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Straight from the booth to the podcast universe Bob Menery and Peter present ZAPPED! A raw, unfiltered, R-rated dive into the weeks most prevalent sports, entertainment, and pop culture topics. This isn't the same old run of the mill, hot take, boring sports show, this is the Menery Sports Network! No topic is off limits! With guests ranging from actors and athletes to gambling experts and the occasional crackhead, you most certainly do not want to miss out on Bob and Peter's weekly broadcast. ARE YOU READY TO GET ZAPPED, ITS GAME TIME!

Episode Date
Ripper Magoos Record Label

Scooty and Aaron are convinced Bob has completely lost his mind.. After meeting an unknown rapper in a hotel elevator, Bob and Peter decided to leave the booth and put the R-Rated Sports Network aside to pursue their goals of starting a world renowned record label. Has Bobby completely lost his marbles or has he found the next breakout star in the hip hop game... find out on episode 7 of the Zapped podcast!! 

Jul 29, 2020
THE BENDER ft. Timmy Bounceback

Bob's back from his 5 day bender with Timmy Bounceback, and there's a whole bunch to talk about! The guys discuss Kanye West going crazy, the snitch line at the NBA bubble, and if Bob should have a full blown bender every month from now on. Then the legend himself Timmy Bounceback swings by the studio to talk about zips, zaps, and Zipadelphia amongst many other things. We end the episode with voicemails from our loyal listeners! 

Jul 22, 2020
No FILTER ft. Matt Barnes

 The guys talk about Aaron's line of questioning during Bob's date with Genie Bouchard, the NBA bubble, and Bob finds out what a "Thirst Trap" is. Then NBA champion and co-host of "All the Smoke" Matt Barnes comes through to talk about everything from smoking before basketball games, to Kobe moments, to the Derek Fisher incident and his prediction of who will win the 2020 NBA championship.  Then in the outro we talk about Bob's round of golf with Steph Curry, who the guys want as the next guest on the podcast, and if Matt Barnes could actually beat Floyd Mayweather in a fight. 

Jul 13, 2020
The Live Date ft. Genie Bouchard

The boys discuss their trip to Las Vegas with the Nelk Boys, the return of Laetus, and Patrick Mahomes monster contract. Then Genie Bouchard returns to the pod for a live in person date with Bob. We end the episode with voicemails from our loyal listeners! 

Jul 08, 2020
Addison Rae and the Boys ft. Blake Gray Bryce Hall and Griffin Johnson

The guys sit down with Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, and Blake Grey 3 massive guys in the TIKTOK game to discuss their rise on the platform. We talk about their dating lives, the sway house, and Bob tries to learn how to become a famous TIKTOK'er..this is an episode you dont want to miss!! 

Jul 03, 2020
The Carushow ft. Alex Caruso

The guys discuss running into the rapper Da Baby and trying to get him on the podcast, the NBA "Bubble" and a Corona Virus update. Then THE GOAT Alex Caruso swings by the studio to talk all things basketball and social media. We conclude the episode with listener voicemails!! 

Jul 02, 2020
Medal of Honor ft. Dakota Meyer

The boys are back for season 2 of ZAPPED! Today they discuss the continuation of Quarantine, being back in LA, Bob winning 70k on a Keno Spin, and the future of podcast. Then Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer swings by to share some incredibly tragic and inspirational war stories. We conclude the episode with voicemails from our loyal listeners. Make sure to comment, rate 5 stars and tell your friends!! THANKS GUYS!!!

Jun 30, 2020
Operation Flee Scottsdale ft. Brett Favre, Ray Lewis, Andre Reed, and Tim Brown

The guys discuss their time in Scottsdale, Spongebob Squarepant's sexuality, and taking a cross country road trip. Then Andre Reed, Brett Favre, Ray Lewis and Tim Brown stop by to talk about life in the NFL. The boys conclude the episode with voicemails from our loyal listeners! Thanks everyone!!

Jun 16, 2020
Dr.Phil Doesn't Stand a Chance ft. Johnny Manziel

Episode 15 comes in hot! This might be the most zapped episode of all time! The guys talk about helicopter rescues, Rattle Snakes, and Japanese Sex Dolls. Then former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel swings by to talk about his college days, Bob's golf game, and getting zapped. We conclude the episode with our loyal listeners voicemails! 

Jun 12, 2020
Not Looking Back ft. Special Guest

The guys talk about the return of the NBA, how big of an idiot Jake Paul is, and life in Scottsdale. Then we have a very big mystery guest swing by to talk about social media, past drug problems, and stand up comedy. We finish the episode as always with voicemails from our loyal listeners 

Jun 06, 2020
Is Bob Menery a SIMP? ft. Brian Urlacher

The guys discuss Bob's golf bet with Brian Urlacher, "SIMPS" and SpaceX. Then Mr. Urlacher comes through discuss all things NFL, sports and life in the desert. We conclude the episode with fan voicemails!

Jun 03, 2020
Alligators, Tornados, and Paige Spiranac

The guys are back in Arizona and the Informant finally gets the job done with a lovely lady. Then Paige Spiranac stops by to talk about the push cart mafia, trolls, and the PGA.  We then conlcude the episode with voicemails from our fans!

May 29, 2020
Are We Homeless? ft. Drew Lock

The guys talk about how angry Bob is to return to L.A. and leave the Desert, The Tiger/Manning Vs. Peyton/Brady Golf Match, and the return of pro sports. Then Drew Lock swings by to talk about life in quarantine and the NFL. We conclude the episode taking Zapped Nation's voicemails! 

May 27, 2020
The Date ft. Genie Bouchard

The guys discuss the probability of Aaron getting laid on his birthday, who's the hottest Disney Princess and fleeing Arizona. Then Genie Bouchard and Bob discuss their future romance and all things dating. 

May 22, 2020
Tag You're It ft. JJ Watt

The boys talk about Bob's upcoming date with Genie Bouchard, Elon Musk planting chips in peoples heads and Joe Rogan singing 100 Million dollar deal with Spotify. We conclude the episode with voicemails from our loyal followers! We love you guys, thanks for the support!! 

May 21, 2020
Aaron is Fired ft. Lil Jon

The guys discuss Aaron being fired for drinking too much in Arizona. Then Lil Jon hops on a zoom call to talk everything from DJ'ing on Instagram live to being in a Bdubs commercial with Bob.

May 18, 2020
Eatin' W's ft. Jameis Winston

The boys discuss the idea of taking a road trip to Arizona to escape Bob's murder house. Then National Championship winner Jameis Winston swings by to discuss the NFL and his time at Florida State. We conclude the episode with Bob and Peter archive footage and of course voicemails from our loyal Zapped Nation. Episode 7 lets gooooo!!

May 15, 2020
The 900 ft. Tony Hawk

The gang talks about Tekashi 69 being the biggest rat of all time, the MJ documentary, and the nostalgia of Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Bob then welcomes Tony Hawk onto the broadcast to talk all things skating and the all in challenge. We conclude with a new segment of Bob and Peter's old archived footage and of course our most loyal fans voicemails!

May 13, 2020

The boys sit down with 2 time Daytona 500 winner. They discuss virtual racing, their mini golf match against one and much more. 

May 11, 2020

It's a fight night on the Zapped podcast! The guys discuss the first major sporting event since the beginning of the Corona virus outbreak and how they think it will go. Then UFC president Dana White joins Bob to discuss the fight and all things UFC. We conclude as always with voicemails from the loyal fans of Zapped Nation! 

May 08, 2020

The guys talk about Bob's gambling habits, douchebag LA bartenders, Tom Cruise acting in outer space and Mike Tyson's return to the ring. Ninja then swings by to lend his insight on all things E-SPORTS and how to be a pro gamer. We conclude as always with Bob answering fans voicemails....LETS GO!!! 

May 08, 2020
The 'Cubes ft. Mark Cuban

Bob, Scooty and The Informant discuss everything from UFO sightings to hornets that can murder people to Bob's chances of making a million dollars narrating porn. Then entrepreneur Mark Cuban pops in to talk about how he spends his time in quarantine, his potential presidential candidacy and how he thinks Bob would do on an episode of Shark Tank. Episode 2 concludes with bob answering voicemails from the shows biggest fans. 

May 07, 2020
Bob and John Get Zapped ft. John Daly

Legendary golfer John Daly swings by the pod to talk about his PGA wins, who has the better chicken wings B-Dubs or Hooters, and to take his shot at being Bob's color commentator. This is a banger of an episode make sure to download, subscribe and comment!!!


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May 03, 2020