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Category: Improv

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 Sep 30, 2020

 Aug 19, 2020

 Aug 14, 2020

 Jul 10, 2020
Hilarious and interesting! Please keep going!


Stand-up comedian, Nate Bargatze, is hosting a new podcast - Nateland. It's going to be real fun and funny...hopefully. 

Come and find out!

Episode Date
#18 Bigfoot

Does Bigfoot really exist? This episode - Nate, Aaron, and Brian delve into the history of the Sasquatch with special guest and Bigfoot enthusiast Kevin Jata. The guys look at videos, hear stories, and share their own theories about the mysterious creature. 

Oct 28, 2020
#17 Urban Legends

This episode, we delve into urban legends. Was Mr. Rogers really a Navy Seal? Did Paul McCartney really die and get replaced by a look-a-like? Was the movie "The Exorcist" really based on a true story? These are just some of the many urban legends Nate, Brian, Aaron, and Nic discuss. 

Oct 21, 2020
#16 Hoaxes

This episode, we talk about hoaxes. The guys discuss if they've ever been the victim of a hoax, hoaxes they've played on others, famous hoaxes throughout history, and much more. 

Oct 14, 2020
#15 Pirates

This episode,  we delve into the very important topic of pirates. We look at famous pirates throughout history, common myths about pirates, what our roles would be if we were pirates, and much more.

Oct 07, 2020
#14 Animals

This episode, we discuss all things animals. We'll discuss our childhood pets, favorite zoos, interesting animal facts, and how to pronounce "penguin." 

Sep 30, 2020
#13 Magic

This episode, we discuss magic with special guest magician, AKA Nate's dad, Stephen Bargatze. We delve into the history of magic, tricks gone wrong, and even get to participate in a couple of magic tricks ourselves. 

Sep 23, 2020
#12 Grocery Stores

This episode, we discuss one of our favorite places - the grocery store. We discuss grocery stores of the past, present, and future plus share some of our own personal moments at the grocery store.

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Sep 16, 2020
#11 Stand-Up Comedy Part 2

This episode, we continue our discussion of Stand-Up Comedy. The guys discuss comedy topics like quitting their day job, when is it okay to tell a joke about a family member, how much of your comedy should be real as opposed to made up, and their worst bombing moments on stage.

Sep 09, 2020
#10 Stand-Up Comedy

This episode, we talk about what we know best - stand-up comedy. Nate shares stories about his climb up the comedy ladder in New York City, performing on late night television, and milestones he's reached along the way in his comedy journey. 

Sep 02, 2020
#9 Television

What’s your favorite TV show of all time? This episode, we talk about television. The guys discuss the history of television, memorable moments in television history, their favorite shows and so much more. 

Aug 26, 2020
#8 Marriage

This episode, we talk about marriage. Nate shares words of wisdom to Brian who's a newlywed and Aaron who's engaged. Plus, we delve into the history of marriage, celebrity marriages, the future of marriage, and much more.

Aug 19, 2020
#7 Crime

This episode, we're discussing crime. The guys look at some of history's greatest crimes, dumbest criminals, and debate what each of their roles would be if they were a heist crew.

Aug 12, 2020
#6 The Future

This episode we discuss the future. Will we someday have flying cars? Electric cars? Self driving cars? Cars at all? Will computers try to take over the world? Will advances in medicine allow us to live forever? Nate, Aaron, and Brian give us their opinion based on their limited knowledge of the facts.

Aug 05, 2020
#5 Sports

This episode, we discuss what qualifications a sports fan needs to be able to call a team "we", is it okay for grown men to wear jerseys of other men, sports records that will never be broken, and the guys each share some of their personal highs and lows from their playing days.

Jul 29, 2020
#4 Doppelgängers

This episode, we discuss which celebrities Nate, Brian and Aaron look like, the chances of any of us having a doppelgänger somewhere in the world, and we break down the documentary Three Identical Strangers.

Jul 22, 2020
#3 The Money Episode

This episode, we discuss important topics like if Nate could write a hit song, does Brad Pitt cut his own grass, if Aaron could invent a xylophone that fits in his pants, and mistakes Sadam Hussein would make at a Jeff Bezos dinner party. 

Jul 15, 2020
#2 The Second Episode

This Episode we talk about UFOs, Joey Chestnut, some comedy talk, and ‘Do any of us have anything that could be watched as a Netflix Documentary?’.

Jul 08, 2020
#1 The First Episode

This Episode is our first episode. Just listen to this one and come back for more.

Jul 08, 2020
Nateland Trailer

Stand-up comedian, Nate Bargatze, is hosting a new podcast - Nateland. It's going to be real fun and funny...hopefully.

Come and find out!

Jul 01, 2020