Career Coffee Chat

By Erin Urban

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Casual conversations that change lives and careers. Experience the catalyst!

Episode Date
67: Achieve More with Less Stress 

Yes, you CAN be a high performer without adding extra stress to your work-life! Tune in to find out what international business and leadership coach, Maggie Perotin, has to say about how to avoid burnout by leveraging the very same skills you already have as a high-achiever.

☕ Discover the common misconceptions about high-performance.

☕ Learn how high-performance habits can help avoid or prevent burnout.

☕ We discuss how a high-performance lifestyle can help you feel happier, be healthier, and at the same time more successful in your professional career.

Dec 06, 2022
67: Money Mindset Shift

Do you have a healthy relationship with money? Make a mindset shift to allow more prosperity in your life. Special guest Carl Seidman, CPA, CSP shares insights from his expertise as a trusted business advisor specializing in financial planning & analysis (FP&A), business strategy, and finance transformation.

Most of us have a narrative about money that we aren't even aware of. This narrative can hold you back from the prosperity that you want to see in your life/career.

Tune in to hear more of what Carl has to say from his expertise in advising Fortune 500 corporations to middle-market companies - establishing effective FP&A practices, processes, and teams.

Nov 21, 2022
66: More Purpose, Passion, and Potential

Led an inspired life and career with insights from special guest: Tony Martignetti. Are you ready to shift your thinking to align with who you really want to be?

Shift from frustrated to fulfilled

Shift from confused to confident

Shift from disconnected to aligned

Nov 07, 2022
65: Crucial Career Conversations

Elevate your career with conversations that matter! Tune in to discover key insights about career advancement from guest Carissa Gay, MCC.

We answer:

What is the significance of conversation for your career?

What are the ingredients of effective conversations?

What are three conversations should you be having to advance your career?

Oct 25, 2022
64: Boost Your Financial Security in Uncertainty

Who says that financial planning isn't sexy? I think that making smart financial moves that empower you and your family is super sexy! What do you think? Tune in to hear Claire Hunsaker, ChFC®, CFP®, share her insights on how to thrive during turbulent times, and make the most from your benefits!


Thrive through inflation on a budget

Ensure financial security during relationship meltdowns

Make the most of your benefits (open enrollment is coming soon!)


... and discover what you might be missing to make money work for you and your family long-term!


Claire is a personal finance expert and CEO at AskFlossie (.com). She delivers free, trusted financial guidance for unmarried women and single moms.

Oct 09, 2022
63: Confidence and Clarity Through Chaos 

Elevate your executive presence to build the brand you want - even during disruption. Boost team performance. Reduce conflict. Increase confidence. Mark Kenny shares top strategies for leaders and teams to navigate challenges with clarity.

In the future of work (which is now) - the old way of leading teams simply doesn't work.

Sep 26, 2022
62: Manage Conflict Like a Pro

Successfully manage conflict and navigate difficult discussions like a pro with insights from guest Jerry E. Fu, PharmD, ACC - expert conflict resolution coach. Tune in for an insightful conversation to find freedom from the fear of conflict

Dealing with a temperamental boss ... a stale friendship ... dissonance in your family?

Most people avoid difficult discussions - learn how to have a healthy conversation when it matters most.

Sep 12, 2022
61: Discover Your Inner Brilliance

Find the keys to Your Inner Brilliance and unlock your potential with the 5 lessons from the intersection of your life/work - shared by guest: Sonya Ware, PCC - Executive Coach.

Lean into the gifts of everyday moments

Dive into your own unlimited resources

Discover easy ways to tap into your energy


Aug 29, 2022
60: Where Are the People Going?

Tune in to discover what is driving the great resignation. Join Cara Silletto, MBA, CSP and me for a lively conversation about what is REALLY going on and how to successfully navigate VUCA to thrive!

Leaders - how can you create a culture that retains top talent?

Professionals - what can you do to create the future of work you want?


Aug 15, 2022
59: Mindset + Action = Results 

Your formula for success must align with your authentic Zone of Genius. Tune in to discover how to create the right mindset shift to fuel the right actions that yield the RIGHT results with Curt Mercadante

This show is for people who are ready to take action and see real change in their lives!

It's one thing to talk about mindset ... it's another to LIVE it.

It's one thing to set your goals ... it's another to create ACTION

Curt and I will share how we harness our superpower and focus our energies to net real success 365 days a year - and how you can too! Get your coffee cup ready!

Aug 01, 2022
58: Be a Pirate and Expand Your Network! 

Russ Johns has the secret sauce to networking in a digitally dependent world. Meet Russ, discover why "kindness is cool and smiles are free", and learn how to connect to those who matter in a new (more engaging) way!

Russ Believes that you have the opportunity to Be SEEN | Be HEARD | Build Authority ... And that EVERYONE HAS A GIFT, A MISSION, and VALUE (that deserves to be heard!).

Jul 18, 2022
57: Googlization & The Future of Work – Forbes Spotlight Series 14

Tune in to hear special guest Ira Wolfe to discuss Googlization & The future of work ... How will the moves of Big Tech and Big Data affect how you experience the workplace?

The workplace will never be the same. Learn what is different and what matters to you as a leader or as someone seeking career advancement.

Prepare for a very interesting conversation as we discuss the great resignation and how that is impacting workplace culture.

Jul 04, 2022
56: Become a Happier High Achiever! – Forbes Spotlight Series 13

Would you love to feel happier, healthier, more balanced, and achieve results that matter most to you? Tune in for a candid conversation with Rosie Guagliardo about what struggles High Achievers often face and how you can step away from the chains of overwhelm and anxiety into a freer, happier YOU.

Shift from a cluttered mind to calm and clear

Archive outstanding success - only with less stress

Find more joy and have fun while being your best self!

Jun 20, 2022
54: Thrive in the #FutureOfWork – Forbes Spotlight Series 12

Will the same actions, methods, and thinking sustain success in the future of work? Learn what drives success now and how to thrive in the future of the workplace with Ute Franzen-Waschke.

Segmentors & Integrators - what skills do we need to thrive in the future of work?

Processes & Applications - what methods and means will drive success with very different workplace expectations?

Jun 06, 2022
53: Clearly Speaking – Create the Impact You Want

Make the right impression! Your speech, language, and voice skills tell a story about you and impact the way others view you. Make sure that story elevates your influence & impact

Join Lynda Stucky and I for an insightful dialogue about how you speak affects how you are perceived. 

Be taken more seriously and make more of an impact at work

Avoid idioms and colloquialisms that distance diverse audiences

Discover straightforward tactics to elevate your speaking abilities

May 23, 2022
52: Career Crisis to Clarity – Forbes Spotlight Series 11

Not sure what to do, but you know you don't like your current career path? Tune in to hear Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, JD, PhD. and discover how to unabashedly take charge of your career pivot and make it a success story!

As Carol says: "Tear up the rule book and write your own"

Carol's mission is to empower high-achieving women at midlife to get unstuck and take back control of their life and career.

May 09, 2022
51: Elevate Your Mindset - Forbes Spotlight Series 10

Make the mental shift that matters with Vinesh Sukumaran, Positive Psychologist and Forbes Coaches Council Member. Vinesh shares what positive psychology actually is and how to leverage it to increase performance. 


What is an agile mindset and how can it help you achieve the life/career you want?

What tactics can we employ to face the shifts in our lives more positively?

What simple strategies can help us be more successful and more at peace?

Apr 25, 2022
50: Leveling the Paying Field

Get paid for what you actually do! Frustrated that your pay doesn't reflect your hard work? Tune in and learn how to "level the paying field" with career expert: Rick Gillis!

Rick has created the QTNT® (pronounced: Quotient) Personal Value Calculation process to teach workers (as well as their employers!) how to identify and assign value to individual job performance and personal accomplishment in an all-new way.

Rick, the creator of this very simple, easy to use, performance metric shares with you how the QTNT truly does level the ‘paying’ field.

The result is that not only will equal pay for equal work be realized, but even better, proper pay for outstanding performance becomes the new normal.

Apr 11, 2022
49: Special Career Event – HR Expert Panel
Discover how you can position yourself wisely for career advancement through the great resignation and what is to come in the ever-changing world of work.


Yvonne N. Harris SPHR, SHRM-SCP is a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consultant, Corporate Social Responsibility Champion, Human Resources Leader, and a Podcaster.

Julianne Miles, SPHR is the Director of Talent, North America at CEVA Logistics and a Human resources leader with extensive experience in talent acquisition, university recruiting & relations, and talent development.

Mar 28, 2022
48: Fuel-Forward Your Career – Forbes Spotlight Series 9

Become resilience ready with Vivian Hairston Blade. Join us as we discuss how to navigate the shifting expectations of a successful corporate career.

Vivian shares the highlights from her two outstanding books:

"Resilience Ready: The Leader's Guide to Thriving Through Unrelenting Crises"

"FuelForward: Discover Proven Practices to Fuel Your Career Forward"

What is resilience and how can it help you Elevate!

How to reduce burnout and thrive during change.

What matters to increase your influence.

Mar 14, 2022
47: Game-Changing Strategic Networking

Ditch boring virtual networking events! Learn where the REAL conversations are being held and how to stay top of mind with key decision-makers from all over the world! Join top executive coach, Lindsey Honari, as we discuss how to open doors in ways that you may have not thought of.

Discover new methods to reach leaders and stay top of mind

Learn how to navigate and connect to conversations that matter

Elevate your career by leveraging unique networking methods

Feb 28, 2022
46: Elevating Diverse Women Leaders -

 Increase your impact and thrive through change, regardless of your culture or race! Join me with my special guest: Katrina Booker, MBA, DE&I expert - to honor Black History Month.

☕ We discuss how women of diverse backgrounds can access new opportunities

☕ We share what women can do to continue the positive momentum of DE&I

☕ We have an honest conversation about limiting beliefs and how you can author the future you want

Feb 14, 2022
45: Hiring Trends in the Future of Work – Forbes Spotlight Series 8
Wondering how the future of work and the "Great Resignation" will affect your career advancement results? Jessica Miller-Merrell, SHRM-SCP, SPHR - founder of Workology and HR expert shares what matters most in the “never normal” world of work. Discover how you can position yourself wisely and land a great opportunity!

Learn what matters most to stand out to HR leaders as a great candidate.

We discuss current #hiring trends and the latest news - plus what you can expect in the future!

Jan 31, 2022
44: LinkedIn Top Trends

Discover what's new and what matters to stand out on the largest professional platform in the world. There is one constant: change ... and LinkedIn changes all the time!

Discover why recruiters may miss your profile

Reveal what recruiters really look at and why

Avoid top pitfalls many professionals make online

How to stand out to your target companies

Overcome common struggles to elevate your profile

Whether you are a job seeker or looking to elevate your current career path - if you aren't on LinkedIn: you may disappear. Learn how to leverage your profile!

Jan 17, 2022
43: Interview With Impact – Forbes Spotlight Series 7

How do you know that your interview went well? Join myself and Tim Madden for a lively no-excuses conversation about how to excel in your job search when it matters most!

Learn what key factors make or break an interview in competitive job markets. Discover how to make sure that you leave the right impression and make a connection.

This episode is PACKED with valuable information – be prepared to take notes!

Jan 03, 2022
42: Simple Success Strategies - Achieve Your Big Goals!
Tune in for the Year-End show and discover how to set yourself up for career advancement and/or leadership opportunities in 2022 (starting right now). I share some of the top highlights of 2021 as well as predictions for the year(s) ahead. 
Dec 20, 2021
41: Unlock Your Influence! – Forbes Spotlight Series 6

Feeling undervalued? Over-looked? Ed Krow, Talent Transformation Expert, shares proven success strategies to increase your influence through self-mastery.

Learn how being influential can change your career path and life. Discover the secrets that make successful leaders and thriving careers Influence is available to EVERYONE - regardless of your work style or personality type!


Dec 13, 2021
40: Unleash Your Potential! – Forbes Spotlight Series 5

Leezá Carlone Steindorf will discuss The Genius of Non-Judgement™ to obtain clarity, confidence, and unlock opportunities in your life/career.

Discover how many of us get locked into misery cycles (and what to do about it). Learn how to transform crisis into clarity, confidence, and ultimately empower success. Leverage key tools to ensure that you claim your impact and rise above challenges with grace.

Nov 29, 2021
39: The Neuroscience of Confidence – Forbes Spotlight Series 4

Ever wish you could 'show up' more confidently, reduce stress or anxiety in high-pressure situations?

Special Guest Arthi S Rabikrisson, MBA, ACC (ICF) shares how to use Neuro-Agility to reduce stress while boosting confidence.

-Understand the role of Neuro-agility in a VUCA world

-Discover more about the Neuroscience of confidence

-Learn how Neuroscience can help you cope with stress

Nov 15, 2021
38: Career Confidence & Diversity Superpowers – Forbes Spotlight Series 3

Leverage your unique gifts to Elevate!™ your career. Guest Clara Angelina Diaz-Anderson, BA, MCC shares how you can leverage both authenticity and diversity to thrive in your career.

- Unlock your Authentic Career Confidence

- Overcome your roadblocks to authenticity

- Own your diversity as a superpower!

Diversity isn't just skin deep. Join us for a deep(er) conversation about what it takes to own your unique gifts, show up 100% in your strength zone, and embrace your inner superpower!

Nov 01, 2021
37: Common Sense Career Disasters! – Forbes Spotlight Series 2

What you've always done won't get you where you want to go ... You need an uncommon sense for unusual times to thrive in your career!

Special guest Csaba Toth shares from his book "Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times" and from his research into how culture, diversity, and social norms drive your path to success.

We discuss how we rarely outperform our own self-image and what that means for your career growth. Learn how company culture often drives your authenticity 'level' and what it means for your fulfillment.

Oct 18, 2021
36: Stand Out Career Branding – Forbes Spotlight Series 1

Having a clear compelling personal brand is a career requirement! Stand out in a competitive market and get noticed for the jobs you WANT.

Special guest Petra Zink shares how to develop a compelling personal brand that ensures you are purposeful in developing your career action plan. After all, if you don't plan your career, someone else will


  • How to stay relevant in the future of work
  • Personal Branding for busy corporate professionals
  • How to stand out in a noisy and competitive world of work
  • Why personal branding is a leadership requirement; not an afterthought
Oct 04, 2021
35: The $50,000 Salary Success Secret

Special guest, Claudia Miller, shares her insights about how you can get repeated big raises and promotions!

Just in case you are thinking: "Yeah, but not in this economy”, that's not true!

Claudia will share her top tips to help you land big salary increases and promotions. Based on her observations of successful professionals who seem to get raises and promotions "right on time", she has developed a formula for success.


Sep 20, 2021
34: 5 DNA-Driven Career Success Elements

You have hardwired gifts that fuel success. Learn how to leverage your Authentic Core Self, and thrive!

Guest Anna J. Stephenson of Authentic Core Life Coaching shares the 5 aspects of body, mind, and soul each individual is uniquely wired for (your Authentic Core Self). Leveraging these will give you a fulfilling and successful career.

Are you ready for inner exploration to launch your most successful and satisfying career?

Tune in to discover the raw talents, drives, and purpose wired in your DNA. Anna discusses what sparked her desire to discover the DNA of the woman she was born to be.

Sep 06, 2021
33: THRIVE: Remote Work Success Strategies

The future of work is here and it's important to elevate your presence to achieve the career advancement you want. Some people are celebrating potentially returning to “normal” – although that is a long way away yet AND the future of work will not be the way it was Pre-Pandemic.

Join myself and world-renowned leadership expert, Kevin Eikenberry for a serious conversation about what it takes to see success now and into the future, particularly in remote work environments … which, for many, are here to stay.

☕ Overcome the biggest challenges facing remote workers
☕ Discover how to stand out in remote work environments
☕ Learn how to gain key visibility, even online


Aug 23, 2021
32: Elevate Your Job Search Strategy!

Featuring Special Guest: The Job Search Gladiator: Michael Altshuler - Internationally recognized motivational speaker, peak performance & career expert.

If you are wondering what really matters to get seen in a very competitive job search market, this show is for you!

We discuss:

Successful career change clarity

How to land more interviews

How to win more interviews

Aug 09, 2021
31: SHIFT Your Mindset – Elevate Your Career

A great discussion with Landi Spearman, L6S, CEO of Organized SHIFT - Change Leadership & Future of Work Expert. Get your career in gear with future-proof strategies!

SHIFT can either happen BY you or TO you ... make your move intentional!

☕ We will discuss how to connect in the age of social distancing

☕ How to prepare a SHIFT towards new work opportunities
☕ How to stand out in a competitive work environment and claim your influence

Jul 26, 2021
30: Live Your Authentic Soul's Purpose 

Join me and my special guest: Annie Leib, MBA, GGA - who is a superstar empath & life-alignment coach! We discuss how to STOP RUNNING AWAY FROM YOUR DREAMS and embrace your authentic soul’s purpose.

Feeling burned-out, run-down, over-worked, afraid to say "no" or to even take time off? Is this what you want out of life??

We will discuss what most people run away from, how to find fulfillment & joy again. Most importantly: what your first tiny steps can be to regain your soul's life/career purpose.

Jul 12, 2021
29: The Mentoring Edge 

Brian Brogen and I discuss how Mentorship Elevates Your Career. Thanks to an outstanding mentor: I was able to advance my career years ago into a leadership role!

Brian and I share how to connect with, leverage, and be a success partner in the mentorship journey.

How mentors strategically advance careers

How to source and connect to a mentor

How to make the most of your mentorship

What it means to be a mentor yourself and top success tips

Jun 28, 2021
28: Elevate Your Executive Presence

Fantastic conversation with Evelyn MacLean-Quick who is a Fortune 500 Executive. Evelyn and I have a heart to heart conversation about how to increase your influence and impact.

It's no secret that your career success is determined by your Presence - how you 'show up' in person or virtually.

It's not every day that you have a senior-level Executive sit down and tell you the inside story.

Evelyn shares what it takes to stand out in a competitive corporate environment and her lessons from Executive leadership in Fortune 500 companies.

Jun 14, 2021
27: ‘F’ the Glass Ceiling - Elevate Your Career Now!

No nonsense conversation with bestselling author and CEO: Mandy Cavanaugh. Mandy pulls no punches on sharing her experiences with harnessing your energies in the workplace for maximum results and value while being true to your own essence.

Ever wonder how you can propel your career while still staying true to your authentic self?

Perhaps you aren't sure which strings to pull and what actions really matter when it comes to elevating into leadership...

Mandy has 'been there, and done that' - plus she shares what really matters when it comes to rising to the top and staying there!

May 31, 2021
26: The Shocking Truth About Imposter Syndrome 

What if I told you that what we know as 'Imposter Syndrome' was really something quite different? What if those nagging feelings of inadequacy or fears and self-doubt can turn into positive empowering energy for you?

It's time to reveal how you can make BIG shifts in your life with the internationally recognized coach: Judy Wilkins-Smith.


  • What is 'Emotional DNA' and how it affects your life and career
  • How imposter syndrome is created and why it’s so important
  • How being stuck is a great place to be and how it feeds into your growth
May 17, 2021
25: Spark Your Leadership Success! 

Ever wonder why some new managers excel in the role, while others don’t? I'm excited to have guest: Sheryl A. Lyons, MBA, CMC, Founder of Culture Spark share what it takes to elevate into leadership and excel!

Learn how to anticipate and navigate some common pitfalls of emerging leaders. Discover how to embrace the mental mind shift required for effective leadership. Find your formula to form your unique and effective management style

May 03, 2021
24: THRIVE & Return to Work 

Did you know there is professional value in a career pause? Special guest Anna McKay - MAcc, ACC. Anna specializes in helping professions overcome a career pause and land their dream jobs. 

Learn how to successfully:

Express a career pause to a potential employer

Communicate your value and shift focus away from a pause

Develop confidence and clarity about your next steps

Apr 19, 2021
23: Purpose, Passion, Potential

Get career clarity and set yourself up for success with guest Jill Windelspecht! 

Get clarity about your purpose, passion, and increase your career performance. Leverage your mindset to improve results, confidence, and decision-making.

Manage change, become more agile, and develop a career growth plan that unlocks your potential.

Apr 05, 2021
22: Turn Stress Into Success

After the year we had in 2020 - I'm sure we all know 'stress' very well. What if you could turn STRESS into SUCCESS? Learn how with special guest Rob Pennington, PhD.

  1. Increase your influence in 2021! Improve performance, lead more effectively, and collaborate better.
  2. AVOID the one thing that causes most conflicts and misunderstandings.
  3. Quickly recognize the key triggers that get us in trouble and how to turn stress into success.
Mar 22, 2021
21: Build Better Relationships Virtually

If you are tired and confused when it comes to connecting virtually with others - this is the right show for you! With special guest: Chris Coladonato, CPTD - an expert in Remote Work Environments.

How to easily build relationships using the tech tools at your fingertips

Why building relationships seems harder in the virtual space

Creating small moments that build real connections

With more than 15 years’ experience as a talent development professional, Chris specializes in virtual facilitation and helping distributed teams connect and stay connected.

Mar 08, 2021
20: Combat Overwhelm with Neuroscience

Are you suffering from pandemic fatigue or maybe you don't know WHAT to feel from one minute to the next? 

With special guest: Sapna Aggarwal, CELC, MBC, CPC - Certified Mindset NeuroCoach. 

We discuss: 

  1. What does overwhelm look like- signs of spotting it 
  2. What overwhelm does to our brain and body 
  3. What can we do about it? What is in our power?
Feb 22, 2021
19: Elevate Your Online Presence for Career Success 

Katrina breaks down the 'why', shares her insights, and helps you discover how to elevate your presence online.

Step In: Define what you want and know who you are
Step Out: Tell someone your goals/vision and create opportunities
Step Onto the stage of social media, your network, and showcase your abilities

Feb 08, 2021
18: Three Secrets of a Success Mindset 

Your mental atmosphere has A LOT to do with your success! With special guest Denise Csaky, PCC.

Do you have the mindset to grow your career - or sabotage it? Denise and I chat about the top success secrets of top performers.

1. How mindset affects your career and your life
2. What to do when it starts to feel like 'too much'
3. Top tips for staying focused, centered, and achieve your goals

Jan 25, 2021
17: Happy New Year – 2021 Predictions & Insights

We're wrapping up 2020 and shipping it back! Let's get ready for a great NEW YEAR!

A few topics I will cover:

  • Top predictions for 2021
  • How to prep for an outstanding new year
  • Career growth insights to kick off 2021 in style
Jan 11, 2021
16: Branding For Career Growth 

Branding is more than just whatever your current or most recent role is ... and having the WRONG brand can be a big issue. With special guest Anh Nguyen!

We discuss:
1. Defining personal branding
2. Why is personal branding important?
3. How to showcase your subject matter expertise!

Anh Nguyen is an experienced B2B marketing professional specializing in digital marketing. She finds the ever-changing digital marketing landscape energizing and exciting.

Dec 28, 2020
15: Boundaries: Managing the Work/Life Blend

We talk about how to turn stress into success with special guest: Alana Hill of 2Hill Consulting!

If you are wondering how to manage the work/life blend without losing your mind - this show for you. Alana is the queen of resiliency and we discuss how to make the most out of challenges.

1. Beyond COVID: the pros and cons of a work-from-home lifestyle
2. Establishing boundaries so you don’t get lost in the blend
3. Adjusting to the seasons (of life) and successfully adapting to the challenge of change

Alana is an international change leadership expert, inspiring professionals to lead change in their lives and their organizations.

Dec 14, 2020
14: Resume Writer's Secrets Revealed

If you are thinking of hiring a resume writer - you want to make sure that you get your money's worth!

1. How can you be sure that you are getting quality resume services?
2. How do you know what a quality resume service should cost?
3. What type of qualifications, process, or information should a writer ask for?

As a career coach, I hire resume writers all over the country. I'm also very fortunate to have outstanding writers. I also know what to AVOID when you are thinking about hiring someone to write your resume.

Nov 30, 2020
13: Take Your Career from Stuck to Unstoppable

Feeling a little stuck and not sure what career path is best for you?
Whether you are currently employed or in transition - now is the ideal time for you to take charge of your career path and gain more clarity.

Tracy Timm, career coach and developer of the The Nth Degree® sharex components from her proven career clarity methodology, which will allow anyone to master the foundation necessary to discover your true value, define your professional genius zone, and drive your dream career into reality.

Nov 16, 2020
12: Top Three Job Search Tactics

Discover the top 3 job search tips to help you get traction to make a successful career move.

I discuss:

1. What's the most important thing you need to do FIRST before applying for jobs.
2. How you can elevate your views on LinkedIn to recruiters and HR professionals.
3. How you can leverage your network when you are still social distancing!
BONUS ... How to keep an optimized job search mindset during tough times.

Nov 02, 2020
11: Get Noticed On LinkedIn!

Discover what recruiters are looking for on LinkedIn with special guest: Melanie Woods with CGL Recruiting!

Learn about:

  • Elevating your network and visibility on LinkedIn
  • What a recruiter looks for in a LinkedIn profile and common searches
  • How artificial intelligence plays a role in your job search
  • BONUS: top interview questions!
Oct 19, 2020
10: Sorry Job, It's Not You - It's Me ...

When do you know it's time to exit your organization? With special guest: Kelah N. Raymond, M.B.A., SPHR founder of Be The Sparc!

We discuss:

  • How to spot the signs of being 'too big' for your role
  • The first steps you need to take before running off to something new
  • How to set yourself up for success if you are considering pivoting into a new role
Oct 05, 2020
9: How to Leverage Recruiter Relationships

Special guest: Sherri Smeink, CPC, CTS - Senior Recruiter & expert in Talent Solutions. Sherri has fifteen years within agency recruiting with a true passion for recruiting and finding the ideal career match. "Most of us must work, we might as well find enjoyment and fulfillment in what we do."

In today's episode, we debunk some job search myths about recruiters and discuss how to leverage a recruiter relationship. We will also clear assumptions about what recruiters do for job seekers and learn what recruiters are looking for from job seekers!


Sep 21, 2020
8: The Best Version of You!

You may have success in your life or in your career - but are you fulfilled? Ryan shares how to discover your inner spark, transform, and live the best version of you!

Ryan Miller is a coach to high performers, helping them to achieve all that they want out of life and business. He is also the host of the Exsellence Mindset podcast.

Sep 07, 2020
7: Increase Your Sales Influence - For Any Profession

Do you know how much influence you have? Are you leveraging your influence? Larry shares the critical elements to increasing your sales influence - whether you are in traditional 'sales' or not! Be prepared for an authentic conversation about what really matter to expand your network, build relationships and be successful.

With 30 years of in-the-field B2B sales experience in the technology industry, Larry knows what it takes to be successful. He is the author of the book: Selling From the Heart and co-host on the Selling From the Heart Podcast.

Aug 24, 2020
6: CAREER WAKE UP CALL - I Hate My Job, Now What?

With special guest: Denise Csaky, PCC, Coach and Founder of the thefireflymoment.

Have you lost your spark? So many of us are having a 'wake-up' moment in our career. What we don't want, is to be miserable, stuck, and burned out in a job we hate.

Denise will be chatting with me about:

  • What happens when we've been heads-down in our jobs for too long.
  • How do you know when it's time to leave your job?
  • What do you do when you have a career wake-up call?

The Firefly Moment -
Professional coaching helping women create their corporate exit strategy and do meaningful work they love.

Aug 10, 2020
5: Get Real Resume Results - Stand Out, Don't Stand on the Sidelines

It's time to debunk some resume myths, talk about what really works, and answer the TOUGH resume questions. There’s a lot of resume ‘opinions out there – but very few qualified, certified, and researched insights to help job seeker get real results … and this does NOT help you stand out in a very competitive market!

In this episode:


There are too many people with opinions about the 'ideal' resume. It's time for real answers that get you real results.


I'll share with you the top insights into what really matters to stand out with your resume ... and not stand on the sidelines.


I'll talk about resume gaps, how to handle being laid off (or let go) in your resume, and what to focus on when you want to make a career pivot - all questions that stump most job seekers.

Aug 03, 2020
4: Own Your Impact to Elevate Your Career

Over 96% of people fail to fully express their career contributions in their resume, LinkedIn, or in the interview. In fact, a major part of salary negotiation hinges upon understanding and articulating your professional impact! Discover how to identify and articulate your professional career contributions!

In this episode, I discuss:

How to easily target and frame your career contributions
Overcome roadblocks to talking about yourself
Where to leverage your career contributions.

Jul 27, 2020
3: Building Your Professional Brand - Virtually

Building your brand is an essential part of strategic career growth. Now that most of us are working remotely, how we approach brand building as a professional is very different. To most, building your brand when we are locked into virtual interactions can appear daunting. In this episode, I break down exactly what a 'brand' is and how to 'show up' online, (true to your brand). Plus - I share a sneak peek into the future of work and what that means for effective career growth.

Jul 20, 2020
2: Shift From Career Confusion to Career Clarity

"I'm feeling stuck in my career and I'm not sure what my next best step is. I think I need to just find another job but I don't want to land right back in the same mess again." Sound familiar? In this episode I will share:

  • Four questions to get clear on what your best next step is.
  • The top 5 fears that keep people stuck in go-nowhere jobs.
  • Where your ideal career path starts for long-term fulfillment!
Jul 13, 2020
1: Increasing Your Strategic Influence

When we think of influence, typically we think of what other people can do for us. What if I told you that is backwards? In this episode, I will share with you what influence isn't, how the most successful motivators influence others, and what you can do to increase your influence immediately.

Jul 04, 2020