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Breaking news and feature stories straight from the WORT News team’s underground lair in Madison, Wisconsin. New episodes every Monday through Thursday at 7:30 PM. Also available live on 89.9 FM from 6:00-7:00 PM and online anytime at WORTFM.org.

Episode Date
"I don’t want to wait another six months. I want to do something now:" Today at the Capitol, a state lawmaker renewed her call to address an epidemic of violence against Black women and girls
May 17, 2024
“Somebody referred to it as ‘vape alley’ the other day:" For the next six months, the city of Monona won’t allow any new vape shops to open for business - thanks to a change approved by city leaders last week
May 16, 2024
"We’re barely scratching the surface here of the basic items that really need to be done:" Yesterday, Madison finance leaders recommended a move to seek state grant funding for improvements to Breese Stevens Field
May 15, 2024
“After 34 years, we have been able to successfully identify these remains as Ronnie Joe Kirk:" Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes announced today that forensic scientists have identified 'Chimney Doe'
May 14, 2024
"We want proper staffing, we want proper respect:" Meriter employees picketed outside their workplace this afternoon - demanding a fair contract for the hospital's lowest paid staff
May 10, 2024
"We are educated, we are strong, and we do not waver in the face of attack and misinformation:" On Monday, a student demonstrator at the Gaza solidarity encampment put media coverage under the spotlight
May 09, 2024
"We advocate for ourselves and that's how we make effective change:" Today, at the 3rd annual Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, folks kept their promise to 'Wrap the Capitol in Red"
May 08, 2024
“Hands off our students, hands off Gaza:" This afternoon at UW-Madison, faculty and staff staged a walkout and rally in support of the liberated zone on Library Mall
May 07, 2024
"That’s bare minimum that we’re guaranteed no police brutality for the next 24 hours:" On the solidarity encampment's fourth day, student demonstrators got a small reprieve - after a meeting with Chancellor Mnookin
May 03, 2024
"And the police just came in here with riot gear and they started just going at the crowd:" UW students have reconstructed their solidarity encampment - after they clashed with a wave of police early this morning
May 02, 2024
“The only difficulty was the cops. We were well-supported by our community:" The Gaza solidarity encampment at UW-Madison has weathered its first night
May 01, 2024
"Disclose! Divest! We will not stop, we will not rest!:" This morning, UW-Madison students set up camp on Library Mall in solidarity with Gaza
Apr 30, 2024
"It’s a very dangerous industry:" Construction workers honored their fallen colleagues in a downtown procession this afternoon
Apr 26, 2024
"A resignation goes a long way to show people that this person is listening:" A coalition of 25 elected officials and community leaders in Dane County issued a joint statement today calling for a Madison alder to step down
Apr 25, 2024
"It is my belief that it persists today because the people that it impacts are not even seen as human in the first place:" Activists held an event at the State Capitol today calling for the abolition of solitary confinement
Apr 24, 2024
"We're making a difference:" During his last Earth month as Dane County Executive, Joe Parisi has announced new and updated programming to protect the environment
Apr 23, 2024
"Courts nationwide have been unanimous in rejecting these powers:" The state Supreme Court heard a case yesterday that could strip veto power from the legislature's budget-writing committee
Apr 19, 2024
"Seeing the other sponsors, I cannot in good faith want to be a part of that list:" In a tense meeting last night, Madison alders struggled to follow procedure on a resolution affirming support for domestic violence survivors
Apr 18, 2024
"Hey hey, ho ho, 0% has got to go!:" Madison educators rallied for cost of living wage increases outside yesterday's school board meeting
Apr 17, 2024
"[It's] going to have a significant impact on how schools are staffed going into next year:" The union is pushing back, after MMSD proposes a 0% raise for teachers next year
Apr 16, 2024
"The biggest predictor of violence is a preceding case of violence:" Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes is calling for domestic violence awareness - after yesterday's deadly shooting
Apr 12, 2024
"It's kind of uncharted waters for us:" Wisconsin clerks are waiting for guidance - after voters approved two constitutional amendments last Tuesday
Apr 11, 2024
"It's been 279 days:" Today, Governor Evers renewed his call for Republican state lawmakers to release $125 million in PFAS remediation funding
Apr 10, 2024
"This would be life-changing:" President Biden visited Madison again today - and announced his new plan to provide student debt relief
Apr 09, 2024
"Six dollars are saved in disaster recovery for every one dollar invested in disaster prevention and mitigation:" Governor Evers signed a bill into law yesterday that seeks to help Wisconsin communities study and prepare for future floods
Apr 05, 2024
"[It] was probably a miscommunication....But it was a problem nonetheless:" Yesterday, one campus polling place stayed open past the usual voting deadline - after some voters were told it wasn't in operation
Apr 04, 2024
"It's Election Day:" While Wisconsinites head to the polls, Governor Tony Evers is urging the state Supreme Court to reverse the ban on ballot drop boxes
Apr 03, 2024
"It was a very traumatic and terrifying experience:" A proposed amendment to city ordinance is looking to prevent repeat dog attacks
Apr 02, 2024
"They’ve had more than ample time to correct the situation:" Waupun Correctional Institution has been on lockdown for a year - and advocates are calling for the governor to take action
Mar 29, 2024
"You know, there's a perfect storm:" Wisconsin's unhoused population is on the rise, according to a new report from the Wisconsin Policy Forum
Mar 28, 2024
"We’re going to use the democratic process to protest and make our voices heard:" A coalition of elected officials are encouraging Wisconsinites to vote 'uninstructed' in the Democratic presidential primary
Mar 27, 2024
"This is my family that they played with. [...] Question everything the government tells you:" This Thursday is the 45th anniversary of the Three Mile Island accident
Mar 26, 2024
"We’re using the opportunity to do more background research:" The United States Department of Defense is funding more listening sessions - where Madisonians can voice their concerns about F-35 noise
Mar 22, 2024
"Dane County is one of the places in Wisconsin [...] where housing is least affordable:" A new report from the Wisconsin Policy Forum paints a bleak picture of housing in Dane County
Mar 21, 2024
"We want to make sure that we hear from as many people as possible:" Yesterday, city planners held another public information meeting on the draft West Area Plan
Mar 20, 2024
"We have different priorities:" A Dane County board race is getting extra attention - after 13 current supervisors accused one candidate of running a 'smear campaign'
Mar 19, 2024
"I don't think they've planned how to make a livable community:" West-side residents raised havoc at a city planning meeting on Tuesday
Mar 15, 2024
“Everyone is scared right now. Those people in there are scared. [...] And your answer is to lock them up?:" This morning, folks with Freedom Inc protested throughout the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Dane County jail
Mar 14, 2024
"These programs help them make ends meet and it helps them afford the healthcare coverage that they need:" Wisconsin Democrats held a press conference today to criticize Trump's recent comments on Social Security and Medicare
Mar 13, 2024
"Memorial Day is not just a holiday where you can go in the park and drink beer - it should be something more than that:" A proposed art policy from the Parks Division could put a stop to Madison's annual 'Memorial Mile'
Mar 12, 2024
"It's time to put a little joy back in my life:" Tony Robinson's loved ones celebrated his memory last night by unveiling a new mural in McPike Park
Mar 08, 2024
"One vote at a time:" Vice President Kamala Harris visited Madison today - following a decisive Super Tuesday
Mar 07, 2024
“We don’t currently see an end in sight, but we’re gonna be out here until they pay them:" Local 139 is on their 28th day of striking against a demolition contractor - with help from 'Scabby the Rat'
Mar 06, 2024
"Our youth deserve to grow up. They deserve long, long lives:" Last Friday, Madison LGBTQIA+ advocates held a vigil to honor the life of Nex Benedict
Mar 05, 2024
"The intent here is to provide nodes of interest to make the pedestrian and cycling experience along the causeway a compelling one:" City officials are advancing a redesign of Lake Monona's waterfront
Mar 01, 2024
Here's why Gov. Evers is poised to veto a $125 million bill to clean up PFAS
Feb 29, 2024
"You could just tell from the response of teachers and other educators around the city, they enjoyed working with him:" Madison is celebrating the hiring of a new school superintendent
Feb 28, 2024
"I mean there’s no words, we’re all traumatized. And now our kids have to watch this:" This weekend, the Middleton community held a vigil to mourn the recent loss of two young lives
Feb 27, 2024
Planned Parenthood: "Does the Wisconsin constitution protect the right to access abortion? We think it does"
Feb 23, 2024
“There wasn’t a general push, like ‘Today’s election day!’ Actually - for most of the county - it wasn’t:" Dane County has released the results from yesterday's primary
Feb 22, 2024
"A lot of the main issues are availability, sick time, and just a general stressful work environment:" Today, baristas at two local Starbucks stores filed petitions to unionize
Feb 21, 2024
“Under these maps, it’s more likely that each party will win a majority of legislative seats when they win the majority of their votes. Common sense:" Earlier today, Governor Evers signed a redistricting bill into law
Feb 20, 2024
"I don’t want to send [city staff] a signal that you all are not comfortable with:" Madison's Common Council and the mayor are planning ahead for next year's budget - with a serious deficit on the horizon
Feb 16, 2024
“It was really helpful to quantify how bad things were - and how much they’ve been improving over time:" A new website is tracking Madison bus delays - and making that record available to the public
Feb 15, 2024
“We’re still not where we want to be:" Madison's school board has delayed their decision in the search for the district's next superintendent
Feb 14, 2024
"One thing that connects the Democrats and the Republicans is their shared use of a hyper-militarized police force to keep poor and working people in line:" On Saturday, a coalition of leftist, labor and advocacy groups rallied on the Library Mall
Feb 13, 2024
"The current City Hall is at capacity and – in fact – some areas have been over capacity for some time:" The city of Fitchburg is looking to construct a new police facility - but some residents are pushing back against the project
Feb 09, 2024
"Dane County deserves a leader who has worked with and in our community at all levels:" Over the last week, two more candidates have entered the race for Dane County Executive
Feb 08, 2024
"The conditions that these men are being subjected to are absolutely vicious:" Last Thursday, advocates held a community forum on Wisconsin’s prison lockdowns
Feb 07, 2024
"All these concerns were expressed before. How can we trust that this will be different?:” Last week, the state's Department of Military Affairs held a series of community listening sessions on F-35s
Feb 06, 2024
"Let's take a look at the data:" Homicides and traffic fatalities are up - but public safety has improved in other areas, according to Madison Police Chief Barnes in this year's "State of Public Safety" address
Feb 02, 2024
"CAFOs can generate as much waste as a small city:" Yesterday’s circuit court ruling upholds the state’s right to regulate animal waste management on large farms
Feb 01, 2024
"We want to make sure that people know what things are real:" A bipartisan bill that would regulate artificial intelligence in political ads is headed to the state Assembly floor
Jan 31, 2024
"When you have natural gas that’s used as an energy source, it [...] creates pollutants in the air:" Environmental activists are pushing back, as a utility company seeks permits to repower a natural gas plant near Eau Claire
Jan 30, 2024
“I think this is one of those bills that you kind of don’t believe it actually has to exist. [It's] just inherently gross:" A bipartisan bill to criminalize "child sex dolls" is headed to Governor Evers' desk
Jan 26, 2024
"When you don't have the kind of transparency that's needed [...], usually bad things are occurring:" While Governor Evers prepared for his sixth State of the State, Republican lawmakers advanced a surprise redistricting bill
Jan 25, 2024
"They kept rejecting the [names] that we would come up with:" Madison's Common Council may update the city's street-naming policy - with more inclusive language
Jan 24, 2024
"It’ll be a record turnout, basically, when you have a presidential election:" Dane County Executive Joe Parisi has endorsed state Senator Melissa Agard in the race to be his successor
Jan 23, 2024
"It’s horrifying to me to think that we would spend $200 million on a jail:" Tonight, Dane County supervisors are slated to vote on additional funds for the jail consolidation project
Jan 19, 2024
"I also believe nobody should die for reckless driving:" Yesterday, the Monona City Council lifted temporary restrictions to the city's police pursuit policy - just two weeks after a pursuit killed three people
Jan 18, 2024
"I’m really excited to see what democracy looks like when everybody’s vote counts equally:" Wisconsin's redistricting process is underway - with seven voting map proposals on the table
Jan 17, 2024
Listen To The 39th Annual Madison Dane County MLK Day Observance
Jan 15, 2024
"Imagine having only five DMVs in Wisconsin. Right?:" State Assembly Republicans have proposed legalizing medical cannabis, which would be sold at five state-run dispensaries
Jan 12, 2024
"That underdog community is who I can help most as poet laureate:" The Common Council has selected Madison's new poet laureate - Steven Espada Dawson
Jan 11, 2024
"Washington is broken, we need a fix:" Today at the Capitol, a state Assembly committee held a public hearing on a broad slate of election-related bills
Jan 10, 2024
"Maybe to give a visual extension to a curb or sort of different clues like that:" The City of Madison plans to test the safety impacts of asphalt art
Jan 09, 2024
"[It] was one of the darkest days in this country's history:" Just days before the insurrection's third anniversary, several pro-democracy organizations held a commemorative press conference
Jan 05, 2024
“You should be able to count that ballot:" Yesterday, a Dane County judge ruled that election clerks can "cure" absentee ballots - under specific circumstances
Jan 04, 2024
"I think people are just wanting to wait and see what the results of the investigation shows:" Last night, three people were killed in a car chase through Monona
Jan 03, 2024
WORT News Presents Water Stories: Flooding, Five Years Later
Jan 02, 2024
WORT News Presents: An Obit Special -- People We Lost in 2023
Dec 29, 2023
Madison, 60 Years Ago: WORT News presents a Madison In the Sixties special
Dec 28, 2023
"I hope folks can learn from our successes:" WORT News presents a year in review on labor
Dec 27, 2023
"Think of the young people moving in:" WORT News presents a year in review on housing
Dec 26, 2023
"They're gorgeous sculptural things:" WORT News presents highlights of our arts and culture coverage
Dec 22, 2023
"As health care workers – we are prepared to be good educators:" With respiratory viruses on the rise, some area hospitals are bringing back mask requirements
Dec 21, 2023
"It passed by a very, very wide margin:" Union employees at TruStage have ratified their new contract - after nearly two years of negotiations with the company
Dec 20, 2023
“Basically, it’s a big once-over:" In order to keep up with mandated safety inspections, a number of routes in Madison's bus system are experiencing delays or outright cancellations
Dec 19, 2023
"It's an imperfect deal:" In yesterday's revote, the UW System's Board of Regents approved a controversial deal with state Republicans - in exchange for $800 M in funding
Dec 15, 2023
"The law should now be extended to all married couples:" Today, members of the state's LGBTQ+ Caucus reintroduced two marriage equality bills
Dec 14, 2023
"Where does the board go from here?:" UW System regents are still considering a deal that would bring in more state funds - but dissolve their DEI programming
Dec 13, 2023
"This would be an unfunded, governmental mandate:" State Republicans have proposed a bill that would designate specific public areas for unhoused Wisconsinites to reside
Dec 12, 2023
"They struggle to fill out even a basic deposit slip:" A new law will require Wisconsin high school students to take a financial literacy course before receiving their diplomas
Dec 08, 2023
"It's done:" Governor Evers vetoes a bill that would have banned gender-affirming medical care for minors
Dec 07, 2023
"It’s not about us, it’s about what the people want:" Tonight, Madison alders are set to vote on a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza
Dec 06, 2023
"A lot of [our residents] are very adaptable:" Porchlight's Men's Drop-In Shelter gives WORT a tour of their facilities
Dec 05, 2023
"County government ensures that the most vulnerable people in the community know that they matter:" State Senate Minority Leader Melissa Agard joins the race for Dane County Executive
Dec 01, 2023
"[Warren Spahn] is the winningest left-handed pitcher in history:" Governor Tony Evers is fielding criticism after the revelation that he has a secret email address - under a deceased ballplayer's name
Nov 30, 2023
"These smaller states that contributed least to the problem will be affected the most:" A professor at UW-Madison is headed to Dubai for the United Nations Climate Change Conference
Nov 29, 2023
"At some point, I thought, 'It's not gonna come true':" Construction on the Madison Public Market officially started this morning
Nov 28, 2023
"We thank you for listening:" WORT News celebrates Thanksgiving 2023
Nov 24, 2023
"Think of the young people moving in:" Last night, Madison's Common Council voted to allow buildings as tall as ten stories on an undeveloped, downtown lot
Nov 23, 2023
"We are being discriminated against [...] with monies extracted from Indian country:" The state legislature's budget-writing committee is under fire after a party-line vote to exclude two tribes from a grant program
Nov 22, 2023
"I think it caught a lot of us unawares, which is a little bit frightening in and of itself:" Neo-Nazis marched through downtown Madison this weekend
Nov 21, 2023
"For the trees, for the parks, for the birds!:" Conservation activists rally at the state Capitol against Kohler's proposed golf course
Nov 17, 2023
"There is nothing left, so...:" Last night, Madison's Common Council approved the 2024 budgets in a single meeting
Nov 16, 2023
"This allows us to be as creative and flexible as possible:" Yesterday, Madison's Plan Commission approved increasing the height limit for an undeveloped lot near the Capitol
Nov 15, 2023
"We’re all worried about climate change, we’re all nervous about our future, as everyone is:" Last Saturday, Dane County students gathered to discuss climate challenges
Nov 14, 2023
"Folks are really struggling and need the help:" This holiday season, the Goodman Community Center is planning to distribute 4,000 Thanksgiving food baskets
Nov 10, 2023
"[It] showed me just how marginalized these workers and their families are in our system:" Dane County's 2024 Capital Budget establishes a fund to build safe housing for farm workers
Nov 09, 2023
"We have this duty - a duty to stand up:" Demonstrators gather outside Senator Baldwin's Madison home to criticize her support of Israel
Nov 08, 2023
"We should be banning hunger, and not banning books:" State Democrats are proposing funding for universal, no-cost school lunches
Nov 07, 2023
“I always say that those who are closest to the issues are closest to the solutions:" Today, Democratic lawmakers announced a bill package looking to improve inmates' living conditions across the state
Nov 03, 2023
"We can [...] build a roadmap, so to speak:" MOSES' Community Organizer proposes systemic change as the Waupun Prison lockdown reaches its seventh month
Nov 02, 2023
"[We] want to see this place protected for generations to come:" Environmental groups are criticizing Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources after they approve an exploratory drilling plan in northeast Minnesota
Nov 01, 2023
"Very few states allow the candidates to skip around like we do:" State Republican lawmakers propose a 'sore loser' law to prevent failed primary candidates from moving forward as write-ins
Oct 31, 2023
"It's not just about change - it's about meaningful change:" A Menominee tribal legislator shares his perspective on four bills coming out of the Special Committee on State-Tribal Relations
Oct 27, 2023
"You are loved, please buckle up:" A Dane County safety coalition finds that the racial disparities in traffic injuries and deaths are consistently rising
Oct 26, 2023
"We're here to make sure that our voices are heard:" Local organizers rally inside the Capitol rotunda to criticize Republican redistricting efforts
Oct 25, 2023
"We are very ready to compete with any other state in the country:" President Biden designates Wisconsin a 'Regional Tech Hub,' which could mean millions of dollars in federal funding for the state's biomedical industry
Oct 24, 2023
"[It's] just one of the tools we need to have in our toolbox:" Two Democratic lawmakers propose a statewide, gun buyback program
Oct 20, 2023
"It allows this new culture to bring us together. You really have to trust each other:" Joshua Castille, a lead in APT's sign language production of 'Romeo and Juliet,' shares his experience being deaf in theater
Oct 19, 2023
"That’s one of the most important things - to showcase how we care for animals:" Tomorrow is the public's last chance to comment on Dane County's 2024 budget proposal, with one item allotting millions to Henry Vilas Zoo
Oct 18, 2023
"Are things better or worse?:" Kids Forward has released their latest "Race to Equity" report, quantifying Dane County's racial disparities in economics, education, and health
Oct 17, 2023
"It’s certainly salt on the wound for our LGBT community:" The Republican-held state Assembly passes three bills targeting transgender Wisconsinites
Oct 13, 2023
"My mission is [...] to help vulnerable victims get the resources, support, and help they need:" The Assembly Speaker's task force on human trafficking hosts a public meeting
Oct 12, 2023
"‘The lockdown is making the violence worse':" Prison reform advocates gathered outside the Capitol to call for change amid Waupun's ongoing lockdown
Oct 11, 2023
"The back doors and halls in the bill [...] are buried in the details:" The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign hosts a public telling after the Republican-held state Assembly passes a redistricting bill
Oct 10, 2023
"The people's house:" An armed man was arrested yesterday - twice - after demanding to speak to the Governor
Oct 06, 2023
"This is life-saving medical care:" State lawmakers hold hearings on two, much-opposed anti-trans bills
Oct 05, 2023
"Madison does not receive its fair share of state funding:" Mayor Rhodes-Conway releases her 2024 operating budget proposal amid growing structural deficit
Oct 04, 2023
"We have to pressure our leaders:" Madison City Council may pass a resolution on the prevention of nuclear war
Oct 03, 2023
"I say never again and we can't go back:" Protesters and counter-protesters gather outside of Madison East Planned Parenthood
Sep 29, 2023
“We have a goal of getting people the appropriate care at the appropriate time:" CARES may soon respond to mental health crisis calls outside of Madison
Sep 28, 2023
"The passion for skating never really leaves you:" Wisconsin skateboarders keep an eye on the Capitol as lawmakers consider a bill that might loosen regulations
Sep 27, 2023
"My big key is to make sure that it's safe:" The Common Council is set to repeal an unenforceable anti-panhandling ordinance next month
Sep 26, 2023
"I'm here to tell you it does not get easier:" Legislators, activists, and gun violence victims' families convene at the Capitol to support proposed regulations
Sep 22, 2023
"The Republicans in particular said, 'Stick it':" Governor Evers talks child care challenges in a press conference earlier today
Sep 21, 2023
"'This is my dream job, I'm so glad this exists:'" CARES program expands its service to the weekends
Sep 20, 2023
"It’s almost as if the sculpture has come home and joined the other mounds:" A Truman Lowe sculpture finds its home on the UW-Madison campus
Sep 19, 2023
"They'll lie, they'll cheat, and they'll steal:" Senate Democrats argue that today's vote on Meagan Wolfe shouldn't have taken place
Sep 15, 2023
"They're on ventilators, their medications need to be cooled...:" Advocates say that rising energy costs could have a devastating impact on low-income communities
Sep 14, 2023
"That’s a reasonable request for a department that size:" Yesterday's County Board Budget Hearing at a Glance
Sep 13, 2023
"We keep the students at the center of all that we do:" Local literacy advocates discuss the barriers that their clients face
Sep 12, 2023
"He would just play it flawlessly:" Renowned jazz musician Richard Davis has passed away at 93
Sep 08, 2023
"Her life is forever changed:" MPD arrests a man days after Sunday's assault
Sep 07, 2023
"Are these rookery sounds or a rap limerick:" An update on area corvids during West Nile outbreak
Sep 06, 2023
"It's in everyone's best interest:" Local organizers come together for LaborFest2023
Sep 05, 2023
"It is rather ironic:" Conservatives resist publicizing private school funding information
Sep 01, 2023
"Some way to actually hold someone accountable:" Madison woman prepares for her attacker's trial
Aug 30, 2023
"Stuff that the average person cares about:" Journalist Patrick Marley Shares Insight on the State Supreme Court
Aug 29, 2023
"All under the same umbrella:" Capital High Gets Consolidation and a Facelift
Aug 29, 2023
Cooling Centers are Open Across Madison
Aug 25, 2023
State Dems Circulate a New Bill to Defend Media from Defamation Suits
Aug 24, 2023
Why did three Dane County Board Supervisors resign in one week?
Aug 23, 2023
Plugging the Leaks in Madison's Water System
Aug 22, 2023
Menominee activist Ada Deer Dies at 88
Aug 17, 2023
Biden visits the 4-1-4
Aug 15, 2023
Madison's Superintendent Search Enters Public Feedback Phase
Aug 15, 2023
Madison's Move-out Days Bring out the Trash Collectors and Thrifters
Aug 11, 2023
A New Proposal for Blair Street Would Demolish Essen Haus
Aug 09, 2023
Governor Evers Calls for A Special Legislative Session to Address Workforce Issues
Aug 09, 2023
Unpacking the Latest Supreme Court Drama ⚖️
Aug 07, 2023
Liberal-Majority State Supreme Justices Fire Director Of State Courts Randy Koschnick
Aug 04, 2023
Liberal Law Firm Challenges Wisconsin Maps A Day After The State Courts Gains A Liberal Majority
Aug 03, 2023
DNR Releases New Draft Of Wolf Management Plan
Aug 02, 2023
Preview Of Black Restaurant Week
Aug 01, 2023
City Expands Safer Bar Training
Jul 28, 2023
City Hosts “Disability Summit” During Disability Pride Month
Jul 27, 2023
Annie C Stewart Fountain Conservation Efforts Underway
Jul 26, 2023
Council to Begin Discussing Experimental State Street Mall
Jul 25, 2023
Evers Signs Bipartisan Literacy Bill Into Law
Jul 21, 2023
Badger Bus Sells Assets After Losing MMSD Contract
Jul 20, 2023
Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Bar Governments From Closing Churches
Jul 19, 2023
Minor Changes Coming To Metro Transit One Month After Redesign Implementation
Jul 18, 2023
Majority Of Madison Parks Now Allow On-Leash Dogs
Jul 14, 2023
Council Reverses Decision, Allows Rezoning Of Proposed Downtown Student Housing Development
Jul 13, 2023
Paid Parental Leave, Marijuana Legalization Left On Budget Chopping Block
Jul 12, 2023
Judge Rules Abortion Ban Lawsuit Can Continue
Jul 11, 2023
Environmental Group Bringing Potential Lawsuit To DNR Over Beaver Management
Jul 07, 2023
Evers Signs Budget, Vetoing Dozens Of GOP Proposals
Jul 06, 2023
Dane County Judge Dismisses Petition To Charge Matt Kenny With Killing Of Tony Robinson
Jul 04, 2023
WEC, Republican Legislature Fight Over Meagan Wolfe's Future as Top Elections Official
Jun 30, 2023
Dane County Air Quality Reaches “Very Unhealthy” Levels
Jun 29, 2023
Committee Shelves Appointment Of Dave Mahoney To Head Department Of Justice Reform
Jun 28, 2023
Anti-LGBTQ Language In State Statutes
Jun 27, 2023
Saturday Marks One Year Since Dobbs Decision
Jun 23, 2023
City Celebrates Make Music Madison
Jun 22, 2023
County Board Designates Dane County Sanctuary For Trans People Amid Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric
Jun 20, 2023
County to Vote on Designating Dane County Sanctuary for Trans and Nonbinary Individuals
Jun 16, 2023
Joint Finance Committee Delays Vote On UW System Funding
Jun 15, 2023
Wisconsin Legislators Present Bill To Create Agency That Would Enforce Alcohol Laws
Jun 14, 2023
GOP-Led Budget Writing Committee “Gut” Office Of School Safety
Jun 13, 2023
Republicans Circulate a New Bill to Address Reading Education
Jun 09, 2023
A month of flag-raisings
Jun 07, 2023
A Juneteenth Flag Raising
Jun 07, 2023
Madison police start new mental health transportation pilot program
Jun 06, 2023
Pride Flag Raised At The State Capitol For The Fifth Time
Jun 02, 2023
Just Veggiez Receives Major Award Ahead of Grand Opening of State Street Location
Jun 01, 2023
The outdoors show!
May 30, 2023
TruStage Workers Vote To Extend Strike
May 26, 2023
GOP Shuts Down Plan To Study Paid Parental Leave
May 25, 2023
Report Shows Uncertain Future For MMSD Budget
May 24, 2023
Wisconsin Utilities Propose Rate Hikes Across The State
May 23, 2023
DHS Report On Infant Death Points To Medical Inequity
May 19, 2023
David Fahrenthold On The Three Wisconsin Men At The Heart Of A Vast Political Nonprofit Network
May 18, 2023
Council To Vote On Creating Air Quality Monitoring Network
May 17, 2023
PHMDC Announces New Round Of Funding For Community Violence Prevention Programs
May 16, 2023
CDC-Funded Center Prioritizes Birthing Justice
May 12, 2023
MTI Retired Teachers Call On Finance Committee To Remember Education Funding
May 11, 2023
Healthcare Workers Call for Support from State Budget
May 10, 2023
Childcare Providers Close Doors To Bring Awareness To Childcare Crisis
May 09, 2023
Attorneys Argue Whether Or Not Abortion Lawsuit Should Be Dismissed
May 05, 2023
Medicaid Expansion Among Hundreds of Tossed Budget Proposals
May 04, 2023
UW-Madison Students Take Action Against Racist Online Video
May 03, 2023
County Supervisors Denounce Racial Slurs
May 02, 2023
First Wave Of F-35s Land In Madison
Apr 28, 2023
Proposed Sewerage Plan Would Affect Badger Mill Creek
Apr 27, 2023
CUNA Union Workers Authorize Strike
Apr 26, 2023
City Moves To Remove Nunchuck Ban While Cleaning Up Municipal Code
Apr 25, 2023
What's an ALPR - and why does it know where you're driving?
Apr 21, 2023
Evers Creates Green Ribbon Commission; Touts Relationship Between Environmental Projects And Labor
Apr 20, 2023
State Street Starbucks Workers Plans To Unionize
Apr 19, 2023
John Nolen Drive Reconstruction Gets $15 Million Federal Grant
Apr 18, 2023
Recount Names Isadore Knox Jr. As District 14 Alder
Apr 13, 2023
City Hiring "Ride Guides" to Help You Navigate Madison Metro
Apr 12, 2023
Bill Would Ban Guaranteed Income Programs
Apr 11, 2023
Breaking Down The Results Of Madison’s Alder Races
Apr 07, 2023
Protasiewicz Wins Supreme Court, Rhodes-Conway Wins Madison Mayor
Apr 06, 2023
Madison Voters Cast Their Ballots
Apr 05, 2023
Talk with the Candidates for Belleville School Board
Apr 04, 2023
Bill Would Change Venues For Legislature-Related Cases
Mar 31, 2023
“Day Of Empathy” At The Capitol To Advocate For Justice For Incarcerated Women
Mar 29, 2023
Anti-F-35 Protestors Stage Day of Action Across Madison
Mar 28, 2023
Last Chance To Weigh In On Lake Monona Waterfront Design Challenge
Mar 24, 2023
Council Approves Zoning Change For Filene House, Study On Home Healthcare Crisis
Mar 23, 2023
Developer Group Spending Big Money In Madison Council Elections
Mar 22, 2023
Council To Vote On Raising Backyard Chicken Limit
Mar 21, 2023
The "Opees" and the local "Nopee"
Mar 16, 2023
GOP Lawmakers Introduce Abortion Exemption Bill; Expand Birth Control Access
Mar 16, 2023
Mayoral Candidates Share Sharp Words At Debate
Mar 15, 2023
City Of Madison And Working Group Decide Fate Of Annie C Stewart Statue
Mar 14, 2023
County Officials Announce Home Of New Crisis Triage Center
Mar 10, 2023
Assembly Committee Greenlights Bills To Mandate SROs In Certain Schools
Mar 09, 2023
Family, Friends Of Tony Robinson Remember His Life Eight Years Later
Mar 08, 2023
City to Vote on Joining Class-Action Lawsuit Against Kia and Hyundai
Mar 07, 2023
Bread And Roses – Madison Sourdough Workers File To Unionize
Mar 03, 2023
Council Allows More Unrelated Renters To Live Together
Mar 02, 2023
Mayoral Candidates Go Head-To-Head On Housing, Debt Levels
Mar 01, 2023
Caregivers, Adults With Disabilities Weigh In On Caregiver Crisis
Feb 28, 2023
Disabilities Committee Looks For Solutions To Caregiver Crisis
Feb 24, 2023
The winners and losers of yesterday's spring primary
Feb 22, 2023
Madison Residents Hit The Polls
Feb 22, 2023
Primary Election For Supreme Court Could Hold Major Ramifications For State Politics
Feb 21, 2023
Eviction Filings On The Rise In Dane County
Feb 16, 2023
Traffic deaths on the decrease
Feb 15, 2023
Violent Crime Down, Says MPD Chief Barnes During Public Safety Address
Feb 14, 2023
MMSD Superintendent Bids Farewell – What Happens Next?
Feb 10, 2023
Council Votes To Shelve Landmark Designation For Filene House
Feb 09, 2023
Four Projects Fight For Money Set For Alder Raises
Feb 08, 2023
Following National Trend, Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Book Ban
Feb 07, 2023
Here’s What’s Behind The Single-Family Zoning Change
Feb 03, 2023
Low-Salt Roads: UW Madison Criticized For Salt Use After Snow Storm
Feb 02, 2023
Candidates Tackle Housing, Public Safety In First Mayoral Debate
Feb 01, 2023
Fighting Bob La Follette Plaque Unveiled In State Capitol
Jan 31, 2023
Debuting "The House Always Wins"
Jan 27, 2023
Evers Focuses On Mental Health, Increased Local Funding In State Of The State Address
Jan 26, 2023
The Ins And Outs Of The UW Zoological Museum
Jan 25, 2023
Common Council Approves $1.5 Million Grant From Center For Tech And Civic Life
Jan 24, 2023
Report: CO2 Removal Needs Six-Fold Increase To Meet 2050 Goals
Jan 20, 2023
Sheriff Kalvin Barrett Calls On County Board To Put Jail Funding On Ballot
Jan 18, 2023
Federal Court Of Appeals Dismisses Challenge To Madison’s Long-Standing Billboard Ordinances
Jan 13, 2023
City To Debate New Grant To Support Accessible Taxi Cabs
Jan 12, 2023
Evan McSorley Running In Primary Election For District 2 Alder
Jan 11, 2023
Colin Barushok Running In Primary Election For District 2 Alder
Jan 10, 2023
Safe Skies Clean Water Files Final Argument Against F-35s
Jan 06, 2023
Madison Gets “Complete Green Streets”
Jan 05, 2023
Governor Tony Evers Sworn In For Second Term As Governor
Jan 04, 2023
Drunk Driving Crashes On The Rise In Wisconsin
Dec 30, 2022
UW Madison Joins National Harm Reduction Research Network
Dec 29, 2022
"Basically nautical snowplows:" Congress approves new heavy icebreaker for Great Lakes
Dec 28, 2022
Beneath Our Feet: Preservation and The Milwaukee Poor Farm Cemetery
Dec 27, 2022
Brian Benford Not Seeking Reelection
Dec 23, 2022
Winter Blizzard Zips Toward Wisconsin, Impacting Holiday Travel
Dec 22, 2022
District 15 Alder Grant Foster Not Seeking Reelection
Dec 21, 2022
Breaking Ground on Bus Rapid Transit
Dec 16, 2022
Plan Commission Approves Amendment To TOD Overlay Districts
Dec 14, 2022
Roller Derby Returns to Madison
Dec 13, 2022
Hundreds Attend First Public Meeting On Potential Passenger Rail
Dec 09, 2022
Syed Abbas Resigns From Common Council
Dec 08, 2022
Jan. 6 Special Counsel Subpoenas Dane County Clerk’s Office
Dec 07, 2022
City Wants Public Input On Amtrak Station Study
Dec 06, 2022
Inflation Drives Food Shortages – Foodbanks Are Feeling It Too
Dec 02, 2022
U.S. Senate Passes Law Respecting Same-Sex Marriage
Dec 01, 2022
Local Entrepreneurs Excited For Madison Public Market
Nov 30, 2022
State Commission Rules UW Health Does Not Have To Recognize Nurses Union.
Nov 29, 2022
Council Declines to Raise Alder Pay
Nov 24, 2022
Report Estimates $6.5 Billion Budget Surplus In Wisconsin
Nov 23, 2022
Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway Announces Reelection Campaign
Nov 22, 2022
Some say "no way" to Sauk Creek Greenway
Nov 18, 2022