The Compound - MLB Player Podcast

By Ian Happ, Blue Wire

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Cubs fan
 Apr 10, 2020
This is a great way to hear from some of the baseball players in a time when we are missing baseball. It would be great if it continues after the players are released from the compound as well.


Ian Happ, of the Chicago Cubs, and teammates Dakota Mekkes and Zack Short share their MLB experiences, baseball life, and interview guests on The Compound, part of The Blue Wire Podcast Network.

Episode Date
All Star Break 2020, Is That So

Is That So (9:17, 16:45) Big Cat on The Compound (15:22) Cubs Rotation (22:15)

Aug 10, 2020
Nico Hoerner Returns, Free Shirts Who Says No?, Fan Questions

Who Says No? T-Shirt Giveaway (2:16) Dugout Vibes (10:18) Nico's First Opening Day (13:13) Errors, They're the Worst (27:37)

Aug 03, 2020
Opening Day 2020

Opening Day (2:12) Rizzo Sanitizing the Opposing Team (13:04) Scott Effross Fan Question of the Day (18:44)

Jul 27, 2020
Kris Bryant, Who Says No

KB's a dad (5:36) Kris on winning awards and expectations (9:00) Dealing with media rumors (24:55)

Jul 20, 2020
Jason Heyward, Summer Camp Week 2, Dakota Needs a Microwave

Dakota Needs a Microwave (2:54) JHey on being a good teammate (12:57) The story of Jason's debut (22:42)

Jul 13, 2020
Summer Camp Week 1, Parce Rum, Is That So

Is That So Yu Darvish (7:00) Week 1 Recap (11:50) Screen Time (17:29)

Jul 06, 2020
Jeremy Piven, Ari Gold As A Sports Agent, No Really I Believe You

No Really I Believe You (5:27) When the Cubs won the World Series (17:36) Ari Gold the sports agent (26:33) 

Jun 29, 2020
Baseball Is Back, 60 Game Sprint

Extra Inning Format (4:15) No Spitting? (7:28) DH in the NL (11:28)

Jun 24, 2020
Desert Island TV Shows, What We Miss About Baseball, Is That So

Is That So (8:41) What We Miss About Baseball (15:40) Desert Island TV Shows (17:50)

Jun 22, 2020
Anthony Rizzo and New Segment Alert!

New Segment Alert (1:15) Is Rizzo The Most Famous Cub (8:48) Best Part About Winning The World Series (25:46)

Jun 15, 2020
The Compound Road Trip, Breaking The Internet, Nico and Zack Hate Ian and Dakota

Accidentally making people believe baseball was back (2:00) Talking gas station bathroom (15:17) Zack and Nico hate Ian and Dakota (22:50)(31:28)

Jun 08, 2020
Joel Dahmen, The Last Episode Coming to You Live From The Compound?

Could this be the last episode coming to you live from The Compound? Joel Dahmen PGA Tour golfer joins The Compound. Joel talks about his 58 at Mesa CC (7:37) A practice round with Rory (16:19) Playing with Tiger (19:47) What really goes into baseball and golf behind the scenes (34:00)

Jun 01, 2020
Desert Island Pet Peeves, USA Baseball Dream Team

The Compound boys are back with Desert Island Top 3 pet peeves and USA Dream Team for baseball. USA Baseball Dream Team (7:30) Desert Island Pet Peeves(17:26) Screen Times (27:43)

May 25, 2020
Jake Johnson

The talented Jake Johnson, also known as Nick Miller from New Girl (A Compound favorite) joins The Compound. Jake singing the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley (9:00) Ian's jersey in Jake's next show? (14:47) The differences between the minor leagues and Major Leagues (17:54)

May 18, 2020
Mother's Day Special (Feat. Our Moms)

The Compound Boys are joined by four very special guests, our mothers. Dakota's mother: 3-time Employee of the Month Mrs. Mekkes (2:05) Zack's mother: Mrs. Short (7:56) Nico's mother: Dr. Diehl (15:10) Ian's mother: Dr. Mary Beth Happ (21:36)

May 09, 2020
Desert Island Snacks Edition, Compound Dinner Guests

The Compound Boys are back for Episode 9. Dakota's playing hurt (1:30) New segment, Desert Island Top 3 snacks (6:11) One dinner guest to The Compound who would you invite (15:15) Tune in next week for a special Mother's Day episode

May 04, 2020
Pat Connaughton

The Compound Boys welcome Pat Connaughton Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard and former Notre Dame and Baltimore Orioles baseball player. When Pat hit me with a 95mph fastball (7:15) Pat's dunk contest experience (23:42) How many free throws out of 100 can Pat make at The Compound (27:17)

Apr 27, 2020
Top 3 Movies, Favorite Swings, Mound Visit Stories

The Compound Boys talk favorite movies (5:23) Favorite swing to watch (13:26) Best mound visit story (18:00) Is the handshake gone for good? (21:55)

Apr 20, 2020
Jon Lester & Mike Napoli

The Compound Boys talking with World Series champions Jon Lester and Mike Napoli. Jon has turned into a substitute teacher (6:25) Jon vs Nap in the 2016 World Series (14:16) Jon going into the HOF as an A? (19:04) Could a normal 20-25 get a hit in the big leagues? (27:49)

Apr 14, 2020
Fan Episode, The Boys Answer Fan Questions

This one's all about the fans! The Compound boys answer your questions. Fight 100 duck-sized Meeksies or 1 Meeksy-sized duck? (5:20) Favorite and least favorite Minor League stadium (18:48) Most intimidating player during your first spring training (24:50)

Apr 09, 2020
Jeff Garlin

Long time Cub fan, Jeff Garlin joins The Compound to talk life in quarantine, Cubs memories and more. Jeff's favorite Cub memory (6:01) We talk pre-show routines (17:58) Which current Cub would be the best guest on Curb Your Enthusiasm (30:24)

Apr 06, 2020
Jon "Boog" Sciambi

Boog Sciambi joins The Compound to talk baseball, broadcasting and possible changes to the 2020 season. Sciambi relives the KB-Rizz Mic'd up game (9:55) Sciambi's favorite David Ross story (14:52) Sciambi's ideas for 2020 pace of play (24:00) 

Apr 02, 2020
Kyle Schwarber

We have World Series Champion Kyle Schwarber join The Compound to talk baseball, golf and answer fan questions. Schwarber talks about his World Series comeback (9:10) Schwarber learns Dakota's last name (21:00) The boys answer fan questions (28:30)

Mar 30, 2020
Must Win Lineup All Time, Fan Questions

Episode 1 of The Compound Podcast. Four professional baseball players with the Chicago Cubs and their lives at The Compound. Hosted by Ian Happ Featuring Nico Hoerner, Dakota Mekkes and Zack Short.
-Best and Worst (1:15)
-Best Must-Win Lineup (5:21)
-The Boys Answer Fan Questions (16:19)

Mar 28, 2020