The Relentless Diaries

By Zoie Smith, Clyde Smith, Tresor

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The Relentless Diaries—a podcast for the culture straight from the mind of a young black woman. Hosted by the strong-minded Zoie Smith, The Relentless Diaries will touch on all of your favourite and necessary subjects from relatable experiences, global events, social issues, pop culture and more. Through her experiences and opinions, Zoie takes to the mic to chat with some of her favourite guest speakers for a discussion you’ll never want to miss. So...let’s chat.

Episode Date
Snowin And Goin' Feat. The Peanut Gallery
To end this season of the Relentless Diaries the hosts are joined by a gauntlet of previous and new guests. Topics and discussions include: Introducing the Peanut Gallery/ setting rules (2:20) Sex Loopholes and printing more money (5:05) Going to the doctor with your parents (14:40) Tory Lanez guilty verdict (18:25) Best song, album and artist of 2022 (36:38) Most shocking moments of 2022/Brittnay Renner/ Will Smith (57:40) Men growing their hair/ using enhancements (70:49) Virginity experiences (86:03) “If you’re broke just say that” needs limits (97:07) Men playing Mas and Carnival stormers (116:02) Friends allowing you to look crazy over a partner/ Tresor and Zoie get heated with their day ones (134:16)
Dec 28, 2022
Pit Jobs Feat. Rasha
On today's episode the Relentless crew is joined by comedian Rasha, topics and discussions include: Zo and Tresor talk about their recent trips (3:16) Do men marry who they want? Drake's new chain/ body counts/ new STD’s (13:54) GMA Scandal, cheating and work husbands/wives (31:50) Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez trail starts (51:00) Brittney Griner trade, would you got to war for Beyonce? 59:00) Going to the washroom at the club… on the floor (64:10) Rasha talks about her journey as a comedian (76:30) Can being horny impair your decision making? (102:50)
Dec 14, 2022
Airplane Needs Two Wings Feat. Kranium
In this special edition of Relentless Diaries Zoie and Clyde are joined by the one and only Kranium Topics and discussions include: Parallel between Jamaica and America (2:15) New EP In Too Deep (3:15) Is love blind? (6:20) Game of thrones (8:30) Afro-beats having its moment (10:10) What does it take to crossover into North America? (15:10) Kranium’s design making process for choosing songs (16:50) Biggest misconception with Dancehall (19:20) Toronto Slang (22:30) Side Piece Anthem Draft (24:15)
Dec 09, 2022
Disney Damaged Feat. Kony
On this weeks episode Zoie and Clyde are joined by Kony once again! Introducing our guest Kony (1:30) Bad Bunny VS Beyonce (21:30) Michelle Obama and marriage expectations (41:00) Chris Brown's industry treatment (68:3) Queer-baiting (80:55) The Love Song Draft (97:15) And much much more!
Nov 30, 2022
Can't Be Broke And Busy Feat. The Impatient Tourist
Topics and discussions on this weeks episode include: Introducing our guest Mirna ’The Impatient tourist’ (2:00) Zoie’s Trip to St. Marten (8:11) The art of being flown out (19:45) Her Loss (42:00) How drugs can be enlightening (48:40) The Sassy Man dilemma (69:10) Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever review (95:00) And much much more!
Nov 16, 2022
The Freak Spectrum
Topics and discussions on this episode include: Reacting to the tragic passing of Takeoff from the Migos (2:20) Elon Musk buying Twitter/ A new social media app? (17:21) The Barbarian and when movies take a left turn (27:27) Men aren’t allowed to do anything/ “As a man, why do you..” (46:04) What makes someone a ‘freak’ (66:55) Coordinating hook-ups on vacations (101:46)
Nov 02, 2022
Bonus: Sit Down With Wave Montega
For this bonus episode of The Relentless Diaries, the hosts are joined by artist Wave Montega to discuss the journey, creation and release of his upcoming album 'Catharsis' dropping October 21st. Wave breaks down what this album meant for him, gets into some of his personal stories that inspired this project and kicks a freestyle, plus much much more
Oct 19, 2022
Who Is Greg? Feat. CBC Gem's virgins! Series
Topics and discussions include: Zoie pays tribute to her Grandfather (2:10) Not letting Kanye rile us up (8:05) What are the most well known rap verses/ rappers and athletes of all time? (15:10) Multi-lingual musicians are making the bag (33:52) How much would it take for you to join a Gang? (48:40) Tresor’s experience living in Jamaica (66:10) Who are STK and Harbor 60’s main clientele? (68:45) What would you do if Animals took over? (78:38) Victor Wembanyama might be the next GOAT?/ Draymond and Jordan Poole (88:50) For the second part of this episode we are joined by members of the CBC Gem series: virgins! Aden, Hosaena and Lu breakdown their journey with creating this television series and much much more! (99:17)
Oct 12, 2022
Sorry For The Nut
Topics and discussions include: Tresor’s Rolling Loud New York experience (4:11) Working 12 hours a day Monday - Friday for $100k a month or $10k a month to do nothing? (21:56) Arguing over money in public (33:25) What is your embarrassment limit for your partner/ What is your toxic trait? (52:00) What was the first moment in your life where you felt sexually aroused (77:00) Latin Lover and discovering masturbation as a kid (83:00) NFL update and Rihanna (97:00)
Sep 28, 2022
A Puppy During Fireworks
Topics and discussions in this episode include: Addressing Our Interview With Pressa/ African American Diaspora (2:30) Rest In Peace PNB Rock/ How The System Fails Rappers (26:15) Is Ice Spice The Next Big Star? (49:20) When Do Go Fund Me’s Cross The Line (58:05) Rolling Loud Toronto Recap (72:20)
Sep 14, 2022
I Don't Like Your Tea
Topics and discussions for this weeks episode include: Zoie’s Lipstick Alley situation (4:35) Male birth control (12:35) Are there any attractive men in the city of Toronto? (28:40) The dilemma of men growing out their hair (51:00) Zoie’s advice to Tresor on how to look better (64:55) Songs you hated on the first listen but now love/ Trash bars from songs we like (79:45) Spice’s new music video (106:05) Chris Rock and Will Smith part 2( 122:05)
Aug 31, 2022
The Religious Hoe Phase Feat. Shans & Tinesha
Topics and discussions include: Manifesto Recap/ Toronto Networking (4:20) Tresor’s Hosting performance (32:10) Presenter Culture/ old Toronto gatekeepers (45:10) Kingston Fest and Kultureland fiasco’s (60:25) Is having kids a selfish or selfless act? (77:20) Is religion a dealbreaker in a relationship (105:10) NBA snipers list (!16:12)
Aug 17, 2022
The Balogna Pony
Topics and discussions in this weeks episode include: Caribana weekend recap/ Stormers (3:00) Men taking pictures of LeBron (24:00) Men mistakenly bubbling other men (39:00) Monkey Pox is serious (49:50) Zo's viral tweets and younger men pulling older women (63:40) What is "mind blowing" sex? (82:30) What is the "fuck bitch" genre? (108:50)
Aug 04, 2022
He Went Full Barb
Topics and discussions in this episode include: OVO Fest ticket drama (5:30) Clyde got kicked out of a Kanye concert (18:00) Is BBL fashion getting out of hand? (30:05) Is it harder to date as a conventionally unattractive women or as a rich man? (49:40) Who is an artist that you don't see the hype in?/ Can R&B singers sing like they used to? (62:50) Zo's Jamaica recap (81:00) Are black men the only people who do "talking stages" (94:30) And much much more!
Jul 20, 2022
What Would You Do For Beyonce?
Topics and discussions include: Zoie's birthday (2:44) The pettiest Drake lyrics (10:37) Why women get involved with married men/ how the patriarchy effects this (21:10) Men funding your lifestyle/ male groupies (25:10) The wildest thing a women made you think was a good idea (36:05) The 'submissive women debate' (43:00) Persistence VS begging (52:40) The distinction between porn and prostitution (76:35) Do men notice when women edit their pictures? (88:15) Clyde's ridiculous childhood celebrity look alike story (95:22) The ruling of Roe V Wade being overturned (112:35)
Jul 06, 2022
Zo The Yanker
Zoie’s Italy trip (4:40) Bloom Nutrition/ do men care when women have extra belly fat? (13:45) Drakes new album (17:00) Men wearing ankle socks and playing volleyball (19:20) The Chris Brown VS Michael Jackson debate (33:20) Rappers getting washed on their own songs (43:45) The influx of Toronto escorts (61:55) Becoming your “parents worst nightmare” (71:40) Spinning the block after getting better at sex (82:45)
Jun 22, 2022
Gyal Dem Wicked Feat. Dej Morrison
Topics and discussions in this episode include: Introducing our guest Dej Morrison (4:10) Recapping the Relentless Link Up event this past weekend (5:44) Tresor talks about his UK trip (20:30) Dej speaks on how she built her brand (24:10) The double standards for male body shaming (32:00) Age gaps in relationships/ Michael B Jordan (47:45) The pod shares their personal experiences of being down horrendous (53:45) Men constantly self sabotaging and fighting demons (74:45) Will you marry the next person you date? (85:10)
Jun 08, 2022
Context! Feat. Topboy
Topics and discussions in this episode include: Topboy returns! (0:50) Relentless Diaries party announcement (8:30) Gun control/culture in America and the Texas elementary school shooting (12:10) Zoie's trip to DC (22:30) Toronto Women Syndrome (29:40) Interracial dating and Bronny James prom pictures (41:20) Normalizing toxic relationships/ Kendrick Lamar's We Cry Together (61:00) Is a 'good man' just a good 'mind reader'?/ The Orgasm Gap (65:25) Having children in your 20s VS 30s (93:20) Monkey Pox (100:45)
May 25, 2022
An Unstoppable Force V.S An Immovable Object
Topics and discussions in this episode include: Young Thug and Gunna getting charged with Racketeering (3:30) Social media's reaction to the passing of Kevin Samuels (22:25) Podcasters and interviewers asking insensitive questions/ Kehlani (30:30) What is your one night stand percentage?/ Eating ass (39:30) Why Zoie uninvited Tresor and Clyde from her birthday trip (48:40) Feeling wanted/ Zoie unpacks (67:32) Why do some men believe cheating and lying is so commonplace that it should be accepted? (74:10) What makes someone "thirsty" (91:30)
May 11, 2022
Onlyfans Girls & SoundCloud Rappers

Topics and discussions for this weeks episode include:

New Introductions, new visuals. working with Royalty Marketing and event announcement  (1:10)


Zoies personal Tik Tok blowing up (7:20)


The Toronto hinge dating scene (14:05)


What is the cut-off age for dating someone younger? (18:05)


NBA update, Toronto Raptors comeback and is Kevin Durant the “best player in the world?” (24:45) 


Rolling Loud Toronto: Is this good for the city? (40:00)


Being posted on someones story as a pawn (70:11)


Revisiting the masculine and feminine energy conversation from last week (77:55)

The Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez situation: nobody wins (99:20)


The parallels of Onlyfans creators and SoundCloud Rappers (111:32)


Dismantling biracial mediocrity (120:30)

And much much more!

Apr 27, 2022
Feminine Gyal Energy Feat. Karissa
Topics and discussions in this weeks episode range from: Introducing our guest Karissa (1:40), Discussing reactions to our previous episode and colorism (4:05), Crossing the line when talking dirty (15:55), Can you ask your sneaky link for gas money (36:35), Masculine VS Feminine energy and are Toronto men chivalrous? (43:40), The 'Zoie is unapproachable' narrative (64:05), Managing VS being a good leader (74:20), How much can your survive on a month and sharing in come with parents (87:25), The Ultimatum (121:20) and much much more!
Apr 13, 2022
The Golden Egg
Topics and discussions in this episode include: Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars slap. (00:10) Why Zoie And Tresor could never date. (33:35) Are the baddest women the most boring? (42:55) The difference between Escorting and prostitution. (49:00) What is “good coochie”? (67:40) How to navigate being single in the summer (91:30)
Mar 30, 2022
Who's that? N**** we dat Feat. Ryan Blades
Topics and discussions on this episode include: Our guest Ryan Blades and his musical journey, not sounding like a ’Toronto rapper', getting his song played on the Joe Budden Podcast etc. (2:00) Faking streams and buying likes (38:10) Ryan Blades freestyle (49:20) Drake’s cornrows (55:37) HBO’s Winning Time (63:00) White people hero’s/ Mark Wahlberg (69:20) Nonblack people saying the N word (76:05) Why broke men are to blame/ body counts (84:10) The dilemma of raw sex (103:15)
Mar 16, 2022
Dustin Isn't Here
In this episode topics and discussions include: African/ Caribbean students in Ukraine (4:10) Is buying designer a “bad decision” (11:18) Why do men equate their wealth to their access to women (27:05) Kanye West documentary and the lack of artistry in todays music (34:15) Scaring the hoes (59:05) Why do men police their girlfriends outfit (81:30) Answering DM’s and proper curving etiquette (89:25)
Mar 02, 2022
We Need H*es
Topics and discussions in this episode include: Valentines Day/ performative gifts/ Durk and India/ platonically giving flowers (4:20) Breaking up with side tings (29:05) Tresor story time and Miami trip (35:20) Navigating your partners past h*e phase (58:10) The end of Flow 93.5/ Lack of Toronto infrastructure for creatives (71:31) Does Toronto have main character syndrome (80:20) Things black women don't want to hear (106:45) The light skin glory days (118:05)
Feb 16, 2022
Make It Jump Jump Jump Feat. Alexiah
Topics and discussions in this episode include: Temptation Island (3:05) Do women have game? (8:00) Are parents indebted to their children for their entire life? (40:40) Morning routine social media trends (59:30) The prevalence of social media challenges for music/ Shenseea (69:30) Pushin P (89:45) God did not intend for ass to be 'eaten' (93:45) Black movies that did not age well (104:45)
Feb 02, 2022
And Then, There Were Three
For this season premier Zo and Clyde are joined by their brand new co-host Tresor. Topics and discussions this episode range from: Introducing our new co-Host Our Covid-19 experiences (6:05) Zo story time (14:40) Zoie is back with American men (26:05) The issue with black podcasts and their dialogues about black women (35:05) Toxic positivity/ Euphoria SPOILER ALERT (43:35) Provision VS Luxury (62:05) 50 Cent security story (79:05) Caribana 2022 (23:10) Women exposing celebrity DM's (95:00) and much much more!
Jan 19, 2022
The Relentless Diaries "Felina" Feat. Clyde
Topics and discussions in this episode range from: Lockdown Season 3 (3:30), Spider-Man: No Way Home (10:50), Relationship Inflation/ Broke VS Poor/ Working To Live VS Living To Work (20:48), Ideal Proposals/ Oloni Story (47:05), Relationship Icks (61:40), Sharing With Partners (84:20), Zo Plays Relentless Roulette (101:15) and much much more!
Dec 22, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "This Episode Is [Censored]" Feat. Clyde
Topics and discussions in this episode range from Zoie's Racist Club Experience (1:45) Addressing Tik Tok Comments (23:50), Race Preference VS Culture Preference/ Zo Getting Approached By More Lightskin Men (32:00), Drake Withdrawling From Grammys (35:40), Tristain Thompson Drama/ Choosing Your Baby Father(46:03) Men Inquiring About Women Through Other Men/ "Doing Your Homework" (57:40), Engagement Ring (68:10) and much much more!
Dec 08, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "Don't Tell Me To Smile" Feat. Clyde
Topics and discussion from this episode range from: The Hostility Of The Relentless Diaries Comment Section (1:15), Why Don;t Men Celebrate Their Birthdays/ Comment Section (10:00), Ignoring Red Flags/ Choosing Your Baby Daddy (27:30), New Adele Album (43:30), Surviving Sophia/ Drakes House Is Town Hall? (51:20), White Yardie/ Race VS Ethnicity (68:20), "Black Canadian" Culture (82:00)
Nov 24, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "Check Yourself" Feat. Clyde
In this episode topics and discussions include: Clyde Addressing Criticism (3:30), Are Black Woman Unapproachable/ Intimidating? (17:20) When Do You Know You're Ready To Move On?/ Insecure (28:30), Zo's Self Love Journey (34:20), Vulnerability/ Is It A Weakness? (45:20), Clyde's Celibacy Experience (62:05), The Astroworld Disaster (83:20), Ciara's Prayer/ Men Being Praised For The Bare Minimum (96:20) and much much more!
Nov 11, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "Champagne Poppy Show" Feat. Nyssa
Topics and discussions in this episode range from Zoie's Clubbing Stories (3:55), Should There Be A Black Dating App? (26:40), Leaving Toronto (46:10), Dave Chappelle (53:18), Nyssa’s Skin Care Business/ Entitled Influencers Esthetician Politics (71:40), Kim Kardashian SKIMS line/ Shape Wear (92:10), Going Through Nyssa’s DM’s on Relentless Roulette (99:05) and much much more!
Oct 27, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "Pun Daddy" Feat. Jermaine Jupiter
In this episode, topics and discussions include: Manifesting a Drake Interview (0:42), Jermaine getting 100 black people jobs in the tech industry (10:50), Navigating white tech spaces as a black person (22:20), What makes something a "tech" job (39:00), Squid Game and North American ignorance (47:00), How Twitter can solve crime/ Gabby Petito (71:25), Jermaine's vacation story/ $4000 phone bill (90:30), Zo's Mexico Story (97:50), $1000 Resumes (109:30) and much much more!
Oct 13, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "Toronto Is Losing Recipes" Feat. Sajae Fiasco & Vanessa
In this weeks episode, Zoie and Clyde are joined by Sajae and Vanessa from the CBC Gem series: Next Stop. Topics and discussions include: Hardest and easiest part about representing Toronto Culture (4:30), How much of an inspiration was Issa Rae? (16:40), The importance of an all-black cast (30:45), Zo being called the "podcast girl" (39:30), The importance of having LGBTQ themed episodes in Next Stop (48:45), The staggering cost of living and education in Toronto/ Canada (61:10), Putting black people on TV in Canada (77:10), Filming the first episode and working through Covid 19 (85:00), Dream goal (94:20), Favorite episodes (98:03) and much much more!
Sep 22, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "Public Enemy Number One" Feat. Kony Jen
In this weeks episode topics and discussions include: Kony Jen's Twitter presence (4:40), Being cautious of men (21:05), Addressing "fake gay" comments (27:30), Pick Mes (33:00), Zo's CLB release party experience (57:40), Singers and rappers acting (74:05), How old is too old for a man to have braids (97:20) Kony reads DM's on Relentless Roulette and much much more!
Sep 15, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "CLB Eve" Feat. Mucho
Topics and discussions in this episode range from Mucho getting the Drake co-sign (5:50), 6ixBuzz and Toronto Rap (10:20), CLB: Certified Lover Boy anticipation (29:40), Toronto clubs (43:55), Zo's crazy Atlanta story (50:40), Vaccine Passports and Anti Vaxxer debates (79:20), Zo's Viral Moment (98:00), Relentless Roulette/ period sex and much much more!
Sep 02, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "The Return Of Shans" Feat. Shans
Topics and Discussions in this episode range from: Toronto men not dating Black Women (7:00), Black Women on reality TV (13:00), BBL part/ BBL fashion (28:00), Are thick women over-sexualized? (39:10), How Black people make beauty out of their trauma (50:00), The dating pool for Black women (57:30), Problematic narratives regarding AIDS/ HIV and the black LGBTQ community (64:30), Dababy is cancelled (69:50) plus much much more!
Aug 11, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "Don't Worry, We Just Took A Little Break" Feat. Laurel
Topics and Discussion in this episode range from: Worst Astrology (4:00), Hood Dudes VS Hood Chicks (9:20), Mechanic Tried To Finesse Zo (12:30), Racist Walmart Experience/ How Trauma Develops In Kids (20:45), The Audacity Of White People (24:05), The 'Black Fishes' Of Calgary/ Black Women's Hair (34:35), Kanye West's New Album (45:35), The Difference Between Kanye And Drake (51:45), Is The Kardashian Curse Real (66:15), Women's Dad In Zoie's DMs/ Predatory Relationships/ Age Gaps (72:30), Men Scared Of Having Daughters (93:10) and much much more!
Jul 28, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "Tainted Nostalgia " Feat. Bianca
Topics and discussions from this episode range from: BBL Procedures/ Health Risks/ Male Gaze (6:55), Soulja Boy Versuz Bow Wow/ Past Allegations/ Separating Artist From The Art (34:10), T-Pain And Usher (52:35), Cancel Culture (61:50), Gate Keeping Caribbean Culture (66:30), Girls Trips Gone Wrong (72:10), Zo Getting Finessed Into Sex (84:30), Spinning The Block (98:00), Getting Curved (104:10) and much much more!
Jun 30, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "1 Year Anniversary Link Up" Feat. Tresor, Marlon Palmer And Sherry
Topics And Discussions In This episode Range From: Catching Up With The Guests/ Being Broke/ Old Toronto Club Days (1:20), Sherry Goes Through Tresor's DMs (22:30), Finessing/ Getting Finessed Into Sex (28:55), Tresor Takes Sherry's Phone (41:45), Zo Tries To Call Her Friends (51:00), Sherry Fights A Bucktee (60:20), Canada's Mistreatment Of Indigenous Communities/ Annie Palmer (78:50), Wildest Sexual Experiences (90:53), British And American Culture/ Accents (124:00), Worst Drinking Experiences/ Wetbar (131:45), More Wild Sexual Experiences (151:00)
Jun 17, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "They DONT Call Me Big Purr" Feat. Hello Koddy
Topics and discussions from this episode range from: Canada's response to Indigenous communities (3:45), Stan Culture/ Being a Barb (9:25), Drake and LeBron parallel/ Nicki Mount Rushmore (25:30), Cancel Culture (34:50), Brandon Blackwood (39:40), Hair Stylists charging too much and being unrealistic (49:05), Cancel Culture Continued (67:00), Tik Tok ruins music roll outs and much much more!
Jun 02, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "Why Do You Need A BBL? You Live In Oakville" Feat. Tresor And TC Spades
Questions and topics discussed this episode include: Tresor asks what took so long to have him on? (0:10), Why is Tresor not verified (4:20), The Joe Budden Podcast/ Zo being on For The Love Of Mal/ Business with friends (8:51), American Caribbean VS Canadian Caribbean (35:55), Long distance relationships (41:00), Zo is scary (51:05), Interacting with celebrities (64:05), Can a man have too many followers? (75:20) and much much more!
May 19, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "The Safe Word Is Pineapple" Feat. Claudy
Zoie and Clyde are joined by Sex Coach and Sexpert Claudy! Topics and discussions in this episode range from: Educating Children About Sex (1:10), Anal Play (7:25), Different Types of Lube (23:15), Riding (26:30), Giving And Receiving Head (38:05), Edging (55:04), Eating Ass (67:05), Hygiene (70:00), What Makes a Good VS Bad Experience (78:55), Sex Toys/ The G Spot & A Spot/ Handjobs/ Fingering (81:00), How To Spice Things Up (97:06) and much much more!
May 05, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "If You Don't Want To Lose Your Man, You Tend To Lose Yourself"
Topics and discussions in this epsidoe range from: The "V" Word/ Ontario's Covid restrictions (0:15), Vaginal Health (11:40), The Derek Chauvin Verdict (14:03), Slavery Was Worse Than We Thought (25:20), Daunte Wright/ Racial Identities Revisited (27:40), "Featurism" And Slavery (41:35), Gender Roles/ Good Ones VS Bad Ones (49:00), Chivalry/ Can The Man Be The Prize? (64:24) and much much more!
Apr 28, 2021
The Relentless Diaries "Awareness Can't Buy Me Strap-Ons" Feat. DijahSB
Topics and discussions in this episode range from: Why Dijah and Zoie had a falling out (3:10), Speaking about mental health VS being a mental health advocate (10:30), Stan culture and Dijah's fans (26:55), "Good" record deals and owning your masters (30:40), How to make it out of Toronto as a rapper (34:35), Strap-ons and making women cum (39:30), Men are bad at sex (46:10), Gender Identity (57:03), Deep fakes and internet scams (64:05) and much much more!
Apr 09, 2021
The Relentless Diaries Season 2 Episode 1 "The Co-Host 1-On-1"
Topics and discussions from this episode range from: Whats new and where have we been? (5:30), Men being providers (15:00), Relationship goals/ love language (33:30), navigating conversations about the anti asian racsim movement (64:30), threesome versus a train (53:00), how should biracial individuals identify themselves (74:00), and much much more!
Mar 25, 2021
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 12: "If You've Dated a White Women, You're F****d" Featuring Marie and Zee
Topics and questions in this episode range from: Jack Harrlow's album cover (5:25), Interracial dating/ Can you still be pro black? (21:10), Are black men the biggest threat/ enemy to black women (48:05), Clubhouse drama (55:20), American VS Canadian men (69:55), Mens predatory behaviour and dating older (74:20), Mon/ Gyal clown/ buying 2k for dick (85:20), Men telling women no to sex (110:52), Can men and women be friends? (125:30), Zee getting blocked (135:00) and much much more!
Dec 07, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 11: "Men should be on birth control" Featuring Tiana and Vonte
Topics and discussions in this episode range from: Finding out you are going to be a parent (1:06), Body transformation during pregnancy (11:10), How pregnancy effects your relationship with your partner (17:15), Having sex while pregnant (24:40), The delivery experience (30:05), Does being black effect how the hospital treats you? (48:28), Postpartum/ hospital quality (63:20), Having kids in your 20s and pressure to have kids earlier on (74:45), Male birth control (89:40) and much much more!
Nov 19, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 10: "No Man on my Left Hand" Featuring Annabelle and Dana
Topics and discussions in this episode range from: Is our generation obsessed with entrepreneurial mindsets (3:05), What motivated you to be how you are? (10:08), Clubhouse (17:15), How much of your personal life do you share on social media/ oversharing (22:30), Is there more pressure to be successful in your 20s/ selfishness VS independence (38:05), wasting your "prime" years on a relationship and monogamy (49:47), Masturbation, group sex, sexual freedom (67:00), Living on your own VS living with your parents (80:15), Double standard of women paying for their own expenses (90:10), Biggest fears career and relationship wise (99:00) and much much more!
Nov 04, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 9: "Black Women Are Bad. We Created Bad" Featuring Herapatra and Flaws Of Couture
Topics and discussions on this episode range from: Colorism revisited (2:20), Do you identify as an influencer? (19:45), Working with influencers/ posting and engagement tips (38:33), "Whats next?" for influencers/ Lipstick Alley (47:50), Companies who support black women and culture (62:15),Is the influencer market better in America? (78:55), Toronto Wars/ Jamaican and Ghanian tensions (84:05)
Oct 16, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 8: "If Women Shot Their Shot More, They'd Be Better Off" Featuring Mucho, Dre and Shans
Topics and questions discussed on this episode include: The Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion situation (5:20), Women learning independence in relationships (28:00), Why do Toronto women like American men so much?/ Colorisim (52:10), Should Caribbean culture be more sacred (70:35), Is there tension between Caribbean and African people (93:00), How do we build the infrastructure of the Toronto creative scene/ 6ix Buzz, Toronto rappers (108:50), Toronto slang and what is the best Drake project? (119:50) and much much more
Oct 01, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 7: "Let's Hear It From The Men" Featuring Marlon, Rob and Royston
Topics and questions discussed in this episode range from: Why do men think car dates are acceptable? (2:10), Dirty macking (11:15), Can a friends with benefits situation evolve into a relationship? (25:08), What did you gain from being a whore? (35:25), Why are men less tolerant when it comes to cheating? (51:55), How has your past behaviour led to your current image? (67:55), Ghosting (80:55) What is unique about Toronto women and the Toronto dating experience? (98:42), Why are men able to move on quicker from a relationship (105:30), Has a women ever traumatized you? (112:40), Men's financial clock VS women's biological clock: how does it effect the dating process? (126:00), Why do men self sabotage during the dating process when things are going well? (139:50), Most embarrassing sexual experience?/ erectile disfunction (146:20), What is the the toughest part about being a man in today's society? (156:00) Why are men so adamant on keeping their tough exterior? (205:00) and much much more!
Sep 11, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 6: "The Black Student Survival Guide From Mayfield Secondary" Featuring Ray and Diamond
Topics and questions discussed in this episode range from: The experiences of attending Mayfield Secondary School (5:15), Did attending a majority white high school effect/ change your views on white people? (8:00), "Cafrica" (11:15), Teacher's racist antics (17:00), The moment when you knew the way you were being treated wasn't okay (20:15), the illusion of diversity (29:15), Tokenism/ insecurities (34:20) Pandering to white people (46:15) Jacob Blake video/ constantly seeing black people being killed (49:10), Covert racism and the extent of white privilege (53:00), Drug habits/ poppy show blacks (68:40), black men and colorism (73:05), What did Mayfield make you grateful for and want to change? (76:10) and much much more!
Aug 27, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 5: "If Men Had to Endure What Women Endure, THEY'D DIE" Featuring Tennessee, Alicia and Nyssa
In this episode, topics and discussions range from: How Covid has effected everyones lives (2:20), Has Twitter become more toxic?/ Twitter drama (9:50), Why are men always in women's business? [WAP video, boats, pick me's] (32:35), Why men get upset when women receive nice things? (44:00), Making plans with men (55:10), Dating apps (62:30), Paying for dates, splitting and going 50/50 (65:30), Paying for vacations and rent/ mortgages (89:00), Being taken care of by men (101:30), Eating ass/ going outside of your comfort zone (109:10), Making new friends in your mid 20s (124:20) Getting over breakups (135:20) and much more!
Aug 12, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 4: "Do You See Men? He's Not Out Of Your League!" Featuring Dom, Dahlia and Sherry
Topics and discussions in this episode range from: Sugar daddies (6:50), Age gaps in relationships (10:10), Men with kids/ "Baby Mamma Drama" (11:50), Biggest turn offs (17:30), boyfriends and their female friends (23:05), Losing female friendships (27:40), Scenario #1: losing your virginity (42:00), celebrity experiences (52:40), Black people expecting discounts at black owned businesses (63:30), Worst sexual experience (75:40), Would you give an ex another chance (87:10), Scenario #2: should black women seek other races (95:30), Does quarantine make it harder for a guy to holla? (104:20), Is dating in Toronto that bad? (113:00), Where do you see yourself 10 years from now (132:50), Advice to women going on a "girls trip" (143:30), What is the biggest thing you've learned from past relationships (151:10), What have you learned from quarantine? (156:10).
Jul 30, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 3: "If It Don't Apply, Let It Fly, If You Can't Compete, Claim Defeat" Featuring Dre, Terri and Danny
Topics and questions discussed in this episode range from: How do you feel when you see woman bashing men (3:22), getting curved/ mens ulterior motives (9:15), handling rejection from black women (15:25), emotional intelligence (24:00), are men oblivious (31:15), how can black women help support black men (35:20), mens value in society (45:10), black women are more focused than black men (53:00), black people creating opportunities for each other (59:20), deal breakers in relationships (66:20), deal breakers in friendships (71:10), how do you self sabotage (79:20), love vs being in love (89:00), could Zoie get back with an ex? (95:05), What would you change about yourself in order to be loved the way you want (100:10).
Jul 15, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 2: "Being a Black Woman is Tiring, but I Wouldn't Change it for the World" Featuring Whitney and Yana
Topics and questions discussed in this episode range from: Black men supporting black woman (1:20), being approached by black men (8:10), can we rely on black men? (11:35), not everyday "bash men" (13:05, do women seek traits in their partners similar to their fathers? (17:05), "daddy issues" (21:30), cheating (23:20), are black woman often fetishized? (26:30), colorisim (28:15), are black girls sexualized from a young age? (37:30), the "angry black woman" (40:00), Flaws of Couture/ racist fashion brands (45:20), buying designer (51:20), are black female artists over-sexualized? (59:05), Haviah Mighty (63:30), black men uplifting black women (69:00), darkskin vs lightskin men (72:00), black hair (80:40)
Jul 01, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 1 Part 2: "At the end of the day.. you're still a [redacted]" Featuring Sherry Dacosta

This episode builds off of the conversation had at (2:50) mark of episode 1 part 1. 

Jun 17, 2020
The Relentless Diaries, Episode 1: "At the end of the day.. you're still a [redacted]" Featuring Marie-Christelle.

Topics in this episode range from: the experience of being black (2:50), the Toronto Twitter family meeting (5:18), PTSD that black people experience (10:38), economic empowerment/ black purchasing power (13:20), gentrification (15:15), holding black men accountable/ power dynamics (17:38), getting called the N word (24:15), covert racism (28:10), setting up the next generation of black people/Powernomics (34:43), the origins of police (40:12), white friends apologies (43:18), dating outside your race (46:50), racial dynamics at the workplace (51:15), and the toxic Toronto nightclub scene (59:37)and much much more!

Jun 17, 2020