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What happens to all that stuff on America’s favorite antiques show once the cameras leave town? DETOURS reveals the stories, secrets, and surprises of TV treasures which go beyond the screen. Join host Adam Monahan, a longtime producer with WGBH’s Antiques Roadshow on a journey of discovery from behind the scenes of the hit PBS series. Each episode tells the deeper story of one object, amazing and amusing listeners along the way. From WGBH and PRX.

Episode Date
Carolyn’s Next Chapter

Carolyn Hollander brought two items for appraisal at GBH’s Antiques Roadshow: an engraved gold watch and a leatherbound book. The book is over two hundred pages thick, complete with photographs, a family tree, and personal stories -- all compiled by her grandfather, a supreme court judge in 1930s Germany. Carolyn never met her grandfather, who was killed during the Holocaust.  Carolyn’s visit to Roadshow begins a journey to recover her family’s artifacts lost during the Holocaust.

See pages from Carolyn’s family record book and more: Go to and let us know what you think of our show.

Nov 23, 2020
The Case of the Missing Panels

Inspector Adam Monahan dusts off his deerstalker cap to investigate an 18th century Chinese screen painting. But when the screen surprisingly sells at auction for over ten times the estimated value, to a Korean bidder, the origins of the screen are suddenly thrown into question. In this ‘Roadshow Radio Mystery Special,’ Adam goes on the hunt to learn where this screen actually comes from.

Here is the screen for your screening:

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Nov 09, 2020
That Time the FBI Called

Photographs of Edgar Allan Poe are incredibly rare. The famed writer sat for portraits only a few times, resulting in eight unique images, known as daguerreotypes. When one appeared on the TV show in Omaha, NE it seemed too good to be true.  Then the FBI called.  It’s a tale never shared before on TV. And but for this podcast may be shared nevermore.

Check out the purloined portrait:

Oct 26, 2020
The King of Fakes Gets Faked

In 2013, GBH’s Antiques Roadshow appraiser John Buxton met a guest claiming to have an ancient Mayan carving. Buxton’s gut said this was a fake but the guest had paperwork proving otherwise. Is it possible Buxton’s instinct was right all along?  DETOURS host Adam dives into the deceitful  world of forged artifacts, following a story that still eludes appraiser John Buxton, AKA ‘the King of Fakes.’

Judge for yourself. Check out the Mayan Jade and more:

Oct 12, 2020
A Soldier for Sale

The legendary comedic duo Laurel & Hardy have a very dedicated fanbase. But will a relic toy soldier from their 1934 film, Babes in Toyland, have the owner laughing all the way to the bank? We follow one soldier’s march from appraisal to the auction block, to find out what it’s really worth. Along the way Adam crashes a meeting of the international Laurel and Hardy fan club - yes you read that correctly -- and tracks down the one other soldier known to survive from the film.

Sep 28, 2020
The Hardest Fact I Ever Checked

Adam Monahan, producer for GBH’s Antiques Roadshow, attempts to verify what could be one of the most valuable objects to ever appear on the program: a flag from John F. Kennedy’s famed navy boat, the PT-109. With the help of a chemist, an appraiser, an author and a curator (oh, and his mom too), Adam tries to determine whether or not we have a national treasure on our hands.

Sep 14, 2020
A Show About a Show About Old Stuff

What happens to all that stuff seen on WGBH’s Antiques Roadshow once the cameras leave town? The new DETOURS podcast picks up where the appraisals left off. Join host and longtime Roadshow producer Adam Monahan as he goes behind the scenes to reveal the stories, secrets, and surprises of some really old stuff never shared before.

Aug 31, 2020
Premiere preview – National treasure or not? The PT-109 flag that never made it to TV.
Jul 20, 2020