The Orange Tree

By The Drag Audio Production House

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Category: True Crime

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Alan W
 Sep 17, 2020

 Aug 5, 2020
Great reporting and interesting case.


Fifteen years ago, 21-year-old Jennifer Cave went out with her friend Colton Pitonyak to celebrate getting a new job. She never showed up for her first day of work. Two days later, Jennifer’s body was found at The Orange Tree, a condo complex near the University of Texas at Austin. Pitonyak, a promising UT business student who lived in the condo, had fled to Mexico … and he wasn’t alone. He had gone with another UT student, Laura Hall. The crime’s gruesome nature, Pitonyak’s surprising defense and Hall’s mysterious involvement shocked the city of Austin. The Orange Tree is reported and hosted by Tinu Thomas and Haley Butler, who started working on the story when they were journalism students who lived and went to classes just a few blocks from the crime scene. From The Drag, a new audio production house based in the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas.

Episode Date
Full trailer: ‘The Orange Tree’

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Aug 07, 2020
Episode 1: The Orange Door

Sharon Cave knows something is wrong the second she gets a call from her daughter Jennifer’s boss saying Jennifer didn’t show up for her first day at work. When no one can give her an answer as to where Jennifer was the night before, Sharon and her family set out on their own investigation. They...

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Aug 04, 2020
Episode 2: Jennifer’s Story

In 2005, Jennifer Cave was navigating through the best and worst parts of her early 20s. She moves to Austin after high school in hopes of figuring out what she wants to do with her life and gets caught up in a party lifestyle. One night, right before the start of a promising new job,...

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Jul 28, 2020
Episode 3: Vacation

Austin Police detectives search for a UT student wanted in connection with the death of Jennifer Cave. Colton Pitonyak, a promising business student and Jennifer’s friend, fled the scene of the crime right before her body was discovered at his condo. Since his Toyota Avalon is still parked at the Orange Tree Condos, police have...

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Jul 23, 2020
Episode 4: Whodunit

It’s January 2007, and Colton Pitonyak has been sitting in a Travis County jail awaiting his trial. His family didn’t post bail, so he has been behind bars since August 2005 when he was arrested after fleeing to Mexico for six days with Laura Hall. The Travis County Courthouse is packed for what everyone expects...

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Jul 21, 2020
Episode 5: Obsession

A few days after Colton Pitonyak and Laura Hall were found in Mexico, Laura is called in to pick up her impounded car’s keys at the Austin Police headquarters. When she shows up, she’s led to a small room to be questioned by the police. Detectives are trying to figure out what her involvement is...

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Jul 16, 2020
Episode 6: Wild Card

Fellow inmates say Laura Hall has been talking in jail about her role in the Jennifer Cave case. She continues to talk when out on bond, others say. As Colton Pitonyak’s appeals lawyers look for an angle to try to get him a new trial, the lawyers convince several people to swear that Laura had a much larger role than anyone knew. Will it be enough to get Colton a new trial?

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Jul 14, 2020
Episode 7: Fifteen Years

Laura Hall seeks to move on after her release from prison ... and she has a lot to say. Colton Pitonyak remains in a West Texas prison as his parents hold onto hope that he’ll someday return to Arkansas. Sharon and Jim continue to fight on Jennifer Cave’s behalf, and they also fight for strangers who find themselves in tragic and traumatic situations. Fifteen years later, the wounds have not healed.

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Jul 14, 2020