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I always hated the term "Public Relations." It always sounded so greasy and salesy to me. Years later I realize the concept of "relating to the public" is simply communication. It's in every facet of our daily lives. And if the ability to cooperate is what makes us distinctly different as humans, it's the ability to communicate that facilitates this. 

Public Relations is ultimately one of the most expressly human aspects of life.

Across the landscape of global communication, the role of Public Relations (PR) has become increasingly pivotal. As a profession, Public Relations stands at the crossroads of information dissemination and perception management, embodying the complex interplay between organizations, media, and the public. At its core, Public Relations is about forging connections, a mission that has elevated it to a thriving profession in our modern society.

Public Relations professionals harness a diverse toolkit of strategies to navigate this multifaceted domain. Their expertise spans across marketing, government relations, media relations, crisis management, and stakeholder engagement. Each of these elements serves as a cornerstone in the foundation of Public Relations, contributing to its stature and effectiveness. Marketing initiatives, for example, are not just about promoting products or services but about storytelling that resonates with audiences on a personal level. Government and media relations are about establishing trust and transparency, ensuring that communications are both reliable and beneficial to the public interest.

Crisis management and stakeholder engagement further illustrate the crucial roles played by Public Relations experts. In times of crisis, these professionals are the architects of strategies that protect and rehabilitate an organization's image. Through stakeholder engagement, they build and maintain relationships that are essential for mutual understanding and support. This comprehensive approach to communication underscores the versatility and indispensability of Public Relations in today's world.

The tangible outputs have impacts. Press releases earn widespread media placement, websites and social media campaigns captivate and influence, short-form videos seize our attention, and podcasts linger in our memory—all these are manifestations of the influence Public Relations has on our collective consciousness. These tools and platforms are meticulously crafted to shape perceptions, drive narratives, and inspire action. They demonstrate the profound ability of Public Relations to mold public discourse and interaction.

At the forefront of these endeavors stand the Public Relations professionals, whose skills in understanding, influencing, informing, and inspiring are unparalleled. Their work is not just about conveying messages but about creating dialogue, fostering understanding, and building bridges between entities and individuals. Through strategic planning, creative execution, and ethical practice, they navigate the complexities of public discourse, ensuring that their organizations or clients are not only heard but also understood and appreciated.                                                                                

Episode Date
How Digital Media is Redefining Consumer Behavior
Jun 23, 2024
Does the C-Suite Still Not Understand Public Relations?
Jun 16, 2024
Embracing AI as a Stakeholder in Public Relations
Jun 09, 2024
Throwback Thursday - The Ethics of AI in PR
Jun 06, 2024
FEED DROP – Punching Above Your Weight With a Smaller Marketing Team
Jun 02, 2024
So… You Want to Be a Professional Voiceover Actor?
May 26, 2024
How a Ban on TikTok Might Impact PR and Marketing Pros
May 19, 2024
Travel Marketing Strategies
May 12, 2024
PRSA’s Strategy to Out-Communicate Misinformation
May 05, 2024
A Close Examination of Each of the Major Social Media Channels in 2024
Apr 28, 2024
The Rise of Virtual Influencers and Global Engagement
Apr 21, 2024
Exploring the Agile Framework for Communications
Apr 14, 2024
Beyond the Script: Effective Customer Service Communication
Apr 07, 2024
Setting the Rules: Why and How to Regulate AI in Public Relations
Mar 31, 2024
The Power of Podcasts for Developing Brand Affinity
Mar 24, 2024
The Strategic Storyteller
Mar 17, 2024
The Legal Implications of Employee Reviews
Mar 10, 2024
The Ukrainian PR Army
Mar 03, 2024
The Evolution of Royal PR
Feb 25, 2024
PRovoke Media Asia-Pacific Comms Leader Study
Feb 18, 2024
How to Forgive and Accept an Apology
Feb 11, 2024
Saying Sorry: Why is it so Hard?
Feb 04, 2024
Muck Rack’s 2023 State of Marketing and PR Leadership Report
Jan 28, 2024
Challenging the Status Quo in PR Metrics
Jan 21, 2024
Exploring the Myths of Body Language Analysis on TV and YouTube
Jan 14, 2024
The Double-Edged Sword of Generative AI and Why it’s Part of a Broader Problem for Public Relations
Jan 07, 2024
FEED DROP – Learning Real Communication With Your Kids
Dec 24, 2023
How to Communicate – When People Won’t Evacuate
Dec 10, 2023
Coaching Politicians to be Better Communicators
Nov 26, 2023
Immersing Ourselves in AR, VR and XR Technologies. The Next Wave in Communications
Nov 12, 2023
FEED DROP: Six Presentation Tips for Advanced Speakers
Nov 05, 2023
The Four Traits of Inspiring Thought Leaders
Oct 29, 2023
Finding the Four Minute Window
Oct 15, 2023
Harnessing the Influence of Wikipedia for Your Brand
Oct 01, 2023
Diverse Perspectives, Powerful Results: Multicultural Marketing Insights
Sep 17, 2023
The Role of Marketing and Public Relations in Central Asia: Explained
Sep 03, 2023
Cracking the Code to Low Journalist Response Rates
Aug 20, 2023
Change Your Mind = Change Your Brain
Aug 06, 2023
Exploring Trust in Media Brands Today
Jul 23, 2023
Influencing Behaviors Through Social Marketing
Jul 09, 2023
How to Make Internal Communications More Inclusive
Jun 25, 2023
The Best PR Campaign that Changed the World
Jun 11, 2023
The Evolution of the Communications Engineer
May 28, 2023
Oh the Things We Can Do With Generative AI (including Chat GPT)
May 14, 2023
How AI Tools Are Already Impacting the PR Profession – And Where It’s All Going
Apr 30, 2023
FEED DROP – Micro Influencers – When Smaller is Better
Apr 23, 2023
Social Media is OVERRATED!!
Apr 16, 2023
PR and Marketing for Web 3.0
Apr 02, 2023
Digging Deeper Into the Edelman Trust Barometer
Mar 19, 2023
The Truth About Umms and Uhhs
Mar 05, 2023
Headlines with Ragan’s PR Daily – Chat GPT and Other News
Feb 19, 2023
Is the Person You’re in Conversation With – Faking it?
Feb 05, 2023
Do Sales Funnels Still Work? Or Is the Concept Springing Leaks?
Jan 22, 2023
When Lies Build Trust
Jan 08, 2023
Integrating the Newer Tools Into Traditional Marketing and PR
Dec 25, 2022
A Close Look at Today’s Social Media Channels With Grey Group
Dec 11, 2022
Taking an Organizational Stand on Social and Political Issues. Is it Worth it?
Nov 27, 2022
Building Reputation Capital Before the Crises
Nov 13, 2022
Halloween Special: Those Career Moments That Terrify Us
Oct 30, 2022
The ORID Method for Structured Conversation
Oct 16, 2022
New Research Suggests We Each Have 6,200 Thoughts Per Day
Oct 02, 2022
How to Pitch Micro Media (Like Podcasts)
Sep 18, 2022
The Behavioural Science Communications Firm That’s Changing Everything
Sep 04, 2022
The Five Situations Your Senior Leaders Will See or Hear You
Aug 21, 2022
Could Spy Agencies, Like the FBI, MI5, and CSIS, Use Some PR Help?
Aug 07, 2022
How the Real-Life Siri (GPS Girl) Found Her True Sense of Direction
Jul 24, 2022
Finding Your Niche Skill or Authority to Future-Proof Your Career
Jul 10, 2022
Four Tips for New PR Grads
Jun 26, 2022
Stories and Strategies Podcast Trailer
Jun 21, 2022
How Executives Use Social Media to Lead
Jun 12, 2022
A Look at the Personality Traits of Some in History Who Had Influence
May 29, 2022
Case Study – A Simple Message, Easy Call to Action, Complicated Outcomes
May 15, 2022
Making Communications More Accessible
May 01, 2022
Behavioural Economics and Public Relations
Apr 17, 2022
How to Respond to a Reputational Crisis
Apr 03, 2022
Exploring What the Metaverse Means to Marketing and Communications Strategies
Mar 20, 2022
Intercultural Communication in the Workplace
Mar 06, 2022
The Future of Corporate Communications
Feb 20, 2022
PR Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022
Feb 06, 2022
Using Communications to Power Small Business
Jun 06, 2021
Nudge Theory Part II with Rory Sutherland
May 23, 2021
Nudge Theory Part I with Rory Sutherland
May 09, 2021
The Sin of Slow in Crisis Communications
May 02, 2021
From the Language of Science to the Language of People
Apr 25, 2021
How to Be a Great Podcast Guest
Apr 18, 2021
The Invention of Color
Apr 11, 2021
The Epigenetics of Leadership
Apr 04, 2021
Communicating with Elite Performers
Mar 28, 2021
You Want a Seat at the Table? Earn it
Mar 21, 2021
The Trust Trifecta of Leadership
Mar 14, 2021
The Psychology of Giving and Receiving Feedback
Mar 07, 2021
Is it Better to be Street-Smart or Book-Smart in PR?
Feb 28, 2021
Communication Strategies when De-escalation is Needed
Feb 21, 2021
When the Words Mean Nothing – and the Message Means Everything
Feb 14, 2021
11 Capabilities of a Communications Professional or Team
Feb 07, 2021
The Success of Digital News Start-ups
Jan 31, 2021
Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 on Health Care Communications Professionals
Jan 24, 2021
Stirring the Right Pot
Jan 17, 2021
Progress, in a World of Cancel Culture
Jan 10, 2021
Ode to Joy (and Positivity)
Dec 13, 2020
Stressing the Benefits… of Stress
Dec 06, 2020
Why Are There So Few African American Males in Public Relations?
Nov 29, 2020
PRCA in Latin America
Nov 22, 2020
A Little Less Presentation. A Little More Conversation
Nov 15, 2020
Communication Strategies We Learn at Work (and Use at Home)
Nov 08, 2020
The 2020 US election through a psychological lens
Nov 04, 2020
Media? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Media
Nov 01, 2020
Creativity – the UNcommon sense
Oct 25, 2020
Change Management Needs to Change
Oct 18, 2020
Why Professional Comedians Have Serious Presentation Skills
Oct 11, 2020
Women in PR – Canada, USA, the Americas
Oct 04, 2020
The 2020 IPR Disinformation in Society Report
Sep 27, 2020
Secrets of Content Marketing
Sep 20, 2020
The AI in PR ethics report
Sep 13, 2020
Coffee may be the best communications strategy of them all
Sep 06, 2020
Is Digital Media Leaving a False Impression?
Aug 30, 2020
Your Brain in Crisis-Mode
Aug 23, 2020
The Value of Mentorship in Professional Communications
Aug 16, 2020
Working From Home and the Impacts to Communication and Leadership
Aug 09, 2020
Interviewing Professional Athletes
Aug 02, 2020
CIPR State of the Profession Survey
Jul 26, 2020
Tweeting a Social Movement - Black Lives Matter and its use of Twitter
Jul 19, 2020
Snake Oil in the PR business? Say it ain't so...
Jul 12, 2020
COVID-19 Brand Pulse Report
Jul 05, 2020
Public Engagement: Finding Rumi's Field
Jun 29, 2020
The History (and Future) of Mass Media
Jun 22, 2020
Ready or Not... Here Comes the "Recovery"
Jun 14, 2020
Culture Club - Looking Beyond Fit
Jun 08, 2020
Why it's Important to be a Member of a Professional Communications Association
May 29, 2020
Change-Up, the Modern Way to "Pitch" the Media
May 22, 2020
Lights Camera Crisis!
May 18, 2020
Changes to How We Communicate When Life Returns to Normal
May 11, 2020
The Spin Doctor Will See You Now
May 10, 2020