5G
Everyone is stuck inside and luckily, thanks to the Smart Home, there's not a better place to be trapped! Tim and Ted discuss some of the innovations that are bringing joy and order to their lives and why people need to get excited about the 5G revolution, or else! Plus, some free marketing for their favorite baby food company.
May 19, 2020
16. Shots Fired
A long-awaited episode is derailed by a cruel betrayal. Plus, the tech boys launch themselves even further into the big leagues with a special announcement.
May 12, 2020
Bonus: Episode 14 Extras
The Tech Talk boys try to never cut anything from any of their episodes, but sometimes, whether due to a software glitch or someone falling asleep on the keyboard or even just a spilled Vanilla Coke, things accidentally get deleted. Here are a few extras from Episode 14: "Working Hard and Hardly Working."
May 11, 2020
Breaking: The Musk Baby is here!! The boys rushed to the mics to record an emergency bonus episode covering the cosmic arrival, celebrating the historic moment, and imagining what this singular birth might mean for humanity. Plus, inducting Elon into the World of Dads.
May 07, 2020
14. Working Hard and Hardly Working
You might be asking, "Due to Coronavirus, working from home is more important than ever!" And you're right! The Tech Boys discuss how tech is helping them work, and not work, from home. Plus, home renovations, field trips and beef rage.
May 05, 2020
13. The Intersection of Tech and Coronavirus: WYNTKAWYNTKNTK
Coronavirus may still be with us but so is Tech Talk! The boys offer some insider tech tips on how to stay on top of the virus and discuss how some of our greatest tech geniuses are helping the world heal, even as ungrateful, jealous people try to tear them down. Plus, a special message from, and to, Tim Cook.
Apr 28, 2020
12. Wheels of Destiny
All things must pass as Tim and Ted are separated, but they're both still doing great, thanks to the power of technology! The guys remotely discuss some exciting new releases from Apple, including a very innovative and disruptive solution for moving your Mac Pro around the room.
Apr 22, 2020
11. 10th Episode Celebration!
The boys celebrate a milestone: ten episodes! Plus, why some other tech podcasts can't be trusted, and answers to listeners' most asked questions!
Apr 14, 2020
Bonus: Further Adventures on Tik Tok
Before Ted was kicked of Tik Tok, he managed to learn a bit about one of the more insidious memes of our age. Plus, what the boys would sing if they went on the site again--which they won't.
Apr 13, 2020
Bonus: iOS 13.4 Is Here!
iOS 13.4 is finally here and once Tim's phone unfroze he was able to download it! Tim runs over some of his favorite features and the boys discuss why, if you don't like it, you're probably a criminal.
Apr 10, 2020
10. We Need To Talk About Tik Tok
The Tech Boys are back and feeling much more healthy and are excited to talk about the biggest new thing in social media: Tik Tok!(sp?) Ted describes his adventures on the trendy new platform, as well as some words of advice. Plus, what's hot and what's not in the world of tech!
Apr 07, 2020
9. Scenes From The Tech Bunker
Tech Ted and Tim are deep in their quarantine and they're doing really well. Like, really, really, really well.
Apr 03, 2020
Bonus: Race for the Cure
Coronavirus would be scary if it weren't for one person... Tim and Ted discuss who they KNOW is going to solve it and how they hope it all might end.
Mar 31, 2020
8. Brave New World
Yes, Tim and Ted are safe and, yes, they know about Coronavirus, but they only just found out. The guys provide an update on why they're a little late to the conversation and then put on their Imagineer hats to imagine how Big Tech might come up with some Big Solutions for the Big Disease.
Mar 29, 2020
7. Dark Mode 2020
Thanks to a custom wrist strap, Ted finally has an Apple Watch and, paired with Dark Mode, he's feeling good. But at what cost? Plus, some of our biggest tech hopes and dreams.
Mar 24, 2020
6. Listener Questions and a Big Announcement
Tech Talk is blowing up! Tim and Ted respond to some of their most-received questions and comments. Plus, a big announcement launches the Tech Team into the major leagues of podcasting and a new segment explores the good and bad corners of tech.
Mar 19, 2020
5. Behind Enemy Lines
Things get heated in tech land when the talk turns to the competition. Plus, hopes and dreams for the future of tech and how loved ones have hurt us.
Mar 16, 2020
Bonus: Inside Tesla
A bonus excerpt from our recent episode on #Elon #Musk.
Mar 13, 2020
4. The Musk
You knew we had to do it! Tech Tim and Ted finally tackle the biggest fish in the tech pond: the one and only Elon Musk.
Mar 10, 2020
Bonus: Super Mod
What would it look like if there were a real life hero who could take on the trolls who torment everyone, especially dads, online?
Feb 29, 2020
3. Libra, Crypto & Online Safety
Facebook recently announced its groundbreaking new cryptocurrency, Libra, but what does it mean for you? Plus, how to stay safe online in a world of trolls and Tim and Ted's dreams--and concerns-- for the future of tech.
Feb 25, 2020
Bonus: Virtual Reality
Welcome to the first ever Tech Talk Bonus Episode! In the course of making this show we may occasionally end up material that doesn't fit in a regular episode, either because we lost the original files or forgot to hit 'record' early enough or simply because our computers died. Those snippets will be released as BONUS EPISODES, beginning with this one, which features a deep dive into the new iPhone app updates and a look at the wonderful world of VR (Virtual Reality).
Feb 21, 2020
2. WWDC 2019!
Tech Tim and Ted are back to take a look at the WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) 2019 and discuss some of the new features from Apple they are most excited for. Plus, on visiting the Genius Bar and the problem with the younger generation.
Feb 18, 2020
1. Apple Watches and Airpods
A roundup of some of the most exciting tech releases (and rumors) coming our way from Apple!
Feb 11, 2020