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 Feb 19, 2024

 Jun 26, 2021
Alex is such a ham! 💛 On a serious note, it's nice to have some levity in the "news". It's like we're not allowed to laugh anymore... and if you do, then you're white or racist, or both. 🤦‍♂️ This show is a breath of fresh, woke-less air!

 May 12, 2020


Hear interviews from Hollywood celebrities, experts, health and wellness gurus, true crime survivors, and some of the most interesting people you’ve never heard of as they share their gripping personal stories. No subject is off limits. No subject is “too offensive." New episodes spill every Friday. The Spillover hosted by @RealAlexClark and powered by Turning Point USA.

Episode Date
“Cooking For Tom Cruise & Everything Organ Meats!” - Celebrity Chef James Barry
Apr 12, 2024
“Therapy Is Preventing Kids From Growing Up.” - Author Abigail Shrier
Apr 05, 2024
“Motherhood Can’t Wait. Put Your Career On Hold.” - With Author Suzanne Venker
Mar 29, 2024
“Stop Using Mouthwash & Start Using Mouth Tape.” - Holistic Dentistry With Dr. Kelly Blodgett
Mar 22, 2024
“Your Kid Doesn’t Need Preschool…Or Kindergarten.” - With Claire Denault
Mar 15, 2024
"How To Raise A Securely Attached Child." - With Attachment Specialist Adam Lane Smith
Mar 08, 2024
“A Blueprint For Creating A Toxin-Free Home.” - With Jen & Rusty Stout
Mar 01, 2024
“How Soda Companies Are Running America Like The Mob.” - @TheFoodBabe Vani Hari
Feb 23, 2024
"An Exposé On Baby Formula." - With Sally Fallon Morell
Feb 16, 2024
“GET YOUR HORMONES TESTED! Where, How & Why.” - With Dr. Patrick Flynn
Feb 09, 2024
“Women’s Suffrage Was A Mistake?!” - With Professor Nancy Pearcey
Feb 02, 2024
"How Your Bluetooth & WiFi Might Be Making You Sick." - With August Brice
Jan 26, 2024
“I’m A Single Income SAHM On Less Than $50K: You Can Do It Too.” - With @SproutingArrows
Jan 19, 2024
"Ancestral Diet, Sunshine, and Wise Traditions.” - With Hilda Labrada Gore
Jan 12, 2024
“The Predatory Side of Pediatrics.” - With Dr. Jill Simons
Jan 05, 2024
“Antidepressants Are Placebos & ADHD Is A Sham.” - With Dr. Roger McFillin, PsyD
Dec 29, 2023
“America’s Food Supply Is On The Brink Of Collapse.” - With Rancher AJ Richards
Dec 22, 2023
“A Child Called It: Where Is He Now?” - With Survivor Dave Pelzer
Dec 15, 2023
“Who’s Actually The Problem: You Or Your Partner?” - With Dr. Taylor Burrowes, PHD
Dec 08, 2023
“Nuclear Family Is The Cancer, Not The Cure.” - With Jefferson Bethke
Dec 01, 2023
"I Had Two Moms. Now I’m A Christian.” -Evangelizing To LGBTQ Family w/ Ross Johnston
Nov 22, 2023
“Inside The Minds Of Serial Killers BTK & Ed Kemper.” - With Forensic Psychologist Dr. Katherine Ramsland
Nov 17, 2023
“The Ultimate Home Birth Episode: Breech, VBAC, Twins & More!” - Dr. Stu Fischbein, MD
Nov 10, 2023
“False Teachers, Spiritual Gifts, & False Converts.” - American Gospel with Costi Hinn
Nov 03, 2023
“How To Survive Rape, Abduction, and Terror Attacks.” -Former FBI Special Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer
Oct 27, 2023
“Why ‘Gentle Parenting’ Should Be Avoided By Christian Moms.” - With M Is For Mama
Oct 20, 2023
“Daycare Impacts On A Child’s Brain & Socialization Myths.” - With Dr. Erica Komisar, LCSW
Oct 13, 2023
“God’s HONEST Truth About Being A Country Singer’s Wife.”- With Caleigh Hardy
Oct 06, 2023
FOLLOW UP Q&A With Water Scientist Robert Slovak On Berkey, Alkaline Powder, Evolution, + MORE
Sep 30, 2023
“Your Stanley Isn’t Safer Than Plastic, & Other Water Bombshells.” - Water Scientist Robert Slovak
Sep 29, 2023
“Circumcision Is Medically Unnecessary, Barbaric, & Traumatic.” -With Filmmaker Brendon Marotta
Sep 22, 2023
"Raising Conservative Kids In A Woke City." - Step By Step With Katy Faust
Sep 15, 2023
“My Ex Is Trying To Turn My Son Non-Binary.” -A Father’s Plea With Harrison Tinsley
Sep 08, 2023
“Is Housework Gay?” - Biblical Patriarchy & The Red Pill Mvmt W/ Bernadine Bluntly
Sep 01, 2023
“There’s A Lot Of Frauds In The Conservative Movement.” - Behind The Scenes w/ Benny Johnson
Aug 25, 2023
"Adults Have RUINED The BEST Parts Of Childhood." - @1000HoursOutside w/ Ginny Yurich
Aug 18, 2023
“Drinking Wine & Eating Sushi While Pregnant?!” - Prenatal Dietician Lily Nichols, RDN
Aug 11, 2023
“Wifi Is The New Second Hand Smoke.” -Tech Wellness With August Brice
Aug 04, 2023
“Do Women Hit The Wall At 30?” - Modern Femininity With Evie Editor-In-Chief Brittany Martinez
Jul 28, 2023
“Hey, Vegans! You Kill More Animals Than Meat Eaters!” - Plant Based HOAX w/ Vinnie Tortorich
Jul 25, 2023
“It’s Not Mom-Shaming, You’re Just Convicted.” - Daycare Truths w/ Suzanne Venker
Jul 21, 2023
“Olivia Rodrigo Hates Taylor Swift & Meghan and Harry Are On The Brink!” - With Hollywood Insider @EntyLawyer
Jul 14, 2023
“If Your Man Isn’t Chasing You Down For Sex Daily-HE’S SICK.” - With Dr. Patrick Flynn
Jul 07, 2023
“Drowned, Electrocuted & Tortured As A Child.” - Surviving The Unthinkable With Victor Marx
Jun 30, 2023
“I’m A Pro-Life Atheist.” - Your Religion Isn’t Strong Evidence With Monica Snyder
Jun 23, 2023
Anti-Woke Wellness: Hormones, Non-Toxic Living & Home Birth | The Spillover Special
Jun 18, 2023
“My Down Syndrome Son Has Superpowers.” - Adoption & Special Needs Parenting With Alan Lawrence
Jun 16, 2023
“I Wrote Feminist Propaganda For Cosmopolitan.” - Writer Sue Ellen Browder
Jun 09, 2023
“You Can Homeschool! Yes, Even YOU.” - Eradicating Self-Doubt With Heidi St. John
Jun 02, 2023
“I Was Called A Nazi For Choosing Homemaking Over Girl Bossing.” - Alena Pettitt
May 26, 2023
"Why Is No One Inviting Me Over?” - Making Friends As Adults With Sally Clarkson
May 19, 2023
“Conservative Christians Need To Stop Idolizing The 1950s.” - With Author Bekah Merkle
May 12, 2023
“Kids Aren’t Broken, Our Understanding Of Them Is.” - With Gen-Z Whisperer Tracey Martin
May 05, 2023
“We Were Scammed: The Food Pyramid Farce.” - Taking On Big Food With Denise Minger
Apr 28, 2023
“Trash Island is FAKE & GMOs Aren’t THAT Bad?” - Debunking Climate Change With Dr. Patrick Moore
Apr 21, 2023
“There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather.” - Scandinavian Parenting With Linda Åkeson McGurk
Apr 14, 2023
“Antichrists: There Will Be Many.” - The End Times With Theologian Samuel Sey
Apr 07, 2023
“Soon Going To Public School Will Feel Like A 20th Century Idea.” - w/ rebelEducator Hannah Frankman
Mar 31, 2023
“How To Homestead Anywhere In America.” - With Suburban ‘Wormsteader’ Natalie Argo
Mar 24, 2023
“President Trump’s Diet Coke Button Was Real!” With Gen-Z Political Pioneer Karoline Leavitt
Mar 17, 2023
“I Don’t Believe in Soap, Shoes, & Shaving.” - Living Crispy With Dr. Courtney Kahla
Mar 10, 2023
“If We Fix Our Food, We Save The World.” - With Seed Oil Expert @ReallyTanMan
Mar 03, 2023
“Parents, You’re Allowed To Have A Seat At The Trans Table.” - With Former Child Therapist Teva Johnstone
Feb 24, 2023
“A How-To Guide For Ditching The Single Life & Staying Married.” - With @dearyoungmarriedcouple
Feb 17, 2023
"How The 'Anti-Racist' Agenda Is Destroying The Black Community." - With Leonydus Johnson
Feb 10, 2023
“I Had To Be Deprogrammed After College Brainwashed Me.” - A True Story With Annabella Rockwell
Feb 03, 2023
"I Might Be Pregnant...& I'm Moving!" - Major Life Updates With HRH Collection
Feb 01, 2023
“I Got Cancer, Ditched Chemo & Healed Naturally.” - With Chris Wark
Jan 27, 2023
"Rewiring Your Brain To Have A Better Relationship With Food." - With Food Psych Jiordana Saade
Jan 20, 2023
“How To Live With Less & Do More.” - With Minimalist Mom Diane Boden
Jan 13, 2023
“Eating Your Way To Healthy Hormones.” - With Emily From @littleraeofhealth
Jan 06, 2023
“The Fourth Turning Is Here: Where America’s Headed Based On History.” - With Jack Posobiec
Dec 30, 2022
“How To Create A Life Giving Home.” - The Art Of Homemaking With Sally Clarkson
Dec 23, 2022
“For Christmas, I Learned That My Husband Was A Pedophile.” - Biblical Divorce With Gloria Brintnall
Dec 16, 2022
“Ye, Balenciaga, Blogging In 2020 & Being Black Conservatives.” - With @RuthieRidley + @RachMoon
Dec 09, 2022
"Is Taylor Swift Bi? Will The Biebers Divorce? & More CelebriTEA." - with Hollywood Insider Enty Lawyer
Dec 02, 2022
"I'm A Black Man Who Infiltrated The KKK & Lived." - Talking To People Who Hate You with Daryl Davis
Nov 23, 2022
"Permission To Grieve: The Forgotten Fathers Impacted By Abortion." - with Victoria Robinson
Nov 18, 2022
“STORIES FROM AN FBI DIVER: Serial Killer Israel Keyes, Laci Peterson, & TWA Flight 800.” - with Bobby Chacon
Nov 11, 2022
"The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling & What We Can Do About It." - with Dr. Warren Farrell Ph.D.
Nov 04, 2022
"Exorcisms Are Our Family Business." - The Occult with Rick Hansen
Oct 28, 2022
“If You Travel The World, You’ll Find That People Are Mostly Based.” - Hot Takes With @ZubyMusic
Oct 21, 2022
“Being A Crappy Christian & The Fall Of Rachel Hollis.” - with @thegirlnamedblake
Oct 14, 2022
"Hulu’s ‘Dopesick’ Was About Me: I Prescribed Oxy While Taking 100 Pills A Day.” - With Dr. Stephen Loyd
Oct 07, 2022
“Gov. Newsom Gave The Gift Of Life To The Man Who Killed My Daughter.” - Marc Klaas, Father of Polly Klaas
Sep 30, 2022
“The Role Your Church Should Play In Addressing Political & Cultural Issues.” - with Author Eric Metaxas
Sep 23, 2022
“A How-To Guide On Being A Pimp On A Blimp.” - The Hilarious Life Story of Comedian Alex Stein
Sep 16, 2022
"On 9/11, I Was A New Doctor Running A Morgue Out Of A Brooks Brothers." - with Dr. Sandeep Jauhar
Sep 09, 2022
“My Kid’s School Charged Me $75k To See What She Was Learning. Now I’m Suing.” - With Nicole Solas
Sep 02, 2022
"An Uncomfortable Conversation About IVF, Surrogacy, Gay Adoption & Divorce.” - Children's Rights Activist Katy Faust
Aug 26, 2022
“I Got Rich Having Sex With Men & Women, But I Wanted To Kill Myself.” - Former Porn Star Joshua Broome
Aug 19, 2022
“Ask A Doctor Anything: Adderall, Health Care Corruption, Diet & More.” - With Dr. Jess Peatross M.D.
Aug 12, 2022
“Was Baby Yoda A Diva?” - Getting To Know Gina Carano
Aug 05, 2022
“Big Pharma Almost Killed Me.” - Vaccine Injury Survivor Alix Mayer
Jul 29, 2022
“I Saw Dead People.” - Confessions From Former Psychic Jenn Nizza
Jul 22, 2022
"I'm Attracted To Men But I'm Not Gay." - Tell-All with Christian Walker
Jul 15, 2022
“Birth Control, Infertility & Understanding Your Hormones.” - Interview with Dr. Leah Gordon
Jul 08, 2022
“Hearing The National Anthem Moved Me To Tears.” - Finding America with Tanya Posobiec
Jul 01, 2022
BONUS EP: “What Is A Pro-Lifer’s Role In A Post Roe America?” - Interview with Kristan Hawkins
Jun 24, 2022
“I Saw Demons & Met God.” - Ayahuasca & Psychedelics with Mike Cernovich
Jun 24, 2022
"Digital Heroin: How Screens Are Destroying Your Kids." - With Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D.
Jun 17, 2022
"Everything You're Doing Wrong When It Comes To Dating." - Celebrity & Billionaire Matchmaker Gina Hendrix
Jun 10, 2022
“I Was Only 11 When I Became Addicted To Porn.” - Interview with Lacy Abercrombie On Overcoming Shame
Jun 03, 2022
“BTK, The Zodiac, Ruby Ridge, Epstein & MORE.” - Interview with FBI Profiler Jim Clemente
May 27, 2022
"WARNING: Sex Education In Public Schools Is More Disturbing Than You Thought." - Interview with Monica Cline
May 20, 2022
"America's Most Controversial Couple." - Allegations + Celeb Family Drama with Ali & John James
May 13, 2022
"I Coach Pregnant Women How To Have Pain-Free Birth." - Interview with Doula Karen Welton
May 06, 2022
"I Barely Survived Columbine." - Interview with Evan Todd
Apr 29, 2022
“The Truth About Alex Clark.” - Alex’s BFF Spills On Her Insecurities, Dating Woes, & Controversial Career
Apr 22, 2022
"Tumblr Turned Me Trans." - Interview with Detransitioners Helena & Ryan
Apr 15, 2022
"I Left A Note, Climbed Out The Window, And Jumped Off The Roof." - Escaping Amish with Lizzie Ens
Apr 08, 2022
"I Killed Dirty John." - Interview with Terra Newell About Overcoming Trauma
Apr 01, 2022
"How I Went From A Communist, Cop Hating Leftist To Conservative." - Interview with @leftist_dropout
Mar 25, 2022
"The Dark Side Of The Birthing Business." - Interview with Allie Beth Stuckey
Mar 18, 2022
“How To Experience Heaven In Your Bedroom." - with Christian Sexpert Francie Winslow
Mar 11, 2022
“Michael Jackson, The Clintons, & Criminal Minds." – Investigating with Serial Killer Profiler Jim Clemente
Mar 04, 2022
“If You Get It You Get It & If You Don’t You Don’t." - Yelling with HRH Collection
Feb 25, 2022
“Blowing The Roof Off The Interior Design Industry." - With Chrisi Hammer & Catie Bouchard
Feb 18, 2022
“You Asked A Pastor WHAT?!" – Sex, Love, and Dating with Pastor Jonathan Pokluda
Feb 11, 2022
“Cuteservatives SPILL ALL.” - Escaping Cults, Involuntary Manslaughter & More
Feb 04, 2022
“Planned Parenthood’s Lies & Pro-Life Controversies.” – Interview with Abby Johnson
Jan 28, 2022
“I Had A Deep Dark Secret No One Knew.” - Interview with Alexa PenaVega
Jan 21, 2022
“The Secret World of Fashion Influencers.” – Interview with @lipstickheelsandababy
Jan 14, 2022
“Country Music Is Not Racist.” – Interview with RaeLynn
Jan 07, 2022
"How Social Justice Has Corrupted Child Welfare In The U.S." – With Author Naomi Schaefer Riley
Dec 31, 2021
“Sometimes I Forget I Don’t Have Any Arms.” – Interview with Madysen Acey
Dec 21, 2021
“I Was Institutionalized Because of Q-Anon.” – Interview with Melissa Lively
Dec 17, 2021
“Negotiating Isn’t a Science, It’s an Art.” – Hostage Negotiator Ericka Stropka
Dec 10, 2021
“Accidentally Born Alive.” – Abortion Survivor Melissa Ohden
Dec 03, 2021
“Kidnapped In Broad Daylight.” – Interview with Kara Robinson Chamberlain
Nov 24, 2021
“Demons Are Real.” – Interview with Doreen Virtue on New Age Lies & False Prophets
Nov 19, 2021
"Osama Bin Laden Is Dead. I Know Because I Killed Him." – Interview with Robert J. O'Neill
Nov 12, 2021
"You'll Own Nothing and You'll Be Happy." – The Great Reset with Jack Posobiec
Nov 05, 2021
"I Knew I Was On Fire." – Burn Survivor Medley Zeigler
Oct 29, 2021
"When Dating To Marry Doesn't End In Marriage." – With Isabel Brown and Morgan Zegers
Oct 22, 2021
"Pro-Life Answers To Pro-Choice Questions." – Abortion Apologetics with Josh Brahm
Oct 15, 2021
"My Whole Career I've Fought For Girls Who Have Been Sexually Abused." – Interview with Francey Hakes
Oct 08, 2021
"In That Moment, I Knew I Was Going To Die." – Abduction Escapee Midsi Sanchez
Oct 01, 2021
"The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters." – Interview with Author Abigail Shrier
Sep 24, 2021
“He Was Shooting Execution Style." – Mass Shooting Survivor Suzanna Hupp
Sep 17, 2021