In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips

By Dr. Anita Phillips & Woman Evolve

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Category: Mental Health

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Woman Evolve Network presents nationally acclaimed trauma therapist and life coach, Dr. Anita Phillips. Listen along as she talks to special guests and everyday callers about thriving in love, life, and relationships. If you’re brave enough to stand in the light, Dr. Anita is here to help you evolve into the best version of yourself. Are you ready?

Episode Date
Faith & Sex 101

This ain't your average "birds & bees" conversation, but W.E. are talking sexual health. In this episode, Bishop Rosie O'Neal's journey to freedom is jam-packed with practical tools, & ITL listener, Kara, helps us identify what pornography & purity culture have in common. Take a guess, grab your notebook, & head to "class". ISSA 2-for-1 special & these courageous lessons are drenched in God’s love & LIGHT!

Speaking of a deal, H.A.L.T. & visit (promo code: ANITA) to start your day off right.

Sep 14, 2020
Change We Can Believe In

SZN 2, is that you? Y'all, W.E. curated a community! Let's reunite & focus on all things EVOLUTION–change, growth, & recovery! In this opening episode, Dr. Anita talks to Cheryl Luke, who, while handing out floaties, realized that she too required a rescue. The dialogue is a WHOLE meal, yet a hefty snack awaits you in 1 Samuel 30. With change comes the need to read & rest, Sis, so take full advantage of our promo offers at & (code: In The Light). Welcome back & Virtual hugs!

Sep 07, 2020
Feelings & Friendship

Chiiilllee the SISTERHOOD is loyal! Thank y'all for helping us keep the "lights on" all season long! In this episode, Dr. Anita and Pastor Sarah take inventory of feelings & friendship. Yes Sis, you MUST be deliberate about identifying and developing both. Don’t know how? W.E. got you. Simply tune in HERE! As the podcast season ends, W.E. encourage our listeners to focus on personal development by visiting for a non-fiction library on the go. Until next time, keep standing IN THE LIGHT of God.

Jun 22, 2020
Hiding In Plain Sight

In episode 9, Dr. Anita brings us another powerful story of victory over mental illness. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in college, guest Rwenshaun Miller hid his suffering for seven years before taking control of his life. Rwenshaun vulnerably details his journey to becoming a mental health therapist and change agent. He also teaches us how to bring the men in our lives out of hiding and into the light. Our listeners can fit mental health learning into their lives by visiting

Jun 15, 2020
Where Do We Go from Here?

2020. It's been a chaotic year, but we are convinced that social change can be a new community norm; especially among the body of believers. In this special edition episode, Dr. Anita sheds light on these critical moments in society by reflecting on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s final text. Though the continued relevance of his words is haunting, they challenge our spirits and pose this question: What will you commit to, chaos or community?

Jun 08, 2020
I Am My Brother's Keeper

This is a man's world!!!...(W.E. kidding). But "technically", this IS a man’s month. June is Men’s Health Month, so our sisterhood is shining a light on the brotherhood. This episode features Dr. Dharius Daniels. He puts Dr. Anita in the interview chair while remaining candid about his own emotional health. Dr. Anita speaks from the heart about police brutality in the lives of Black men and the unified voice rising from diverse communities of faith. 

Jun 01, 2020
Good Intentions

Advice! Advice! HEAR all about it! In her first Q&A episode, Dr. Anita is throwing out life rafts for the sisterhood. Joined by therapist Danae Wheatley, this compelling conversation is overflowing with education, insight, and auntie-flavored truth. In family, in friendships, and in love, we are recovering from CODEPENDENCY by naming & healing our pain. Gems are about to drop! Catch the LIGHT bouncing off these diamonds!

May 25, 2020
Running on Sunshine

Your story can heal you and this episode shows you how. Dr. Anita and mental health advocate, Kandice Ewing, tag team to shine some LIGHT into the darkness of depression. “Lady K” shares how she survived the rain to THRIVE in the calm after the storm. Dr. Anita teaches us how storytelling may be our best defense in a crisis and why you MUST control your narrative. Ain’t no clouds getting in our way, Sis! We’re running on SONshine!

May 18, 2020
Zero Degrees of Separation

In this episode, Dr. Anita takes us back to the WILDERNESS for a glimpse of how she translates between theology and psychology. Turns out, mental health and illness is a contemporary conversation rooted in an ancient battle between the body and the mind. When it comes to human nature, there is nothing new under the sun and the life of Jesus is STILL breaking the shackles of shame! Any WILD WOMEN out there ready to join this conversation?

May 11, 2020
Can You Hear Me Now?

In this powerful episode, one woman asks for her daughter’s trust, another demands justice, and all declare VICTORY! Countless women have been spiritually and emotionally wounded by sexual abuse and assault. Dr. Anita rallies the sisterhood to stand In The Light by amplifying survivors' voices and protecting children we know and love. PLOT TWIST: BRUISED HEELS STILL CRUSH SERPENTS’ HEADS! CONTENT WARNING: An assault is described from 52:00 – 59:15. Visit & for resources and help.

May 04, 2020
Great Expectations

In episode one, Mom Graham WRECKED us with her genuine love for God. No strings attached!!! Dr. Anita reflects on why her words struck us so deeply and seizes this teachable moment on expectations in relationships!!! Before pressing "play" on this NOTEWORTHY episode, grab pen & paper, Sis! Take a personal seat, In the Light with Dr. Anita, to hear how emotional needs influence our spiritual well-being.

Apr 27, 2020
Turn the Light On

In Dr. Anita’s first full episode you can tell that she is as excited as we are about In the Light. Listen in as Dr. Anita tells us what’s in store for season one and, with the help of a surprise special guest, opens her heart in a deeply personal & vulnerable way to share the “why” behind her passion for the faith and mental health movement. The episode wraps with great insight on taking care of your loved ones’ mental health.

Apr 20, 2020
Introducing: In The Light Podcast

Introducing, In the Light with Dr. Anita Phillips. Are you ready to stand in the light?

Apr 01, 2020