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By Grant Williams

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 Sep 14, 2020
Great content, kudos for bravery! ps. Thanks for Top Traders Unplugged for directing me here.

 Jul 7, 2020
Excellent macroeconomics podcast!

 Jun 3, 2020
I highly recommend listening to this podcast. Grant and his guests have been great so far!!!

 May 17, 2020
Good clear thinking about the financial issues that affect our lives.


Join Grant Williams and his guests for a series of random walks around the fringes of finance and gain a better understanding of how the economic sands are shifting beneath our feet.

Episode Date
The End Game Ep. 11 - Jim Rogers

After a series of brain-churning conversations, take a breather this week and join us for a fun-filled journey around the investment world with the one and only Jim Rogers.

Hear Jim's candid views on Japan, China, North Korea, the UK and the opportunities available in Venezuela, as well as cryptocurrencies, the impossibility of being short anything right now and the subject on everybody's lips post-the U.S. election - Chinese wine stocks...

Nov 14, 2020
The End Game Ep. 10 - Chris Cole

Chris Cole of Artemis Capital Management is the latest stellar guest to grace The End Game as he takes Bill and Grant on an extraordinary journey through the many ways in which volatility affects risk assets.

From Golems & Tulpas to the Ouroboros, Chris paints a remarkable picture of the twin realms of fantasy and reality and how they intertwine to create the world around us.

From the option market tail wagging the equity market dog to the assured disaster awaiting the pension fund industry, Chris explains volatility's important role in the present and, importantly, the future.

This is yet another profound, unmissable conversation in the search for The End Game...

Nov 05, 2020
The Narrative Game Ep. 4 - Events, Dear Boy, Events

With the U.S. election just hours away, Ben Hunt joins Grant to discuss the narrative heading into a seemingly climactic event upon which so much is riding.

Orwell's 1984, the words you need to recognise as both sides try to mobilise opinion and the importance of creating an 'Other' all come under the microscope as does, troublingly, Ben's choice for the big theme of 2021: regime change around the world.

Nov 01, 2020
Super Terrific Happy Hour Ep. 7 - John Hathaway: Being A Doyen Is A Good Thing, Right?

Join Stephanie and Grant for a fascinating conversation with a true legend of the precious metals industry, John Hathaway.

The three discuss John's storied career, what the gold market looked like twenty years ago, how John's experience of multiple cycles has helped him deal with the volatility inherent in the precious metals space and what he expects to see going forward.

Gold's role in a portfolio, how to identify potential investments and the importance of managing the psychological component of what can be a tempestuous ride all come under the microscope.

Oct 28, 2020
The End Game Ep. 9 - Felix Zulauf

Bill and Grant welcome the incomparable Felix Zulauf to The End Game.

What follows is a true masterclass in macro thinking as Felix joins a complicated series of dots to lay out both a cohesive vision of the present, and an impressive roadmap for the future.

The likely end of a 40-year bull market in bonds, the all-important inflation vs deflation debate as well as gold, the dollar and so much more all come under Felix's acute gaze.

Once again, this episode of The End Game will have your head spinning...


Oct 16, 2020
The End Game Ep. 8 - Dr. Marc Faber

Bill and Grant welcome the one and only Dr. Marc Faber, author and publisher of the Gloom Boom and Doom Report to The End Game to seek his perspective on what comes next. Lessons the world can learn from the Japanese experience, the Asian reality versus the perspective offered by Western media outlets and the difference between China Bears and China Bashers are all discussed as is the ultimate fate of the US dollar - something Dr. Faber labels a 'time bomb'.So sit back, relax and join us for an hour of vintage Faber

Oct 08, 2020
Super Terrific Happy Hour Ep. 6

Stephanie and Grant are back for another Super Terrific Happy Hour as the pair discuss the inflation/deflation debate, the disconnect between the economy and the data, the curious case of the rising housing market and what life (and markets) may look like in a post-Covid world.

Oct 01, 2020
The End Game Ep. 7 - Edward Chancellor

Bill and Grant welcome historian, journalist and author Ed Chancellor to The End Game. 

Ed’s remarkable book, Devil Take The Hindmost, chronicles three centuries of bubbles and manias and, in this wonderful conversation, he shares his thoughts on how and why they end, the historical parallels previous bubbles share with today and the likely problems the world faces at it moves through The End Game. 

Entertaining, insightful and packed with historical relevance, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Sep 15, 2020
The Grant Williams Podcast - TC

WARNING: AN OPEN MIND IS REQUIRED TO LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!!In the first of yet another random series of conversations, Grant welcomes TC to the podcast to discuss the recent edition of TC's Chartcast featuring Tesla whistleblower, Karl Hansen.TC explains how that episode came about, his thoughts on Karl's story and the broader implications of continuing poor behaviour by bad actors and regulators alike against a backdrop of increasing corporate malfeasance.Thoughtful, considered and compelling, TC shares tales of his own harassment since a social media experiment became a Twitter phenomenon and offers thoughts on what happens next.

Confirmation bias for bears, kryptonite for bulls but, in the middle, for those willing to listen, lies great importance for all.


Sep 07, 2020
The Narrative Game Ep. 3 - The Grift That Keeps On Giving

Ben and Grant reconvene to discuss the broader changes evidenced by two very different presidential interviews, and the extraordinary ongoing escalation in the level of pure grift swamping the world - a situation which becomes seemingly more egregious with each passing day.

Chris Cornell's level of happiness, the thoughts of Yogi Berra and Blaise Pascal and the damage that a mobster called Bobo could do to a man armed only with a bag of oranges are all referenced in an attempt to try and unravel the narratives du jour.

Aug 16, 2020
The End Game Ep. 6 - Lacy Hunt

Bill and Grant welcome a man who is the absolute epitome of the phrase 'a scholar and a gentleman', Lacy Hunt, to The End Game.

The three discuss arguably one of the greatest trades of the century: Lacy and his partner, Van Hoisington's 40-year bet on deflation.

Lacy talks about staying the course, the methodology they used to simplify their framework and what it might take for them to change tack after all this time.

The perfect counterpoint to Russell Napier's appearance in Episode 5 of The End Game, Lacy uses his encyclopedic knowledge of econometric analysis, financial history and regulatory frameworks to explain why he remains resolute in the face a rising number of calls for the return of inflation.

Aug 09, 2020
The End Game Ep. 5 - Russell Napier

Bill and Grant welcome Russell Napier to The End Game to discuss the reasons behind the long-term disinflationist's recent decision to step off that train and prepare for the return of inflation.


Using examples from the 1690s, 1930s and 1970s, Russell makes the case for inflation in the United States hitting 4% before the end of the year and explains why recent moves by the U.S. government to circumvent the Federal Reserve have changed the game dramatically and, potentially, bring The End Game much closer.Russell offers a primer on real financial repression and explains how dangerously different the world may look in the not-too-distant future.


Strap yourself in - this is another head-spinning conversation.

Aug 02, 2020
The End Game Ep. 4 - Jim Grant

Bill and Grant welcome the legendary Jim Grant, founder and editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, and author of a number of stupendous chronicles of both financial history and those who helped shape it.

The three discuss the importance of historical parallels to today's somewhat bemusing coin shortage before digging deeper into the past to examine previous inflationary episodes and discuss what lessons they might offer for our immediate future as we move towards The End Game.

As always, Jim brings an encyclopaedic knowledge wrapped in an eloquence and humour sadly lacking in today's financial commentary.


Jul 20, 2020
Super Terrific Happy Hour Ep. 5 - Yet Another Super Terrific Guest

Stephanie and Grant are joined by an old friend, Dave Iben, Chief Investment Officer and Lead Portfolio Manager of Kopernik Global Investors - one of the great value investors of his generation.

The three discuss the art of value investing, the challenges it faces in today's market environment and why it's a bad idea to write any obituaries for the strategy just yet.

Dave talks about the cycles he's witnessed over his career as he gets ready to enter his fifth decade in the business, the lessons he's learned and offers some thoughts on where value can be found off the beaten path as equity markets scream towards all-time highs.

A masterclass in what is, sadly, fast-becoming a lost art...

Jul 10, 2020
The End Game Ep. 3 - Mike Green

Bill and Grant welcome a towering intellect in the shape of Mike Green of Logica Advisors, to discuss the role passive investing may have to play in The End Game.

What follows is a good old-fashioned schooling, as Mike outlines the genesis of his work on passive's effect on the markets, the extraordinary influence it has on the world today and the way that's likely to change as we move towards The End Game.

If your head isn't spinning after this remarkable conversation, then that sure as hell isn't Mike's fault...


Jul 06, 2020
Super Terrific Happy Hour Ep. 4 - Another Super Terrific Guest

Stephanie and Grant welcome the stupendous Sy Jacobs, founding and managing member of JAM Partners to the Super Terrific Happy Hour for a wide-ranging conversation that begins in the 1980s, when Sy found himself in the centre of the nascent MBS market, and ends with a look at opportunities in today's markets and an idea that will really blow your hair back.

Along the way, we ponder Yield Curve Control, the Robinhood phenomenon and much, much more.

In a world of soundbites, this is a rare chance to listen to someone who really knows his corner of the market from the ground up.


Jul 01, 2020
The End Game Ep. 2 - The Lord Of The Dark Matter

Bill and Grant are joined by long-time source and master of the financial system plumbing, The Lord Of The Dark Matter, who finally reveals his true identity after a decade of anonymity.

The three discuss inflation, the bond market, the options available to central banks and how they might achieve "Cold Fusion".

A fascinating conversation with a true master of his craft.

Jun 15, 2020
The Narrative Game with Ben Hunt Ep. 2 - The Three Phases Of Narrative

Ben and Grant discuss the media reaction to George Floyd's murder and the subsequent protest movement sweeping across the world. Ben explains the three phases of narrative control in a given situation and demonstrates how, even with an event as explosive as the murder of a citizen by those sworn to serve and protect, a golden opportunity for the public to be manipulated presents itself to those looking for leverage...

Jun 11, 2020
The End Game Ep. 1 - The Art Of Short Selling & A Mystery Guest

Bill Fleckenstein and Grant Williams embark on a journey to try and piece together what The End Game for financial markets might look like. Will central banks have the printing press taken away from them by the bond market or will we achieve what Bill terms 'Cold Fusion'?

Joining the podcast this week is a special guest who dreamed up this whole cockamamie idea...

Jun 07, 2020
Super Terrific Happy Hour Ep. 3 - Super Terrific Guest

Stephanie and Grant welcome the legendary Bob Rodriguez, former helmsman of First Pacific Advisors, to the Super Terrific Happy Hour to talk about his extraordinary career, how he'd handle today's unusual environment, his amazing family history and how the chance reading of a book on racecar driving helped him thwart Louis Rukeyser...

A conversation that's both Super AND Terrific. Happy?

May 27, 2020
016 - Hmmminar Series - Neil Howe (22 May 2020)

Neil Howe rounds out Part II of The 2020 Hmmminar Series with a fascinating look at how Covid-19 has accelerated the Fourth Turning, offering a sobering assessment of our immediate future. Neil and Bill Strauss predicted that 2020 would be an 'accelerator year' and he warns that the next decade will be where 'most of the action happens'.

May 26, 2020
015 - Hmmminar Series - Diego Parrilla (21 May 2020)

Diego Parrilla joins the Hmmminar Series to talk about his framework for investing in Anti-Bubbles. Diego explains the strange goings on in oil markets recently, the dangers posed by volatility and outlines gold's importance in a portfolio

May 26, 2020
014 - Hmmminar Series - David Rosenberg (20 May 2020)

David Rosenberg sifts through the economic data during the recent pandemic to issue a warning that economic reality awaits asset markets in the near future. Rosie also offers the lessons learned from his first day on Wall Street and muses on the likely inflationary future awaiting us

May 26, 2020
013 - Hmmminar Series - Peter Zeihan (19 May 2020)

Peter Zeihan takes us on a whirlwind tour of key nations around the world, identifying their strengths and weaknesses in an age of change as the United States slowly dismantles the post-WWII global order

May 26, 2020
012 - Hmmminar Series - Jesse Felder (18 May 2020)

Jesse Felder joins Grant to discuss the conflicting signals being sent by economic data and asset markets and how they might resolve themselves, the effect of an explosion in retail trading on equity prices plus his short-term nervousness about gold

May 26, 2020
The Narrative Game with Ben Hunt Ep. 1 - The V-Shaped Recovery

In the first of a series of podcasts designed to help listeners explore and understand the way narrative is used to guide nudge public opinion and steer investor psychology, Ben and Grant discuss 'Green Shoots', 'Whatever It Takes' and the now-ubiquitous 'V-Shaped Recovery'.

May 19, 2020
Super Terrific Happy Hour Ep. 2 - Inflation/Deflation

Grant & Stephanie reconvene to discuss 'flations of all shapes and sizes, pondering whether inflation, deflation or stagflation (or a combination of the three) will be the likely battle for which investors need to prepare...

May 16, 2020
Super Terrific Happy Hour Ep. 1 - Connect/Disconnect

Join Stephanie Pomboy & Grant Williams for an irregular series of podcasts about the world of finance, markets, the economy and much, much more.In the first Super Terrific Happy Hour, the two discuss the strong disconnect between data and markets, the strong connection between unemployment and default rates, Europe, China and the post-Covid world we're likely to inhabit.Fun for all the family…well, most of the family

May 03, 2020
011 - Hmmminar Series - Peter Atwater (17 April 2020)

Peter Atwater rounds out The 2020 Hmmminar Series with a fascinating look at the importance of mood and confidence as the foundations of, not only asset markets, but the entire social construct and outlines how understanding this can help investors make better decisions.

Apr 21, 2020
010 - Hmmminar Series - Jawad Mian (16 April 2020)

Jawad Mian, author of Stray Reflections joins The 2020 Hmmminar Series to talk about philosophy's place in building a market framework, the end of the Silicon Valley bubble, Middle Eastern politics, and a Karmic Reset...

Apr 21, 2020
009 - Hmmminar Series - Dr. Simon Ogus (15 April 2020)

Dr. Simon Ogus joins us from Hong Kong to discuss the ongoing evolution of China's place in Asia and beyond, how multinationals are preparing for a very different future post-Covid-19, and how Japan may provide many of the political and monetary keys to the region.

Apr 21, 2020
008 - Hmmminar Series - Stephen Diggle (14 April 2020)

Steve Diggle joins the Hmmminar series to talk about the volatility environment now vs 2008 and where he sees value for both traders and investors. Steve discusses inflation hedges, the likelihood of a Fourth Turning, and explains why gold is a 'no-brainer'.

Apr 21, 2020
007 - Hmmminar Series - Stephanie Pomboy (10 April 2020)

Steph Pomboy of MacroMavens offers her thoughts on the Fed's move into junk, the alarming outlook for unemployment and the deficit, the problems posed by the 'New Corporate Normal' and Trump's propensity to default on the US debt...

Apr 17, 2020
006 - Hmmminar Series - Gold Panel (9 April 2020)

Ned Naylor-Leyland, Simon Mikhailovich, David Fergusson, Egon von Greyerz and Ronni Stoferle discuss the economic environment, what policy action means for gold, the possibility of inflation and the landscape for investing in precious metal mining stocks...

Apr 17, 2020
005 - Hmmminar Series - John Hussman, Ph.D (8 April 2020)

John Hussman, Ph.D discusses his valuation framework, the problematic 12-year expected equity returns, the most likely inflation outcome and shows why we're a long way from a slam-dunk buying opportunity.

Apr 17, 2020
004 - Hmmminar Series - Marc Cohodes (7 April 2020)

Marc Cohodes pulls no punches talking about his battles against fraudulent companies explains his tactics for trading short and tells us why he’s long Camping World.

Apr 17, 2020
003 - Hmmminar Series - Brent Johnson & Luke Gromen (6 April 2020)

Luke Gromen & Brent Johnson offer their contrasting thoughts on the likely path of the dollar, the upheaval it will cause no matter which of them proves to be correct, and what it means for gold.

Apr 17, 2020
002 - Hmmminar Series - Hugh Hendry (3 April 2020)

A reflective, engaging and brutally honest Hugh Hendry returns to talk about his personal journey, his thoughts on an environment perfect for his former strategies, and how to manage the kind of stress enveloping investors in today's markets

Apr 17, 2020
001 - Hmmminar Series - Dr. Pippa Malmgren (2 April 2020)

Pippa Malmgren kicks off the 2020 Hmmminar Series with a fascinating conversation about a possible once-in-a-lifetime solution to the global debt burden, the political landscape in the US and the likely return of inflation.

Apr 17, 2020