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*Welcome To The House Party! * This is the Big Homies House and you are OFFICIALLY A HOMIE! Hosted by Kodaq and features a host of co-hosts, get your weekly fix of off the wall antics! Check back weekly for new content !

Episode Date
45: Big Homies House E:45 - And A Homie New Year
  It’s episode 45 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got the Big Homies from the R&B collective known as PERFECT and our FAVORITE BIG HOMIE, BIG HOMIE TYNI!!!!  We tapped in with the Homies this week to discuss GENDER WARS!! Do women like when a guy is aggressive and asserts himself, and if he isn’t… is  that a turnoff??? Have you ever given up the nasty nasty while clocked in at work??? We also dig into this new music from PERFECT and TYNI! Tap in with the HOMIES!!! ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: STREAM TyNi Single HERE: Stream FREAKSHOW by PERFECT here:   This weeks Homies are: @perfectllc @raymormusic @drujefe @officialtorrion @kako.66   New Years 2021, Happy New Years, Whole Lotta Red, Soul Movie, WW84, Wonder Woman, Big Homies House, Big Homies, Big Facts Podcast, Gender Wars, Capriccio, Big Homie Tyni, Ty.Ni, New Years Resolution, 
Dec 28, 2020
44: Big Homies House E:44 - A Very Homie Christmas
It’s episode 44 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Nikki, Big Homie VON, and Big Homie Alondra Amore.  The Homies tapped in and we’re in the holiday spirit!!!! We talk about the water boy epidemic in atlanta, and if they’re really as dangerous as the city says. Would you let your kids believe in Santa, why not, and why are you that evil?? DJ Von digs into his show life with the hottest female artist of 2020, BIG LATTO, and do yall really like reading books, and CANCEL CULTURE!!!!!!  ALSO, who’s the WORST ARTIST OF 2020????? ALL THAT AND MORE!!! ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies are: @alondra.amore @MikkieTiquira @1DJVON Water Boys, Mulatto, Sex Lies video, Dream Body Studios, non surgical lipo, Cancel Culture, Santa Clause, Christmas 2020, Merry Christmas, Yam Cam, Happy New Year 2021, Covid Vaccine, coronavirus vaccine
Dec 21, 2020
43: Big Homies House E:43 - GUMMIE BEARS
It’s episode 43 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Jhonni, Big Homie Nikki, Big Homie Drumma Boy, and Big Homie Booman !  The Homies tapped in, and discussed Teyana Taylor and the state of R&B. Cancel Culture, and if it truly exists, and is canceling someone for old tweets the same as canceling someone for being racist when it was the norm??? Is a guy wrong for falling out of love with someone who physically let themselves go? All this and more, as well as NEW MUSIC ON THE WAY!!! Tap in with THE HOMIES !!! ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: Check Out Jhonni Blaze Singles Here: Check Out Nikki Sweets Singles Here:  This weeks Homies are: @ILoveNikkiSweets @imjhonniblaze @drummaboyfresh @boomanrsp Jhonni Blaze, Pfizer Vaccine, LHHATL,  Meek Mill, Water Boys, Lenox Mall, Teyana Taylor, Larsa Pippen, Summer Walker, Cancel Culture,  Ugly Friend, NBA Preseason, Jack Harlow, Drumma Boy 
Dec 14, 2020
42: Pride Aside: E42: LGBTQ EDITION
The Reason For This Episode Is To Get An Understanding Of Things From The Point Of View Of The LGBTQ COMMUNITY. Discussing different things that afflict them being members of their chosen community.  This weeks homies are  @acebking @Kyddoe @Taay.Anthony,   @wynntwinsofficial #Lgbtq #Lesbian #Gay #Publicinterview #Podcast #Stud #Transgender #Atlanta #Pride # Queer #bisexual #Instagram #Bigo #Tiktok #Asiahn #ButtaNotButter #TheBigHomiesHouse 
Dec 07, 2020
41: Big Homies House E:41 - The Thankful Homies
Big Homies House E:41 - The Thankful Homies     It’s episode 41 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Tina, Big Homie Tokyo Vanity, Big Homie BMD in the BUILDING!!! We had the homies in this week, EATING GOOD AGAIN and discussing all things GUCCI VS JEEZY!!! Who won the most anticipated VERZUZ matchup of all time? Why are people trolling Saweetie and Quavo relationship???  We also tapped into the newest releases of the week, Meg thee Stallion and Jeezy dropped… whats the synopsis???  Also! Would you be embarrassed if your date paid for the meal with a bunch of COUPONS!!!! AND what is up with the HOOD DUDE fetish??? ALL THIS AND MORE!! TAP IN WITH THE HOMIES!!! Check out ALL of our podcasts HERE!: Check out TOKYO VANITY’S newest project “SBA” HERE:   This weeks Homies are: @TinaQueen_15 @TokyoxVanity  @BMD25 Tokyo Vanity, TinaQueen_15, Tok Tok, Gucci vs Jeezy, Verzuz, Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, JJ’s Chicken, SBA, Quavo, Saweetie, GOOD NEWS, Thee Stallion, Verzuz, LHHATL, Jeezy, Recession 2, Clubhouse, Kevin Hart
Nov 30, 2020
40: Big Homies House E:40 - Big Rich Homies
Big Homies House E:40 - Big Rich Homies It’s episode 40 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Kamillion, Big Homie Skittlez, Big Homie Coco in the BUILDING!! We had the homies in this week, to eat good food and discuss the success of Kamillions VIRAL hit, “Twerk For Me”! We also dive into the Gucci vs Jeezy VERZUZ battle,  Biden and his politics , and if you’d give Trump any Kitty !   Also...are you getting your man a PS5??? Do you even like men that play video games???? And do we miss out on Good partners because of our physical standards???  This weeks Homies are: @itskamillion @originalskittlezz  @daammnblac_  Million MAGA March, Gucci vs Jeezy, Verzuz, Jeremih, President Trump, President Biden, 2020 Election, Stop The Count, Kamillion, Twerk For Me, PS5, Mulatto, Good News, Meg Thee Stallion, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving 2020, Friendsgiving. 
Nov 23, 2020
39: Big Homies House E:39 - Big Rich Homies
It’s episode 39 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Brittni, Big Homie June, and Big Homie Kai We had the homies in this week,  and we tapped in with the fallout from the elections, sneaky flyouts... and has Nicki Minaj become raps fairy God Mother? Also we dig into what June The Genius is cooking up, and why he hasn’t gotten that Meg Thee Stallion placement yet... and is Brittni throwing shade at Futures new baby mama??  Tap in with the Homies !   This weeks Homies are: @thebrittni @junethejenius @kailynn_prettypisces  Million MAGA March, Future, Pluto x Baby Pluto, Dess Dior, Nicki Minaj, Mulatto, Gucci vs Jeezy, Verzuz, Jeremih, President Trump, President Biden, 2020 Election, Stop The Count, 
Nov 16, 2020
38: Big Homies House E:38 - Freaky Tales
It’s episode 38 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Beli, Big Homie BJ, Big Homie Tyni, Big Homie Ms London  We had the homies in this week, and we are wrapping up election season, Lil Wayne has joined the ranks of Donald Trump, along with Lil Pump.. they canceled ? Has the Shaderoom gone too far, have we evolved past the need for the Shaderoom? We dip into the BET Hip Hop awards, winners and losers, are the City Girls the best group in rap??? And we get into the life of our resident Mattress Actress, Ms. London! Tap in with the homies!!!!  This weeks Homies are: @REALDJBJ @therealmslondon @kingbelimusic Ms. London, XXX, Onlyfans, BET Hip Hop awards, City Girls, JT Yung Miami, My Turn, Lil Baby album, Savage Remix, President Trump, President Biden, 2020 Election, Stop The Count, 
Nov 09, 2020
37: Big Homies House E:37 - Buy Your Own Birkin
It’s episode 37 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Alex, Big Homie Talon, and 3 x Grammy Nominated Big Homie BJ!  We had the homies in this week to wrap up Halloween, and they did not disappoint. We give Tory and Meg some more of our unsolicited opinions, discuss the BBL epidemic, and do you really deserve a birkin bag? Kick it with the Homies!  This weeks Homies are: @REALDJBJ @AlexThatMediaGurl @shutuptalon  Meg and Tory, 2020 Election, Election Day 2020, Rance Allen, BBL, Lipo, New Body, Halloween 2020
Nov 02, 2020
36: Big Homies House E:36 - Who Is Mike Jones
It’s episode 36 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Fresh, Big Homie Izzy, Big Homie Rissy in the BUILDING!!!   This week, we dedicate more time to talking about Tory Lanez and Meg, the ongoing issue that seemingly won’t go away! Also, does everyone settle?  We got the homies from Oakland, CA in the building! More on the way! Tune in! ALL THIS AND MORE, TUNE IN !!!!  This weeks Homies are: @TMGFresh @rissyblessed @izzylareina  Meg and Tory, Offset arrested, Settling, Relationship issues, Oakland, 2020 Election, Atl podcast, Mike Jones 
Oct 26, 2020
35: Big Homies House E:35 - Thick Homies House
It’s episode 35 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week,  Big Homie Chose, Big Homie Ashley, Big Homie Ms Benjamin and Big Homie Slim in the building! We are gathered here today to celebrate the massive TikTok success of DJ CHOSE smash hit THICK!!! So tune in as we discuss the joys of “TEAM NO KIDS”, Cardi B and Offset potential divorce, a man helping his baby mom out with her bills, minimum/max amount of sex required a week.  ALL THIS AND MORE, TUNE IN !!!!  This weeks Homies are: @DJCHOSE @iamashley_d @msbenjaminn @x_rudeass_slim Ashley D, Cardi B, Offset, TiKTok, #ThickChallenge, Dating In Atlanta, Cardi B divorce, Team No KIDS, baby mama drama, 
Oct 19, 2020
34: Big Homies House E: 34 - THE LOST EPISODE
It’s episode 34 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Lola and Big Homie Robiiiworld in the building! This episode took forever to get to y’all, but it’s HERE ! We talked about cock blocking, paying bills, and how women have their double standards. It’s wild out here. TUNE IN.  This weeks guest include  @robiiiworld @gotdamlola NBA Finals, Lebron James, Bronny James, Kobe, Lakers , Miami Heat, Bardi, Cardi B, Offset, Las Vegas, Los Angeles , Thee Stallion, BET Awards, Trollz, Barbz, Nicki Minaj, Onika, NBA Youngboy, 1501 Certified, Carl Crawford
Oct 13, 2020
33: Big Homies House E:33 - This Is The Remix
It’s episode 33 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week,  Big Homie SUEDE THE REMIX GOD, Big Homie Buffie, Big Homie Coco, Big Homie Erica, Big Homie Rebel! We got a packed house, and we talk about strip club culture in atlanta, who’s giving it up behind those curtains? The instagram cap, why is the fake lifestyle at an all time high??? Then we get into the dark skinned vs light skinned debate, is it really as bad as advertised?? And what are some SMALL things that can make someone more or less attractive to you??? Join In on on the conversation and FOLLOW THE HOMIES!!! This weeks Homies are: @daammnblac_ @brixxz_buffyyy @trapqueenrebel @remixgodsuede Tory Lanez, Dark Skinned, Light Skinned, Blue Ivory, Colorism, Blue Flame, Trump, Atlanta Falcons, NFL Football, Megan, SNL, Trump Has COVID, Atlanta Strip Club, Savage FENTY
Oct 05, 2020
32: Big Homies House E:32 - Compton, NY
It’s episode 32 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week,  Big Homie Kalan.FRFR and Big Homie in the building, we talk about Offset and Cardi B’s divorce, choosing money over your man,  is weed addictive? And we also compare two thick womens booties, so that’s cool.:-) Also, should your man love you more than you love him for the relationship to work? And can you be with someone that’s practicing celibacy???? Join the homies in the conversation this week!  This weeks Homies are: @kalan.frfr @Sorealsopretty  @x_rudeass_slim  Lebron James, NBA Finals, Miami Heat, Kalan.FRFR, LA Rappers, Daystar, Tory Lanez, Meg Thee Stallion, Amy Coney, Compton, Celibacy, Cardi B, Offset , CardiSet, BBL
Sep 28, 2020
31: Big Homies House E:31 - PREGNESSY
It’s episode 31 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week,  we have Big Homie Stina back in the building, Big Homie Fredo, Big Homie Spanky, and Big Homie Coco Blac !! We dig into whether or not Travis Scott is REALLY cool, and his partnership with McDonalds. John Wall throwing up his set at a house party and the subsequent backlash over it.  Also, do guys really use dental dams? And why are the women scamming on OnlyFans? Secret IG pages? All that and MORE tap in with the homies!  This weeks Homies are: @daammnblac_ @blackboyspanky @stinadias @cantforgetfredo_ McDonalds, Travis Scott, John Wall, Naomi Osaka, Cardi B, Offset, CardiSet, Follies, Atlanta Podcast, PS5, Serena Williams, Megan Thee Stallion, Mulatto, XXL Freshman Cypher, XXL, Hennessy 
Sep 21, 2020
30: Big Homies House E:30 - God Bless The Homies
It’s episode 30 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we have Big Homie Princess Aquafina, and Big Homie Trap Beckham! We talk about wild life of child and spousal support, do you really need $53k a month to raise a kid? Weird kinks, and should women jump in to defend their man if he’s getting jumped? The answers may surprise you! This weeks Homies are: @princess_aquafina @trapbeckham Trap Beckham, Future, Eliza Reign, Baby Future, Child Support, Dr. Dre, Labor Day, Birthday Chick, Make America Great Again, Make America Shake Again, Donald Trump, Trump 2020
Sep 14, 2020
29: Big Homies House E:29 - ATLANTA WOMEN ARE WEIRD
It’s episode 29 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we have Big Homie Nardo, Big Homie Benzie returns, and the debut of Big Homie Sir Paul! We talk about the crazy dating scene in Atlanta, who has it better, men or women? The sudden passing of iconic actor, Chadwick Boseman, and does Doja Cat REALLY DESERVE TO BE CANCELED?  Also, would you rather have your debts cleared or an engagement ring? Come kick it with the homies!  This weeks Homies are: @theesirpaul @nardomula @thereallulbenzie Tory Lanez, Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther, Atlanta Dates, Dating In Atlanta, , Thee Stallion, Megan Thee Stallion , WAP video, Lul Benzie, Robiiiworld, Hotties, Breonna Taylor, E&J l, Tik Tok, Doja Cat, Do It Remix, Labor Day 2020
Sep 07, 2020
28: Big Homies House E:28 - Uncle Erk & Jerk
It’s episode 28 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, and we got Big Homie Blak Boy, Big Homie Shawnny , Big Homie Jayla O in the building! We talk about the newest revelations surrounding Tory Lanez popping a pistol at Megan’s Pinky Toe, can an unattractive female rapper be successful long term ? Why are they using Breonna Taylor as a marketing tool, and would you rather catch Big Rona, or have a baby? TUNE IN FOR ONE CRAZY AFTERNOON WIT THE HOMIES!  Tory Lanez, WAP, Bardi Gang, Thee Stallion, Megan Thee Stallion , WAP video, Sukihana, chika , xxl cover, Hotties, Breonna Taylor, E&J 
Aug 31, 2020
27: Big Homies House E:27 - {REDACTED}
It’s episode 27 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we have Big Homie Leci, Big Homie Ayanna, Big Homie B Lean checking in... and we talk about A LOT ! The ongoing saga between Meg and Tory Lanez...Talib Kweli bullying black women on twitter . We discuss the XXL Cover and if a female rapper who doesn’t appeal to women can be successful... and can luxury exist if everyone has access to it?  All these things and more on one of the WILDEST episodes yet... BIG HOMIES HOUSE  Telfar Bags, Telfar, WAP, Bardi Gang, Thee Stallion, Megan Thee Stallion , WAP video, Sukihana, chika , xxl cover, Hotties, Talib Kweli, MoneyyMaya, Tory Lanez, Saweetie, 
Aug 30, 2020
26: Big Homies House E:26 - WAP and Wings
It’s episode 26 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Martez stopping by to kick it with THE HOMIES !! We talk about the #WAP epidemic, and if people are going to hard on Meg and Cardi. Should a woman be totally dependent on a man to pay her bills if she lays down with him? And.. would you rather have an unexpected kid RIGHT NOW... or catch corona??? JOIN THE HOMIES!    This weeks Homies are  @yunngmartez  Baecation, WAP, Bardi Gang, Thee Stallion, Megan Thee Stallion , WAP video, Sukihana, pregnancy, fatherhood, tricking, Hotties
Aug 17, 2020
25: Big Homies House E:25 - DA BAYANG
It’s episode 25 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Ant checking back in, Big Homie Lex and Big Homie Niecey in also!! We bring up Vado putting hands on Tahiry and whether or not men should jump in to defend women in violent altercations. Also, Should you be able to sue your parents for ruining your credit at a young age???  Would you accept a baecation if you had to pay for half of it? Comment below AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION!! This weeks Homies are  @salutechi_ @ogneicy @hasanxxiv   Baecation, bad credit, Dwayne Wade, Zaya Wade, Lebron James, Bronny James, Da BAYANG, Bangs, Atlanta Podcast
Aug 10, 2020
24: Big Homies House E:24 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOMIE
It’s episode 24 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Dominique and Big Homie Dev checking in with us ! More E&J more problems! We celebrating my birthday with a PLETHORA of new topics. We talk about how Rubi Rose scammed her OnlyFans followers, Meek Mill breaking things off wit his boo, more details emerging behind what happened between Meg and Tory Lanez.  Also, how would you feel about finding out you were actually related to BAE and they were your cousin the whole time? YIKES. ALL THIS AND MORE. TUNE IN!!!
Aug 04, 2020
23: Big Homies House E:23 - WINGS AND WOMEN
It’s episode 23 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Nova, Big Homie Z, and Big Homie Freddy checking in with us ! This week we got the E&J flowing and the good times rolling. We discuss who shot the good sis Meg Thee Stallion in the FOOT. Rubi Rose running off on OnlyFans for $20k, protecting the streets from the streets... and what women need to do to secure a BAG from men in 2020!!! Tune in!!!  This weeks Homies are  @nova_mariposa  @ttgfred6 @zelietimothy booked by @mollyworldcasting
Jul 28, 2020
22: Big Homies House E:22 - ENTANGLED?
It’s episode 22 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Journii Big Homie Sasha and Big Homie TP in the building! This week we’re ENTANGLED in the affairs of will and Jada, what does it mean to SAVE a woman, misogynistic raps, and is your girl worth a lambo truck? Get like Saweetie and TAP IN !!! This weeks guest include  @ogxtp @journiilove @sashanofierce @msjourniilove Thee Stallion, Torey Lanez, BET Awards, Trollz, Barbz, Jack Harlow, Jetson Made, NBA Youngboy, Jada Smith Pinkett, Will Smith, August Alsina , Entanglement, Entangled
Jul 28, 2020
21: Big Homies House E:21 - BIG HOMIE BANKS
It’s episode 21 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Erica Banks, Big Homie Blak Boy, and Big Homie Stina in the building! Our 1501 Certified family came through to clear the air on the Meg Thee Stallion comparisons after he latest viral freestyle. We also find out who her lyrical inspiration ACTUALLY is.... and we dig into the relationship topics.. are you pressed to make your man a plate at a family function? Tap in on this weeks episode.  This weeks guest include: @realericabanks @djblakboy @stinadias Thee Stallion, BET Awards, Trollz, Barbz, Nicki Minaj, Onika, NBA Youngboy, 1501 Certified, Carroll Crawford 
Jul 09, 2020
20: Big Homies House E:20 - HOMIES GONE WILD
It’s episode 20 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we have Big Homie Tyni and Big Homie Slim back in the building, and this very well be the filthiest episode ever ! We talk about B Simone and her book, having work boos, cheap dates, our most toxic traits, and there’s a very intimate demonstration with a Ciroc bottle... maybe this should go on OnlyFans instead ... OH WELL.  This weeks guest include (  & @x_rudeass_slim Strippers, Twerking, Insecure HBO, HBO Max, OnlyFans, B Simone, Cancel Culture 
Jun 24, 2020
19: Big Homies House E:19 - SCOTTY
It’s episode 19 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we have Big Homie Kita, Big Homie Justin, Big Homie Romano in the building, and we talk MUSIC, ALIENS, SEX all while drinking the finest of tequila. Have you ever had a supernatural encounter? Worst “bad trip” experience, and we dip into some stock discussions !  This weeks guest include  @jcarp @kitareign @realxromano Racism, forex, aliens, super natural, Tekashi, TROLLZ, BET Awards, ATL Podcast, 
Jun 14, 2020
18: Big Homies House E:18 - Rebellion
It’s episode 18 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, the message is simple. BLACK LIVES MATTER. I have a trusted group of guests to vocalize a few of the frustrations we’re feeling as a nation. Not too much to say this week, as we discuss George Floyd , Breonna Taylor, and the racial issues that have divided our country the past few weeks. Tune in This weeks guest include  @markeena @daquera_ Racism, George Floyd, Karen, Target, Minneapolis, BLM, Black Lives Matter, Nat Turner, APD, Atlanta Podcast 
Jun 14, 2020
17: Big Homies House E:17 - Karens With Attitude
It’s episode 17 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this weeks guests have A LOT on their mind! We have Big Homie DC and Big Homie Benz in the building, and we’re talking about Doja Cat and CANCEL CULTURE, we touch on George Floyd and the Minneapolis riots. We also introduce our new segment LETTER FROM FLORIDA with Big Homie T! Also, would you let your friend propose at your wedding?????  We got all this and more, I PROMISE you.. this is one for the BOOKS.  This weeks guest include  @iamflyguydc@thereallulbenzie Racism, George Floyd, Karen, Robiiiworld, Target, Minneapolis, Doja Cat, Say So Remix, Atlanta Podcast, Amy Cooper, 
Jun 03, 2020
15: Big Homies House E:15 - Run With Ahmaud
May 29, 2020
16: Big Homies House E:16 - Butta Graduated!
May 29, 2020
14: Big Homies House E:14- No More Puppies
Rubi Rose, Lil TJay, fly outs, Chris stylezz, dussepalooza, Atlanta Podcast, Blogxilla, Ahmed Aubrey
May 14, 2020
13: Big Homies House E13: Big Homie Ryan
Coronavirus, Vibez, Atlanta Podcast, Jhonni Blaze, OnlyFans, Cinco De Mayo, Shaderoom
May 08, 2020
12: Big Homies House E12: Cashapp Kennels
Big Homies House Episode 12!!!  ITS 4/20 EPISODE SO WE BROKE OUT THE HOUSE!! Big Homie Kodaq ft Big Homie Michelle, Big Homie Justin, & Big Homie Cherise     .  QUARENTINE QUARENTINE QUARENTINE!!! Quarantine has everybody out here tryna make money however they can!! I guess these stimulus checks weren’t hitting enough for the people. Is Only Fans the new come up ladies?? This episode we talk about the Instagram pyramid schemes, being broke, forex, peace of mind & Only Fans. Tune in for more. Not gonna wanna miss this!!!!  Follow myself & today’s guests: @bighomiekodaq  @queen.cheriseroze @jcarp @michelbombshell @thebighomieshouse
Apr 29, 2020
11: Big Homies House E11: Free Joe Exotic
It’s Episode 11 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE!!! And we’re still on quarantine and the CORONAVIRUS is getting REAL!! We got Big Homie K’ona Lisa and Big Homie Brii in the building. We talked about taking COVID-19 serious throughout the community, creators creating during quarantine, and  Boosie QTP Day, was he really giving that $1000? K’ona gives insight about being a black women in the industry, supporting her career financially, and wanting her music to touch listeners despite her looks. Tune in for more! Not gonna wanna miss this!!! Follow myself and today’s guests, @bighomiekodaq @kona.lisa @bristhename @thebighomieshouse
Mar 31, 2020
10: Big Homies House E10: Quarantine & Chill
It’s Episode 10 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE!!! And we’re still locked down, but we broke out of our mandated isolation to bring you this weeks!!! We got Big Homie Hasan in the building today , and we talk about what who we’d want to be quarantined in with, signs that she’s curving you, and why women are so AWFUL at shooting their shot! We also ask the important question, why are successful women attached to the pockets of their spouse? Tune in!!! Follow myself and today’s guests,  @bighomiekodaq @hasanxxiv @casheezy @thebighomieshouse
Mar 24, 2020
9: Big Homies House E9: CORONAVIRUS!!! CORONAVIRUS!!!
It’s Episode 9 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE!!! And we’re packed In and isolated trying not to catch the CORONAVIRUS!!! We got Big Homie Miyya, Big Homie Butta, Big Homie TayPay in the building today , and we talk about what we’d change if WE were running the country, dating flirtatious people, and the most insane conspiracy theories that we ACTUALLY believe are true !  I also ask the girls if they think Ari is more famous than G Herbo, and should you be required to disclose std status, even if you’re not currently having an outbreak? Tune in for more! Not gonna wanna miss this!!!  Follow myself and today’s guests,  @bighomiekodaq  @buttanotbutter @miyaaj_ @taayypaayy @thebighomieshouse  Coronavirus, Social distancing, G Herbo, Ari, quarantine , quarantine and chill, Trump, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Rona, Corona
Mar 17, 2020
8: Big Homies House E8: Steven Spielberg Daughter Is Kinda Ugly
The 8th edition of #TheBigHomiesHouse , and we have BIG HOMIE KANDY back in the building along with Big Homie Willie B. We talk about the legendary Hollywood Director, Steven Spielberg, and his daughters foray into being an adult film star, we talk about Waka Flocka...and how I think lyricism in rap is overrated. We take a look at how poppin this years Black History Month was. Is helping another woman pick her nail color cheating????? And do nice guys really finish last??? Join the discussion in the comments!! Follow our guests from this episode  @eatmah_kandy @_willie_bee @thebighomieshouse  Steven Spielberg, Mikaela George Spielberg, Cheating, Dating In Atlanta, Willie Bee, Waka Flocka, Lyrical Rap, Hip Hop Podcast, WORLDSTAR, WORLDSTAR Hip Hop
Mar 11, 2020
7: Big Homies House E7: First Date Sex
We had fun with this episode, we brought up the Big Homie ET, along with Big Homie Sunni !!! We talk about giving up the the first date, you with it or against it!!?? We also talk about pretty privilege , ladies...‘are you against using your looks to get ahead???? Also, we know men love having multiple women, is it cool for the women to get in on the fun with POLYAMOROUS relationships!!??? Follow our guests from this episode  @etcali  @imsunii_dii @thebighomieshouse 
Mar 04, 2020
6: Big Homies House E6: The LHHMIA Edition
We had a SPECIAL edition of the Big Homies House this week, with the addition of Nikki Natural from Love & Hip Hop Miami, DJ Creations, as well as Drea from Pour Minds and Kiki from Cock Tales!!! We discuss the epidemic of CLOUT CHASING , and which gender is a victim of the social media trend. We also talk about influencer culture ... should influencers be compelled to pay for things they’re asked to promote??????? Nikki Natural chops it up with us about her appearance on Love & Hip Hop, and why Birdman (yes, that Birdman) said he wouldn’t want to sign a female artist!!!! We also dive into the dating world and get into GHOSTING CULTURE. Why does it exist???? Are you a perpetrator of it? And also... are you REALLY here for a “family friendly” version of FreakNik????? It’s a wild one! Tune in to the Homies on social media ! @thebighomieshouse @bighomiekodaq @dreanicoleee @kikisaidso @nikkinatural @djcreations
Feb 26, 2020
5: Big Homies House E5: Stop Being Poor
It’s Episode 5 of the BIG HOMIES HOUSE! And this week, we have Big Homie Butta back in the building , along with Big Homie Ant and Big Homie and Big Homie Risha!!! We discuss topics about RACE and race relations, do black people really support each other ? Why are we so hard on R Kelly/Bill Cosby but not Weinstein? Should you be broke and dating? and how soon is too soon to be asking for help on your bills with a new guy you’re talking to???? Join in on the discussions!!!!! R Kelly, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Big Homie, Black History Month, Black People, February, Atlanta Podcast, HBCU Life
Feb 18, 2020
4: Big Homies House E4- Happy Valentines Day, Loser
Episode Four of Big Homies House The Valentines Edition!!!!!! In the building we have Big Homie Lex, Big Homie 17 and Big Homie Lola discussing Gervonta Davis snatching up his baby’s momma, dating outside your race , Valentine’s Day, and more. Is Waffle House a first date?? What does it mean if he breaks up with you 3 days before Valentine’s Day? Can you be pro black and in an interracial relationship?? Find out on episode Four: The Valentines Edition of The Big Homies House!!  Follow us on Instagram @TheBigHomiesHouse  Twitter @BigHomiesHouse !!
Feb 13, 2020
3: Big Homies House E3 - We Love You Kobe
This episode we took time to honor the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, who were tragically killed in a helicopter crash. We discuss the Bryant legacy and impact on not just basketball and urban culture but the world ! We also talk about the GRAMMYS winners and losers, along with the legendary ROC NATION BRUNCH! Would you pass up $70k for the option to network with Hollywood elite? Also, what are some relationship dealbreakers? Cheating? Domestic Violence? Our panel weighs in! Follow us on social media! Twitter: @BigHomiesHouse Instagram: @TheBigHomiesHouse
Feb 13, 2020
2: Big Homies House E2: Love In The Strip Club
It’s episode TWO of The Big Homies House! We have our local Kansas City Chiefs fan @StinaDias and our favorite retired stripper to discuss the Atlanta strip club scene, Aaron Hernandez, and DATING IN ATLANTA!!!!!! Follow us on social media IG: TheBigHomiesHouse and Twitter: BigHomiesHouse !!!!!
Feb 13, 2020
1: Big Homie's House E1: Boosie the Nupe
It’s the kickoff episode for Big Homies House, and we hit the ground running. The flavor of the week is Boosie Badazz and his trolling of the Kappa Alpha Psi organization, so we had to bring up two Nupes Leeadrian and Clay James... and get their opinions on the situation! We also talk about the blossoming relationship of Future + Lori Harvey... is this thing real, or is it a toxic implosion waiting to happen? We also delve into whether Ari has gold digger tendencies, or if her relationships are a product of her circle!  Our resident bad bxtch Kandy, (@eatmah_kandy on IG) gives us her opinions on dating on a budget and her date horror stories! Also... is it bad when men wanna know if that coonchie comes with a price tag? You’re not gonna wanna miss this!
Feb 13, 2020