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 Aug 19, 2020
Lauren Goode's voice and personality and interesting topics are the highlights ❤


Get WIRED is a new podcast about how the future is realized. Each week, we burrow down new rabbit holes to investigate the ways technology is changing our lives—from culture to business, science to design. Through hard-hitting reporting, intimate storytelling, and audio you won’t hear anywhere else, Get WIRED is the must-listen-to tech podcast that sets the agenda for the week. Hosted by WIRED Senior Writer Lauren Goode.

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The Robots Are Coming
Boston Dynamics is one of those companies that either makes you feel like we’re living in a Black Mirror episode or like we’re on the cusp of technological innovation. Over the past decade they’ve made a name for themselves through viral videos that demonstrate unparalleled robotics engineering. You’ve probably seen some of these: robot dogs loading the dishwasher, a humanoid robot doing a backflip, a segue-like robot effortlessly moving heavy objects. And now, after almost 30 years, their products are finally on the market. Reporter Matt Simon talks to Marc Raibert, the founder of Boston Dynamics, to check in on the ambitious robotics company. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 26, 2020
The Science of Fire Tornadoes
California’s catastrophic 2020 wildfire season kicked off midway through the hottest August on record with a dry thunderstorm in which 12,000 lighting strikes ignited hundreds of fires over the course of a week. America’s best fire researchers have been trying to learn more about what causes fires—especially extreme fire events like fire tornadoes. Reporter Daniel Duane talks to Get WIRED Host Lauren Goode about his November cover story for Wired magazine, which goes deep into the cutting edge of fire research.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 19, 2020
Archive and Survive: How Radio Lives On
As protests filled the streets this summer, WIRED Senior Writer Jason Parham went looking for radio broadcasts from 1992, when he watched Los Angeles go up in flames. What he found instead was a trove of broadcasts from throughout his 1990s coming of age, archived by a French YouTuber. Parham then talks with cultural critic Jace Clayton, also known as DJ Rupture, about how the move from analog to digital has changed our relationship to music. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 12, 2020
The Secret History of Video Game Music
Think about your favorite video game growing up. You can probably imagine exactly how it sounded and even hum some of the tunes. As it turns out, a lot of the iconic video game scores of the 80’s and 90’s were created by a group of women, young Japanese composers - sometimes just out of college. This music has such a strong legacy - but it’s almost impossible to find information about the women who wrote it.  So for this episode of Get Wired, Host Lauren Goode talks to Dia Lacina--a writer and video game music expert. Dia recently went on a journey to find out more about this group of composers—who they were, and what they worked on—and ultimately, how these women shaped the scores we know so well, despite working in a male-dominated gaming industry. And then later on in the show, we hear from Eímear Noone, a conductor who has brought 8-bit video game music to the symphony. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 05, 2020
WIRED 25: Sarah Friar, Nextdoor CEO
In another special episode of Get WIRED, join WIRED 25 as host Lauren Goode sits down with Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar to talk about the hyperlocal platform. They discuss human vs. AI content moderation, how Nextdoor is measuring its efforts to prevent racial profiling, and the importance of knowing at least six neighbors. You can watch past interviews and join the remaining WIRED 25 virtual events at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 28, 2020
WIRED 25: Nia DaCosta
In this special episode of Get WIRED, join this year’s WIRED 25 conference as we sit down with filmmaker Nia DaCosta, one of the WIRED 25 innovators who are shaping culture and using technology to lead society through this period of global uncertainty. In 2020, the horror of a global pandemic, natural disasters, and police brutality are as tangible as the grip of a boogeyman. That doesn’t mean fictional dread no longer has its place. For Nia DaCosta, the director behind the upcoming remake of the 1992 horror classic Candyman, it is as relevant and crucial as ever. DaCosta’s breakout debut, Little Woods, was a Western thriller. Now, she turns to the horror genre for the Candyman remake produced by Jordan Peele and written alongside Peele. DaCosta speaks with WIRED senior writer Jason Parham about her upcoming film, Candyman (now delayed to 2021), the horror genre, and how the pandemic will change the future of the movie industry.  Find out how you can join the remaining WIRED 25 virtual events at See the trailer for Candyman here and tune in next week, September 21st, for Get WIRED Host Lauren Goode’s interview with Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 21, 2020
Introducing In Vogue: The 1990s
The 90s were an iconic decade for technology and society – it set up the foundation for how tech has become so ingrained into our current lives. We're excited to share with Get WIRED listeners a new podcast from Vogue that looks the decade, this time through the lens of fashion. The story of a pivotal decade, In VOGUE: The 1990s is a new audio docuseries that revisits the pivotal moments in 90’s culture; from slip dresses with army boots to colorful tracksuits and minimal pantsuits, Vogue experts and star guests highlight the stories in fashion history that reflected this new era of connectivity.  Presented by Anna Wintour and hosted by Hamish Bowles, this fashion podcast examines how the 90s sparked a cultural fusion that continues to shape our world today — and why no one is exempt from fashion. Listen to In Vogue: The 1990s Check out the first episode featuring Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Claudia Schiffer, and more here: Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Or wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on new episodes, releasing every Thursday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 17, 2020
Voting Machines Suck. These Texans Might Have the Answer
In this week’s episode of Get WIRED, host Lauren Goode and reporter Ben Wofford tell the story of an election clerk and computer scientist who spent years at odds with each other over election security, until finally taking up arms to tackle the problem together. The problem? Too much power in the hands of a few private companies. We trace their tough journey to develop and build technology that could change the future of voting.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 14, 2020
Coronavirus and the Future of School
This Fall, back to school is unlike anything we've ever experienced. Due to COVID-19, some school districts in the US are going entirely remote, while others are trying hybrid learning. Parents suddenly had to change plans. Teachers are watching the pandemic exacerbate the digital divide. And little kids who really hate Zoom now have to do it all day long. In this episode of Get WIRED, host Lauren Goode talks to Adrienne So, WIRED Senior Writer, about the chaos of raising her kids and figuring out her daughter’s first day of kindergarten amid the pandemic. Later, Education Technology Specialist Regina Schaffer tells us what her district is doing to address the digital divide and discuss the future of our schools. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 08, 2020
Gadget Lab: Alexa, Play My Alibi
We're sharing the latest episode of our sister podcast, Gadget Lab. And we need your help! For our upcoming Back to School episode of Get WIRED, please call 415-534-9498 and leave us a voicemail about the challenges you're facing, and tricks you've learned for dealing with school and kids during the coronavirus pandemic. As smart speakers for the home continue to grow in popularity, police departments have started to take notice. Now, whenever attorneys and law enforcement officials are investigating a crime, they can put your virtual assistant in the hot seat. They can cross-reference a variety of information from smart devices, including location data, audio recordings, and biometric data. Together, it can paint a picture of where a suspect was and when, often far more reliably than any human witness. This week on Gadget Lab, WIRED senior writer Sidney Fussell joins us to talk about the strange murder case where a smart speaker became the star witness. We also share tips about how to manage the privacy settings in your own smart tech. Warning: This episode features a brief conversation about domestic violence and assault. Show Notes:  Read Sidney’s story about law enforcement collecting information from smart speakers here. Find more episodes of the Get WIRED podcast here. Recommendations:  Sidney recommends the show I May Destroy You on HBO. Lauren recommends Vanity Fair’s September issue, with a cover story about Breonna Taylor. Mike recommends the episode of the podcast Questlove Supreme with Bootsy Collins. Sidney Fussell can be found on Twitter @SidneyFussell. Lauren Goode is @LaurenGoode. Michael Calore is @snackfight. Bling the main hotline at @GadgetLab. The show is produced by Boone Ashworth (@booneashworth). Our executive producer is Alex Kapelman (@alexkapelman). Our theme music is by Solar Keys.
Aug 31, 2020
Animal Activists, Part 2: Ventilation Shutdown
Last week, we took you inside a factory farm with the co-founder of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), a group the meat industry says is one of the “most dangerous animal rights groups out there.” In this episode, WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg joins us for another chapter in the story of slaughterhouse break-ins. This one unfolded alongside the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an example of how everyday tech is being used for surveillance of typically secretive operations—in this case, a massive pig farm that is killing its pigs in a morally questionable way. 
Aug 24, 2020
Animal Activists, Part 1: The Slaughterhouse
Who is an animal activist? What do they do? Described as “the most dangerous animal rights organization out there,” Direct Action Everywhere (or DxE) hopes to expose the controversial practices of the factory farm industry. A self-described “global grassroots network of animal rights activists,” DxE engages in non-violent forms of protest as a way of both educating the public and pushing reform. WIRED Senior Writer Andy Greenberg learned more about the people who make up this network of activists and their operations. In Part I of this two part story, we talk to Wayne Hsuing, co-founder and activist of DxE, as he describes the groups’ origin and his involvement in Operation Deathstar -- a sting operation (with a full Virtual Reality camera rig), in hope of bringing awareness to the practices of industrialized farming.
Aug 17, 2020
Bill Gates on Covid-19, TikTok, and Antitrust
On this special episode of Get WIRED, WIRED’s Editor-at-large, Steven Levy talks with Bill Gates— philanthropist and co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. At the start of the pandemic, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation pledged more than $1 billion to vaccine development, and $100 million of that is specifically for Covid-19 vaccines. Meanwhile, he’s also become the target of conspiracy theories related to the coronavirus. They discuss everything from the US response to the pandemic, to a timeline when things might go back to “normal.” They also cover the recent Big Tech antitrust hearings, and of course, they talk about TikTok!
Aug 10, 2020
Virtual (Being) Insanity
On the latest episode of the Get WIRED podcast, we attend a Virtual Beings Summit and contemplate what it means to be human. WIRED staff writer Emma Grey Ellis reports on how virtual beings are taking over our timelines—sometimes, without our even noticing.
Aug 03, 2020
The Racist History of Surveillance Tech
Facial recognition tech has been critiqued for being inaccurate for a while now. But its problems became pretty clear last month, when the New York Times reported a story about a Black man named Robert Williams who was identified incorrectly as a suspect in a crime. In this episode, WIRED Senior Staff Writer Sidney Fussell, who covers surveillance technology, traces racialized surveillance tech to its origins, as far back as slavery and early prison designs. He draws parallels between the intentional, all-seeing design of the panopticon and the omni-present cameras that surround us today — and explains how these kinds of systems become so flawed in the first place. 
Jul 27, 2020
Citizen and the Bizarre World of Live-Streamed Crime
The idea behind the Citizen app is that its users upload videos of the things that are going on in the neighborhood in real time — anything from as a gas leak to something potentially a lot more violent. It's an app built on the premise that the more information a community has the better off it is, but it also comes with all of the trappings and problems of a lot of community surveillance — the app has some toxic comments, it can lead to racial profiling, and it has sparked a lot of discussion about who’s benefitting most from all of these neighborhood alerts — the users, law enforcement, or Citizen itself. WIRED's Boone Ashworth has spent months on the Citizen app, trying to better understand exactly what its mission is, and what this kind of hyper-vigilance does to our psyches. But he's also been talking to people who are on the app, who rush to the scene to capture what’s going on in their neighborhoods; and he found one who is particularly interesting, and who agreed to take us behind the scenes.
Jul 20, 2020
Teaser: "Citizen and the Bizarre World of Live-Streamed Crime"
From our first episode "Citizen and the Bizarre World of Live-Streamed Crime", WIRED's Boone Ashworth introduces us to a surprising superuser of this neighborhood watch app.
Jul 16, 2020
Introducing Get WIRED
This is the trailer for Get WIRED. Subscribe to get new episodes every Monday @ 6AM. Introducing Get WIRED: the must-listen-to tech podcast that sets the agenda for the week. Hosted by WIRED Senior Writer Lauren Goode, our brand new podcast launches on July 20th. Subscribe to get episodes right when they drop at 6 am EST.
Jul 12, 2020
Jun 04, 2020