There Are No Girls on the Internet

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Marginalized voices have always been at the forefront of the internet, yet our stories often go overlooked. Bridget Todd chronicles our experiences online, and the ways marginalized voices have shaped the internet from the very beginning. We need monuments to all of the identities that make being online what it is. So let’s build them.

Episode Date
How The Matrix Explains a Trans Experience
Vox’s Emily VanDerWerff talks about the 1999 film The Matrix as an allegory for the trans experience. Donate to House of Tulip: Read Emily’s piece on The Matrix:
Aug 04, 2020
Talia Jane vs Yelp
After Talia Jane called out Yelp for failing to pay a living wage, she became the "entitled millennial" poster child. But she was actually right. Read the Wired profile on Talia's life: Read Talia's Medium piece:
Jul 28, 2020
Writer Keah Brown created the #DisabledAndCute movement to celebrate how people with disabilities love their bodies. She talks about the ways disability shows up online and off. TANGOTI.COM for transcripts and more
Jul 21, 2020
Tune Into: Disabled and Cute
Join Bridget as she talks to writer and digital activist Keah Brown who created a hashtag that celebrates people with disabilities. #DisabledAndCute Each and every Tuesday catch a new episode of There Are No Girls On the Internet!
Jul 16, 2020
How Black Women Tried to Save Twitter
After Shafiqah Hudson uncovered bad actors pretending to be Black women on Twitter, spreading disinformation and dischord, she sounded the alarm to Twitter officials. Unfortunately, they ignored her. So she created the hashtag #YourSlipIsShowing to help stamp them out herself.
Jul 14, 2020
Tune Into: How Black Women Tried to Save Twitter
Join the conversation with Bridget and Shafiqah Hudson as she explains how she outed an army of bots pretending to be Black women on Twitter. Each and every Tuesday catch a new episode of There Are No Girls On the Internet!
Jul 11, 2020
July 7th is Blackout Day 2020, an initiative meant to protest police brutality and racial injustice. Here’s the complicated story behind the original Black Out Day created by Mars Sebastian. In an interview that’s both hilarious and heartbreaking, Mars talks about her fight to be more than a footnote in the digital movement she created.
Jul 07, 2020
Jeffrery Epstein, MIT and the Grad Student Who Spoke Up
You might know that connections to convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein led to the resignation of the director of the MIT Media Lab, Joi Ito, after a Ronan Farrow exposé. But fewer people know that Arwa Mboyaa, a Kenyan virtual reality programmer and MIT student, bravely called for Ito to step down before Farrow’s piece. Mboyaa talks about how the bravery and community of women and girls gave her the courage to take a stand.
Jul 07, 2020
How Women Built the Internet
Claire Evans is one half of the band Yacht. She’s also a tech historian who archives women’s contributions in tech and computing in her book Broadband. Claire lays out how women were always at the forefront of technology and computing and how our contributions were erased over time.
Jul 07, 2020
Introducing: There Are No Girls on the Internet
Jun 26, 2020