Disrupt Your Career

By Claire Harbour and Antoine Tirard

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Category: Careers

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Welcome to the Disrupt Your Career podcast series hosted by Claire Harbour and Antoine Tirard. We talk with those on the forefront of talent and career management — academics, HR professionals, coaches — to explore the most interesting and cutting edge ideas in the world of career transition and development. Join us as we reimagine careers https://disrupt-your-career.com/. 

Episode Date
Author Chat: Inflection by Sharath Jeevan
Feb 07, 2024
Valerie Sutton: Creating ‘Career Consciousness’ and Aligning Your Career Path with Your Unique Identity
Feb 01, 2024
Research Express: Jos Akkermans Talks About his Research on Career Success
Jan 15, 2024
Author Chat: Aha... Wow! Yes by Gunnar George
Jan 05, 2024
Julia Goodman: Crafting Presence and Developing Your Authentic Personal Brand
Jan 01, 2024
JP Elliott: Inspiring the Next Generation of HR Leaders
Dec 01, 2023
Author Chat: The Right—and Wrong—Stuff by Carter Cast
Nov 03, 2023
Jo Owen: 21st Century Leadership - Building a Successful Career in the New World
Nov 01, 2023
Author Chat: The Seven Games of Leadership by Paolo Gallo
Oct 22, 2023
Ellen C. Taaffe: Unlock What’s Blocking Your Career and Open the Door to New Opportunities
Oct 12, 2023
Author Chat: I, Human by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Oct 05, 2023
Richard Rosser: Helping (ex)Consultants and Finance Professionals Build Careers They Love
Oct 01, 2023
Author Chat: Successful Career Strategy by Sven Sommerlatte
Sep 26, 2023
Chris Parke: Developing Under-Represented Talent and Building Inclusive Organizations
Sep 01, 2023
Dr. Aliya Hamid Rao: How Family and Gender Play Out in the Workplace and Careers
Aug 01, 2023
Amanda Goodall: Why We Need Leaders with Expertise
Jul 01, 2023
Janine Mathó: Propelling Women in Early Career and Keeping them Moving Forward
Jun 15, 2023
Michel Buffet: Unlocking Your Potential and Cultivating Your Leadership Resilience
May 14, 2023
Abel van Staveren: Playing with FIRE - A Portfolio Careerist's Guide to Lifestyle Design
Apr 14, 2023
Mpume Ncube-Daka: Talking About Change
Apr 01, 2023
Tayo Rockson: How to Connect, Communicate and Build a Career in a Cross-Cultural World
Mar 01, 2023
Andrew Bartlow: Accelerating Your Career and Scaling for Success in High-Growth Organizations
Feb 15, 2023
Patti and Jack Phillips: Applying ROI Thinking to Achieve Professional Success
Feb 01, 2023
Jeffrey Shaw: The Art and Science of Successful Self-Employment
Jan 14, 2023
Al Dea: Helping Individuals and Organizations Flourish in the Changing World of Work
Jan 07, 2023
Avivah Wittenberg-Cox: Gender, Generational Balance and (Much) Longer Careers
Dec 15, 2022
Mark Zides: How to Find Your Own Pace and Create Early Career Success
Dec 01, 2022
Michael Wenderoth: Ethically Leveraging Power and Politics to Advance Your Career
Nov 15, 2022
Angela Lane and Sergey Gorbatov: Developing and Leveraging Edge in Your Career
Nov 01, 2022
Joseph Liu: Relaunching Your Career to Do More Meaningful Work
Oct 07, 2022
Karen Loon: Fostering Culturally Diverse Leadership in Organisations
Sep 01, 2022
Elina Rebuel Tretiakova: Strategic Advice for Early Career Professionals
Aug 04, 2022
Sharath Jeevan: Finding Deeper Motivation, Purpose and Mastery in our Work
Jul 01, 2022
Marc Miller: Building a Meaningful Career in the Second Half of Life
Jun 01, 2022
Ann Hiatt: Bet on Yourself and Create a Career of Your Own
May 01, 2022
John Boudreau: Radically Rethinking How to Organize Work and Careers
Apr 02, 2022
Anna Tavis: Reimagining Work and Careers in Human-Centered Organizations
Mar 01, 2022
Marc Effron: How to Build Better Talent and Grow Yourself Faster
Feb 01, 2022
Winnie Jiang: How to Find, Pursue, and Sustain Meaning at Work
Jan 15, 2022
Sven Sommerlatte: Strategies to Build a Successful Career
Dec 07, 2021
Utkarsh Amitabh: The Power of Community in Building a Successful Career
Nov 13, 2021
Jan Hall and Jon Stokes: Creating the Life You Want After a Full-On Career
Oct 26, 2021
Dorie Clark: Reinvent Your Career and Play the Long Game
Oct 05, 2021
Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic: How Science and Tech Help Make Better Career Decisions
Jul 07, 2021
Andy Storch: Own Your Career Own Your Life
Jun 16, 2021
Gianpiero Petriglieri: Turning Your Career into a Work of Art
May 22, 2021
Sonal Bahl: Helping Supercharge Careers with Generosity and Compassion
Apr 24, 2021
Monique Valcour: Helping People and Organizations Build Sustainable Careers
Apr 11, 2021
Anna van der Horst: How to Take Proactive Control of Your Career and Find Meaningful Work
Mar 17, 2021
Carter Cast: Discover Where Your Career is Vulnerable and How to Protect Your Success
Feb 10, 2021
Alexandre Pachulski: Using Your Singularity to Create a Unique Career Path
Jan 10, 2021
Sho Dewan: Building the Career You’ve Always Wanted
Dec 25, 2020
Jeff Gothelf: Take Back Control of Your Career and Be Forever Employable
Oct 10, 2020
Michelle Gadsden-Williams: How One Leader is Disrupting and Creating “Good Trouble”
Aug 30, 2020
Henna Inam: Are You Prepared to Lead in the Decade of Disruption?
Jul 04, 2020
Edie Goldberg: Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries to Unleash Organizational Capacity
Jun 13, 2020
Gib Bulloch: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent and Intrapreneur
May 19, 2020
Paolo Gallo: The Art of Building a Rewarding Career While Remaining True to Yourself
Mar 18, 2020
Deepak Jayaraman: Helping People Transition and Play to Their Potential
Jan 16, 2020
Adrian Choo: The Career Strategist
Dec 12, 2019
Jennifer Petriglieri: How Dual-Career Couples Make it Work
Oct 17, 2019
Jos Akkermans: How to Build Sustainable Careers and Change Employer-Employee Relationships
Apr 11, 2019