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Welcome to Crying in Public, just another weekly podcast hosted by four 20-something, college women living in NYC. Follow along while they dive into growing up in a time where there’s no distinction between what’s public and what’s private. Even though we’re encouraged to put ONLY our best self forward on social media, these ladies dare to be open as young women navigating the 21st century. As we love to say: sh*t happens, so cry about it.

Episode Date
Just Another Holiday Bonus: Dealing with Burn-Out
While it’s been two months exactly since the girls last posted a full length episode due to preparation for their second season, they couldn’t stay away from you all for too long! This week the girls discuss something we’ve all come to know too well these last couple of months: feeling burnt out. The stress we’ve all been feeling due to the pandemic and the subsequent isolation, the reality of our college and workforce experiences being dramatically altered, and the loss of those close to us has affected everything from our mental health, friendships, relationships, to our general well-being. The girls are here to cheer you up with an episode about how they’ve been dealing with the isolation, as well as their coping methods in dealing with burn-out. Listen along for all the silliness, laughter, and all around ridiculousness the girls have missed posting. They also *finally* announce the news they’ve been teasing for way too long and a few life updates! Follow our instagram for more updates and content: @cryinginpublicpodcast Youtube: Crying in Public
Dec 10, 2020
Just Another Season Finale
Episode 19: In the season one finale of Crying in Public, the girls conclude their first set of episodes by aiming to discuss the very thing that brought them together: friendship. In the same style as their original wine nights, the girls brought questions about what they look for in friends, how their roles in their friendships and relationships differ, how to meet friends in college, and more. In the true fashion of Crying in Public, the girls end up answering the questions for all of ten minutes and then roasting each other for the remaining hour of the episode. Celebrate with us as we wrap up our first season together! Laters, baby. Instagram: @cryinginpublicpodcast Youtube: Crying in Public
Oct 08, 2020
Mini Episode: Just Another Re-Introduction
Welcome to the first official mini episode of Crying In Public! For those of you who aren’t familiar with us, we are five 20-something college students in New York City with a podcast about all of our crazy experiences, as well as discussions on a variety of topics that affect our generation. As we wrap up Season 1 of our podcast, which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, or wherever you get your podcasts, we are excited to announce that we are bringing you all weekly vlogs and mini episodes on our YouTube so you all can get to know us better! Today we are re-introducing ourselves so our listeners can finally match our names to our faces and to our voices. Learn a little bit more about all of us and watch along as we play one of our favorite card games that helped us grow closer, Girl’s Night. Tune in next week for another episode and follow our socials to learn more about us and click the link below to watch this episode on YouTube! Link to Youtube:
Oct 04, 2020
Just Another Reason Why You Aren't Dating Them Yet
Episode 18: Everyone knows the ladies of Crying in Public love to psychoanalyze the male race on a daily basis in an attempt to figure out what in the world is going on in their minds and why they all act like they do. For the first time we have come to a conclusion: women are generally socialized to aspire to marriage, while men are socialized to aspire to live the “bachelor” life. This comes to light when the not-so-fun conversation of “intentions” comes up after a few weeks or months of seeing someone. On this week’s episode, each host discusses how her upbringing and experience with relationships in the past affects their various views of love and dating, and explore questions they’ve been considering in their personal love lives over the past few months. Why is our generation so afraid of commitment? Is there really such a thing as the time “being right”? Listen along as we attempt to find a semblance of a solution to the relationship issues affecting our generation. This episode is sponsored by our new favorite app: Zest Date. This new app matches users based on shared interests and passions, rather than looks, to give pairs a shot at a genuine connection, and a chance to spark up their love life. To be the first users of the app and sign up for email updates, visit their website at or their Instagram @zestdate.
Oct 01, 2020
Just Another Fetish: Dating Edition
Episode 17: In this week’s equally fun AND deep episode, the girls discuss a number of topics related to the idea of types and fetishes when it comes to relationships. They first take turns discussing (hm, roasting) eachother’s perceived types based on their exes and hookup history, and how they think they came to be attracted to that type of person. They then discuss how they feel being a type, especially as a minority in a time when racial and cultural tensions are high. They end the episode with a long, fruitful discussion about their experiences being in interracial relationships: the benefits, the downfalls, and the lessons learned. Listen along as we expose ourselves to the tenth degree, while having some surprisingly constructive conversations along the way.
Sep 24, 2020
Just Another Good Guy *GASP*: Featuring Finn Kreidler
Episode 16: This week’s episode is full of firsts for Crying in Public. It’s the first episode recorded with the girls all back in New York City together. It’s the first episode with a male guest (I know, they’re shocked too). Last, but certainly not least, they have their first advice corner with questions submitted from fans. They discuss everything from how to approach taking a break in a relationship, what it means when “the time isn’t right,” to how to know if a guy is into you. With their good friend and certified Good Guy™,” Finn Kreidler, guest starring on the show, they finally get to pick apart the male brain and ask the questions we’ve all been dying to know the answer to. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show, because this episode is a goodie.
Sep 17, 2020
Just Another Type of Girl You'll Meet in NYC
Episode 15: In continuation of one of their first episodes, this week the girls describe the seven types of girls that you’re bound to meet while living in and visiting New York City. From the girls who think they’re living in an episode of Gossip Girl, to the girls who look like they were pulled from a Fleetwood Mac poster from the 70s, you’re bound to find a type that you identify with at some level. Laugh along while they dissect each other's personalities and figure out what type of “NYC girl” each of them are.
Sep 10, 2020
Just Another "Influencer"
Episode 14: In a society consumed with and driven by social media and influencer culture, have you ever stopped to think “What even is an influencer?” In this episode, they do absolutely nothing to answer this question or offer any beneficial advice regarding the topic. However, they do breakdown both the positives and negatives of living within an influencer society, and the effect that the toxicity has on them. Beyond discussing their definition of what an influencer is, they dive deeper into the lack of representation in social media, the glorification of surgery/unnatural beauty standards, the delight and danger of FaceTune, that weird accent that all girls with lip fillers have, and our confusion as to why certain people are famous in the first place (we’re looking at you, Tik Tok).
Sep 03, 2020
Just Another X-Rated Alice in Wonderland Party
Episode 13: In this week’s juicy, scandalous episode, the girls discuss and rank the five types of parties you’re bound to come across while being young and in New York. From frat parties to kickbacks to art kid parties (complete with Alice in Wonderland porn projected on the walls), you’re always in for an interesting night in the city. They also finally answer the question they get the most from friends and fans alike: what are the fraternities at NYU like? Here come the nitty, gritty details about every fraternity on campus, complete with nicknames and all. From overnight raves ending in concussions to Halloween at the Playboy Mansion, listen along to hear our craziest partying stories from our years in NYC.
Aug 27, 2020
Just Another First Move: Sex Edition
Episode 12: In part 2 of our First Move series, the girls finally get to discuss their favorite topic: sex. Welcome to Sex Education 101 with Crying in Public, and all the tips, tricks, and warnings they wish they knew before entering college. From how to transfer bases (why do people compare sex to baseball?) and their go-to moves to let their partner know they are ready to bump things to the next level. From breaking down the stigma around women speaking out about sex or being empowered by what they do, or don’t do, with their bodies, to discussing their horror stories with sex education in high school, they have their raunchiest, yet most informative episode to date. Grab a seat and take notes, because class is in session.
Aug 20, 2020
Just Another Rerun: Featuring Audrey Trullinger
Episode 11: This week, Crying in Public has its very first special guest, influencer, social media aficionado and Tik Tok star, Audrey Trullinger. Before they dive into the topic of the week, they discuss how Audrey became big on social media, how to become viral in 2020, how to deal with haters, and how to weed out fake friends. After some introductions, we dive into the lovely topic of meeting up with, or rather hooking up with, your exes. Should you do it? Is it ever beneficial to? How do you do it the ‘right’ way? Listen as the girls recount their rendezvous with their ex-boos in an attempt to answer these questions.
Aug 13, 2020
Just Another First Move: Dating Edition
Episode 10: Ever wonder how to approach that cutie in your 8am math class or how to strike up a conversation with the hottie at the bar? Tired of waiting for them to finally notice you? Well ladies, it’s 2020 and it’s time to redefine outdated gender roles and take matters into our own hands. Look no further, because this week the girls dive into the many foolproof ways in which you can make the first move and finally land a date with the one you’ve had your eye on. And don’t worry, they didn’t leave you out fellas—listen for a comprehensive list of what NOT to do or say, if you actually want to increase the odds of getting them to take a chance on you.
Aug 06, 2020
Just Another Turn-Off
Episode 9: You know that feeling when you’re really into someone, then they do something so small that completely changes your interest in them? Lo and behold, this week the girls discuss their biggest turn-offs when it comes to dating apps, hooking up, and relationships. From guys posting pictures with their exes on their Tinder profiles, to being older than 25 and still using Axe as a 'cologne', to being obsessed with your friends, the girls discuss all the very little (and very big) things their past flings have done to make them axe the relationship. Dear male listeners, you may want to pay close attention to this one, and take some notes.
Jul 30, 2020
Just Another Hometown Hookup
Episode 8: As the girls finally head back to the City after a very, very, long tenure apart in their hometowns due to the pandemic, the girls reflect on how their sex lives changed while being home, and how it highlighted the big differences between hookup culture in high school or their hometown versus in college. They discuss everything from slut shaming, to changing standards, to how the kind of high-school you went to definitely dictated the kind of hoe you will be in college. Because hookup culture is so prevalent in our generation, especially in NYC, the girls dish out their best advice as to how to navigate it (the best that one can). Most importantly, they finally tackle the most important piece of advice they can give: never, (and they mean never), hook up with a “Vineyard Vines and Sperrys” type of boy.
Jul 23, 2020
Just Another Girl Code Rule Book
Episode 7: This week, the girls get down to business and finally discuss the unwritten commandments every girl group is ruled by: girl code. From discussing the way you should behave around girls you don’t know, to being a home-wrecker, to the rules of Plan B, and ditching your friends in a bar, no topic goes untouched in this episode. Listen to find out the big DOs and DONTs of female friendships while hearing some hilarious anecdotal stories along the way.
Jul 16, 2020
Just Another Big, Shiny Red Flag
Episode 6: In this week’s short (but not so sweet) episode, the girls of Crying In Public discuss what they’ve learned in their PHD studies on dating walking Red Flags (kidding!). The girls take their dating horror stories of the past and create a comprehensive list of warning sides that you should look out for in relationships or when talking to a new significant other. From telling whether or not they are emotionally unavailable, or if they're outright embarrassed of you, these are indications that you need to keep an eye out for toxic behaviors in order to protect you and your feelings. While we may be experts in identifying red flags, doing something about them is a whole other ball park. As we like to say: red IS our favorite color... --- Support this podcast:
Jul 09, 2020
Just Another Reason to Vote
Episode 5: Just in time for the Fourth of July, the girls dedicate this episode to explaining the hottest thing a potential significant other can They go into detail about not only the importance of voting and becoming involved in political discourse, but also how attractive it is for your boo to care about what’s happening in the country too (whew!). They outline ways and resources to get involved, get educated, and get registered to vote in your respective city and state. Along with debating the divisiveness of politics today, they describe their personal annoyances with social media’s role in political discourse within our generation. Last but not least, they give advice for international students in the US as to how they can get involved in politics despite not being able to vote, and why they should. Remember: go register to vote, and then vote!
Jul 02, 2020
Just Another Unrealistic NYC Expectation
Episode 4: In this week’s episode, the girls discuss their (unrealistic) expectations, versus the realities, when first moving to New York based off of what they saw in TV shows (we are looking at you Sex and The City and Gossip Girl), rom-com movies, and music. Like how is Dan Humphrey the “poor” character in Gossip Girl, but has a 2 million dollar loft in Williamsburg? Why aren’t these girls dating a hotel tycoon yet or regularly vacationing in the Hamptons? They discuss their favorite, and not-so-favorite, parts of NYC that make New York, New York in this rather complicated love letter to the City. From their favorite celebrity-run in stories, to their first time seeing rats, the girls of Crying in Public paint the bare picture of what it’s actually like to live in New York City in the 21st century.
Jun 25, 2020
Just Another Ex
Episode 3: We all know that getting over an ex can be one of the most draining and difficult processes a girl can go through, but throw in Tinder, social media, Snapchat scores, and a quarantine, and you have the recipe for a perfect storm. Today the girls outline the five-step program they created to help you get over an old fling (or at least attempt to). Is this program full-proof? Are they really qualified to be giving advice on getting over exes? Absolutely not, but they're going to do it anyway.
Jun 18, 2020
Just Another Guy You're Bound to Meet in NYC
Episode 2: In their favorite episode to date, the girls of Crying in Public set out to finally dispel the rumors that Hollywood has perpetuated for so long: finding love in New York City is NOT easy. However, despite this, there’s no place to date like the City. To help out, the girls outline four types of guys you are bound to meet in NYC (and especially at NYU). Through stories of their embarrassing encounters and cringe-worthy hookup stories, they devise their crash course on stereotypical NYC boys. But no need to worries ladies, we are not here to get your hopes up or create unattainable standards, because while there are many types of guys here, they’re all the absolute worst.
Jun 10, 2020
Just Another Public Breakdown
Episode 1: Welcome to the inaugural episode of Crying In Public, the podcast that literally no one asked for. In this episode, the girls discuss how they met, how the idea of Crying In Public came to be, and the process of getting the podcast off of the ground. They then thought it would only be fitting to recount their favorite public breakdowns over the years that led to them actually crying in public. As the episode says: You aren’t a true New Yorker until you’ve found yourself crying on the street (it’s really a rite of passage).
Jun 10, 2020
Just Another Difficult (But Necessary) Conversation
As recent acts of police brutality, including the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, spark protests and movements nationwide, social media has become a breeding ground for new forms of activism by helping to spread information and create accountability. While this is a great first step, Crying In Public dedicates their inaugural episode to discuss ways in which we can educate one another, create constructive and difficult conversations with friends of different races, and enact change beyond our phone screens. As a racially diverse group of women, they discuss how their upbringings affected their respective views on racism and privilege, and what steps they are taking to actively better themselves in the wake of recent events. To take action or find ways to do your part, please check the resources available here:
Jun 04, 2020