FAMILIES THAT STICK TOGATHER™ | Intentional Family Time, Faith-Filled Family, Balance the Busy, Mealtime Questions

By Jennifer Zumbiel -- Family Connection Coach, Present and Intentional Mom Mentor, Mealtime Conversation Starter, Togather Moments Owner

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Category: Parenting

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Are there days you feel so overwhelmed and tired because of all the busy? Do you wish you just had more time to have intentional conversations and quality time? Do you just want to know you have friends raising their family the same way? In this podcast, you will find Simple ways to create intentional moments And continue laying your foundation of strong faith and family. You will feel like YOU win and not the overwhelm. My mission is to come alongside you To keep your family -and mine- Strong and Christ-centered. We will do it together sharing the same family vision to have Tools for meaningful communication Faith for today’s world Balance in the day to day A Strong foundation of values And a Circle of Support If you’re ready to feel like you DO have enough time to build all the values that you constantly pray your family will stand on, Then let us cheer you on. I’m Jennifer. Wife to my high school sweetheart, Mom of four, Daughter of the King, and lover of every Kentucky sunset sky. Years ago, when our oldest was 8, we saw that we were about to head down your same road. The one of overwhelm from work-home balance, busy kids’ activities, and not enough time. Also, like you, we had a clear vision of how we want to raise the family God entrusted to us. And we wanted no regrets. We figured out a way to keep our family strong in our faith Make family time a priority And create deep connection through solid communication. Even among all the busy. The answer is to gather MOMENTS (In the time we already have.) And we want to have your back on this journey. We want to watch you thrive in your values and faith in a world that many times wants to tell us otherwise. If you’re ready for time to slow down Intentional moments to overflow And all of this to feel easy in your real life Then come along friend, Let’s grow. Connect >> togathermoments.com

Episode Date
209 \\ Togather Armor: Keep Speaking Those Words To Your Children, No Matter How Small. The Fruits Are Growing
Jun 22, 2023
208 \\ When Was the Last Time You Called Your Child Helpful, Sweet, Thoughtful? Could They Just Need These 3 Things?
Jun 20, 2023
207 \\ Togather Armor: Do You Listen to UNDERSTAND Or Listen to REPLY?
Jun 16, 2023
206 \\ Guarding the Hearts, Minds, & Innocence of Our Children Against Technology. Consistency and Persistence. With CHRIS McKENNA, Protect Young Eyes Founder
Jun 13, 2023
205 \\ Togather Armor: Would You Do This With Screens This Summer To Give Your Child More CHILDHOOD?
Jun 08, 2023
204 \\ Sick of the Worldly Values You Hear So Loudly? 3 Ways to Fight For Your Family Values At Home
Jun 07, 2023
203 \\ Togather Armor: Marriage: Fight FOR and Commit TO This Value In Our Family When The World Says Something Else
Jun 01, 2023
202 \\ What’s Your Family Plan To Take it All In WITHOUT Feeling Crazy? 4 Things to Slow Down and Focus on What Matters Without the Pressure
May 30, 2023
201 \\ Who or What Will Build Your Child’s Foundation? How To Give YOUR Child Worth, Confidence, & Purpose. With NELLIE HARDEN, Author
May 26, 2023
200 // 200th FUN Episode with My Husband Matt and A Bunch of Togather Sticker Questions
May 17, 2023
199 // Want to Help Your Child Pursue and Strengthen the Positive Values You Already See in Them? Try This 6 Step Conversation Hack
May 11, 2023
198 \\ Togather Armor: The Exact Thing Your Day Needs To Not Feel Slave to Your Schedule and Free Up Time For Quality Time
May 04, 2023
197 \\ Building Strong and Positive Sibling Relationships in our Children. 4 Steps to Strengthen This Family Value
May 03, 2023
196 \\ Togather Armor: Quick Teachable Moments for Our Children to Speak Words That Matter and Create Positive Thoughts
Apr 27, 2023
195 \\ Ever Mess Up As a Parent? Permission to Start Over Guilt Free With These 4 EASY Steps So You Can REAP the Family Harvest You Want
Apr 25, 2023
194 \\ Togather Armor: Do This to Easily Help Your Child Understand Vice or Virtue Grows From Decisions and Their Consequences
Apr 20, 2023
193 \\ Don’t Panic About Summer! Tips to Feel Ready for the Shift in Organization, Routines, Laundry, & More WITH LAUREN WHITE, Intentional Edit Podcast Host
Apr 18, 2023
192 \\ Tired of One Word Answers? 4 Questions to Get Your Child to Open Up Without Ever Asking a Question
Mar 28, 2023
191 \\ Togather Armor: When Did You Last Check How Your Family Values Are Growing? 3 Steps to Check the Soil
Mar 24, 2023
190 \\ 3 Distractions In Our Homes That Are Keeping You From Connecting (and It’s Not the Phone Screen)
Mar 21, 2023
189 \\ Togather Armor: The Power of Family Connection Through Written Words. A Special Way to Leave a Love Note!
Mar 16, 2023
188 \\ Boundaries, Purpose, & Contentment in Motherhood and What’s Actually Stopping You From These. With RACHEL NORMAN, Author & Parenting Coach
Mar 14, 2023
187 \\ Togather Armor: Are We Teaching Our Children Enough About the Virtues of Self Denial and Personal Sacrifice? Make it Easy to Talk About Today With This Question
Mar 09, 2023
186 \\ 3 Conversations Every Parent Should Have With Your Child Today That Our Parents NEVER Had to Have With Us. (Did you think of #1?)
Mar 07, 2023
185 \\Togather Armor: Try this Easy Daily Gratitude Practice & Point Your Family to Jesus’ Goodness and Who You Want Your Children To Become
Mar 02, 2023
184 \\ Mom of 10 Shares Secrets to a Home with Peace, Systems, Chores, and EVEN Self-Care. How it Can Work for You, Too With LAURA HERNANDEZ, Mama Systems
Feb 28, 2023
183 \\ Togather Armor: Let Go and Let God. What If You Surrender One Small Part of the Mom Chaos Today? Encouragement for your Family
Feb 23, 2023
182 \\ Our Greatest Mission Field is Our Home. Living in Faith This Lent When the World Says Fear With JESS CAREY, Author Chart A Course
Feb 21, 2023
181 \\ Togather Armor: One Quote That Will Encourage You Even In Hard Seasons to Stay Committed to Reaching Your Personal & Family Goals
Feb 16, 2023
180 \\ Struggling to Make Family Mealtime Happen? 3 SIMPLE Things That Will Make Your Crew WANT to Come & Sit Together Longer
Feb 14, 2023
179 \\ Togather Armor: A Simple Way to Show Kindness to Our Family When We’re Exhausted and Don’t Have Time
Feb 09, 2023
178 \\ I Assume My Kids Know What We Stand For But Do They? 3 Questions to Ask Your Child to Help Them Know Their Values
Feb 07, 2023
177 \\ Togather Armor: How NOT to Worry So Much About Raising Your Family in This World Culture. Stand for Your Values By Slaying THIS First
Jan 12, 2023
176 \\ Ever Feel Guilty About How The Day Went With Your Family? Try One of These 5 Things To Feel Closer To Your Child Even On Your Busiest Day
Jan 10, 2023
175 \\ It’s OK to Feel TIRED and Not Motivated This New Year. Let’s Get Unstuck TOGETHER and Move Forward For Our Family. We Got This!!
Jan 05, 2023
Day 15 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ Too Many Families Sit in a Comfort Zone Keeping Faith and Strength From Growing. One Question to Ask Yourself This Christmas
Dec 23, 2022
Day 14 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ The Holy Family’s Example, One Easy Family Activity, and Teaching the Virtue of Sacrifice This Advent
Dec 22, 2022
Day 13 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ Have You Given One of These Meaningful Gifts Lately? It’s FREE, Thoughtful, and Could Make A Difference
Dec 21, 2022
Day 12 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ More Family Moments of Faith & Jesus This Last Week of Advent With This Easy Hack. (Inspired by the Shepherds and Angels!)
Dec 20, 2022
Day 11 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\3 Conversation Prompts to Encourage Humility in Your Family & Stop the Temptation of Selfishness
Dec 19, 2022
Day 10 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ 1 Trick to Show Up & Be More Present When You’re Exhausted and Tired. A Small Mindset Shift for Small Family Chores & Moments
Dec 16, 2022
Day 9 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\STOP! Take Time to Evaluate What Activities Your Family Spends Time On. Could God Be Calling You To GO Here More?
Dec 15, 2022
Day 8 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ Choosing This In Your Day Will Instantly Help Build More Patience &.Self Control. Hint: It’s (Sort Of) EASY
Dec 14, 2022
Day 7 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\The Places in Your Day Already Available to Build Family Teamwork Stronger + Mary and Joseph Teach Us About Sorrow & Joy
Dec 13, 2022
Day 6 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ 1 Schedule Challenge to Capture More Power from Family Dinner Time Even If It Feels Impossible
Dec 12, 2022
Day 5 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ Joseph & 1 Conversation Prompt Let YOU Teach Your Children About Being BRAVE, NOT the World. Keep a Strong Faith Foundation
Dec 09, 2022
Day 4 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ When NO is Easier But Your Family Deserves Your YES. Using Mary’s Fiat to Serve Your Family In the Virtues of Humility & Sacrifice
Dec 08, 2022
Day 3 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ Is It Easy to Raise Children Who Are Good Leaders & Make Good Decisions? 1 Sweet Way to Encourage Them
Dec 07, 2022
Dec 06, 2022
Day 1 ADVENT FAMILY CONNECTION CHALLENGE \\ Easy Lesson for Our Children to Be Less Consumed By Materialism This Christmas
Dec 05, 2022
174 \\ Beat the December Chaos, Tell the Elf You’re Keeping CHRIST in Christmas, and MULTIPLY Holy Moments with THIS FREE FAMILY Challenge
Dec 02, 2022
173 \\ Togather Armor:1 Forgotten Daily Habit To Raise Families Strong in the Virtue of GRATITUDE and Help Train Our Children in the Faith
Nov 24, 2022
172 \\ 5 EASY Hacks Every Busy Family Needs in Their Home for Instant Connection and Stronger Communication
Nov 22, 2022
171 \\ Togather Armor: 1 Accountability Hack To Put YOU In Charge of Teaching Your Children Positive Values NOT The World
Nov 17, 2022
170 \\ 3 Lies About What Your Home Design SHOULD Look Like. Love the House You’re In & SERVE Your Family & What You STAND FOR. With PAIGE RIEN, Author and HGTV Designer
Nov 15, 2022
169 \\ Togather Armor: Crush the Negative Thoughts With This SIMPLE Perspective Change! Teach Your Children to Have This Positive Growth Mindset Every Day. With Special Guest, My Daughter
Nov 10, 2022
168 \\ Want Change in This Crazy World? Ignore the Politics. Do it Yourself with This ONE Thing for YOUR FAMILY So YOU Have Control of Your Children’s Influence
Nov 08, 2022
167 \\ Togather™ Armor: Text This To a Friend the Next Time You Need Help Discerning. Plus An Easy Way to HELP OUR CHILDREN Make Good Decisions, too.
Nov 03, 2022
166 \\ Being MOM Doesn’t Mean You HAVE to Be Tired. 4 Ways To INCREASE Energy & Feel More Alive TODAY. With LORI AIKMAN, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner
Nov 01, 2022
165 \\ Togather Armor: HOPE When We Feel Knocked Down By Daily Life Frustrations. ONE Verse to Encourage Yourself and to Support a Friend
Oct 27, 2022
164 // Trade Your Overwhelming December For Meaningful Family Time and No Last Minute Gifts This Year. 4 Steps to Stress Free Christmas Shopping BEFORE the Holidays
Oct 25, 2022
163 \\ Togather Armor: Fed Up With the Cultural LIES Forced On Our Children?? ONE SIMPLE Thing All Parents Can Do Daily to Combat the Noisy World, and Keep Them Grounded in a Solid Faith.
Oct 20, 2022
162 \\ Why Do We Not Do What We Know We Need To? How to Stop the Negative Self Talk, Increase Confidence, and Build the Life You Dream Of. With LINDSEY HOUSE
Oct 18, 2022
161 // Togather Armor: Ever Find It Hard To Accept Someone Else’s Kindness or Gift? A Simple Way to Teach Ourselves and Our Children To Feel Deserving and More Grateful
Oct 13, 2022
160 \\ Let Them Wet Their Pants. The Benefits of More Laughter in Our Home is Not Just Closer Family & Joy Filled Family Time. 8 Real Ways Humor Grows Your Family
Oct 11, 2022
159 \\ Togather Armor: Overwhelmed You Can’t Keep Up? Focus on This ONE Value to Stay Positive and Increase Your Self Confidence
Oct 06, 2022
158 // Stop the Stressful Parenting Situations and Become More CALM and PATIENT. 1 SIMPLE Perspective Change From Conscious Parenting Coach ASHLEY SELING
Oct 04, 2022
157 \\ Togather Armor: Too Bogged Down & Afraid of Missed Moments? 1 Trick To Help You Turn Your Smallest Moments Into Special Family Connection & Less Distractions
Sep 29, 2022
156 \\ 3 Simple Things You Need to STOP Doing Today Because It’s Keeping You From QUALITY FAMILY TIME
Sep 27, 2022
155 \\ Togather Armor: Want Your Children To Open Up With Big Things Later? Guard THIS INFLUENCE in Your Family NOW!
Sep 22, 2022
154 \\ Just Need to Know Your Children WiIl Be Respectful & GOOD? Develop LEADERSHIP through ETIQUETTE & Kindness. With AMY RAINER, Etiquette With Amy
Sep 20, 2022
153 \\ Togather Armor: Ever Feel Exhausted and Want to Give Up on Your Goals? Words To Help You AND Your Kids Stay Resilient. We Got This!!
Sep 15, 2022
152 \\ Try These 10 EASY Things After School For Less Stress and Mess and More Connection & Intention
Sep 13, 2022
151 \\ Togather Armor: Worried If Your Child Will Stand Up For What Is Right? Empower Them to Be Confident In Their Values With These Words
Sep 08, 2022
150 \\ Too Many School Papers and Mail?? SIMPLE Paper Clutter Solutions for Families Revealed! With LAUREN WHITE, The Intentional Edit Podcast Host
Sep 06, 2022
149 \\ Togather Armor: Want Your Child To Always Feel Encouraged and Have Confidence? Do THIS ONE THING to Equip Them and WatchThem Soar!
Sep 01, 2022
148 \\ 3 Conversation Topics We Should Repeat Over and Over With Our Children At Any Age. Safety, Good Decision Making and Good Friends
Aug 30, 2022
147 \\ Togather Armor: Do You Have Space in Your Day to LISTEN to God? Encouragement for the BUSY MOM to Make it Happen and Bring Even More Strength To Your Family
Aug 25, 2022
146 \\ Want Your Child To BE a Good Friend and HAVE Good Friends? 3 Quotes to Create Conversation About Friendship With Your Toddler To Teen!
Aug 23, 2022
145 \\ Togather Armor: Your New Favorite Way to Pray for Your Children and Spouse! Commit to This ONE Short DAILY Prayer and Guard Your Family
Aug 18, 2022
144 \\ 3 WARNING SIGNS Your Child May Struggle With Anxiety or Self-Esteem + Overcoming Negative Beliefs. PART 2 With ABBY SCHABER, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Aug 16, 2022
143 \\ Togather Armor: Feeling Overwhelmed By the Back To School Schedule? Do This ONE Thing NOW and Create MORE Quality Family Time Even On Your Busiest Days
Aug 11, 2022
142 \\ Boundaries Every Parent Needs To Know In a World of Increased Depression & Anxiety Among Teens. PART 1 With ABBY SCHABER, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Aug 09, 2022
141 \\ Togather Armor: Does Your Child Ever Give Just a One Word Answer? Help Your Tween or Teen OPEN UP and Share More With This ONE Communication Secret!
Aug 04, 2022
140 \\ Our Real Marriage Conversation UNEDITED. Live From Our Nashville Road Trip! Here’s How We Answer Togather for Date Night Stickers! With MATT & JENNIFER ZUMBIEL
Aug 02, 2022
139 \\ Togather Armor: Three Simple Ways To Keep Your Family at the Dinner Table LONGER. Sit Together, Connect, and Make Quality Family Time More Special
Jul 28, 2022
138 \\ One More Summer With Our Kids Is Almost Gone. Say NO to these 3 things & AVOID REGRET Over Missed Moments for Connection
Jul 26, 2022
137 \\ Togather Armor: Would You Try THIS to Make Your Home More Peaceful? Step Away From Daily Little Moments of Stress & Make Connection EASY
Jul 21, 2022
136 \\ 5 Ways To STOP Mom Guilt! Boundaries, Priorities, & Showing Up to Savor the Rest of Summer With ELISE DALY PARKER
Jul 19, 2022
135 \\ Togather Armor: 7 Reasons Families That PRAY TOGETHER Stay Together + Commitment to Make Family Prayer Time Happen
Jul 14, 2022
134 \\ Feeling Unsure If You Are Helping Nurture Your Child’s Gifts? 1 Thing You Can Do TODAY To Encourage Them In Daily Small Moments to grow God’s Giftings
Jul 12, 2022
133 \\ Togather Armor:YOU Deserve Something Good Today! Quick Habit of Taking Care of Yourself That Fits In Your REAL Life AND Keeps Your Family Strong
Jul 07, 2022
132 \\ ONE Thing You Can Do NOW To Feel Less Exhausted and More Intentional! Take Care of Your SELF WithOUT the Guilt. With CHANELLE NEILSON, MOMS Life Made Simple Podcast Host
Jul 05, 2022
131 \\ Togather Armor: No More One Word Answers At Dinner! 3 Questions Every Age Will Love To Use For Connection. REPLAY EP 43
Jun 30, 2022
130 \\ Want EASY Ways to Grow Your Family’s VALUES and MORALS even stronger? Surround Your Family With These Things and WIN!
Jun 28, 2022
129 \\ Togather Armor: Guilt By Association. Do Your Children Really Know What it Means? Teach Them This Way!
Jun 23, 2022
128 \\ COURAGE to go where God calls. Identity Crisis, Surrender, and Faith Over Fear in Parenting. With JUSTINE WENZEL, Courage Queen Podcast Host
Jun 21, 2022
127 \\ Togather Armor: What is Your Family Plan To STAY STRONG & TIGHT Through All The Busy? Family Connection Framework Is Launched!!!
Jun 17, 2022
126 \\ Want To Raise Grateful Kids Who Don’t Get Sucked Into The MATERIALISTIC CULTURE? 3 Steps to Guard Your Family!
Jun 14, 2022
125 \\ Togather Armor: Guarding the TEACHINGS and Influences That IMPACT Our Children and Speak To Us. PLUS A BIG Announcement to Easily Bring Families DEEPER CONNECTION!
Jun 09, 2022
124 \\ Teach Your Child THIS ONE THING And Help Them STAND UP Against Today’s Cultural Lies and Stand Strong in Their Beliefs
Jun 07, 2022
123 \\ Togather Armor: 5 Reasons We Should Take Our Kids On TWO On 1 Dates with BOTH PARENTS. Make the QUALITY TIME Happen!
Jun 02, 2022
122 \\ 10 COMMUNICATION HABITS Every Child of Any Age Needs To Know! Teach These Easy Lessons and Set Your Child Up With Successful Communication Skills for a Lifetime
May 31, 2022
121 \\ SUMMER SHIFT SERIES! 3 Things You Can Do Now To Have The Best INTENTIONAL Summer WITHOUT Bucket Lists Or Summer Activities Every Day
May 24, 2022
120 \\ Togather Armor: Good Habits vs Bad Habits. Are They Saving Or Sabotaging Your Family Connection This Summer? EASY Ways To RESET Guilt Free!
May 19, 2022
119 \\ Summer Shift Series! Say No To the Drive Thru This Summer & Have HAPPY KIDS! Easy, Healthy, Quick Lunch, Snacks, & Dinner For Families On The Go. With ASHLEY SMITH, Veggies and Virtue
May 17, 2022
118 \\ Togather Armor: Ditch the Summer Bucket List For This ONE THING and Give Your Kids A FUN Summer
May 12, 2022
117 \\ Summer Shift Series! Worried Your Home Organization Will Be A MESS With The Kids Home All Summer? 5 Things To DO NOW TO BE HAPPY With Your Systems With ASHLEY HINZMAN, The Life Less Cluttered
May 10, 2022
116 \\ Togather Armor: A SIMPLE Way For Today’s Busy Mom To LIVE IN THE MOMENT On Good AND On Bad Chaos Filled Days
May 05, 2022
114 \\ Togather Armor: LESS Distractions Will Bring Your Family MORE FOCUS On This ONE Simple Thing. And It’s Not Just More Communication
May 05, 2022
115 \\ Summer Shift Series! Nervous Your Workout Won’t Stay Consistent When the Kids Are Home? Top Secrets To Still Hit Your Health Goals With Fitness Trainer Mom SARAH GARDNER
May 03, 2022
113 \\ Summer Shift Series! 5 Tips to WINNING Against Your Biggest Obstacle - STAYING PRESENT and Beating Those DISTRACTIONS When All the Kids Are Home For Summer Break
Apr 26, 2022
112 \\ Togather Armor: Ever Feel The Pressure Trying to Be the BEST Mom EVERY day? Use This ONE Perspective Change and Feel Like Every Day is Filled With SO MUCH INTENTION
Apr 21, 2022
111 \\ Are Youth Sports Too Toxic? How to Find Good Coaches, Balance, and JOY for Your Children & Family & KEEP SPORTS POSITIVE. With BRYNN SMITH, All-American Collegiate Athlete
Apr 19, 2022
110 \\ Togather Armor: ONE Prayer Every Parent Should Say To Build Our Children EVEN STRONGER for Today’s World. How to Make it a Simple Daily Habit!
Apr 14, 2022
109 \\ 5 Steps to INTENTIONAL Family Dinner EVERY SINGLE TIME. Have Energy to MAKE Dinner, Create Conversation, and Bring Laughter even on your BUSY schedule!
Apr 12, 2022
108 \\ Togather Armor: Ever Fear Being Less In Charge As Your Children Grow? Guard this ONE thing & EMBRACE SEASONS OF CHANGE
Apr 07, 2022
107 \\ Are You Missing 6 Signs Your Child Or Teen May Struggle With Confidence? + SIMPLE DAILY Tools to Build Courage! With LAURA ORLANDO, Gracious Adventures Podcast
Apr 05, 2022
106 \\ Togather Armor: 1 Mindset Shift That Will Easily Help Align Your Priorities As A Busy Mom and Keep First Things First.
Mar 31, 2022
105 \\ Ever Feel the Struggle of WHEN TO SAY YES OR NO to Family Decisions? 5 Questions Our Family Asks To Help Stay True To Our Family Values
Mar 29, 2022
104 \\ Togather Armor: The Wrong Way To Tell Our Children to Let Their Light Shine. Try THIS To Build EVEN MORE Confidence and Prepare Our Children To Not Quit
Mar 24, 2022
103 \\ Say Goodbye to Morning and Evening Chaos and Create ROUTINES THAT WORK! Effortless Habits, Less Stress, More Intention. With LAUREN WHITE, Intentional Edit Podcast
Mar 22, 2022
102 \\ Togather Armor: Sick of All the LIES Our Culture Feeds Your Kids?? How We Say NO Especially to This Week’s 3 Lies
Mar 17, 2022
101 \\ Ever Feel Like You Rush Your Kids Out the Door Without Loving Them Well? Try These 3 Tips Tomorrow Morning to Stop the Regret!
Mar 15, 2022
100 \\ Togather Armor: Ditch Your Doubt in the Hard Parenting Decisions for Mega CONFIDENCE. Do What is Best for YOUR Family
Mar 10, 2022
99 \\ Does BEING PRESENT feel impossible some days? Mom of 5 shares secrets to finding BALANCE. With KELSEY SCISM, Loving Our Lord Blog
Mar 08, 2022
98 \\ Togather Armor: Do you worry how your kids will stand up in TODAY’S WORLD? Do this 1 SIMPLE thing EVERY DAY to prepare them to stay STRONG
Mar 03, 2022
97 \\ Permission to hit RESET among the CHAOS. 5 steps to a FAMILY RESET that puts family values first EVEN with all the busy
Mar 01, 2022
96 \\ Togather Armor: STOP comparison!! Use this EASY idea to talk to children about comparison and that GROWTH TAKES TIME
Feb 24, 2022
95 \\ Quick, easy, healthy dinners your family LOVES? Strategies for crazy days, no food prep, & picky eaters!! With, ASHLEY SMITH, Veggies and Virtue
Feb 22, 2022
94 \\ Togather Armor: Crazy weeks, messy homes, EXHAUSTED. Your REST AND RENEWAL begins NOW!!
Feb 17, 2022
93 \\ Did our kids MISS OUT on face to face manners the last year?? 6 MANNERS to help our toddler to teen kids THRIVE
Feb 15, 2022
92 \\ Togather Armor: Is there a HABIT you wish your family still had? 1 PRACTICE that grows every FAMILY STRONGER
Feb 11, 2022
91 \\ Top CONFIDENCE COACH shares it all! STOP self doubt & GROW POSITIVE self talk. With TRISH BLACKWELL, The Confidence Podcast Host
Feb 08, 2022
90 \\ Togather Armor: Do you worry about who your kids will be surrounded by? Quick tip to help stay focused on the goal
Feb 03, 2022
89 \\ 8 SIMPLE Cleaning hacks for moms and CHILDREN for MORE family time and INTENTIONAL moments.
Feb 01, 2022
88 \\ Togather Armor: Even SMALL Family Traditions Matter. Encouragement to keep them PRIORITY
Jan 27, 2022
87 \\ Leftover crust for lunch? Happy, healthy, SUSTAINABLE eating mindset for Moms. With KATIE HAKE, NonDiet Dietitian and Trainer
Jan 25, 2022
86 \\ Togather Armor: The EXACT question to get your older child to OPEN UP (Great for teens!)
Jan 20, 2022
85 \\ The one VALUE our instant gratification world forgets to teach our children about GOALS
Jan 18, 2022
84 \\ Togather Armor: EYE CONTACT. We all know it’s a huge family value. This is how we commit to more of it.
Jan 14, 2022
83 \\ EASY & quick tips to create a MORE PEACEFUL, LESS CLUTTERED home in 10 minutes!! With ASHLEY HINZMAN, Professional Organizer
Jan 11, 2022
82 \\ Togather Armor: Speaking compliments.Often, simple, & build siblings stronger. Moms love this!!!
Jan 06, 2022
81 \\ Grow your family more BRAVE this year. Focus on this. (Hint: It fits into your REAL life!)
Jan 04, 2022
80 \\ BRAVE MOMS Series: A sister of an addict. Anger, Brokenness, Why LOVE NEVER fails. With BRITTANY YOUNG
Dec 28, 2021
79 \\ BRAVE MOMS Series: Alcohol Addiction, how to help a battling friend, and HOPE. With REBECCA KENT
Dec 21, 2021
78 \\ TOGATHER BRAVE MOMS Series Introduction! 3 New 2021 Episodes!!!
Dec 21, 2021
77 \\ STOP. Do this right now to check on your family values and the fruits that are growing
Dec 14, 2021
76 \\ Togather Armor: Stand up against a culture of LIES with TRUTH and convictions
Dec 09, 2021
75 \\ Strong communication skills for our children made SIMPLE!! With Kimberly Amici, Build Your Best Family Podcast, and Jennifer Zumbiel
Dec 07, 2021
74 \\ Seasons of WAITING & BENEFITS for our families. An Advent reflection With Deacon HUDSON HENRY
Nov 30, 2021
73 \\ LESS STRESS this holiday season. 3 steps that work in REAL LIFE
Nov 23, 2021
72 \\ EASY Christ-centered CHRISTmas! FREE Advent ideas that WORK. Slow down the crazy & keep JESUS
Nov 18, 2021
71 \\ Protect FAMILY DINNER from death by BUSY. Why & HOW strong families can do it (EP 03 re-run)
Nov 10, 2021
70 \\ Togather Armor: What kind of kingdom are you building? Recommit to the one that MATTERS
Nov 04, 2021
69 \\ 6 things you can NOTICE right now to help you slow down and WIN. Hint: it‘s easy
Nov 02, 2021
68 \\ How to raise STRONG daughters with positive examples of love and faith.With LINSEY DRISKILL,Author
Oct 26, 2021
67 \\ EASY secret tips to get your child to open up and TALK in the car
Oct 19, 2021
66 \\ Togather Armor: Discernment in following people. Don‘t regret it like me!
Oct 14, 2021
65 \\ Confidently Commit to STANDING UP for what is UNPOPULAR. 2 First Steps
Oct 12, 2021
64 \\ The Secret to Busy FAMILY TIME feeling MEANINGFUL (+ 10 Alone Together ideas!)
Oct 05, 2021
63 \\ 1 SIMPLE decision can bring your family closer to Jesus this week
Sep 30, 2021
62 \\ When it feels like the WORLD wants to keep your family from being STRONG. 10 tips for SMALL moments.
Jun 04, 2021
61 \\ LIMITING screens in summer & BRAVERY in parenting with APRIL WHITING (ReAir from 2020)
May 28, 2021
60 \\ Summer Shift: kids home, crazy (non) schedules. WE GOT THIS. Encouragement with Lindsey House
May 18, 2021
59 \\ PROTECT your family against the ME, me, me culture. 3 things to do TODAY.
May 11, 2021
58 \\ Love our kids louder than the world can hate. Connection & kindness. With NATE WEBB, Bullies Be Gone
Apr 27, 2021
57 \\ 3 communication SECRETS to get your child to open up and share with you
Apr 21, 2021
56 \\ 6 things we should pay attention to - because our FAMILY will become the AVERAGE of all these.
Apr 13, 2021
55 \\ Photo clutter: why we should be more concerned. Simple solutions with NICHOLE HEALY, Memory My Way Founder
Mar 30, 2021
54 \\ ONE ON ONE time with your child or spouse: 10 ways to EASILY bring it to your REAL day
Mar 24, 2021
53 \\ Togather Armor: Say NO to what gets in the way of your FAMILY first. Guilt FREE
Mar 24, 2021
52 \\ Strong moms raise STRONG, CONFIDENT daughters. Here's how. With LAURA ORLANDO, Gracious Adventures
Mar 16, 2021
51 \\ Togather Armor: You are WORTHY. Remind our children over and OVER of THAT
Mar 11, 2021
50 \\ TODAY'S WORLD: How I feel about raising a STRONG family in it. PLUS 50% OFF, 50th Episode!
Mar 09, 2021
49 \\ Togather Armor: Who do you REALLY admire and let influence you?
Mar 05, 2021
48 \\ What is your family known for? Family culture ON PURPOSE with KIMBERLY AMICI, Build Your Best Family
Mar 02, 2021
47 \\ Togather Armor: The PRACTICE every strong family NEEDS in their schedule
Feb 26, 2021
46 \\ 8 things that will make your tween or teen easily UN-BORED and more CONFIDENT
Feb 23, 2021
45 \\ Togather Armor: Our child's apology and the ONE thing they should hear
Feb 19, 2021
44 \\ Did you do this with your preschooler to help them be a successful adult? Independent play and connection. With EMILY LAWSON, Founder Sandbox Academy
Feb 16, 2021
43 \\ Togather Armor: Words that MATTER. 3 questions that = EASY family connection
Feb 11, 2021
42 \\ How to NOT QUIT focusing on your family’s FAITH. Reflection, renewal, and super easy tools to keep it a priority.
Feb 09, 2021
41 \\ Togather Armor: YOUR BRAVERY. Your kids need to see it.
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40 \\ Our children’s HEARTS and MINDS: Technology’s battle and YOUR FIGHT. With CHRIS MCKENNA, Protect Young Eyes Founder
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39 \\ Togather Armor: FAITH when I'd RATHER freak out.
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Jan 21, 2021
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34 \\ Just in! Children who know how to handle conflict become adults who do the same!
Jan 12, 2021
33 \\ BRAVE MOMS Series: A soup kitchen? You're right, I can't do it. But God can. With CINDY CARRIS
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32 \\ BRAVE MOMS Series: A FIGHT TO ADOPT her little girl. Crown of bravery with JEANETTE TAPLEY, Author and Podcast Host
Dec 29, 2020
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Dec 15, 2020
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