Flip Your Script

By Kristi Piehl

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Category: Society & Culture

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Jay Ernest
 Jun 7, 2022
love the way this episode was put together. insightful and honest.


Flip Your Script is a podcast about life’s critical turning points and how people find the inspiration and motivation to move forward and rewrite their unique stories. The show is hosted by Kristi Piehl, who flipped her script from an Emmy-winning journalist to a successful entrepreneur (Media Minefield) and speaker.

Episode Date
Eddie Swartzentruber: From Sheltered and Amish to Finding Freedom and Fame

Eddie Swartzentruber was just 17 years old when he ran away from the Amish community in rural Minnesota where he was raised. He grew up very sheltered, not knowing about simple things like electricity or cell phones. Eddie is now married, owns his own business and uses social media to share about his former life and answer questions about the Amish. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Eddie shares what it was like growing up Amish, why he left and what his life is like now.

Dec 06, 2022
Sharon McMahon: From High School Teacher to America's Government Teacher

You might know Sharon McMahon by her Instagram handle, @sharonsaysso. With more than one million followers on social media, Sharon shares her expertise as a high school government teacher to battle political misinformation. She uses social media and her podcast to answer questions and share nonpartisan facts about the government and democracy. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Sharon talks about how she went from teaching in the classroom to educating the country through social media.

Nov 22, 2022
Amalia Moreno-Damgaard: From International Banking to International Cuisine

After making the difficult decision to leave her international banking career, Amalia Moreno-Damgaard harnessed her passion for culture and cuisine to launch her own business. Today, Amalia is an award-winning author, speaker and chef entrepreneur. Her mission is to help people understand Latin American culture through culinary experiences and storytelling. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Amalia shares her experiences growing up in Guatemala and how she is using her passion today.

Nov 15, 2022
Renee Seevers: From Family Home to Tiny Nomadic Living

Renee Seevers sold her 3,300 square foot, five bedroom, four bathroom house and moved into an 87 square foot home on wheels. Renee is the CEO and Founder of TinyFest, a tiny home and nomadic living festival that started in Iowa before expanding across the country. TinyFest is the celebration of sustainability, human connection, adventure and freedom. In this episode of Flip Your Script with host Kristi Piehl, Renee shares what it's like living in a tiny home and how it’s impacted all aspects of her life.

Nov 01, 2022
Chaz Sandifer: From Domestic Abuse Survivor to Health and Wellness CEO

After an abusive relationship and difficult divorce, Chaz Sandifer hit a low point. She set out on a journey of healing, wanting to become the best version of herself. Chaz is passionate about health and wellness and is building a community around those passions as the founder of theNEWmpls. In this episode of Flip Your Script with host Kristi Piehl, Chaz shares how her life experiences, the pandemic and racial reckonings impacted everything from her career to her friendships.

Oct 25, 2022
Bob Dahm: From Toxic Chemicals to Organic Lawn Care

Bob Dahm grew up on a farm and watched his dad, grandfather and many others die of cancer; he knew that toxic agricultural chemicals had to be the culprit. As a grounds manager at a children's hospital, Bob watched as chemicals were applied to the playground where immunocompromised children played. He knew there had to be a safer way. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Bob shares how his early love and respect for the farm inspired him to start his own business, Organic Bob.

Oct 11, 2022
Desmond Blair: From Embracing Differences to Inspiring Others with Art

Desmond Blair is an artist who is missing one tool nearly every other artist has: hands. Despite the challenges, he is creating art and inspiring others. As a child, his mom and grandma encouraged Desmond to find his own way of doing things. He taught himself how to write with a pencil and how to use crayons with his wrists. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Desmond talks about how he is using art to overcome challenges and share some of the life lessons he's learned along the way.

Oct 04, 2022
Andrew Barnes & Charlotte Lockhart: From 9-5 Mindset to Four-Day Workweek

A hundred years ago, we moved from working six days a week to five, and now Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart are preaching the positive effects of shifting to a four-day workweek. They are the founders of the nonprofit organization, 4 Day Week Global. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Andrew and Charlotte talk about how the pandemic shifted work-life balance and how the four-day workweek increases productivity and decreases stress.

Sep 27, 2022
John Kriesel: From Near Death Experience to New Life Perspective

John Kriesel lost two of his best friends and both legs when a roadside bomb exploded near his vehicle on military patrol in Iraq. His life flashed before his eyes as he lay on the sand, thinking he wouldn't survive. Determined to make the most of his second chance at life, John is now an author and motivational speaker who shares his story with positivity and humor. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, John talks about everything from war to a difficult divorce to his stint in politics.

Sep 20, 2022
Quintina Sonnie: From Escaping Exploitation to Healing and Helping

Quintina Sonnie’s difficult childhood included abandonment, sexual assault, abusive relationships and domestic sexual exploitation. She is a lived experience expert now living in Ghana, Africa, using her trauma and experiences to teach women how to heal so they can experience joy and love. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Quintina shares her personal story and the importance of healing trauma to make conscious choices.

Sep 13, 2022
Faatemah Ampey: From Celebrity Hairstylist to Community Beautifier

Faatemah Ampey is an award-winning hair stylist, salon owner and Bravo TV reality star who has found a new purpose. Following the murder of George Floyd, the streets near her salon were vandalized. With pain and destruction happening in Minneapolis, it became her mission to bring beauty back to the community. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Faatemah talks about the impact George Floyd's murder had on her community and why she is challenging others to think differently about beauty.

Sep 06, 2022
“Sweet Martha”: From Art Teacher to State Fair Icon

Martha Rossini is the founder of one of the most iconic brands at the Minnesota State Fair: Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar. With three booths at the State Fair, her team bakes 3 million cookies each day. But baking cookies isn’t Martha’s only passion; she worked as an elementary school art teacher for years. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Martha shares how Sweet Martha's went from a yogurt shop to a cookie empire and how she wouldn’t change a thing in getting to where she is today.

Aug 30, 2022
Juliana Brandt: From a Decade of Dreams to Published Author

Juliana Brandt is an author and kindergarten teacher with a passion for storytelling. After graduating from college, Juliana traveled the country before starting her teaching career in North Carolina. A car accident left her with a lot of time to start writing some stories. She dreamt about becoming an author for a decade and wrote 14 books before her debut book was published. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Juliana talks about following your dreams and the magic in her writing. 

Aug 23, 2022
Jasna Burza: From Surviving a War to Thriving as a Life Coach

Jasna Burza grew up in the middle of the Bosnian war. When she was nine years old, her family was split up; she went to a refugee camp and her father was sent to a concentration camp. Jasna and her family eventually left their country and came to Minnesota. In this episode of Flip Your Script with host Kristi Piehl, Jasna talks about growing up during a war, her experiences with loss and miscarriage and how she has turned her past tragedies into a career of positivity and helping others thrive.

Aug 09, 2022
Stephen Stearman: From Corporate Misfit to Cannabis Entrepreneur

Stephen Stearman was laid off and fired from several jobs early in his career. Feeling like he didn't fit into the corporate world, Stephen found his place as an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. He is now the CEO and Co-Founder of Elevate Holistics, a cannabis technology company focused on creating a better medical marijuana experience. In this episode of Flip Your Script, Stephen tells host Kristi Piehl how his past experiences have shaped him into the entrepreneur and leader he is today.

Aug 02, 2022
Nathan Sawaya: From Wall Street Lawyer to LEGO Master Builder

Some artists use paint or clay to create, but award-winning artist Nathan Sawaya uses LEGO® bricks. Nathan began his career as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street. However, his desire to do something more creative led to a new career - one that includes clients like Lady Gaga and Tony Hawk. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Nathan shares how he gained the courage to take a leap, leave his life as a lawyer behind and create a profitable career out of his favorite hobby.

Jul 26, 2022
Jack Jablonski: From Life-Changing Hockey Injury to Preaching Positivity

Jack Jablonski was checked from behind in a high school hockey game and went head first into the boards, fracturing two vertebrae and severing his spinal cord which left him paralyzed from the chest down. Ever since, Jack has set out to prove doctors wrong and started a foundation to fund research in paralysis recovery. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Jack talks about the life-changing injury, the Jack Jablonski Foundation’s mission and his career with the Los Angeles Kings. 

Jul 19, 2022
Randi Neal: From Meth Addict to Mental Health Advocate

Randi Neal has overcome some of the most difficult challenges in life. Sexual abuse lead to drug addiction, physically abusive relationships, homelessness, alcoholism, rehab, suicide attempts and criminal charges. After years of working through her trauma, Randi was able to turn her life around. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Randi talks about her past and how sharing her story made her realize she was not alone and could help those who have been in similar situations.

Jul 12, 2022
Kev Crane: From Singing Plumber to Big Screen Story

Kev Crane is a plumber in England who loves to sing while he works. He was crooning the right tune at the right time, landing a record deal after a client overheard him singing on the job. Now, Kev has signed a deal with a Hollywood filmmaker and sold the rights to his story to The Hunger Games writers Stacy Sherman and Billy Ray. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Kev shares what it’s been like to live out his dream in the recording studio and on the big screen. 

Jul 05, 2022
Kate Jayden: From Empathy and Compassion to Endurance in Action

Running 100 marathons in 100 days. Kate Jayden shares how she accomplished this feat to raise money and awareness for refugees. Kate is facing surgery on a fractured femur and can’t continue to run like she used to. However, running was never the main purpose of her challenge. Running gave her the opportunity to use her platform to impact others and raise money for charity. In the 100th episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Kate talks about motivation, discipline and the power of vulnerability.

Jun 28, 2022
Sidney Barnette: From Unconventional Childhood to Sharing Family Pride

Growing up with two moms didn't seem out of the ordinary to Sidney Barnette. But in elementary school, she started noticing her family was different from the other kids. They told her she couldn't have two moms and that she had to have a dad. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Sidney shares her experiences growing up and what she hopes people will take away from her story. In honor of Pride Month, Sidney and Kristi also talk about how society has flipped its script on gay marriage. 

Jun 14, 2022
Jay Ernest: From Singing Backup to Leading a Johnny Cash Tribute Band

Jay Ernest loved the voice of Johnny Cash and baled hay to save money for his first guitar. While wanting to continue his idol’s legacy, he formed the Church of Cash, a Johnny Cash tribute band. Jay brings Johnny Cash to life in the Folsom Prison Experience, an interactive musical and re-creation of one of the most important days in Johnny Cash’s career. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Jay shares the story behind the Church of Cash and his plans for the Folsom Prison Experience.

Jun 07, 2022
Andy Buerger: From Family Tragedy to Climbing for Hope

Andy Buerger’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. Her courage and strength motivated Andy to turn his pain into a passion. He started a non-profit, Jodi's Climb for Hope, to raise money for cancer research by climbing mountains. When Andy’s wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Climb for Hope expanded their efforts to include MS research. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Andy talks about his climbing adventures, personal struggles and how to find your purpose. 

May 31, 2022
Phil Terrill: From Dangerous Decision to Starting SoleSafe

Phil Terrill totaled his car in a drunk driving accident in 2014. Instead of letting that moment define him, he listened to the wake-up call and turned his mistake into motivation. Phil is passionate about sneakers and began his entrepreneurial journey by founding SoleSafe, an asset management company for sneakerheads. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Phil explains it’s never too late to rise above the mistakes of your past and follow your dreams. 

May 24, 2022
Katie Chonacas: From Hollywood Actor to NFT Artist

Katie Chonacas (aka Saint Kyriaki) is a Greek-American actor with over two decades of experience in Hollywood, including working with A-list actors like Morgan Freeman and Robert DeNiro. Katie is also a filmmaker, voice over actor, author, podcast host and the first NFT artist to release a love poem and a podcast on the blockchain. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Katie shares her journey through many different careers, her work creating NFTs and the future of art on the blockchain.

May 17, 2022
Roger Williams: From Heart Attack Survivor to Bucket List Adventurer

When Roger Williams quit his job, he changed his title to Head Crosser Offer. After surviving two heart attacks, he’s now taking what he calls an adult gap year to travel and cross items off his bucket list. Roger is the host of The Crossing It Off podcast where he interviews guests about their bucket lists and encourages others to live with intention. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Roger shares advice for starting your bucket list and a few things he has on his list.

May 10, 2022
Terry Tucker: From Fascinating Career to Leaving a Legacy

From a college basketball player to hostage negotiator, Terry Tucker has reinvented himself frequently over his professional career. Along with most recently becoming an author and motivational speaker, Terry added cancer warrior to his list after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Acral Lentiginous Melanoma. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Terry shares his inspiring story of courage and strength and how he uses his experiences to support others.

May 03, 2022
Sue Lundquist: From Fear and Trauma to Reclaiming Power

From adoption and abandonment to abuse, death and suicides of loved ones, Sue Lundquist’s life was filled with tragedy. An extremely traumatic childhood left Sue asking herself "why me?". Sue turned her pain into power with a successful business platform to help others live a more abundant life. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Sue shares her powerful story and explains how she is using her passion to create a positive personal transformation while helping others do the same.

Apr 26, 2022
Daniel Tolson: From Overcoming Setbacks to Teaching Resilience

Daniel Tolson faced countless setbacks when he was diagnosed with a linear sequential learning disability that led to years of mental and physical therapy. Daniel realized his passion for helping others and founded the Tolson Institute, specializing in emotional intelligence and resilience. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Daniel shares his journey of overcoming challenges, how he became a three-time Australian wakeboard champion and what he’s doing now to help others succeed.

Apr 19, 2022
Jeremy Grater & Zach Tucker: From Overweight Challenges to Authentic Advice

Jeremy Grater and Zach Tucker have pushed themselves to learn more about their physical, emotional and mental health. They learned to manage depression and anxiety and lost nearly 200 pounds combined. They are now using their knowledge and sharing the challenges they have faced to help others through their podcast, The Fit Mess. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Jeremy and Zach discuss the importance of managing your wellness and how to strengthen your health through vulnerability.

Apr 12, 2022
Mehdi Akbary: From Constant Curiosity to Discovering Completion
From a young age, Mehdi Akbary has faced countless obstacles. He was unable to move his legs as a child, lost several family members while escaping the war in Afghanistan and was a refugee with no money. Despite a lack of support and resources, he traveled the world at 16 and settled in Toronto. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Mehdi shares the strength it took to overcome many challenges and how his experiences are helping others find completion in their lives.
Apr 05, 2022
Elena Mellara: From Workplace Toxicity to Uncovering Superpowers

Elena Mellara reached her breaking point in 2019 when she experienced extreme corporate burnout. Elena followed her heart and started working with people instead of numbers. Today, she is an International Career Coach, working with professionals at a crossroads in their careers to help identify their superpowers. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Elena shares her journey and gives advice to people who are feeling stuck or burnt out in their current roles.

Mar 22, 2022
Kanchan Singh: From Saving Animals to Saving Herself to Saving Others

With a mission to help homeless cats, Kanchan Singh founded Crumbs & Whiskers, the first cat cafe in the U.S. While her business was thriving, Kanchan was suffering from depression and anxiety. Through her struggles with mental health, Kanchan wrote a poetry book titled “Dear Me, I Love You: Healing Trauma and Finding Self-Love.” In this powerful episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Kanchan shares her remarkable journey of healing and self acceptance.

Mar 15, 2022
Jessica Malone: From Corporate Burnout to Minimalist Mindset

Jessica Malone had a successful corporate career before leaving her job at a Fortune 10 company and starting Nacho Average Fro, a company that helps people to declutter their spaces, habits and goals. After learning about decluttering and minimalism, Jessica decided to make a change. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Jessica shares how she decluttered her life and how a minimalistic mindset has played a major role in self discovery and self care.

Mar 08, 2022
Gavin Kaysen: From Kitchens on the Coasts to Best Chef in the Midwest

Gavin Kaysen is an award-winning chef and owner of Spoon and Stable, Bellecour Bakery and Demi, all located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But before coming home, Gavin made his mark in world-class restaurants across the U.S. and is recognized for his leadership in the culinary industry. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Gavin tells us what makes a great restaurant, how he feeds the Minnesota Timberwolves, Lynx and Wild and his plans to open a new Minneapolis dining experience.

Feb 22, 2022
Oznur Demirhan: From Pandemic Hobby to Migrant Mumpreneur

When Oznur Demirhan and her husband left Turkey for a safer life in Australia, she never dreamed of starting her own business. When the pandemic hit, Oznur and her son, Lennon, made a handmade rainbow for her neighbors to find on walks, kickstarting her macramé business, Lennon + me. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Oznur shares how her small business started with the help of Migrant Women in Business and Made By Many Hands and the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Feb 15, 2022
Terry Esau: From TV Jingle Writer to Record-Breaking Philanthropist
Terry Esau is a composer, producer, author, biking enthusiast and guitar-giver. Terry has written and produced thousands of pieces of music used in TV commercials for companies such as McDonalds, Target, Pepsi and Harley Davidson. Terry has also founded two non-profit organizations, Free Bikes 4 Kidz and Free Guitars 4 Kids. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Terry shares his love for biking and music and how he has used his passions to make a difference in children’s lives. 
Feb 08, 2022
Chey Eisenman: From Secretive Past to Success with Chey Cab

When Chey Eisenman usually tells her story, she begins in 2009 when she started driving a taxi after losing her job at a tech firm. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Chey shares parts of her past she's never shared publicly before. Chey bravely explains how she flipped her script from working as a call girl with a four-year gap on her resume to starting her own luxury car service.

Feb 01, 2022
Dr. Stanley Andrisse: From Prison Cells to PhD

Dr. Stanley Andrisse grew up in Ferguson, Missouri and started selling drugs at a young age. In his early 20s, Dr. Andrisse was sentenced to 10 years in prison on drug trafficking charges. The prosecutor said he had no hope for change. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Dr. Andrisse shares how his father inspired him to pursue further education, proving it's never too late to do good as he became an endocrinologist, author, mentor, husband, father and founder of a nonprofit organization.

Jan 25, 2022
Aiesha Robinson: From Low Self-Confidence to Embracing Individuality

At the age of 18, Aiesha Robinson was diagnosed with vitiligo, a disease that causes skin to lose its pigment. She was depressed, failed out of school and struggled to find a job. After years of letting vitiligo define her, she decided to make a change. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Aiesha shares how she was able to overcome her many hardships, shift her mindset to one of positivity and self-love and how she is using her Born to Rise platform to educate and encourage others. 

Jan 18, 2022
Brittany Shillingford: From Side Hustle to All-In Entrepreneur

After seven years at her full-time job, Brittany Shillingford made the decision to turn her side hustle of making headbands into a career. When Brittany launched Bizzybcrafts, she had no idea how to sew. She never gave up, quickly learned and eventually fell in love with sewing. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Brittany dives into her motivational entrepreneurial journey and shares advice for people who are ready to take the leap and take their side hustle to the next level.

Jan 11, 2022
Finding Motivation: 2021 Year in Review

From entrepreneurs and New York Times best-selling authors to Peloton instructors, everyone has a story to share. Over the last year, we had the privilege of hearing stories from people who had the motivation and inspiration to find the strength to turn the page. In this episode of Flip Your Script, host Kristi Piehl shares updates on some of our past guests and revisits some of the most memorable quotes and stories from 2021. 

Dec 28, 2021
Tomas Hromjak: From Corporate World to World Traveler

After working a corporate job for several years, Tomas Hromjak decided it was finally time to embark on the international backpacking trip he'd always dreamt of. However, after only a few months, Tomas was forced to change his travel strategy completely as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the world. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Tomas discusses the decision to leave his comfortable life and stable job behind and what he's learned during his two years of traveling.

Dec 21, 2021
Michael George: From Notre Dame Leprechaun to Disney Imagineer

Michael George didn't go to college with plans to become the Notre Dame Leprechaun or a Disney Imagineer, but he found success by saying yes to exciting opportunities and stepping out of his comfort zone. His path proves incredible things are possible when you embrace all the opportunities life has to offer. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Michael shares the importance of living a great story.

Dec 14, 2021
Morys: From Trafficking Victim to Reclaiming his Future

Morys’ story shows just how hard it is for people to understand and accept that men can be victims of sex crimes. After escaping human trafficking, Morys was in desperate need of resources for survivors. He stumbled upon AnnieCannons, a nonprofit that helps survivors of human trafficking become software engineers. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Morys bravely shares his incredible story in hopes of being a positive role model for other male trafficking and sexual assault survivors.

Dec 07, 2021
Amy Johnson: From Broken Heart to Rocking from the Heart

Amy and Pete Johnson founded Rock from the Heart to raise awareness about heart conditions. Following Pete's aortic valve disease and aneurysm diagnosis, they realized how few resources were available to people struggling with aortic conditions. Through concerts and events, Rock from the Heart uses rock music to inspire and provide hope. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Amy opens up about their story, Rock from the Heart, and how she took small steps to reach a big goal.

Nov 30, 2021
Jean Abbott: From Misdiagnosed & Misunderstood to Independent & Grateful

As a young girl, Jean Abbott was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After 33 years of countless doctor appointments, medications and surgeries, a visit to a new doctor flipped her script in a way she never could have prepared for. Jean was diagnosed with dopa-responsive dystonia, a condition that can be effectively treated with medication. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Jean shares her story of being misdiagnosed and the importance of support systems and resiliency.

Nov 23, 2021
Patric Richardson: From Childhood Chore to Laundry Evangelist

From getting a toy washing machine for Christmas at the age of three to bonding over laundry with his grandmas, Patric Richardson’s love for one of America’s least favorite chores started at a young age. Patric has a laundry list of reasons why he loves this commonly-hated chore. Most importantly, Patric views laundry as an act of service. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Patric discusses his unique passion, the importance of pursuing your dream and some laundry room tips and tricks.

Nov 16, 2021
LeAnn Steffl: From Foster Care to Finding Family

At the age of 13, LeAnn Steffl ran away from home. She left with nothing but the thought that life had to be better somewhere else. After spending time in shelter homes and foster care, she found her family, by chance and choice. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, LeAnn talks about her childhood in foster care, the importance of safety and security and how one decision changed the trajectory of her life and left a blueprint of success for her family to follow.

Nov 09, 2021
Annette McNamara: From Insecure Teen to Inspirational Impacter

Annette McNamara never imagined she would be traveling the country in a school bus she transformed into a one-of-a-kind photo studio, utilizing her talents to help someone afford a wheelchair or find a kidney donor. As an award-winning photographer, Annette is using her project, Beautiful Strength, to help others be seen, heard, valued and loved. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Annette explains how she became an impacter and how she's helping others find beauty in their stories.

Nov 02, 2021
Amanda Jacobson: From Childhood Friends to Wine & Crime Podcast

Amanda Jacobson and her two childhood friends have combined their love for crime, comedy and wine into the hit podcast, Wine & Crime. With hundreds of episodes and tens of thousands of loyal listeners, Amanda is sharing more about how the three navigate friendship and business. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Amanda talks about what it was like to leave her career to pursue her passion and how friendship and authenticity are some of the surprising main themes of the podcast.

Oct 26, 2021
Dee Hays: From Oil & Gas to Fashion & Shoes

Dee Hays loves shattering stereotypes. She is the President and CEO of Excellence Engineering, and now an innovator in the fashion industry. When a back surgery nearly forced her to give up her 500+ pairs of high heels, Dee invented HeelzFirst, a first-of-its-kind product that hugs your foot to your high heel shoe for comfort and support. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Dee shares her passion for helping others, the importance of relationships and not being afraid to fail.

Oct 19, 2021
Todd Rose: From High School Dropout to Harvard Professor

He dropped out of high school with a 0.9 GPA and worked 10 minimum wage jobs to support his wife and kids, including one of the worst jobs imaginable just to make $1 more an hour. So how did Todd Rose turn his life around to become an honors student, Harvard professor, author and think tank founder? In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Todd shares his journey and why he is now committed to helping people live more fulfilling lives.

Oct 12, 2021
Luke Carlson: From NFL Trainer to Evidence-Based Exercise

Luke Carlson started his career as a trainer for professional athletes and is now using his knowledge to help everyday people live better lives. Luke is the Founder and CEO of Discover Strength, a boutique fitness studio that focuses on evidence-based exercises. In this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl, Luke shares his mindset as a business owner, how he was able to keep every team member employed and paid during the pandemic. This conversation will change the way you think about fitness.

Oct 05, 2021
Julia Stewart: From IHOP Server to CEO Dedicated to Service

From server to CEO, Julia Stewart’s resume spans each end of the restaurant industry. If you’ve eaten at Taco Bell, Applebee’s or IHOP, you’ve likely experienced her work. Julia is now adding entrepreneur to her career achievements. She recently launched Alurx, a wellness hub with information, advice and products all in one place. In this episode of Flip Your Script, Julia talks about her unique career, her passion for helping others and her mission to make a difference.

Sep 28, 2021
R. Eric Thomas: From Elle Columnist to Keeping the Joy

When ELLE.com columnist R. Eric Thomas released his first book, everyone from Lin Manuel Miranda to Jenna Bush Hager raved about it. His memoir, Here for It, or How to Save Your Soul in America, brings humor to difficult topics as he shares his experience from struggling as a gay Christian to finding his soulmate in church (spoiler alert: he married the pastor). Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl laughs and learns with R. Eric Thomas about sharing truth, spreading joy and bringing people together.

Sep 21, 2021
Rehan Staton: From Sanitation Worker to Harvard Law

The road to Harvard Law School was not an easy one for Rehan Staton. For years, Rehan and his family struggled. He provided for his family and paid for college by hauling trash and cleaning dumpsters. While many would say it was hard work that got him into Harvard Law, Rehan says it was luck, his attitude and the people he met along the way - like a stranger at Starbucks and even Tyler Perry! In this episode of Flip Your Script, Rehan shares his story of exactly who and what got him into law school.

Sep 14, 2021
Kristy Sidlar: From Rare Diagnosis to a Change of Heart

Kristy Sidlar was fit and active when she passed out while teaching an aerobics class. Doctors dismissed her concerns for years until she was rushed to the hospital after noticing an abnormal heartbeat while on a bike ride. Kristy was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and eventually had a heart transplant. In this episode of Flip Your Script, Kristy talks openly and emotionally about her difficult journey to wellness and her passion for helping others understand women’s heart health. 

Sep 07, 2021
Kara Robinson Chamberlain: From Surviving a Serial Killer to Sharing Her Strength

Kara Robinson Chamberlain was 15 years old when she was abducted in broad daylight and sexually assaulted for 18 hours. After escaping to save her life, she helped police find her abductor only to learn he was a serial killer, murdering at least three women prior to abducting Kara. Nearly two decades later, Kara sat down with Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl to explain why she’s using social media to share her story and what it truly was like to survive a serial killer. 

Aug 31, 2021
Shawntan Howell: From a Mother’s Mission to Empowerment Strategist

Shawntan Howell is a tall, confident and powerful Black woman whose mission is fueled by her own experiences and her daughter’s experiences with body image, bullying and racism. Shawntan founded the nonprofit Girls Are Powerful to help girls and young women embrace their individuality and empower one another. She talks with Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl about the joy that comes from believing in your power and the role each of us can play in creating a generation of confident women. 

Aug 24, 2021
Marisa Schulz: From Grieving in Silence to Sharing Our Stories

Marisa Schulz has an impressive resume that revolves around helping people. She's a writer, urban planner, co-founder of the creative agency All Together in Chicago and has taught courses at DePaul University. But it wasn't until recently that Marisa started sharing her own story and private struggles. She had three miscarriages after having her first two children. In this episode of Flip Your Script, Marisa talks about dealing with traumatic experiences, the power of community and joy of adoption.

Aug 10, 2021
Stephanie Reece: From Tennis Star to Survivor’s Strength

Stephanie Reece became one of the most successful tennis players at Indiana University and was a five time All-American athlete. Professionally, she competed at the French Open, US Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon. Stephanie had no idea how her physical, mental and emotional strength would be tested when her ex-husband killed her two children before committing suicide. In this episode of Flip Your Script, Stephanie shares how she is overcoming her grief and honoring her children, Harrison and Shelby.

Aug 03, 2021
Pastor Stephanie Williams O’Brien: From Church Pew to Powerful Influence at the Pulpit

Pastor Stephanie Williams O’Brien, or Pastor Steph, knew as a young girl she was destined to lead. She grew up as the daughter of a Billy Graham pastor but didn’t see women in leadership roles within her faith. Hearing her calling loud and clear, she decided to forge her path as a female religious leader and eventually opened her own church. The tattoo-loving, stereotype-breaking social justice advocate joined Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl to discuss the power of faith and leading with love. 

Jul 27, 2021
Chandra Sanders: From Pandemic Unemployment to Helping Moms RISE

The pandemic had a devastating impact on nearly 10 million working moms in the U.S. Chandra Sanders is a single mom, and like many, was laid off. Rather than scrambling to find a job, she decided to wait and let the perfect job come to her! After connecting with The Mom Project, Chandra became the Director of RISE, a program that helps moms access professional training courses. Chandra and Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl discuss the power of positivity and how to successfully pivot your career. 

Jul 20, 2021
Merryl Tengesdal: From Aspiring Astronaut to Trailblazing Pilot
Jul 13, 2021
Sam Yo: From Buddhist Monk to Peloton Motivator

Beloved Peloton instructor and former Buddhist monk Sam Yo shares his journey from embracing his culture to motivating fitness enthusiasts around the world. Listen in as Sam talks about his experience in the monastery, the power of silence and the importance of showing up with positivity in this episode of Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl.

Jul 06, 2021
Jennifer Dumke: From Disordered Eating to Recovery and Remission

After graduating from college, Jennifer Dumke thought she had her eating disorder under control. The disease reared its ugly head after giving birth to her first child. In a frank conversation about a difficult topic, Dumke shares her road to recovery and remission on Flip Your Script with Kristi Piehl.

Jun 22, 2021
Maryann Bruce: From Diva of Disaster to Advocate for Women

Known as the “Diva of Disaster,” Maryann Bruce has earned her nickname. From a tsunami to a plane crash to avalanches and earthquakes,  Bruce has experienced everyone’s worst nightmares and has lived to tell the tales. She tells Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl what event prompted her to change the trajectory of her life. 

Jun 15, 2021
Dr. Maja Zelihic: From Refugee Camp to Fulbright Specialist

Dr. Maja Zelihic has a long list of professional achievements, including being named a Fulbright Specialist, becoming a published author and serving as Department Chair at the Forbes School of Business and Technology. While her resume is impressive, it doesn’t list her most incredible accomplishments: escaping war-torn former Yugoslavia and living for years in a refugee camp before coming to America. She explains how she’s used her life experience to teach others with Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl.

Jun 08, 2021
Kristi Piehl + Meagan Millage: Flipping the Script on Flip Your Script

Flip Your Script is dedicated to sharing inspiring stories of how people have responded to the unexpected and rewritten their own unique stories. For the 50th episode, we are flipping the script on host Kristi Piehl! She won’t be asking the questions in this episode. Instead, she’s in the hot seat answering them.

Jun 01, 2021
Madeleine Black: From Rape Survivor to Courage Cultivator

Gang raped by two young men at the age of 13, Madeleine Black’s life felt broken beyond repair. Filled with fear and shame, she sought refuge in drugs and alcohol and also battled an eating disorder and suicidal ideations. Black shares how she found inspiration to turn her life around and forgive her rapists on Flip Your Script with host Kristi Piehl. 

May 25, 2021
Syn Martinez: From Overweight to Athletic Brand Boss

By the age of 36, Syn Martinez was a self-made man, climbing his way up from working in the mailroom to traveling the country as a successful sales consultant. The grind took a major toll on his body. He soon tipped the scales at 315 pounds and was faced with serious health issues. Rather than give up, Martinez found lasting fitness and family at the gym. He shares how he took his love for athletics and used it to build a successful brand on Flip Your Script with host Kristi Piehl.

May 18, 2021
Julia Waller: From Strong Weaknesses to Unique Ability

Do you hate going to work or dread doing certain tasks? Julia Waller wants to help people discover the key to a happy, successful life by unlocking their unique abilities. On the anniversary of Flip Your Script, she explains the process that sparked host Kristi Piehl to start her own podcast.

May 11, 2021
Nancy O’Brien: From Burned Out to Happiness Hero

On paper and on social media, Nancy O’Brien’s life looked pretty close to perfect. But on the inside, she was absolutely miserable, beyond burned out and suicidal. Together with one of her closest friends, she founded The Happiness Practice™, a wellness program that aims to reduce stress and increase happiness. She shares her journey to self love and self worth with Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl.

May 04, 2021
Bill Danko: From Professor to New York Times Bestseller

How do you get and stay rich in the United States? That’s the question Bill Danko answers in his book, “The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy.” But Danko’s road to becoming a New York Times bestselling author wasn’t paved with diamonds and caviar. He shares how he turned his passion for consumer behavior into finding out what makes a millionaire with Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl.

Apr 27, 2021
Darrion Cockrell: From Gang Member to Teacher of the Year

Dead or in jail. That’s how Darrion Cockrell thought he would end up after joining a gang at the age of 10. In and out of foster care, his life turned around after his football coach and his wife adopted him. Now, Cockrell is known as “Mr. DC” by his students and as Missouri’s Teacher of the Year. He shares how he was able to break free from his past with Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl.

Apr 20, 2021
Natasha Miller: From Childhood Struggles to a Booming Business and Pandemic Pivot

Natasha Miller, an event planning entrepreneur, focuses on what people see in front of the curtain. For her, that was a successful multi-million dollar business. In this episode, Natasha pulls back the curtain with host Kristi Piehl and shares how she overcame a pandemic-induced panic attack to fight for her business and life. 

Apr 13, 2021
Nathan “Doggface208” Apodaca: From a Factory Worker to a TikTok Star & Influencer

Who knew when Nathan Apodaca’s, a.k.a Doggface208, truck broke down that his life was about to change? The factory worker jumped on a longboard and made a TiKTok while drinking Cran-Raspberry Ocean Spray and lip-syncing “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. His video went viral bringing joy to millions around the world. The fame turned Doggface into an influencer, investor and has given him the opportunity to give back. You can’t help but smile as Doggface shares his story with Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl.

Apr 06, 2021
Aubree Nichols: From Self-Loathing to Self Love

After experiencing addiction, divorce and eating disorders, Aubree Nichols discovered her superpower - vulnerability! Her honest take on her experiences and message of self love resonates with thousands on Instagram and readers of Vogue and Elite Daily. The self love advocate and writer joined host Kristi Piehl to discuss the power of vulnerability and why feelings shouldn’t be feared.

Mar 23, 2021
Sheletta Brundidge: From Weeping to Laughing Until You Cry

Grab a tissue because Sheletta Brundidge’s story will bring you to tears. Five relatives were killed in a tragic accident and three of her four children received autism diagnoses. However, Sheletta’s story won’t have you crying from sadness. The radio host, TV personality and businesswoman will have you laughing as she, a comedian, shares her story of finding strength in faith and joy in giving back. Kristi Piehl and Sheletta talk about how to laugh when you want to cry and how to use your gifts for good.

Mar 16, 2021
Nikita Crump: From Humble Home to a Life on the Road

What would you do for financial freedom? For Nikita Crump, she decided to live out of her Honda Civic. Limited by her finances, Nikita moved into her car, cutting out her largest expense - housing. Over time, she’s grown to love the simplicity of her lifestyle and wants to upgrade to the #VanLife. Her popular TikToks and YouTube videos have intrigued millions, and in this episode of Flip Your Script, Nikita and host Kristi Piehl discuss the freedom that comes from a simple life. 

Mar 09, 2021
Brandon Sawalich: From Summer Job to CEO

After a summer spent working at Starkey, Brandon Sawalich left college to pursue a career with the hearing aid company. Brandon worked through the ranks of the only American-owned hearing aid manufacturer and in 2017, was named President. His natural leadership skills helped him navigate challenging times keeping Starkey focused on their mission, “Hear Better. Live Better.” Now the President and CEO, Brandon joins host Kristi Piehl to discuss work ethic, forgiveness, and the necessity of human connection. 

Mar 02, 2021
Madison Hamburg: From Film Student to HBO Director

Barbara Hamburg was murdered outside her home in 2010. The police investigated, but no one was charged. As her family grieved, her son, Madison Hamburg, began digging into and documenting his mother’s investigation for a school film project. In 2020, Madison’s docuseries “Murder on Middle Beach” premiered to rave reviews on HBO. Kristi Piehl sat down with Madison to discuss how loss can be the inspiration to turn the page. 

Feb 23, 2021
Henry Lake: From Local Radio Host to National Voice

Known for his sports commentary and dedication to talking about the issues on local radio, Henry Lake made headlines for his emotional on-air comments during the unrest after George Floyd’s murder. Henry became a national voice on issues like race, diversity and inclusion. This was nothing new for Henry; he’s been passionate about these topics for years and is glad to be having the conversations now. In this episode, host Kristi Piehl and Henry discuss the importance of adopting a “we” mindset. 

Feb 16, 2021
Mike DelGuidice: From Playing Piano Bars to Playing with the Piano Man

Mike DelGuidice grew up on Long Island looking up to the one and only, Billy Joel. Mike knew he was meant to be a musician, and began playing piano bars and fronting Big Shot, a Billy Joel tribute band, as well as working on his own music. Everything changed when Billy Joel heard Mike play and personally invited Mike to tour with his band. In this episode, Kristi Piehl, a fan of both Billy and Mike, talks with Mike about finding his passion for music and the importance of being open to opportunity. 

Feb 09, 2021
Janice Kaplan: From Accepting Status Quo to Reframing Your Mindset

We’re grateful to have sat down with the New York Times bestselling author, Janice Kaplan. Before writing “The Gratitude Diaries,” Janice worked for Good Morning America and was Editor-In-Chief at Parade. After joining a gratitude research project, Janice penned her experience and inspired a new wave of gratefulness. In 2020, Janice released her book, “The Genius of Women,” redefining who a genius is. Host Kristi Piehl and Janice discuss how reframing your mindset can inspire you to flip your script. 

Feb 02, 2021
Tony Fleecs: From Newsroom Graphics to Comic Book Art

In a newsroom in South Dakota, Tony Fleecs was creating on-screen graphics for newscasts. After hours, Tony would use the equipment to work on his passion, comics. After new management deleted his work, Tony took a leap of faith into his comic art and moved to L.A. He hustled for any job he could and has gone on to draw for comics like My Little Pony and Star Wars. Now, Tony is releasing his first comic book, “Stray Dogs.” In this episode, Kristi and Tony discuss the importance of evolving your dreams.

Jan 26, 2021
Melissa Johnston: From Spending Nights in the NICU to Advocating for Change

Melissa Johnston’s Flip Your Script story began when she had her first-born daughter, Audrey, only to lose her at just 43 days old. Audrey was born with Trisomy 18, and as the first-time parents navigated the NICU and Audrey’s life-limiting condition, they noticed a lack of resources for their family. Three years later, Melissa learned of Crescent Cove, one of three respite and hospice facilities in the U.S. for children. Listen in as Melissa explains her passion for sharing Crescent Cove’s mission. 

Jan 19, 2021
Vanessa Drews: From a Tweet by Prince to Starting a Cheesecake Business

What do cheesecake and music legend Prince have in common? Vanessa Drews. Vanessa is the founder of Cheesecake Funk and credits Prince for naming her business. While working part-time at Paisley Park, Vanessa would make and leave cheesecake in the fridge for the musicians. One day Prince tweeted about Vanessa’s cheesecakes and later named them Cheesecake Funk. In this episode, Vanessa shares how Prince’s outward support took her by surprise and how the Prince Effect motivated her to flip her script!

Jan 12, 2021
Skip Rohde: From Sailing Navy Ships to Entering the Smithsonian Art Archives

Skip Rohde always had a passion for art. After retiring from the Navy in 1999, Skip went back to school to be an artist, but he couldn’t resist the call of civic duty. He went overseas as a civilian to serve in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. While traveling, he would sketch people in what he calls “diplomacy through art.” The artwork he created while away has been accepted into the Smithsonian. Host Kristi Piehl and Skip discuss how finding self-confidence can give you the strength to turn the page.

Jan 05, 2021
Finding Motivation: From Loss in 2020 to Hope in 2021

TIME Magazine declared 2020 the worst year ever. In a year of loss and grief, each of us learned lessons that will last the rest of our lives. In this episode of Flip Your Script, host Kristi Piehl helps us look back so we can look forward with hope. This episode is dedicated to providing positivity and inspiration to kickstart the new year. At the end of each podcast, Kristi asks, “Is there a quote or song that motivated you to flip your script?” and this episode reflects on each guest’s response. 

Dec 29, 2020
Rosemary Ugboajah: From Outsider Perspective to Building Brand Inclusivity

From the UK to Nigeria to London to Minnesota, Rosemary Ugboajah’s journey to her career in marketing shaped who she is today. Her background could have made her an outsider in the U.S., but instead, she used her perspective to challenge stereotypes in marketing. In 2013, she founded Neka Creative, a brand development agency devoted to inclusivity marketing. In this episode, you’ll learn what book Rosemary credits for her fearless transition to the U.S. and what it means to be truly inclusive. 

Dec 15, 2020
Jeannie White: From Smoking in the Cockpit to Security Checks

A stewardess and flight attendant might seem like one and the same, but Flip Your Script host Kristi Piehl sat down with retired flight attendant Jeannie White to share how different they are. Jeannie began her 43-year career in 1969 when airlines only hired single women who met weight and age limits. They discuss everything from the strict rules to smoking on airplanes to the first attempts at security. Jeannie’s stories bring to life how the airline industry evolved into what travelers experience today. 

Dec 08, 2020
Beth Kimmerle: From A Sweet Tooth to A Food and Candy Expert

Are you ready for a sweet episode? Beth Kimmerle, food author and expert, joins Kristi for a mouthwatering conversation about Beth’s passion for the artistic and scientific aspects of food. Currently, Beth works with companies to create flavorful foods and teaches the art of food tasting. In this episode, Beth shares how her soft spot for sweets flipped her script and gave her the title of food expert. Bonus: Beth shares what ingredients make up the perfect bite of food, hitting all five basic tastes. 

Dec 01, 2020
Daniel Rubin: From Hollywood Glam to Rural Simplicity

How did a New York-born, Chicago playwright and LA screenwriter end up interviewing farmers in rural communities? In this episode of Flip Your Script, host Kristi Piehl is joined by expert storyteller and author Daniel Rubin as they dive into his journey of quitting his job as a Hollywood writer to work with farmers in the heartland of America. Daniel shares how the change in scenery and pace taught him to communicate without glitz and glam, reigniting his love for story.

Nov 24, 2020
Jody LaVoie: From Tragic Workplace Violence to Empowered CEO

In 2014, Jody LaVoie’s husband, Steve, was shot in an act of workplace violence. Three months after the accident, Steve passed away. Without a succession plan for his business, Jody took over ArrowStream and grew the company before selling it. Now, Jody is the CEO of the non-profit Female Strong, an organization on a mission to enable girls to be future leaders. In this episode of Flip Your Script, Jody shares the importance of community and the determination it takes to rewrite your story. 

Nov 17, 2020
Elaine Weiss: From Women’s Suffrage to the Voting Booth

Women earned the right to vote 100 years ago! Do you know what suffragists endured to ensure this right? Elaine Weiss, a politically active and proud voter, realized she never knew the whole story. Using her journalism skills, Elaine uncovered the decades-long journey suffragists took to secure the 19th Amendment detailing the efforts in her book, “The Woman’s Hour.” With her novel set to be a television event, Elaine joined Kristi Piehl to discuss how the suffragists flipped the script for American women.

Nov 03, 2020
Arshay Cooper: From the Noisy Streets to Peace on the Water

Growing up on the West Side of Chicago, Arshay Cooper struggled to find a place devoid of gangs, drugs and sirens. Little did Arshay know a rowing program would flip his script. Now, the award-winning author of “A Most Beautiful Thing” and the focal point of a documentary, Arshay recounts being a member of the first all-black high school rowing team. Kristi Piehl and Arshay discuss his mission to increase opportunities and accessibility and his story of finding belonging in the most unlikely of places. 

Oct 27, 2020
Maggie Aldrich: From Government Analyst to Indie Author

In high school, Maggie Aldrich excelled at writing, but as an adult, pursued a career as a government analyst. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Maggie became a full-time stay-at-home parent. Facing pressure to return to the workforce, Maggie realized she had the opportunity to do whatever she wanted to do. Maggie surprised everyone by picking up a pencil and writing her first book. The indie author joined host Kristi Piehl to discuss discovering the strength to follow her passion.

Oct 20, 2020
Sean McCabe: From Workaholic to Sabbatical Expert

Sean McCabe spent years working 18-hours days. The extreme hours took their toll. When he realized the people he considered friends were all on his payroll, including his wife, the script flipped. Sean found the solution to his workaholism was taking a seventh-week sabbatical to recharge and open himself to possibility. In preparation for Kristi’s own sabbatical, they discuss Sean’s mission to change employers' perceptions of sabbaticals and the power of taking time away.

Oct 13, 2020
Laura Sobiech: From the Lowest of Lows to a Legacy in the Clouds

When Laura Sobiech’s son Zach faced a battle with Osteosarcoma, she encouraged him to find a way to share what was in his heart. Zach did that by writing the song, Clouds, which quickly became an international ballad of hope. After his passing in 2013, Laura has dedicated her life to helping families battling cancer. Laura joins host Kristi Piehl to discuss her family’s motivation to keep Zach’s memory and story alive and the Disney+ release of Clouds, a movie based on the final year of Zach’s life.

Oct 06, 2020