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No Step On Snek
 May 8, 2020
Well thought out and well articulated arguments for being pro 2nd Ammendment. A must listen for everyone. If you're like so many who have been indoctrinated into believing guns are bad and should be banned, you should give this a listen

Tim D
 May 6, 2020
Absolutely fantastic podcast. Real and honest conversation. Thank you!


I don't like boxes, but I like Guns, everything else is added value.

Episode Date
Are Mass Shootings Really A Mental Health Issue or Is It Just a Deflection w/ Mike Sodini

We in the gun community are quick to point out that gun violence, mass shootings specifically, are a mental health issue and I agree. However, we usually all just stop there and don’t do anything else. 

Mike Sodini is passionate about mental health and removing the negative stigma associated with mental health issues and firearm ownership so he decided to take it step further and started Walk The Talk America. 

Walk the Talk America is a non profit organization whose mission is to fund research and development for outreach and promotion of mental health to reduce the misconceptions and prejudices that exist when it comes to mental illness and firearms. 

They believe they can be a catalyst for change by working with experts in the mental health industry. Click to listen. 



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May 25, 2020
The Truth About Silencers, 300 AAC Blackout, and Going To Jail w/ Kevin Brittingham

I like to call today’s guest the Tekashi 69 of the gun world because has an incredible ability to court attention and get under people skin in the most entertaining way possible.  Kevin Brittingham is probably one of the most infamous people in the gun industry. Over the years,  Kevin and I have developed a friendship. 

I love talking to him because he really doesn’t give a damn what people think. There are a lot of people in the industry who don’t like Kevin and honestly, I can see why they may not like him. As for me, I love Kevin, I think he’s what the industry needs. 

He clearly knows his shit and I think he keeps a lot of gun companies honest and as you’ll see in this episode he tells it how it is and I love him for it. 

Kevin and I delve into the world of the honey badger, silencers, the 300 blackout, cars, and him going to jail. Click to listen. 

Keep America Tactical 





May 18, 2020
The Truth About Being A 2A Social Media Influencer

I sit down with Garand Thumb and discuss the truth behind being a 2A social media influencer. 



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I Am the Militia

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May 10, 2020
Why You Shouldn't Ignore The Fight For Canadian Gun Rights

I speak with Tracey Wilson, VP of Public Relations at the Canadian Coalition for Firearms about the uphill battle over gun rights in Canada after experiencing their worst mass shooting in Canadian history. 

*This was recorded before Trudeau's announcement banning Guns*

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I Am the Militia

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May 03, 2020