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LIVE MONS 11 AM ET/10CT/9MT/8PT The Kathleen Riessen Show: Pushing the Boundaries of Leadership Join host Kathleen Riessen, Advisor to today’s business leaders, as she and her guests discuss the real questions leaders have on their minds like how to create an emotionally intelligent company, how to evoke the highest level of performance in employees and how to be a spouse, parent, volunteer and leader all at the same time. As a former Certified Public Accountant turned marketing strategist turned serial entrepreneur, Kathleen has coached and consulted with over a thousand executives and entrepreneurs. What she’s learned is that the number one strategy to grow a business and create what you want in life lies in your ability to be vulnerable and authentic and to surrender. As the Queen of Possibility, Kathleen showcases what you can create in your world with joy and ease. Join us live each Monday on The Kathleen Riessen Show: Pushing the Boundaries of Leadership.     Kathleen’s Book: Joy in Uncertainty: A Guide to Creating a Meaningful Life Purchase on  

Episode Date
Am I Doing This Right? ~ Kathleen Riessen
Dec 19, 2022
Decision-Making When There Is No Good Option ~ Kathleen Riessen
Nov 21, 2022
Finding Common Ground In Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships ~ Kathleen Riessen
Nov 14, 2022
Empathetic Leadership: Raise Your Social Awareness ~ Kathleen Riessen
Nov 07, 2022
Leadership Horror Stories: Halloween Edition ~ Kathleen Riessen
Oct 31, 2022
Building A Self-Awareness As A Senior Leader ~ Kathleen Riessen
Oct 24, 2022
How To Build An A-Team ~ Kathleen Riessen
Oct 17, 2022
Succession Plan: Why Every Senior Leader Should Have One
Oct 10, 2022
Better Decision Making Faster ~ Kathleen Riessen
Oct 03, 2022
Zone of Genius: How To Find Yours ~ Kathleen Riessen
Sep 26, 2022
Get Others To Be A Yes To Your Ideas ~ Kathleen Riessen
Sep 19, 2022
How You See The Problem May Be The Problem
Sep 12, 2022
Client Celebrations: Drive More Business By Celebrating Your Successes
Sep 05, 2022
It’s Okay To Tell Your Client No ~ Kathleen Riessen
Aug 29, 2022
Your Time Is Not For Sale ~ Kathleen Riessen
Aug 22, 2022
How to Encourage Critical Thinking in Your Organization ~ Kathleen Riessen
Aug 15, 2022
How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Increase Your Profitability
Aug 08, 2022
How To Be More Creative ~ Kathleen Riessen
Aug 01, 2022
Are You an Order Taker? ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jul 18, 2022
Attracting Your Dream Client ~ Kathleen Riesen
Jul 11, 2022
Turn A Bad Client Into Your Dream Client ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jul 04, 2022
The New Role of Managers: Guidance Counselors ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jun 27, 2022
Motivating Your Team While Also Holding Them Accountable ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jun 20, 2022
Curiosity in the Workplace
Jun 13, 2022
Are You Living An Extraordinary Life? With Guest Keri Stanley
Jun 06, 2022
The #1 Idea Killer And How To Avoid It
May 30, 2022
Leading People You Don’t Like with Guest Evrim Ozgen
May 23, 2022
Colonels of Wisdom with Guest Lauren Schieffer
May 16, 2022
What It Takes to Lead a Disruption in the Marketplace
May 02, 2022
Light A Fire In Your Team! ~ Kathleen Riessen
Apr 25, 2022
Top 3 Ways to be Seen as a Trusted Advisor ~ Kathleen Riessen
Apr 18, 2022
This Common Sales Mistake Leaves Millions On The Table ~ Kathleen Riessen
Apr 11, 2022
How to Work with a Dominant Person – Kathleen Riessen
Apr 04, 2022
How to Give Feedback That Doesn’t Create a World War
Mar 28, 2022
Common Pitfalls of Leading a Powerful Team – Kathleen Riessen
Mar 21, 2022
How to Identify Your Blind Spot – The Kathleen Riessen Show
Mar 14, 2022
Leading People that Drive You Nuts! Kathleen Riessen
Feb 28, 2022
Communication Styles: What Is Yours? Kathleen Riessen
Feb 21, 2022
Language: What Your Communication Patterns Reveal About You ~ Kathleen Riessen
Feb 14, 2022
Why Some Teams Win and Others Don’t
Feb 07, 2022
Creating Your Vision – The Kathleen Riessen Show
Jan 31, 2022
A Fresh Start: Change Your Story in 2022
Jan 03, 2022
2022 Goal Setting: Use this ONE THING Method
Dec 27, 2021
Support: How To Get Better At Asking For It
Dec 20, 2021
Coping with Holiday Stress with Therapist Sarah Bernson
Dec 13, 2021
Healthy Holidays with Registered Dietician Laura Marzen
Dec 06, 2021
3 Signs Emotional Baggage is Holding You Back
Nov 29, 2021
5 Ways to Be Present at Work and at Home
Nov 22, 2021
The Step We Most Often Miss In Self Improvement
Nov 15, 2021
Health, Hope and Happiness with Guest Annie Meehan
Nov 08, 2021
Get Energized with the King of Cheer Cameron Hughes
Nov 01, 2021
Reinventing Rural Healthcare with Guest Steve Simonin
Oct 25, 2021
3 Ways to Change Your Relationship with Failure
Oct 18, 2021
Power of Passion with Guest Larry Long Jr.
Oct 11, 2021
Find Your Yellow Tux with Jesse Cole
Oct 04, 2021
Leading the Way in a Woman’s World with Janet Tingwald
Sep 27, 2021
Overwhelm – How To Kick It To The Curb
Sep 20, 2021
What To Do When You Don’t Know What to Do
Sep 13, 2021
The Great Resignation – Why Should I Care? ~Kathleen Riessen
Sep 06, 2021
The #1 Reason People Aren’t Buying What You’re Selling
Aug 30, 2021
To Speak or Not To Speak? That Is The Question
Aug 23, 2021
Parenting And Running A Business While Maintaining Sanity
Aug 16, 2021
Enneagram with Guest Whitney Warne
Aug 09, 2021
Wisdom with Guest Dick Davidson
Aug 02, 2021
Embracing Imposter Syndrome ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jul 26, 2021
From Venture Capitalist To Startup Builder ~ Mike Doherty
Jul 19, 2021
Train Your Brain: Improve Your Focus ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jul 12, 2021
Stop Consulting Your Employees And Start Coaching Them
Jul 05, 2021
Working With People Who Lack Self-Awareness ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jun 28, 2021
Improve Your Decision Making Skills ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jun 21, 2021
Get Yourself a Hobby! ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jun 14, 2021
The Neuroscience Behind Joy And Emotions with Guest Dr. Finnerty
Jun 07, 2021
Building A Culture Of Joy with Guest Brandon Miller
May 31, 2021
The Connection Between Joy And Productivity ~ Kathleen Riessen
May 24, 2021
I’ll Take Joy Over Happiness Any Day ~ Kathleen Riessen
May 17, 2021
3 Shocking Reasons Why Joy Is Critical To Life
May 10, 2021
The Link Between Joy And Creativity ~Kathleen Riessen
May 03, 2021
Vulnerability in the Workplace ~ Kathleen Riessen
Apr 26, 2021
The Value Of A Virtual Assistant ~ Guest Billie Gardner
Apr 19, 2021
Calm In Chaos ~ Kathleen Riessen
Apr 12, 2021
Letting Go Of Control And Mastering The Art Of Surrender.
Apr 05, 2021
Three Ways To Increase Your Influence ~ Kathleen Riessen
Mar 29, 2021
Success Practices Of Great Finishers ~ Kathleen Riessen
Mar 22, 2021
3 Tips To Becoming A Better Listener ~ Kathleen Riessen
Mar 15, 2021
Operation Underground Railroad with Guest Hayden Paul
Mar 08, 2021
Stop Saying This Word And Immediately Improve Your Results
Mar 01, 2021
The Best of Business Strategy with Guest Michael Bird
Feb 22, 2021
Coaching Employees Effectively To Improve Performance ~ Kathleen Riessen
Feb 15, 2021
The Value Of Surrender ~ Kathleen Riessen
Feb 08, 2021
The Importance of Effective Storytelling with Guest Tina Bakehouse
Feb 01, 2021
Motivation vs Inspiration – Why It’s Important To Light Your Own Fire!
Jan 18, 2021
The Importance of Personal Development ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jan 11, 2021
Human Performance – How To Create More Results Without Doing More
Jan 04, 2021
How To Be Inspiring To Others ~ Kathleen Riessen
Dec 28, 2020
Accessing Your Next Level Of Growth ~ Kathleen Riessen
Dec 21, 2020
Every Visionary NEEDS An Integrator ! ~ Kathleen Riessen
Dec 14, 2020
Improve Your Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence ~ Kathleen Riessen
Dec 07, 2020
The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon ~ Kathleen Riessen
Nov 30, 2020
Mastering Your Mindset ~ Kathleen Riessen
Nov 23, 2020
Power Of Meditation With Guest Wendy Paquette
Nov 16, 2020
Creating Joy In Uncertainty ~ Kathleen Riessen
Nov 09, 2020
Lessons On Living Learned From Those That Are Dying ~ Kathleen Riessen
Nov 02, 2020
The Business Of Wellness With Josh Riessen
Sep 28, 2020
Creating An International Non-Profit With Brenda Miller
Sep 21, 2020
Creating Memorable Experiences With Guest Darren Ross
Sep 14, 2020
Creating Your Ideal Client~ Kathleen Riessen
Sep 07, 2020
Creating Connection With Guest Journey Jill
Aug 31, 2020
Grow Your Business Through Speaking ~ Guest Erik Dominguez
Aug 24, 2020
Ask Kathleen Your Business Questions ~ Kathleen Riessen
Aug 17, 2020
Million Dollar Business Lessons ~ Guest Thomas Mangum
Aug 10, 2020
Design Your Customer Experience ~ Guest Expert Laura Hand
Aug 03, 2020
Lean Marketing On A Budget ~ George Christ
Jul 27, 2020
Ask Kathleen Your Business Questions
Jul 20, 2020
Accessing Intuition for Your Business ~ Guest Wendy Paquette
Jul 13, 2020
Turn Your Ideas into a Business ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jul 06, 2020
Five Tips for a Custom Marketing Plan ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jun 29, 2020
Sales for the Non-Sales Person ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jun 22, 2020
Turn Your Ideas into Money with a Signature Money Funnel
Jun 15, 2020
What You Need to Know About Your Ideal Client ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jun 08, 2020
What Type of Business Should I Create? ~ Kathleen Riessen
Jun 01, 2020