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 Oct 11, 2020


Warning: This is NOT a typical parenting podcast! Renee Reina is the mom friend you’ve always wanted and The Mom Room is the podcast you've always needed! Renee is not afraid to challenge parenting practices, ask the hard (and sometimes awkward) questions, tackle taboo topics and say what we're all thinking. From setting boundaries and refusing visitors after giving birth to breaking down why being the default parent is so hard, Renee is exploring and exposing the good, the bad, and the sh*tty parts of parenting. Holding a PhD in psychology in one hand and a diaper bag brimming with snacks in the other, Renee is not trying to “balance” it all and is on a mission to validate, educate, and entertain moms everywhere. So grab the cold cup of coffee you’ve reheated three times, push aside the mom guilt and enter The Mom Room, the #1 podcast for moms!  New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

Episode Date
SOLO: POV: You Always Set The Boundaries So, You're Always The Bad Guy
Dec 07, 2023
Navigating the Early Years of Motherhood, with Dr. Dina Kulik
Dec 05, 2023
SOLO: Thoughts on the "Daycare is Bad" Viral Video Part Two, with Liza
Nov 30, 2023
That Sleep Doc on Sleep Training, Melatonin, and Sound Machines
Nov 28, 2023
SOLO: Parenting Stages, Postpartum Anxiety, and Kids In Your Bed
Nov 23, 2023
Caitlin Murray aka Big Time Adulting on Motherhood
Nov 21, 2023
SOLO: Sleeping Separately & Sex Post Kids
Nov 16, 2023
The Effects of Smartphones on Kids, with Dr. Alison Yeung
Nov 14, 2023
SOLO: BravoCon Recap with Liza
Nov 09, 2023
Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact: Dr. Wendie Trubow on Environmental Toxins and Our Health
Nov 07, 2023
SOLO: The One Thing Always Missing From Parenting Advice
Nov 02, 2023
Kimberly King on Body Safety for Children and Empowering Parents
Oct 31, 2023
SOLO: Daycare, Working Moms, and Mom Guilt
Oct 26, 2023
Dr. Morgan Cutlip on Loving Your Kids Without Losing Yourself
Oct 24, 2023
SOLO: Hormones, Coffee, and David Beckham
Oct 19, 2023
Amanda Jewson on How We Can Improve Our Sleep
Oct 17, 2023
SOLO: Advice for New Moms - Your Needs Come First
Oct 12, 2023
Dr. Mariel Buqué on Trauma & Breaking the Cycle
Oct 10, 2023
SOLO: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Oct 05, 2023
Matthew McConaughey on Fatherhood, Marriage, and Just Because
Oct 03, 2023
SOLO: The Viral Video That Will Make Parents Put Their Phone Down
Sep 28, 2023
Zara Arshad on Romantic Attachment & Navigating Your Relationship After Baby
Sep 26, 2023
SOLO: What happens when mom gets sick?
Sep 21, 2023
Tiffani Thiessen on motherhood, advice for her younger self, and her new cookbook, Here We Go Again!
Sep 19, 2023
SOLO: Let's Talk About Kid's Birthday Parties
Sep 14, 2023
Overthinking How We React To "Bad" Behaviour, Back To School, and An Incredible Postpartum Story, with Ariana Christie
Sep 12, 2023
SOLO WITH MEMERE: Life Lessons, Relationship Advice, and Obviously Harry
Sep 07, 2023
The GREAT Pancake Debate, with Dr. Tracy Dalgleish
Sep 05, 2023
SOLO: Restraint Collapse, Empathy, and Consequences
Aug 31, 2023
Making Yourself a Priority, Self-Care, and Delicious Cookies, with Loren Brill
Aug 29, 2023
SOLO: Camp Drop-Off, JoBros, and Bethenny x Rachel
Aug 24, 2023
You Don't Need a 10-Step Skincare Routine, with Delavie Sciences Co-Founder, Dr. Kyle Landry
Aug 22, 2023
SOLO: The Admin of Being an Adult & Prioritizing Yourself
Aug 17, 2023
HOT TOPIC: Sharing Your Children on Social Media, with @mom.uncharted
Aug 15, 2023
SOLO: Taylor Swift, Books, and Life Things
Aug 10, 2023
Fill Your Damn Cup, with Stand-Up Comedian, Alyce Chan
Aug 08, 2023
SOLO: I have a PhD in fish & do private schools have sports?
Aug 03, 2023
Bedwetting, with Urologist (and Renee's husband), Dr. Pre
Aug 01, 2023
SOLO: The Photoshoot, Roadkill, and Colonoscopies
Jul 27, 2023
Marriage After Kids, Expectations, and Relationship Burnout, with Decoding Couples
Jul 25, 2023
SOLO: Lawn Care, Stand Up For Yourself, & Scrunchies Are Coming!
Jul 20, 2023
The Mental Load, Division of Labor, and Unicorn Spaces, with Zach Watson
Jul 18, 2023
SOLO: The Move & How Do We Work From Home With Kids?
Jul 13, 2023
Birth Trauma with Emily Edwards
Jul 11, 2023
SOLO: HFMD, Moving Week, and Taylor Swift
Jul 06, 2023
Jimmy On Relationships: The Mental Load & How to Have a Successful Marriage
Jul 04, 2023
SOLO: Constipation, Tantrums, and Snoring from Switzerland
Jun 29, 2023
Organizing, De-cluttering, and Simplifying Your Home, with Meg Golightly
Jun 27, 2023
MOM CHAT: The motherhood identity crisis, with Julie Brisebois
Jun 22, 2023
Co-Parenting After My Husband Came Out As Gay, with Jessica Frew
Jun 20, 2023
SOLO: Long Nails, Vanderpump, and the Eyelash from Hell
Jun 15, 2023
Consistency, Systems, and Regressions, with Carrie Bruno
Jun 13, 2023
Feeling Triggered, Looking Inward, and The Scrunchie Incident, with Dr. Tracy
Jun 08, 2023
Disney World: Tips and Tricks for Families, with Dana Stanley
Jun 06, 2023
The 300th Episode with Mom & Memere: Harry & London Adventures
Jun 01, 2023
Nutrient Deficiency and Optimal Wellness vs. Just Not Being Sick, with Needed Co-Founder, Julie Sawaya
May 30, 2023
SOLO: Mom Guilt & Partner Guilt
May 25, 2023
EP297. Our Cycles: Insomnia, Stress, and Balancing Hormones Naturally, with Hannah Greig
May 23, 2023
EP296. SOLO: Ultimate Bedtime Battles, Not Eating Dinner, and Mom Guilt
May 18, 2023
EP295: Dr. Cotler on Attachment: What is it and how to foster a secure pattern with your child
May 16, 2023
EP294. SOLO: The House Hunt & Real Estate Drama
May 11, 2023
EP293. The Pediatrician Mom on Fevers, Infections, and Information Overload
May 09, 2023
EP292. Massages, House-Hunting, and Sweet Potato Fries
May 04, 2023
EP291. The Pelvic Floor: Myths, Mobility, and Orgasms, with Aliya Dhalla
May 02, 2023
EP290. Astrid Loch on Infertility, IVF, and Making Treatments Accessible
Apr 27, 2023
EP289. Heather Rae El Moussa: Motherhood, Co-Parenting, and Her Village
Apr 25, 2023
EP288. People Pleasing, No One Is Entitled To Your Birth or Baby, and Sleep Training
Apr 20, 2023
EP287. Enjoy the Messy Middle with Day 1 Fertility Founder, Emily Getz
Apr 18, 2023
EP286. Heading To The UK To See Grandpa Harry!
Apr 13, 2023
EP285. Burnout & Mom-Hustle Culture, with Ahuva Hershkop
Apr 11, 2023
EP284. How and Why I Started The Mom Room
Apr 06, 2023
EP283. Talking Sex with Vanessa & Xander Marin
Apr 04, 2023
EP282. The Mental Load of Motherhood No One Talks About
Mar 30, 2023
EP281. GoCleanCo. (aka Sarah) on Social Media, Growing Her Business, and Cleaning (duh)
Mar 28, 2023
EP280. Staying Home, Going Back To Work, and Resentment
Mar 23, 2023
EP279. Support Your Hormones, with Miranda Popen
Mar 21, 2023
Mar 16, 2023
EP277. Dr. Shefali on Destroying the Fantasy, Parental Ego, and The Parenting Map
Mar 14, 2023
EP276. Vanderpump, Sugar Bugs, and Muffin
Mar 09, 2023
EP275. Julie Cole on Entrepreneurship with a "Crapload" of Kids
Mar 07, 2023
EP274. Poop Talk, Burnout, and We're...
Mar 02, 2023
EP273. How To Feed Your Baby & Cookie Day Drama, with Dr. Taylor Arnold
Feb 28, 2023
EP272. Our First Family "Vacation" & Prince Harry Can Talk About His Penis If He Wants!
Feb 23, 2023
EP271. MOM CHATS, with Robyn & Meagan
Feb 21, 2023
EP270. Harry Styles is My Grandpa & Eating Before Coffee
Feb 16, 2023
EP269. Everything Gut Health, with SuperGut Founder & CEO, Marc Washington
Feb 14, 2023
EP268. Behind the Scenes at the Grammys, with Reina
Feb 09, 2023
EP267. Housewives, Entrepreneurship, & Motherhood, with Roxy Earle
Feb 07, 2023
EP266. "You're angry! All you do is complain. You must hate motherhood!"
Feb 02, 2023
EP265. Achievement Anxiety, Quitting, and Success, with Dr. Dana Dorfman
Jan 31, 2023
EP264. Ask Renee: in-laws, mental load, husband not present, and more!
Jan 26, 2023
EP263. Rage, Anger, and Shame, with Jessie Ereddia
Jan 24, 2023
EP262. I Don't Have Friends, My Stupid Cycle, and Harry Styles
Jan 19, 2023
EP261. Mom Guilt, Mental Load, and Relationship Traps To Avoid, with Dr. Ashurina Ream
Jan 17, 2023
EP260. Things That Make Me Rage & Not Being Relatable
Jan 12, 2023
EP259. Vulva Dos and Don'ts, The Labia Library, & Feminine Hygiene Products, with Dr. Jennifer Lincoln
Jan 10, 2023
EP258. Dads Don't "Help" & Our Identity Post-Children
Jan 05, 2023
EP257. The Division of Labour, Sharenting, and Bluey, with Michael Vaughn
Jan 03, 2023
EP256. No, I'm Not Skipping His Bath or Letting Him Stay Up Till Midnight
Dec 29, 2022
EP255. From Swinging & Sex Clubs to Keeping Monogamy Hot, with Ashleigh Renard
Dec 27, 2022
EP254. Hormones & Hiding in the Basement
Dec 22, 2022
EP253. The Art of Communication & Fighting Fair, with Kelly Janes LMFT
Dec 20, 2022
EP252. Stay At Home Parents Need To Decompress Too & It's Not About The Dishes
Dec 15, 2022
EP251. Incontinence Q&A, with Urologist, Dr. Pre
Dec 13, 2022
EP250. Acupuncture, Getting In Shape, & Books Be Like...
Dec 08, 2022
EP249. Patterns of Conflict & Low Sexual Desire, with Andrea Lystrup
Dec 06, 2022
EP248. Anxiety, Santa Claus, and Rhythmic Gymnastics
Dec 01, 2022
EP247. The Dumb Dads
Nov 29, 2022
EP246. Tarot Cards, Lil Wayne, and 2023 Plans
Nov 24, 2022
EP245. Confidence & Positive Self-Esteem in Children, with Carrie Bruno
Nov 22, 2022
EP244. Mom Guilt & La La Land Adventures
Nov 17, 2022
EP243. Mom Chats, with Cathy & Hitashi
Nov 15, 2022
EP242. Ask Renee Anything And She Will Answer
Nov 10, 2022
EP241. Lindsay Arnold: Ten Years with DWTS, a Toddler, and a Pregnancy!
Nov 08, 2022
EP240. Loud Restaurants, Mango Margaritas, and Monday Morning
Nov 03, 2022
EP239. Parenting Then vs. Now, My Goth Phase, and More, with My Mom, Sue
Nov 01, 2022
EP238. Don't Do The Dishes, Elaborate Halloween Sh*t, and Miami
Oct 27, 2022
EP237. The Mental Load of Uncertainty, with Dr. Christine Sterling
Oct 25, 2022
EP236. Why Being The Flexible Parent Is Hard & Movie Club!
Oct 20, 2022
EP235. What is Intuitive Eating? Lunch Ideas, and Halloween Candy! With Dr. Taylor Arnold
Oct 18, 2022
EP234. Cookie Crisis of 2022, Denim Drama, and I'm Irritable
Oct 13, 2022
EP233. Bedtime Battles & Locks On The Doors, with Amanda Jewson
Oct 11, 2022
EP232. No Soliciting, Formula 1, and My Book Report
Oct 06, 2022
EP231. Welcome to the Jungle (aka Motherhood), with Anneliese Lawton
Oct 04, 2022
EP230. Bedwetting Q&A, with Urologist, Dr. Pre (Renee's Husband)
Sep 29, 2022
EP229. Twin Momming & TikTok Fame, with Adrea Garza
Sep 27, 2022
EP228. Pancake-Gate, Moles, and Boxes in the Mudroom
Sep 22, 2022
EP227. Protecting Yourself Financially, Talking Finances with Your Partner, and F*ck Off Funds, with Alyssa Davies
Sep 20, 2022
EP226. Back To School Transition & Restraint Collapse (OMG)
Sep 15, 2022
EP225. Romantic Attachment & Marriage After Baby, with Psychotherapist, Zara Arshad
Sep 13, 2022
EP224. Working to Staying Home, Morning Chaos, & Quitting
Sep 08, 2022
EP223. Everything Boundaries, with Dr. Tracy Dalgleish
Sep 06, 2022
EP222. Kindergarten Anxiety, The School Bus, & Quiet Car Rides
Sep 01, 2022
EP221. Realistic Expectations and Doing What Works For Your Family, with Carrie Bruno
Aug 30, 2022
EP220. Is It Burn Out? Lip Flips and TopGun!
Aug 25, 2022
EP219. Moms Are Busy: How routines can change our lives for the better, with Ashley Brown
Aug 23, 2022
EP218. Using Spider-Man play in a bedtime battle and being annoyed at a common situation!
Aug 18, 2022
EP217. Infertility, Frustration, and Sperm Helmets, with Filipa Jackson
Aug 16, 2022
EP216. A Hanson Rant & My Canada's Next Top Model Audition
Aug 11, 2022
EP215. Mom Chats, with Anonymous & Meg
Aug 09, 2022
EP214. Living that roommate life with your spouse?
Aug 04, 2022
EP213. What is the ultimate goal in parenting? With Michelle Kenney
Aug 02, 2022
EP212. Weekend recap, parenting accounts and, a typical marriage fight
Jul 28, 2022
EP211. Anxiety, Pop Culture and, Taking Your Kids To The Movies, with That Nerd Dad
Jul 26, 2022
EP210. Getting back on the Peloton and a rant on daycares and research
Jul 21, 2022
EP209. Oral Health and Austin Powers, with Renee's Dentist, Dr. Lo
Jul 19, 2022
EP208. Pad toots & pubic hair
Jul 14, 2022
EP207. Changing the Evil Step-Mom Narrative, with Jamie Scrimgeour
Jul 12, 2022
EP206. The tampon hunt of 2022, my nightmare, and why it's annoying when my husband washes the cars
Jul 07, 2022
EP205. Mommy, do you want to play? With KC Davis
Jul 05, 2022
EP204. Women's Anger is Justified and Necessary, with Soraya Chemaly
Jun 30, 2022
EP203. Potty Training Q&A with Renee
Jun 28, 2022
EP202. Butt sweat, J-Lo, and labias
Jun 23, 2022
EP201. Mom Chats with Amarjit & Anonymous
Jun 21, 2022
EP200. I have no tears left to cry thanks to the deer and healing sound-bath
Jun 16, 2022
EP199. Fatherhood, Marriage, and TikTok, with Scott D. Henry
Jun 14, 2022
Call Her Mommy: berries, turtles, soccer moms and, anxiety
Jun 09, 2022
EP197. What the research says about gentle parenting, time-outs, and more, with Dr. Cara Goodwin
Jun 07, 2022
Dear Renee: My mother-in-law...
Jun 02, 2022
EP195. Disney, Dating Your Husband and, Hot Mom Bods, with Emily Vondrachek
May 31, 2022
Call Her Mommy: "you have little kids for four years and if you miss it, it's done!"
May 26, 2022
EP193. How Our Own Childhood Effects Our Parenting, with Dr. Cindy Hovington
May 24, 2022
Call Her Mommy: kids, boring routines and, falling out of love
May 19, 2022
EP191. Motherhood, Style, and Skinny Jeans, with Charly Goss
May 17, 2022
Call Her Mommy: how to fight with your partner
May 12, 2022
EP189. Mom Chats with Akilah & June
May 10, 2022
Call Her Mommy: confused about having another baby... GASP!
May 05, 2022
EP187. Toxic Positivity, with Author and Psychotherapist, Whitney Goodman
May 03, 2022
Call Her Mommy: getting annoyed at your partner when your child has a meltdown
Apr 28, 2022
EP185. Body Safety and Helping Kids Set Healthy Boundaries, with Kimberly King
Apr 26, 2022
Call Her Mommy: my toddler made me cry
Apr 21, 2022
EP183. Division Of Labor In The Household, with Laura Danger
Apr 19, 2022
Call Her Mommy: The Default Parent Part 2
Apr 14, 2022
EP181. Trauma, Shame, and Stress in Children, with Psychologist, Dr. Chuck Geddes
Apr 12, 2022
Call Her Mommy: The Default Parent Part I
Apr 07, 2022
EP179. Coughs, Fevers, Vitamins and More! with Dr. Beachgem
Apr 05, 2022
Call Her Mommy: celebrities, TomTom, and catfish hotels
Mar 31, 2022
EP177. Adventurous Eating, Meal Prep, and Diet Culture, with Noelle Martin
Mar 29, 2022
Call Her Mommy: The week before Hollywood
Mar 24, 2022
EP175. Anxiety, Stress, and Social Media, with Dr. Melanie McNally
Mar 22, 2022
Call Her Mommy: Botox & filler, preparing for LA, and the Kim Kardashian controversy
Mar 17, 2022
EP173. Motherhood, Major Life Transitions, and Modern Families, with Linda Fruits
Mar 15, 2022
Call Her Mommy: A birthday gift to myself and our trip up north
Mar 10, 2022
EP171. Is Gentle Parenting Privileged Parenting? With Mr. Chazz
Mar 08, 2022
EP170. Parent's Night Out feat. Periods, Protests, and Police
Mar 03, 2022
EP169. Momtourage x The Mom Room
Mar 01, 2022
EP168. New Pod Who Dis?
Feb 24, 2022
EP167. Amelie's Incredible Story, with Child Safety Advocate, Leslie Bangamba
Feb 22, 2022
EP166. Bed Time Battles - Why It's Such a Trigger for Many Parents
Feb 17, 2022
EP165. Patriarchy and Parenting, with Your Parenting Mojo Host, Jen Lumanlan
Feb 15, 2022
EP164. Operation Beat Constipation
Feb 10, 2022
EP163. How Moms Shape the World, with The Three Mothers Author, Anna Malaika Tubbs
Feb 08, 2022
EP162. Mom Guilt & Partner Guilt
Feb 03, 2022
EP161. One and Done with Only You Podcast Host, Jess Myhre
Feb 01, 2022
EP160. From Carrie Bradshaw to Mommy
Jan 27, 2022
EP159. Surrogacy and Single Parenthood, with Pop Culture Icon, Perez Hilton
Jan 25, 2022
EP158. The Drama Surrounding My $400 Fake Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Jan 20, 2022
EP157. TikTok's Favourite Preschool Therapist- Ryan Allen
Jan 18, 2022
EP156. These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...
Jan 13, 2022
EP155. From Mommy & Me Groups to Chrissy Teigen's Pantry, with Celebrity Organizer, Ria Safford
Jan 11, 2022
EP154. OMG It's 2022 - New Year, Same Me (with some minor changes)
Jan 06, 2022
EP153. Microbiomes & Gut Health, with Seed Co-Founder, Ara Katz
Jan 04, 2022
EP152. A Chat About ADHD, with psychiatrist, Dr. Melissa Shepard
Dec 21, 2021
EP151. Holidays with Kids: The Good, The Bad, The Annoying
Dec 16, 2021
EP150. All Things Sugar, with Dr. Taylor Arnold
Dec 14, 2021
EP149. Sometimes I Slam Doors
Dec 09, 2021
EP148. Balancing Work, Home Life and, Motherhood, with Yoky Matsuoka
Dec 07, 2021
EP147. Dear Meghan Markle
Dec 02, 2021
EP146. Pregnancy and Motherhood After Infertility, with Elizabeth King
Nov 30, 2021
EP145. Q & A with Renee
Nov 25, 2021
EP144. Attachment Science, with Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Tanya Cotler
Nov 23, 2021
EP143. It's Impossible To Do ALL The Things
Nov 18, 2021
EP142. Avoiding the "Stay Busy Trap" & Exposing Your Child to Different Experiences, with Oie Dobier
Nov 16, 2021
EP141. My Sister's Baby-Making Journey, feat. My Sister
Nov 11, 2021
EP140. Maternal Mental Health, with A Mouthful of Air Author & Director, Amy Koppelman
Nov 09, 2021
EP139. Toxic Mom Culture
Nov 04, 2021
EP138. Behind The Scenes of Reality TV & Celebrity Encounters, with Stacey Kay & Kayla Bulmer
Nov 02, 2021
EP137. Q&A With Dr. Pre (aka my husband)
Oct 28, 2021
EP136. Connecting to Culture, Indian Residential Schools and, The TRC, with Jessica Sherk
Oct 26, 2021
EP135. My Naturopath Visit: Supplements, Diagnostic Tests and, Lifestyle Changes
Oct 21, 2021
EP134. Motherhood and Wine Culture, with Dr. Sarah Lee
Oct 19, 2021
EP133. Let's Talk About Sleep
Oct 14, 2021
EP132. Baby Unplugged, with Sophie Brickman
Oct 12, 2021
EP131. Rest is Productive
Oct 07, 2021
EP130. "Best" Practices and Raising Intuitive Eaters, with Registered Dietician and Nutritionist, Jessica Diamond
Oct 05, 2021
EP129. Relationship Compassion
Sep 30, 2021
EP128. Emotional Intimacy, Romantic Attachment and, Why Women Initiate Divorce, with Jemma Rane
Sep 28, 2021
EP127. Choose Your Battles
Sep 23, 2021
EP126. What Is Gentle Parenting? And, What Is It Not? With Rachael Rogers
Sep 21, 2021
EP125. Pets & Babies: The Struggles & The Guilt
Sep 16, 2021
EP124. Henry's Story and Being a Medical Mama with Mom Halo founder, Alana Kayfetz
Sep 14, 2021
EP123. Q&A with Renee
Sep 09, 2021
EP122. Pandemic Life and Releasing Control in Parenting with Comedian, Betsy Stover
Sep 07, 2021
EP121. Essentialism & Minimalism
Sep 02, 2021
EP120. One With Sarah Nicole Landry of The Birds Papaya
Aug 31, 2021
EP119. What does having a balanced life mean?
Aug 26, 2021
EP118. Tour Bus Life, Formula, and Couples Therapy, with Hayley Hubbard
Aug 24, 2021
EP117. Baby & Toddler Things: What's Worth the Money and What Isn't
Aug 19, 2021
EP116. An Honest Mom Chat, with Libby Ward of Diary of an Honest Mom
Aug 17, 2021
EP115. When do Vacations Start to Feel like Vacation? Asking for a friend.
Aug 12, 2021
EP114. Sex Therapy, Attachment, and Blippi, with Emmalee of Shrink Chicks
Aug 10, 2021
EP113. The Desire to be a Perfect Mom and Burnout: How These Two Things are Related
Aug 05, 2021
EP112. Divorce & Co-Parenting, with Ashley Wood aka The Conscious Co-Parent
Aug 03, 2021
EP111. Defense Mechanisms 102
Jul 29, 2021
EP110. Friendship: Why It's Important, How To Make Friends and Keep Friends, with Danielle Bayard Jackson
Jul 27, 2021
EP109. Defense Mechanisms 101
Jul 22, 2021
EP108. Reclaiming her Family's History from Violent Erasure with We Are Bridges Author, Cassandra Lane
Jul 20, 2021
EP107. The Modern Day "Village"
Jul 15, 2021
EP106. Key Strategies for Positive Parenting, with Tia Slightham
Jul 13, 2021
EP105. The Honest Truth About Baby Showers
Jul 08, 2021
EP104. Hormone Intelligence, with Dr. Aviva Romm
Jul 06, 2021
EP103. The Mom Room's One-Year Anniversary!
Jul 01, 2021
EP102. Two Dads and a Mom, with Kevin & Evan of The Dumb Dad Podcast
Jun 29, 2021
EP101. Traveling Alone With A Toddler, with Renee's Mom
Jun 24, 2021
EP100. Mental Load, Identity Loss, and Humour, with Tara Clark of Modern Mom Probs
Jun 22, 2021
EP99. How Labour & Delivery are Portrayed in Movies vs. Reality
Jun 17, 2021
EP98. Taking Back Your Mealtimes Respectfully & Empathetically with Psychologist, Gitte Holm-Møller
Jun 15, 2021
EP97. Ditching the Soother & Going to the Dentist
Jun 10, 2021
EP96. Let's Talk About Botox & Filler, with Trish Lafantaisie
Jun 08, 2021
EP95. Life Update
Jun 03, 2021
EP94. Pandemic Parenting and Mental Health, with Jess from Our Mama Village
Jun 01, 2021
EP93. Martyr Tendencies and Moms
May 27, 2021
EP92. Dad Life with "Tired Dad", Jon Gustin
May 25, 2021
EP91. Preparing for Postpartum: Featuring Doula, Royah Loie
May 20, 2021
EP90. Screens, Screens, Screens! With Neuroscientist, Dr. Cindy Hovington
May 18, 2021
EP89. Attachment 101
May 13, 2021
EP88. Behind the Scenes of Mom Influencing, with Jo Piazza
May 11, 2021
EP87. Languishing: Why It's Happening and What I'm Doing About It, with Renee Reina
May 06, 2021
EP86. Struggle Running and Struggle Life-ing with Mrs. Space Cadet, Erin Azar
May 04, 2021
EP85. Eating More Plants, Meal Ideas, and Secret Ingredients with Veganishmama, Heather
Apr 29, 2021
EP84. Being Frustrated At The Situation But Taking It Out On Your Partner
Apr 27, 2021
EP83. Self-Compassion in Motherhood, with Dr. Angel Montfort
Apr 23, 2021
EP82. Shootin' the Sh*t with Cat & Nat
Apr 20, 2021
HOT TOPIC: Whining
Apr 18, 2021
EP81. Rage in Motherhood: What is it? Why does it happen? How can we cope? With Jen Reddish
Apr 16, 2021
EP80. Transitioning from Crib to Bed: Our Experience, with Renee Reina
Apr 13, 2021
The Mom Room Book Club - Feb 2021 - Born a Crime by Trevor Noah
Apr 11, 2021
EP79. Let's Talk About Menopause, with Dr. Olivia Rose
Apr 09, 2021
EP78. Ten Nuggets of Wisdom, with Renee Reina
Apr 06, 2021
EP77. Advocating for Equal Access to Education for Students with Disabilities, with author Aaron Wright
Apr 02, 2021
EP76. Resenting Motherhood, Setting Boundaries, and a Potty Training Update, with Renee Reina
Mar 30, 2021
EP75. Feeding Toddlers, with Jennifer Anderson of Kids Eat In Color
Mar 26, 2021
EP74. Being Home Alone Sucks - Unless You're Macaulay Culkin, with Renee Reina
Mar 23, 2021
HOT TOPIC: Toddlers and Hitting
Mar 22, 2021
EP73. A Conversation with Jancee Dunn, Author of How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids
Mar 19, 2021
EP72. Mom Culture, Childhood Crushes, and Buzz Lightyear, with Jessi Cruickshank
Mar 16, 2021
HOT TOPIC: Transitioning Your Toddler From a Crib to a Bed
Mar 15, 2021
EP71. From Corporate to Kale and Krunches, with Marlie Cohen
Mar 12, 2021
EP70. Renee Answers Listener Questions
Mar 09, 2021
EP69. Tantrums, Emotional Regulation, and Parental Empathy, with Joanna & Lara from Psyched About Kids
Mar 05, 2021
EP68. Sleep Struggles Be Like, with Renee Reina
Mar 02, 2021
EP67. Resentment and Rebuilding the Connection with Your Partner, with Dr. Tracy Dalgleish
Feb 26, 2021
EP66. Variables in Motherhood We Often Don't Consider, with Renee Reina
Feb 23, 2021
EP65. Myths vs. Facts with Mommy Labor Nurse, Liesel Teen
Feb 19, 2021
Greatest Hits: Mom Shaming and Daycare, with Renee Reina
Feb 16, 2021
EP63. Sensory Sensitivity in Children with Pediatric OT, Laura Petix
Feb 12, 2021
The Mom Room Book Club - Jan 2021 - How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids by Jancee Dunn
Feb 10, 2021
EP62. How Do You Do It All... with Renee Reina
Feb 09, 2021
EP61. Potty Training with Oh Crap! Author, Jamie Glowacki
Feb 05, 2021
EP60. Communicating Your Needs, No Matter How Big Or Small, with Renee Reina
Feb 02, 2021
EP59. Returning to Sex after Giving Birth with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Kate Roddy
Jan 29, 2021
EP58. "Well, at least your husband..." with Renee Reina & Cathy
Jan 26, 2021
EP57. Taking a Mom Break, with Erica Fraser
Jan 22, 2021
EP56. How to Fight with Your Partner, with Renee Reina
Jan 19, 2021
EP55. Shootin' The Sh*t with Alexandra & Shane Cunningham
Jan 15, 2021
EP54. Sleep, Post-Covid Plans, and Goals, with Renee Reina
Jan 12, 2021
EP53. Encouraging Bodily Autonomy and Body Safety, with Dr. Etta Brodersen
Jan 08, 2021
EP52. A Potty Training Diary: The First Five Days, by Renee Reina
Jan 05, 2021
The Mom Room Book Club - Dec 2020 - F*cked at 40 by Tova Leigh
Jan 03, 2021
EP51. The Pediatric Urology Episode, with My Husband (A Urologist)
Jan 01, 2021
EP50. It's Okay if You Consider Blow-Drying Your Hair and Shopping a Form of Self-Care, with Renee Reina
Dec 29, 2020
EP49. Struggle Care, with KC Davis
Dec 25, 2020
EP48. My New Years Resolution and Matthew McConaughey Impersonation, with Renee Reina
Dec 22, 2020
The Mom Room Book Club - Nov 2020 - Didn't See That Coming by Rachel Hollis
Dec 21, 2020
EP47. Everything Safety with Tot Squad Founder, Jennifer Beall Saxton
Dec 18, 2020
EP46. Having Different Priorities Than Your Partner, with Renee Reina
Dec 15, 2020
EP45. Marriage After Babies, with Tova & Mike Leigh
Dec 11, 2020
EP44. The Social Construct of Romantic Partners Sharing a Bed is Shit, with Renee Reina
Dec 08, 2020
EP43. The Food Allergy Episode, with The Allergy Chef
Dec 04, 2020
EP42. Difficulty Relaxing, Partner Guilt, and Laundry, with Renee Reina
Dec 01, 2020
EP41. Anxiety and OCD in Pregnancy and Motherhood, with Jenna Overbaugh
Nov 27, 2020
EP40. Playing with kids isn't fun... ya, I said it, with Renee Reina
Nov 24, 2020
EP39. Everything Birth Control, with Dr. Alicia Power from She Found Motherhood
Nov 20, 2020
EP38. Two Dogs, a Toddler, and a New House, with Renee Reina
Nov 17, 2020
EP37. A Different Perspective on Sleep and Your Baby, with Angela Bueno
Nov 13, 2020
EP36. Things I Didn't Know About Myself Until I Became a Mom, with Renee Reina
Nov 10, 2020
The Mom Room Bookclub - Oct 2020 - Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ing
Nov 09, 2020
EP35. Physical Development, Milestones, and Playground Safety with Pediatric Physiotherapist Jennifer Halfin
Nov 06, 2020
EP34. Self-Care Since Becoming a Mom, with Renee Reina
Nov 03, 2020
EP33. Everything PLAY, with Walk Talk Play
Oct 30, 2020
Bonus: The Total Mom Pitch, with Anna Sinclair
Oct 29, 2020
EP32. Not Everyone Has The Same Priorities And That is OKAY, with Renee Reina
Oct 27, 2020
EP31. Helping Your Child Build a Healthy Relationship with Food, with Lindsay Ronga
Oct 23, 2020
EP30. Please Brush Your F*cking Teeth, with Renee Reina
Oct 20, 2020
EP29. Special Needs (or, Exceptionalities) Parenting, with Coach Jackie Power
Oct 16, 2020
EP28. Anxiety is a Real B*tch, with Renee Reina
Oct 13, 2020
The Mom Room Bookclub - Sept 2020 - Mom Truths by Cat & Nat
Oct 11, 2020
EP27. Everything CBD with ICARIA Founder, Nadya Pecherskaya
Oct 09, 2020
EP26. COVID Swabs and Apple Pie, with Renee Reina
Oct 06, 2020
EP25. Hot Topics with Aurora McCausland
Oct 02, 2020
EP24. Nikki Bergen of The Belle Method Shares Her Miscarriage and IVF Journey
Sep 25, 2020
EP23. No, We're Not Trying For A Second, with Renee Reina
Sep 22, 2020
EP22. Poop and Sex with Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Aliya Dhalla
Sep 18, 2020
EP21. Being the Default Parent, with Renee Reina
Sep 15, 2020
EP20: Hormones In Pregnancy and Postpartum, with Dr. Danielle Watson
Sep 11, 2020
EP19: Birthday Parties and House Shopping, with Renee Reina
Sep 08, 2020
The Mom Room Book Club - Aug 2020 - How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
Sep 06, 2020
EP18: Everything C-Sections (major abdominal surgery) with GrowCo founder, Dr. Alli Cain
Sep 04, 2020
EP17: Birth Control, Guilt, Screen Time, and Being in an Interracial Marriage, with Renee Reina
Sep 01, 2020
EP16. The Sleep Episode, with Amanda Jewson aka The Sleep Queen
Aug 28, 2020
EP15. Toys and Tantrums, with Renee Reina
Aug 25, 2020
EP14. Common Injuries During Pregnancy and Postpartum, with Dr. Aliya Visram
Aug 21, 2020
EP13. Egocentrism vs. Empathy in Motherhood, with Renee Reina
Aug 18, 2020
EP12: Pregnancy, Postpartum, and the Pelvic Floor, with Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas
Aug 14, 2020
EP11: Breastmilk and Formula: My Journey, The Research, and The Struggles, with Renee Reina
Aug 11, 2020
EP10: Mom Guilt is a Real B*tch, with Gwenna Laithland
Aug 07, 2020
EP9: Mom Shaming and Daycare, with Renee Reina
Aug 04, 2020
The Mom Room Book Club - July 2020 - Untamed by Glennon Doyle
Aug 02, 2020
EP8: Toddlers, Tantrums, and Time Outs, with Mr. Chazz
Jul 31, 2020
EP7: Why taking your child on a holiday is exhausting, with Renee Reina
Jul 28, 2020
EP6: Recovering from a Vaginal Birth: The Nitty Gritty, with Ediza
Jul 24, 2020
EP5: Does Anyone Else Get Irritated When Their Partner... with Renee Reina
Jul 21, 2020
EP4: Plus Size Pregnancy: Stigma, Health Care Professionals, and C-Sections, with Cathy
Jul 17, 2020
EP3: The One About Not Wanting Visitors After Bringing Home Baby, with Renee Reina
Jul 14, 2020
EP2: Speech Milestones, Techniques, and Pacifiers, with Speech Language Pathologist, Alexandra Jean
Jul 09, 2020
EP1: "Momposter" Syndrome with Renee Reina
Jul 04, 2020
Introducing The Mom Room
Jul 01, 2020
Welcome To The Mom Room
Jul 01, 2020