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 Feb 2, 2021


Robservations is the new podcast by Comic Book Legend Rob Liefeld which exists to explore and celebrate comic books as an art form and their tremendous impact on the culture.

Episode Date
Kang The Conqueror! Bring On The Bad Guys pt. 2!
Kang is coming! No character is as cross-connected and complicated than Marvel’s Tumultuous Time Lord, Kang The Conqueror! Before he makes his live action debut, Rob unpacks all the important history of one of the Avengers most fearsome foes! Also, Marketwatch looks at The Signature Craze!
Feb 23, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: #WandaVision! Agatha Harkness Primer!
BONUS Epsiode! Agatha Harkness is a long standing character within the Marvel Universe, holding important roles and influence with both the Fantastic Four and Avengers! Rob goes further farther in order to catch you up to the extent of her role in the Marvel Universe and her impact on #Wandavision!
Feb 19, 2021
DC COMICS CRISIS! WandaVision shakes it up!
With news swirling about more DC Comics upheaval amidst new ownership by AT&T, Rob dives deep into the practical concerns facing the future of publishing! Plus, WandaVision rocks the Market watch as Scarlet Witch, Vision and Quicksilver back issues fly off retailers shelves!
Feb 19, 2021
Stan & Jack! Comic Book Trends!
Stan Lee & Jack Kirby have the most complicated legacy in the history of comic books. Together they made magic that touches generations of fans. Rob shares his unique view of their controversial creative relationship and offers a new spin on the roles they shared! Plus, comic book market watch with recent trends! Eminem’s entertainment lawyers incredible comic collection!
Feb 16, 2021
Comic Books: Boom or Bust?
The comic book marketplace past, present & future is put under the microscope as we look towards new trends and predict the future of comic book publishing!
Feb 12, 2021
Bring On The Bad Guys!
Dr. Doom! Magneto! Mephisto! Marvel’s Malevolent Masterminds of Darkness! Powerful personalities of the Supernatural, Technical and Cosmic variety. Rob goes all in on the origins and influence wielded by comic book’s most powerful adversaries.
Feb 09, 2021
Mutant Marvel! #wandavision #xmen
Marvel’s Mutants dominate comics, tv and movies! More Scarlet Witch & Vision, Magneto, Mephisto and the ties to the WandaVision mysteries expalined! Grant Morrison’s X-Men conundrum!
Feb 05, 2021
Rise of the Derivatives!
Miles Morales! Spider-Gwen! Red Lanterns! Lady Deadpool! Derivatives have taken the spotlight and dominated as they never have before! Rob examines the origins and evolution of comic book derivatives!
Feb 02, 2021
The Power of Independence/How to Beat the Haters
The Power of Independence is discussed and examined. Comic creators Frank Miller, Jack Kirby and Howard Chaykin transformed their careers, influence and opportunities by taking the road of independent publishing. American Flagg! Sin City! 300! Also, Rob revisits an essay on How To Beat The Haters!
Jan 29, 2021
WandaVision! Vision & Scarlet Witch : Full Tilt!
Vision & Scarlet Witch! Growing up in the 70’s, no couple in comic books was more powerful, more prominent and more twisted! An Android takes his mutant bride and their already complicated individual origins become intertwined in the most fascinating way’s you could possibly imagine! Rob digs deep into the weeds, examining aspects and interactions the show and their media representation in the MCU completely avoid...until now! All is revealed in the deepest dive we’ve ever attempted!
Jan 26, 2021
Changing Of The Guard! End of an Era!
As the 90’s comes to a close, Jim Lee leaves Image Comics, selling his company to a rival comic book publisher, DC Comics. Image loses another partner as the era begins to cool. Also, Rob recounts the gigs that got away, the assignments he couldn’t land.
Jan 22, 2021
The Making Of Deadpool, Part. 5 – A Star Is Born!
After years of fits and starts, The Deadpool film footage is leaked and the film is finally given the green light! It’s off to Vancouver to shoot the tightly budgeted film that will change the game for comic book adaptations! The set visits! The Hall H debut! The test screenings! The fan premiere! The record breaking opening weekend! Rob gives his first hand account on all of the details behind the birth of a worldwide phenomenon!
Jan 19, 2021
The Making Of Deadpool, Part. 4: Movie Star!
The road to movie stardom was a rocky one for everyone’s favorite Mercenary. Deadpool finds a perfect match with Ryan Reynolds portraying him on the big screen, but the studio can’t decide when, where or if to launch him into the stratosphere. Rob details the many fits and starts that threatened to derail Deadpool’s promising future on film!
Jan 15, 2021
The Making Of Deadpool, Part 3: Merch With A Mouth!
Deadpool hit the toy shelves in 1992 and it was the launch of 1000 action figures! Funko Pops, statues, trading cards, video games, lego’s! We chart the path of his unprecedented rise as a merchandise Icon! Also, superstar artist Marat Mychaels speaks! Rob’s first assistant was there from the jump and shares tales about the creation of your favorite New Mutants & X-Force characters and comics!
Jan 12, 2021
The Making Of Deadpool Part 2 – Spider Man With Swords!
Smart-Ass, Bad-Ass, Wise-Ass, Parody? Which way do you like your Deadpool humor? Across 30 years of publishing, he’s been all things to all people. Inside the 4th Walk breaks, the jokes and the variety of comedic stylings with everyone’s favorite Merc With A Mouth! And how does Deadpool relate to Road Runner? Continuing our Deep Dive into The Making Of Deadpool!
Jan 08, 2021
The Making of Deadpool pt. 1
t’s the 30 year anniversary for the Merc With The Mouth! From his very 1st appearance, Deadpool has been elevated and celebrated by fans worldwide. Celebrate with Rob Liefeld, the man who made him as he walks you through his inspiration and process of bringing him to life and created reaction the most popular response to a new Marvel character in decades!!
Jan 05, 2021
The Holiday Comic Book Experience!
Comic Books & Holidays go together like peas & carrots! Comics have a long tradition of celebrating the Holiday season with commemorative collections and stories! Frank Miller’s first Batman comic was part of a holiday collection, Marvel annually published a Grab Bag of Christmas tales! Many of us share vivid memories of comic books and comic book based gifts & experiences from our youth! We say goodbye to 2020 with a celebration of Holiday themed comic books through the years!
Dec 18, 2020
The Art of Comic Books!
Original Comic Book Art values are through the roof, auction houses are booming with vintage art from popular collectors! Collectors are stepping up, dropping six & seven figures on comic book art from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s! Rob looks carefully at what is behind the recent original art boom, what is generating the most buzz and why there is no end in sight!
Dec 15, 2020
MULTIVERSE is the buzzword of the year. The Multiverse concept was once a niche sci-fi trope featured in popular franchises like Dr. Who & Star Trek before bursting into the mainstream with Spider Man: Into The Spiderverse! Now the latest live action Spider Man film as well as The Flash will feature Multiverse formats and we look back on the history of the multiverse in comics and pop culture!
Dec 11, 2020
Todd’s Toys!!
Todd McFarlane revolutionized the toy business forevermore. He launched his Toy Line in 1995 and never looked back, permanently altering the way toys were sculpted, painted and manufactured. His achievements in toys cannot be properly measured, even more so than his impact on comics! Remembering the day that Todd revealed his toy aspirations to the Image Partners and the immediate whirlwind that followed! I come to praise McFarlane Toys!
Dec 08, 2020
STAN LEE! The Legend, The Icon, The Man!
The biggest name in the history of comic books and super heroes, Stan Lee guided Marvel to unprecedented success not only in comics but in the comic book revolution of television and cartoons & films! Sharing over 30 years of memories with Stan, Rob Liefeld raises a glass in tribute, remembering the life and times of Stan Lee and his celebrated achievements and even a few misfires along the way. An hour of Stan “The Man” Lee!
Dec 04, 2020
Will Smith & The Million Dollar Pitch!
Halloween 1997, The biggest entertainment icon of his age and a comic book creator with a fresh screenplay head off the visit the big studio chief’s and attempt to sell the next big sci-fi tent pole! Mega-Entertainment Icon, Will Smith, teams with Comic Book Creator, Rob Liefeld, as they meet with Steven Spielberg and others in an effort to create an auction atmosphere for their new project THE MARK. The Million Dollar Pitch is an anatomy lesson in Hollywood biz and showmanship.
Dec 01, 2020
The Secret History of Image X Month!
Image X Month arrived in Sept. of 1994, a once in a lifetime switch of creative teams on established titles, which creator was taking on what title was supposed to remain a mystery until the comics were released. Now it can be told, the secret history of Image X Month! Why did it happen? How did it come together? There were bumps along the way but it awakened a new creativity among the famed Image Creators, charting new paths along the way. What was the impetus behind Image X Month? Rob puts you at the table, peeling it all the way back taking you into the inspiration for the bold choices of a wild experiment that has never been attempted again was forged!
Nov 27, 2020
The Gangs Of Comic Books!
Comic books went tribal in the 90’s! Image! Legend! Bravura! Cliffhanger! Guerilla! CrossGen! Everyone searched for a niche hoping to become a label that promised to deliver the next big thing. Rob and Jimmy discuss all the Tribes in comic books, the one’s the held together and the one’s that fell apart.
Nov 24, 2020
The DC Dilemma pt. 2! The True 52!
The DC 52 initiative was intended to launch a new Golden Age for the storied publisher, one that would make it more competitive with Marvel. The center of the launch failed to hold, pressure quickly mounted and tensions flared. Rob brings his first hand account to the lunacy permeated throughout the line as micromanagement created dissension among the ranks.
Nov 20, 2020
The DC Dilemma!
In the world of publishing, DC Comics has been the hot button topic of 2020! The year kicked off with the surprise firing of Publisher Dan Didio, an abrupt restructuring of DC under new owner AT&T followed. On top of it all, they drastically altered the distribution of their comics to consumers. Now in the face of new layoffs, rumors swirl as to the questionable future of publishing at the storied home of Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman. The future of DC is on the minds of fans and retailers alike, Rob and returning guest Jimmy Jay break down the controversial moves and the decades long road that led to DC’s Dilemma!
Nov 17, 2020
Robert Kirkman!
No creator has impacted the last 20 years of comic books more than acclaimed author Robert Kirkman. Bursting on the scene with Invincible and The Walking Dead, he quickly established a singular voice that has carried his vision well beyond our local comic shops and into the upper echelons of pop culture. The Walking Dead is a phenomenon with hundreds of hours of television on AMC, his celebrated Invincible series is set to debut as an animated series on Amazon in 2021. Rob and Robert let it rip in a candid and rousing exchange for our double sized 50th episode anniversary!
Nov 13, 2020
Making Comic Books!
Comic Books! We love ‘em and the epic tales they tell, but what exactly goes into shaping a particular body of work? Watchmen. X-Men. Fantastic Four. Justice League. No two were constructed the same. Rob conducts an examination of the process and methods various talents take in their approach to making the comic books you love! Plot? Full Script? Broad Outline? Phone call pitch? Which was used to create your favorite?
Nov 10, 2020
COMIC-CON! The Con Game!
Comic-Conventions are an institution that have grown in importance, influence and stature. They unite pop culture enthusiasts all over the world. In a year without conventions of any kind, Rob looks back on his own experiences, starting at age 12, across 40 years of attending conventions as both fan & professional and the relationships formed along the way.
Nov 06, 2020
A casual call to solicit a team up of Image Comics Youngblood with Valiant Comics Bloodshot grows into something much greater than originally anticipated. It’s a big giant inter-company crossover party! And how does Aerosmith figure into all of it! DeathMate delivers!
Nov 03, 2020
Turtles, Tom Cruise & Spielberg – Going Hollywood!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turned the comic book world on its ear and upended the entire industry with its unprecedented, breakout success. Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird inspired a generation of young artists to launch their own creator owned franchises. Rob Liefeld followed on this path and recalls his own Hollywood adventures alongside entertainment giants, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg.
Oct 30, 2020
The Extreme Connection! Avengers! Batman! Ben 10!
Extreme Studios launched in 1992 and quickly became home to the most exciting artists of an age! The young talent developed at Extreme Studios would go on to contribute to the biggest, brightest and most successful pillars of today’s Pop Culture, including the biggest movie of all time! The Batman! Ben 10! Fantastic Four! Black Panther! Avengers:Endgame! Hear why Extreme Studios was a launch pad like no other!
Oct 27, 2020
Image Comics & The Death Of Superman!
With only 8 comics, Image Comics shocks the comic book world when it becomes the #2 publisher in the summer of 1992! DC Comics regroups from being knocked from their precarious perch, creating an event that electrifies not only the company, but the entire world! The Death Of Superman!! How it all went down!
Oct 22, 2020
The Right Stuff! ( Is It FUN??)
A rousing discussion examining the stand out talents of the age! McFarlane, Lee, Silvestri, Larsen, Valentino, Portacio! Rob goes on a deep dive with guest host Jimmy Jay Exploring the methods, systems and approach that created the success of his peer group and the impact it carries today.
Oct 20, 2020
April 15, 1992, the day that launched Image Comic books!! What was supposed to be a routine comic book launch, turned into much, much more. Come for the helicopters! NWA! EAZY-E! DENNIS MILLER SHOW! YOUNG INDIANA JONES! A Golden Apple signing for the ages! One single comic book launched a revolution, putting the comics industry on its heels. Rob relives all the highlights of the craziest day of his professional career.
Oct 16, 2020
What is Image Comics?
It’s the spring of 1992, and the table is set for the Image Comics Revolution. But, what exactly is Image Comics in the first place? What did Image Comics mean to the founding members of the company? Who named the company? Who designed the logo? Was Image Comics a label? A movement? Or an opportunity for change! Image Comics Founding Father Rob Liefeld lays it all out as the Image Explosion prepares to strike!
Oct 13, 2020
The DC Comics Detour!
The Secret Origin of Image Comics continues! In winter of 1992, the Top 3 Creators in comics struggle to find the next path for their talents. Todd McFarlane, fresh off the disappointment of his failed sports venture, aims to do Batman for DC Comics. Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld engage in talks with Marvel’s top rival, giving DC a chance to change the game forever! Will they? Also, a tribute to Rock n Roll Guitar God, Eddie Van Halen.
Oct 09, 2020
At The Comic Book Movies
As theaters close and big blockbuster movies disappear from the schedule, Rob discusses the history of recent comic book films and their impact. Has “The Fever” broken, will it ever return? Where does the model go from here and can the lost momentum ever return? Also, back in 1992, as comic books big creators look to make big changes, DC Comics looks to tip the scales.
Oct 06, 2020
The SECRET Secret Origin of Image
As 1991 comes to a close, new doors open and new opportunities are pursued by the top names in comics. Liefeld & Larsen huddle with independent publishers as they forge a new path outside Marvel! Todd McFarlane attempts to leave comics behind and sit in the Front Row with a bold sports endeavor. All roads will lead to the formation of a revolutionary movement that shakes comics to its core!
Oct 02, 2020
Spider-Man/X-Force: SABOTAGE!!
Things go SIDEWAYS as The Summer Of X concludes with a momentous cross-over event teaming two of Marvel’s hottest creators with their biggest franchises! Spider Man! Cable! Deadpool! Juggernaut! Liefeld & McFarlane! Rob gives a first person account of the non-traditional way this crossover came together with two of comic books most maniacal creators breaking...
Sep 29, 2020
Summer of X: Mutant Genesis
1991 ushered in a revolution for the X-Men titles as Marvel launched the Mutant Genesis event! The result was 2 record setting titles and over 12 million sales between X-Force #1 and X-Men #1. The work of re-shaping the already top selling X-Men line into an even more powerful blockbuster family of comics was no small feat. Rob recalls the daring moves and bold initiatives that saw Marvel’s most popular comics reach historic new heights.
Sep 25, 2020
HOT TOPICS! She-Hulk! Superman! Good Jeans!
She-Hulk, streaming soon on Disney Plus, first landed in 1979, Rob discusses the secret origin behind the creation of a female Hulk! Praise for the legendary Dan Jurgens and his Hall Of Fame career. Finally, Rob recaps the road to and experience of filming the Levi’s “Button Your Fly” campaign and being directed by Spike...
Sep 22, 2020
The 90’s Roundtable!
VENOM! BISHOP! DEADPOOL! DARKHAWK! A new age of comic book anti-hero arrived in the 1990’s! The West Coast Mafia Of Creators! The West Coast “Style” of drawing comics! Rob Liefeld & Jimmy Jay break down all the trends, tropes and triumphs of a break through era in comic books!  
Sep 18, 2020
The Cable Guy! Part 2
As Cable’s popularity skyrockets, Rob tracks the trajectory of his dynamic new creation. As everyone at Marvel tries to get in on the action and capitalize on the momentum, Rob recalls the necessary gambles he took to ensure that his vision for the character would endure, a practice he’d continue all the way towards Cable’s debut on silver screen!
Sep 15, 2020
The Cable Guy! Part 1
The 90’s Storm of New Talent and Characters strikes the industry with a bang! A mysterious new figure emerges to shake things up in the X-Men Universe, the brainchild of young wunderkind Rob Liefeld, CABLE! Rob recounts the swirl of activity and negotiations that brought Cable to life in the pages of New Mutants!
Sep 11, 2020
The 90’s!
The Decade of Dominance arrives! Sales shattering comic books and characters arrive on the scene! Bold new creators hit it big and change the comic book landscape forever! The decade of Venom, Cable, Deadpool & Harley Quinn continues to resonate powerfully in pop culture today. It all starts with the Batman movie and the summer of 1989!
Sep 08, 2020
Fighting American, Part 2: Victory!
With Marvel’s frivolous lawsuit to prevent publication of the all new Fighting American defeated, Rob releases a new comic series to much acclaim. The best and biggest names in comic books contribute to an epic run of all-new Fighting American adventures. To further honor the legacy of Joe Simon & Jack Kirby, Fighting American toys...
Sep 04, 2020
Fighting American! Part 1
In the immediate aftermath of Heroes Reborn, Rob Liefeld pacts with Joe Simon & Roz Kirby, the widow of Jack Kirby, to bring back the legendary patriotic icon, FIGHTING AMERICAN! But Marvel Comics has other ideas and does not want Rob to portray another patriotic hero so soon after leaving Captain America. Marvel seeks to thwart this alliance from seeing print, even filing a lawsuit! The comic book craziness continues in tales that have to be heard to he believed.
Sep 01, 2020
Heroes Reborn: Roundtable Wrap Up!
All things Heroes Reborn related are parsed and dissected as Rob and Jimmy discuss the thrills, chills and behind the scenes turmoil surrounding this seminal event in the history of Marvel Comics! Bonus - Rob answers your Heroes Reborn questions posted on social media!
Aug 28, 2020
Heroes Reborn! Part 4: FALLOUT!
With the team of Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee broken apart, the Heroes Reborn event limps to a disappointing conclusion, hampering Lee’s attempt to merge Marvel and Wildstorm. Marvel Entertainment regains complete creative control of their characters even as they spiral through a bankruptcy that hampers production of their titles. Which title does Rob favor the most out of the entire saga? The answer will surprise you.
Aug 25, 2020
Heroes Reborn! Part 3: Marvel Bankruptcy!
The much anticipated Heroes Reborn titles arrive, Avengers #1 becomes the top selling book in that title’s history, but is it enough to stave off Marvel’s pending bankruptcy? Chaos erupts as Jim Lee works behind the scenes to take over Marvel and run it from his La Jolla studio! Rob Liefeld relives his first hand account of Marvel’s most dramatic period!
Aug 20, 2020
Heroes Reborn! Part 2
Marvel Comics recruitment of top Image founders Rob Liefeld & Jim Lee to restore sales on the flagship titles of the Marvel Universe have the industry buzzing with excitement. Conflicts arise within Image Comics and tensions begin to boil over as the launch of Captain America & The Avengers is near!
Aug 18, 2020
Heroes Reborn! Part 1
In 1996 Marvel turned to their two best-selling creators, Rob Liefeld & Jim Lee, making them an offer they could not refuse! These two creators were given a chance at history, charged with turning around the fortunes and sagging sales of Marvel’s former Icons, Captain America, Avengers & Fantastic Four. The publisher outsourced all creative control to Liefeld & Lee. Rob examines the behind the scenes drama and details surrounding this historic decision and the subsequent excitement it generated.
Aug 14, 2020
X-Men, X-Tends & X-Pands!!
The X-Men franchise becomes an absolute cash cow for Marvel, spin-offs and bi-weekly schedules shift power in the industry enriching publisher, retailers and creators alike. Rob details the bold moves by Marvel that paved the way for everything that would follow!
Aug 11, 2020
1988! Learning to Fly
A surge of new talent ascends on the comics industry. Young, hungry voices looking to find the platforms to boost their artistic signals scramble to get regular assignments. A comic no one wants to draw, Hawk & Dove, becomes the vehicle for one young creator to blast off into the stars. Rob charts his own path creating the New Dove, contributing to DC Comics cannon, the behind the scenes conflicts that defined his first work and the long term impact it gave his career.
Aug 07, 2020
The “L” Boys!
The winds of change were shifting in the comics industry, the old guard was fading and a new class was ready to take the industry by storm. Rob details a chance encounter with Todd McFarlane in 1988 during San Diego Comic-Con that was the beginning of a formidable alliance, one that would challenge, change and alter the comic book landscape forever.
Aug 04, 2020
Untold Tales of Comics!
The Original JLA/Avengers with George Pérez! Neal Adams X-Men Graphic Novel! Kirkman & Liefeld’s Killraven! This week Rob examines the deep cuts behind comic books most infamous unpublished projects! The feuds, ego’s & agenda’s that kept us from instant classics in any age are discussed at length. The 2nd X-Men/Titans crossover that was lost in the process! The Untold Tales of Untold Tales of Comic Books will enlighten and entertain!
Jul 31, 2020
NU Marvel and the End of an Era!
BLACK COSTUME SPIDER GIRL! U.S. AGENT! GREY HULK! As the Bronze Era of comics begins to fade, and the talent flees to DC Comics, Marvel throws a Hail Mary with new costumes and identities for their familiar icons to stoke sales and renew interest. Rob is joined by Jimmy Jay as they discuss the decisions and...
Jul 28, 2020
Jack Kirby! The King of Comics!
The single most dominant force in the history of comic books! No one has had greater impact than JACK “THE KING” KIRBY, the architect of the Marvel Universe, his influence continues to shape pop culture to this day. Wether introducing the world to CAPTAIN AMERICA in World War 2 or imagining the birth of the Marvel Universe, Jack never stopped amazing comic readers young and old! He roared back to prominence at Marvel in the late 1970’s with titles such as The Eternals, Devil Dinosaur & Machine Man. Rob takes you through his resurgence and shares his personal memories, experiences and adventures with the most important figure in the history of comic books!
Jul 24, 2020
POWER RECORDS! The Birth of Comic Book Merchandising!
“THE ACTION COMES ALIVE AS YOU READ” a slogan on each and every POWER RECORD, featuring the biggest super hero & sci-fi franchises of an era! Spider Man! Fantastic Four! Hulk! Captain America! Star Trek! Planet Of The Apes! Rob Liefeld takes you back to the birth of comic book merchandising where Power Records and their read along action took off alongside Marvel Slurpee Cups, Marvel Mego Dolls and Marvel Trading Cards stormed the shelves for comic hungry kids of the 70’s!
Jul 21, 2020
The Wolverine! From Page to Screen!
The breakout star of the best selling X-Men franchise is awarded his own showcase, with Frank Miller and Chris Claremont, two of comic books biggest super stars, at the helm. Rob Liefeld examines the origins of this innovative mash up of East meets West that defined the groundbreaking Wolverine mini-series which owes a debt to the influence and impact of James Clavell’s epic SHOGUN, setting the stage for an eventual blockbuster film adaptation by Hugh Jackman and James Mangold.
Jul 17, 2020
The Man Of Steel! 1986 & The Superman Reboot
In 1986, DC Comics, seeking a total reinvention of Superman, recruited John Byrne, Marvel’s brightest star, to relaunch their storied franchise and make him accessible to a younger generation. Byrne accepted, making drastic alterations to Superman’s origins as well as relations with key characters like Lex Luthor and Batman. Rob walks you through Byrne’s long standing affection for the character and revisits the biggest comic book reboot ever attempted!
Jul 14, 2020
The Influencers!
The Kirby Clones! The Adams Effect! The movers and shakers of comic book influences, the styles that launched an army of imitators! Barry Windsor Smith! Jim Steranko! Stephen Platt! Rob and Jimmy delve deep into the source of so many Legendary styles and influences that shaped a generation of comic book images!
Jul 10, 2020
Marvel Management: 1975-2010
Since the heyday of Stan Lee, The Editor In Chief has always held a special position of power and influence at Marvel, guiding and shaping the path of the prolific publisher. However, not every EIC is created equal, with some exhibiting major creative moves and business acumen while others floundered! Who makes the grade? Rob examines the achievements across 35 years worth of EIC’s and the legacies they left behind! Shooter! DeFalco! Quemas! Who took the Gold?
Jul 07, 2020
Secret Wars & the Rise of the Cross Over Event!
Mini-series and Cross Over events arrived in the 80’s, signaling a huge shift in dynamics between publishers, retailers and fans. It changed comic books forevermore! Was it all just a happy accident? Rob examines the origins behind the Rise of Corporate Events and the toy company arms race that fueled the most successful Marvel comic book of a decade!
Jul 03, 2020
Legendary Runs! The Rise of Art Adams! Legion Of Super Heroes!
Career connections are the result of extended runs that create crucial bonds between readers and creators! Rob shares the most important career advice he ever received from the one and only Todd McFarlane. One run may be all any title needs to launch a lifetime of impact and influence. Rob covers the inevitable but unlikely rise of Arthur Adams and the success of Legion of Super Heroes under Kieth Giffen.
Jun 30, 2020
Dark Knight & Watchmen! Miller & Moore!
Rob Liefeld is joined by guest host Jimmy Jay as they take a deep dive into Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, the two most acclaimed comic book publications in the history of the genre. Frank Miller and Alan Moore, along with Dave Gibbons, impacted the culture in a manner not seen before or since! Both released in 1986, they were transformational works that altered every aspect of comic books! We dissect the details behind their creations, the subtle changes made along the way and the manner with which they influenced the comic book business and each other!
Jun 26, 2020
Death Becomes Them!
Tragic and unexpected deaths ushered in a new era of mature comics that challenged fans and readers. Rob revisits the stories that shocked him and broke his heart, showing the emotional power of graphic storytelling across a dynamic age that transformed comic books!
Jun 23, 2020
Superman vs. Spider-Man!
What happens when the two biggest players in the business finally get ready to rumble? How did Marvel & DC create The Battle Of The Century! How does Watergate connect to this most seminal of events? Who are the uncredited superstars that worked behind the scenes to make this the biggest moment of an era? Rob walks you through the creative decisions that elevated this monumental achievement!
Jun 19, 2020
The Marketplace, Then & Now!
THANOS! INFINITY GAUNTLET! LEGION OF SUPER HEROES! JOKER! DEATH METAL! Rob examines today’s comic book marketplace  through the lens of yesteryear. Jimmy Jay, CEO of Amazing Comic Con and Jay Company Comics joins Rob to discuss current shifts and trends and how they stack up to milestones of the past.
Jun 16, 2020
Comic Book License to Thrill!
Following the tremendous success of Marvel’s STAR WARS adaptation, the dam broke wide open and the company became the premier outlet for the best and most popular licensed material! Toys, movies, tv shows filled Marvel’s publishing schedule and Marvel rose to meet the moment by assigning the TOP TALENTS within their stable to produce what...
Jun 12, 2020
The Rivalry That Shaped an Era
John Byrne & George Pérez, the dynamic darlings of the Bronze Age of Comic Books! X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, New Teen Titans, Justice League! The art and storytelling of two masters of graphic comic books pushed comics to new heights and rejuvenated an industry! Competitors that rivaled the Lakers & Celtics, Coke, and Pepsi!   
Jun 09, 2020
Diversity in Comics
How does a young boy in Anahiem, Ca. travel the streets of Harlem in 1975? Through the magic of comic books and the adventures of Luke Cage, Power Man and Black Goliath from Marvel Comics diverse line of dynamic new characters! Black Lightning from DC Comics arrives and Muhammad Ali takes down Superman! From page...
Jun 05, 2020
Cosmic Marvels
Cosmic Marvels! Kevin Feige! The MCU! THE ETERNALS! STAR WARS! How Stan Lee nearly tanked the comic book that would save Marvel Comics! As Marvel prepares to give you their biggest blockbuster since Avengers: Endgame, The Eternals, Rob examines the roots of Marvel’s cosmic saga that features Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, and Kit Harrington.  Star...
Jun 02, 2020
70s Visionaries
The 1970’s was a generation of visionaries in both film and comic books. We examine the rise of the new generation of superstar creators that came of age and saved the X-Men, Daredevil and Avengers. The talent and vision of Frank Miller, John Byrne, Jim Starlin, the Scorsese, Spielberg and Lucas of comics, are put...
May 28, 2020
Robservations Issue #1
Robservations is the new podcast by Comic Book Legend Rob Liefeld which exists to explore and celebrate comic books as an art form and their tremendous impact on the culture. In this inaugural episode Rob discusses: His life long passion for comic books and the way they shaped his career. 1975 run of The Avengers...
May 26, 2020