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This is the official Podcast channel of All Things DnD which is dedicated bringing you the most entertaining Dungeons and Dragon stories this side of Faerun! Need ideas for your next campaign or are you interested in listening to epic tales and some epic fails? Well look no further, you've come to the right place. New stories are posted every three days! 

Episode Date
How A Paladin's Sacrifice Led To The Greatest Comeback Story Ever
Feb 23, 2024
"Teammates" Plan On Assaulting My Character. Am I Childish For Wanting To Ragequit?
Feb 16, 2024
AITA To Quit A Campaign Cause I'm Not Having Fun?
Feb 09, 2024
My Players Ganked A High-Level NPC & I Couldn't Be More Proud
Feb 02, 2024
DM Banned Me From Playing As A Cleric Because I'm Not Religious In Real Life
Jan 27, 2024
When A Wild Necromancer Kinda Destroyed The Campaign
Jan 16, 2024
My dm thinks turn based combat isn't just a game mechanic, but something we actually do
Jan 12, 2024
Was I As A DM Not Letting My Player Be Creative?
Dec 26, 2023
When A Follower of Vecna Saved the Universe
Dec 19, 2023
Players Got Irritated At Me Cause I Wouldn't Give Them More Diamonds
Dec 12, 2023
Was This DM Wrong For Not Letting A PC Come Back To Life?
Dec 05, 2023
When I Put My Lvl 13 Party Through Lvl 1 Dungeon
Nov 28, 2023
Why Going Off-Script In DnD Is Not Always Bad
Nov 21, 2023
Why My DM Banned Me From Using A First Level Spell
Nov 14, 2023
Did My DM Metagame & Punish Me For Trying To Be Clever?
Nov 07, 2023
I Cheat At DnD & I'm Not Gonna Stop
Oct 31, 2023
Player Quits Because A Ghost Made Him Old
Oct 24, 2023
How A Bard & A Puppy Made Everyone Cry At Our Table
Oct 17, 2023
Player Who Managed To Outsmart The DM Every Time
Oct 10, 2023
My First Ever Experience With Chaotic Stupid
Oct 03, 2023
My Character WALKED OUT Of A Campaign & Everyone ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT
Sep 26, 2023
Sep 19, 2023
Was This DM Right To Create An OP Hero & Sabotage My Character For It?
Sep 12, 2023
Does Deck Of Many Things DESTROY Every DnD Campaign?
Sep 05, 2023
Was Our Forever DM Wrong To Use Personal Secrets Against Us In The DnD Campaign?
Aug 29, 2023
Was This DnD Party Wrong To CALL THE POLICE Refusing Call to Adventure?
Aug 22, 2023
DnD Player THREATENS To Kill Me In-Game Trying To Roll For My Alignment
Aug 15, 2023
How We Found Out Our Creepy DM Was ACTUALLY A FELON
Aug 08, 2023
Was My DM Right To Force Romance Between DMPC & My Character?
Aug 01, 2023
One Of Our DND Party Members Actually “Drank Lava”
Jul 25, 2023
Critical Role Fanboy Was Convinced Firbolgs Have Tails
Jul 18, 2023
Am I Justified In Being Pissed For How My DnD Character Died Last Night?
Jul 11, 2023
How My DM’s Wife Kicked Me Out Of His Pay-To-Play Game
Jul 05, 2023
How Silvery Barbs Ruined My DnD Campaign
Jun 27, 2023
How An Ordinary Ladder Became The Most Wanted Relic In All Of Realms
Jun 21, 2023
How I Exploded Main Character Syndrome But Ended Up Destroying The Whole Game
Jun 15, 2023
When A Noble's Manhood Was On The Line
Jun 09, 2023
How The Greatest Plot Twist In The History Of DnD Totally Blew Our Minds
Jun 06, 2023
I Killed A PC And They Got All Salty Over It, But How Am I Even Wrong?
May 30, 2023
Tell Me You Wanna Play A Murderhobo Bard Without Telling Me You Wanna Play It
May 27, 2023
I Found Out How To Cheat Rolls On
May 22, 2023
I Was Fine With My Character’s Death Until I Saw The Statue
May 20, 2023
Players Crashed The Campaign But Made It FAR Better Than What I Planned
May 16, 2023
How To Play An Evil Character Really Well
May 13, 2023
Campaign Abruptly Ends Because DM's Girlfriend Couldn't Be The Main Character
May 09, 2023
I Got Kicked Off The Table For Sacrificing My Characters To Save Others
May 09, 2023
How a Real Life Bard Saved Our DnD Campaign of 2 Years
May 06, 2023
Most Kick Ass Grandma in DnD History
May 03, 2023
Player Takes Joke DnD Campaign Too Seriously And Ridicules Everyone
May 01, 2023
Why A Dungeon Master Should Prep Before A Session | Narrated D&D Story
Jan 31, 2023
Rules Lawyer Outsmarts Himself & Then Has A Fit | Narrated D&D Story
Jan 24, 2023
How I Made My Two Rival Players Cry At The Table
Jan 11, 2023
The DnD Party Gets Deep In The Holes
Jun 10, 2022
Problem Player Doesn’t Like Guns in DND
Jun 01, 2022
How To Create DnD Encounters: The Good and The Bad
May 26, 2022
How A Nat 1 Led To A Vendetta Against A Restaurant Chain & Its Owner
May 20, 2022
Power Gaming “That Guy” Is Upset Because Light Exists
May 15, 2022
Psycho Player Threatens To Burn Other Players' Houses Down Over His Favorite NPC
May 05, 2022
How DnD Villains are Made
Apr 24, 2022
The Tale of Kuzen Zalag, The Golden Light of Sunglory
Apr 15, 2022
Time When Our DM Had Enough
Apr 14, 2022
Player Anoints Himself King Of The Edgelords
Nov 02, 2021
The All Guardsmen Party: Heretic Purging
Oct 29, 2021
Player Agrees To Homerules But Gets Angry When We Use Them
Oct 26, 2021
The Unluckiest Paladin In All Of DnD
Oct 22, 2021
The Edgelord Who Black-Balled the Villain, Before the DM Could Do The Same to Us
Oct 15, 2021
Terrible DM Kills Player Turn 1 Of Combat, Player Kicks DM Out
Oct 11, 2021
How A Set of Magic Dice Turned My Party Into Bloodthirsty Monsters
Sep 18, 2021
How I Discovered That My Friend Was The Greatest DM I’ve Ever Had
Sep 15, 2021
"The Lion, The Witch & the AUDACITY OF This B****"
Sep 08, 2021
Furry DM Tries To Kill Me After I Don’t Go Along With His Roleplay
Jul 16, 2021
Player Needs Help Understanding If They are a Problem Player
Jul 16, 2021
A Guide To Getting Female Players To RP Romance With An Observational Study
Jun 25, 2021
The Time I Kicked Out A Friend From Our DnD Group
May 28, 2021
When My Player's Picked The Worst 'Pet' Ever
May 28, 2021
When The DM Made Sure The Party Fails To Even Leave The Tavern | Narrated D&D Story
Apr 11, 2021
D&D Story: How My Party's Incredible Luck Led To Death Of Their Strongest PC
Apr 01, 2021
How I Accidentally Uncovered A Kingdom-Wide Conspiracy In 5 Minutes | D&D Story
Mar 28, 2021
D&D Story: When Rogue Used A Powerful Ancient Technique To Interrogate A Prisoner
Mar 25, 2021
D&D Story: Meet An Older Brother Who Is A Terrible DM & Even Worse Brother
Mar 20, 2021
D&D Story: What Happens When The Party is 50% Edgelords
Mar 13, 2021
D&D Story: How It Feels To Lose Your First Ever Character
Mar 11, 2021
D&D Story: When DM Butchered The Campaign With A Mile Long Ban List
Mar 01, 2021
D&D Story: How Dare You Fight The Boss I Railroaded You To!
Feb 17, 2021
D&D Story: When A Dragon Learned The Treant's Bark is Worse Than His Bite
Feb 07, 2021
D&D Story: Dungeon Master Wants To Hook Up With A Player Who Is Also A Problem
Jan 27, 2021
D&D Story: How The Dumb Barbarian ‘Accidently’ Created The Perfect Villain
Jan 23, 2021
D&D Story: When a False Hydra Broke a Ranger’s Heart & Mind
Jan 19, 2021
D&D Story: Why This Might Be The Last Time I Ever Tried To Be A Player
Jan 16, 2021
D&D Story: How To PROPERLY Be An Evil Necromancer
Jan 14, 2021
D&D Story: How Teamwork Can Make Even An 'Unbeatable' Encounter 'Beatable'
Jan 10, 2021
D&D Story: How My Ex-Boyfriend Outed Himself As An Abuser Through DnD
Jan 07, 2021
D&D Story: Failed Edgelord Made A Cinnamon Roll After Messing Up An Edgelord Recipe
Jan 03, 2021
D&D Story: That Time When I Became A God
Jan 01, 2021
D&D Story: How I Got Banned From Playing A 'Talker' Character In DnD
Dec 29, 2020
D&D Story: How A Goblin’s Epic Backstory Led To A War Between Gods
Dec 23, 2020
D&D Story: How We Saved Someone From An Abusive Boyfriend Through DnD
Dec 20, 2020
D&D Story: Why Polymorph Is A Perfectly Balanced Spell With No Exploits
Dec 19, 2020
D&D Story: How My Players Proved They Weren't Murderhobos
Dec 16, 2020
D&D Story: DM Tries To Get Revenge After A Girl Chooses A Player Over Him
Dec 13, 2020
D&D Story: How The Brave Paladin Bluffed the Dragon, Twice
Dec 09, 2020
D&D Story: When An Edgelord Kid Took Edginess To The Extreme
Dec 06, 2020
D&D Story: When I Realized Everyone Needs A Chicken Sidekick
Dec 03, 2020
D&D Story: A Gentleman Lizard-Folk's Epic Roleplaying Makes The Party Question Their Morals
Nov 29, 2020
D&D Story: The Single Best Use Of The Spell 'Darkness' I Have Ever Seen
Nov 26, 2020
D&D Story: How I Wiped Out 2000+ Zombies With A Single Attack
Nov 24, 2020
D&D Story: The Greatest Session Ever Where Everything Just Burned
Nov 21, 2020
D&D Story: Why No DnD Is Better Than Bad DnD
Nov 20, 2020
D&D Story: Why Talking To Your Dungeon Master Solves Every Problem, Literally
Nov 14, 2020
D&D Story: DM Kicks Me Out Because Apparently Creativity & Roleplay Don't Go Together
Nov 06, 2020
D&D Story: The Jealous Harem Anime Protagonist That Rage Quit
Oct 24, 2020
D&D Story: Wholesome Warlock Makes An Orphan's Unicorn Dream Come True
Oct 21, 2020
D&D Story: Unorthodox Dragon Makes Everyone Cry Defying All Expectations
Oct 16, 2020
I used to be THAT GUY, A Confession
Oct 13, 2020
D&D Story: Most Deranged and Disturbing Character That I Have Ever Played (Conclusion)
Oct 08, 2020
D&D Story: Most Deranged and Disturbing Character That I Have Ever Played (Part 2)
Oct 07, 2020
D&D Story: The Most Deranged & Disturbing Character I Have Ever Played (Part 1)
Oct 02, 2020
D&D Story: Party Summons A Demon To Become Their Dungeon Master
Sep 24, 2020
D&D Story: How A Legendary Paladin Fell From Grace Down The Path Of Madness
Sep 18, 2020
D&D Story: An All Barbarian Party Amazingly Derails A Campaign
Sep 12, 2020
D&D Story: Cleric Wants To Axe My Warforged Fighter Cause “Its Robot & Its Against Rules”
Sep 09, 2020
D&D Story: How We Created The BBEG In Our First Session
Sep 04, 2020
D&D Story: How We Tricked The BBEG Into Killing Himself
Sep 01, 2020
D&D Story: Kenku Kid Accidentally Makes Us Obliterate A Village
Aug 28, 2020
D&D Story: Dungeon Master Tries To Turn Me Into The BBEG Against My Will
Aug 25, 2020
D&D Story: My Best Friend Is 'That Guy'
Aug 22, 2020
D&D Story: Party Pays The Ultimate Price For Saving The World From An Ancient Dragon
Aug 19, 2020
Our DM Punished Me For Defending Myself In A Sham Trial
Aug 17, 2020
D&D Story: How Critical Role Twisted A Player's Expectations Of DnD
Aug 17, 2020
D&D Story: How I Got The Girl, Lost Her, And Won Her Back Over A Game Of DnD
Aug 17, 2020
D&D Story: Clever Dungeon Master Teaches His Players A Valuable Lesson
Aug 17, 2020
D&D Story: How A Street Thug Beat A God
Jul 29, 2020
D&D Story: How A Fat Drunken Monk Beat The Demon Lord
Jul 28, 2020
D&D Story: Assassin Makes The Paladin Question His Morals With A Single Phrase
Jul 16, 2020
D&D Story: DM Twists Our 'Four Horsemen' Campaign To A Totally Different Level
Jul 16, 2020
D&D Story: How To Make Your Players Ugly Cry
Jul 07, 2020
Party Outsmarts The Evil Necromancer With Epic Roleplaying
Jun 24, 2020
D&D Story: Lawful Good Paladin Ends Up Signing A Warlock Pact
Jun 20, 2020
Narrated DnD Story: How A Player Managed To Outwit A Bad Dungeon Master
Jun 18, 2020
How The Party Beat The BBEG Using His Weapon Against Him
Jun 11, 2020
The Party Used An Exploding Gnome As A Bomb
Jun 11, 2020
Warlock Outsmarts The Dungeon Master & Surprises Everyone
Jun 08, 2020
Party Faces An Impossible Challenge After Accidentally Summoning BBEG Early
Jun 02, 2020
New Yorker Ducks With An Army Of Hats Go FULL CRAZY
May 29, 2020
How The Legendary Archer Single-Handedly Ended A War
May 29, 2020
That Time My Bard Fathered An Entire Village
May 24, 2020
The First Time I Rage Quit A DnD Campaign
May 21, 2020
Goblins Use A Human Suit To Sneak Into A Human Town For A Better Life
May 17, 2020
Gay Gandalf Overthrows A Vampire Cult & Takes Over A City
May 17, 2020
How We Retired The Best Bard Ever With A Real Life Funeral
May 11, 2020
Why A Dungeon Master Should NEVER Try To Win DnD
May 08, 2020
Players Use A Fake Dragon Hoax To Con Their Way Out Of Prison
May 05, 2020
What If A Famous Historical Event Was Played Out As A DnD Session?
May 03, 2020
How The DM Tried To Make My Paladin A Serial Killer
May 02, 2020
How A Tale Of Friendship MADE ME CRY For The 1st Time Ever In My DnD Career
Apr 29, 2020
How The DnD Party Survived A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE In The City Of Undead
Apr 27, 2020
How A Party Of Four Level 3s Nuked A Dragon And Somehow Survived
Apr 25, 2020
How A Lizardfolk Became A Half-Dragon Demigod Of Asgorath
Apr 22, 2020
How I Defeated A Rakshasa Solo Because The Dungeon Master Forgot How Druids Work
Apr 19, 2020
How A DnD Campaign Gave Us The Most Emotional & Tragic Moment
Apr 16, 2020
What Is The Most Awesome Or Evil Thing You've Ever Accomplished In Your DnD Campaigns
Apr 14, 2020
How The Crazy 'Lawful Good' Paladin Went On A Murder Spree
Apr 12, 2020
How The Veteran DM Taught Me The Importance Of Having A Great Backstory
Apr 09, 2020
Cursed Echoes Epic Conclusion: How The Dead Have An Issue Staying Dead
Apr 08, 2020
Cursed Echoes - How A Botched Chicken Heist Brought The Party Together (Part 1)
Apr 05, 2020
How Arcade Badwyn Embraced Evil In The Most Twisted Way Possible
Apr 03, 2020
How A Player Attempted To Seduce the DM, Ruining the Game and A Real Life Relationship
Apr 01, 2020
How A Half-Baked Character Concept Rose To The Level Of Godhood
Mar 30, 2020
How The Evil Wizard’s Manipulative Political Career Went Up In Flames
Mar 29, 2020
Death And A D20: How Death Gave Andrew The Most Unexpected Conclusion Ever (Part 3)
Mar 26, 2020
Death And A D20: How Death Gets Into Character as Dante The Bard (Part 2)
Mar 24, 2020
Death And A D20: How The DM Tricked Death Into Playing DnD For His Soul (Part 1)
Mar 22, 2020
How Two Evil Players Broke A Lawful Good Character's Will To Live
Mar 19, 2020
How My Party Burned Down A House To Fix A Creepy Doll Problem
Mar 18, 2020
How The Gray Necromancer Cemented His Legacy Raising The Mountain Of Dead (Part 4)
Mar 16, 2020
How A Player Accidentally Created An Omnipotent Viewer Of Worlds
Mar 16, 2020
How A Player Outsmarted The DM In The Most Glorious Fashion
Mar 16, 2020
How The Incredible Dungeon Master Used My Backstory For An Epic Storyline
Mar 16, 2020
How To Tame Your Dragon: Raise The Dragon As My Daughter (Part 1)
Mar 16, 2020
How To Tame Your Dragon: Expand The Dragon Family (Part 2)
Mar 16, 2020
How To Tame Your Dragon: Love Them Enough To Let Them Fly Away (Part 3)
Mar 16, 2020
How The Mighty Necromancer Flashed His Shades Of Gray (Part 1)
Mar 16, 2020
The Gray Necromancer's Antics Gone Too Far, The Party Finally Makes A Move (Part 2)
Mar 16, 2020
How Astoshan Became The Terror-Striking Gray Necromancer He Is (Part 3)
Mar 16, 2020
How The Brilliant Goblin Necromancer Brings The Game To A Fiery End
Mar 16, 2020
How The Dice Gods Work in Mysterious Ways
Mar 16, 2020
How The Monk Saved The Party From TPK With His Mighty Fists
Mar 16, 2020
How Oohgie The Innocent And Hardworking Ogre Made Everyone Cry
Mar 16, 2020
How Our Dungeon Master Created An In-Game Cooking Competition With Real Food
Mar 16, 2020
How My Party Actually Worked Together (Not A Myth)
Mar 16, 2020
How A DnD Noob Pulled Off The Craziest Plan Ever
Mar 16, 2020
How A Druid In A Modern Campaign Proved Everyone At The Table Wrong
Mar 16, 2020
How A Nightly Island Conflict Ended Up Becoming A Strange But Memorable Battle
Mar 16, 2020
How I Accidentally DM'd An Edgelord Cast Of Mary Sues
Mar 16, 2020
How I Accidentally Triggered A Cold War Between The Dungeon Master And The Party
Mar 16, 2020
How The Terrible DM Creates The Most Annoying Doom Vortex
Mar 16, 2020
How A 10-Year-Old Pokémon Trainer Captures A Legendary & Derails A 5e Campaign
Mar 16, 2020
How A Big Lovable Lug Stopped A Pair Of Chaotic Stupids From Ruining The Game
Mar 16, 2020
How A DM & His PCs Ruined My First Attempt At DnD
Mar 16, 2020
How The Party Somehow Managed To Save A Dying Town
Mar 16, 2020
False Hydra: How The DM Sowed Seeds Of Deception To Fool The Party & Destroy A Town
Mar 16, 2020
My Players Killed One of the Most Powerful People In The Kingdom By Accident
Mar 16, 2020
The Veteran Necromancer Teaches The Greedy Party A Valuable Lesson
Mar 16, 2020
How The Bard Discovered The True Cost Of Being Immortalized In Song
Mar 16, 2020
How The Awful Dungeon Master Absolutely Loves Anime
Mar 16, 2020
How The Chosen King Of Neckbeards Continually Kept Ruining My Sessions
Mar 16, 2020
How The Cookie-Making Granny Became An Unstoppable Force
Mar 16, 2020
How The Gang Yee'd Their Last Haw In An Epic Shootout!
Mar 16, 2020
How The Ingenuous Monk Became A Benevolent Deity
Mar 16, 2020
How The Motley Crew Of Elves Saved Santa And Christmas
Mar 16, 2020
How The Party Actually Tried To Get My Character Killed In Game
Mar 16, 2020
How The Party And DM Are Obsessed With Megan, Our Girl
Mar 16, 2020
How The Party Discovered Giant Frogs Are OP
Mar 16, 2020
How The Poor Rogues Bad Luck Keeps Getting Worse
Mar 16, 2020
How The Selfish Rogue Blatantly Ruined A Campaign
Mar 16, 2020
How The Sly Gnome And His Half-Orc Steed Killed Everything, Literally
Mar 16, 2020
How The Sniveling Cowards Left Me, A Paladin to Die
Mar 16, 2020
How the Terrible Dungeon Master Cant Improv, At All
Mar 16, 2020
How We Infiltrated A Demon's Party Just Because I Wanted My One Gold Back
Mar 16, 2020
NEVER Give Players A Note To Do Something Without Question From The Local Ruler
Mar 16, 2020
The Adorable Tale Of How A 4 Year Old Plays Dungeons & Dragons
Mar 16, 2020
The First Time I Kicked Out A Player From A Session
Mar 16, 2020
What Happens When Dungeons & Dragons Meets Multi-Level Marketing
Mar 16, 2020
Why The Terrible DM Should Just Write A Novel Instead of Running Games
Mar 16, 2020
How The Heroic Warforged Lived On Forever
Mar 16, 2020
How My Sly Dungeon Master Baited Me Into Killing A King
Mar 16, 2020
How 'That Guy' Nearly Made Me Quit Dungeons & Dragons Forever
Mar 16, 2020
How My Deranged Player Became The Undisputed Rat King
Mar 16, 2020
How My Friend Tried To Kill Me In Game, Ruining The Game & Our Friendship
Mar 16, 2020
How My Players Learned What Chaotic Neutral Means
Mar 16, 2020
How Love And Friendship Triumphed Over An Evil Inquisition
Mar 13, 2020
How I Invoked True Terror In My Campaign
Mar 13, 2020
How A Player Turned Out To Be The Secret BBEG Of The Session
Mar 13, 2020
How A Single Punch Ruined An Entire Campaign
Mar 13, 2020
How Farmer Brown Buried The Goblin Horde With His Lethal Shovel
Mar 13, 2020
How I Got Forever Banned From Playing Cleric At A Table
Mar 13, 2020
How I Overthrew The Dungeon Master By Becoming Truly Divine
Mar 13, 2020
How I Justifiably Led A Devious Player To Be Devoured By Spiders
Mar 13, 2020
How I Ran An Epic One-Shot For 13 Players And Lived To Tell The Tale
Mar 13, 2020
How Abrum The Unyielding Became A Legend
Mar 13, 2020
How A Players Emotional Death Brought The Party To Tears
Mar 13, 2020
How I Became The Groups Inside Joke And Loved Every Second Of It
Mar 13, 2020
How A Game I Ran Ended Because One of My Players Had A Paranoid Breakdown
Mar 13, 2020
The Player Who Outsmarted The DM And The Entire Party
Mar 13, 2020
D&D Story: Garg And The Moonslicer - Just What Is Good?
Mar 09, 2020